HyunA – Ice Cream

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  1. Why hasn’t this been reviewed yet? :/

  2. Promote this video one more time!! i think everybody has forgotten the naaastiness that this video has ^_^

  3. BottleOfSyrup

    I wish Simon and Martina could finally be able to review this!

  4. Really want some of THAT Ice Cream!

  5. i was looking for this. but i couldnt… :( i hope simon and martina can review this!!. im SO LOOKING FORWARD to this!! :)

  6. ShihonoRyo

    Why is this soo low? All the ugly jelly fangirls only vote for their oppas…
    That’s why we got soo many boygroups on MM.

  7. It can’t be that HYUNA is on position n61 :(

  8. Remember for EYK’s one year anniversary they reviewed two videos they really wanted to do? Maybe for the next EYK anniversary, they could review this one.

    I hope they do. She’s the reason we’re called Nasties: “Ooh, you so Nasty!”

  9. Barry Adams

    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha….I found you!!!

    Last comment before the song disappears from the chars?

  10. Chellanore

    I’m gone for two days! WTF happened?! They are never going to review this one…

  11. ok. we gotta vote this up. I dno’t want janus to win.

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      Then vote for B1A4 or Son Dam Bi, or Kim Jong Kook. Because this video and BAP are both almost over 25 days old and will no longer gain points.

  12. Comments everyday…IN HOPES THAT IT’LL BE REVIEWWWEED

  13. Is it wrong that I totally want you guys to review this just to see Simon scar everyone for life? NASTY!

  14. JustDense

    Sorry guise, but this is going off the charts. Today it became 25 days old, and that means it’ll be listed by age and not by votes anymore.

    It’s a bit sad that it didn’t got a review. The video had lots of things to talk about and I bet Simon really wanted to do that bathtub scene and scar our minds for life.

    • ShihonoRyo

      Why don’t S&M make a show where they talk once every 2 weeks or maybe once a month about songs that they want the review but didn’t get enough votes?

      • JustDense

        With their studio and the chance of them being able to hire other people to edit for them they’ll be making new segments, so there could be the chance of them doing something similar.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Also it might have a chance to be nominated for one of the awards on here at the end of the year. (Idk if I’m rly allowed to say anything about them or not so that’s why I’m being so vague…) 0_0

        • JustDense

          That too.
          (We should keep our mouths shut until anything goes public and official. -I like this of having more information than a regular user of the site-)

        • JustDense

          I already saw it somewhere and OMG It’s awesome, also your perfect team was almost formed, right?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well no not rly lol.
          I wanted Nana, Lizzy, Bora, Hyorin, and HyunA.
          (My favs in that order)
          So I have 1/4/5 in one group and 2/3 in the other.
          So I guess now I’ll most likely like both songs and MVs (if they do them).

          Probably do sexy concept for Nana, Hyorin, and HyunA’s group. And most likely cute concept for Lizzy and Bora’s.

          Honestly I know the groups the dudes are from but idk members at all so we’ll just see how those sound.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I feel so cool, cool, cool.

          Speaking of which I added two new categories on her spreadsheet that like no1 else has voted for. (Ok ONE vote is there not from me…)

  15. Nasties support this MV. Simon and Martina want it to be reviewed

  16. ShihonoRyo

    Comment people, we need more votes for Hyuna!!!

  17. I hope the Kpop charts algorithm gets all nasty and bumps Ice Cream higher instead of letting it age and go away

  18. Oh you so nastyy~ >.<

  19. Not a BIG fan of the song, but it would be HILARIOUS if S&M would review this song!!!

  20. Jazmin Del Rio

    If Simon and Martina aren’t able to do this video I think I might cry lol plus they would also like to do a video of this come on nasties support our leaders of awesomeness

  21. This Nasty is ready to hear Simon’s nasty comments about this nasty video!

  22. Tucker Drew

    HYUNA!!!!! We need her reviewed

  23. I’m quite disappointed with the kpop chart population, heck, simon
    should stop calling them nasties really. The name itself is quite useless now.

  24. I’m quite disappointed with the kpop chart population, heck, simon should stop calling them nasties really. The name itself is quite itself really.

  25. Jazmin Del Rio

    Legit am I the only one who still really wants this to get reviewed ???

  26. HOW COULD NASTIES PASS UP ON THIS? She was the reason we are called Nasties!

  27. leftshoe4613

    This video is just so full of bad engrish and bad fake tattoos and double meanings. I love it.

  28. Can we please get this reviewed? pretty please? i’m not a big fan of this song but I just think that the review will be epic FUNNY!!!!!!!

  29. Sarah Carmen


  30. I want to see this for Music Monday! :)

  31. Jazmin Del Rio

    Soooo now that max step has been reviewed lets get this reviewed :D I mean I love boyfriend but I’m pretty sure Simon n Martina would love to do this :D

  32. How is this not Number one?!

  33. Sad, this song might not be reviewed :/

  34. so no bathtub scene? I was so looking forward to the nastiness

  35. talkthattalk

    her voice sounds different

  36. brinagirl_12

    I can’t believe we are passing up a chance for a MASSIVELY AWESOME kpop monday with this song not getting enough votes :(