Infinite – Be Mine


  2. Anonymous

    What? This MV is the rising gate for INFINITE.
    INFINITE MV never disappoints

  3. Izyyy Truong

    This is Infinite’s year c:

  4. Actually i’m kinda surprised this is behind Paradise… I love love love infinite, but if anything Be Mine and Come Back Again SHOULD be ahead of Paradise XD just my opinion, the moves in this song are a lot more complicated than Paradise, and we even got to see them practice for 18 hours on sesame player to this song!

  5. This is by far the best of all the awesome dances Infinite gave us this year. I can’t believe that Be Mine is not in the top 20. :(

  6. Come on guys!! we can keep this boys in the top 15!!
    They worked really hard this year!!!

  7. I loved this song when I first heard it, I loved the video too for its subtle use colors and lights it’s so powerfull dance, I love every dance moves in here. The storyline is still blurry to me but so many kpop songs concept are profound mysteries… sometimes just don’t search. It make me discover this group and I listen to them from this time on. After all this mounth I’m still often listening and watching it

  8. Anonymous

    Can I say the MV is just an art – cinematography, song, choreo, concept <3  

  9. Seriously?!! why are teh comments so low?!! This is like THE best dance/video EVA!!! Come one people, vote for this!! How is its ranking so low?!! 
    <333333333333333333 INFINITE FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. inspirits fighting!!!!! we can do this!!! :D lets make BTD, paradise, and be mine be in the top 15! we can do it!

  11. i really love the oh part hrtr kk i’m always doing when they performance LOL!
    They coreogr. is always an sync and original :D kk i cant get bored of this, really. With this song i remember my days voting, searching, hearing their song to make them win kk what a beautiful memories i make this year bcoz of them! ^^ Thank you Infinite! ^^

  12. Anonymous

    This year is totally INFINTE year.. and of course B2ST year too

  13. this song is so powerful, and the lyrics?? makes my heart flustered, i guess most of the girls feel the same like me. and the dance choreography is perfect! their voice~ and their always in sync dance, i’m proud to be an inspirit~ :D 

  14. Honestly, I am an ELF, but this song changed me to an Inspirit/ELF, because not only is the song meaningful and powerful, but the emotions shows itself through the dancing. Every time Infinite has a new dance, it’s always amazing, powerful, full of energy and yet to be disappointing. I really think they deserve a spot!


  15. Infinite’s synchronization and formation is awesome since their choreography is hard. Their choreography can take alot of days to perfect it. I never get sick of their songs, Never. I like this song because it has a meaning to it. Infinite’s singing is daebak with mr removed. And Infinite has everything. The looks, awesome vocals, awesome rapping and the best choreography!

  16. Infinite definitely has the best choreography out of any idol group this year. Their synchronization and formation is nearly flawless, and their dancing is never boring to watch. It’s eye catching without being flashy and gimmicky and their moves are actually pretty complex and difficult. I have no idea why they’re not first, tbh. Infinite are much, /much/ better dancers (with much, /much/ better choreography) than all of the other idol groups listed. :

  17. I am an ELF but srsly that Be mine isnt in top 10?? Is amazing! 

  18. This is one of the best dances of the year!  Keep the votes coming!

  19. This MV is great. The feel of mystery (what is happening to the girl? where is she? why are all those hot asian doing around her, when they should be by me! xD jk ) well any away’s back to the point. ^^  Infinite as come a very long way and they are just getting better and better! Their synchronized dancing, their voices, you can just see how love, blood, sweat and tears they put into everything they do. They put out so much emotion I feel like im in the video sometimes. hehe They are also great a live performance’s~ I also love how Sungjong is the only one wearing the color blue! So detailed. The tattoo’s the boys are wearing are really cool aswell especially the leaders, how it defines his neck and goes down along him collar bone. This song is very easy to sing along to and as for the dance, its a little difficult but if you stick with it its not so hard. ^^

  20. I’ve read that Suju’s Reowook and Park Hyo Shin were ADDICTED to this song!!! Me and my 3 year old son too!!!

  21. Love love love love love love!! I hope they win at least something ^_^
    Been following Infinite ever since ‘Come Back Again’ and they just keep getting better!! ^_^

  22. Melissa E

    I actually got into Infinite with this dance (: I watched the dance version of their “Be Mine” MV before their actual mv and I was amazed by their synchronization ! I totally loved their formations when they got to Sungjong’s “keurae’s” and not to mention the effects of their arms sticking out at the “eo’s” :) But…the dance break oh gosh. I watched Sesame player…and they really worked hard to get that perfected. <3

  23. This song is the Best!!! I was the type of person who are not interest at Kpop at all (I am not kidding, before when my friends tell me about Kpop I will be look bored and annoy) but because of this song I am now madly in love with Kpop!!! Instead of buying a new computer for my 18th birthday, I tell my mom I would love to use her old one, if and only if she let me buy Infinite’s album(I was disappointed when I realized she is only buying me the song on ITunes not the physical copy… ). Yes, that’s how in love I am, so I have to make them WIN!!!!!!

  24. The best moments of INFINITE started with this album, song and video ♥

  25. chalkbucket5

    Easily the best dance of the year.  Fits the song well, lots of memorable moves, and complex enough to so off the talent of the group. 

  26. It is my wish that this song make its way onto you’re exclusive lists. Its like trying to get into a really popular club on a busy night but for infinite it shall have a VIP pass! The dance BLOWS YOU’RE MIND they keep in perfect harmony and i can’t bear the thought of the big bouncer guy looking down at them and saying there not on the VIP list. Can you? I know you will do the right thing *Puts hand on shoulder and nods. 

    Yours Truly: Youtube Minion

  27. INFINITE!! I love their dance!!!

  28. Anonymous

    They are so awesome…….that move where they all move their heads at 0:25?
    SO EPIC…..

  29. I think they spend more time dancing than any other group. I like their 80’s style. And I think that’s makes them stand out from the rest of the kpop groups.

  30. I think they spend more time dancing than any other group. I like their 80’s style. And I think that’s makes them stand out from the rest of the kpop groups.

  31. 0:30, enough said ^_________^

  32. Anonymous

    If it’s the top 20 videos this one is still in contention… don’t let it drop inspirits!

  33. The spiderman dance is the best of the year!! I love this video so much and the dance is killer! keep the votes coming!

  34. Isn’t Infinite the best dance group when it comes to synchronity? Even non-Inspirits would admit that, when they’re 100% honest. I became an Inspirit over the summer, and their comeback with Be Mine & Paradise was definitely one of the highlights, together with Super Junior’s. Since Infinite are young, talented and admired by all of their sunbaes, I’m voting for them. I believe they have a bright future in front of them, and I’ll stay by their side until the end :-) x

  35. Kingston Tan

    This was one of the most hottest video of the year :). The dance was great and the song itself was a great hit seemingly in korea too as it seemed to be playing at most of the malls i been too. The dance itself is somewhat interesting and fun and i can’t wait to see how you guys are going to “parody” the dance <3

  36. Infinite shows that they have just amazing dancing skills. The video does not follow the “being stuck in the building and knowing they are not outside”. But for me what makes this video awesome it its filmed in black and white with splashes of color.

  37. Infinite shows that they have just amazing dancing skills. The video does not follow the “being stuck in the building and knowing they are not outside”. But for me what makes this video awesome it its filmed in black and white with splashes of color.