Infinite – Before the Dawn

  1. JoanaMonteiro

    I think this is a great time to review this mv, because of the instrumental’s music video’s release! ^^ I mean this video is so great, it has a story, a great choreography, great vocal, and enough engrish to be talked about!!*w* Please please please S&M please review thiiiiiiis *begs*

  2. i cant load The Chaser’s page for 3 freaking weeks already!! arghs… wth.. i wanted it to reach 50k but i guess is not possible already.. :(

  3. if we want “THE CHASER” to be reviewed we’ll just have to wait and see if S&M will do a special KMM like they did on the 1st anniversary of KMM where they reviewed the mvs they WANTED to do…

  4. hehe is this the new meeting ground when The Chaser page isn’t working ? xD
    i actually really wanted S&M to review this song
    they love how in crazy in sync INFINITE’s dancing is (:

  5. Now The Chaser isn’t even on the last page so I guess it’s been removed.  I’d like to know why when there are a lot of videos that are way older and have a lot less votes.  What the heck is going on?  I’m suspicious of the whole system now.

  6. 크리스테피 라

    INSPIRITS! LET’S VOTE FOR BTD FROM NOW ON :D (srsly S&M are really something to put The Chaser in the last page… it could be also because something’s wrong with the system… but it’s in every case unfair and it makes me angry… we Insprits voted for so long and now this ;___;)

    • no, I really think it’s semi-manually controlled.
      the only way to explain the fluctuation.
      so even if we vote this video it won’t move everywhere because this video is older than a month.

  7. seriously.. i cant even load the chaser’s page… sth is very wrong… all the other MVs are working perfectly fine.. why only the chaser is not loading?! 

  8. you know what, I don’t believe that The Chaser automatically moved to the last page because of the system, so I’m going to keep voting for Infinite’s other MVs.

    • and now I can’t open The Chaser’s page.

      • Morse5644

        same T.T whenever i cannot open the comment page of the chaser.. i dont know what to do to contact you guys :”<

        • but even nu’est is like 29 or sth, how can The Chaser is that low? it’s weird right.

        • do you want to try keep voting this one?
          BTD hasn’t been reviewed and somehow this video moves up on the chart after I voted.

        • but S&M wont review a MV which is more than a month old.

        • I mean it’s all cool if they don’t want, but the whole, ‘it’s the math!! not us!!’ thing irks me so much (and I’m not really sure that even last week before the removal we’re that much behind, so many people calculate the average are we were suppose to be no.1 for this monday).
          and they really should tell us that older video just won’t get reviewed properly.
          and yeah I suspect the last minute big bang as no. 1 too, totally shady.

        • yeah. i also feel that way. and they way they delay the scripting until monday morning was so obvious they wanted BB to win. though some ppl say it is bcos they are in canada where the timezone is different.. but then can they explain why this week KMM of wondergirls Like This, they did the scripting on sunday?.. and they are still in canada too..

        • they really shouldn’t keep putting the videos on chart and announce it properly then, that the chart is semi-manual and they just won’t review older videos instead of keeping us oblivious.
          but I guess they need the site hit.

        • guys, infinite- the chaser page ain’t working for me :( wanted t vote for them but like WHYY!

  9. sarah bielec
    sarah bielec

    wish that this would be reviewed the dancing is so synchronized in this song that its unbelievable plus the song is catchy 

  10. why cant people review this song??

  11. Wing Shan Kam

    aww i want a review on this  ><

  12. lol~ even though this is kinda old… I still really wanna see a review on it >~<

  13. before the dawn before the dawn naa na na na na na na na na naaaa na before the dawn before the dawn~ laa la la la la la la la la laaaa la

  14. Infinite forever

  15. Anonymous

    best era everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  16. L & WOOHYUN HWAITING!!!~ <33



  19. BTD is anamazing song with an amazing MV that deserve be reviewed!

  20. Anonymous

    I really do hope that you guys will do a review for this song, I know that I have personally voted for this song for many weeks, obviously without any real success xD

  21. Marol Feickert

    Their music is amazing and is incredibly catchy.

  22. Anonymous

    INFINITE – BTD mv is perfect! and we all know it!

  23. You guys seriously need to review this great MV!

  24. This song was amazing, but the VIDEO was intense!!!!

  25. this is just their best song ever 

  26. Anonymous


  27. God i really love this MV ;A; 


  29. Go INFINITE  (●´∀`●)/

  30. Anonymous

    I love Infinite and all their songs and BTD is one of my all time favorites out of all the songs they released. The song is awesome and the dance is extremely hard to do. Anyone who tried doing the “Scorpion Dance” knows that. (I tried and I failed horribly. Hahaha~) Their synchronization is also amazing!

  31. The votes is only 19 ? Aw cmon there must be some mistake..

  32. I counted it… Infinite’s Before the dawn has more points than Tonight and I Am The Best. Then how do they rank third? o.O