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Infinite – Before the Dawn

  1. I think this is a great time to review this mv, because of the instrumental’s music video’s release! ^^ I mean this video is so great, it has a story, a great choreography, great vocal, and enough engrish to be talked about!!*w* Please please please S&M please review thiiiiiiis *begs*

  2. i cant load The Chaser’s page for 3 freaking weeks already!! arghs… wth.. i wanted it to reach 50k but i guess is not possible already.. :(

  3. if we want “THE CHASER” to be reviewed we’ll just have to wait and see if S&M will do a special KMM like they did on the 1st anniversary of KMM where they reviewed the mvs they WANTED to do…

  4. hehe is this the new meeting ground when The Chaser page isn’t working ? xD
    i actually really wanted S&M to review this song
    they love how in crazy in sync INFINITE’s dancing is (:

  5. Now The Chaser isn’t even on the last page so I guess it’s been removed.  I’d like to know why when there are a lot of videos that are way older and have a lot less votes.  What the heck is going on?  I’m suspicious of the whole system now.

  6. INSPIRITS! LET’S VOTE FOR BTD FROM NOW ON :D (srsly S&M are really something to put The Chaser in the last page… it could be also because something’s wrong with the system… but it’s in every case unfair and it makes me angry… we Insprits voted for so long and now this ;___;)

    • no, I really think it’s semi-manually controlled.
      the only way to explain the fluctuation.
      so even if we vote this video it won’t move everywhere because this video is older than a month.

  7. seriously.. i cant even load the chaser’s page… sth is very wrong… all the other MVs are working perfectly fine.. why only the chaser is not loading?! 

  8. you know what, I don’t believe that The Chaser automatically moved to the last page because of the system, so I’m going to keep voting for Infinite’s other MVs.

    • and now I can’t open The Chaser’s page.

      • same T.T whenever i cannot open the comment page of the chaser.. i dont know what to do to contact you guys :”<

        • do you want to try keep voting this one?
          BTD hasn’t been reviewed and somehow this video moves up on the chart after I voted.

        • but S&M wont review a MV which is more than a month old.

        • they really shouldn’t keep putting the videos on chart and announce it properly then, that the chart is semi-manual and they just won’t review older videos instead of keeping us oblivious.
          but I guess they need the site hit.

        • guys, infinite- the chaser page ain’t working for me :( wanted t vote for them but like WHYY!

        • I mean it’s all cool if they don’t want, but the whole, ‘it’s the math!! not us!!’ thing irks me so much (and I’m not really sure that even last week before the removal we’re that much behind, so many people calculate the average are we were suppose to be no.1 for this monday).
          and they really should tell us that older video just won’t get reviewed properly.
          and yeah I suspect the last minute big bang as no. 1 too, totally shady.

        • yeah. i also feel that way. and they way they delay the scripting until monday morning was so obvious they wanted BB to win. though some ppl say it is bcos they are in canada where the timezone is different.. but then can they explain why this week KMM of wondergirls Like This, they did the scripting on sunday?.. and they are still in canada too..

        • but even nu’est is like 29 or sth, how can The Chaser is that low? it’s weird right.

  9. sarah bielec

    wish that this would be reviewed the dancing is so synchronized in this song that its unbelievable plus the song is catchy 

  10. why cant people review this song??

  11. aww i want a review on this  ><

  12. lol~ even though this is kinda old… I still really wanna see a review on it >~<

  13. before the dawn before the dawn naa na na na na na na na na naaaa na before the dawn before the dawn~ laa la la la la la la la la laaaa la

  14. Infinite forever

  15. best era everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  16. L & WOOHYUN HWAITING!!!~ <33



  19. BTD is anamazing song with an amazing MV that deserve be reviewed!

  20. I really do hope that you guys will do a review for this song, I know that I have personally voted for this song for many weeks, obviously without any real success xD

  21. Their music is amazing and is incredibly catchy.

  22. INFINITE – BTD mv is perfect! and we all know it!

  23. You guys seriously need to review this great MV!

  24. This song was amazing, but the VIDEO was intense!!!!

  25. this is just their best song ever 


  27. God i really love this MV ;A; 


  29. Go INFINITE  (●´∀`●)/

  30. I love Infinite and all their songs and BTD is one of my all time favorites out of all the songs they released. The song is awesome and the dance is extremely hard to do. Anyone who tried doing the “Scorpion Dance” knows that. (I tried and I failed horribly. Hahaha~) Their synchronization is also amazing!

  31. The votes is only 19 ? Aw cmon there must be some mistake..

  32. I counted it… Infinite’s Before the dawn has more points than Tonight and I Am The Best. Then how do they rank third? o.O

  33. BTD, the MV of action movies. Hihih . Love it. This MV deserves to win ;)

  34. BTD is the song that turn me into an inspirit. Listened it for the first time on the radio in my car, felt like my heart literally skip a beat and ‘i was like what is this pure awesomeness i just listened to!?!?’. Really good song from Infinite and they deserve to win some award with this song. ^ ^

  35. Keep commenting for more points :) 

    i don’t know if i’m wrong or if the algorithm Simon and Martina used is wrong!

  37. this awesome mv (: (Y) INFINITE FIGHTING 

  38. I love Infinite!!, I spend my first paycheck on them!! Yep, that is how special they are to me :*D

  39. INFINITE is the best !!! Jjang ! hahaha they’re really great ! Love em !



  42. totally looooove this song! beside paradise… n the mv itself is mind-blowing… too much namu hotness!!

  43. Infinite hwaiting~ <3





  47. INFINITE!!! Please do it!!!

  48. With a cherry on top, INFINITE ALL THE WAY! Please and Thank You!

  49. i truly admire this group.. they work hard, they have a super tight choreography.. not to mention, their vocal impresses me as well…  n omg.. their songs r so catch n awesome the way they are.. very impressive!!!!!

  50. idk what to write in this post anymore! please do well !

  51. INFINITE really has worked sooo hard this year. and they barely won awards. but people please, support INFINITE.<3 share share share!

  52. The dance for this song is epic, and my favorite to this day of any kpop dances. i just loved how they raised from the dust.

  53. This was never picked to be a Kpop Music Monday song but I love this song and dance, and I think it deserves to be in how to dance Kpop 2011

  54. I seriously can’t believe why Infinite is not on the top of the charts. However, I am impressed on how they have grown a strong fanbase, despite being from a smaller label and still being relatively new. I find Infinite’s music both catchy and quality, with strong vocals and EPIC dancing. Their synconization is unbelivable, even though they have 7 members and very difficult dance moves. They also impress me because unlike some artists, they have their own quirky and lovable personalities. Some artists only act all “cutesy-doostey” like their companies have brainwashed them for what to do on camera. I hope that more people discover them, and I am very excited about their winter single, “Lately.”

  55. If infintie don’t win then i don’t know what other dance can be it. They work really hard and i am glad they are getting more recongition. THough i wish it would of been for BTD :p. I mean this song should of won some award during this promotion.  Im proud to be a Inspirit and i can’t wait for ther next comback

  56. I hope they win because they are hardworking and in perfect sync in the dance their other song are as awsome and in this mv they put a lot of effert in it expecially woohyun who got injured during it …. anyways hope they win INFINTE HWAITING!!

  57. I really hope they win they deserve it even thouh the other groups do but they are really hardworking and their dancing is awsome in sync <3 INFINITE HWAITING !!! WOOHYUN, HOYA, DONGWOO,MYUNGSOO  SUNGYEOL, SUNGJONG, , SUNGKYU,

  58. THIS WAS THE BEST DANCE OF THIS YEAR!!!! srsly kids to teenagers to old ahjummas wanted to learn the scorpion dance. this deserves to win!!! :)

  59. They’re truly so amazing and hard working. Infinite fighting!

  60. Infinite really deserves to win. I’m not kidding, I’m not just being biased, (even though I am a biased fan girl :P) They are just so in sync and perfect <3 WOO INFINITE FIGHTING! and PS Myungsoo is mine. xD

  61. I don’t understand how this isn’t number 1, it’s so in sync, it has beautiful and complicated choreography, and they spent HOURS filming this in -17 degree weather… They totally deserve to win!


  63. BTD and Come Back Again eras are the golden standard for Infinite dancing in sync. And the choreography is goooood. It’s too bad that recently their dancing isn’t on par with BTD and Come Back Again. Let’s hope their next comeback will return them to their former glory.

  64. BTD made me like Infinite, and this dance is just too awesome for words! And I love how synchronized they are. This is also one of the more powerful dances in kpop, and reflects the dark mood of the song. And come on, we all know that everyone wants to see Simon trying to do the Scorpion Dance~ :D

  65. I’d like to see if any other group could do this dance just as well as INFINITE and sing just as well doing it.

  66. BTD made me an Inspirit that I am now. ;) If its dance, then it’s BTD. If its awesome, its BTD. IF its drama, its BTD. Alot more to it than the scorpino dance.

  67. YES!!! The first song I’ve ever liked from them. Nothing like a group of good looking men dancing and singing. Don’t you wish that would happen to you. We can only dream.. :D

  68. before the dawn!!!!! that all im going to say

  69. BTD was what turned me into a fan.  It made me realize there was something different about Infinite.  Every aspect of BTD is simply amazing.

  70. BTD is infinites best song, in my opinion. The dance, lyrics, video, everything is just amazing.

  71. This song is so powerful and epic and the angst-y fight scene is also really epic. I think it should win because the dance is so fascinating with all the different parts and movements that mirror the part of the song is being sung. The slow motion to regular speed fighting scenes are really interesting as well. If anyone appears on  How To Dance Kpop Style 2011, I think that it should be Infinite, because their synchronisation is probably the best right now in K-Pop. Despite the terrible English, you can’t deny that the song goes down beautifully and the dance is really cool!

  72. Before The Dawn is one of the best songs Infinite has ever released, and it had successfully marked their journey as one of the strongest Kpop groups to emerge over the recent years.
    Yes, I know, Infinite has earned the title “99.9% Synchronization Dance Vocal Group” and it has been hyped up a lot especially after their recent debut in Japan. And although I found it to be a bit icky on how largely they’re using this factor as a promotional point, it is undeniably true. Thing is, others need to realize that they also have one of the toughest and strongest choreos in today’s Kpop industry. The Scorpion dance? Everyone knows it, everyone loves it. But say that Hoya didn’t suggest that move in the first place, will the choreo still blows minds? Well, yes it will (
    And the song.. since I’m no expert in music, I’ll avoid going into details but there are a few things I like to point out: 1) I will never in a million years, understand why they had to insert the ‘why why’ part in between verses. 2) Dongwoo’s rap part at the end (that started off in a more gruff-like voice before ascending to his normal tone of voice) is just jjddfjuogrnhu amazing. 3) The electric guitar that accompanied Dongwoo’s rap ^ is just perfectly mind-blowing.
    The storyline is something I had expected from Woollim, seeing as how they always come up with these kinds of storylines for Epik High’s past MVs too. Nevertheless, I loved the fighting scenes and how realistic they looked, and especially so after I found out that L and Woohyun acted out the stunts themselves. Also, maybe a bit out of context but the eerie music at the end (starting from 3:47) wraps up the video really really well.
    Pheww, I’d cooked up an essay. And though there are more things I love to point out about Infinite I think everyone else knows just how amazing these boys are even though it’s only been two years since their debut. I know I know, I sound like a crazed fan right now but come on, this is Infinite! How can you not love them? :P Sorry for the review-like comment and okay, here it comes: INFINITE HWAITING ^^

  73. I love Infinite and I love this song. <3

  74. MY LOVE FOR YOU WILL NEVER END JUST LIKE THIS NUMBER 1/3! 0.333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 . . .!!!

  75. Infinite is the best. They dance well. SO SYNCHRONIZE !!! Kyaaaaa, and they also puts much effort in dancing and singing (promoting). And shows how KPOP bands work towards their goal ! AH I LOVE INFINITE ! Fighting !

  76. Yes Infinite should be on How to Dance Kpop Style b/c i love them so much and they are the best dancing group, OHH HOW CAN I PUT THIS INTO WORD !!! but they should be on it

  77. BTD deserves to be on How To Dance Kpop Style 2011 because it has the best choreography I’ve seen in 2011.  Plus, Infinite executes this dance perfectly with their 99.9% synchronization.  If people think Kpop dances are a joke, I always make sure to show them BTD to prove them wrong.    

  78. This is definitely the best dance of the year!!!!!!

  79. go infinite! =D I’d really like to see infinite win because they’re a group that have a lot of talent and try really hard, and i’d like to see Simon and Martina trying the scorpion dance out XD
    good luck! simon and Martina hwaiting! Infinite hwaiting! Inspirits hwaiting! <3
    sorry double post XP

  80. Commenting for the point :3 Infinite is the best!

  81. Out of all of these newer/rookie groups, Infinite is hands down the best one~!! 1) They’re adorable!   2) Their dancing is AMAZING! They’re so in sync and they have nice choreography – of which the scorpion dance takes the crown~! I was literally like *O* when I first saw it. haha. So cool~  3) They actually have vocal talent, imagine that… there’s just been so many groups lately riding on hype or looks, and I haven’t been hearing the vocal quality that should be there, but Infinite is awesome, so yay! Infinite hwaiting!  

  82. They dance hella well ! INFINITE FIGHTING !

  83. I’ve been following Infinite since there “She’s Back” promotions and Oh Em Gee, they did not disappoint me in anyway. 

    I do like the individual members but infinite as a whole is what makes me stay around. I find the fault in a lot of kpop groups these days in they lose their “debut” feel, where it really shows that they’re working hard in every aspect and never forgetting who keeps them afloat, their fans.
    Of course, the synchronized dancing…Beetches love synchronized dancing.  

    THEREFORE SIMON AND MARTINA! THIS IS FOR YOU. You think you can go up against these bad boys? You think you GOT WHAT IT TAKES? Show me whatcha got! :D!! Let’s see some arms flailing and Scorpio leggy push-ups. Work IT. Work it REAL good. 

  84. Before the Dawn should win. Infinite should win. I mean, they’re very good in dancing and singing. It’s really a hard task to synchronize while singing and dancing.

  85. They worked so hard in the MV, I watched the behind the scenes look of it, and it looked extremely painful when L and Woohyun were doing their stunts. They truly deserved it, since they did work hard in the making. And the dance is so so good too! 

  86. I’ve been a fan of Infinite ever since their debut but Before The Dawn blew me away. Not only was it a great comeback song, the dance was super amazing and showed just how insync they  really are. I know Batoost had the ‘scorpion dance’ in Beautiful, but Infinite did it twice as amazing: all 7 of them lined up perfectly and coming together at the same exact time–flawless. I’m pretty sure if BTD was sung by another group other than Infinite it would have made it twice as large. This was by far one of the greatest Mini Albums and music videos of 2011.

  87. it’s so amazing that their dance is so coordinated, their dance is seriously the best (Y) (:

  88. It’s going up & up! let’s go inspirits <3
    seriously bias aside, you all know that this choreo is unbeatable with the synchronization and scorpion dance, everything is just perfect
    my favorite song this year with Fiction – B2ST

  89. They worked so hard for this and they dance is so AWESOME (Y). these hot 7 guys make my day <3 (:

  90. BTD is now 4th YAY! Continue voting guys ((:

  91. As a loyal and supportive Inspirit, more than willing to buy all their albums twice or more, I feel that INFINITE deserves this more than anyone on the entire planet! My vision was once blurred by groups from companies with no creativity whatsoever, but I have discovered the real talent in this industry and I’m dedicated to helping them soar towards the top – or, as their 1st album, OVER THE TOP! Seriously, INFINITE has to win or I’ll come to Korea and torture you with my fangirl-ness, forcing you into buying every single INSPIRIT-related thing ever released to the public.

  92. too hot. i just love them. They are awesome! And so is simon and martina.

  93. I love this song! It`s so energetic! There is always the need to sing-along to chorus – Before The Down! Before The Down! And who can forget the Scorpion dance!

  94. Let’s do this! <3
    underrated song & mv but dammit this is masterpiece <3

  95. FaizahNur LuvSJfamily

    I hope BTD will be chosen..oh Inspirit please……..

  96. This song is amazing! Infinite really portrays the right image with the feel of the song and MV. The MV itself was kind of confusing in the beginning but it has a really good message about obsession that fits perfectly with the lyrics. And whoever thought of the MV is smart. 
    And the dance? OMG. It is perfect. If you watch the video everyday like me, you can see they are one of the most perfectly synchronized bands in kpop. 

  97. come on inspirits!!!! lets make our boys win this! :D

  98. Vote for it guys :DD I’ve been wanting them to review this video since forever !

  99. their best MV/Dance soo far!! :D I really love them here more! this is the year of Infinite! <3

  100. INFINITE is not just an ordinary group.. they are really something <3

  101. Infinite has been known since thier debut for thier synchronization in dancing, while this video upheld that tradition, it also showed new images for the boys. It was a harsh story played out beautifully and contributed to the song not distracted from it. Love them so hard.

  102. I echo all the sentiments that Infinite is a hardworking group, in fact when I feel I really need to concentrate on a project, BTD is my friends’ and my theme song. We tell ourselves that we must finish “before the dawn” and when we get frustrated, we ask “why why?!”  

  103. Infinite is such a hard working group and they deserve lots of recognition<3 this mv helped put them on the map and it also contains the scorpion dance^^~ i watched the making of this mv and was really impressed with the dedication from myung soo and woohyun. also the quality of the video and the message is really intense. even the song is not some cute and bubbly fluff. all in all this is my fav mv this year and it has nothing to do with the fact that my ultimate bias is in it hehe. anyways… INFINITE HWIGHTING!!!

  104. I love INFINITE <3

  105. The dance, the song, the MV, the lyrics, the hard working boys themselves – everything is just amazing!! 

  106. This MV is so epic! The song and the dance are perfect! Infinite is always so amazing! ^^

  107. Made me a proud inspirit! they worked damn hard for this MV

  108. I really hope this song wins something! All the members look so suave and charming here. And dongwoo’s red hair was really daebak! Myungsoo and woohyun also worked really hard and even got hurt filming this mv ): </3

  109. I’m not the biggest fan of the MV itself, but the dance and song are flaw-free. The styling was also great for this; their clothes matched the bleakness of the song and the atmosphere of the video. This was such a great single. :( Too bad it didn’t win anything in Korea. :(

  110. haha what if Simon and Martina use Mordney  for the chorus and have him say “OH NO ITS THE SUN!” when the ‘hands covering face’ dance comes up. haha I REALLY WANT INFINITE!!! ANY SONG HEHE ^^

  111. they have truly limitless talent! <3

  112. HOHOHO. i’ve loved this song since it came out. the dance is just DAEBAK. (Y) i think it would be great if BTD’s dance was reviewed. their precision to the moves is immaculate and their synchronization is consistently at 99.9%. INFINITE HWAITING~ 

  113. I really want infinite to win, BTD FTW!

  114. Infinite = Inspirit 
    figthing !!!

  115. go infinite! hwaiting!

  116. I think in the dance categorie, you have to think about the how so well synchronised Infinite is. And well. Who are we kidding, the scorpio stuff was a hot topic!

  117. this is the best dance from infinite! go boys! saranghae!

  118. Infinite daebaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!! <3

  119. Infinite figthing! They are the best …for me :) The dance, singing and rapping skills and acting. They are so adorable. They are the best rookie! ^^

  120. I just really want to see simon try the scorpion dance. Infinite has been refered to as the second DBSK, and I agree completely. Their dance moves are completely in sync, their vocals are AMAZIN and they are just so talented. They have become my favorite group, and i know you guys like them too <3 so pleasee do infinite!!! And Woohyun injured his back filming this, so it should be worth it and get as much publisity as possible!! INFINITE FIGHTING!! <3

  121. scorpion dance ftw. that’s it. just love everything. the beat, video, dancing, singing INPINITEU~<3

  122. I’ve been a kpop fan for almost 3 years now. Now that’s 3 years worth of watching music videos. So before anyone could point me out as a blind biased fan, I actually listen to a pretty wide range of kpop music; I know what to expect and I can sort out between what’s good and what’s bad. (which is also why I love you guys, because we have similar views on kpop related issues)

    And to this, I swear I have NEVER been more impressed by a dance video as I did when I watched Infinite’s BTD. Their synchronised dancing sealed the deal for me, although it was already present from their debut song, BTD’s choreography was a notch higher in terms of the complexity of their moves. Infinite didn’t bring in something completely new to kpop, but they took the work ‘synchronisation’ to a whole new level and made it entirely theirs. So props to them that they’re finally getting recognition for it.

    The only other time which I have been equally impressed by such crisp dancing was SHINee’s Lucifer, which already won your How To Dance Kpop last year of course. So without doubt, BTD is THE dance song this year. (I assume this is a poll for dance videos as it has always been since 2008. No?)

  123. This is the song which converted me to Infinite. They have been working so hard this year. This song is so catchy, the dance moves are fantastic. When I saw the scorpion moves I was freaking out, how the hell can they go from the ground to a standing position in a second!!! That is awesome!!! I love Infinite and I wish them all the success in the future. The mv is so cool, full of action. When they were trapped at the end I felt like crying. 

  124. Just by watching them you can tell: They’re so amazing! And yes, they are. ‘Scorpion dance’ is one of the most awesome dance moves I have ever seen. And 7 of them are doing it in the same time! This is just… wow. Actually, that was my first reaction. You dear Martina and Simon, never got a opportunity to revise it in Kpop Music Monday, so… now is your chance! Try doing ‘Scorpion Dance’ and let everybody know that Infinite are one of the most synchronized dance group EVER. Um. Go for it. And this is all if we are talking about dance… Cause there are many more things, which are just simply awesome, but nahhh.. this is about dance, right? No? So hell yeah, did you see that?! He punched them and I was like Woooooooo~ Why?! And this song is just so Waaaaaaa~ No.. I will stop right here.

  125. I think i should list what i dislike about this MV instead of pointing what i like, because it’s pretty shorter : I dislike… nothing : D I love everything about this MV, everything, it’s like one of the MV of my life, i’d play it everytime, the song i’d listen to everyday… Well I love BTD. I love Infinite. Dot.

  126. I love their outfits, i love their looks, i love their dance, i love this song!! I love infinite so much, they never fail to impress me~ ^^

  127. WOW, I love the dance to this song. These guys work so hard to perfect ALL their dances, not just this one. They have very clean dance moves, and they’re so in sync. Not to mention the fight scenes that L and Woohyun worked on–it was so well planned and choreographed too. After watching the behind the scenes for this MV, I was so impressed by how much work they put into making this AMAZING music video. My favourite part would still have to be the Scorpion Dance! :) Infinite fighting!!!~~

  128. I love the song… the dance… the music video… I love INFINITE! 인피니트 파이팅~ ♥♥♥ They put so much effort in this music video… they totally deserve to win^^

  129. Ahh~ Infinite fighting ! Inspirit always support you always (^o^)/~

  130. This song is super awesome. Perhaps I think it’s the best, dare I say it, K-pop song ever. At least for me. The dance is the most epic of the year, the song is beyond amazing, the music video is bad*ass. It’s INFINITE at their finest, and it’s not even a year since they debuted when this song came out. Too bad people didn’t recognize them during this period because it was one awesome cycle. BTD FTW!

  131. Infinite seriously deserves to win:) they have been working sooo hard through out the year. BTD’s dance is so impactful and the first time i saw this dance,i knew it wasnt as easy to do a dance cover for this dance compared to other group band dances. and what is seriously awesome about this dance is their SCORPION DANCE:D it may look easy but its actually hard to copy. they are not only awesome dancers but L’s and Woohyun fighting scenes were soooo hot…INFINITE,INSPIRITS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE TO SUPPORT U:)))) INFINITE HWAITING!!~

  132. Before The Dawn really deserve to win because of their synchronization and its really rare to see the dance. To be honest, I never paid attention on INFINITE. but one day I saw some group covering BTD in my country. I thought the dance is pretty catchy. So I just search Before the Dawn on youtube because I didn’t know who sang it. I watch the MV and it making me speechless. I totally love their dance especially the SCORPION DANCE! their 99.9% synchronization really put me into the state of shock. And now I’m an INSPIRIT. I really think they deserve it.
    ps: Sorry for my poor English. I actually don’t want to give a comment but then I decided to write it. because of Infinite.

  133. BTD is seriously the best kpop dance EVER. their 99.9% synchronization and 110% amount of effort they put into their dances makes them deserving of this title ^^ aside from the really catchy song and awesomely choreographed dance, the MV was AMAZING *cue Infinite’s Amazing* :D Myungsoo and Woohyun’s acting was what drew me to this video and till this day, I watch it in awe, praising the boys for their hard work and excellence as singers,dancers and entertainers :> 

  134. Hmmm Well BTD does deserve to win through Woohyun and Myungsoo’s effort for the mv. Woohyun even got injured since he tried so hard T^T. Yeah Infinite  are seriously the best dancers in a kpop group since they are like 99.9% in sync all the time :) Like seriously even their fingers are in sync! I wonder if their mistakes are also in sync too :L ^.^ Go Infinite! Hwaiting! keke

  135. They deserve to win with this song plus their scorpion dance is really daebak!!!

  136. BTD totally deserves to win the best kpop dance ever. Plus woohyun and myungsoo went through a lot and even got hurt while filming for this mv </3 ):

  137. !!! best dance ever! liked the acting too!

  138. COOL REALLY COOL SUPER COOL DARN COOL EXTREMELY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  139. This dance gave me the chills when I first saw it. There is no doubt in my mind that this deserves to win. There have been many great dances this year, but BTD was by far the most complicated and elaborate dance yet. Even their fingers were synchronized. I didn’t pay attention to Infinite before BTD and though I wasn’t a huge fan of them after seeing it, I’ve kept my eyes on them ever since, and now I can proudly say that Infinite is my biggest love. They never disappoint and their hard work really shows. Infinite is a group that always gives 100% and they only improve with time. I can’t wait to see what they will come up with in the future.

  140. i think too rare for  this kind of music in kpop nowadays… but this song really good!! (this is my ringtone)
    and the MV too …. they seems have to kill that vampire ….and get out from that building Before The Dawn ….maybe if they still in the building they would be vampires too! k k k k..that’s why in MV “Be Mine” they’re already become vampires k k k k They’re “Knight’s Of The Vampire Killers” now. (look at Infinite T-Shirt on Their Dance Stage)..sorry for bad english *bowing like a slave*

  141. i think you should post their dance version of btd instead cos it shows more of their dancing :D

  142. So this is pretty much an all-kill song for me c: I love the video, I love the song, I love the choreography, not to mention I love Infinite! I also think that anyone who’s watched the making-of video for BTD knows how much work went into this video, and how much pain that they had to go through not only to film it, but to learn that choreography to the scarily synchronized standard that they’ve managed to reach.

  143. BTD’s choreography is really amazing and not to mention tough to learn. Too bad BTD wasn’t  really big this year. This dance/song needs more recognition. It needs to be how to dance kpop 2011.

  144. amo a mis oppas son increibles originales y todo hermosos , please marry me sungyeol xDD 
    son geniales chicos sigan asi 
    saludos de peru :3

  145. BTD has to be this year’s top Kpop dance.  I haven’t seen such amazing choreography for a Kpop song since TVXQ’s Rising Sun.  If this does not get number one, I don’t know what can.

  146. We want to learn the scorpion dance!!!

  147. Even if this song doesn’t make it…I think Inspirits should vote for it ’till it is reviewed. This song…is….amazing… I want to hear what Simon and Martina think of it!!

    This song is probably what made me an Inspirit. :’)

  148. why did the vote suddenly decrease? Something is wrong here ://

  149. There’s everything to look forward in this Music video, there’s complicated, mind-blowing choreography, fighting scenes between the members, amazing graphics, did I mention the scorpion dance? It’s amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G~
    not only that but they have amazing voices as well as a powerful mix when the dancing, vocals and MV are all put together, what is there not to like?

  150. I think it’s sad that BTD is sort of neglected. Sure, the choreographies for Be Mine and Paradise were awesome, but in my opinion the choreography for BTD is just so amazing and everything about the dance was freaking epic. It just exceeds the level of the choreographies of their other songs. However the people I see nowadays only know of/remember Be Mine and Paradise…which saddens me because the boys worked really hard to perfect the dance, e.g. the Scorpion dance. 

  151. Why is Infinite not even in the top ten?! I’ve already said this before, but the boys’ moves are nearly perfect. Their synchronization is hypnotizing, as is their actual choreography. The Scorpion Dance was such a nice touch and the fact that /all/ of them could pull it off /at the same time/ is pretty freaking amazing. They’re one of few idol groups who have any sort of complicated choreography and the fact that they’re /not/ number one is ridiculous :

  152. The stunts, the story, the dancing.

    This was my favorite MV before I even got into Infinite, it would always give me goosebumps and I got kinda freaked at the beginning. haha
    Great job, this MV needs more recognition.

  153. reasons why this video is so awesome:

    1.the script of the video-clip 
    which is quite hard to understand (personally I understand it from youtube comments :P ) but really interesting and you can give various meanings to it ..2.the song
    because I maybe not know korean but I have learnt some of the lyrics (by listening it all the time..) 3.the good directing work…because if you haven’t noticed it, two hot(as burning hell) guys fighting with each other with an extremely sexy way JUST LOVE IT! 

  154. at first seeing this = “gonna try those freaking cool SCORPION DANCE !”
    after a couple time trying = “. . . . . . . . . . . (went to the paradise live video) better learn this raunchy hip trusting…..” -.-’

  155. Did someone set back the votes for this song? It’s suddenly on place 24 and has only 43 votes, guys? D:

  156. Watching this MV, i only able to think of one word, “TOTALITY”
    even if you’re not a fan of INFINITE, or even a fan of k-pop. you will find this as something’s worth appreciated. The video is well made, from the concept, location, flow of the story, costume, actors, it clearly shown that this is a video in which people put much thought on it and executed it as perfect as possible. The song itself setting itself apart from a typical k-pop boy group song. it’s dark, kinda giving the emo-ish vibe, and suits the lyric very well.And the dance is scarred me! no, it’s not typo. i injured myself practicing the scorpion move because i’m kinda obsessed with this song since it’s out.LOL although i feel like smacking Woohyun’s head and said “you should go find a freaking door, silly! you’re knocking the WINDOW!!”

  157. I’m just amazed every time I watch them…

    Infinite… how to describe them… they aren’t what normal rookie groups are like. Well even though I don’t think you can still call them a rookie group. 
    It’s just as you both said, I think in your Be Mine Music Monday. They don’t follow the same pattern as normal idol groups, being all cutesy and cuddly in one and badass in the next. They are just… Infinite. They just stay themselves and that’s why I really admire them.
    Before The Dawn was my favorite Infinite song so far, it’s a pity that they didn’t win any awards.
    I would really love to learn the choreography, but it is really discouraging watching them dance and compare it to yourself ^^’

  158. I really think they didn’t receive enough attention for this song. The song is just totally awesome, the dance moves really complicated (especially the scorpion dance part) and still these boys manage to stay in perfect sync. When I try to do that part it looks like I’m planking facing the ground, that’s not cool actually… ^^’ How do they do that? 
    Anyways, they really deserve some attention from all of us, and who would be better to do that than Simon and Martina? x3 They might not have won any awards or anything, but we acknowledge them anyways, that’s why they should even be first in my opinion ^^
    Actually I even feel sorry for not noticing them just until Be Mine, but now I would refer to myself as an Inspirit. ^^

  159. eventho they didn’t win an award in k-music with this song, this dance, make them difference with other group, bcoz they are always in-syc. That’s why i LOVE to death INFINITE!! their effort to mark the difference. Infinite-Dance in Syc! ^^

  160. I’m in love with this song, seriously!! T__T

  161. One of the best MV, song and choreo ever.

  162. BTD is The Best !! :D

  163. There are so many long comments here, haha i’m impressed.
    I’m also impressed that ‘Before the Dawn’ is the song chosen (though it makes sense as it was one of the few infinite title songs you haven’t reviewed – even though ‘Come back again’ is a personal favourite of mine and maybe would of have preferred – what an epic debut)
    It may possible be what cinched their reputation for dancing in unison, er or at least for me? xD That scorpion dance move though not the first ones or the last to do it became one of their signature moves because of how /flawless/ they made it look. Infinite will continue to gain greater popularity in the future, there is no doubt about that and i could not be happier, these dorks sure are talented.

  164. I could sit here and comment all day but I don’t have anything clever left to say :P

  165. This song transformed me into a true Inspirit!
    Can’t get over the awesomeness of the dance :))

  166. Infinite has been dubbed Trend Idols because of their explosive surge of popularity lately. They practice for more than 18hours a day & work non-stop to produce smooth & 99.99% in sync dance coordination that is well received by all those screaming fans. Winning is just a bonus for all their hard work they have put in but honestly they are not doing all these to win but to differentiate & stand-out from all the talents out there & be recognize for it. Even Woohyun has stated the dates special to him were Infinite’s debut & their first fanmeet, not their #1 wins for Be Mine/Paradise.
     I’ve been a fan of them ever since they started promoting BTD & I’m happy that this song is charting high on the charts here. Although only 2 members (Woohyun & Myunsoo) participated for 90% of the MV, the other members work hard too dancing well. This song has the unique dark-themed style that not most idols can pull of, it’s a strong song to be honest & the choreography adds the icing to it. The scorpion dance was also made popular here & the strong in-sync dance is just, wonderful. There were parts where some members dance first before the others follow suit & the coordination was totally flawless indeed. 

    Nevertheless, the song has the distinct Infinite feel & of course is not a recycled song. I feel that this song has further propelled this amazing group to the top ring with other top idols but still have kept their humble,modest,down to earth & dorky personality that I’ve sure all Inspirits like me have love so so so much.

    Infinite hwaiting~hope you guys win the charts here & also get some rest!

  167. Infinite is an amazing group who have epic dance moves and choreography, I still can’t believe how they are so serious in this music video but cute in real life?!  

  168. Why are people bringing up the MV when the competition is all about the dancing.

  169. The video, performance and costume reminds me of DBSK’s Tri-angle. It really has this bad vibes feel from the “why why” part going to the chorus. I really like the video and the song although I must admit I’ve only watched this once last year same with their come back again video. I was liking *clap *clap *clap mad man* before, that’s why. lol

  170. I am so happy for them :D I really grew to love this group after watching variety shows and seeing their honest, down to earth, extremely hard working personalities. I was SO happy for them when they won with Be Mine after watching Sesame Player and seeing how hard they practice and the intensity they bring to those practices. GO INFINITE GO!

  171. Though I don’t completely understand the recent popularity of this song (probably due to the japan release) I can say I’m thrilled about it. Back in my days of ignorance, you know when the only band worth mentioning was Super Junior, I remember liking this song because of the video but I never cared to look up anything about the band (shame really). Even now this video doesn’t really make sense to me even though I’ve seen explanation. If anything I’m still able to feel the emotion portrayed and was always impressed with the action scenes. I remember always being left in awe by the ending scene(obviously I really like it, moving on). Though I’m not usually impressed by certain concepts, like having extreme hair cuts or brightly coloured hair, I did appreciate it’s addition to the intense feel of it all. I can’t really talk about this video without talking about the Scorpion dance. Well as we all know…it’s absolutely brilliant. I’m always impressed by it and have bruised myself trying to attempt it. I hope this video continues to get more attention. It deserves a review.

    -A proud Elf & Inspirit. 

    • I actually have a bruised knees from try to learn it…I can do it! But not at the godly Infinite level.

      I can’t believe this song was never reviewed! IT’S AMAZING! I think…it’s one of my favorite (promoted) singles of theirs. *flail* it gives me goosebumps!

      • I should really try more than, I wasn’t sure if mere mortals could do it. XD I really hope this one gets picked though, Simon and Martina seem to like Infinite, so I know it’d be a good review. 

  172. I personally don’t think INFINITE did all those difficult stunts, going through 18 hours of practices regularly, sacrificing precious sleeping hours, etc, etc, just to win awards! They want to be different compared to other Kpop idol groups.

    I personally think that they owe it to themselves to perfect every task given to them, and they WANT to be perfect in every sense, Thinking that they have the responsibility to give their 100%. But they do deserve recognition in any way – increase in fanbase, awards, interviews, airtime, etc, etc…

    Anyways, winning awards nowadays are very subjective. Look at some award shows, winning just by turning up at the award show, not winning (even if someone/some group totally deserved it) just because they didn’t turn up!! Lol!!

    This MV is very complicated to understand, especially if you don’t understand Korean. I love the cheorography for this song. Unbelievably in sync!! Epic scorpion dance! After reading explanations of the storyline and watching the BTS, I was in awe!! Damn impressed!!

    Every Kpop idol group works hard. But for INFINITE’s extra dedication, hard work and responsibility differenciates them from the others, the deserved to be recognised and acknowledged!

    Nevertheless!! Please WIN!!!

  173. So this is pretty much an all-kill song for me c: I love the video, I love the song, I love the choreography, not to mention I love Infinite! I also think that anyone who’s watched the making-of video for BTD knows how much work went into this video, and how much pain that they had to go through not only to film it, but to learn that choreography to the scarily synchronized standard that they’ve managed to reach. 

  174. The song is very catchy and the choreography is so damn well thought out. The acting in the video is amazing, and i have respect for both woohyun and L- after watching the making of the mv, i found out that they hurt themselves alot filming the fighting scenes but still they danced perfectly and damn they looked sexy fighting each other.  I have watched every performance of this song and it leaves me in awe how in-sync the members are and lets not mention how sexy and damn awesome the scorpion move is. 
    Their dancing is so in sync and perfect and the song is amazing, it was sad that they didn’t win any awards for their hard work. If you see every performance you can tell that they have practiced for a very long period to perfect the dance. I really think their video is one of the best videos this year. 

  175. Great song, good beat, catchy hook, slightly rock feel. Overall it’s a song that can’t be confused with any other artist’s music. The sound is distinct to Infinite. The mv is amazingly well done, it keeps your interest. Intense fighting scenes match the guitar riffs and the sharp Choreography. This video deserves to win, plain and simple. 

  176. I heard that Hoya choreographed it O__o If so, wow. I need to wife that man.

    I love the scorpion part ^^ they had to train and loose weight/gain muscle so they wouldn’t injure themselves. To me, because they were willing to do such a potentially damaging move for every performance makes them the most dedicated group I know.

    This is the kind of MV/Dance I would expect from a more experienced group! Not rookies. This, here, is QUALITY kpop.

  177. Their dance moves are really great . And they have worked hard for this MV. Moreover , their dancing is 99.99% synchronised. I really hope this MV can at least win something. Woohyun and Myungsoo got hurt in the filming of this MV. No other KPOP group but Infinite has inspired me.

  178. This is easily my favorite Infinite era with the combination of a unique video, amazing choreography, and the execution of the choreography and the song.

    The music video is very dark, both in plot and the actual video itself. Even after Woohyun and Myungsoo finally manage defeat that which was torturing them, they were not free. They duel, and it’s not everyday that you see two idols battling it out with their fists. Woohyun is the victor, and even through his pain, he picks Myungsoo up and, struggling, they manage to move on. However, just when you think everything is over, they realize that they are still trapped. The windows are barred, but they are able to see outside. They had gotten very far, but in the end it wasn’t enough. It’s painful to have something that you had been working so hard for being dangled in front of your face as a reminder of what you can’t have. This illustrates the fact that not all endings are happy. Hard work does not always pay off, which is an unfortunate truth in today’s society. I found the last scene the be very powerful: Myungsoo slumped against the window with blooding running down his face, Woohyun desperately albeit uselessly banging against the bars. I feel that the close-up on Woohyun’s face towards the end really brings a great close to the video. It shows ultimate hopelessness, despair, and agony, three words that are not usually associated with more popular K-Pop videos.

    Major props to the choreographer. The dance is complicated, powerful, and fits well with the song. Infinite are able to execute the choreography so seemingly flawlessly, and while there are a few moments were everyone’s kinda doing their own thing, they are still able to maintain the image of a whole group that fits together like a puzzle. I never get tired of watching the dance practice video of this choreography. Choreography can be completely genius and perfect, but the way it is interpreted and carried out is what appeals to the audience. Infinite gives the best dance performances, in my opinion.

    The song is just fantastic. There are changes in tempo, which makes it exciting, the vocals are wonderful, as usual, and the raps are very well done. I like the way that the parts were distributed; everyone’s voice lends something different to the song. I also love the dark, obsessive lyrics. They’re beautiful and, I guess, romantic, but also creepy. 

    So, what do you get when you put together a refreshing video with a dark storyline and a grim ending that you would never find in fairy-tales, a mindblowing dance sequence, and a wonderful song with dark lyrics to match the video? A spectacular music video that never gets old.

  179. Infinite has always and will continue being a great idol group. They have alort of talent and although they are named as the trending idol in Korea. Somehow i still think that they are being underrated. So I really hope Infinite will win this charts thingy :) Infinite hwaiting~!!

  180. I have been a kpop fan for almost a year now being a dedicated shawol and VIP, but never had my heart flutter like it did when I saw BTD. This song in my view represents that even though in life being the best is great, but it’s worth keeping a friend and losing your chance than going up to the top and leaving a close friend behind to suffer by himself. When Woohyun and Myungsoo defeated the captor, it showed that they’re willing to work together to get through life with one another,even though they know that soon they have to face each other in the final obstacle. During the battle, you can obviously see that theyre in pain, not just from the fact that they’ve been fighting throughout the night, but also from the fact that they both know that one will win, and one will lose. When Woohyun finally defeats Myungsoo, instead of leaving him to escape by himself, he goes and picks him up, struggling due to the immense amount of pain he’s feeling right now; in the end, by the time they got to the end it was already too late. But in truth, they know that with each other, they can go another night in the cold darkness of the world they trapped in. If Woohyun had left Myugsoo and escaped, Myungsoo would have died and Woohyun would have to live with the fact that he killed his best friend and would haunt him forever, even after death. The fact that Woohyun didn’t leave Myungsoo proves that friendship always rules over being the best at life. Without friends to support each other, the world would be a cold, lonely place where no one can help you. Those who think that they’re better of by themselves, like the other members that didn’t survive through the night, will nonetheless find out that one cannot live without the other, either in death or loneliness. If you’re in the dark, no one can find you and pull you out of the dark. With a friend, he or she can help you get to the light before the sun rises. This explanation doesn’t relate to the direct lyrics of this song, but whatever the actual lyrics may be and translated, the no one cannot thrive without depending on each other, and that is what Infinite has taught me through this inspiring song that made me an Inspirit. This dance really inspires and projects my meaning of the song, in a way that makes you know that therapsids hard on this together to present this to us as a kpop community, which is why that Infinite deserves to be number one on you chart, and on every kpop chart in Korea and anywhere else where they stand -Jenni, a dedicated Inspirit, Simon and Martina forever.

  181. Every time I watch any music video from Infinite I can’t help but think how strangely eerie and creepy and cool and altogether incredible it is that their dance is so well synced… I mean how they all got their timing down so perfectly is beyond human, it seems strange that a group that big would be able to be so well in-tuned to the music and one another, it’s amazing

  182. I really hope you guys would do it like you did with Lucifer :)

  183. i actually thought it wasnt that bad :) my friend recommended it and its catchy

  184. I really like this dance because it really encompasses the emotions of the song in the dance. A lot of kpop dances won’t really make any sense or go with the song at all, but this dance is definitely as mysterious, heart-wrenching, suspenseful, and powerful as the song is!! AND they’re all in-sync in live performances. ALL. THE. TIME. that’s super hard to do you know :)

  185. I’ve been a Kpop fan for years but I used to be too caught up with B2ST to pay attention to rookies. I had heard of Infinite before but never bothered watching their videos or listening to their albums until just a few months ago. I gotta say I really regret not finding out earlier because they’re amazing. In just a few months they have pushes themselves from the bottom to the top of my Fav. group list. Not only are their voices great but they are also one of the most in-sync groups. They always comeback with memorable dancing moves, ‘Scorpion Dance’ anyone? They’re fun, handsome and have adorable unique personalities that make them so lovable and entertaining to watch. I know that a lot, if not all, of the other groups work hard but I just feel like Infinite deserves it the most and that is why I am voting for them. I’d like to invite everyone to check out their other albums and songs, a lot of them are equally good as the title songs! As for the BTD MV, Woohyun and L worked really hard for the acting part, watch the Behind The Scene video to see how they beat the crap out of each other and get hurt, haha. The vocals are amazing, the dancing is beyond expectations, Infinite is PERFECT. Inspirit and PROUD!

  186. Infinite was the band that made me become a Kpop fan back in February, and this song was my gateway to becoming a fan to them. I was really captivated by their dancing, their dedication, stamina and charisma and every other thing in between! I deeply respect Infinite for all those things that they have just to execute 18 hours per day of practicing, filming on the coldest day of winter in Korea at 2am, and to promote with 4 other songs later in the year. They deserve to win this to show how much they have overcome this year and for all the hard work that they had to put up with it. This is the dance that made Infinite, Infinite. This is the dance that gave them their title “99.9% synchronized group” in not only in Japan, but in Korea, and all over the world too. With all that hard work it would be a pity if they didn’t win!   This video will forever be counted as the best choreo that I’ve seen in a Kpop MV this year, and I feel nothing will ever beat it.  

  187.  this coreography deserves to win, Infinite boys are the best of the best when it comes to synchronized dancing :D

  188. Infinite put everything into their music videos and performances so they can show their fans how much they work to make them happy. They work tirelessly for the smallest things and never hold back. Their music is awesome and stands away from the typical K-Pop trend of catchy beats and repeated lyrics, the band also continuously changes from the rough and manly concept to the sweet, boy next door, concept. Also their dances are chock full of difficult choreography and they still are one of the most synchronized bands in the music industry, not just K-Pop. They definitely deserve to win more in the coming year and my fellow Inspirits and I know that Infinite will not disappoint us.

  189. Again, I watched the making of this MV and I nearly cried at how much effort the boys put in to making the video perfect. :( They danced in the cold while getting sprinkled with water, recorded individual parts (that wasn’t shown at all in the mv!), and especially Woohyun/Myungsoo…they were battered by the end of the recording…and Woohyun got back bruises from falling into a sewer just for a scene! :( The scorpion dance really should’ve gotten more popularity <3

  190. This is probably one of the most adrenaline-filled and exciting music videos I’ve ever seen. The fightscene is really great, and it really goes well together with the overall tone of the song. The way it is coreographed make it look like an actual fight and not just to OP ninjas kicking each others arses. The shaky cameras, flashback glimses and frosty breaths really add up with the dark and industrial prison-like scenery to make for a great “trapped” feel. The atagonist (creepy guy) remains as a mystery throughout the video, and he is one that you are left pondering about. Who is he? Why does he do what he does? Why is he so strong? And what happened to him? Now, over to the dancing, and there’s not much to say. Infinite are masters of synchronized dancing, and the coreography for the dance is cool and goes really well with the lyrics and beat. That’s about it for that.
    Now, I’m an ELF and a pretty big fanboy. But after BTD (I first heard Paradise) I really started to get into Infinite. So this song is probably what truely made me an Inspirit.

  191. i used to not like infinite that much but i kept on listening to them and now they are my favorite group in the whole world they have very unique songs and they all have awsome personalities which makes it even better! I love you~~INFINITE!

  192. i’ve always liked Infinite, but after listening to this song, I fell in love with them more <3
    & its one of the best dance choreographed. 

  193. BTD is awesome, wanna learn the scorpion dance!!

  194. Infinite!!!

  195. I still question myself “How the hell they didn’t won anything with this song?!”
    Seriously, this took Infinite to a whole new level and i’m proud to say that i’m a proud fan of them. Since their debut they never disappointed me and even though i started to know them with Nothing’s Over, i grew really fond with this song and MV. It has some kind of epicness…

  196. This is some kick-ass well produced video right there :D One thing that impresses me is that BTD came right after She’s Back, and what a 180 degree change that was! INFINITE showed to everybody that they can make as much change as they want, because they’re gonna be able to pull it off perfectly! The MV was really well produced and let me tell you, I haven’t seen that much of in-deep-kick-ass MVs like this since Epik High’s Break Down. Wolliment (the management company for both INFINITE and Epik High) does this kinda line of concepts very well, and they showed just how even a boyband like INFINITE could also pull this off (in less in-deep than Epik High of course lol). Another thing that also impresses me is the choreography. Now, this is no news for anybody, not even non-Inspirits, but I feel that I also have to say this: the way INFINITE put their passion and concentration in their dance is spectacular. Do I also have to say how hard they worked to make the scorpion dance so pitch-point perfect and synchronized like they do? INFINITE work very hard in what they do and are such perfectionists that the song, the MV and the whole fill you get watching and listening to it grabs you and doesn’t let you go :D

  197. love this song~love infinite!!

  198. I must say that they’ve evolved from cutesy boys from She’s Back era to real men with this comeback song. They’ve showed their powerful sides and really pulled it off. Even though the video kinda scared me (LOL) in the beginning, I grew to like this song very much. And I must add that this dance is very hard to accomplish. They must’ve practiced all day and night to be in sync. It would be great if this video won over the others in my opinion. ((Well, I’m a big Inspirit so… lol))

  199. Freaking awesome!! ♥ I couldn’t believe they didn’t win anything with BTD o-o
    This is when I say “INFINITE is not a rookie anymore” C’mon, this is incredible! ♥ And not just the choreo, the video is Monkey balls A W E S O M E (?) The song is extremly catchy and the voices are just hot as hell :Q___ ♥
    This is by far one of the best videos of 2011 or even THE best video! ♥
    I’m from Argentina so I’m not really good at english xD

  200. I believe this is should be one of the top songs and Music video for this year. I love how the music video is so dark and sorrowful. It has so much passion and 100% believable acting threw out the whole thing. The fighting sense where well done and where realistic unlike some others i seen where you can tell it is fake. The dance was pretty awesome as well! Some parts where simple but has so much passion and unth in it where it just made it  amazing. Then they had some moves that looked difficult but they seemed to pull it off effortless. Mad respect right there for them. The song it’s self is very catching and as this rawr energy that uzzes out of it which makes me love it more and more. This is a perfect song to play when your in a bad mood and want to dance out your anger. i believe show case exactly why people love Infinite and how much they are growing. 

  201. this new thing is so freaking awesome, seriously!! and BTD FTW!!! the best choreography of 2011, really, incredible (:

  202. The choreography of this song made Infinite become the “Amazing dance group”, and it’s pretty true. They in fact danced well and synced! Especially the scorpion dance made a signature dance of Infinite~ Additionally the MV was good and they did put a lot of effort in singing. 

  203. This is probably one of the best MVs that came out this year, and it’s a huge pity that it was overlooked so much (probably had something to do with coming out the same time as TVXQ’s comeback err). The effort and dedication that went into making it was amazing.

    Also it has, by far, THE best choreo to come out of kpop in a while. I feel like that should count for something. :)

  204. I love the dance, how they are in unison and how their powerful moves hits along with the beat :). and how in a way, they look tan, musty and sexy at the same time in those clothes. and i love the lyrics! how the dance goes along really good with them.

  205. first of all, i love this song..and the dance
    the mv was good, a little confusing if you ask me, but myungsoo and woohyun looked really good in it ^^
    anyways..i’d LOVE to see simon dance the scorpion dance (i can actually do this part, btw..i hurt my leg learning it, but i did succeed!!)
    it’s different and really cool…and you guys should do this one~! ^^

  206. it’s because of simon and martina that i found infinite (THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!). They are so talented in their synchronization it’s almost scary, but the overall awesomeness outweighs the slight creepiness that it’s so PERFECT. The dance, as with most of Infinite’s dances, seems to be difficult to learn and I’m excited to see how Simon and Martina pull it off!! :D

  207. dude, this has to be one of the dances to do! Infinite has perfect synchronization it’s perfect. This dance show cases both a masculine and dark feeling. Also, the dance has already become popular because of the “scorpion dance” which is really really really really hard to do. I’ve been learning how to do this dance just recently and it’s so fun to learn :)

  208. I had never even heard of Infinite before this year but they were so impressive this year they really won me over. They really are the most consistently good band out there: Be Mine, BTD, and Paradise (Keheheee) were some great songs with fun dances. You should do this dance because watch Simon attempt the scorpion move will be really hilarious!

  209. Before The Dawn is a really great song and has an awesome dance that is described as extremely diffucult and powerful. And some people even said that if it was made by a group that’s not new, it’d be great hit ;) But just because they’re new you cant count their dance as lower ranked than more popular groups’ dances which are not as good as theirs ^^ even while Infinite was doing a lately-famous dance *cough* thrust dance *cough* they showed power in it and it didnt look as awkward as the other groups’ *at least to me xD* and most important of all it was still unique ;D but not as much as the scorpion dance of course ^__~

  210. Infinite is a group that is highly skilled in fields like singing, rapping and dancing. And they have made great comebacks with meaningful songs & powerful dances as it can be seen in BTD. Considering the fact that they’re new compared to much other groups and still just as powerful as them if not better makes them most appropriate group/band as the winner ^_~

  211. First, the music video is very well done and a lot of hard work was put into it.

    Second, the dance. Oh mah gawd, the dance. 99.9% synchronization and the scorpion move.
    This dance has to be one of the top and most remembered dances this year.  

  212. Honestly, Before the Dawn has such an amazing dance. It’s steps are difficult to learn (I tried, and I’m a dancer), their executions are on point and so synchronized that they’re rumoured to be robots, and their energy is so fierce and passionate. I can watch them dance this all day and never get tired of it. The music video is so deep and heart wrenching. Escaping love has so many obstacles, and in the end your efforts may be futile. They put so much effort into making this song and music video, as well as the others, as perfect as it can be, pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits. Also, not only do they excel in dance, but they are skillful in singing, drama, and comedic entertainment. Such skill and talent from a new group, it’s no wonder that I’m proud to call myself an Inspirit!

  213. 99.9% sync FTW ;D 
    I want to see EYK do the scorpion dance haha~ I’ve tried it before… and definitely failed

  214. THE BEST DANCE EVER ! They deserve it ! Infinite FTW XD

  215. How many times are we allowed to comment by the way?

  216. How many times are we allowed to comment by the way?

  217. BTD is such an intense and moving music video. You may not understand the story at first because it is a very hidden message. The meaning of trying to escape is very deep. And of course, Infinite and their amazing dance choreography. This definitely deserves best video of the year! :D

  218. BTD is probably my favorite music video. I really think that these
    boys showed their passion and determination through this video. Woohyun and L (the
    guys fighting in the video) never used stunt doubles and they even got hurt (Woohyun
    hurt his back).  And Infinite’s dancing
    is really good. I sometimes feel like boy bands just look pretty/sexy and
    do a few moves without doing much. I actually enjoy watching the “dance” portion
    of the video. And I think that’s what I like about Infinite. They don’t do any “face
    arousal” (though they do some “raunchy thrusting” like in Paradise lol )or any unnecessary
     “fan service” that distracts the
    audience (?)


  220. I absolutely love this.  The epic fight is so frecking EPIC!!! but also i love the scorpion dance. that is just so amazing and i think infinite is awesome. 

  221. how often can I vote? I really want this to win T_T

  222. If you’ve ever seen Sesame Player Season 2, you understand how hard these boys work at times (granted that they seem to have fun a lot while filming). When it’s crunch time, they really get down to business, especially when it’s right before a comeback. I think that Infinite should win because of how dedicated, disciplined, talented, and underrated they are. 

  223. They worked so hard on this MV and the choreo remains amazing. Infinite fighting!~

  224. Kickass coreography? 99,9% synchro, scorpion dance CHECK
    Catchy song? Why why~ why why~ before the daaaawn ~ CHECK
    Awesome figthing sequence? /kicks /punches /throws /pushescreepyguyintothelight CHECK
    Cute fail english? Fly to the my heart CHECK
    Sexyness factor? Seven wet guys with eye liner, hot redhead CHECK
    There are INFINITE reasons why they should win, watch the video and you’ll see it.

  225. i wouldn’t mind getting stuck there with either of them :P still, very original video and I’m in love with the song!

  226. INFINITE is an amazing group. Their videos are always interesting and keeps your interest throughout. Their dance moves are very cool (I mean come on, how can you not find the Scorpion move cool?!!!!!). All the members are extremely talented in their own right, such as Woohyun and SungGyu’s singing or Hoya and Dongwoo’s rapping/dancing. They also show sooooooo much dedication to their fans, otherwise they would not have allowed for L and  Woohyun to do their on stunts, and have one of them end up in the hospital :’( These guys do not get enough credit for their songs, hence that it was only until Be Mine that they got their first award, and they deserve to be known. Also, their english skills are very good and are improving with each new song. I think they would be a good candidate for representatives of Korea in other countries because their music is the kind that music listeners of all different countries can listen to without being appalled by too much aegyo.

  227. I think their scorpion dance move in unison is awesome! I remember replaying that part many times. :) Definitely a memorable dance.

  228. shouldn’t the dance version be uploaded, not the MV? well anyways, seriously. This is the BEST dance(the scorpion move was awesome!!!!!!!) i’ve ever seen in a kpop MV imo. INFINITE are amazing dancers and their talent is amazing. Im really looking forward to them in the future :) 

  229. Infinite is amazing and you can see it in this video, you can see their awesome dancing skills (scorpion dance ftw!) you can hear their superb singing and rapping! You can see their amazing acting skills! You can see everything and more! It was freezing cold when they shot this MV yet they still got water poured on them, just for the sake of the music video. These boys have a dedication and drive that is impossible to beat, I honestly believe that they have worked harder than some groups that have been around for years (come at me >.<). They deserve so much more than what they have, because Infinite actually has talent! ^^  

  230. In my six years of kpop music obsessing I have never seen a boy band group become so popular so quickly. They are versatile with their music and have distinction with their performance skills. Infinite sticks out from all the usual groups with their music, dance skills, variety skills, and effort. Us Inspirits can see that and support they endlessly because of that. Also on another note, you can never choose a bias in Infinite. They are all so darn good-looking. ^^

  231. Everything about BTD was perfect. From the glorious music video to the intense dance choreography. Infinite really worked hard to prove themselves and I feel during this era they really did. Both the movie version and dance version of this song is captivating.

  232. let’s face it, their choreography is always the best!

  233. I’m a huge Inspirit (seriously, Infinite is my bias band out of all of the groups out there, and I love a LOT), and I found Infinite through this song. The MV is incredible, and you can see that they really put this well together. If you watch the BTS, you can see just what they went trough to make this video into what it is now. Woohyun got a giant bruise on his back from falling, if I remember correctly. He still went on, though, and that just shows how passionate he is. L and Woohyun (if you didn’t know, these are the two trapped/fighting) practiced the fighting for a long time while someone was there helping them.
    Aside from the “drama” part of BTD, the dancing, like always, was incredible. There’s a reason why Infinite promoted in Japan with a slogan saying something along the lines of “99.99% together”. It’s true. All kpop bands generally dance almost completely in-sync, but Infinite is just a bit closer to perfection. The highlight of BTD’s dance would be the scorpion move and it’s awesome to watch. It’s not as easy as they make it seem. T.T
    Overall, practically any dance by Infinite should be nominated for “Best Dance” of the year. Sure, “Nothing’s Over”‘s dance wasn’t AS difficult (well, at least the chorus…), but the fact that they were completely together and enjoying themselves makes it a good candidate for anything.

  234. Their dances and synchronization are really the best ^^ Their songs and moves are catchy and the members are handsome, talented and dorky. What can I ask more? <3.<3

  235. these guys are amazing, the song is epic, the mv is flawless and the dance is awesome <33

  236. An amazing group with an amazing song and a flawless mv.

  237. got to love the dance especially the “scorpion dance”…this song is addicting too, can’t get it out of my mind once i hear it….Infinite, fighting!!!

    before the dawn, before the dawn *echoing in my head*

  238. I really love this mv, you can see the extent to which they went to film it. And the way the boys are always so in sync is amazing, not to mention the song is self is really catchy. 
    And watching the BTS really pulls on heartstrings when you see how hard they were working for this, and their work conditions! They seriously deserved to win something for this song!

  239. If there is one thing I really like about Korean movies it is the way korean guys fight ! Haha so realistic.
    I really like this song (never heard it before) and I think tis MV fits the song (just, oh no! not another vampire story ! -___-)
    I just don’t get why they kick each other face (since they fought together the not-so-sparkling-vampire) =/

  240. I think Infinite has the best dance of the year and even the best MV. First, this song is really amazing and really good. I like everything about it. The vocals are good and the lines are well distributed. (Well, almost…) And seriously, the dance is so freaking amazing! They are so in sync and they worked so hard to get this right. And also, the scorpion dance is really hard to do, but they manage to do it so easily. Plus, during the shooting, their clothes were wet and it was really cold outside. But it does look good in the MV. And the MV has a storyline!!!! Even if it’s kinda complicated to understand. The MV was really well done. Infinite work really really hard this year and I think they really deserve to win :)

  241. The dance for BTD is legit! I listen to this song when I need some pepping up..and it works!

  242. This deserves to win.
    I mean, everything is so synchronized and to the fact that they did this in a very cold weather.
    L and Woohyun even got injuries for this MV.
    Everything here is so perfect.
    What more can you ask for?

  243. Wah! Infinite has gotten so popular this year! They’ve grown so much in just this one year, and I think they deserve this!

  244. This song has been one of my favorites throughout the year, and it was this song that made me a fan of Infinite, so therefore I’m voting for this song :D Even though I like A LOT of the other songs I have to admit Infinite impressed me the most this year :D

  245. Everyone here knows how well Infinite dances. How synchronized they are and how they stay humble. Their dances is dope shit. Who doesn’t like their dance like seriously !? :)

  246. This song, dance, video.. they look.. are truly AWESOME!! so much effort put in this. Their BEST comeback so far!! ^^ Fighting Infinite

  247. This video has to win. I mean, come on . Just look at their synchronization. They even had to film this mv during the coldest day of the winter. Infinite fighting.

  248. This was the song that sort of got me into infinite!! The dance itself is complicated and the scorpion dance is just so great. You can see that infinite actually put a lot of effort into actually trying to synchronize their dance steps. ~

  249. Infinite is AMAZING! In this video tells a lot about them! I mean look at their amazing, synchronizing dance moves, you can tell that they practice a WHOLE lot to get it perfect. Also this mv show their awesome acting! I have great expectations for them and they have always met them :)

  250. Infinite is AMAZING! In this video tells a lot about them! I mean look at their amazing, synchronizing dance moves, you can tell that they practice a WHOLE lot to get it perfect. Also this mv show their awesome acting! I have great expectations for them and they have always met them :)

  251. I don’t remember ever seeing this video. I don’t really get why they have to fight and THEN try to escape but o well it is a K-pop video. It is still a very interesting and engaging video.

  252. The MV got deep story line with the theme about love. The choreo is just daebak! The song itself is just amazing
    INFINITE is the most synchronized group ever! <3
    respecr them esp shooting it in minus degree and woohyun&L make their own stuns and hurt themselves during shooting

  253. I think you need to use Dance version. It get more views.

  254. It was freezing when they filmed it! Dancing wet, water, fighting scenes! Infinite you are my heroes! ^^

  255. This music video really deserve some recognition. The boys really put a lot of effort on it. Their vocals improved a lot too. Many people are not really satisfied with this MV because its mainly the fighting scenes but after watching their behind the scene, I really feel that they deserve something from it. They filmed this music video during winter when the weather is really cold. Woohyun even injured himself while filming the action scenes. Besides, Hoya even took part in the choreography himself. Although it started out that only Hoya could do the Scorpion Dance, the other members really work themselves to get to his level. They even make sure they’re always synchronized 99.99%.