Infinite H – Special Girl

  1. Viktoria Wallb├Ąck

    This song is soo addictive. And the video is really cute.

  2. This is the perfect video to review.. pleaseee.

  3. still want this to be reviewed!!

  4. Nooo what happened, this video dropped in the charts :(
    I WANT THIS REVIEWED. I’m not going to stop voting until it is.

    Come on guys!


  6. Woollim’s CEO did a cameo? I didn’t notice.. o.o

  7. plzplzplz~ do the Kpop music video on infinite h! I really want to see what you guys think of this!

  8. T___T Another The Chaser…. Why does this always seem to happen to Infinite?! :(

  9. Wait what?! This song didn’t get into first?! I’m really disappointed now. Oh well, Inspirits let’s go focus on Without You

  10. SS501jjang

    This is beyond depressing.
    Im speechless. Really.

  11. right now i think i’m going to concentrate all my efforts for Without You… see u guys there :)

  12. Comment for my oppa Hoya..!!

  13. Absamaranth

    Omg… it got taken over in the end again? After hanging on, AGAIN? This is beyond depressing…

  14. I really miss that time when we working hard commenting this video until 3942comments :”)

  15. Jenna Yang
    Jenna Yang

    Why. This was #1 so many times and it always gets pushed down D: Is this like some kind of evil fate for Infinite MVs?

  16. Gahhh… can’t lose to Boa…. noooo!!!!!

  17. Chaemin Yong

    This is… just so saddening. We tried keep it up for weeks :(

    • I know right…lots of broken inspirit hearts here today.I’ve been voting most daily n commenting as much as possible.
      Lets try for “without you” .. its up from #9 to #8. lets push it upto #1

  18. Inspirit,why don’t we just focus to Infinite H ‘without you’ ? :)

  19. oh nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! I will never visit this page again for a long time!! T_T

  20. Well fellow inspirit’s we fought hard but came up short yet again! But there is one thing we can be proud of and that is we have been able to our Infinite H boys in the top 3 for the last 3 weeks I know it’s not a win but it’s better than nothing! :) <3

    • happyduck187

      Agreed! That is something to be proud of, even though it also means that we’ve lost for a month. To be able to keep the song in the top 3 DESPITE the point decay is good enough for me, even though some may not agree. I’m really disappointed that this wouldn’t get reviewed, but I’m kinda over it alr. Life still goes on. :)

  21. WHAT?! This MV was sitting comfortably at the top all week and now we have this? BoA? Just because Martina called the fans out? Although I agree with S&M most of the times about how KMM is like..Woodstock. It is still about the music video that deserves reviewing. Not about how deserving an artist is of some attention. When KMM first started wasn’t the idea of it to high light videos that are interesting or pretty?
    No one seemed to care about BoA’s boring video (my opnion, I’m sorry) until Martina made them seem like bad fans for not voting for her. I’m disappointed.

    Will Infinite win the 2013 award again for potential KMM?

    • Infinite will most likely win that award again they always get beat on the charts it’s really sad I feel so bad because everyone worked so hard to get this video reviewed only to get beat by the MV’s that were released later in the month!

  22. I was so looking forward for ‘Special Girl’ to be reviewed, and then just two days before it became second and now third. All this days voting having so much hope that it would win…

  23. SugarBabyG6

    They are cute, but BoA disurves to win!

  24. i’m so so so so happy if Infinite H think that their special girl is INSPIRIT XD

  25. Black_winds

    Whoa,i went to sleep and this happens…….

  26. should we keep voting for them until next week,i think yess (:

  27. Janelle Choo

    omg sm fans are really quick :( god really wanted this video to be reviewed :( we were so close!!!

  28. millie102685

    To all the people that are complaining “how are we not number one?” that only poke their heads in hours before the polls close, if you vote and comment daily we would have a fighting chance.
    Don’t complain if you barely did anything for 3 weeks.

  29. Voted and kept commenting till late last night.It was #2.Went to sleep for 4 up to find it at #3..So sad right now.

    • Just saw kpop charts update.looks like S&M really wants to review “BOA”. all these past weeks of voting for SP gone to waste….But in a way,i understand that if they liked the other videos better than SP,then they should review it coz,i don’t want them to review SP half-heartedly and then throw shade.
      As a consolation, atleast my SHINee Bias Taeminie is in the Video

  30. ana_niclole2012

    This is Ana’s friend Ari so im writing on here to say i love Infinite too and i want them to WIN!!!!!


    How come we’re #3 now? Last time I check, we were on #1!!! oh noessss!

  32. Adorkablehippo

    We need to win this week I really really want this to be reviewed

  33. Kristy Nguyen

    i was so happy this morning when it was still in 1st place..
    came home from work, and took a nap only to wake up and see it in 3rd place~
    sighs… if this can’t win, i really hope cn blue wins because i love their song almost as much as i love SG~

  34. My mind is empty and i don’t know what else to say :/ i really had a lot of hope that this will win that i came here everyday to comment and vote. This video totally deserved a KMM so much stuff to talk about and make fun of…but ugh. And then i hoped cnblue would make it since i love them so much but nah…

    There should be two reviews a week so many videos would have a chance and not always the popular and big groups would be reviewed or maybe a fans voted group and other that S&M want to review.

    I’m just so sad after working so hard and keeping this up :/ but it was nice to talk to all you inspirits :) i think that after i get to know the boys better i will finally feel like calling myself an inspirit, and being here helped a lot ;)

    • nice to talk with you to and sharing more about infinite haha,proud to be inspiritright,perhaps,iinfinite relase their new MV we should vote for them and sharing more about infinite like thiss ahahaha,

    • happyduck187

      I know how you feel. I went out for a couple of hours and surprise surprise: BoA got to #1, and Infinite H is at #3. Although it’s a pity that Special Girl won’t be reviewed, I really enjoyed myself talking to fellow Inspirits like you :) Sharing Infinite videos, pictures, gifs and news with each other really enhanced my experience as an Inspirit, and I got to learn new perspectives about the boys and their work. That was really great!

      I would love love love two reviews a week, but I don’t think S&M really has time for it. They already have so much on their hands. Perhaps it will work in the future, but not soon. Reviews aside, I REALLY WANT THEM TO INTERVIEW OUR BOYS. Not sure how that’ll work out, but *crosses fingers*

      • OMG that’s what i’ve been thinking about!!! hahaha how awesome an interview would be!!!! imagine if that would be possible *___* lol hopefully S&M will interview them…someday i don’t lose my hopes about that :D
        yeah to be honest chatting here and everything makes me more curious about infinite. They catched my attention watching them perform and dance…the way they have a particular sound idk how to explain it but until now i’m trying to get to know more about them because i know they are so talented and funny ^^ sunggyu album is awesome and i hope i can have infinite h album soon because i really love their music i’m not that into raps until now haha <3

        • happyduck187

          Hahaha I think I get what you mean. They have a very distinct 80s sound, and I love love love it when they sing together; Infinite as a whole makes me fuzzy every time. Check out their variety shows! You’ll get to know them a lot better (which usually translates into loving them a lot more) ;) They’re having a new album soon, so wait for it! And YaDong are now on Immortal Song 2, so do check out their performances!

        • yeah as a whole they’re awesome and perfect their team work is no joke!! i really like their songs be mine and paradise got stuck in my head lol and i hated that i couldn’t recognize each of them but loved the songs ^^ i’m watching sesame player rn haha i laughed so hard with Sungyeol and the prank with the bananas omg hahaha!!!
          i already watch them in weekly idol except i think their first appearance i don’t find it u_u
          oh my…yadong just got me into another infinite spazz haha ;__; but this time i think i’m not going to get out of it… it’s imposible not to love these guys <3

        • happyduck187

          You can watch their first episode here: :) YES THE BANANA PRANK WAS AWESOME OMG. This is kind of unrelated but tbh if the first two songs I heard by Infinite were She’s Back and Come Back Again (and I had to judge them by the song) I probably won’t be interested in them. But Be Mine really did it for me. My Top 5 Infinite songs: 1) Be Mine 2) BTD 3) Nothing’s Over 4) The Chaser 5) Paradise :) I think it’s really hard to not spazz about Infinite; we’re Inspirits for a reason ;)

    • I completely agree with two reviews in a week. I mean, even a simple review without so much going on like the usual KMM is okay for me.

  35. greasytree

    btw have anyone got any idea if H will ever perform Fly High soon? i’m asking this cause i’ve been replaying Fly High a lot lately..these past few days to be exact..all the feels :'(

  36. This is not what I was planning on waking up to :(

  37. Catherine

    ok. hanging up my voting hat. honestly, i’m not even an inspirit, but i loved this freaking song so much. i will wait quietly in my little nest until another fantasmic video comes that i feel the need to obsess over.

    one more time…
    lolololz. (credit to millie. i think i’ll miss you most of all!)

    • millie102685

      You don’t have to credit me, but I agree. Their wish is Shawols’ command.

    • i’m not a inspirit too but yeah this video is so awesome as well as the song that it deserved a shot and giving all the support it could :)

    • What an appropriate gif. And to think it was born from the comments here. Thanks so much for voting while you could ;)

    • we would all meet again in Infinite’s future release of course :)

      • Lets not give up when “without you” is put on charts

        • millie102685

          It’s been on the charts, just scroll down. But you are going to have to enjoy it without me.

        • Ahh..sorry didn’t check. come on @millie102685,lets not give up.Keep up the inspirit fighting spirit for “without you” ..I know ur disappointed,coz ur the most active inspirit here,

        • millie102685

          Bull. I didn’t just spend 3 freaking weeks voting for this for them to implore to Shinee BoA fans to vote that video up and then I’m going to do the same for Without You? Screw that.

        • I’m pretty sure BoA has a lot of fans that voted for her video because of her, not Shinee… And to be truthful even if they did vote because of Shinee, I guess you cant really blame them. Im really Infinite bias and I know that if an Infinite member was in another MV, I’d vote for it too. Sorry if it sounds like im ranting, I’m just kinda tired how people keep complaining about Shinee fans voting for the video. Also, I’m pretty sad that Special Girl didn’t win, but its just a review… common, don’t you think your overreacting a little bit? At least Infinite H is doing well in their promotions in Korea. I agree with Joybelts about having the video get reviewed in order to give them more exposure internationally. But its not the end of the world if they don’t get reviewed. I’ll still vote for Without You though ^^

        • millie102685

          I would kindly ask you to stfu. My reaction is not over anything. Thank you.
          I am allowed to feel how I want. I can complain as I want. You are allowed to ask me to calm down. I am allowed to tell you hell no.

        • This sort of thing happens all the time on the charts, and it sucks… But you still need to be respectful since this is one of our commenting guidelines. I agree that you have a right to feel like suck and to say so, but that is still no reason to be mean to others especially if they are trying to be nice and encouraging.

          Still sucks when it happens to you though.

        • ahh..lots of disappointed inspirits here now..Cheer up.
          Fly high is doing really well in both album sales and online.Our main goal(atleast mine) for getting it reviewed is so that infinite-h gets more exposure internationally and other people see why we love them so much. :). So even if it dosn’t get reviewed here,its getting lots of positive responses in other international kpop blog.That alone makes me happy.

  38. oh my first time here in the comment! what this mv is 3rd? now i feel bad..i did vote and share tho didn’t have much time to spend here..noo i want this mv to be reviewed :'(

    • A lot of us do, we’ve been commenting pretty actively, it’s just that the mv has been up for three weeks and the competition is formidable.

      • i can see that. btw when i scrolled down comments this really look like what happened during the voting for The Chaser back in June. it went like for about 3-4 weeks and in the end we all ended up getting upset. i’ve been here a lot during that time cause i was excited to get The Chaser reviewed but left disappointed in the end -_-

        • Its like what happened with “the chaser” all over again :( .
          But atleast it did get reviewed at the year end.

        • greasytree

          true. well i hope this mv can be reviewed somehow. maybe if they had that vote open again like what they did to The Chaser :)

        • yup,if that happens,lets all give it one more shot.

        • greasytree

          I’m in ;D

        • happyduck187

          Since it seems like all hope is lost, we just have to gear up at the end of the year and turn the tables again. We got The Chaser this year, maybe we’ll get Special Girl next year :)

        • True :) …. lets try for “without you” now.its currently ranked #9

        • happyduck187

          Hahaha I will! But probably not as religiously as I did for Special Girl. I’m tired of commenting just for the sake of commenting, and talking just for the sake of voting; that’s not how this should be, in my opinion, especially after this debacle. I’d like to enjoy the MV and talk about it if I want, and if S&M reviews it, it’ll a special bonus.