Voting for Music Monday closes at 11:59pm Saturday (Korean time)

Infinite H – Without You

  1. Even thought they’re in the 3rd place now,never giving up to voting for them,and I heard that sunggyu,dongwoo,myungsoo and hoya were graduated from their university,if that true,congratss our oppa

    • Yes, all five of them graduated at the same time from same major at the same university (in sync? XD), but unfortunately Hoya and Dongwoo couldn’t go to the graduation ceremony because of their schedules…

      • sync (infinite’s style XD),maybe they havemany schedule to promote their album._.and why just 5 of them and woohyun don’t go to universitiy like them

        • Woohyun is in another university, I don’t know why (maybe he was already in university at the time or he wasn’t accepted with them or he wanted to go to a different one?). And Sungjong graduated from high school last year so he couldn’t go with them at the same time.

  2. Let’s Vote infinite in running man,just klik the box~they’re in the 1st place nowww~keep voting inspirit,..

  3. I really want to see this mv get reviewed its just too perfect

  4. INFINITE is the main reason I’ve been into K-Pop. I’ve been an Inspirit
    for roughly 2 years already, and I wish to be an Inspirit forever. Thee
    boys are really talented. They have their own individual talents.
    They’ve also been into many hardships and they have been very humble
    from the start, until now they still have that “rookie mindset” every
    time they win on music shows or they win an award.

    INFINITE is really one of the best groups in Korea.

    1. They are talented and very synchronized in dancing.

    You can tell if a particular song is sang by INFINITE because it has
    that “Infinite feeling” to it. Their songs are very unique compared to
    other K-pop songs and are really ear candies.

    3. Sunggyu’s solo
    album was another set of refreshing K-pop songs that you would rarely
    hear in the K-pop scene, and also his songs were different from the
    usual INFINITE materials.

    4. Hoya and Dongwoo, besides from being
    the best dancers in the group, prove that they can pull off a sub-unit
    and just like Sunggyu, they’re songs are different from the usual
    INFINITE materials and are also refreshing sounds to the ear.

    Hoya and Dongwoo prove that they have the vocal abilities and talents
    for singing besides for rapping (because they are INFINITE’s rappers).
    Their voices, especially Hoya’s, were really great for an Idol.

    INFINITE members are really multi talented. They are not like other boy
    groups because for them music is their life, they are not like any
    other boy groups who have a very short break for their comebacks because
    they wanted to earn a lot of money in a short period of time. For
    INFINITE, music and songs are their passion and their gift to their
    beloved INSPIRITS.

    That’s why I hope that in the future, INFINITE
    will become more appreciated and popular, just like the way they should
    really be.
    INFINITE and INSPIRITS fighting!!!
    INFINITE all the way to the top!!!

  5. INFINITE is the main reason I’ve been into K-Pop. I’ve been an Inspirit for roughly 2 years already, and I wish to be an Inspirit forever. Thee boys are really talented. They have their own individual talents. They’ve also been into many hardships and they have been very humble from the start, until now they still have that “rookie mindset” every time they win on music shows or they win an award.

    INFINITE is really one of the best groups in Korea.

    1. They are talented and very synchronized in dancing.

    2. You can tell if a particular song is sang by INFINITE because it has that “Infinite feeling” to it. Their songs are very unique compared to other K-pop songs and are really ear candies.

    3. Sunggyu’s solo album was another set of refreshing K-pop songs that you would rarely hear in the K-pop scene, and also his songs were different from the usual INFINITE materials.

    4. Hoya and Dongwoo, besides from being the best dancers in the group, prove that they can pull off a sub-unit and just like Sunggyu, they’re songs are different from the usual INFINITE materials and are also refreshing sounds to the ear.

    5. Hoya and Dongwoo prove that they have the vocal abilities and talents for singing besides for rapping (because they are INFINITE’s rappers). Their voices, especially Hoya’s, were really great for an Idol.

    6. INFINITE members are really multi talented. They are not like other boy groups because for them music is their life, they are not like any other boy groups who have a very short break for their comebacks because they wanted to earn a lot of money in a short period of time. For INFINITE, music and songs are their passion and their gift to their beloved INSPIRITS.

    That’s why I hope that in the future, INFINITE will become more appreciated and popular, just like the way they should really be.

  6. Infinite is the best!

  7. Whelp lol we lost… again. How depressing…

  8. Why is it Infinite that always gets the short end of the stick on Music Mondays… :(

  9. im going to cry if this doesnt get reviewed ;(

  10. this song is so my jam :D and their outfits are cool…except for the paint splatter suits.

  11. INSPIRITS,,did you guys hear about saesang fans???? what do you guys think bout it?

  12. Please review this!! Inspirits are waiting for ages!!!

  13. Guys… BAP released their new MV, and we all now how fierce Babys can be… So let’s keep on voting so Infinite-H (or our beloved Yadong) can get reviewed! ^_^

    • Yea B.A.P. Hit #1 really quick no doubt that the One Shot MV will get picked for MM but that’s ok because I do have to say that the MV is epic so I won’t be too sad if that MV gets reviewed instead!

  14. oh well
    let’s keep voting until infinite’s comeback yes? :)
    we have to remember to keep working hard to get them reviewed hehe

  15. please, please, please vote T__T it’s yadong!!

  16. fuuuuuu. Darn. This wasn’t reviewed… :(
    But, inspirits, let’s all try to get this to be reviewed for the next one! It’s going to be our last chance!

  17. I’m so disappointed right now.Me (along with other inspirits) have been constantly voting and commenting for bout 3 weeks in “SP” and then moved to “without you”,still no results.
    I actually thought we had a good shot with “without you” after seeing KMM update.I wonder why we inspirits and Infinite are so unlucky with KMM.
    I think i’ve spend a good part of my 4 weeks here,n now im kinda exhausted.Bowing out of this voting now,coz next week i dont think we have much chance. Congrats to Sistar19 though.

    • Special Girl could probably be pushed back to the top if an effort was actually made. But it needs to be done all over again and most voters on KMM only ever concentrate on the newest videos. That’s the biggest reason newness is important to winning. When it gets hard people lose patience and stop voting, of course the rankings quickly drop.

      • Actually, that’s not how it works. When a song has been on the charts for 25 days, its points automatically drop to zero. You can keep voting for it all you want, but those additional votes don’t register with the system. Plus, the system doesn’t recognize the value of the points it already earned. All those 39,000 + votes? Yeah, they equal a big fat zero after 25 days. That’s why Special Girl dropped off the charts so quickly and has no chance of being revived.

        Older videos are harder to get reviewed because of the point decay algorithm. The first week (so 7 days) a song is on the chart, 100% of its points from votes, comments, and shares are counted. On the eighth day (so the beginning of the second week), only 85% of the total accumulated points are counted for the duration of that second week on the charts. The points are cut again after the song reaches its third week, down to only 50% of its total points counting. The fourth and final week the points are cut again, with only 25% of the total counted. But as I said before, since points automatically drop to zero after 25 days, the fourth week isn’t really a full week, more like four days (Day 21 to Day 25). So it’s not that people stop voting for older videos, it’s that over time a smaller and smaller percentage of those accumulated votes are counted by the system. That’s why Special Girl was behind CN Blue a week or so ago, even though SG had over 30,000 votes compared to CN Blue’s 24,000. CN Blue was a younger video, with about 50% point decay at the time, while SG, being older, had 25% point decay. Mathematically, CN Blue had more points in accordance with the system’s decay algorithm. In the end, both of them got passed up by Boa. She managed to win with such a small number of votes in comparison to the other two because that was Disturbance’s first week on the charts, meaning that 100% of its points counted.

      • BAP and NU’est are making a comeback.And their fandom is pretty devoted too.And ther’s a possiblity of no KMM next week and then its SHINee’s comeback.Chances are oh so slim :(

  18. I hope they can still last until next Kpop Music Monday. ;__;

    • Oh gawd,i’ve been refreshing like crazy to see when they would put up KMM.And this!! :(
      I had so much hope they would pick “without you”,coz of martin’s positive update in kpop chart update.
      We put so much effort in “Special girl” and “without you”, but sadly……

      • I know. We just have to keep voting to make sure they stay on top! T^T But I’m really having doubts because Nu’Est is coming out with a new song(their fans are pretty strong O__O) and then they’re not doing(maybe) KMM next week. Chances of them staying up at the top are looking very slim. D’:

        • Yes,Nu’Est and i think there are more comebacks(B.A.P?).and after that is SHINee’s comeback. The chances are pretty slim.

        • OMG. I forgot about SHINee. IT’S ALL OVER!! TT______TT I guess we’ll just have to wait for Infinite’s comeback to have them reviewed. ;__; Which is like in 3-4 months. Dx

  19. so which group will get reviewed by simon and martina?

  20. keep fighting infinite h without you even thought i prefer SG to without you T_T

  21. this mv us just “too simple” to get reviewed. I hope they won’t say anything negative abt this. I like special girl mv more. So much effort were put into the making of the mv. but still feel glad if this get reviewed. better than nothing!

  22. new to infinite (and infinite h) so proud that these guys r running up first!

  23. Wait, they changed the rules? LOL. I mean this would’ve been nice when all the past Infinite songs get passed over by bad timing LOL

  24. can’t wait to ear what Simon and Martina have to say about the English of the song :p yadong couple ftw heehee :D

  25. wow just when S&M decided to change the rule, infinite gets to first place eh?

    • Infinite reached #1 after the deadline (0:00 am Sunday KST)

      - which means if we still had the old system, Infinite H definitely wouldn’t have been reviewed. But because of this new system, at least they have a chance? :)

      • Do you really not know who won? This is killing me. -_-

        • Sistar did win the vote but I believe Martina already hinted at picking Infinite H for MM this week hopefully they do!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          BUT they also said last week they’d stick w/ 1st most of the time (Unless they hated song/vid, was same artist multiple times, or sausagefest. None of which seem to apply to S19). Also they said it would be just like NU’EST if they didn’t win so that kind of canceled it out.

  26. let’s keep them on the first place,until simon and martina review this^^ seriously,i want this so badly,since special girl couldn’t get review T^T

  27. infinite wins….the week after s&m decide to choose from top 3 instead of no. 1 (i totally support this idea btw)….its just infinite seems to have awful luck here :P i wish special girl got reviewed! im pretty sure s&m will choose sistar19 to review this week

  28. I love how we are on first place NOW…rofl

  29. OMG!!! this song is too much!! Zion-T has a voice like ommo!! and dongwoo and hoya are both my bias so this song just wins! LETS GET IT KMM!!!!! FIGHTING!!!!

  30. INFINITE H~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


  32. WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  33. can i just spaming to increasing numbers of comment or if you guys have any interisting video about infinite can you give the link to me (:

  34. S&M have hinted at picking Without You this week because Special Girl got so close the last 3 weeks hopefully they pick this I really want it to be reviewed!

  35. this mv is yadong!! ♥ please keep voting!! :D we can do it!! ;DD

  36. comeback again and start comentinggg (:


  38. Please pick this song! <3

  39. INFINITE fighting! Infinite-H fighting! Inspirits are always here for you guys. And always remember that you guys deserve a lot of recognition and love because you are so great and amazing!

  40. Please vote for this totally amazing and jaw dropping video!!! They deserve so much recognition, way better than this…

  41. Infinite is really an amazing group in the KPop Industry… Being able to branch out into one solo (Sunggyu) and now a subunit (Infinite H) and being able to receive lots of love from their fans despite the fact that they are not complete as the whole “Infinite” (7 members) it’s totally amazing! Hoya and Dongwoo as Infinite H are also amazing and incredible. They showed veryone sespecially their fans that they can put up a spectacular performance with just the two of them. It’s also good to know that more and more people starts to love hip hop too because of the two of them, and I am one of those people (I’m not saying that they are the ones who made hip hop famous or what). All of Infinite members are really talented when it comes to dancing, singing, rapping, and going solo!!! Love them all especially these two…
    I hope they can gain more recognition in the future and perform more jaw dropping performance in the future.
    INFINITE fighting! INSPIRITS fighting!

  42. This reminded me a lil bit of old GD & TOP days. They are different in so many ways but the charisma, the feeling is same for me.

  43. Don’t shoot me but I think it would be better if they just review Sistar19 this week rather than this. They always complain about not getting to review girl groups and a lot of boy groups will be making comebacks in the following weeks so who knows when the next song from a girl group will get to reach the Top 3?

    I do hope this get reviewed just for the added exposure. But I think Special Girl would have been a more interesting KMM than this tbh. Even though I love this song and this MV more than Special Girl, it isn’t probably going to make an interesting review for them.

    Oh and anyone else watched their Without You perf on MuCore? Here’s a magnet link to download a torrent of it in 1080p:

    Here’s a youtube link:

  44. OMG this really deserves to win!!!! although i would be happier if SG have had a chance…there’s no doubt that this is porn for the eyes and the ears lol
    I’m not into hip hop so infinite h really made an impression to get their songs stuck in my head as well as they have a different but cool sound :)

  45. I think that Infinite definitely make the sub-unit Infinite B for Bollywood. That would be so amazing.

    • haha..i can’t even imagine the kind of songs they would sing

      • and I’m a little afraid to ask who would be in that group… hahaha

      • Maybe it would look something like this? :D

        Hahahaha! That’s the first thing I think of when somebody mentions Bollywood and Kpop in the same sentence. :P

        • Omo!! Trying to take everything sportingly and with a good dose of humour,but this episode of shinhwa broadcast made me cringe a little.They took the worst possible idea of what bollywood and india is -land of snake charmers and magic flying carpets and men with turbans twirling moustaches.(And the belly dancing is not even indian,more like arabic form of dancing). Nways,i realize they were just doing it for laughs,and when taking it lightly,its kinda funny. :)

        • I totally agree that it included basically every common stereotype that foreigners have about Bollywood/India, but since this is Shinhwa Broadcast, I’m sure that they were just going for maximum laughs, like they do every episode. Rather than making fun of India, they’re making fools of themselves. At least that’s the way I see it. If it was a different program, I’d be more on the offended side (you know how Korean programs aren’t always the most culturally sensitive *cough*blackface*cough*).

        • Exactly,like you mentioned rather than making fun of india they were more like making fool of themselves for laughs,so no harm done.:) But that “blackface” incident is totally another story though.But in recent years,variety shows have become more culturally sensitive or atleast i havent read or seen any such incident.And that alone makes me really glad.

  46. I hope this gets reviewed <3

  47. let’s keep voting guyssssss (: can we do it like what we did in special girl

  48. let’s keep voting guysss (; we just have 7 hours

  49. never give up to vote this MV (: i should borrow my fam’s gadget to vote themm

  50. please review it simon and martinaaaaa ): orplease review special girl too ):

  51. please review ittt :’<

  52. I really hope this gets a review, is such a catchy song, and I love their fashion.

  53. We may have a chance, inspirits! Thanks to all for your dedication of keeping this so high up on the charts.! :D

  54. Fellow,inspirits.Pleaseeeeeee check out the kpop chart update and leave comments asking them to review “without you”.Coz this time they might pick not #1 but any video on top 3.So we need to comment(beg) tellling them review “without you”.
    Actually martina mentioned she prefered “Special girl” to “without you”,but im fine if she actually bends the rules for once and reviews special girl instead of “without you”

  55. INFINITE H!!

  56. so have you guys seen k-pop chart update?if not go watch it now for obvious reasons:p

  57. God… this is frustrating. KEEP IT UP GUYS!

  58. I’m so glad that they released a video for this song. INFINITE H fighting!

  59. WITHOUT YOU !!!

  60. Hey,inspirits! we get 1 point for each comment,so plz do comment.
    Which are your favourite hairstyles in our infinite members?
    Personally i love, Sunggyu’s in “be mine”,”btd”,”60 sec” era. Sungjong’s in “btd” with his blond ponytail. Hoya’s in “SP”. L in his brown waves in his drama “shut up,flower boy band”. Dino in his steel blue and red hair,i like dino in funky hair colours.Sungyeol in “white confession/lately”. And namu looks cute in everything.

    • I liked Dongwoo’s pink hair in SP :) I think he looks better with his hair down.

    • Gyu…BTD,Nothing’s Over,Paradise,White Confession,The Chaser,60 Seconds…..
      Dongwoo…Nothing’s Over,Paradise,White Confession,The Chaser,Special Girl
      Woohyun…BTD,Be Mine,White Confession,The Chaser (i really dig Namu with black hair)
      Hoya…She’s Back,BTD,Be Mine,Paradise,The Chaser,Special Girl
      Sungyeol…BTD,Nothing’s Over,Be Mine,The Chaser (i loved his long hair and ponytail btw. it neeeeeeds to come back!)
      Myungsoo…everything really (except le blonde wig and crap hair in SUFB…which you seem to like,lol)
      Sungjong…also everything but i miss the fab blonde hair the most.

    • sunggyu…60 sec,the chaser,
      dongwoo..special girl,the chaser,paradise,be mine
      woohyun..all the MV esp she’s back i love his brown hair
      Hoya..paradise,the chaser,special girl(the most)
      sungyeol..paradisee,the chaser(very hott)
      myungsoo..shut up flower boy band,the chaser,nothing’s over
      sunjong…the chaser,paradise,be mine,lately

    • Gyu – 60sec red hair
      Dongwoo – Special Girl
      Woohyun – Paradise
      Hoya – Junhee/Reply 1997 and Special Girl
      Sungyeol – White Confession
      L – Shut Up! Flower Boyband
      Sungjong – Ranking King

      • keke,so we both like gyu in 60 sec and myungsoo in SUFBB,coz that seems to be the least fav among other inspirits. :)

      • Omg that’s almost like mine.
        Although I love the White Confession hair on Sungyeol, I prefer the hair he had through out Ranking King and his long hair in general.
        I love Sunggyu’s red hair but I love his paradise hair too T.T

    • Gyu – red hair hands down
      Namu – BTD
      Dongwoo – though i love his hair in Special Girl era,i still think his red hair during BTD was the most fierce and badass (he looks great in any color and style though)
      Hoya.Yeol – Paradise (and i love Yeol’s hair during the SI concert when he tied his hair up)
      L – he looks good everytime so..
      Sungjong – blonde hair during BTD

  61. I really prefer this video and song to Special Girl ;w;
    Actually Special Girl is my least favorite from Fly High and god knows how much I love this album! ♥

  62. I think its pretty obvious that sistar will get reviewed for this week. Simon and martin have been dying to review a girl group. Also, even though I like this song over sistar’s, there is no denying that sistar’s mv has more to talk about for KMM. As for getting reviewed next week, if MFBTY moves up to third place than there is no way simon and martina will not choose that song. So what are your opinions? I think infinite had a better chance with special girl..

    • my bets are on Eric Nam tbh;)

    • Yup,i was gessing they might go with sistar19 too.S&M have already reviewed 4 infinite songs before,so even if technically infinite-h is like a different group,they might not want to review it and review a girl group.If without you dosent get reviewed this monday,then next week will be its 3rd week on the charts and then it might be pretty impossible.
      I really thought SP had a good shot,it had 39,000+ votes and 3500+ comments. :(

    • yeah definitely SG had better chances and was like better KMM material that without you :/ it’s really sad that it didn’t get reviewed tbh *sigh* and i think that got many fans discouraged to keep trying even with this song… :/
      Also many groups have their comeback next week so this is the last opportunity and just like you say sistar19 have more think to be talked about but i would have liked them to talk about yadong’s talent and music style…anyways until monday we will see what happens…

  63. Please review this >.<…

  64. This video was filmed so well! And of course the song is amazing! :)

  65. Love this song! They suit hip hop well!

  66. Haven’t commented for a while, but still I have voted everyday. So after browsing around Infinite videos I thought I’d share one of my favorites, I guess most have watched it before, but still it won’t hurt to watch again. See their happy faces :)
    Plus Dongwoo chest wave

  67. happy b-day, woohyunie~ <333

  68. commenting and watch this mv andwatch ranking king,they are so cute and act natura theree

    • Dont u wish they’d give us ranking king 2? Or sesame player 2.I miss their roitness in variety shows.I really wanted them to feature on hello baby though,maybe next season hopefully.
      Q) whch is ur fav ranking king episode so far?

      • i’m not finish yet,but i like ep 9 so far,they’re so cute with a smaller car than theirs body haha,yes me too,i want to see they take care a baby,watching You’re my oppa just make me jealous for that girl haha

        • I can’t remember which episode the “haunted house” epiosde was,but its my fav. :)
          The girl in YMO is really lucky.

        • i never watch it._. kkkk,i will search it later..
          i want to be tht girl

        • ohh i think the haunted house is in ep 10

        • The Haunted House episodes were also my favorite! It was in ep. 10, 11 and a bit in the ep 12, it was really long, I don’t remember well but I think they said they filmed for around 10 hours!

        • i really like when they were scared and Hoya call his mom hahaha

        • And Dongwoo was really scared, though I felt bad for him it was funny and cute at the same time hehe. There were so many moments like Sunngyu frustration at the rope jumping and Dongwoo’s watemelon tongue, not only on this ep, now I feel like watching Ranking King again.

        • i like the eps. when they should wear an unlucky costume^^ kkk~ myungsoo was so cute with that superman costume,sungkyu with children t-shirt,and woohyun with hanbok,he was really pretty with it^^ wanna watch it again and again~

        • Hahah, their mental breakdown when finding out what their outfits were, Myungsoo’s one was the most epic and he was going crazy with the heat XD, I remember Woohyun was really happy when he got then hanbok until he found out it was girl’s hehe, Sunggyu was sexy with the tight clothing and also Dongwoo being as cute as ever, saying safari outfit repeatedly while taking each part of his outfit keke

        • poor hoya because we can’t see his nice eyes,and dongwoo’scostume is so many than the others haha,and i like when he laughed,and sungyeol is really lucky i want to see him in unique costume haha

        • And Hoya wasn’t in the car racing ep… I love Dongwoo’s laughter, it makes things funny even when they aren’t and you can always check Sungyeol in Trouble Maker outfit XD

        • seungyeol in troublemaker outfit’s really” sexyy
          did you watch seungyeol sing to Sexy Back with Hoya at Second Invation Evolution concert? MELTING^^

        • Sexy indeed, not to forget the Engrish haha

        • I expected sungjong being the maknae to be the scardey cat,but surprisingly he was the most brave n gutsy.haha.
          N our dear dino,i thought he would be the bravest one,but it looked like would die of an heart attack anytime soon.LOL. Wow,10 hours is areally long time.

        • I also didn’t expect Sungjong to be the most brave and he was even calling the ghosts to come to him. But they were busy scaring Dongwoo XD

        • They all had a gala time scaring dino,even their CEO scared the hell outta dino.LOL

        • I didn’t know it was their CEO when I first watched it, but after I knew and watched it again it was more epic. Poor little Dino, it should be the Dinosaur scaring around people, looks like it doesn’t work with ghosts XD

        • haha..true…n do u remember the scene when they had to enter that haunted tunnel in that mechanical ride.They were all so scared,but when they saw cameras placed in front,they all started adjusting their hair and stuff.

        • Haha yes I remember, with all that scary atmosphere they still care about their looks, but then most of then are already screaming. And the Sunggyu’s frustration at the rope jumping with the ghost, jumping and jumping and only made it after a long time.

        • Till today i believe that that particular ghost was sunggyu bias,she cleared the task only after multiple times,but when she tried with hoya,she cleared in one shot.keke.
          I wouldn’t blame her,if i got to stand that close too sunggyu,ill try my best to stretch the moment too the max too..haha

        • How did I not think about it? Now that makes sense XD
          Me too, I would also try to stand beside my bias as long as possible hehe

        • Who’s ur bias in infinite?

        • Myungsoo ^^ Is yours Sunggyu?

        • yup,as u can see from my DP. :)
          Actually he’s my ultimate bias in all of kpop.

        • Myungsoo’s in my DP as well, but I guess it isn’t seen clearly. He’s also my ultimate bias but I can say that the all other members are in second because I just can’t make a bias list, it’s hard to choose who to put in second and third…

        • haha..ur right after the first,the ranking of rest is a difficult task. Lets hope “without you” is picked tonight for KMM. :)

        • All we can do now is to hope for it. “Without You” Hwaiting! (/ º oº)/ ♥ ♥ <– Reminds you of someone? XD

      • They did YAMO in 2010, Sesame Player in 2011, and Ranking King in 2012 so my (earnest) guess is that they’ll have another variety/reality show this year :) *prays hard*

        • don’t forget about birth of a family,perhaps it will be a heloo baby or i want to see them in running man ._.because they just invited myungsoo not all members

        • They invited Myungsoo because it was an idol actor special, though they could also have invited Hoya and Woohyun, but Hoya had the Infinite H promotions so I guess he couldn’t, then about Woohyun I don’t know…

        • happyduck187

          I’d really like to see them all on RM!!! The numbers are just right some more. They can do a RM + Infinite pair race or something. The only thing is that screen time for each of the teams would be less :/

      • I think everyone is craving for a Hello Baby
        I mean… just look how precious they are <3

        • Omg!! Infinite and adorable babies,lethal combination :)

        • They have such a sweet look in their face next to the children and babies, I’d love to see more of that side of them in Hello Baby!

  69. Tomorrow is our dear namgrease’s birthday :D
    Resident heart-machine of infinite.Happy bdae in advance,namu. :)

  70. please, please vote T-T ♥ we can do it!!

  71. i know that this is not related to infinite H,but i just want to say this since he is sungkyu’s drummer
    Rest In Peace our dear Min Ki Woohyun,you are the best drummer,and you did a great job in this world..thanks for being sungkyu’s drummer,and probably being friend..Me,as an inspirit,gonna miss you,man :”)

  72. I love the amount of dancing they showed in this clip, it was just enough
    but i wished they showed the ‘dance break’ of the two at the end of the clip like they usually do when they perform live… i was sorta waiting for it when i saw the mv for the first time


  74. Let’s make it with “Without You”!!! Although “Special Girl” would have more stuff to talk about.

  75. Since we weren’t able to make it with Special Girl, let’s try to get this one on top! We can do it Inspirits!

  76. I love the dancing at the end <3 Dongwoo!

  77. ahhh i swear i want this on music mondays sooo bad

    this was my fav sog of the album and honestly i wasn’t expecting a mv for this.. but it came out.. and honestly love this a 1000 ttimes better than special girl

  78. Wait, what happened to Special Girl? Did it disappear?

    • Too many weeks on the chart and so our votes were pretty much useless after a while. No matter how much we voted, others kept passing us easily and so it fell on the charts. We’re trying with ‘Without You’ now, but now that the system has changed there’s still a high chance of it not being reviewed.

      • everyone is talking about system changing…but i have no idea how…So,how it changed?

        • Well now they are going to be picking one video from the top 3. The voting process is the same, only now S&M get more input in terms of choosing which video to review because the same groups keep winning and there are so many other artists, primarily females, they haven’t been able to cover yet due to there being a more popular group on the charts.

        • Really? When did that start, because Special Girl was in top three for a few weeks….

        • i think it’s starting from next Monday…just our “luck”

        • ugh this is really…frustrating -_-” good change of rules just after we needed it…*sigh* anyways i guess SG wouldn’t have a chance since they are boys and boa…yeah

        • hmm,i think it’s good system…I prefer them to do MM on what they want to.

  79. Although I love this video, truthfully I think that even if it gets first, Simon and Martina won’t review it. They been saying that they wanted to do more girl group videos for a while so I think they’d wanna review sistar rather then infinite…

    • And they did sound pretty enthusiastic about Sistar’s new song in their Kpop Charts Update last week. The thing is, I feel that there isn’t that much to talk about for Without You. They can go into the whole symbolism thing but they did that with Mine so I don’t think they wanna do it again, and they can talk about the song, which will be awesome, but won’t be as entertaining as actually reviewing Sistar. Maybe if it was Special Girl vs. Sistar will we get Infinite H reviewed. Not really optimistic about this video, but we never know. ;]

  80. UGH this MV is the essence of perfection! GREAT song, GREAT dancing, GREAT couple ;) Infinite H has worked so hard on this album, its really a shame to have neither of their MVs reviewed. Yes the Chaser was reviewed recently but that was its second chance, it was released ages ago. Please help us Inspirits to be happy S&M :)

  81. S&M its my birthday today,took a break from celebrations to come here to vote..n comment.. :) plzz review INFINITE-H… keke… ;) (no harm in trying rite)

    And all inspirits,lets keep it at #3.

  82. I admit I didn’t really like Infinite’s music.. probably bc it sounds too old school for me, I’ve gave Be Mine, etc another try.. and its not bad. Meh, I just got into them bc of L’s Shut Up drama and Hoya’s Reply 1994. I’m considering watching their variety show. Also, this duo music is awesome! I love Special girl and this song. But is it just me, or it sounds similar to some American music. eh, still a pretty MV and good song.

    • Haha hi Linda I think you’re talking about Reply 1997 not 1994. I’m not really an old school kind of girl either, but Be Mine really did it for me. The thing about Infinite’s songs is that they are very replay-able. The more you listen to it, the more you’ll like it. At least that’s just me. Watch their variety shows if you want to get to know them more! Personally, I fell in love with them because of their variety shows (or rather, characters). They are humble, hardworking boys and they’re really appreciative and grateful to everything they get. I am a huge VIP but that’s more because I like their music rather than them as people; for Infinite, it’s the opposite. I really look up to these boys, and perhaps you will too :)

  83. Totally blown away by the music video. This should be considered one of the best this year so far. Infinite h has established itself as a credible hip hop duo, and I do hope that this will not be a one time act.

  84. Still faithfully voting for Infinite-H… oh goodness. I am thrilled that they released an MV for this video! This is the sound I was expecting from Infinite-H. Not that I didn’t like Special Girl (because I love that song to pieces that I cry…), but this is so classic and wonderful. Not to mention how handsome our boys look~ *V*

  85. so,let’s start some discussion…what book do you think it was?the one burning in the MV…:D

    • Interesting question! Do you have any theories about the book?

      I actually worked out which book was burnt in the MV. I’ve never read the book, but it makes me wonder if they had the book lying around ready to burn or if it was specially bought and has significance with the song/MV… but I won’t spoil the fun, so speculate away~

      • what…so you know!?whoa…Now i shall try harder to find out XD *BRB*

        • I figured it out. ^^ I haven’t read that book, so I’m not sure if it’s actually significant, or just a random book that was lying around. I’m leaning toward the latter. Poor book. :P

        • Yeah, I’m starting to think that it was just lying around. After reading some of the book reviews and synopsis, I find it hard to make a connection between the book and the lyrics or video of this song. I’m sure we could stretch one out, but going with it being a random book seems more logical.
          I agree with you, Poor Book! What did it ever do to deserve being burnt :( hahaha

        • Google Books has it, so I read page 205 and I can’t really connect it with the song or video. If I stretched A LOT, I could say that the discussion of taking risks in the face of uncertain results ties in with Woollim taking a chance and debuting a hip-hop sub-unit… :D

          Or we could just go with the way more probable theory that the MV makers decided that they wanted to burn a book because it would look cool (remember, these are the same people who chose to include a bloody skull). So they sent some poor intern out to the nearest used bookstore, with instructions to bring back some weighty tome that would look important. Or maybe one of the college interns really hated their economics class and offered their required reading up to be sacrificed (for the sake of art, of course :p).

        • Why it was a fairly obscure English book rather than a Korean book intrigues me. Sure English is trendy, but they didn’t show much of the book. The same effect could have been made with any decent sized book, even a blank book could have worked. I wonder if the author had any idea that his book was burnt, some how I don’t think he’d be very happy about it.

        • Did you find it? :)

        • not sure…From reading the text i think it’s book about economics.And if i see correctly…the name of the chapter is “A measure of our ignorance” i think.And so when i googled it,google suggested bunch of economics oriented books…so…

        • Yeah the book doesn’t seem to fit with the lyrics or the MV, so I think we’ve mostly decided that it was just a random book they decided to burn :)

      • I guess I worked it out too :) I don’t see any significance, probably they just took a random book. And if it was meant to be significant, it should be shown more clearly, so that more people could see it.

        • Yeah, I think it was just a random book that they used. But it begs the question as to why that book was there in the first place. I don’t think its very common, so did one of the staff have it? or maybe it was a prop that they didn’t need anymore? hahaha questions that we will never know the answer too xD

  86. SHINee_Onew_INFINITE_L_2


  87. I thought that Special Girl was more catchy, but this 니가 없을 때 line got stuck in my head and keeps on repeating over and over again.

  88. I fall in love with this song and definitely this video

  89. Infinite = Love. I love how they are doing the music they love, not like they’re forced to

  90. i wonder who ll be chosen but this one is really special

  91. Dongwoo hoyaaa,sorry guys just want to make this MV in the 1st place hahaa,let’s do what we can do

  92. we’reto reach in the 1 st place fightingggg

  93. wowwww now this is in the rank 3 hahaha :’)

  94. I have to say that even when i try to focus on the lyrics while watching this video i fail miserably because they look so freaking perfect, their raps are so awesome and seriously the colors and everything in this video is a piece of art. I’d have loved a little bit more of dancing and i don’t understand the random objects in the video but it’s really an awesome and cool video, so different from Special Girl

  95. i hope at least this gets a review because it would be such a sad thing if it didn’t

  96. This song is very interesting in terms of its color layering and how it reflects the states the singers are in. I love the outfits and the tone of the song which blends in perfectly with the theme of “Without You”. I really want this song to be reviewed. Thank you so much.

    • you are right about that because in special girl their mv was so colorful expresing very well how they felt about the girl they were in love with but in this one they kind of have the whole video black and white

  97. primary+ziont+infiniteh= most awesome thing that has ever happen in kpop land

  98. PRIMARY+Zion. t+Infinite H= AWESOMENESS!!!!!! The most brilliant thing that ever happen in kpop land:)))

  99. wow, this moved up the list so fast! Good job everyone!

  100. Ok guys, come on. Turn over our disappointment with this mv.

  101. huhuehueheuha

  102. seriously, this one has to get number one

  103. I really hope EYK reviews this M/V. I think they’ll like how different it is and the fact that it’s technically K-HipHop. It’s just such a funky cool swag-tastic video and I think they’ll appreciate the way that they altered the colors and everything from the filming/editing perspective. Plus I think they’ll like the outfits, the pronunciation was good, and the bit of dancing they had was really nice. I’m just totally in love with this video and I’d love to see their opinion on it :D In conclusion, keep voting guys!!!

  104. 252 comments… last time with the Chaser, we made a few goals that we would reach a certain number of votes/comments
    we were almost there until the Chaser suddenly disappeared from the charts lol
    so maybe this time we should make it a goal to reach a higher number of comments again
    TKIR: does anybody here know who Zion T is? I’m really curious

  105. Infinite is really talented and DONGWOO and HOYA especially!

  106. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not ready to give up yet…

  107. I am actually so in love with this music video. Hobaby good lord and Dongwoo you smexy dino. <3

  108. we can get this one for KMM, guys~ there’s lots of time left till the polls close for next week!

  109. The perfect MV for the perfect song T___T

    The MV matches the song’s clean cut and simple vibe~ And must I even say that I freaking love Dongwoo’s jacket in the beginning?

  110. i just watched kpmm lets get this in the top 3 and hope they don t girls 2weeks in a row?

  111. what is going on with Infinite? Did some of them go into the army? I like this its just a little confusing I have only been into kpop for a very short time found it by accident but it wasnt really an accident but FATE!

    • this is their sub unit Infinite H
      Sunggyu did solo promotions last year
      They are coming back soon because their album is 80%
      THey are still young the oldest, Sunggyu is a 89ner and the Youngest Sungjong is a 93er. THey still have around 5-6 years till the oldest needs to do his 2 year service in the army

  112. Dongwoo reminds me of the mad hatter in this. I cannot get that thought out of my head

    • Dong Woo always reminds me of the Mad Hatter. Especially when he’s running around wildly and literally rofl (most recent case: weekly idol) ;)

      • Hahahaha same here, but now we have a paint image. lol and his laught kyakyakyakya. Some times I forget that he is nine months older than me

  113. Maybe it’s not really interesting for KMM? yea, this video looks like “TOP – Turn it Up” or “BAP – No Mercy”
    but i still wants infinite H on kmm lollllll~

  114. gogogo ! there is sooo much to talk about>.<

  115. After all our collective efforts in trying to keep SP at #1 and failing,even after wooping 39300+ votes and 3500 comments) :( ),looks like all the inspirits are disheartened.Come on guys lets keep votng and commenting and make “Without You” #1

    • I find it amazing that Without You is now #3 on the charts! The point decay really does have a HUGE impact on the votes. Good job guise!

  116. this song must get a review

  117. are we really not gona do it?
    why so behind?
    at least keep it on top 3

  118. come on inspirit i know we can (: let’s just move on from SG ):*even thought i know it’s really sad

  119. Really want to see at least one Infinite H MV get reviewed! Come on come on!!

  120. Dongwoo looks like he’s lost a bit of weight with that corset like thing on don’t you think? He just looks a bit thinner to be than in some of Infinite’s previous videos.

    • he did lost a lot of weight for this promotion. poor baby,he worked hard.

      • Awww poor guy! Hopefully he gets some breaks coming up I know Sunggyu said that Infinite will be having their comeback shortly after Infinite H finishes their local and international tours later this summer so hopefully Hoya and Dongwoo can get a little break in between before that happens!

        • He said he is eating a lot and exercising a lot these days…and he is looking fuller already…so it’s good.

  121. Honestly, Special Girl would be an more interesting MV to review than Without You. But, with how it drops everytime… Special Girl has a high chance not getting reivewed. So I’m moving here to vote :)

    • I wish this system was put into affect when it was rain sound vs infinite H I think Infinite H would have been so interesting

    • I agree with you. Special doesn’t have a chance at getting to the top 3 anymore. which is upsetting since I really would’ve loved to see it reviewed! It just had a lot of potential for Simon and Martina! They ACTUALLY USED GUNS PROPERLY!

  122. why there aren’t many inspirit vote or comment on this mv just like SG ):

    • As much as I love infinite, I have to admit that Without You probably won’t make an interesting KMM as Special Girl would. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s just that Special Girl is so much better and has so many details to it. That being said, I’ll still come here and vote or comment whenever I can, but more for sharing thoughts on the video or their latest activities. Seriously, if we go all out just so that at least one infinite H’s song can get reviewed, what makes it different from those dancing in the box videos that got reviewed because of their huge fan base mindlessly voting them in?

  123. gnite people i’ll cheer on again tomorrow when i wake :)

  124. What do Infinite H call their fans? And one more thing. Is this a own group or is it a split off unit from a bigger group. They are sexy :p

  125. they should have had more dance sequences

  126. i love Dongwoo’s blue suit and Hoya’s black and white version <3
    it looks so good on them. it's totally different from special girl where their outfits are wild and crazy

    • tbh i can’t even choose which one i love the most out of these two..but i think i like this mv a bit more. it’s so classy and every scene has it’s own charm and appeal. but i must admit i watch SG like at least 10 times a day lol it just so cute i need to watch it somehow to keep me in a good mood :D

  127. today broadcast of Without You with Zion T~ it’s super awesome and Zion T appearance really complete the song. Hoya and Dongwoo did well too before but this time it’s so perfect, i just can’ i wish i can be one of the fans there :(

  128. [{ This is a comment made in one of sunggyu article by one of our active inspirit Mrs_KimSungGyu .Reading this made me tear up,and i think all inspirits here should read it too.It reminded me of all the reasons i fell in love with Infinite in the first place.and gave me reasons to love them even more}]

    —Boys of Infinite never had it easy. Sunggyu left his home against his parent’s wishes and moved away alone, working part-time jobs just so he could afford meals whilst he went around auditioning, only to be rejected in the end.

    Hoya also faced severe objections from his father who absolutely would not tolerate his son leaving school to become a singer. They’d get into arguments and his father would hit him while his mom watched and cried.

    Woohyun’s family was rather poor growing up, and although I don’t know the details, it’s been said that he had a really tough childhood. That’s why he’s very watchful of the money he earns.

    Even after all the members got into Woollim they had to work from the very bottom to reach the top. They lived in poor conditions (a house that was barely inhabitable), released songs that, although very good, never got the recognition they deserved, and at some point they even faced the risk of disbandment.

    Infinite really have worked hard. Everything they have they earned through sweat and tears. Every time they win an award they become so overwhelmed with emotion, and you can see it on their faces and from their tears that they are thankful.

    People are always saying that they hope fame doesn’t go to their heads, but I don’t think that will ever happen. Even now they haven’t stopped working hard. They still have that rookie mindset that allowed for them to get this far, and it’s what’s going to help them go farther.

    Just like Sunggyu, CEO Lee Jung Yeop also moved to Seoul from his hometown in Busan with practically nothing. He worked in construction and then as a manager for a popular singer back in the day until he had enough to build his company from the ground up.

    Woollim’s never had a lot of money, and even still… the fact that the CEO sold his house for Infinite– it was because he believed in them and what they were doing when no one else did. They were all in it together from the start and they all suffered and reaped success together. That’s why the boys have a brotherly bond with their boss. He understands them well.

    • P.S- In another comment an inspirit stated that the CEO Lee Jung Yeop,used his own house as set for “come back again”,and then sold the house to produce the MV for “be mine”.He shared the dorm with infinite and when there was a flood he drained it himself.
      (((i thought i knew all the was to know bout INFINITE but reading this stuff make me tear me.And i have so much more respect for the CEO now)))

      • i already knew some of the hardships that the members had to go through but i never knew anything about their CEO
        i have so much respect for that man

        • I know right,my respect for Ceo lee jung yeop magnified tenfold

        • Right….except when he doesn’t let the members go home on holidays but instead forces them to go on trips with him…..and the entire thing with the fan managers right now………I’m losing lots of respect for him. -___-;;

        • Uhm,but i think hoya meant it playfully when he said that the CEO dosn’t let them go home on vacations. Hoya likes to speak in hyperbole.Its like a running joke among the members that the CEO is of age to date and get married but he’s still single.So hoya was just teasing the CEO of his single status,saying that even on off days he likes to hang out with the members.
          But what is it about the Fan managers? this i’ve no idea.can u explain it?

        • Oh dear…….hahahhaahhah there hasn’t been a quiet day in this fandom, let me tell you….haha

          So basically….there are fan managers who check-in people before shows, takes the pictures for the fan page, and deliver presents to Infinite among other things….

          Last year, it was known that a fan manager was taking presents that were sent to Infinite and instead of delivering it to them, was giving them out to her friends. Not only that, she revealed company “secrets” (not really secrets…just things that weren’t supposed to go out to the public) and were telling Sasengs (you know what they are, right? Stalkers? I don’t know what the English speaking community fans call them…haha) details of Infinite’s schedules and such. As if this wasn’t enough, they were spreading a nasty rumor about one particular fan who let this fan manager borrow her ~$2000 DSLR camera to photograph Infinite. She said that this fan is friends with the saseng group and was saseng herself. And then she spread a rumor saying that Dongwoo found out about this fan and told this FM (fan manager) that he didn’t like her and was worried that she was going to come to the fan meeting and such and such….even said that Sungkyu and L knew her too and didn’t like her. Infinite members NEVER said such things and the entire thing turned out to be false. So around this time last year, Woollim posted on the fan cafe that they are sorry about these events and that they will take responsibility and cut the FM in question.

          Now. If they fired her, problem solved, right? NO.
          A year later, and she still isn’t cut. She’s been seen taking attendance at events and was even mentioned in the Infinite H album……AND IF THIS ISN’T ENOUGH THERE’S EVEN MOOOOORE.

          When she found out she was being fired, she complained to another fan that Dongwoo didn’t even text her even though she was being fired. And she called him a idiot (using a nicer translation of that nasty word she used…..) because he’s TOO NICE and that Infinite won’t last long because of him.

          AND THIS GIRL IS STILL WORKING FOR WOOLLIM AS A FAN MANAGER. Even though Woollim stated she was to be fired LAST FREAKING YEAR. So yeah….that is the gist of things……………….woo………….I swear, every day there’s something going on in this fandom….My twitter never gets boring…..-___-;;

        • Firstly,thank you for explanin this to me. I don’t mean to sound like a over-zealous and protective “oppa-is-mine” kinda fan,but things did seem much better when before when infinite wern’t this popular.After all this years in kpop we all know,that the more popular a group gets,the way infinite is getting now, the more the problems with fandom starts.(who can forget about DBSK and saesang fiasco). And at the end of the day,no fandom is perfect.
          Actually,now that i think about it i did hear about this fan manager problems before,but wasn’t sure how much of it to believe.Its the world of kpop,internet and fandom after all,where even small rumours escalates into something big and malacious,and i’ve learned to not believe everything i read.So,like u mentioned if woollim had posted on the fancafe about it then it means that there was some problem with the FM.So if she was guilty of all the things u mentioned then YES,definitely she should be fired.Imagine all those gift the inspirits put so much effort and not to mention cash,never reaching the members,its just terribly wrong.
          But again,we dont know the whole truth,what if ther’s another side to the story.Maybe (im not defending the FM,i just stating an alternate opinion,coz no one knows the complete truth) , the FM was just doing her job and in process managed to pisses off some fan or talked rudely to fan at some event and such (fancams shows how chaotic and wild it can get),because at the end of the day it all boils down to the word of one party against the other..And then some fan told some stuff and complained then it kept escalating into something this big.Maybe woollim didn’t want futher controversies so just apologizes in the fancafe,and that’s why let the fan manager continue working.
          Honestly,all i care is about INFINITE and their music and supporting them.And try not to have intrest in all these fanwars and fandom affairs( but can not just ignore these stuff right :) )I just hope incidents like these dosn’t have any negative image or impact on our boys. :)

        • Actually all of the things I’ve mentioned above have photographic evidence…there are screen captures of texts and chats that went back and forth between fm and other people saying all these things….so I don’t think this one is just a rumor……

        • If so,then that FM should definitely get fired.How can she pass the information of their schedules to the saesangs!! i hope woollim solves the problems soon

        • And yeah….I’m getting so frustrated lately because our boys work so hard and are actually loved by a lot of PDs but freaking fans keep messing up and causing trouble that I think it will make them think less of Infinite….Like fans kept taking pictures/videos at recording when they weren’t allowed to do so and they were kicked out of the studio. Then they stopped giving fan seats to Inspirits for future recordings….that’s just one incident of many…-___-;;

    • I’m crying now,how lucky infinite because they have such an angle-hearted CEO who really love infinite.and i want to see his reaction when heared that infinite be mine won in chart countdown

    • I really like reading Mrs_KimSungGyu’s comments, especially the long ones. I didn’t see this comment and I didn’t find it anyway.
      Thank you for sharing it, it’s really touching to see how they’ve come to where they are now. I didn’t knew about Sunggyu and Woohyun’s background neither Hoya’s dad hitting him part…
      I have so much respect for these humble and hardworking people.

    • Well, to be fair…the house that was “barely inhabitable” was partly because the members never cleaned…..haha Like that one episode of Sesame Player when they cleaned the house…..that bathroom….and the milk left in the cupboard in the kitchen???? The boys of Infinite are known among the idols to be one of the messiest groups….haha
      They’re moving to a really nice apartment soon and the Inspirts were saying how it’s just going to be a new, expensive garbage dump…

      • haha,your right.The guys are so awefully messy.I used to wonder why they don’t clean up and straighten the house a bit,when they know that the house will be getting filmed.Guess,with only boys living together under one roof they just don’t realize how messy it is. :)
        Hehe,i hope they do a variety show this year too and show us a bit footage of their new house.I really want to see how it looks like.

        • There’s apparently a movie theatre within the complex! and Big Bang is moving there, too! Among other big celebrities……..haha
          They have a maid who comes to cook and clean but I doubt it stays clean for very long….haha Birth of a Family showed enough of a mess…

        • I think having a maid sounds like the best part of the deal.They look so tired these days (fancams) and could do with all the rest they could get..Coz i think in previous dorms,they divided the household chores.

  129. Let’s voting and commenting and make this mv will be review come on inspirit,should we make som interistoling topicand sharing about our biasXD

  130. One word: SWAG

  131. It’s not going to work like this…Sistar19 just managed to skip us:|
    I am going to hang out with rock stars today and tomorrow (just going to concert)…but then i will be back and will put proper attention into leaving a lot of comments here.I really want some Infinite H review,ok…You will have to talk about skulls and burning books instead of the adorbs stuff from Special Girl~

  132. 2 weeks on row! yeah we can!!!

  133. Looks like Special Girl won’t get reviewed, but I like this one more… I hope this one get reviewed~

  134. This is a bit random, but it just hit me just now as I listened to Infinite H’s newest performance on Immortal Song, and then listened to Sunggyu’s and Woohyun’s again, just how amazingly TALENTED Infinite are.

    Damn… they shine solo, as units, and as a whole group. There aren’t many groups you can say the same for, especially not about so many of their members.

    • Hey there,i see you around in N.b and akp. :)
      About INFINITE’s vocals and dancing skill’s i have never had any doubt,bt its the genre they cover-rock,hip-hop and pop,that blows me away.They tried diff stuff and given us awesome results.

    • i know right…We are stanning perfect group;)

    • @Mrs_KimSungGyu:disqus , i read ur comment in akp (sunggyu in happy together article), where u got a massive 350+ up votes.U wrote it so well,it actually made me tear up.I wish you could post that comment here too,for other inspirits to read.
      p.s-Or i could copy/paste it here with credits due to u ofcourse. :)

    • Yeah I agree with the JoyBells! I’m a new Inspirit and I don’t know much about the members, your comment made me love them even more. I even saved your comment ^-^

    • They shine no matter what. I cannot get the angel wings they wore in their Japanese concert out of my head

    • Totally agree. In fact, my sister who was not an Infinite fan was amazed by the stage presence Infinite H have on immortal song. Though Infinite H does not have the best vocal compared to Woohyun and Sunggyu, and surely as compared to the other solo contestants, they know how to leverage on their strength. Most amazingly, they improved with each Immortal Song performance at an amazing speed. I do hope to continue seeing them on Immortal Song….seems that they have not been recording the show in the past two weeks…..

  135. Well maybe we can make this one a winner cmon Inspirits!! Infinite H Fighting!!!!!

  136. This is good ^^

  137. hmmm..where’re the other Inspirits? are they give up already?

  138. i wanna scream “vote like crazy” but well i can’t force ppl into doing what they oviously don t want to do…

  139. Ok,so i am moving here…No slacking Inspirits!No last time voting.Let’s do it properly this time…

  140. i want to see Infinite H live on music bank or mcountdown..but in Infinite version just like 60 seconds Kim Sungkyu in infinite version XD what do you think,guys??

  141. Dino in a bright throne-like red armchair…like a boss!!!

  142. Chances for SP getting reviewed is dwindling,come on inspirits,lets try harder for ‘without you”.

  143. let’s keep voting for without you and make it in the 5th or 4th haha fightinngg

  144. this mv is just so awesome. love the colours!

  145. I thought the first mV was funny and this one is more artistic

  146. damn it i want infinite to get reviewed already….i’m not playing anymoreT_T

  147. This mv o.o OMG I think died, this is just really sexy I mean cmon
    I couldn’t look away from Hoya, even though he’s not my bias (yet ;n;) hoya in a suit, in a white suit no just NO orz

    I really like the visual effects, the grey, black and then the few vibrant colors standing out, such a pretty mv

    And so cool, totally different from special girl (which was more cutesy) this is more how I imagine how Infinite H’s concept should be. The luxurious lifestyle and their confidence, but still being their humble selves bts, that’s our boys ;~;

    Also “You really feel so nice” okay dongwoo w/e you say xD

    • YES I TOTALLY DIED AT THE WHITE SUIT SCENE. But unlike you, Hoya is totally my bias so you can say that my hoya feels exploded when I saw him in that suit.

  148. yeayyy now this mv is in the 9th placeee~keep commenting and votingg and open the music video too haha

  149. i’m not into infinite but damn Infinite H has captivated me. I love their song plus Hoya is so hot! I love their MVs <3 <3 <3

    • They handled this debut really well, and I really like their songs in this album. Not overly strong hip hop; easy to listen and dance to. AND HOYA IS ALWAYS HOT (Y)

  150. Dongwoo look so hot here! like a boss so sexy, so hot, those movement of hips killing me!

  151. And I was wondering why they have a random close shot of a speaker at 1:56… so I watched the MV with sub. It turns out that it’s matching the part of the lyrics that says “let me say it out loud to you, please let me be your love”. I find it very neat :)

  152. HOYA looks damn sexy with one hand in his pocket *fainted*

  153. I’m VERY choosy about my kpop but these guys just blew me away…utterly O.O
    I think they deserve a music Monday. I mean I can’t stop watching it <3 but lets be honest Zion T. is the bestest<3 and props to Primary for arranging it

  154. When Loent posted this video to thier Youtube they added english subs! 1st JYP and now Loent, come on YG and SM, join the fun!

  155. how long was i gone?
    this mv is now on the same page as Special girl XD

  156. that dance at 1:38-1:42 is sex. baby baby baby…

  157. Wow!!! I’m addicted to this song, and the MV?? Just luv it…
    Even though i didn’t think they we’re that cute at first now i’m in love with them!!! Specially DongWoo ;)
    Totally a fan now ^_^

    • That’s the power of Infinite. It would be silly that this is an unbiased opinion but as someone that’s falling face first into the pit that is Infinite’s infinite charms, this is just the beginning for you.

  158. FIghting boys! I love you so much!!!!

  159. Dongwoo’s say: Please let me be your love
    I say: Dongwoo I wanna be your love!
    *dream, costs nothing*

  160. Dongwoo why are you killing me with your sexiness?
    Hoya look so hot too, but Omg! Donwgoo you make me crazy!

  161. this mv and song are just so classy i cant even >.<

  162. we reallly need to get this higher and fast!! INFINITE H 2 weeks in a row for KMM! FIGHTING~

  163. damn i really have something for hoya’s dance skillz

  164. Dongwoo looks super hot here!!

  165. Infinite couples… I have no idea what’s being said but I’m sure it’s along the lines of, “that’s kinda homomomomomo”
    Let’s just appreciate that they couldn’t do all 21 couples due to time constraints so they did 4 instead….

  166. vote for this MV and Special Girl everyday,kkk
    go to eatyourkimchi,vote for special girl and then go to this video and vote for this mv ^^

  167. why not higher?

  168. Here is Infinite H on Weekly Idol with eng sub.

  169. i keep flipping over from Special Girl to here
    but sometimes i get sad when there’s nobody there for a few hours

  170. Why is this not in the top 5 again?

  171. Vote for Special girl too!!

  172. Vote vote vote and comment! I’m still voting for Special Girl too, but this video is so awesome because it’s so DIFFERENT from Special Girl, yet stunning. They’re so versatile!

  173. A MA ZING! The MV just lifted this song to a whole new level. I wasn’t all impressed with the song when I saw their live stage but this video just sets the right mood for the listener. Sleek, cool and relaxing. So simple can a video be and yet so beautiful. Zion T’s voice is just heaven.

    Guys just vote for this MV instead of Special Girl. . I love the Special Girl MV and song but I felt like that was to appease the main stream fangirls. Now This is truly what Infinite H is about; swag and suave

    • You can vote for both,you know…that’s what most of people do.
      And IDK about “mainstream fangirls” as that song is incredibly popular with general public.
      What they are truly about?those guys have cool side and cute side…they aren’t so one dimensional.

    • “Main stream fangirls”? Wow, that’s condescending.
      Infinite H is actually made up of one guy that laughs and grabs butts all the time and another guy that told his stylist to call him “Hoaegi”.
      Where’s the swag and suave in that?

      • So they like to grab butts and to be called cutesy names, what is your point? That’s their character, it says nothing about the kind of music they want to make or the kind of artist they want to be. I was talking about their style of music.
        I don’t see how ppl can read my comment in a way that it seems offensive. Isn’t the song main stream; happy go lucky music? Is it hip hop? No! So that’s what I mean with main stream. I’m a fan of main stream bubblelicious boy band music too, what’s condescending in that?
        The two of them say they are fans of Hip Hop and want to do ‘sensitive’ Hip Hop or whatever they called it. With You is that kind of Hip Hop, not Special Girl. I love the song, but I don’t necessary think they should’ve released that as their title song.
        Well, you can disagree if you like, that’s just how the world works with 2 different ppl. But don’t go around picking fights because I am here because I’m there fan as well.

        • millie102685

          I actually wasn’t picking a fight. I was mentioning that me liking SG was condescending because you made it seem as if our bubble filled heads couldn’t comprehend Without You.
          What exactly do you think hip hop is? Rapping over a beat, right? Were they not rapping in Special Girl? Did I miss something?
          The only reason I pointed out H’s characteristics is because you made it seem as though they aren’t silly, happy go lucky people. And FYI, hip hop IS mainstream.

  174. Yay!! Best subunit ever!!!
    So much YaDong couple feelings!!

  175. lol thay really can t pronounce girl

  176. I think my sister (the one who keeps saying that Dongwoo is ugly :( ) is starting to warm up to Dongwoo. She likes him in the blue suit (actually she really really likes the blue suit which is rare coz she’s like fashion police and she hates those kinds of clothes… but soon enough she’ll love him IN the blue suit (or no suit at all ><) i can see it in her eyes)

  177. my favorite part: 2:52 ♥


  179. They´re so talent and this mv they look so hot!

  180. The music alone is a mood setter. When you add their vocals to it, it kinda reminds me of a modernized Marvin Gay or Barry White song.

  181. I love this song It’s my favorite out of the Album. Hoya and Dongwoo’s rapping is great and add in Zion T and Primary’s rearanging and you have one amazing song! I really want them to review this song so hopefully they’ll review it :)

  182. I really prefer this one over “Special Girl” (I still don’t get why it’s in first place)

    • THIS ._______.
      i really love this video tbh, better than special girl (maybe because of the creepy storyline? lmao)

    • Because some Inspirits (myself included) have been voting tirelessly for it since it came out on the 11th in spite of everyone abandoning it. Those of us that have been voting our patooties off aren’t going to quit just yet. I’m actually voting and commenting on both.

  183. I spazzed when I saw the first ever Infinite logo!
    (because they’ve been using the Over the Top symbol for everything they have that’s not a comeback)

  184. Honestly im not a fan of rap but because of Infinite H, I’m starting to love it <3. The MV "without you" just defined Hoya and Dongwoo's Hotness <3 <3 <3. Simple yet catchy! Infinte H fighting!

  185. this is my favorite infinite H’s song ;______;
    i freakin’ love Zion T’s voice ^q^

    • OMG yes his voice. When I first saw the tracklist and realized that they wouldn’t be singing the chorus like they did in their concert, I was a bit miffed. And then Zion T sang and it was all good.

  186. They´re so hot and sexy!!

  187. Dongwoo and Hoya like the boss!!!!
    I like so much this song!

  188. unicornsgalaxy

    I must be Dongwoo biased because once again he is commanding all my attention in this video to the point where I hardly even notice poor Hoya.

    In my defense it’s almost like they are screaming at me to pay attention to him. I mean he is in the bright blue couch…I mean suit (no it doesn’t look like a couch at all! but somehow it kinda works on him). But then again, I guess Hoya gets the bright red suit when they are dancing in the room with the Heart…but Dongwoo still commands my attention. *sigh* I think I’m biased…

    Anyway, I know I’ve said this before but I love videos that play with monotones/black and white and then have splashes of vibrant colors. I just think it’s really cool looking.

    I’ve never really listened to Infinite but these guys have made me a fan of Infinite – H at least and have made me want to learn more about Infinite. I just finished Sesame Player and am now working on Ranking King (which has me slightly confused cause I can still only recognize about 3-4 of the members).

    • I think it’s his (Dongwoo’s) facial expressions. He’s not doing the super funny ones like in Special Girl, but his face is very interesting – it’s always changing expressions and draws you in from all different angles. At least it does to me. :) After watching both Sesame Player and Ranking King, I like both Hoya and Dongwoo, so I feel a bit bad that whenever I watch the Infinite H MVs I find it unexpectedly harder to pay attention to Hoya. It’s easier to do in this MV though since Dongwoo really was a scene stealer in Special Girl.

      And that suit was definitely once a couch. Or drapes. XD But he still manages to look good, lol. It’s like Kevin’s suit in Stop Girl. Or one that I saw a Japanese singer wear once.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        Yeah Dongwoo’s face is definitely interesting. He knows how to work it too. Even though his expressions are toned down a bit in this video, they still pack a powerful punch. It’s even to the point where I got annoyed at that one part where his hands are covering his face for like a few seconds. I wanted to reach through the screen and knock them away and say “Don’t cover your face again! I wanna see what expression is going on back there!”. He has this innate charisma about him.

        *sigh* I think I might be biased….

        • Dongwoo is my favorite dancer in Infinite. Nothing against Hoya. I think Dongwoo is more my style with smooth sleek movements. 0:17 You hardly see Hoya dance this way recently. He was #2 for me back then. L’s dancing skill is getting my attention more than Hoya recently if you watch him in recent dance practices. Dongwoo and L both have graceful movements. On the DVD documentary 2nd Invasion, you can see L looking to Dongwoo for dancing advice.

          As for charisma, Dongwoo had that going on from way back when. He really sparkles when it comes time to perform. See him in a Japan performance 23:53. Check the top comments as well. This vid has the best quality. Both Hoya and Dongwoo have amazing vocals. “Can U Smile” helped to highlight that. Hoya, WOW! With Infinite H, their vocals are no joke.

          Too bad Dongwoo is shy and awkward in interviews. Can you see Dongwoo with a GD attitude? I hope he trains more with conversational speaking and gains confidence.

    • i am definitely biased…After watching this MV for few times i told myself:”and this time try to look at Hoya too” XD

    • Infinite likes their monotones/black and whites videos
      They did it for Be Mine, Sunggyu’s I need You and Infinite H Without You

  189. I tried the dance and can’t believe I can actually do the chorus dance at 2:10 O.o

    I can’t help but think that the backdancer at the center reminds of Sunggyu on just that moment when they start dancing, because of the eyes and eyebrows as well as the hairstyle that is similar to the one he had for Come Back Again!

  190. OMG! are these the sweet guys from Infinite? Shure they are! love the concept of the video, they show suh a mature and Dandi image Love it ♥ they have progressed a lot since their debut, and Zion T.`s voice . . .the perfect compliment to this song ! ! ! he is so freaking hot! ^o^/. this is my personal favourite, let’s make it the all favourite ♥

  191. Infinite introduced me to different genres of music: I loved Sunggyu’s solo, which is like soft rock and made fall in love with Nell’s songs; now it’s Infinite H (and before with Crying too), as I never liked too much rapping in a song they made love all their songs, and also like other hip hop songs like Primary’s ?.

    Without You is my favorite song from Infinite H so far (though other ones are not far behind), and Woollim made a great MV (as always, I just love all MV’s from Woolim, they always appeal me as well as the teasers) and I love how they put the Infinite logo from First Invasion. ^^

    We can do it for Special Girl and Without You!

  192. I like this song but I’m somewhat distracted by the constant use of the ‘n’ word. Okay, I know it’s a korean word, but that’s what I hear. Seems I’m the only one with this affliction lmao

    • I’m sure you’ve been told this before, but it’s a really really really common Korean word, lol. It means ‘you’ and is part of the title and chorus of the song, so you can’t get away from it. If it helps, it actually is pronounced like ‘nee-gah’ (the first syllable sounds like the English word ‘knee’), which doesn’t sound at all like the ‘n’ word to me. In the past I’ve seen one or two people mention that they hear what sounds like the ‘n’ word in other Korean songs and it just confused me because I couldn’t figure out what they were referring to for the longest time since I don’t hear it that way at all.

    • It probably sounds similar because you aren’t familiar with hearing the Korean language maybe?
      I know when I first got into kpop, I thought that’s what they were saying but I quickly learned that it’s another language and it can sometimes sound like my language but it’s not.

  193. you make me feel so nice~ ♪ ♫

    This song, has forever been burned into my brain.

  195. Such a good song and a visually appealing vid! Get the word out that people need to come vote! There was no teaser to build hype with this one.

  196. I wonder. Do you think that if Saturday comes and this is in 1st and Special Girl is in 2nd they would do Special Girl instead if we request it?
    I would rather Special Girl… I’ve invested a lot of time into voting for that. (.__. )

    • yes me too,but i think they will review the 1st place ._.

    • Ur back. :) . Saw u in SP commentory section.
      I dont think we have much chance,now.Due to decay system,it’ll be tuff maintaining it at #1.And also coz next week lots of comeback.

      • I’ve stopped caring about getting this reviewed about a week ago. And since S&M aren’t doing a KMM (possibly) next week and so many groups are coming and the top 3 rule, it’s useless to vote for this.
        LOL, I wonder what they are going to pick when the top 3 are all boy groups. Or when 1 and 2 are boys but 3 is a girl…

  197. damn you hoyaT.T

  198. This MV came soo unexpected.. >_< Trollim, u did it again..
    anyways, love this song! Can't wait 'till Infinite next album! <3

  199. infiniteH why you’re so damn HOT u,u

  200. Woah, I didn’t see that one coming. But it’s GREAT! I was like, okay, they won’t release anything by now, but then BLAM! this came up. (really similar to “60 secs” and “I Need You”, LOL.)
    (The first teaser contained shots of this MV, right?)
    Man, I’m so proud being an Inspirit. These guys excel themselves every single release, and this was no exception. Purely awesome.
    Infinite fighting~! Let’s bring this right behind to Special Girl!

  201. woollim is such a troll this time.. they just uploaded the video without warning us beforehand :D i got the 128th viewer :D this video is really good >< woollim becomes better and better at music video planning and editing XD

  202. lets get infinite-h special girl and without u both reviewed guys XD

  203. Love this song!
    Go Inspirits

  204. Totally happy they released this. This song is my fave from the mini along with I Can’t Tell You :) And the MV is just superb. Love all the little details they put to show the lyrics on screen. And totally in love with the colors. Amazing!

    This prob won’t get reviewed but I really really like this MV a lot :) It suits the song and the tempo nicely. I understand that Special Girl has more mass appeal so they went with it but I hope they can also promote this properly somehow since it did pretty well digitally too.

  205. let’s make this mv in the 2nd placeee,special girl vs without you hahaa

  206. I kinda wonder a bit which book they thought needed to be burned.

  207. Here we are.This MV is so pretty (but well,it’s Woollim so DUH)…our boys are beautiful<3

    I am going to vote for both Infinite H MV's at the same time…

  208. I sooo love this!! Especially when they’re in their white suits! Hoya is so totally intense in that black corridor thing too. This song has really grown on me a lot, Even though I really like Special Girl too, this is probably my favourite song by Infinite H, because of the cooler, more mature feel of the song. Let’s do this, Inspirits!! :)

  209. Not gonna lie, I love Special Girl, but omg I’ve been loving Without You since i saw the fancam during their That Summer concert. THIS VIDEO WAS SO UNEXPECTED

  210. Hmmmm, Infinite H’s WIthout You vs. Infinite H’s Special Girl. This should be interesting!

  211. Oh my goodness! I really can’t decide which M/V I like more. I think I liked the song and the feel of this M/V, but the plot of Special Girl. Either way though, I just about melted while watching this! They’re so fine!!! mmmmm…I just loved their voices in this, it felt so much more like the hip-hop they talked about singing than Special Girl did and just….so much swag!!! I loved everything about this M/V. Great job Infinite H!

  212. I was so surprised when this came out today! I was kind of expecting Fly High for the next MV (being the EP name and all) but I guess not! And I’m not at all disappointed with what I got instead!
    I loved that Special Girl had Primary, and Without You has Zion. T, it was definitely the right choice for these artists, (including others) to help create and collaborate INFINITE H’s album!

  213. Loved the song, vocals and rap were amazing….but if I heard this song anywhere without a title or visual I would have said: Primary and Zion T…….not Infinite H. Their voices were so…they fit with the song perfectly…I guess what I’m trying to say is it could have been anyone. Absolutely love the song though. I could listen to it all day~ xD

  214. omg! like it ,tweet it,comment on it go go go!!!!!!!!!

  215. I really love the use of color vs black and white in this MV.

  216. 2 weeks in a row? Could it happen? Let’s try guys! One thing though, Dongwoo, buddy, is that a corset? Hmm…oh well, I guess he does pull it off ;)

  217. I already mentioned this on tumblr but I’m going to share it here too…
    Hoya’s suit reminds me of Beetlejuice.
    A sexier, classier Beetlejuice but Beetlejuice nonetheless.

  218. Infinite is definitely going up

  219. This MV is just the definition of PERFECTION. The fact that Infinite is versatile and trying new stuff is just simply amazing. This MV isn’t fancy or has a lot of special effects. Just simple studio sets and saturation change = a perfect MV. I was just as shocked when I found out this MV came out today! And whaddaya know? 31,012 views ALREADY. C’mon Inspirits! Lets get this all the way up with Special Girl!!^^

    • Infinite is going about being versatile the right way. They established their sound first and then slowly and bit by bit they’ve begun to introduce their other hidden capabilities. They truly are Infinite.


      • And it’s believable. Woollim isn’t forcing an image on any of them and you can tell that they’re comfortable in that style, it makes it easier and more enjoyable to see them doing a different sound

        • millie102685

          It’s believable because they have actually been interested in it since before debuting.
          Watching predebut videos of them shows they would have gone this route if possible. The same with Sunggyu.
          When the very first hint of Sunggyu’s solo came out my first thought was “please, Woollim, let it be rock” because I know that’s what he has always wanted.
          Kudos to Woollim for giving their artists a chance to do music that they actually enjoy. Both as Infinite and as soloists and sub-units.

  220. sedljnvltcfkv <33

  221. These boys are talented. Add in Zion T and a bit of arranging by Primary and you have a really good song (and this is coming from someone who usually doesn’t listen to rap/hip-hop). The MV is sleek and classy – I love the outfits and the sets and the minimalistic quality.

    Infinite really seems to have hit the jackpot.
    1. They’re a super talented dance group that has already surpassed even some of their sunbaes in terms of popularity.

    2. Sunggyu’s solo album was wonderful and refreshing in the current Kpop scene and definitely showcased another side of him. Bonus: Collaboration with Nell!

    3. Besides being great in the main group, Hoya and Dongwoo are talented enough to pull off a sub-unit with a completely different sound from Infinite’s usual material, just like Sunggyu did with his solo album.

    4. The surprising popularity of Reply 1997 domestically which boosted Hoya’s recognition factor, as well as L’s turn in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band.

    The future looks pretty bright for Infinite. I’m looking forward to whatever they’ll do next. ^_^

    • Infinite’s reality TV shows have been top grossers over their competitors. They are doing fabulous. I am so happy they were able to branch out. Members of other groups go for solo releases only to perform more of the same type of music. Snuggle-U and Infinite H explored alternative music and made it a great success to add to their already amazing portfolio of talent.

      • I’m glad to hear that their reality shows have also been hits. I’ve seen Sesame Player and Ranking King and enjoyed both shows a lot. Are there any other Infinite shows that you’d recommend I watch? ^^

        I completely agree with you about the Infinite members branching out. I’d heard before that Sunggyu used to be in a rock band in high school, but I didn’t know until I listened to his solo album just how perfectly he suits the rock genre. Taken as a whole, his album is one of my favorite albums of 2012.

        I usually don’t listen to that much hip-hop or rap, but ever since I got into Kpop a while back, I’ve slowly started to get more into those genres; to me it says a lot that I really like the song Without You, since it’s outside of my preferential musical genres. Besides the Infinite H boys (of course), I really like Zion T’s parts. In the case of Special Girl, I liked it better when Hoya and Dongwoo performed it entirely by themselves without Bumkey (sorry, Bumkey!). But Without You is even better because Zion T features in it (imo).

        The fact that Infinite has talented members who can do mainstream electronic/dance Kpop, rock, and hip-hop makes them an extremely versatile group.

        • Some other reality shows that you could watch is You Are My Oppa and Days of Infinite. ^^

        • Thank you for the recommendations! ^^

        • happyduck187

          I think I’ve said this everywhere but watch Weekly Idol! I love it when Infinite are guests there :) Too adorbs. Birth of a Family is pretty good too!

        • I saw one with only Sunggyu and Hoya acting as co-MCs, but I don’t think I’ve seen their group Weekly Idol episodes. Maybe this was another group, but was there an episode at Jeju Island?

        • happyduck187

          Yupp, they were special MCs for that particular episode! And yes, they went to Jeju Island once! Don’t really rmb why they went there though. They went on whenever they had a new song, if I’m not wrong. And they were Weekly Idol’s first idol guests :) Weekly Idol has a lot of love for them haha. You can check out this site: They have all the episodes there!

        • Oh wow, what a wonderful site. Everything in one place! Thank you so much. ^_^

        • happyduck187

          Hahaha no problem! Now you can enjoy all the episodes of Infinite-WI at one go ;)

        • If my memory serves correctly, I think they went to Jeju because of Inkigayo’s special they shot in Jeju….? I THINK? Not too sure….but it was Weekly Idol’s first “outdoor” shooting (instead of being in third floor of the basement…haha)

        • happyduck187

          Oh! Hahaha I don’t remember the first part. But yes I think it was WI’s first outdoor shooting! Glad they had so much fun there :)))

    • <3 Love you Hoya-sshi!!! The song is amazing on its own but combined with Hoya it's just OMG! I really like the beat!

  222. Woah I was so surprised, no teaser whatsoever! Haha but i’m so happy and excited right now!
    Voting for this and special girl! Maybe two weeks a row Inspirits? FUFUFU <3
    Haha Let's do it! Love this song! ;A;

  223. TROLL WOOLLIM. Releasing MVs when Inspirits least expect it..
    But I love you *hugs* :3

    This MV is amazing, and love that Zion T was also in it. The sets were amazing and my boys looked absolutely PERFECT

    • why would you complain about this??? When this MV was released, I was having a horrible day, and then I saw this magical goodie… /endless sobbing

      • They released the MV when they were in the middle of shooting the Idol competitions…or I think so….I can’t remember….but I’m pretty sure it was when my twitter was exploding with complaints of the never-ending filming and then BAM. Music video. LOL