Infinite – Nothing’s Over

  1. Carlee Chong

    Infinite made me smile today :)

  2. Nothing over 

  3. Crystal Xiong

    Infinite has the best dance i have ever seen!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Come on people, nothing’s over! the idea of the MV is just epic <3
    Love their random ending!

  5. Melissa Kim

    i love infinite

  6. Anonymous

    Kyah! I don’t know nothing’s over is also here! VOTE! the MV is just fresh and awesome. with random ending too xD

  7. It’s amazing, this song even got me through a bunch of stuff, I love the MV, and I love the dance, and the song~
    Nothing’s Over, it’s just the beginning, Infinite will prevail someday :) as the most amazing group to have been formed~

  8. Sarah Bruce

    I agree with 리나, this video is superbly made. It isn’t really the type of song I really like but I thought the video was very neat.

  9. This gentle, warm light (magic hour – most beautiful time of a day), this dream-like, a little bit surreal set, atmosphere of friendship, natural camera moves PLUS great, optimistic song, one of the best I know… Even though I’m more into “dark” concepts, this is definitely one of my favourite k-pop MVs EVER.

  10. wai kee man

    This MV was awesomely filmed and ofcourse, Infinite’s dancing and vocals are the best. Their songs are really amazing<3

  11. Infinite is like a well-known coffee brand… What’s else???
    I love their catchy songs, the MV is  sooo cool.Actually, falling in a paper-toilet wall and stay a idol is like a miracle!!
    I will not talk about the pastel pants…..what is important is that they look cool even if the way has been full with pitfalls!!
    What about the dance? I was doing the shake shoulder movement on the streets while listen to the musics!
    To finish I will talk about the last but not least , theirs faces; I wanted to say, even if I m not a korean fan girl: they are beautiful like a flower!

    PS:I ‘m 29years, and I have nerver met a guy looking like a flower, maybe I need to movat Seoul…