Infinite – Paradise

  1. I’d say 2011 was the year of Infinite. In this year they got so far. Both their singing and dancing improved. 4 comebacks this year alone. Being a success in Korea and Japan. They also won their first award. Infinite are really hard working. Their first full album was such a hit they had a repackaged album. And in that repackaged album they released this song, Paradise. The video may not show the dance but all that raunchy hip thrusting would’ve been too sexy ;) yeah they’re awesome. I’m okay with BTD winning too. :D

  2. Anonymous

    Paradise MV leaves a big meaning.. the cinematographic is just daebak.. come on! vote people! 

  3. Aww Infinite TT TT WIN WIN WIN At least the 10th spot!  

  4. INFINITE!!!!!!! How can you not vote for them, I mean they are INFINITE!!!! they are  way too awesome~~

  5. INFINITE is really awesome. I cant really decide on which dance they danced best ! ><

  6. Any Infinite MV deserves to win in my opinion :3 They have the best dance moves, so in sync, great vocal talents, and handsome and cute faces xD MYUNGSOO IS MINE!!!

  7. Just one thing to other people: simonandmartina wanted comments with actual reasons why they deserve to win, so stop posting “infinite! <3"  because there are a LOT of reasons why infinite should win ^_^ like the fact that this song has the most in sync angry hip thrusts I've ever seen and the fact that i'm in love with sunggyu's dramatic "fall-on-knees-in-pain" move and just…. everything from the singing to the hip thrusts and dancing… infinite is amazing ^_^

  8. Crystal Xiong

    Go Infinite you guys can not believe how amazing infinite is and all this year they have going schedule to schedule and not taking a break at all and they do that because they want the whole world to know infinite and here they are trying to make the best out of them and so many inspirits are supporting them so much that infinite hasn’t even got to rest this year and i am so mad at those people who does not recognize infinite passion and their 99.9% synchronization DANCE!!! and  infinite practice really hard and last thing is they also practice 18 hours a day so just that people know how much they really work hard and when you are sleeping infinite is trying really hard to make it perfect SO you you see how perfect they are.

  9. Too bad the MV didn’t have dancing in it…but the live performance >/////<
    lol I like how the choreography had some "raunchy thrusting" but it looked civilized XD

  10. wai kee man

    If this MV included the Paradice dance oh boii.. Inpiniteu would be first! XD


    “–what do you mean they don’t show the choreography in the music video?”
    “B-But, there’s thrusting…and even crotch grabbing!”

  12. you can really see how hard they worked, and finally their hard work paid off (: with them being more popular and their dancing has still remained awesome <3

  13. I fell in love with infinite through all their songs, but recently my respect has grown so much that   I can’t ever think of anything else but their music and dancing. This is because I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as them to improve. In the beginning they weren’t as popular as they should have been so through that time to now they worked their little butts off and it worked. They are finally getting recognition. Paradise is proof of their amazing success and I think they deserve it. INFINITE HWIGHTING! <3 ^^

  14. The song is so addictive, infinite FIGHTING (:

  15. I’m still humbling to this song! SO addicted :3

  16. infinite is one of my favorite kpop bands out there! :D hwaiting!!! go inspirits! :) <3

  17. Anonymous

    OMG Idk PARADISE is here now! This MV is just awesome and the performance with the hip thrusting is the hottest ever! They sing all parts even the chorus!
    They are more awesome with the comebacks <3

  18. vote for infinite !!!!!! love infinite always

  19. Anonymous

    I usually don’t enjoy massive amounts of thrusting in K-Pop (well, actually I’m not a big fan of excessive thrusting in general…), even if it’s done by my fav0rit3 0ppars, but there’s just something about the Paradise dance sequence that makes it appealing to me. While this dance is not my favorite of Infinite’s, I really like the fact that they transformed pelvic thrusting into something… sophisticated (used pretty loosely here). The suits and the synchronization and the flawless execution of the sexy choreography… me gusta.

  20. Miss Lover

    let’s make it happen! i don’t really understand how the voting process was.. but… i will just do it!
    let’s spread numerous love for infinite! btd & paradise hwaiting!

  21. Yes please vote for Infinite! As an inspirit, I believe that Infinite’s hipthrusting-epic-sexy-in-sync dance moves should win. :D

  22. Miss Lover

    no dance version for paradise mv! but it’s okay… we can watch/streaming it online! go infinite! 

  23. Melissa Kim

    amo la cancion yo tambien estoy deacuerdo con que el video no es tan bueno pero una fan con todo y fallas igual segui queriendo a sus idols mis amores :3 

    saludos de peru

  24. me encanta esta cancion de infinite uno de mis grupos favoritos ,la cancion buena como ninguna … me gusto la critica bastante constructiva y bueno han acertado en casi todas,pero no sean tan duros con ellos xD mis hermosos no tienen la culpa que los pongan en un tren sin hacer nada… golpeamos al director!!! 

    saludos y besos de peru

  25. Why this? Because it’s freaking awesome. But where is the dance part? They didn’t show it… because it’s too hot. That girl in MV probably wouldn’t survive if they would dance in that house.. or in the train. They just saved little girl’s life! She just wouldn’t take her oppas’ sexiness. 

  26. Tiffany Lo
    Tiffany Lo

    another great song thats meaningful & beautiful. the vocal ia excellent and so is the dance. infinite has one similarity in all their dances, and thats they are all strong, powerful and sync! one thing i love about infinite is that they perform really well and their image is good :) Good job my boys! ~You need to be here for it to be Paradise~

  27. Infinite never disappointed me, they always give their best in everything. I love every each of their song, and PARADISE, makes on my top list~ this song made my day~ :D

  28. Katie Vuong

    I wanna see this on the how to dance kpop 2011. This dance totally deserves to be in it because of the epic hip thrusting. Not only will the epic hip thrusting will bring laughs but it will be memorable. :D Go infinite!

  29. Infinite never ceases to amaze us..I find that they’re capable of doing almost everything without going over the top, they can be sexy, without taking off any clothes, they can draw in people just by smiling, they can be cute without having to do anything in particular, and in this music video, they showed a more mysterious deep side to them, and lest we forget the dance, that was absolutely uncalled for, spontaneous and awesome xD

  30. I like Infinite’s dance calligraphy is really amazing .. And their songs are all very meaningful .. As a foreign fan , we can’t see them often .. So we only can see their videos on Youtube .. They’re one of the In sync group in Korea , sometimes , learning their dance is very difficult .. Etc , BTD’s scorpion dance .. But never giving up is one of the Inspirit spirit ! :D Infinite’s vocal are very awesome too .. Not all Korean Boy Bands have perfect all rounder like Hoya .. Who can sing , rap and dance .. Maybe that’s why he’s my bias … Muahaha .. I really hope Infinite will win something soon :)) I <3 Simon's Hip Thrust :3 Simply amazing !  

  31. Man, I can imagine the horror in my face once I see Simon dance this for the kpop dance. Oh, the horror. Oh the crazy Simon’s hip thrust. How beautiful.

  32. Good song and amazing dance. I really like the weird hip thrust and leg twitch dance move. It’s not really a hip thrust but it’s not just a leg move. I don’t know why, but I find it incredibly smooth and like it a lot. Infinite is such a great group of dancers! I can’t wait to see what they put out next! Too bad BTD isn’t higher though…

  33. “This place is a paradise only if you’re here” Infinite fighting!! And don’t forget the epic hip thrusting *smirks* >:D


  35. Pretty sad BTD left the top 10 I would have LOVED to see KPMM on BTD…

    Either way I loooove this song d^^b Even if L is looking up that girls dress….

  36. Another of INFINITE’s dark and addictive song!!! And they’re damn good at it!!!
    Nice MV as they all looked matured, manly and handsome, no cuteness here.

    Plus, the dance version is very CLEVERLY choreographed.