Infinite – The Chaser



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  2. i don’t know much about infinite (as i am XIA biased) but i totally agree that this song deserve more views. i wish EYK did the review for this. it kinda remind me of those catchy anime theme songs. me likey^_____^

  3. Maisarah Sajidah M Rosley

    eventhough this video is pretty old (it’s been about 4 monts..), but i really want to hear marina and simon’s comments about this MV..

  4. Anthea Hui

    would commenting more pull the points up?

    • fuuko4869

      No, sorry. This video is too old, so it technically isn’t competing in the charts anymore. It’s just left here so people can browse through cool videos.
      But if Infinite releases a new song, then yes, commenting does help. As long as you don’t spam :)

  5. cellolvr9819

    aww, you should be further up on the chart, you definitely don’t deserve 99th! INFINITE Fighting! <3

    Us Inspirits are dying.

  7. I’ll keep voting whenever I can find this video back on the charts, I really want to get them to 50,000 votes. I would till would like to know why it keeps disappearing, it’s really strange that there have been so many problems with this video.

  8. I really hope Infinite will be next… Love this group, amazing singers, amazing, dancers, and amazing people all around. I’m pretty sure all their fans are patiently waiting for your review of the chaser

  9. why is infinite out of the chart????

  10. REALLY REALLY want this reviewed….went back and watched the old infinite reviews….THIS ONE IS NEEDED FOR A FULL SET…it has so many things you can comment on…PLEASE PLEASE…..nearly 2million views =D

  11. the loading of this page still got problem.. cannot load most of the time.

  12. i’m alive and kicking (:
    INFINITE keeps disappearing and coming back again
    still voting everyone !

  13. Black_winds

    Oh,people are still here?haha:) Hah,i will get never over this…

  14. Morse5644

    ah ~ havent voting for long T.T
    you guys still alive? :D

    am busy at school T.T

  15. Dang, Infinite fell off the charts! I can’t even see them until I search on this site.

  16. i cant find the chaser on the charts anymore.. :(

  17. haiz. so few of us only.. reaching 50k is gonna take forever~ :(

  18. is anyone still voting?? or is it only me? :(

  19. Brittany Moses

    Why was this taken off of the charts??

  20. Morse5644

    it came back to the charts ^^ 84 though :”<

  21. i wonder when will this reach 50k… it is taking forever.. :(

  22. So sad this video didn’t get reviewed :(

  23. anyone still here ?
    3794 votes to go~
    still sad they skipped the week that INFINITE’s video was suppose to be reviewed
    aah but oh well

  24. MyungsooYeochin


  25. I’m still kinda sad they have yet to review this. They have teh votes and everything but yet they dissappeared from the kpop charts… like why?

  26. Lisa March

    Love this song, love these boys.

  27. 993justinbieberlover

    Did simon and Martina tell u guys why it’s not on the charts? Michelle ShuHui told me but I want to know if it is true.

  28. Glad to see this video back on the chart. Still wonder why it disappeared for so many days. Hopefully it will stay on the charts and we can get it to 50,000! Also, this video shouldn’t be so far down on the charts. There are songs that are a lot older and have less votes that are way further up the chart.

  29. I can’t believe The Chaser didn’t get reviewed. I don’t understand why either. T^T WAE????

  30. Morse5644

    its still here! >< aaahhhh it takes me… days to find this :"<

  31. 993justinbieberlover

    How come I don’t see it on the kpop charts?

    • i tink it is because we are still voting for this MV and it was rising up the charts when S&M already pushed it down to page 10. so S&M has no other choice but to remove our video from the charts to prevent us from voting anymore.

  32. hystericalbunny

    Although I am a fan of Simon and Martina, I must thank them for trampling on us Inspirits by pushing Infinite’s Chaser all the way down to the bottom despite the votes. I don’t know why they tell us to vote when it clearly does not matter to them. It’s been 4 weeks, can you blame us all for getting frustrated? Infinite has won 7 times on music programs, surely that says something.

  33. Kaitlyn Flores

    pleeeasse review infinite. please please please

  34. Reni Fein

    infinite <3

  35. Reni Fein


  36. how come this is not on the charts anymore??

  37. MyungsooYeochin

    woahhh 4k again~~

  38. Please review!!! Please Please Please! It will mean alot. Simon , Martina; you guys both know amazing this group is and so does everyone else!