IU – Every End of the Day

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  1. Park Victory


  2. This MV is definitely for her fans :)

  3. Jianna Yong

    i think this video was too long. but the thing is…the song was great and it gives a great feeling

  4. robbinsoncrusoe


  5. Florencia Pangestu

    Her songs are really great and nice~ the MV is great too :)

  6. I iwsh they would review this it’s so cute and amazing > w<

  7. i love how IU isn’t trying to be cute like some girl groups she’s just naturally cute being her 

  8. Steven Cua

    nice song and MV ^_^ 

  9. Kayla Yamada

    I love hearing her voice when she speaks in the beginning even though I dont even know Korean :D <3

  10. If you can find the song its REALLY GOOD. When I first saw how long it is I was shocked but if you have the time it is WORTH WATCHING THE FULL SONG. If not the song starts at around 17:17 at least for me. But anyway I love the song.

  11. connie1228

    IU is not very popular with international fans.. so this probably won’t be reviewed. 
    nevertheless, I loved all three songs on this album and her use of a different kind of MV-documentary style was really interesting. She continues to make great music, so I’m satisfied with that. 

  12. well if you’re a fan, you wouldn’t mind spending your time for IU…well, I know that I don’t mind at all^^ i enjoyed everything on it….IU’s beauty and Italy! I’ll go visit burano, venice someday…it’s so beautiful!

  13. I like the fact that IU did a MV that long for her fans as i am a fan as well…But don’t you think it’s a bit ridiculous that it that long…there should be a rule for how long an mv should be…this more like a mini episode of a drama or something…This is IU not Metallica where the songs are like 7 or so minutes long…Oh well…Remember Ga-in’s song Irriversable?

  14. I would love to hear your thoughts on the documentary style music movie, Simon and Martina :)
    I thought this was beautiful, though the song itself was a little jarring for me in the context of the rest of the video. I think it made sense story-wise but the poppy sound didn’t seem to quite fit the tone of the rest of the video, though it was a nice break to the slow indie documentary style.
    However, I do have to say that I quite enjoyed the nuanced singing by IU for this song. It’s different and shows off IU’s versatility (though I may be biased because I do think that IU is one of the most versatile singers in Korea right now)

  15. I like this MV a lot, wish I could understand it too..

  16. I know this is mostly IU fans only but I can’t describe how beautiful it is to me <3

  17. Even though the mv is long, the song is super amazing like, seriously.

  18. loversofone

    i love iu

  19. IU~ I love her whole album! I hope she gets reviewed! :)

  20. hahaha personally it’s too much. IU’s agency.. why don’t you two talk about Kpop star’s life compare to canadian singers’?

  21. the video was for her fans..obviously, if you’re not a fan of IU..you won’t exert effort in her..but for me..the MV is way too short..can’t get enough of IU~<3

  22. half an hour is not enough for me.. i love IU…

  23. oh wow… even though I love IU, I think i’ll put off watching this until when I’ve got half an hour to spare :P

  24. Thomas Gardien

    I am not willing to watch a MV of 30 minutes….. c’mon…