Jay Park – Appetizer

  1. Mela The O.G.

    Love this song. Jay Park is one of da best Korean rappers I’ve heard. It’s hard not to like it…. Love ya Jay Park. ^_^

  2. Haters can eat a D*ck LOL . . .best line ever

  3. gah! this kid is seriously talented.

  4. 최고다 촥촥 감기네…

  5. I absolutely LOVE this song but watching those girls in the MV “pretend” to party was hilarious. They looked so awkward it was almost cringworthy. XD

  6. Heesun Lee

    Amazingly multi-talented artist!
    WTF! This is real.

  7. This is JP style!!!! yeaaaaaah~ He is dope and creative :) Never plagiarize the lyrics and music haha

  8. Jay park your music makes me happy always~~ thanks

  9. hope he gets reviewed next week at least!

  10. hope this get reviewed

  11. <3 heart heart heart
    he's real and fab..
    i love you jay

  12. ♥♥♥♥

  13. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  14. I want them to review this

  15. No one can beat this! J Park is back~♥

  16. LadyAkeia

    These comments are ridiculous If you do not likely cursing, fine, that’s your right but to belittle someone that curses just because YOU don’t like it is FUCKED UP! And what’s this talk about Korean values and American values? Are you serious!? Everyone loves to put blame on “American culture and values” but honestly there is no such thing! There are 50 states and every city and every town has different cultures and values, just like any other country in the world ESPECIALLY South Korea. Does a person from Busan act like a people from Seoul? Of course not because everyone is different. I honestly think the biggest issue we have as human is always trying to lump people together and place the blame on others. I truly believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but to bring someone else down because of it is mean and wrong. Hopefully one day people will grow and learn and become more educated people because of it. It all starts with the individual, so for these people who are filled with “disappointment” for Jay Park I really want you to ask your self why…is it because he’s not like you? Is it because he doesn’t believe the same things as you? (ie.cursing) People always preach tolerance when it comes to big things like religion but the small things matter too…Its okay to not like some of his songs and to like others :) But just kept it at that level, calling something “trash”…how is that different from cursing?

  17. QuEsTiOn???

    now he sounds like evry1 else now :’C *crys*

  18. I don’t understand these comments. “losing korean values”? what are korean values? lol I really hope everyone here knows most korean teens can probably fit more swear words in a sentence than the english language even allows.
    Plus, remember why jay park is solo? He went through probably as much crap as one can in the korean music industry (besides TABLO lol) and came back… alone… against JYPE, the all-powerful company who probably has more influence than Jay’s current management company. JYPE, the company that is probably doing all they can to protect the image of the 6 other 2pm members. He writes, produces, dances, puts out his own music and videos…. and I’m willing to bet that it’s MUCH more difficult for him to get his music out and put his videos out there in the mainstream world. um.. no wonder he’s bitter?? Lolll I agree his lyrics aren’t classy. I’m not attracted to guys covered in tats who party and swear a lot (brutal honesty), but that’s who Jay is. Cut him some slack. At least he’s not some fake rich boy coming from a fortunate family background only trying to look badass by imitating a hip hop culture he was never immersed in.

  19. I know I am late to Jay Park’s game and jaywalkers will and should definitely say “bitch, you are late to this game” but better late than never. The time has finally come for me to say that Jay Park is freaking awesome. Downloaded this song, will be downloading more… suggestions welcome.

    • eatingkimchi

      ‘bitch, welcome to the game!’

      he’s very versatile and has stuff ranging from sweet ‘n slow r&b, to club music, to raps, to sweet ballad sounding or acoustic stuff, so there’s really a little bit of everything for everyone depending on your taste! i’d recommend taking a listen to his take a deeper look mini, new breed album, fresh air breath it mixtape, various collabs he’s done (tons actually!) and if you especially want to see his musicality…check out his immortal song performances…that’s the best display of his talent and what he’s able to artistically do. a quick youtube search with his name or albums will pull up most of this stuff. these two videos are just one example to show the different things he can pull off equally well…



  20. examplesample

    Seattle is coming correct this year, omg. So many fresh acts, and Jay leading the way!

  21. dekonmaru

    If this song made it for kpop music monday that would be AMAZING XD Can you imagine how much fun that would be?

  22. Not only is this a straight up badass song, but it’s free too. Seriously can’t wait for his new album!!

  23. This video reminds me once again of why I love Flowsik so much. “Can you give us some hope before we let go?”

  24. [email protected]

    About time i can finally listen to another Jay Park song ^_^ I will admit Maybe One Day by J.Reyez ft Jay Park is good but this is way better and he’s so inprising and the lyrics are great to

  25. i actually love this song omg

  26. jay is so different from the rest! It’s obvious that his soul is not for sale!

  27. omfg i love this song to bits. i like died when this came out.

  28. BjorniePie

    it would be a complete travesty if eyk reviewed this video…

    there is no video to review.

    the emptiest bar/club in korea… whenever the zoom out you see that theres like fewer than 20 people there… must have been a private party…

    and lowest budget shoot evvarrrr… no money squandered on hair, make up, or wardrobe here… and shooting in front of the liquor so people viewing will infer that we are drinking instead of spending money on liquor was brilliant!

    also, as someone who loves hip hop i immediately noticed that a lot of his punchlines only half makes sense… the same way no one who is actually into likes nicki minaj because her lyrics only half make sense

    lets analyze a couple that jumped out at me

    “swimming in women but i dont need a safeguard” … no, jay… most people dont require “safeguards” while they swim… what does he mean by safe guard… floaties… a LIFEGUARD, though, is a great safe guard to have when swimming… so i think he meant life guard was the clever metaphor he was going for…. but if he is swimming in women, he definitely needs a safe guard!…. unless hes fishing for an std

    “i am no sidekick, but you bet im next” … hmmm. uh?… i guess… he means… that the side kick stands next to the superhero so hes next… to the super hero… or next to beat up the bad guy.. or when the the super hero dies… he leaves the superhero work to the side kick… in his super hero will… so you would bet that the side kick is next…?

    see how it sounds like it makes sense… but it doesnt.

    but over all he gets points for going hard and i am super proud to see him up high in the charts. although i found this video poorly done, im a jaypark supporter.

    • eatingkimchi

      the song is free, the video was shot by a friend of a friend somewhere in Itaewon and it was ‘released’ on youtube…keeping all of that in mind, I don’t think being flashy or producing a high quality look was the intention here, haha.

      about the safe guard bit…first instinct is to think that he’s talking about protection or saying he doesn’t need to practice safe sex but rather than safeguard being related to sex, i think it’s a play on the word ‘swimming’ as you sort of mentioned yourself…he’s saying he receives so much attention from women or is so experienced with them that he doesn’t need any assistance or help when it comes to that game…unlike a beginner who’s learning to swim and may need the help of something to keep safe. lifeguard would have conveyed that meaning more clearly, but it doesn’t flow half as well and implies another person ‘watching over’ your romantic or sexual experiences…kinda awkkkkkward.

      also, the lyrics are ‘I am no psychic, but you bet I’m next’…psychic being a person who can look into the future and confirm what’ll happen. he’s saying he can’t do that, but he’s still ready to bet on himself coming up big because he believes enough in his own abilities.

      anyways, i agree that eyk shoudnt review this. partly because i cant imagine them having much to say about it and partly because this is just a fun video. they should wait for his official comeback. then they should interview him too!

    • Cyber_3

      Maybe he means he doesn’t need the “safeguard” because he’s shooting blanks – LOL, but I like your explanation better….

      Maybe he means he plans on being the next sidekick? Your comments made me laugh – thanks ^_^v

      Also, thanks so much for the Minaj comment, I thought it was just me. I’m a lot more olde schoolz in my lyric preferences, like back when whole sentences or poetic verses that made sense were used – it doesn’t take a lot of skill to just throw together a bunch of words that rhyme if you don’t have to pay attention to things like meaning and grammar. You may have to flub it occasionally, but not the whole damned song.

      Cyber_3 – it can be done, listen to/watch the opening for “Q” on CBC, Jian does it every weekday.

    • currrrrriousYEAH

      it’s a free fucking song…………..a gift to his fans…it’s not a comeback or anything like that. A free song and music video and you complain about the budget…lol.

      and I don’t think you understand rap nor the english language.

  29. http://Www.jaypark.com jp really genius musician and bboyrapper so dope

  30. I love appetizet jp song and dance is just like appetizer

  31. undergroundonyx

    These comments about Jay cursing are amazingly and unfairly trite. Jay is an artist. Jay is a human being. Human beings utilize language…even cursing sometimes to get their point across. It doesn’t make him cheap. It doesn’t make him lose his “Korean values” and it doesn’t make him a “typical American rapper”. (By the way, if you think this is typical American hip hop, you are sadly mistaken. There is so much more hip hop that has important things to say. Hip hop started as a way of expressing frustration, sending out a message, and inspiring change and revolution. You only hear crap rap on the radio and TV because that’s what the media wants you to hear…and that goes for pop, rock, country, alternative, etc… You have to search for the good music yourself.)

    And…if you think that all these k-pop idols are just sweet, innocent, virginal things, you are fooling yourselves and in need of a reality check. It’s unfair to put a human being on a pedestal and expect them to be perfect, only to bash them when they do something only slightly wrong in your judgmental eyes. Let these entertainers be human, because they are.

    • Thank you! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! Took the words right out of my mouth! *shakes hand*

    • Yes!!!!!!!!! My friend and I were talking about this very same topic just a couple hours ago. I’m so over these “typical American rapper” comments that “typically” come from people who haven’t really listened to rap artists outside of Lil Wayne and etc… Your comment was extremely refreshing!

    • LadyAkeia

      Yes, thank you!!! I absolutely agree, there are so many American rappers that do not curse (not that its wrong to curse (freedom of expression))!

      • undergroundonyx

        Thank YOU! Someone that agrees! lol

        I just don’t understand why people are so bothered by his choices as an artist. I say let him be and if he wants to use every curse word in any & every language and that makes him happy, then so be it. If I don’t like something an artist does, I stop listening…plain & simple.

  32. ballsofgold


  33. A real artist right here!!!