JeA – While You’re Sleeping

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  1. Aisyah Cooper

    woooowww… I’ve never made the effort to search up JeA’s solo activities, but when I finally clicked page 2 on the kpop charts I definitely will be! Just woah. That was amazing, no joke.

  2. I feel that this song slipped under the internet radar, which is a shame because it was sung so well.

  3. O.O…JeA’s vocals are so strong they were physically blowing things apart!

  4. Wow! What a voice!

  5. I love this song and the video!

  6. Kokololio

    This song is so beautiful, I wish it stood a chance to get reviewed :(

  7. disqus_8UA9TMLIiJ

    JeA unnie so beautiful and talented.
    love not only she but her voice
    the member in BEG are awesome!

  8. It would be awesome to hear some good slow songs once and a while. I like Brown Eyed Girls a lot

  9. 庭潔 鄭

    JeA i love you^^

  10. ah what are the chances that this MV will be reviewed….

  11. amazing song…. reminds me of the music videos from the 90s…. loved the flying furniture wonder where I can buy some.

  12. I was really amazed by her voice and music in this mini album. If there was a Music Shop with CDs near by with her mini album I would bought it immediately!

  13. Wtf, when i click play this plays the DBSK Humanoids kmm clip. o__O And the Glam clip played Phantom + GNA song. I think the coding is messed up somewhere.

  14. perfect voice… perfect woman <3

  15. I was just thinking the other day how good her voice is and how strange it is that out of all BEG girls she’s the only one without a solo project. Ha!

  16. 智敏 崔

    Just JeA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. This may not get reviewed but here we are always supporting some quality talent!!!!!

  18. Just_JeA 대 to the 박 !!! 제아&정엽 Just_JeA !!! 當你沉睡時 ~

  19. Simply phenomenal vocals. What a powerhouse. *slow clap*