JJ Project – Bounce

  1. It saddens me this will never be reviewed

  2. Why is this in the back. it has more votes then some videos in the top 20

  3. Love it when they do their little butt shake. ljkghjs

  4. I need to see your dance of thois o.o

  5. JJ PROJECTTTTT FANS! lets keep on voting ^^

  6. I hope they will review this! ♥

  7. please!!! i love this song…….♥.♥

  8. love this song soo much! please please review!!

  9. :( too little votes

  10. Beverly Nathan

    please keep voting!!! i want them to review this vid… :(

  11. Why did this suddenly drop so much D:

  12. they are not close put i hope they are, just me voting on them not my fri i know .:(

  13. please do your music monday about JJ Project thank you :D

  14. This has so many veiws on YouTube why isnt this first

  15. jj project fighting….

  16. I love jj project

  17. latina.vip09


  18. latina.vip09


  19. we need more votes

  20. We need more votes

  21. heheh they’re the same age as me ,same year ,so i guess i can talk in banmal with them? XD i wish they could come to paris , their signing event looked nice and Jr was really nice to the fans and doing aegyo when the fans were waiting .hwaiting JJ Project!

  22. jj project fighting…
    jyp nation fighting..

  23. latina.vip09

    We have to see the review of this song…So far this year I believe this is one of the best songs…Do they have a fan club name yet?

  24. Lee Teukkie


  25. jj project goooo…..
    fighting!! fighting!! fighting!! fighting!!

  26. you must reach the #1 spot :) !

  27. >~< naww I really like this song… but I am pretty sure it won't end up being reviewed…

  28. shakit it shake it for me…let me see you..
    jjproject fighting…..

  29. love jyp nation n jj project…