Jo Kwon – I’m Da One

  1. I would really like it if this video was reviewed. Instead of having a video that’s been voted because the group is famous or the song sounds good. This video is interesting, it has a plot and a story to tell. Why should this video be disregarded for another band’s song? The song is produced just as any other song but it doesn’t get the chance to get reviewed. People vote for Super Junior videos when they know that Simon and Martina are just going to say the same things over again and there’s nothing to really review, they’re just dancing in rooms. I am not bashing on them, but based on Super Junior reviews by Simon and Martina, there’s nothing to review.

  2. I still have some hope that this song will eventually get reviewed!

  3. Must not give up! will keep voting, this is an awesome video to be reviewed! Its just so perfect!

  4. michiehaha87

    This video SHOULD be moving up in the ranking people?!! XD

  5. This video is just perfect fodder for simon to lovingly rip apart!!! i’m sort of missing the days where they just chose whatever video they wanted??? all the videos that win nowadays are just boring modelling videos that aren’t very interesting? just because a group releases a new video, doesn’t mean it should win automatically..christ you guys

  6. I have no idea what just happened, I’m a hardcore BlackJack, but this should win. I want to see Simon and Martina do a Kpop Music Monday on this. I need it or I’ll ASPLODE (that happens to me sometimes. . .)

  7. I know it probably won’t win but I really hope for this MV to win , it’s really interesting and different and there’s so much to talk about .. I would live to see Simon & Martina review it

  8. JOkwon for the win… lol…

  9. Simon was right :) this video would be perfect for kpop music mondays :D its something new and definitely interesting that im sure other people would be interested in listening to as well ;)
    Watching this video was definitely very interesting…:)

  10. Omg I really want Jo Kwon to win. He is falling behind and I’m sad about that so *clear throat* JO KWON LOVERS WE MUST UNITE TO LET OUR BELOVED LORD WIN 1ST PLACE THEREFOR SIMON AND MARTINA MAY REVIEW THE AWESOMENESS AND BEAUTY OF IT NOW!!!!!!! or i’ll go all aegyozilla on you…NOW!!!

  11. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a music video with an actual story line in it. Gotta say, it’s one of the weirdest, but that’s part of it’s charm. It actually had me focusing on the video itself and the song and not just my favorite member, or how good looking the dance or guy was. It’s definitely something different than what we’re used to, which is totally what KMM needs to stay fresh and fun. ^.^


  13. cityhunter2418

    this mv literally blew my mind the first time i watched i

  14. I absolutely LOVE Jo Kwon and his dancing and his personality and this song is my ringtone right now and he just makes me smile. I want to know what you guys think!!! SIMON!!! MARTINA!!! REVIEW!!! PLEASE!!!

  15. just please reviewed this mv.. i need to understand something lol :D

  16. This video needs to be reviewed. Why? Because you don’t get a really fancy music video like this everyday!

  17. Craziest MV ever– but the song is catchy at least… LOL

  18. michiehaha87

    This video NEEDS to be reviewed by EYK!! XD ASAP, do you guys take special requests? hahahaha – I can only imagine what its going to be said. XD 

  19. They really should review this and Wooyoung’s -____________-♥

  20. Holiday0906

    If this win Music Monday, I’m so gonna look forward to Simon & Martina’s “special effect”.

    On the other hand, I wish JoKwon’s Animal got an MV so that we’ll be able to see Simon in that costume & heels XDD

  21. This would make such an interesting music monday!

  22. His live performances have been amazing!

  23. I want to know what the meaning is behind this strange MV >A<

  24. Elisabetta8i8

    Bizarreness of this music video must not go unnoticed keep on voting people!

  25. lol any one else confused???

  26. fuuko4869

    How bizarre. In a very Kpop kind of way. I’m used to seeing weird videos in Jpop, but this is different – it’s not artsy fartsy and random, it’s just soo…..confusing. Lol. I love it.

  27. I looooooove Jokwons I’m Da one.. but.. I wish he’d make a MV of Animal to since it’s really the divalicious fierce Jokwon ;)

  28. Nadia Khatib

    As much as I love Suju’s new song, this one definitely won me over!

  29. Nadia Khatib

    Love this !!

  30. “He was loved by his people
    And all of his people also loved him.”

  31. I’m not a fan of 2AM or Jo Kwon but I want to get this reviewed.
    It’s so different to other MVs that it makes it cool and EYK friendly.
    This must be reviewed. (Still sulking because B1A4’s Baby Goodnight didn’t got reviewed.)
    I’m going to get mad if this won’t get reviewed since it has many things to talk about.
    It’s not all the time you get to see a Kpop Video like this.

  32. Cassandra Mae

    kdafdh this video so awesome. I dont even understand the awesomeness of jokwon xD

  33. I love this song! Me and my best friend got to thinking about how the purpose of music is to bring people together and we thing this song is something that really fits that after seeing it on a livestream at Inkigayo or something like that. It’s really awesome how universal music can be.