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Jo Kwon – I’m Da One

  1. I would really like it if this video was reviewed. Instead of having a video that’s been voted because the group is famous or the song sounds good. This video is interesting, it has a plot and a story to tell. Why should this video be disregarded for another band’s song? The song is produced just as any other song but it doesn’t get the chance to get reviewed. People vote for Super Junior videos when they know that Simon and Martina are just going to say the same things over again and there’s nothing to really review, they’re just dancing in rooms. I am not bashing on them, but based on Super Junior reviews by Simon and Martina, there’s nothing to review.

  2. I still have some hope that this song will eventually get reviewed!

  3. Must not give up! will keep voting, this is an awesome video to be reviewed! Its just so perfect!

  4. This video SHOULD be moving up in the ranking people?!! XD

  5. This video is just perfect fodder for simon to lovingly rip apart!!! i’m sort of missing the days where they just chose whatever video they wanted??? all the videos that win nowadays are just boring modelling videos that aren’t very interesting? just because a group releases a new video, doesn’t mean it should win automatically..christ you guys

  6. I have no idea what just happened, I’m a hardcore BlackJack, but this should win. I want to see Simon and Martina do a Kpop Music Monday on this. I need it or I’ll ASPLODE (that happens to me sometimes. . .)

  7. I know it probably won’t win but I really hope for this MV to win , it’s really interesting and different and there’s so much to talk about .. I would live to see Simon & Martina review it

  8. JOkwon for the win… lol…

  9. Simon was right :) this video would be perfect for kpop music mondays :D its something new and definitely interesting that im sure other people would be interested in listening to as well ;)
    Watching this video was definitely very interesting…:)

  10. Omg I really want Jo Kwon to win. He is falling behind and I’m sad about that so *clear throat* JO KWON LOVERS WE MUST UNITE TO LET OUR BELOVED LORD WIN 1ST PLACE THEREFOR SIMON AND MARTINA MAY REVIEW THE AWESOMENESS AND BEAUTY OF IT NOW!!!!!!! or i’ll go all aegyozilla on you…NOW!!!

  11. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a music video with an actual story line in it. Gotta say, it’s one of the weirdest, but that’s part of it’s charm. It actually had me focusing on the video itself and the song and not just my favorite member, or how good looking the dance or guy was. It’s definitely something different than what we’re used to, which is totally what KMM needs to stay fresh and fun. ^.^


  13. this mv literally blew my mind the first time i watched i

  14. I absolutely LOVE Jo Kwon and his dancing and his personality and this song is my ringtone right now and he just makes me smile. I want to know what you guys think!!! SIMON!!! MARTINA!!! REVIEW!!! PLEASE!!!

  15. just please reviewed this mv.. i need to understand something lol :D

  16. This video needs to be reviewed. Why? Because you don’t get a really fancy music video like this everyday!

  17. Craziest MV ever– but the song is catchy at least… LOL

  18. This video NEEDS to be reviewed by EYK!! XD ASAP, do you guys take special requests? hahahaha – I can only imagine what its going to be said. XD 

  19. They really should review this and Wooyoung’s -____________-♥

  20. If this win Music Monday, I’m so gonna look forward to Simon & Martina’s “special effect”.

    On the other hand, I wish JoKwon’s Animal got an MV so that we’ll be able to see Simon in that costume & heels XDD

  21. This would make such an interesting music monday!

  22. His live performances have been amazing!

  23. I want to know what the meaning is behind this strange MV >A<

  24. Bizarreness of this music video must not go unnoticed keep on voting people!

  25. lol any one else confused???

  26. How bizarre. In a very Kpop kind of way. I’m used to seeing weird videos in Jpop, but this is different – it’s not artsy fartsy and random, it’s just soo…..confusing. Lol. I love it.

  27. I looooooove Jokwons I’m Da one.. but.. I wish he’d make a MV of Animal to since it’s really the divalicious fierce Jokwon ;)

  28. As much as I love Suju’s new song, this one definitely won me over!

  29. Love this !!

  30. “He was loved by his people
    And all of his people also loved him.”

  31. I’m not a fan of 2AM or Jo Kwon but I want to get this reviewed.
    It’s so different to other MVs that it makes it cool and EYK friendly.
    This must be reviewed. (Still sulking because B1A4′s Baby Goodnight didn’t got reviewed.)
    I’m going to get mad if this won’t get reviewed since it has many things to talk about.
    It’s not all the time you get to see a Kpop Video like this.

  32. kdafdh this video so awesome. I dont even understand the awesomeness of jokwon xD

  33. I love this song! Me and my best friend got to thinking about how the purpose of music is to bring people together and we thing this song is something that really fits that after seeing it on a livestream at Inkigayo or something like that. It’s really awesome how universal music can be.

  34. darkmaggus

    I’m completely stupefied. This may be the most absurd and wonderful k-pop MV I’ve ever seen. Please review!

  35. Although I don’t count myself as a fan, the entire MV is so interesting there would be loads for S&M to talk about so voting for this! :)

  36. I… don’t even understand what just happened. I love JoKwon, but this MV doesn’t make much sense. KMM would be super awesome with this music video!

  37. It’s no longer “Like a Man” or “Like a Boy”, because of this video it should be “Like a Water Bottle” ’cause that’s what I hear in this song XD

  38. Jo kwon fighting !!

  39. this MV was on the confusing and weired side… would not show this to my none k-pop loving friends

  40. Jo Kwon is best diva.


  42. Uuuuu Uuuuu Uuuu Uu Uu Uu Uu Uuuu~ Uuuuu Uuuuu Uuuu Uu Uu Uu Uu Like a Water bottle… Why be like a man when you can follow Jo Kwon and be, “Like A Water Bottle”, ’cause that’s actually what I hear XD

  43. One of the funnest MVs in a long while. :D

  44. Guys let’s discuss in order to get more points! Do you think the album will do well? I know 2AM isn’t the most popular group but I love their talent, and Jo Kwon really is something special. Also, did anybody watch him perform animal? He ROCKED those heels, I would’ve died.

    • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

      I never really follow 2AM, but I do think that the album will do very well.

    • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

      I love 2AM ~ I just watched ‘I did Wrong.’ Theyre so damn hot and the song is so sad. It’s hard to believe the Jo Kwon that sung ‘I’m Da One’ is the same guy who sung ‘I did Wrong’

  45. OMG lurve the song and Jo Kwon :) – lol would be so funny for SimonandMartina to review, just film themselves watching it!

  46. LOL I think this is the weirdest MV I’ve seen so far this year. I hope it gets reviewed! Music Monday would be so funny is Simon are Martina reviewed I’m Da One.

  47. jokwon u r da one

  48. This is such an awesome MV – loved the story.

  49. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    I hope the comment counter is fixed soon. It’s not broken fro f(x) it seems, but for every other video it is :/

  50. This video is so super funny/cute!!! I totally wanna see a KMM for this!!!

  51. I really really hope you review this song! I can just imagine how many hilarious things you will say about it!! I seriously was so confused by this whole music video but it was so funny!!!!!

  52. This needs to win because it’s just so ridiculous mwahaha

  53. i’m voting for this mv because JoKwon is totally awesome and his mv deserves to be reviewed!!!!!!!

  54. This is so Jo Kwon…confusingly funny and makes sense but dosen’t at the same time
    This Dude needs a reveiw because HE’S DA ONE!

  55. umm…interesting video. simon and martina do your thing.

  56. Oh JoKwon, I love you so. xD
    No, but really this video is so . . . well, since it’s JoKwon I’m really not surprised.
    I really hope they review this for KMM♥ It’s just so . . . xDD

  57. This video is full of pure random awesomess. It desperately needs to be reviewed

  58. As much as I would love to watch Simon recreate the “nasty dance” in
    Flashback, or see some spotlight on f(x), this is the video that SHOULD

    This is what K-pop Music Mondays are ALL ABOUT.

    A video that is GOOD isn’t necessarily a video that needs to be talked
    about. A lot of voting in K-pop Charts is just about popularity, about
    people saying “I LIKE THIS SONG OMG IT SHUD WIN!!!” But that’s not what
    what Music Mondays are really there for. They exist so that we can
    really explore something interesting.

    This? Is something interesting. This isn’t a group of cute dudes dancing
    a weird room. This isn’t the video edition of Quadriceps Monthly. This
    is a truly original video — and (whether you like it or hate it) this
    deserves the win a lot more than anything else on the charts right now.

    For once, can we make something win because it would make an awesome
    Music Monday, and not because we really want our group to win?

    • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

      Totally, totally agree. I wish the other fandoms would realize this! I love Sistar’s song (more than this song tbh) but I would have this reviewed by S&M over Sistar any day!

    • “For once, can we make something win because it would make an awesome
      Music Monday, and not because we really want our group to win?”

      WORD. I completely agree. Unfortunately though, I doubt that day will ever come. Ever since the kpop charts were introduced, the closest it ever came to that was when Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper won. Or Bang Yong Gook’s I Remember. Were you around during the Itaewon Freedom ordeal? Even when Simon and Martina begged and BEGGED for people to vote for it, it never won.
      Unless, of course, if Simon and Martina manage piss off enough immature fangirls/fanboys by pointing out the negative aspects of their bias’ videos, those butthurt fans will eventually rage quit and boycott Eat Your Kimchi, leaving only us open minded people here who actually appreciate honest reviews of interesting videos. That would make me very happy, but it would also mean less income for Simon and Martina (?)

    • Could not agree more. It gets pretty boring knowing which group (most popular) is going to be on Music Monday’s now :/

  59. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    *sigh* this song was beaten by sistar. Oh well, Sistar’s song is good, so I guess they deserve it. But this song would be a more entertaining KMM!

  60. please choose this mv?!?!?!??!?!?
    i think its fun for u guys to review it cuz the mv looks so cool & it have the english words u guys can review… cmon guys VOTE this MV.

  61. This song is just so fabulously JoKwonie. I love it.

  62. Kwonnie hwaiting

  63. love jokwon the MV is Daebak!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. I was going to vote for f(x) but this video… Oh, JoKown, you diva, you and your bizarre mv deserve a review! If this video wins Simon and Martina will have to change KMM into KMW” Kpop Music Week”, because there’s no way this awesomeness/wtf could be reviewed in one go.

  65. Such a cute smiling face <3 but lol yeah, the MV makes very little sense

  66. F(x)’ mv is just typical SM’ mv, no plot and only dancing inside the box. This mv, not great, just need Simon and Martina say that this video is totally absurd..

  67. voting because like you said, Martina… it’s pure gold for you xD

  68. im voting for this mv because it doesn’t make any sense! XD
    such a fun KMM to watch!

  69. This must be reviewed! we need to give Simon and Martina this opportunity – I will keep voting

  70. I didn’t expect this video for that song. :’D

  71. love this video!! and LOVE more the performance! WOW! JO KWON DAEBAKIYAAA!

  72. Live performance was AWESOME!!
    Animal and I’m Da One in Mucore!!!

  73. I finally understand this video!!

  74. I couldn’t help perving at the backup dancers in the beginning instead of Jo Kwon…I guess he isn’t da one…

  75. Simon … Martina … I love you guys ! Really, and even if I love F(x) too, you NEED to review this MV ! I am SURE that you’d love the song and the story behind the MV that’s why …. Please review it !!! T___________T

  76. i love this song. Jo Kwon is the best!
    But the MV is just not my type. i dont really understand the storyline.

  77. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    Guys I just realized that 2AM has never been reviewed by S&M, and I find that REALLY sad because 2AM is so talented~ now I want to get this song reviewed more than ever!

  78. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    it says 65 comments, but we have 137 comments. What is wrong with the stupid comment counter?

  79. where is the dislike button??? I feel in facebook right now

  80. por lo menos tiene algunos detalles que revisar ^^

  81. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    I know I’ll buy it XD

  82. I have no idea what’s happening in this video but I don’t think I care.

  83. I am really hoping that this will get reviewed XD Such a weird video, I sincerely love JoKwon!

  84. this song is beyond amazing and the mv is just like wow this mv has to be reviewed on monday

  85. i want this to get reviewed so Simon and Martina can explain it to us because right now, I don’t get it…. at all…

    • What I got from it was that Jo Kwon is the king of somewhere, he thinks everybody loves him, blah blah blah. But everyone outside of the palace is starving and sick. His worker guy has been keeping this from him, but then he swoops in and takes Jo Kwon’s place as king. While Jo Kwon is with all the commoners, they come to love him. He rises back to power and takes his rightful place as king.

      It took me so long to come to all of that because it was so hard to pause the video at just the right time to be able to read the English in the book.

  86. seriously you guys, you guys, seriously… you HAVE TO review this!!!

  87. This needs to get reviewed instead of Electric Shock. This mv has an actual story plot line and is interesting.

  88. At least this video is not like any absurd video that doesn’t have any meaning at all.

  89. Is it sad that I thought this was hilariously brilliant?

  90. I was going to vote for Boyfriend… but then I saw this… i feel like a traitor now… oh well!

  91. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    guys so what’s your favorite 2AM song?

  92. I love this song too much : 3!! Jk ♥

  93. Did anyone else think that this was a CF at first?

  94. this has to be done i love the song

  95. I Just have to hear the review on this one. Just because the MV is just plain weird x3

  96. This vid should definitely be reviewed. It’s the most plot-driven MV we’ve seen in quite a while and has so many moments of WTF!

    • Agreed. It would be a real shame if the opportunity for a review slipped by.

      • Sometimes (i.e. all the time) I wish people would lay aside bias for a group and just vote for the ‘best’, most unique video. I mean, this chart has no direct effect on a group… If any smaller groups could gain recognition, it would be here. (Take U-Kiss for example!)

  97. This perfectly represents JoKwon…

  98. my first reaction was: “wtf did I just watch?” O__o;
    the whole vid is so hilarious and over the top (and gay), I don’t even know where to start. a review about this would be hilarious as well, I guess. and funny ^^

  99. The more I watch, the more I fall in love with this video

  100. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    Sistar is here guys! if we want to get this reviewed, we need to vote/comment more!

  101. i like this song! i hope simon and martina review this one for music monday ^_^ that would be cool :) and i didn’t quite get this mv… after the guy stole jo kwon’s place as a king, what happened with him? did he die or something? how come jo kwon got it back again? did i miss something? I’m confused now. :)

  102. this video needs to be reviewed.. !!! i need to know what’s going on in this beverage CF =]]

  103. This video just needs to be reviewed

  104. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    This song is so different than any of the mellow 2AM songs~ I’m glad to see JoKwon do his own thing.

  105. oh my god. this mv is so awesome. it’s has to be review.

  106. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! JOKWON IS SOOOOOOO EPIC!!!! This NEEDS to be reviewed.

  107. totally… Agree with Jenn on this… it’ll be a great music monday video

  108. Hmmm… interesting… totally not copying bigbang

    • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

      hmmm i sense sarcasm lol. How is it copying BigBang?

      • It’s just some negative people were mentioning on jokwon’s teaser that he’s copying bigbang..because jokwon has a crown and is sitting on the thrown like bigbang fantastic song… and it’s so not true… this movie video have a life of it’s own… n a story line…

        • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

          No he’s totally not copying Big Bang at all. This is actually very original~ Big Bang was just a bunch of guys in crazy outfits sitting on thrones but this actually has a story and I appreciate that a lot!
          (dont get me wrong VIPs, I like Big Bang a lot and I love Fantastic Baby :P)

  109. Come on IAM’s! Let’s get this video higher on the charts! Jo Kwon needs our love and support! n_n <3

  110. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    guys this sounds like Moves Like Jagger, right? I just asked one of my english-music-fans to listen to it~
    anyways, we’re moving up the charts, work harder!

  111. i like that this video is exactly like jokwon random, funny, happy and the song is good too

  112. … what. just. happened? 0___0 This is the most truly absurd K-pop MV I have seen in a long time… and therefore desperately needs to be reviewed for KMM. JoKown, diva on….

  113. I’m just happy that Kwon finally got his album…congratulation mr. jo

  114. I’m slightly reminded of Katy Perry’s Firework, but funny enough I actually like I’m Da One compared to Firework. It’s a fun and catchy song and it makes me smile. :)

    • I think a lot of the album sounds really western, but it’s nice.

    • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

      I thought it sounds like ‘Moves Like Jagger’ with the whistling and end beats. Now that I think about it, it also sounds somewhat like Fireworks~
      no hate intended, but I think JoKwon took hit songs and used them to help him create this song :P Dont get me wrong, I love the song… but… not really original, I think. :)

  115. I seriously love this whole album. There’s maybe one song that I don’t really care for, but the rest are great!

  116. This video is so fun. I love it. And the song just makes me dance.

  117. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    Guys this sounds like an English song that I hear often but I can’t put my finger on what English song it is! It’s killing me. I don’t listen to English music often, so I’m not educated enough to make an assumption~

    • I wish I could help, but I don’t listen to English music much either! I do know what you mean though. This and the track Awesome Girl sound sooo familiar!

  118. OMG! I like King JOKWON! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  119. I don’t get this video…So many weird scenes. The song is catchy but it resembles me one song from Katy Perry (I don’t like her songs but it was hit). Anyway I’ll vote for this MV because I want to hear what Simon and Martina think about it :)

  120. Can’t wait to watch Simon and Martina’s review about Kwon’s song and MV!

  121. tiff_mash

    This is such a Jo Kwon video!! He is the only person who could pull it off ;)

  122. commenting as i watch: “likey likey” (i can see Simon now adding that to his vocabulary). and are we gangster now that we put “da” instead of “the” lol. dnt shoot me. did he say “boys drop it low”? hmmmm… i dnt know how this Jokwon water can have mojo and be more fun than being wet lol… what am i watching?! when did he die and come back all ninja like? its not even 2 min into the song and were already hitting a crescendo? O.O this directer was smoking something serious… is his water giving life to ppl or something? what in the blue jesus… is he jesus or something?
    um… yea… i like the song but honestly from the title i thought it was someone who was going to be rapping… wow… this video was… wow. i just want simon and martina to record themselves watching this video lol

  123. LOVE IT!!! ADAM COUPLE~ <3
    but it did feel like a mixture of a musical and commercial….but overall I LOVED IT! xD

  124. This whole video was like one long acid trip lol. I really want this to win, I think it would make for a very interesting review.

  125. I wish it were Animal but this will do for now. I love him!

  126. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    OMG this video 0_o
    I loved the song, but whoever came up with the video must have been high!
    I truly think this will result in an amazing KMM. I’m going to vote here from now on :P

  127. I hope this is going to be reviewed! :D Let’s vote!!! :P

  128. Jo kwon looks so cute and the song is so addicting!!!!

  129. dancingpartytime

    During the first part of the video, I couldn’t help but think it looked like something from G.NA….and then things got better then I could have ever imagined.

    This video needs an hour long Kpop Music Monday.

  130. I just can’t get over his adorable smile!!! n______n

  131. He is awesome!! Kisses from Spain!!

  132. i love this song and love the mv even more, this song has to be reviewed

  133. This song is so addicting! I love it. ^^

  134. Is it wrong that I love this SO much? xD

  135. he is cute, I smile and proud on him. The king who only know dance and sing, get unthrone by his assistan with nasty gismo that make his ppl dying hungry, the king even cant get a chance to invent his fresh soda drink to his ppl, when the king unpower. the king realize and pray each day for his ppl,

  136. come onnn people let’s vote this video it’ll be so hilarious !

  137. Love it! xD This is just so… Jo Kwon <3


  139. jokwon is the the most talented lmale artist ive ever seen !!

  140. No one can ever be like JOKWON!!!! He’s one of a kind. Can’t wait to see you perform live… <333

  141. Jokwon is Keys older brother <333

  142. I feel like I would really enjoy watching you two review this~ XD

  143. I want this to be reviewed simply because I don’t even know what the crap to make of it. I had like a derp face the whole time watching it.

  144. JoKwon is the best diva out there! XD