Juniel – Illa Illa

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  1. An awspome and beautiful song talking about first love<3333

  2. These lyrics are so beautiful <3

  3. Dear EatYourKimchi, could you please make an extra-episode and review this awesome song please! ^^

  4. Where are you?? Keep on voting, come on, we can make it possible ^^

  5. Awww!!i love this song!!Its so cute^.^

  6. i really love this video!! illa illa~~

  7. Hi JUNIEL fans, can you help Boyfriend to win? Then I’ll vote for JUNIEL too. :)

  8. Woah! We’ve come so far since the last time I commented :D Come on! We can do this!!! TO NUMBER 1 :D

  9. OMG another cute song by Juniel and this time the cutie drummer from CNBlue is in the music video Minhyuk <3

  10. Go Juniel!!! She has a great voice, plays the guitar, and co-writes and composes her own music!

  11. i really really like the song… and juniels voice is awesome! i need to buy her album ;D

  12. immaperson

    This is a really nice song to listen to.

  13. I love Juniel! She is definitely one of the best artists to debut in Korea this year!  :)

  14. GOGOGOGO VOTE JUNIEL!  :) I really want to know what eatyourkimchi think of her! I like this kind of music ^^ 

  15. fnc’s little princess <3

  16. I love Juniel!  She’s so pretty and has such a sweet voice!

  17. RandomSardines


  18. KEEP VOTING GUYS!~ WE CAN DO IT!!! <3 Juniel FTW~

  19. this song is amazing. Juniel is such a talented artist

  20. ArielLM13

    I wish more people watched this.

  21. I love her voice!! And the video is really good (and sad)!!
    She deserves a chance!!! ^^

  22. It should be more than this