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JYP – Someone Else

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  1. I would love to see this one reviewed.  JYP’s pained look through the video was …something.  What gave him appeal was that he was not behaving like a kid, too scared to get close to touch a woman.  He showed he was a man of experience, who knows how to keep a woman close.  And he achieved it without making some cheap grinding action.   When they danced together, it was actually fun.  JYP can still strut his stuff.  The hot ticket was removing the ring.  I was totally floored.  Some may say the vid implies cheating, but I see it as lost love found its way back.

  2. Why isn’t grand daddy master in 1st place, guys?

  3. Interesting video with a different perspective; deserves to be reviewed for KMM! Quite like the song though I’m oddly distracted by them white construction boots. LOL

  4. JYP is so ugly, yet I can’t stop staring at his face for some reason. It’s intriguing to look at. lol!

  5. i love ga in and jyp.

  6. ok after watching it with the captions on i can’t look at it any other way than a romantic relationship. i think for those that dont wanna see it..why the bias? its clear as day. they were together but broke up…probably because jyp cheated on her. so she marries someone else but still cant stop thinking about jyp. he also can’t get her out of his mind so he goes to the last place they were together to ask her to take him back. gain goes to the house because she cant understand why he is still in her mind and is emotional when she sees he has come back to find her. jyp took her ring off because gain is going to leave her husband for him.

  7. I am going to say something rather frightening. This song makes me want to date JYP LOLOLOLOLOL.  I’m scared

  8. Please review this song !!!!!! 

  9. I really like this song!  Love Ga-in’s voice and how it combines with JYP’s.  Video is fantastic too, but I would love to see the “Making Of” video!

  10.  i’m just super obsessed with this song hehe so i really hope you guys can review it ^__^

  11. Please review this Simon and Martina! Especially Simon (fellow Ga-in fans) lol but bias aside this song was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good *__* been replaying it since its out. Surprisingly both of their voices matched so well<3 and we all know Ga-in's such a huge fan of JYP~ tbh they didn't look too awkward to me. I love their collaboration. But yeah the ending scene with the hugging with each other really look like father-daughter moment for me. Anyway can't wait for their live stage and i seriously hope you guys can review this song! thanks :) JYPain (JYP-Ga-in) fighting o/

  12. okay S&M I know you guys love Gain, so you need to review this one. Im totally in love with it, eventho Jokwon crying is all i can hear hahahaha lmao

  13. This is so my type of music. I know Simon and Martina is not so much into ballad songs, but I do. This song I just loved it at the first time. 

  14. i wish it was jokwon in this mv… but i guess the lip syncing they do wouldnt match for jokwon:[ BUT STILL!! ADAM COUPLE<3

  15. i kinda wish it was jokwon in this mv but still jyp singing… cause you know its his song.

  16. i’m seriously loving this song

  17. songs on repeat—man do the review plz

  18. Ohh guys please do this song too! I want to hear your opinion about it!

  19. this song is so catchy and i’d love to hear what S&M have to say about the pairing ;P

  20. I was totally surprised by this collaboration! pretty much a dream team~ the age difference doesn’t really show though, ga-in does the cool-sexy-contemplative-mature thing so well; it would be inapproprate if jyp did this duet with say, suzy…but this is fine! Looking forward to eatyourkimchi’s review of this song ^^ I hope they’ll be performing this on stage!

  21. what’s weird is because JYP looking a lot older than Ga In lol. i almost puked when they got so close at each other agh. but i bet Ga In is liking them scenes lol so i am happy for it keke

  22. JYP made me feel like he’s a pedobear. *shivers*
    And I don’t really get how can you all see this as a father-daughter relationship. I can’t, especially not with the subtitles on.

  23. i’m a little ticked off by some comments saying that it’s weird with gain and jyp together. is it because of the age difference? when suzy starred in the son hoyoung’s video, nobody said a thing; their age gap is only one year less than jyp & gain’s. is it because he’s not good-looking? that’s just shallow -___- he makes AMAZING music, but then people let his appearances overshadow his music.

    and if it’s because jo kwon was “married” to gain…….. please wake up. yes, they were cute together, but that was for SHOW. and jyp is NOT kwonie’s father omg. -___-

    ughh i am such a HUGE fan of jyp’s music, so excuse my butthurt when people don’t recognize how good he is!!!!

  24. love itttt

  25. on repeat cant stop listening to it–pure genius–JYP is a genius

  26. 3:08 – 3:13…nice one, JYP-shi! [like a man~!]

  27. lol Why is JYP always having MVs where he is surrounded by a ton of women. 

  28. Nice MV and the song has nice feeling :)

  29. I have to say, this MV induces really really BBBAAAADDDD feelings for me, kinda remind me of why I wasn’t very keen of EXO in the first place, and JYP didn’t say JYP in the beginning !! What has this world become ???

    Anyway *cough*  I’d like to see you tackling this MV just for the sake of seeing you two sweat !!

    JYP’s voice is so unique, it’s jarring  -___-

  30. I really like this song especially Gain’s voice so lovely :D

  31. Despite how much I want them to do Alone, I just totally love JYP so I hope they pick this song.

  32. this should be reviewed… yay! love the song and at last there’s no JYP whispering at the beginning.

  33. Gilda Gutiérrez Garbarino

    Totally LOVE this song! JYP you’re amazing! :D

  34. OMG! Simon and Martina you have to do a KMM on this (you know how you love the whisperer JYP ^^) But I really like this song, JYP brings back that R&B style ~ plus Ga-In’s voice is so good in the song! All I can think about is Jo Kwon’s reaction 

  35. <3 Love love love <3 I know they "broke up", but I bet Jokwon is jealous! xD

  36. It was an amazing video i really liked it and the duet sounds perfect, never thought they both make a good duo! The video is simple but sexy! 

  37. love it… JYP is sooo hot .. love him.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  38. Omg no JYP whisper at the beginning of the video!! Daebak lol
    Seriously the song is awesome and the video is flawless. But do have to say that its kind of weird to see JYP and Ga In as lovers. I keep thinking of the adam couple

  39. Totally in love with the song. 

    I don’t really like the MV though, it seems to be more like a father-daughter reunion than two lovers reunion. 

  40. awesome stuff! Its going to hit the charts big time. i’ve been waiting for so long for something to stay on the tops for consecutive weeks, and its finally out. oh yeah! so, i wonder whats the real title track!

  41. A relationship of Father-in-law and Daughter-in-law =]]
    But I love this song <3 Daebak!!!

  42. OMG!!!! I really want to know what you’ll comment about this MV!!!!!


  43. this song is totally awesome~~~~~

  44. it’s rather werd looking at their relationship in romance way. I better take the father-who-can’t-let-her-daughter-married and daughter-who-have-father-complex way which more age appropriate. So the story is:

    father didn’t happy nor allow and bless his daughter marriage so he kept spending night in pub-bar-nightclub. the daughter knowing her father lifestyle can’t stay in her new home, with new husband, looking fine so she rushed to her old home, waiting for her father.

    so father, after the long night in the club, still can’t forget his daughter, coming home and seeing that the door is open. He rushed inside, see her daughter sitting. father-daughter happy seeing each other so they hugging. father still with unblessing feeling over her marriage slowly drop her wedding ring

    •  For some reason, I think that makes a bit more sense than the romantic way. I mean, she wouldn’t go off and marry with another guy when they still live in the same house as lovers, right?

    •  yeah.. Gain was married to JoKwon, JYP’s kid. :P

    • lol sorry, but that’s way way more weird than the actual video.

      i liked this song, but in no way old queen jyp convinced me he liked any of those girls… nor gorgeous ga in.

    • Sorry, but your plot is absolutely strange… 
      It’s like this: they loved each other and although they broke up they still think about the other…do I need to explain more?

    • Here’s what I feel happened: GaIn’s married but she loves JYP. He’s a playboy who woos all the girls but he falls for her.

      They both have reasons not to go for one another, she’s a young married woman and he’s a middle-aged player who is never supposed to fall in love. She could risk everything and end up being heart-broken were she to go for him. And he would leave his life of pleasure and make a commitment to only one girl. But in the end, they throw it all away and decide that their love is more important than the risks.

      I liked this music video a lot. :) I don’t think it’s what you said but your interpretation is cool.

  45. *whispers* made in Asia *whispers*

  46. Wait… he doesn’t say “JYP” in the beginning. I don’t beleive it’s from JYP entertainment. 
    This is a beutiful video… am I the only one that screamed “kiss. KISS!” at the screen?

  47. LOL what’s with the squeaky voice in the background? Like at 0:30.
    And here’s another case where the woman’s voice is deeper than the man’s….

  48. I really like this song~ It’s sorta weird seeing Ga-in with JYP, but the song is really good and their voices go really well together. I also like the fact that it has English subtitles. :D

  49. JYP you chose the RIGHT person!!!! this song is PURE AWESOMENESS~!! 

  50. Daebak! But I feel weird, because now I rewatching Adam couple and Ga In with “father-in-law” XDD A little awkward…. xD

  51. Really like it, even with JYPark. The two in the music video is another story… awkwardly not awkward much?