JYP – You’re the One

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  1. Yup, he’s still got it. So admirable…

  2. Smooth action all the way – MV, dancing, singing. JYP does what he likes, true to what he loves.

  3. Man JYP is just freaking awesome, he is built for a man his age and his singing and dancing skills are awesome! If I had to go with an older man it’d have to be JYP hands down. The way he makes it look so effortlessly is outstanding. JYP FIGHTING!!!

  4. I definitely appreciate the English subtitles and fancy footwork.

  5. Ichigo Kusanagi

    This is a really great song, I’m completely addicted to it, JYP is an amazing singer and he is SO smooth =D

  6. I have a feeling that this may get reviewed as their Anniversary episode 

  7. Holiday0906

    I hope JYP win cos this song is really good.
    (But we’re up against SNSD….) T___T

  8. bobbiipin

    There aren’t anything in this video that shouldn’t talk about in this video. The dance is just awesome, costume….amazing, and I absolutely love the filming techniques as well……I WANNA SEE THIS IN MUSIC MONDAYYYY!!!!

  9. aahh! i know this song would never win for kpop music mondays!!! but simon and martina please cover this !! anything… its an amazing song!!!

  10. 21anis

    ohmy i just can’t enough of the whole choreo, it’s so smooth n goes well with the song n it’s tempo n everything…i especially love d ‘uhuu~’ part.. (^^) it’s ridiculous how jyp still has it-he compose, sing n dance!! he’s so talented!!

  11. Someone needs to talk about how this is the CEO of 2AM, 2PM, Miss A; is 40 years old, and is making a big bang for himself. Seriously. Come on!

  12. moldy.cheese

    Wow, the dance is so fresh and it’s my favorite part of this MV. I like 0:58-1:37, the bow-legged move, and the shoulder-shrug lean. 
    I really love the song and the unique video style. The fashion is also interesting: who knew a pink suit tucked into white boots would work? 
    I hope this makes it to music monday sometime soon..

  13.  love this!  the song is really great and so smooth, and I like their fashion!  the pinks and purples and the suits.  the dance is really smooth and cool, which I like.  The spinning your leg behind you move is really catchy and smooth (said that word a lot already), though I am not a big fan of it.  i guess it just is a bit feminine/cute, but it’s still cool.  The little shoulder/chest shimmy shake is kind of funny.  Okay well I really hope this gets into the Eat your kimchi mondays!!  would be cool to hear your thoughts on it

  14. Eleanor Clark

    I think this one needs to make it to k-pop Mondays because someone needs to talk about that slick footwork, the socks, and that pink suit.

  15. This is so cool. I love the effects in this video.  And the song is nice too

  16. 2AM, 2PM, miss A, Wonder Girls

    let’s unit for our papa JYP

  17. yasminmoledina

    This is the kind of song I’d like to hear in a cafe

  18. Thu Trang Nguyen

    Keep voting haha. I want to see Simon wear those socks in JYP’s style muah ha ha ha. Get addicted to this song already TT_TT