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K.Will – Please Don’t

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  1. This video seriously makes me teary. Seo In-guk kills it and then with K-will’s powerful instrument…really well made piece of entertainment!

  2. is this poll still open? are we allowed to continue to vote for this mv?

    • No, the voting for this video closed a while ago. You only have a 25 day window after it is put on the charts to vote for it. However you can still post your commentary, it just would not count for points.

  3. This has so many votes….please review it? :(

  4. Please vote him for KMM !! He can be the next efter GG !!

  5. I already was liking the song as one of those standard “one-sided love” type of things, but throwing in the ending threw me off entirely, in a good way though! I’ll definitely be singing this one for awhile~ ^^

  6. But i want it to

  7. Omg this will never happen

  8. Woah~!
    I haven’t commented in so long, but I was really moved by this video. I can’t really judge if the main guy was a good actor or not (crying scenes are still to korean, I guess – not very convincing) but that smile turning into a glare was AWESOME and made this MV really interesting to watch.

  9. I keep hoping for this song, hoping it’ll get more votes and off the 10th page. :/

  10. Dang it! Never got reviewed. So sad :’C

  11. Love this song and video. i never expected the ending.

  12. I love this song and video. It really moved me. The acting and K.Will’s voice (especially his high notes) are superb.

  13. I love this song and video. It moved me so much. The acting is great and K.Will’s voice (especially his high notes) is superb.

  14. I really really want this song to be reviewed!! Pls pls! I hope more and more would vote for this song!

  15. Love K.Will!!!! Really want Simon and Martina to do this review

  16. Simon and Martina please do a review of this music :)

  17. K I love k will more then ever. My god he’s amazing. His looks kind of remind me of bang yong guk anyone else? Just me? Okay

  18. I just love this song so so so much! I wish it would get more votes and views. :(

  19. Wow, I really, really, REALLY love this song. It’s so powerful and I fell instantly in love with it – which doesn’t happen with a lot of songs. And the MV is great. I was really tearing up because everything was so sad because he was so heartbroken and couldn’t get the girl and then.. um… wat.
    Thaat was really some unexpected plot twist there. I really didn’t suspect this outcome! I was first totally baffled and sat there with my mouth open and couldn’t believe what happened until I started laughing because this is really hilarious and then I watched the MV again and again to look for signs and yep.. there is no sign in the video that he would actually be in love with the girl and even the one scene where she teases his face and where he looks really annoyed.. it wasn’t because she was playing around and hurting his feelings because he loved her but.. because he was annoyed she was there and existed at all. Brilliant. I totally thought it was the girl the first time but if you watch it again you can actually notice that he looks much more at the guy. Really awesome. Awesome song and awesome MV. Definitely my favourite KPop song right now.

  20. This is such a beautiful song. I’m not usually a ballad person, so I’ve never really been interested in K Will, but I’m so glad I gave this song a chance. The plot twist at the end is so brilliant. It’s too bad this song isn’t going to be reviewed </3
    I'm just kind of curious as to how SK handled this MV. They aren't exactly accepting of homosexual relationships..

  21. I think is gonna be pretty impossible for Simon and Martina to review this video, but OMG! it was simply awesome!!!

  22. please do this video!!! It is sooo cute plusss it has a great plot twister!! :]

  23. From now on, I’ll watch MVs making sure that I consider that the person could be both straight and gay. You will never trick me again K.Will!

  24. this song should be reviewed .

  25. I really love the song as well… K.Will has such a pretty voice, and it fits so nice with the music. ~

  26. I’m really happy with the ‘surprise’ ending, because this is a step in the right direction for Korean entertainment, to show gay people without prejudice. :)

  27. I would Loveee for this to get reviewed! So much..

  28. Why can’t people vote for music like this? This is beautiful!

  29. genial!!!
    alpricipio te dejas llevar por lo obvio … mas al final te quedas WTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH???? LO ENCANTA LO QUE PROVOCO EN MI ESTE MV!!!

  30. I know this isn’t going to get reviewed, but wow. This is such a good song and vid!!!! :O

  31. Powerful song~

  32. Too bad the most famous artists get voted on. Too many biased people! More “unfamiliar” artists deserve recognition too!

  33. I LOVE this song. And the MV, too. I hope S&M will review it!! ^_^

  34. I’m really sad that this isn’t higher on the charts. I REALLY want them to review K.Will because his videos are always so powerful & his voice is gorgeous.
    Even if it’s not a full Music Monday [because there's no dance/English, so..] Just a quick reaction to the plot would be nice. I love his music/videos so much. TT_TT He deserves more credit.

  35. I love this MV! i hate ballads, but I quite liked this one, and also, omg gay guy on a korean MV! I’m proud of you Korean entertainment industry!

  36. This is such a beautiful song and MV

  37. whoaa this video is really deep.. and a theme that is rarely seen.. it must be reviewed!!!

  38. K. Will ! I really wish Simon & Martina could review this! l:

  39. It’s both a great song and the music video was one word: unexpected. I love it a lot! <3


  41. thisisjustforfunval

    Aw I just saw that K.Will won M Countdown this week. I love how loved he is in Korea. He is such an amazing artists, and this song is seriously amazing.


  43. I just really want to hear what their reaction was, and how their review would be. :/

  44. This MV was a master piece! The song, K.Will’s voice, the people featured in it, the story they told, EVERYTHING was perfect. But like everybody else said… the ending was amazing! XD

  45. I hadn’t seen this video but the ending is so cool! Well it’s sad but I wasn’t expecting it. I don’t follow K.Will but the song sounds nice.

  46. The video is great. Definitely something old with something new. K.Will is amazing, and always loved his music.

  47. I really want Simon and Martina to do this for a variety of reasons!
    1. K. Will has yet to make an appearance on Music Mondays
    2. This song is one of my favorites from him!
    3. The video is just… Great!
    I really wish they’ll do this soon ^^

  48. I made an account just so I could comment here for this video! The MV is so cleverly made, and the subtle camera focus on the guy… :C
    There’s so much to talk about with this video, guise! Please, please, please review it.

  49. Review this! I really like the video and the voice of K-will is just awesomeness…

  50. Please please please please vote for this song ;_; or at least break the rules and don’t review the top voted ones first. /bricked. jokes. but really ;____; this video have to be reviewed, it’s much too rare an opportunity to lose this chance for a video like this. You know Kpop and their ways TT^TT. This video touched me so much i cried buckets, hell, i cried OCEANS. (well, not literally, but, you get what i mean.) And i would totally loved to hear both of you talk about it because, definitely, it will be funny OuO. PLLEEEEEEEAAASSSEEE I’M BEGGING YOOOUUUUUU. OTL

  51. OH MY BUDDHA I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!! XD This totally deserves to win, I think it’s perfect for Music Mondays :D

  52. This MV is epic! my face at the end was like O_O, and then xD … that’s why I highly recommend you guys should review this MV! ^o^

  53. the song is amazing.
    the mv is amazing.

  54. Is he crying for the girl or the guy?

  55. I would love to see this reviewed. but since this has no chance of winning against all the “bigger”, more mainstream artists, I at least hope that this will make the Kpop Chart updates.

  56. I really love this song and video ~~~ I hope it can be reviewed.

  57. alll fave by k.will cuz his voice is just that sweet

  58. such a great song and music video

  59. My face when I finished watching this: O_________O
    My face after I realized: ; A ;

  60. Come on u guys keep voting !!!! :(

  61. I looooooove this music video. The song (which I also love) took a while to grow on me, which really only happened because I watched the MV so many times. It was SO well done, which is something I rarely think when it comes to MVs. It is intriguing and beautiful, and something that I think is a real step forward for SKorea, as far as acceptance of homosexuality goes. (This is me assuming that homosexuality isn’t as accepted over there; I don’t actually live there or have too much experience with the culture, so I claim no expertise. I’m not claiming I know anything for sure; don’t kill me.)

    But yeah. I love so many things about this video. I think it’s great, and can’t stop watching it.

  62. WOW, this song is number 1 on the Korean charts!!! Why isn’t it number 1 on these charts…

  63. beautiful vocals great MV I’m glad I watched it . This is going on my playlist. Love the actor from answer me 97 great drama as well. Also can some one explain me the end?

  64. K.Will is losing to HyunA? *sigh* Cameos, pretty colours & sex with someone who lacks true vocal talent >unique quality MVs with someone with amazing vocals…
    Oh well, its still one of my favorite MVs ever regardless of whether it gets reviewed or not.

    • Yes I can’t say I liked her video, I’m not into the bubble gum pop. Although I’m not into ballads that much either, I can appreciate beautiful music and great acting.

    • Yes , such a shame losing to hyuna .. I don’t find the video that sexy or because I’m a girl , I don’t know what boys think of hyuna ..
      but with B.A.P’s coming back she will not have a chance at winning ..

      • Boys love Hyuna a lot haha. Not a good image for other women though :(
        Yes I only just saw the teaser for B.A.P’s comeback! I can’t wait!! (loving their looks *-*) Though I do want Epik High to be reviewed…

        • I don’t know I think that she is trying to hard to be sexy , she is cute she doesn’t need to try that hard.
          anyways … me too I can’t wait and yea Epik High’s video was really good, but I want b.a.p to get reviewed though I haven’t seen the video yet ^_~ LOL

  65. Been a while since it came out but I still want this to be reviewed! I love drama-like MVs :)

  66. How do they all know eachother, and why are they all in the same house all the time? Are Daseom and Seo In Guk siblings in here? And that they live together?

  67. I did not expect that ending. :D

  68. I really wish Simon and Martina would review this. The ending will be my favorite part for them to review,L0L.

  69. Damn, K.will has done it again!! Don’t know why~ don’t know yyyyyy~!! Friendship is a beautiful thing.

  70. Sooo good! The music video even made me cry, not many of them do



  73. such a well done song (wonderful vocals!.. don’t know wh-yyyy~~~~)and MV :D great acting..and ahh the twist love it, unexpected :D

  74. I really really love everything about this music video! I want Simon and Martina to review this so badly!!!

  75. love love love this video

  76. Ohh I really want this reviewed! The ending made everyone so supprised and it made the whole plot intressting :) Otherwise it’s always the same ..


  78. This is one amazing MV. Great acting, very convincing, got me completely immersed in the storyline. The ending made it a hundred times better, I love being surprised and I had never seen that coming.

  79. I have a question, why they all live in one house ?
    and whose house is that ?

  80. Awesome video. A few things I would have changed, but otherwise, the meaning and the message transcend simple Kpop. This MV deserves far more support.

  81. I love this MV! I love the music that goes along with it and the ultimate troll it does at the end! lol It’s totally MIND BLOWING! AMAZING!

  82. thisisjustforfunval

    K.Will’s Please Don’t really deserves to receive all the attention that it can receive and the ability to garner more fans outside of Korea. He is an amazing vocal talent, that after much persuasion from all the artist he helped put on the charts decided to defeat his apprehensions and begin his own solo carrier. He sings his heart out on stage even if he still nervous about opening his eyes and looking to the crowd. Not to mention he never fails to give us stunning videos that leave us stunned like Please Don’t does or deeply touched with love like most of his other songs. He may be a ballad singer, but he is so much more than that and I hope more people can begin to see that. I love that Korea loves him :)

  83. i don’t know who i want to win Epik high, ailee or kwill. But mv wise i would have to choose between kwill and epik high. Kyaaaaaa THIS MV is so awesome and original

    • I’m having a hard time choosing between K.Will & Epik High… because next week is Halloween and I think it would be perfect for Epik High & its their comeback. But I want K.Will to be reviewed & I don’t want it to drop out on the charts either…

  84. nice song and totally unexpected ending… which was quite funny if somebody watched ‘Reply 1997″ haha

  85. me: aww if only he was in forbidden love with that person, that would be so cute and interesting…..
    me after the ending: my wish has been granted, now i may die happily.

  86. Top 3- Block B, Epik High, K.WILL. Let’s make it happen. (sorry Miss A)

  87. loveloveloveit

  88. This is the first K-Pop Music Monday i’ve ever actually voted for.. and i’m a certified V.I.P. Common people, do the math.

  89. this song is really good and also butterfly its such a beautiful song
    listen to it here :

  90. Seriously that was the best ending…did not expect it at all! Love this song and K. Will’s whole new album! FIGHTING this definitely should be reviewed!

  91. love this mv ! 8DD epsecially the ending is like asdfghjkl ><

  92. I love it ….
    at first I just wanted it to be in top 10 on the charts, but now its at number 4 ….

  93. I really want this video to be reviewed. The storyline is awesome!!

  94. At first I loved this because of the twist at the end, but now I just love all the emotion throughout the MV. The acting and music combined together is just epic *-* I could watch this forever.

  95. omg this is like my new favorite vid <333 the ending was just lkdfjoiesuiff my inner fangirl has been releashed broo <3

  96. Please vote for this video!! its a ballad but the story line!!! it’s a win!

  97. Come on people!!! This is a piece of art and needs to be reviewed!!! K.Will vocals, song and the story the video tells deserve it!!

  98. This has to get reviewed !! k.will fighting starship entertainment fighting !! :D

  99. I really hope this will be reviewed by S&M… K.Will has awesome vocals.. and to be honest, he’s the only Ballad artist I listen to. It doesn’t make me sleepy like other Ballad artists I’ve listened to..Besides 2AM, but 2AM songs just don’t get into me.. :/
    And I also want them to talk about the awesome ending of this music video!! ahahah xD
    Well Seo In Guk knows what pain Jun Hee felt in Reply 1997.. xD

  100. I’d love to see this video and song reviewed on Music Monday’s but should that not happen I honestly hope S&M will speak about it on the kpop chart update. That way more people can be introduced do they awesomeness that is K.Will’s powerful vocals and the superior trolling his music video did to us.

  101. Of all the song interpretations, I would really like to see what simon and martina will come up with for this!

  102. I can see why you guys like this so much :D

    I think this is one of the best songs on the charts at the moment – songwise. I found myself humming it shortly after hearing it for the first time :p

    The ending was kinda spoiled for me, since I read all your comments before seeing the MV, but it was still really well executed. I didn’t understand the whole ‘invisible girl in the car’ thing though :/

    And the acting of that main guy (is that K. Will?) was really spectacular. He really put a lot of thought and effort into his behaviour and facial expressions. I wouldn’t mind seeing and hearing more of him :)

    • I really like the song too! I also like another song his album, it’s called “Butterfly”. You should give it a listen. Oh and the main guy in the video is Seo In Guk, he’s the first person to win Superstar K. He has his own music and stuff. Oh, he was in “Love rain” and “Answer me 1997″. K.will wasn’t in the video at all.

    • I only started noticing Seo in Guk ( the main actor) when he started acting. He’s sorta the hot guy at the moment ( like Lee Min Ho was) but with the caveat that he is actually an amazing singer. He was in Love Rain as a secondary character doing the comedic acting against YoonA and Jang Geun Suk’s omg melodramaness. Then he was the male lead in Reply 1997 which was amazing and made him the breakout newbie actor of the year.

      • Oh, now I remember – he was in that Reply 1997 OST that is on the Kpop Charts (my kpop knowledge is limited to what is posted here at EYK -_-).

        I think I’d like him more as an actor than as a singer. After all, I saw his acting for 4 minutes and was immediately impressed – as opposed to that Reply 1997 OST and the four songs you just posted, all of which have not won me over.

        Unfortunately, I avoid Kdramas like the plague. They tend to be way to melodramatic for my liking, and their series are too long to fit into my busy schedule. I’ll stick to the 12-episode Jdramas, methinks. Sorry Seo In Guk – I’ll just have to see you in the next MV you feature in :S

        • I agree that he is a far more superior actor, but I did like his singing in Love Rain. I find that most of his songs tend to be melodic ballads so that’s why the ‘ take on me’ remake amused me so much.

          I need some j drama recommendations. The only one I know of right now is Rich Man, Poor Woman. Is it good? I really need to wean myself off the Korean ones and watch more Japanese things.

        • u can check out the recaps on dramabeans for korean dramas and theyve covered reply 1997 too :) i normally do that when i dont have time to watch the shows or if i want to see if a show is any good and i really like their recaps but thats my opinion.
          and reply 1997 isnt like the other korean melodramas (i totaly get what u mean which is why i avoided it at first but hten i saw good things and saw that there were recaps for it so i figured whatever, let me at least read the recaps). its down to earth and realistic so give it a shot if u have the time :) cheers

  103. thisisjustforfunval

    I’d like to hear Simon and Martina break down the whole plot of the video and why they believe he imagines the girl in the car at the beginning. He is clearly annoyed by her and we all believe he is heart broken over her till then end. But why does he imagine her? Is he in denial about his love for his friend and then finally really accepts his feelings the moment she disappears. There is a lot of thought put into this video and you notice more each time you watch it. This video was so well edited and written that most do not see the ending coming.

    K.Will’s spectacular vocal talent only enhances the the feel mode and movement of the video. I’d love to see K.Will in this video actually.

  104. OMG! The twist at the end! I never saw that coming!!!! XD

  105. Agh I LOVE this song and I LOVE this video. K.Will’s voice is just amazing and this video… it’s one of those videos that you watch over and over and you find so many new layers to it. Absolutely beautiful…

  106. WHAT! I LOVE K.Will, but man, that twist at the end, it shocked me O_O – could it be that K.Will is gay? Just saying, it could be a reference or something?. Ha, im just so shocked, cause Korean Culture doesnt take lightly to gay people. I still love the video and the song though <3

    • No, just because he’s accepting of homosexuality and perhaps even promoting acceptance for it does not mean he is gay. I’m not going to say he’s not because I don’t know him, but straight men can be ok with it too :) Glad you like the video~

  107. Was I the only one who realized that he was in love with her husband from the beginning? o_o

  108. It’s so fun to rewatch the video after you’ve seen the ending and see it in a different light. I hope they’ll at least mention it in the Kpop chart updates!!!!

  109. I’d really like to hear what Simon and Martina think about this video. It’s a ballad, yes, but it’s really easy on the ears, and the themes make the whole thing worth it.

  110. Guys look at this Cute photo ^.^

  111. Did anyone else notice that the name on the page browser reads k.will-please don’t eat your kimchi? How could they say that? Don’t they know that ‘Koreans eat kimchi’?(ask quited from T.O.P’s g market review)

  112. I am still shell-shocked by the ending of this MV… please please people, vote for this song… not only does the MV have a plot, the music (which brought me to the video unlike other kpop songs) is incredible! I know, it will have a hard time fighting with Miss A and TVXQ, but in my most honest opinion, this song is far more superior than the two.

    • I agree! People should seriously watch other videos and decide which are better rather than voting for their bias groups. You can still like your favorite group, but it doesn’t mean it has to be reviewed (especially if its a MV that’s been done a million times before… -_-’). I’m a bit of a Cassie & I’ve never heard of K.Will before, but this MV deserves to be reviewed over Catch Me : Catch Me was fun to watch but its just dancing…

  113. as others are saying they hope that you guys would discuss this song which I completely agree with!!!! I know you guys dislike ballads but I as well as others are dieing to hear your guys opinion expecially about the twist, as well as I would like to know how korea/koreans are taking the twist in this music video in the sense of sexuality is still frowned upon more so than other countries.

  114. I want mv to be reviewed sooooo bad D:

  115. I loved watching the reactions of all the friends I showed this to. Throughout the video, they were all like “Yeah, okay. Typical Korean love triangle”, “She’s going to get cancer or go blind, isn’t she?”, “One of them is a ghost, right?”.. Then BAM. MIND BLOWN!! Words cannot express how much I love this MV. Best MV of the year.

  116. This is like a mini drama, but I think it took the attention away from the song a bit. Love the twist at the end!

    • I don’t think so, I mean that twist is kind of big but If the song wasn’t good I wouldn’t have even made it to the end. When you think about it the MV sorta follow’s the Wedding dress MV plot, right? Guy and girl are close, girl is marrying his friend, guy see’s the couple intimate, guy goes to wedding. Similarities diffinitely could’ve been drawn but the song stands strong on it’s on.

    • Am I the only one who wasn’t shocked at the end and actually saw it coming?

  117. This song and MV are both amazing I wish more people would watch it then it could get voted up

  118. Great song and interesting video!!! Loved the twist at the end.

  119. I love this video! it was such a mind fuk at the end! lol i want the to review it !

  120. beautiful mv and song <3 I really hope this gets reviewed!

  121. Who else had to press replay after the first time watching it, just to look for signs of the plot twist at the end? *doing it now* xD

  122. Watching this so many times, besides the sadness, I really enjoy the moments between the two of them. The main character is so sad and annoyed throughout the whole MV, but whenever the groom comes along, his mood changes. I love the part where they’re together before they take the final photo; so cute! I really just want to see them together smiling and being happy and stuff… ;A; Who’s with me for a second part where they get together? XD

  123. I love love love his voice……

  124. Was voting for Bloom when I saw this video on the charts page! XD
    I really like this song! And whistling along to it haha~
    I liked the music video too, it was touching.
    (And how pretty is Dasom whee~)

  125. OMG THE END. But yeah. Love K.Will! Amazing singing props. :D

  126. marriage will do that… This is really sad. I really hope it gets voted for.


  128. I really do wish that this music video will get reviewed…
    Unlike many other music videos, this mv has a good solid plot (not to mention the twist at the end). This mv has an amazing, solid plot, good acting, and a fantastic song to go with it ;D It would be nice to hear simon and martina praising this song to high heavens :) (at least I’m hoping they will XD)

    • I know! The problem is, the others in front have LOTS of points. Unless this can stay up on the charts for six weeks, and no new good videos are released, it mightn’t make it :( But I’m going to send messages to S&M to try and make them say something about it :) Because like you said, its an amazing MV.

  129. it would be great if s&m would do this song…

  130. i know he prob doesnt have a chance but this vid would be awesome for them to review!

  131. I love this song! And I think they could definitely make an AWESOME review on this!

  132. K.will is totally my k-pop bias….like as in 100% bias…I love him and his voice SO much. I was hoping that he would get to be in his music video so I could fan girl over his handsome face….however, I was disappointed…but only for like 3 minutes and 30 seconds until the plot twist ending were I was like: SAY WHAT!!! WTH adjjiowhuiodwhuifoehuoerads!!

    Awesome acting. Great video. Beautiful Song!! K. Will you have done it again: Made me fall in love with you all over again…I didn’t think it was possible…^^

  133. I don’t really love the song but I do LOVE the video and how the song matches the video. It was very well done. I do have to say that my favorite part is at 50secs. The main characters laughs at what his crush says but then immediately goes back to glaring at the female.

  134. I think it’s a WONDERFUL song
    i can’t stop listening to it
    K.Will, u just gon one more russian big fan

  135. It’s now at No.6!! It beat Crazyno- Musiche!! (its an interesting MV but nothing that special IMO). Keep voting :D

  136. YAY! Even if its not reaching top spot, I’m happy this is on the top 10 ^_^ (though I really do think it deserves no.1 spot)

  137. I really hope this one gets reviewed… The song is great and I like the mv as well<3

  138. This awesome MV is #7 ^^
    Let’s keep voting …

  139. I love this song. It’s been on replay ever since it came out. Seo IN Gook’s acting is amazing. MY heart broke with his…The twist at the end just made me love the mv even more. I really want Simon and Martina to review this…Vote vote vote!

  140. oooo~ I love the twist at the end <3 and that voice…mesmerizing~~~~would be cool for MMs, but it needs a loooot more votes; & against DBSK, too…

  141. Would love to hear what you have to say about this, Simon and Martina! Yay K.Will!

  142. I really want Simon and Martina to do this review because It’s such a serious song. I know they don’t like ballads but I really like the story this MV told. Plus the fact that it trolled everybody, priceless.

  143. Oh come on…fan or not of K.will everyone knows he has an awesome voice and that this is the best video ever and need to be reviewed!!!!!


  145. I heard this song yesterday on Music core and gosh, I think I’m a fan of this guy now, his voice is totally perfect for this song and ballads in general.

    At the begining I tought it was like Seo Ingook’s character was jealous that his gf was way too nice to his friend, then bam! they were actually engaged and then tought oh, so he likes his friend but didn’t had the guts to confess to her before the other guy did. And then jbmsafudcbwsuhxa the plot twist at the end!! My mouth was dangling open for like 5 minutes.
    Love it!!

  146. This song is so beautiful and then combined with the mv it’s just perfection and this mv so desrves to be reviwed.

  147. I really like this song and video! Especially the twist ending :D

    I hope it gets picked for Music Monday!!!

  148. I really hope this song gets up the charts.

  149. I was so surprised by the ending. It has a great shock factor. I know this is a ballad and I’m not a huge fan of them either, but this is a video that shouldn’t be ignored.

  150. This music video is definitley one of my favorites. <3

  151. It’s 1,057,600 views !!!!!!!
    OMG ! I’m so happy for him :””’>
    K.Will <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  152. This video has become my favorite for 2012 and the song is just beautiful :)))) I really hope it gets voted in, the artist and the actors deserve it:))))

  153. y u no love this song

  154. Wait… can I ask why there are so many comments but its says there’s only 3 comments? o_o Have there only been 12 votes all day? This K-pop chart confuses me… I think its lying… This video has had almost 1 million views on YT in 3 days, it should be rated higher…

    • I believe that once again the charts have gotten stuck. They got stuck earlier this week as well. So don’t get too upset. It may be stuck on our end, but on the moderator page they can see the true ranking and votes. Also if you view the charts by date you usually can see a more accurate count of votes. I am thinking that the site is rebelling because Simon and Martina are away and have not been posting videos. Also we should be getting a new website design sometimes soon. They have been working on it for a while and it should be easier to navigate and have more information and usability.

      edit: yep I just checked. The rank by date chart has the correct votes(106) and comments (50), the rank by popularity chart is stuck. Gdragon and ukiss should be off the charts by now.

  155. Found a subbed version of the video and it makes things a little bit clearer. He’s talking about how he should let him go, his mind knows he can’t hold onto him but his body won’t let him. Despite the fact that he knows it won’t work, he still wants to be around and stay with him.

    I am still confused as to what happened in the car. Was there ever anyone in the car with him at all? Was it always the girl in the car and then she disappeared? How did his friend end up in the car? Dd his friend ever realize his true feelings? I really am starting to like the song of itself, k.will dies a great job of performing it live as well.

    • NO , there was no one in the car , it was all his imagination,
      first with the girl, he was always thinking about the girl and how he didn’t like that she was with the guy he liked and it was disturbing him. that’s why she was there and he was looking at her with a jealous look..
      and after he ripped the picture its like he erased her from his mind thats why she disappeared and his friend was there instead …
      hope it helped ..

      • Yes, I came to the same conclusion. I was only confused because it seemed like her reaction to him changed somehow in the car. At first she was smiling at him and being friendly, and then she got pensive and upset at the end. I agree that her disappearance came when he tore the picture and ‘erased’ her from his memory.

        The way I see it is that this is him driving home from the wedding. He is wearing the same clothes and everything. He is saying that even though his friend married this girl and he knows that they will never be together and it will make him sad, he still wants to be around him. So he will put on the happy face ( like he did at the end in the wedding photo).

        Notice his whole attitude changed when he realized that they were getting married? At first when they were on the stairs and she was annoying him he did not hide his annoyance, but after they told him that they were getting married it changed and he seemed to put up a fake mask of ‘ oh I am happy for you’. It seemed like at first he did not realize that they were as serious as they ended up being and he really resented her presence. But once he realized that she made his friend happy he decided to hide those feelings he had about her from them.

        But once he was alone in the car, the facade dropped and he mourned the love he had floor his friend. He knows that things cannot be the same between them if he ever revealed his true feelings, so he prefers to hide them so he can continue to be at his side.

        • You are right about everything you said and Yes, I was confused about that too, Why she changed her reaction towards him in the car, it looks like they both know about his feeling and they try to make him feel better like when she was teasing him in the beginning of the vid and the guy at the wedding looked at him and then he went out looking for him and brought him back to take a picture with them….

          and I have to say that their acting is soooo GOOD especially InGuk , his expretions says it all , the way he looks at the guy, every time he smiles when he looks at him and feeling anger and jealous when he sees the girl … just PERFECT…

        • There is a scene in the beginning where he smiles at the guy and as soon as the guy looks away he sneers at the girl. It is like a split second change in expression which I thought was awesome. I don’t think the guy knows his feelings, that’s the whole point. If he did know his feelings he would have to go away but he chooses to hide them so he can stay by his side.

        • Yes I liked that scene too it was really awesome .
          hmmmm that make sense that he doesn’t know about his feeling , thanks for explaining …. ^-^

        • I just realized that I used a lot of masculine pronouns in that sentence and it might have been confusing to some readers. We should name these guys, crush guy and husband guy.

        • haha yea that’s right this guy and that guy …
          we should use his name InGuk and I don’t know the other guy’s name (husband guy) … ^^

    • Considering there are some parts of nobody being in the car. probably there is nobody there to start with. the lyrics is more straightforward huh and … doesn’t go with the mv? ahaha handkerchiefs and peeling lips are such a girl thing to do too

      • With those lines I believe that there is a cultural translation there that we don’t understand. And I have been watching Korean stuff for to long for me to start associating things with girls or guys. They do gendered things in their culture that mine certainly wouldn’t. I still am befuddled at how Korean men cross their legs. Every time I see it my head leans to the side and my face gets a perplexed expression.

        Edit: and yes I now am certain that he was always alone in the car.

        • crossing the legs? only beefy guys can’t do that? actually when i start watching korean stuff, sitting manners that caught my attention is when a guy opens it big. it makes me ask myself why can’t he make it narrower or cross his legs. i find that a bit uncivilized in a formal setting especially (interviews/ talking to the camera). it doesn’t bother me in fun settings like outdoor and stuff. lol i see the culture gap that we have here. i know some girls who peel their lips while ‘in the zone’ thinking. the lyrics are pointing to that bad habit. never seen a guy do that… did kwill write these lyrics?

        • In my culture men don’t cross their legs at all. It is considered feminine. If they must sit with their legs together and their feet crossed for formal occasions then fine, but never crossing one thigh on top of the other leg like I have seen in Korea.
          What does it mean to peel your lips? I don’t get that. Is it a cultural thing?

        • i dont think it’s a cultural thing. just a very bad habit. like biting the nails. when you have dry skin on your lips. which is pretty often right.. erm.. some girls just picks on them. i use to bite my lips. it’s similar. you can always pick skin out… until you feel pain.. haha

        • Err.. So it is like biting your lips. Are you actually using your fingers to pick off dry skin? I understand biting lips, or licking them to moisten the skin but picking the dry skin off with your fingers would be weird to me and also seriously bad manners indeed.

          Hmm I never associated biting lips with only women though.

        • hmm.. but i do understand that part of the lyric because when you see girls do it.. they are always in this zone with unfocus eyes deep in thought. just like nail biting its not something girl’s do in public.. so the car makes sense. unlike biting lips. the action of holding 2 fingers up the lips is too feminine for guys to do i guess.

        • I guess that was why I was confused at that part because it is not a habit that is a part of my cultural knowledge.

          And sadly no, I find that unlike most of the other companies, YG people usually do not make huge YG wide fan sites so the only ones I know are tumblrs like ygfamilyy, pages for groups or individuals on soompi or group specific sites like bigbangupdates or YGladies or Clthebaddest. I have yet to find a se7en , psy, gummy, 1tym or jinusean site. I think that’s mostly cause they are not fully in the idol culture and were considered underground artists except for Se7en. Not to mention they don’t talk about the YG producers or actors. I think the only one that does that is ygfamilyy’s tumblr.

        • Heard Yg have one of the least united fandoms out there. Which is weird considering how close the artist are. Usually it rubs off into fandoms right? I’m getting out of topic yet can’t steer myself back. Ah I was on twitter. looking for kush under GD’s following list. Wanna give a shoutout cause I’m still listening to his mixtape.. I thought of jokwon and couldn’t find him there Lol! Omg I don’t know what to think. It even generated articles then.

        • I know they say VIP are lazy. I don’t know about blackjacks though. In comparison to sones, Elfs and Cassies they are not as united. But I found that they work in small groups, like the VIP’s that did that mural for GD in hongdae. ( dude, my iPad just autocompleted hongdae and sone this proves that I have been typing too many Korean words on here, the hottest thing was freaky too. It also autocompletes TKIR.)

          TKIR: ;-) handkerchiefs are always feminine? I guess men call their cloths, wash cloths or pocket squares. But sometimes my students have handkerchiefs, even the boys.

        • Vips are not lazy imo. Just not united like sm fans. But the public is obviously supporting the boys. It’s shown in the charts. They are not top in digital or physical but is the top with both combined. That says a lot .
          Tkir. Guys here don’t use handkerchiefs at all. I know Japanese men uses them frequently. But from korea media it seems to be not the case for guys too. While if a girl uses it. it’s uncommon and seem to be super feminine. Some kids carry them yeah. The funny part is briefs are called panties XD haha
          Despite the lyrics being more simple. The mv is different. I think a lot of crazy stuff will be coming out in mainstream. Kpop have this i have to top it mentality.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I pick at my lips all the time. Some people just play with their lip (like just touch it or worry it between their fingers) others actually peel the dead skin off. I do both. The peeling of the dead skin is such a disgusting habit (and I even tend to do it at work in front of my co-workers…good thing we are like a family). I also bit my lips at times but I usually pick at them more. I really haven’t seen many guys that worry their lips too much or bit it unconsciously (I’ve seen them do it when a ‘hot chick’ walks by and they crane their necks to see her backside).

        • Oh, then it must be something that does not exist in my culture then because I seriously have never seen anyone here do that before. Yes, bite or worry your lip, but never pick it. And yes, I see guys biting their lips especially if they are thinking about something ( work or sex).

        • Ok ok ok I’m lost and didn’t want to but can’t help but join this convo. Are you talking about literally picking your lips w/ your hands? Because I bite dead skin off my lips w/ my teeth all the time. But never have done it w/ my hands.

          Also where the crap is everyone from? lol Everyone keeps talking about dif cultures and I have no idea where anyone is actually even from.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Yep. It’s kinda like pealing off a scab. I only do it when my lips are really dry and there is a lot of dead skin. Otherwise I just play with my lip. It’s usually the bottom one.

          I’m from the US.

        • I have never heard of picking lips and I am from the Caribbean.

        • :O I am from the Caribbean! Awwwwww, another similarity between us!

        • You are from a Spanish speaking place right? I am from Barbados. Home of Run and Rihanna aka Little England or Bim.

        • Yes, I am! From Puerto Rico. Yay! Home of a lot of thing, good and bad. =P
          And no, picking lips is not a cultural thing as far as I know, at least not in my Island. But yes, I’ve seen people doing that, but just one or two times.

        • Yey puertoriquenos I have been there a few times. Went to the Museo De Ponce to see the ‘Flaming June’ painting and their restoration centre when I was a young art student.

          Strange though that I have also lived in the US for years as well and never seen people doing that. That was why I was so confused about the term.

        • Oh you went to the MAP! Awesome. I want to go to Barbados someday… So you have to recommend me good places! I like to do more than the usual stuff tourists do!

          Picking lips is kinda of gross! I don’t want to see someone doing that, ever again.

        • Malaysia. haha. it’s not that crude as grabbing with hands and stuff though lol

        • lol thats such a nasty~ habit! and a painful one at that

    • It’s like as he was remembering, the “anger” he had made him see them with him, like chasing ghosts from his past? Like when you fight with someone and want to settle things, the guilt makes you feel like they are there, waiting for an apology.

  156. I love this song, and video!
    I find the plot very interesting and Seo In Guk’s acting is superb!
    And gosh, K.Will’s voice is just, stunning, flawless, perfect!

  157. InGuk’s acting is sooo PERFECT …..

  158. thisisjustforfunval

    I really hope this video gets a lot more votes to move it further up the charts. I know Simon and Martina are not into ballads but K.Will is so talented and the plot twist in this video is worth the discussion :)

  159. Wow
    just wow. i love K.Will’s voice and that twist to the end of the music video. Very unexpected.
    Much love out to K.Will~!!!! <3

  160. k.will’s voice is perfection

  161. I just really want the to do a review of this one! I really liked it and want to see what they think of it!

  162. Awesome is seriously the one word that can describe this song! Infitnte replay!

  163. ame la cancion y el video!!!!!!!!

  164. me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. During the wedding. InGuk is smiling to the girl and stuff. The scene of people smiling when they are breaking inside breaks me too. Is he so kind even towards her? Or his consideration spreads to the girl because of the guy’s feelings? Or he understands the girl is venting on him because she loves the guy to(kindness hitting the roof there) or maybe the girl is actually his bff before this guy comes along. Or probably he gave up and just wish them happiness but his heart is not doing what he wants. I think it’s a little of everything..

  166. Lets put this MV to the top 10 ….

  167. All about this MV is amazing! Fighting K-Will!!!! <3

  168. I knew I was going to love this. His voice is awesome and I liked the plot of the mv from the start. It’s so cliche but so well done, and that twist at the end had me dying. I looooove this

  169. Not about the mv but a confession. Seo InGuk is totally my type. I don’t watch his shows or listen to his songs but his face totally hits the spot. My ( ) spot. Ok where’s the anon button.

    • I was into him from the time he showed up on the screen in Love Rain. I know he was supposed to be the ‘ unattractive dorky one’ but I seriously loved every moment he was on screen. I even liked the ‘ modern’ incarnation of him even though he was a douche and oblivious. His voice made up for a lot of it. Plus I love his eyes and he’s got a seriously nice body. Gosh, where is all this shallowness coming from today? I think I need to borrow your anon button.

      Starship really pulled out the stops to bring attention to what would have otherwise not have been such a talked about video. After all, Seo in Guk is one of the few actors that has managed to battle in the charts against the powerhouses that are psy, g dragon and tvxq last month.

      • I read he is not singing anymore and switched to acting? He must be doing very well in acting then. I don’t watch dramas… So I don’t know if I would want to see him more on tv. Is his dramas light ? As in happy overall? (I did watch full house just for rain because of his perfect face that I find the most flawless) Hahaha ;”)

        • Lol I think what the strategy is now is to have him do the OST to the dramas he is in. He also contributed to the Love Rain OST as well as the reply 1997 one. And this last OST was so popular that it topped the physical and digital download charts last month.

          The two dramas I saw him in this year were different. Love Rain was a musical melodrama where he was the lighter and more hilarious one. Reply was an a typical rom com. But there was some heavy material in it as well and his character was a prickly one.

          TKIR: this video brought out that prickly character from Reply. He seriously was angsty.

        • he.. was angsty? that character would fit him so well! cunning too. and intelligent. rag to riches. lacks empathy.
          were there love scenes? :3 i should seriously check out reply.

        • Lol he was also pretty hilarious at the same time. It was as if his prickly personality made the points in time when he was freaking out and being petty even more hilarious. Yes. Reply is awesome. And it is being shown on viki and drama fever.

  170. Ahh this song is finally here. The ironic thing is that the girl actually finds the guy a threat. She keeps him in check, hate him too and constantly scoffs him. While the husband is so freaking clueless this isn’t a even a triangle. Homo there is in a one sided love while rival knows all about it and constantly cock blocks up to the wedding day! Oh my heart aches for him. Also because he is so damn submissive T_T

    • I can’t believe you. You stalked me to unknown places yesterday, asking if I had seen the video and now I am waiting for you to comment on it and you take forever. I am so disappointed in you :-p.

      And yes yes yes, she is so cock blocking and annoying him. I was in between whether she was being openly malicious and mean or just didn’t notice the fact that he pretty much was annoyed whenever she was around his man. It was sorta amusing.

      Well he also knows that his love is definitely one sided and is going with the I would rather be around you and be hurt, than be apart from you angle. Heartwrenching.

      • Haha you caught me. I was out the whole day and was itching to comment here when I reached home. But its not like I churned out something hugely philosophical or something anyway lol. She is being openly malicious. Her mask fell in the car. Because the bf is not there anyway. Got tired with the happy mask probably. Poor boy is bullied so much lol. The girl is pushing his limits imo. Because friend is a set with the bf. The guys seem to live together while the girl isn’t… (why does driving the girl home the friend’s job) and the girl is tired of him clinging around too and want him out of the picture.. Completely

        • Why is that? Does she think that perhaps if the boyfriend did know that he’s choose him over her? Tsk tsk. Will rewatch to see if her character is really oblivious or just mean.

        • she was. but it’s true. to be so wary over the opposite sex is a bit weird huh. normally girl would treat rivals coldly/ sarcasticly/ scheming behind the scenes and stuff right. if she’s mean anyway. or even scold the person right in the face when they’re alone (in dramas at least). ok a thought twist. what if the girl cares about the friend’s feelings more than you think. that’s why it’s driving her up the wall. ahh… if she’s ‘trying’ to be mean then she’s crying inside too

        • I dunno it seems at moment, like when she’s poking him and trying to make him cheer up, when she came down the steps in her wedding dress at the wedding and also when they show off the rings that she really was oblivious. It is only in the car where they are sitting and staring that it seems like maybe she knows. Actually I am starting to think that he was actually always alone in the car and those are just his memories and feelings about the, accompanying him. Seems like he’s maybe driving home from the wedding? Or maybe not since he already has a copy of the photo of all three of them.

        • hmm.. if the girl was his thoughts all the time in the car. then it shows her image to him. if he can visualize her being sad, that means he didn’t bear any grudge towards her at all right? realised that at 1:05 she’s .. teary? sighed. she might not be so bad after all.
          heh i don’t find her oblivious at all. she’s too rough for cheering up.
          at 1:36 when the couple were announcing the wedding. girl did the ‘you see that’/ ‘yeah in your face’/’whatchu gonna do about it’ head nod lol.

        • Oh yes, that was the scene that I really felt the bitchiness coming through, like she was taunting him with the ring. Maybe it was just her showing off and being happy, but to him she was just being malicious and hurtful.

  171. unicornsgalaxy

    I do really like this video. I did see the ending coming though.

    1.) If you secretly in love with your friends girl, your expression isn’t going to be one of total incredible annoyance with a hit of disgust when you look at her (there may be some disgust but it would be directed inwardly). And the expression when you look at your friend would be a bit different…once again that inwardly directed disgust and also probably some shame too. The actor here did a really phenomenal job with his facial expressions.

    2.) I saw an article that mentioned the homosexual tones in the video…totally a spoiler.

    For the song, I don’t know if it will become one of my favorites but it’s definitely catchy and it’ll go into steady rotation on my list. I actually quite like it.

    • Oh in the beginning of the video I simply could not stand how he obviously had disdain for her but she kept poking him and trying to make him laugh. I get the feeling that maybe she knew he liked him and was taunting him. I know that in the car it seemed like maybe he told her and that’s what caused her to go all pensive but at the same time I am not sure how to think about the car scene since in the end she disappeared and his friend was there and then he was alone in the end.

      I think it is a video like ‘The Sixth Sense’, the Bruce Wilis movie not the B.E.G song, where the reveal makes the whole movie/ video a lot more intriguing and you go back and have to look for clues.

      • Yes I know! That’s why people have to watch it the whole way through otherwise they’ll probably think its just another Taeyang Wedding Dress. I’m wondering if it was intentional to make it seem similar it Wedding Dress, to make people think assume it was going to end the same way?

        Anyway, watching it a second time, you definitely notice the dislike he has for her, and how he’s happier when the guy is around.
        Yes, the car scene confused me too. I agree with you, I think he told her. I also think it was used mainly to confuse the viewer. The part that confused me the most was when he reached out to her in the car, but in the flashback scene just before it, the groom was on the left and the bride on the right. She reached out for his hand, so I’m thinking maybe he was trying to reach out for the groom? There’s also another theory around that he thought he liked the girl, but in the end he realised it was the guy he liked.

        I don’t really know, that’s why I’m hoping Simon and Martina can review this; I want to see their theory :)

    • I was spoiled too >_< Actually, how I found this video was I thought "Hm I wonder if there's any homosexual-themed K-pop songs" so I googled it and this came up! It'd only been released a couple of days ago so I would have found out about it anyway. I kind of wished I didn't google it now… I wanted to be surprised… But its still a great MV though.

  172. This is an absolutely gorgeous MV… Not only is the ending a twist unique from other K-pop MVs, but it has a storyline similar to Taeyang’s Wedding Dress, which is one of my favorite MVs because of the emotional strength in it (this MV is strong too, the main actor is great :D). The song isn’t AMAZING but its still very nice to listen to, its i-Pod-worthy. I think S&M should say something about this MV even if it doesn’t make it to K-pop Mondays, since their video about homosexuality in Korea indicated to me that this MV would please them :) Homosexuality everywhere needs recognition & acceptance (but for all we know, this guy could just be REALLY close friends with the other guy and gets jealous easily haha)

    • Actually I take back what I said, the song is AMAZING and I can’t stop listening to it haha. K.Will is an amazing singer, its just I wasn’t paying attention to the song when I watched it.

      • I also started to love the song after playing it the second time. If it goes on iTunes’s will buy it. I like the quirkiness of the instrumental and there is a bit of blasé tone to some of what he is singing. It at first sounds like a typical ballad, but it is filled with hurt and mirth and a bit of a ‘martyr’ tone.

        • MidnightEkaki

          That is a perfect way of explaining it, and I agree. Absolutely love the instruments used. I have a weakness for wide vocal ranges too, he just nails the high notes. Such a strong voice, his lives are good too. I’ve become his fan in under 48 hours ^-^

        • Yep, I am having the same revelation. He doesn’t even appear in his own music video because his voice makes at much of an impact.

  173. Everything about this video is DAEBAK and AWESOME!!!
    Lets vote so tat we can understand and know what simon and martina think and decipher from tis mv!
    is seo in guk a Gay or NOT!!!!

  174. The song is Awesome, the MV is Awesome, the acting is Awesome ….
    everything about this song is Awesome….

  175. oh god, words cannot explain how much I appreciate this MV. The song was okay, but the MV is so good.
    1) Dasom is so pretty and her performance in this MV was priceless and I like Dasom and I want a Sistar comeback!
    2) I was beginning to think that i was slowly getting out of my kpop phase because kpop MVs in general are getting totally boring. I love that this was a story MV. I miss those. its been so long ~
    3) My emotions as I was watching this video: ooo no boxes–its just another one of those typical guy wants girl mvs — wait. wtf. — omg seriously— LMAO! — this mv just went from boring to epically brilliant.
    I loved the ending because it was like the LAST thing one could have possibly expected. I like unexpected twists, and this twist was spot on and it surprised me and made me laugh all at the same time. the best kpop MVs are those that provoke the most emotion, and this provoked a lot, let me tell you XD
    I like all of Starship’s artists, i realized.

    • Yey! I haven’t seen you around for a while and I got worried. K.Will’s voice is melodic and strong ( He is a strong Balladeer voice that reminds me of Daesung’s). I actually watched the live Music Bank version of the song first and I was like, it’s an ok song, nothing grabbed me. But the video is exquisite. I must say that I called it from the time the other guy showed up. I was suspicious because of Seo In Guk and his character’s story in Reply 1997, so at the end I was like ‘ I knew it!’.

      • haha yeah i have been fairly inactive lately XD. But then I watched this MV and realized I need to comment on this awesomeness XD
        I hear a lot of people talking about ‘Reply 1997′. I actually have no idea what that is lol. what is it? XD

        • Ah it is a drama that just recently finished airing on TvN ( a cable channel) which was really different and awesome. Half of the story took place in 1997 during the first real hallyu wave and the other half took place concurrently in current 2012 where they teased the audience to figure out what had happened between 1997 and 2012.

          The main female character ( played by Eunji from A Pink who I actually couldn’t tell was an idol ) played an obsessed H.O.T fan. Seo In Guk, (the jilted crush guy in this video) played her childhood best friend Yoon Yoon Jae and Hoya from Infinite played his best friend who was in love with Yoon Jae all of his life. Thus why I called it. The male/ male crush thing is something that was played out rather well in that Drama. It has the highest viewership of any Cable Drama ever. tVN has been killing it this year, first Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, then Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Queen Inhyun’s Man and now Reply 1997.

          It was well written and really nostalgic for those Kpop fans who were around during that time. They completely reenacted the huge fight that the Hottests and Sechs kies fans had outside the Gayo awards that year.

          Edit:Oh and it was so well written that most people really wanted Yoon Jae and Hoya’s character (Kang Joon Hee) to end up together because they were sorta awesome and Joon hee was so sweet and well written. Also the writer wrote that part of the story from the angle almost completely ignoring the fact that Joon Hee was a guy. he actually said that all he focused on was that Joon Hee loved Yoon Jae and not on the fact that they were both male.

        • H.O.T ‘s fans are called hottest too? Same as 2pm’s fandom? This is obviously the drama of the year with all the rave reviews and stuff.

        • No they are called White Angels. I think it auto corrected to hottests. Yep I just typed hot and it autocorrected itself.

        • iloveminhyun

          Wow, I feel so clueless about kpop now XD I really know absolutely nothing about about H.O.T and Sechs kies, but i know there was fighting. That’s it XD
          But now, I actually really, really want to watch Reply 1997 now. I am going to obtain it somehow, watch it, and I’ll tell you what I think when I’m done. Really excited about watching it right now. :)

          TKIR: his expressions in this MV are really priceless XD. The acting in general is really good in this MV.

        • Oh the Fangirl part of the series was awesome. Even to the end she was a serious H.O.T fan. Her nickname was Tony’s wife. And she did some crazy stuff to be their fan. She even at one point in time had Eugene from S.E.S’s completely stupid poofy hairstyle. Some of the best parts were her interactions with her father, who like most fathers of Kpop fans thought she was insane, her parents’ interactions, and well just generally everyone’s interactions because they really acted like friends, fighting and getting back together, falling in love and all that jazz.

          And there were even some awesome in jokes like Tony Ahn ( from H.O.T) played himself doing cameos in the show. And Eun Ji- won ( the Sechs kies maknae) played one of the main group of friends and ever so often made comments about his real younger idol self and how awful he was and sometimes people made comments about how he looked like him and he used to throw tantrums about it.

  176. So glad I found this on here! I would be super surprised if it got reviewed seeing as they aren’t very popular, but it’s still amazing. I really wonder how Korea is dealing this after Ga In’s risky Bloom MV. Two heart attacks in a row for the close-minded, conservative country. XD

    • I don’t know who downvoted you but you are right. This month in music videos going to be interesting. First Ga In with her masturbation and sex scenes, now K.Will with his boy crush/ love heartbreak scenario which sorta echoes Reply 1997 and then HyunA is coming out with some ‘Melting’ album with dripping icecream as her first single. Oh and I nearly forgot last month with Secret and their crotch dance.

      An interesting time for the Ministry of Bannanation.

    • I’m starting to doubt if the censorship board is working. Lol if so then it’s pretty lenient as both mvs even though controversial, is shot beautifully. Then again I heard people are bypassing the law and getting fined instead. Yg apparently got 2 strikes for GD (mainly because he won’t make it at all if sent for screening) oh well… Lol. no idea

  177. Yey! It got added. I was waiting for this. I soooo called the ending! It was an interesting twist on Seo In Guk’s role as Yoon Yoon Jae in Reply 1997. I liked the song of itself but the music video is really the cream on top. It is beautifully shot, like a mini drama with some interesting changes in lighting.

    I really think that Boram’s inclusion did not really affect me, as much as I like Sistar and the ‘other ‘ guy’ is an up and coming model. Seo In Guk is already tall so this guy must be gigantic 186 cm they say, but you know they always embellish. But for this guy I think they are telling the truth. He looks like a willow: tall and lanky.

  178. unicornsgalaxy

    oh wow! that was just awesome! I loved the song and the video…