K.Will – Please Don’t

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  1. This video seriously makes me teary. Seo In-guk kills it and then with K-will’s powerful instrument…really well made piece of entertainment!

  2. oceania blue

    is this poll still open? are we allowed to continue to vote for this mv?

    • No, the voting for this video closed a while ago. You only have a 25 day window after it is put on the charts to vote for it. However you can still post your commentary, it just would not count for points.

  3. This has so many votes….please review it? :(

  4. Please vote him for KMM !! He can be the next efter GG !!

  5. happybunnyntx

    I already was liking the song as one of those standard “one-sided love” type of things, but throwing in the ending threw me off entirely, in a good way though! I’ll definitely be singing this one for awhile~ ^^

  6. But i want it to

  7. Omg this will never happen

  8. Woah~!
    I haven’t commented in so long, but I was really moved by this video. I can’t really judge if the main guy was a good actor or not (crying scenes are still to korean, I guess – not very convincing) but that smile turning into a glare was AWESOME and made this MV really interesting to watch.

  9. I keep hoping for this song, hoping it’ll get more votes and off the 10th page. :/

  10. Patricia547

    Dang it! Never got reviewed. So sad :’C

  11. Love this song and video. i never expected the ending.

  12. I love this song and video. It really moved me. The acting and K.Will’s voice (especially his high notes) are superb.

  13. I love this song and video. It moved me so much. The acting is great and K.Will’s voice (especially his high notes) is superb.

  14. I really really want this song to be reviewed!! Pls pls! I hope more and more would vote for this song!

  15. Love K.Will!!!! Really want Simon and Martina to do this review

  16. Simon and Martina please do a review of this music :)

  17. K I love k will more then ever. My god he’s amazing. His looks kind of remind me of bang yong guk anyone else? Just me? Okay

  18. I just love this song so so so much! I wish it would get more votes and views. :(

  19. Wow, I really, really, REALLY love this song. It’s so powerful and I fell instantly in love with it – which doesn’t happen with a lot of songs. And the MV is great. I was really tearing up because everything was so sad because he was so heartbroken and couldn’t get the girl and then.. um… wat.
    Thaat was really some unexpected plot twist there. I really didn’t suspect this outcome! I was first totally baffled and sat there with my mouth open and couldn’t believe what happened until I started laughing because this is really hilarious and then I watched the MV again and again to look for signs and yep.. there is no sign in the video that he would actually be in love with the girl and even the one scene where she teases his face and where he looks really annoyed.. it wasn’t because she was playing around and hurting his feelings because he loved her but.. because he was annoyed she was there and existed at all. Brilliant. I totally thought it was the girl the first time but if you watch it again you can actually notice that he looks much more at the guy. Really awesome. Awesome song and awesome MV. Definitely my favourite KPop song right now.

  20. TheAnonGit

    This is such a beautiful song. I’m not usually a ballad person, so I’ve never really been interested in K Will, but I’m so glad I gave this song a chance. The plot twist at the end is so brilliant. It’s too bad this song isn’t going to be reviewed </3
    I'm just kind of curious as to how SK handled this MV. They aren't exactly accepting of homosexual relationships..

  21. I think is gonna be pretty impossible for Simon and Martina to review this video, but OMG! it was simply awesome!!!

  22. please do this video!!! It is sooo cute plusss it has a great plot twister!! :]

  23. From now on, I’ll watch MVs making sure that I consider that the person could be both straight and gay. You will never trick me again K.Will!

  24. this song should be reviewed .

  25. chiakaiyuki

    I really love the song as well… K.Will has such a pretty voice, and it fits so nice with the music. ~

  26. chiakaiyuki

    I’m really happy with the ‘surprise’ ending, because this is a step in the right direction for Korean entertainment, to show gay people without prejudice. :)

  27. I would Loveee for this to get reviewed! So much..

  28. Why can’t people vote for music like this? This is beautiful!

  29. genial!!!
    alpricipio te dejas llevar por lo obvio … mas al final te quedas WTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH???? LO ENCANTA LO QUE PROVOCO EN MI ESTE MV!!!

  30. I know this isn’t going to get reviewed, but wow. This is such a good song and vid!!!! :O

  31. Konno Asami

    Powerful song~

  32. Too bad the most famous artists get voted on. Too many biased people! More “unfamiliar” artists deserve recognition too!

  33. I LOVE this song. And the MV, too. I hope S&M will review it!! ^_^

  34. I’m really sad that this isn’t higher on the charts. I REALLY want them to review K.Will because his videos are always so powerful & his voice is gorgeous.
    Even if it’s not a full Music Monday [because there’s no dance/English, so..] Just a quick reaction to the plot would be nice. I love his music/videos so much. TT_TT He deserves more credit.