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Kara – Pandora

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  1. I really hope they review this song, or just more KARA stuff in general. It’s sad to see this so far down on the charts…

  2. Phew, now this video is in the 3rd page… ):
    The MV doesn’t have something really special, but the girls are so lovely in their performances~
    Nicole, Seungyeon, Hara, Jiyoung, Gyuri hwaiting! <3

  3. OMG this is at 43??? I really wanted a review of this… =[

  4. i cannot believe this video didn’t make it.. like seriously.. :/

  5. DUDE how the heck did this vid go from 4th to 29th!?!?!? D:

  6. Kara’s the best!! This song is one of my fave song… Please make a review out of it!

  7. Kamilias ! go to and vote for them too !!

  8. I wanted Kara to be reviewed but it’s so far from making it. Can’t have another boy band so I’ll support T-ara… /cries while waving goodbye to the fading Pandora/

  9. KARA <3 (^__^)


  11. KARA

  12. I never been here before, but I voted Kara. I don’t think a k-pop song has ever gotten stuck in my head as much as this one has.

  13. Why is ft island and ze:a ahead of kara? Kara has more points than they do o_o

    • After a week the votes that were given that week go down in how much they count.

      Like, a week after a video is released, those votes from that week have ony 95% value. It would then go down to something like 90% the week after, and so on and so forth.

  14. KARA fighting!!

  15. come on !!!, we need more votes, Kara in the 4th place :(

  16. Guys come on keep voting!



  19. Come on Kamilia VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  20. They have to do a kpop music monday for this song!!

  21. I really want Simon and Martina can have a review on Kara – Pandora ~ I love this song so much that I listen it for hurdrund of times every day!! Support Kara!

  22. Will this song ever get reviewed?

    • Probably not. It would need 20K+ by the end of this week in order for it to beat
      T-ARA. Its been 2-3 weeks old now so the number of votes it got would’ve decreased by % just to make things fair.

  23. Fuck t-ara.

  24. I’ve been voting for this song for WEEKS.
    This is never going to get reviewed, is it? -_-

  25. I bet the companies release their music videos on a certain date just so it can get in the way of reviewing other videos for music mondays

  26. I feel so bad for the nu’est fans but come on kamilias~!! Keep voting

  27. please review pandora T__T

  28. The singing is amazing !!!!

  29. ahh they are 3rd hope it gets reviewed before GD comes out with a new MV & come on T-ara is already a head of us damm

  30. Kara’s Pandora should make it to the Music Mondays, it’s so awesome, better than T-ara!!!

  31. I don’t like the T-ara vid as much so I hope it doesn’t get reviewed. It does have a good beat but the dance video sucks. I like Kara’s vid better and I like the song.

  32. Why is this not ahead of t-ara??? it has more everything than t-ara except for fb and comments, comments are only 1 point each and i understand that fb is 4 points, but still kara should be ahead???

  33. Woot!! Kamillia!

  34. Pandora hwaiting <333

  35. hopefully no new super junior, snsd, 2ne1, etc so in 3 weeks kara will be reviewed!!!

  36. Ebircs

    Come on, Kamillia! Let’s get this up on EYK!
    Congrats to KARA for Music Bank <3

  37. Lets keeping voting guys!


  39. I hope the will win next week D:

  40. Kara is so sexy♡ Kara fighting!!

  41. I hope KARA wins sooner or later ;_;
    T-ARA already got more votes than KARA.
    GD is coming out soon :<
    KARA has a lot of fans that don't know about eatyourkimchi i guess :<

  42. Comonnnnnn KARA!

  43. Do you guys think that KARA still has a chance to get #1 next week?
    We’ll probably need to reach 20,000+ votes then.



  46. I really like this song :D

  47. Girls KARA won KARA freaking won XD congratz kamillias, i bet u r soo happy. and the girls gangnam style dance LOL why r they soo adorable????

  48. Best among the best .

  49. Kara just won Music Bank.
    Congrats Kara.

  50. Gahh t-ara is beating kara

  51. KARA is the best, lets keep voting! GD will win next KMM, after that lets make KARA win.

  52. I really want eatyourkimchi to review this vid :(, one of my favourite songs so far

    • Then you should get other people to vote for it. I’m doing it already.
      I’m a little sad that T-ARA’s higher than it. But I reckon its just bad timing of releases.

      • tara is higher because their MV just came out so their votes count more but yeah we need to make ppl vote for this one lol im gonna try to bring Triple S but we r kinda busy with kyu jong MV LOL still gonna try to help u guys

  53. helping you guys.
    hope this gets reviewed…

  54. once GD gets reviewed we will probably get KARA’s review don’t give up kamilia :D

  55. from 8th to 2nd! while going against cassies and vips too!!!

    kamilias have DETERMINATION (unlike some other groups…)

  56. Anyone going to the Incheon concert on Sunday who is excited to hear this live?!

  57. very nice song

  58. Uhh, I really want Shadow to win… but I can’t help but vote for Pandora too. I like everything about this, except for some of the funky hairstyles. By the way, the link doesn’t show on the EYK charts, but you can totally get this on iTunes too!

  59. Come on guys! We have to keeping voting!
    T-ara is coming up fast!

  60. I wonder if this would even have a chance.

  61. Love this song! Really hope it’s reviewed!

  62. K.A.R.A.~!!!

    ♡KARA with KAMILIA♡

  63. Kara is the best.

  64. Aww i think kara has noo chance now that GD has another MV grrr wae wae? Pff anyway lkeep doing ur bets kamillias
    Triple S here supporting u girls

  65. Up and ah ah~ LOL how many times did the box appear? O~O

  66. KARA nation, we must hold on and keep voting for 3 weeks. It looks like GD is going to win for 2 weeks in a row! We must be strong and never lose hope, keep on voting…KARA forever!!!

  67. I want Kara’s vid to be reviewed.. This isn’t my fave Kara song and I don’t get why they’re in oddly lit rooms or why there is a car there but whatever.. I would love it if it’s reviewed..

  68. I love the song but the video doesnt have much to get revied on. I wish they could review like two in a week but whatever Kara fighting though :)

  69. It really would be nice if Kara got reviewed….

  70. I love this song, and really hope that you guys can review it!!

  71. I’ve always liked Kara, listened to all of their songs but never really bothered to follow them like I would with Super Junior or DBSK but this song kind of sealed the deal for me. It’s SO good.


  73. How come you guys don’t have an option to promote on tumblr? xD 

  74. love these girls, they are amazing

  75. oh please… i want kara win, since they never review kara before..

  76. come on kara fans help out nu’est they never got a review

  77. So guys, I’m kinda new to Kara. I play step on repeat but I don’t know any of the girls’ names. Can someone help me with that?

    • Park Gyuri – The leader (She’s known to have a variety concept of an arrogant goddess, please don’t mistaken as her real personality. It’s not real, just for laughs only) But she’s really a Goddess, a kind one. haha.
      Han Seungyeon, Goo Hara, Jung Nicole and Kang JiYoung (Youngest)

  78. Aaaa x q todos mis come tarios los borran osea q pasa? Si no stoy spamenadoo grr ptf bueno a apoyar a kara

  79. i’ve been listening to this song on repeat for 2 days straight!!! and i’m a strict Super Junior fan!

  80. wow kara has been doing god! from 7th to 3rd! now lets get to second, i know it wont be reviewed this week or the next because of GD but i would like them to be reviewed at some point

  81. Even when kara has noooo much hope agaibst GD im gonna do my best to support this awesome girls, they r awesome.
    Grr nicole is such and adorable girl grr miss star golden bell because of her lol
    And gyuri grr she is by far the best fenale leader in the kpop world
    Hara grr evne whne ppl bash her for her lack of singing abilities she still such a great girl she is funny and she has a great personality
    Makane lol giant maknae what can we say about that crazy and silly girl XD
    And sungyeon grr when i heard what she did for kara on strong heart i was sooo touched she cares and loves them and she would do whatever for them

  82. go go kamilia’s vooooooooooottttteeeee !

  83. i really like the dance! its sexy without being too in your face like mister 

  84. song is the best! love it! one of my favorites from them! hope they review them and not nu’est! lol! KARA~! CAN DO !!!!

  85. im not usually into kpop girl group songs because i think they all sound really generic most of the time, but i must say, i really like kara’s songs. this song is definitely different from most kpop, so it’s got my vote!

  86. i think all of you guys need to contact all the kamilia you know to  help us vote for this song :D

  87. I love the anime feeling that this song has and I wish do see Simon dancing to it, oh you so nasty!

  88. I haven’t quite figured out the meaning of the lyrics either but the song sounds great nevertheless! 

  89. i wish the actual song was more like the teasers, but i still like

  90. I do like this song, but both the video intro and the first few secs of the actual song hinted towards something much greater and now I can’t help but to feel slightly robbed of a potentially amazing song… But it’s definitely good and a huge step up from Step, even thought that album itself included a few really nice songs.

  91. this song totally needs to be reviewed!!!it’s been so long since S&M reviewed KARA

  92. well with GD’s new song coming out soon I hate to say it but i don’t think this will be reviewed 

  93. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH ! Out of all their album track titles (or just any track) THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE ! It has that japanese feel and also has that similar melody to Sailor Moon ;) It’s quick-paced and this just gives me a massive internal adrenaline rush HNGHHHH

  94. It sounds like they’re saying “up and out”, which is pretty cool since then they would be “breaking out of the box”.

  95. So I’ll start commenting on the actual video soon, but to help this video get reviewed, I would like to repost Fuuko4869′s recommendations on how to best support a video on here. It’s still worded as if it was geared towards nu’est since it was posted on that video, but I didn’t want to change any of the words that she used, because then I would be putting words in her mouth and that sucks.

    I would ask that you up vote this so others can see and use this so we can get it reviewed. Here it is:

    “Here’s the voting guidelines:
    - Click on the green [Thumbs up] button twice a day per IP address (it only registers it once a day, but just in case you forget)
    - Click [Like] via the Facebook button. Use [Send] to send the link to your friends
    - Tweet twice a day, because I spam tweets aren’t registered.
    - Click [+1] and Share via Google+. Don’t have an account? MAKE ONE. If you have trouble sharing, a small tip courtesy of MirUsako: Keep the mouse on the button, type whatever you want to say, use [Tab] and [Enter] to navigate around the post and to submit onto Google+.
    - Comment lots. Don’t spam or you will be banned. By me. lol. Comment say, once every 30 mins, about things in the video, song, or the live performance of this song. You can post relevant links (cover videos, TV performances, iTunes links, album cover photos). Make discussions. Ie. What did you think of Ren’s pink wheels? What was Baekho spraying with water? What was he looking at outside the window? Why do they sleep fully clothed in fashionable outfits? What breed is the dog? What books were on the shelf? How much do those purple Beats cost? What are the lyrics? What do they mean? How did the Japanese locals react to these guys walking around? Why does Ren always wear pink? What could have been done to make this song/video better? How does it compare to their other songs/ other group’s songs?….etc. Discuss.
    - Get other people to help you. That’s the most determining factor. Recruit people from youtube, facebook Nu’es pages, fanforums, the dreaded akp, other fandoms (BABYs are a good idea, they’re nice), wherever.
    Increasing the view also helps, but not much I don’t think. It’s mainly voting, sharing, and commenting.”

  96. KARA KARA KARA~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Guys come on!
    Keep voting~ I love this song by Kara a lot!
    I’m not even a fan. I know after Junsu’s, it’ll be definitely GD but the week after that will do!

  98. i wanna see what they have to say about the choreo~

  99. It’s been far too long, so glad to finally see them back! And with a great song too, I def have this on repeat all the time!

  100. Where are all the Kara fans I know there are a bunch come on we gotta get this win for our girls : D

  101. i love the white outfits and nicoles orange one!!! 

  102. lol as I said, all of those aren’t my opinions – I just collected stuff from all the comments already posted here – but thank you for clearing that up. :)

  103. Kara needs to win!!! OuO <3 

  104. Love, love love it ! KARA is awesome. A year long wait was definitely worth it ! The instrumental is amazing !!! 

  105. It sounds like Sailormoon OST. Hmm… They should have cos-played it. Imagine the Picture :)

  106. This song is so awesome! I used to not really like Kara, but their songs are starting to grow on me. I love the visuals of this video (Flashing lights every where!) but am I the only one that thinks Kara is….ummmm….acting kind of…..slutty? I’m not a Kara hater, just an observation. It reminds of the whole Hyuna bubble-pop video…. Please don’t kill me Kara fans! 


    I’m loving this new song from KARA, it has that edgy, epic feel that you get from a climax scene in a drama or anime and it just makes you want to sing all day!


  109. I really think Kara should get in for kpop Mondays because as much as I love GD and BigBang, GD’s new song is kind of merh :/

  110. I quite like KARA, which is why I feel it’s a pity that only about 15% of the comments actually say anything about them. The rest are just asking us to vote, which I’m pretty sure everyone here is already doing.

    So, here’s all the fairly substantial observations that have been made about this video so far (excluding mine): 
    - The song rocks; it’s nice (after the 3rd-5th listening), catchy, awesome, has a retro-ish feel, boring, cool, weird, better than before, not as good as Step.
    - The sound is very fresh, anime-ish, like Sailor Moon, like a Halloween song, entirely different from all the other Kpop songs that are coming out today, like a cheap TV show, like a not-as-original theme song of a James Bond flick.
    - The instrumentals are amazing, like an anime opening.
    - The video is pretty, boring, so awesome it can kick-ass, not much of a story, lots of yummy visuals, not Kara’s greatest, matches the song and dance.
    - Each member has their own unique set, flashy outfits and setting.  
    - Some parts of the video remind them of differents parts of 2NE1′s videos
    - They’re dancing in a box, but with a point.
    - It’s a box within a box: Boxception.
    - The neon colors, the outfits, the art direction, the graphic of the box at the end were awesome.
    The dance is tight, and makes them look like they’re hungry
    - The pink box is Pandora’s Box from Greek mythology
    - One of the sets looks like the inside of a washing machine (or Hamtaro’s exercise wheel)
    - The lyrics is  “up and up ah ah” instead of “oppa” which is weird
    - The chorus makes you go ‘awww yissss’ 
    - Was possibly evaluated by the anti-sexy censoring people
    - This is the sexy and mature KARA that has returned from Japan- They have a lot of charisma here, are so beautiful, have nice hair colour, too sexy to handle, all look gorgeous.
    - 2:25 with Seungyeon/Hara/Nicole is…wow.
    - Hara had many sexy eye cameos, has a new hairstyle, is skinny, and is wearing disco pants which are really popular right now. 
    - Nicole is so nasty, sexy, and pretty
    - Seungyeon looks amazing and has an amazing voice
    - Jiyoung is a beautiful but cute lady, and her high notes can kill people.
    - Gyuri is a shinee girl
    - Blue Hair. Again.

    What do you guys think about the observations above? Do you have anything you’d like to add? Please make comments along those lines. Cheers!! ^^b

  111. let’s vote, vote, vote!!! xD

  112. this is so different from their last comeback!

  113. <3 love this song sfm 

  114. This needs to be reviewed! Let’s all vote!!!

  115. oh and hey dont be lazy and just click VOTE also SHARE TO FACE BOOK, its TWICE as valuable as clicking on VOTE! and only takes 1 extra second!

  116. hope kara really will overtake nu’est. we can if kamilia just stop being lazy! lol but i doubt that we can beat gd at this point. took long enough for kamilia to get on the boat! lets beat them out! sorry nu’est lol

  117. I need to comment because even though this time it looks hopeless, you never know. It wasn’t until I saw KARA interviewed on Happy Together that I began to pay any attention to them. I’ve really enjoyed Jiyoung on Invincible Youth 2. Then I got to see them live at KoreanMusicWaveInGoogle in California. FUN!!! Anyway they are great performers live – where does that voice come from out of Seungyeon? Can’t wait for their next release – KARA, as they say, HWAITING! :D


    • Give me 3 reasons why I should vote for this video? :)

      • 1) simon and martina’s review of this should be interesting
        2) kara haven’t been on the korean music scene for a while so it would be a nice little welcome back
        3) simon and martina haven’t really reviewed many kara videos so it would be a nice change
        4) (bonus point ) music mondays have really just become a popularity contest and the groups with loads of fan girls/boys usually are the only ones that get reviewed rather than videos which would be interesting to see simon and martina’s review. so it would be nice to see the usual groups get reviewed 

        • lol thank you for replying, although I was trying to encourage honeybee to make better comments.

          I find your reasons quite interesting. You don’t actually say anything about this video or song.
          Thus, based on your reasons, don’t you think BoA deserves the review more than Kara? She has been away from the music scene for much longer, S&M have never reviewed a song by her, and her video is, uh, much more interesting than this one. In fact, it’s probably the most interesting video S&M have released in the last few years.
          Also, Music Mondays has always been a popularity contest – that is, to see which video is the most popular amongst their viewers (not necessarily which group has the most fans). And so far, no matter what video it was, they’ve managed to make the review pretty interesting.

          Now, I’m not saying that this video shouldn’t be reviewed. I just like to challenge people to analyse the song and video itself in order to promote it. If I were to think of reasons why this video should be reviewed, it would be like:
          - There’s a cute guy who appears at the beginning
          - The song has a strange chorus that sounds like ‘oppa oppa’, which is kinda cute?
          - Kara’s ‘slipping the jacket up and down’ dance is really sexy.

        • you make a point ahhahahha.
          but yes i agree with BOA’s video as well as pretty most all BEG videos. I’m just sick of boy groups with crazy fan girls taking over the charts. i love love love kara but…….dont you think they could have done so much more with the video for this song? it could have been a big story line instead of a simplistic obvious one? but still the song is awesome and martina seemed pretty interested in reviewing it in the chart update 

      • What Kawen Jandu said :-)

        • Really? There’s no other reason?

        • We wanna see them do KARA dance moves and give us history lessons about Greek myth Pandora (especially Martina because she’s a teacher). That would be awesome!

      • 3 reasons.? Fine
        1: cause the song is awesome is a mix of jpop and kpop,plus the girls improved a lot
        2: even when the MV seems simple its still great the fact that they r in a box has a point and actually they look sooo hot
        3 Even when DSP sucks at promoting and supporting their idols, still their idols work super hard to achiev a lot of things and kara has worked sooo hard they desevre recognitiom.

  119. You can vote once per day per IP address. You can comment…when you need to? Don’t comment just for the sake of increasing points, but try to actually say something about the video/song/artist. :)

  120. Kamilias and KARA fans let’s start campaigning now!

    Leave comments on different K-pop vids on YouTube asking for support~!!
    We’ve got probably 2-3 weeks. Next week, GD’s probably gonna get reviewed but KARA’s still got a shot for the following week. Let’s go!

  121. Vote, share and comment .. U can do this kamillias im gonna do my best to support u

  122. we don’t need Simon and Martina to review this, we just need to vote for them to win on music stations! VOTE VOTE FOR THEM.

    • Actually i think that simon and martina brings a lot of popularity to idols when they review their mvs but yeah hope kara can win in music shows

  123. GO KARA!! They all look so beautiful here :3

  124. 4 million views in 4 days!

  125. I love the solo shots in this music video. A real improvement from their past ones.
    Each member has their own unique set, flashy outfits and setting. Hopefully in the future, they’ll stop wearing the same outfits during their live performances. Be more sporty like SNSD, WG and 2NE1 by wearing unique ones for each member.

  126. Kara has a great comeback ! 

  127. Please review it! One of the best songs ever!

  128. really love the song <3 

  129. really love the song <3 

  130. PLEASE SIMON AND MARTINA! REVIEW PANDORA! Best comeback of 2012 from Korea’s goddess group <3

  131. Where’s Kara’s fanbase gone? XD

  132. Don’t be offended anyone… I love KARA. I was so excited for Pandora, the teasers were awesome. The neon colors, the outfits, the art direction, the graphic of the box at the end. The dancing is tight and they all look gorgeous. But for me the song sounds too much like a cheap TV show or the not-as-original theme song of a James Bond flick. I read here that other people like it. Oh well, I just think so much great effort didn’t have a good enough song. Sad.
    KARA I still love you!!

  133. guys hurry up all KAMILIA please help us vote for this awesome song!!! up up up !!! if all kamilias in the world vote at least once that will be great!

  134. kara love me encantan :p

  135. Kamilia vote for them…. let’s show our love!!
    KARA I love you!! <3

  136. This song is TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME, the part @2.25 with Seungyeon/Hara/Nicole is …wow and Jiyoung’s high notes killed me. The sets are really pretty and match the song as well as the dance.

  137. This song is TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME. The part @2.25 with Seungyeon/Hara/Nicole is…wow. And Jiyoung high notes killed me. The sets are really pretty and match the song well as well as the dance.

  138. Vote, vote, vote! The comeback song is awesome!

  139. Have this song in my head again and again. «Close to me… close to me… Up and up ah ah. Up and up ah ah…»

  140. lol compared to the videos on top kara has the most views and yet such low votes!! you know what this tells? that we , kamilias, are a family of lazy voters lol…


  142. need this to get reviewed, i love this song!

  143. shame… i really though this might get higher… but still gonna vote for it

  144. At first I thought the song was ok but after I’m playing it 24/7!! Can’t get it out of head!! <3 

  145. omg this is frustrating! why don’t kara have really devoted fans to move them up the list?!?!?!


  147. Kamilias pls vote for them!!

  148. love this song

  149. Please review KARA!!!!! Love this song :D

  150. Not as good as Step, this one. I still feel Kara’s best music came from their first album, which also was their least commercially successful album. ‘If U Wanna’ remains my favorite song

  151. This is one of many videos that should be reviewed. Don’t know what to do but to vote all of them. This video is not the greatest of Kara’s but I still like the song and should be reviewed. I just like hearing Simon and Martina’s opinions.

  152. 1st time i listen to it i feeling weird but the second time just OMG~~ keep repeating now lol They are so good!!!and improved a lot compare with before!!!

  153. Like Martina said this sounds entirely different from all the other Kpop songs that are coming out today… I have lost hope for this to be reviewed this week since GD’s MV is out… hoping for next week

  154. KAMILIAS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!! WHOOO!!!! Up and up ah ah!!! THat line’s totally stuck in my head..

  155. the song dropped

  156. come on Kamilia PICK UP DA PASSE!!! we can do eet 

  157. Why are the votes so low? Come on Kamilia’s VOTE. VOTE LIKE THIS UPCOMING MONDAY DEPENDS ON IT. o wait.

  158. where are all the kamilias out there?!

  159.  go go go kara!

  160. Whatsgoing on kamillias vote share comment do ur best

  161. I like this, instrumental is like an anime opening :DDD

  162. LOVE THIS SONG! We need them to review this so bad!

  163. GD ? Nope, we’ve seen enough Big Bang’s members things. Need to see some BoA or KARA :p So… I voted for BoA and KARA :D

  164. come on! this needs to move up the list!

  165. Hoping that this gets reviewed!!

  166. My favourite K-Pop music video to date. 83

  167. KARA daebak !


  169. i want them to review kara for once. 
    They haven’t reviewed kara for awhile D;
    i was hoping they would review Step but oh well. 
    Hope this one gets reviewed!! C:

  170. This song has such a cool, retro feel to it. The instrumental is amazing. So unique, almost an anime music kind of feel to it. Love it. Kara impresses me yet again. Go girls! 

  171. i am so disappointed… I thought that since Jumping was the last kara mv reviewed and step got so many views that this would easily win this week but… um… it is kinda stuck at 7..?

  172. why the votes are so low :( kamilia’s help us vote :D

    • Yeahhh, but we’re catching up right now.

      After Simon and Martina’s review of XIA’s MV, they’ll review GD’s.So we should hold the pace until next two weeks, let’s try harder! :D

  173. Hope this gets reviwed, kamilias u can di it share comment and all lets make it grrr Triple S here supporting u girls

  174. I hope this wins but is Kara popular enough I never see many kara bias people except for on kara videos but I really love them KARA FIGHTING get them to number one

  175. Love KARA and loving their new song. Kpop music Monday’s look out, KARA is out and ready to play.

  176. KARA KARA Amazing<3 Awesome<3 

    Love this song <3

  177. Is it a box IN a box? lol

    Anywho, I can’t get tired of Gyuri’s voice. Not yet :P

  178. yay KARA is finally back!! hope they can be the next review for KPOP Music Monday!



  180. DISCO PANTS, THERE BECOMING SO POPULAR NOW. (the pants go hara is wearing).
    the song overall is very catchy i do really like the tune

  181. this song is so DAEBAK !!!! kamilia’s all over the world must vote for this song :D needs to be reviewed as fast as possible yay !!!

  182. is this summer like blue hair season or something what is going on? Kind of sad because When Dalmatian had their comback last year Youngwon’s hair was Blue and now this summer all I am seeing is members of different groups with blue hair what the heck man!?

  183. almost a  year the angels didn’t fall from the sky.. and noww.. they’ve backkkk.. (y)

  184. I love the song so much!!!!!!

  185. I was expecting this to shoot up to the top, but it’s currently at #7. And GD’s MV is coming out anytime soon. I hope this gets reviewed…

  186. Definitely needs to get reviewed!!can’t wait to hear what simon and martina has to say about boxes this time XD

  187. i love kara!! so addicted to pandora right now.. seungyeon looks amazing

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    • Yeah they are getting better now right after KARA’s 3 members filed that lawsuit last year. I hope that they can treat their other artists well too! 
      I heard that Rainbow’s members are taking acting lessons now.

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    • Aaron Ho

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    • What does this mean? Nu’est is like getting tons of votes at the moment.

      • Nu’est is kinda like ‘the runner up king’. For all their MVs, they’ve managed to get it up to second place, sometimes even first, and then some massive group comes along and outvotes them. So, they’ve never been reviewed.

    • lol it’s okay ^^

      Most of the LO/Es stopped voting anyway since the NU’ESTs video is too old and so is having it’s points knocked off with each week, there’s no way they’ll be able to have the Music Monday until their next video comes out. Until then then LO/Es are saving their energy. It’s sad really since they have the worst luck, going against VIPs and Cassies OTL

      tkir: I don’t know much about KARA but this song is lovely to listen to and the MVs nice too with all the different rooms. (Sorry, I don’t know what else to say ||D)

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