Kara – Step

  1. i love kara XD
    and i really love japanese Kamilias :DD
    kara hwaiting!!!     

  2. The song is super catchy and I couldn’t get it out of my head! I love their colourful costumes and brightly coloured set, and the hip shaking is super awesome to watch!

  3. i like the outfits and i like the song and even the dance!! >.<,, the song is catchy and upbeat with good voices and such  i can listen to it 4 hours…. well maybe not hours but it is still really good ^^

  4. IZYTRAXX Dope

    GO KARA!!!!

  5. Step it up, step it up!!! Kara hwaiting!

  6. I ♥ THE SONG, DANCE, & KARA ~ ! o(^-^)o 

  7. i totally love this song!! kara matches Japan really well without  making it in like bad taste