Kim Jae Joong – Mine

  1. Giulia Soriani

    Another expensive video for a bad song, they could do better music because he is talented as singer

  2. SugarBabyG6

    I always think the spudgy parts are the funnyiest. But I think it is terrible that SM didn`t let him leave. What? I never liked SM -_-

  3. Jessa Laalaa

    I totally vote for him ! He’s just amazing and there’s no other k-pop artists like him ! he’s just being himself and not scared of reveling everything through music ! I think him for that ! He’s awesome <3

  4. JaeJoong,sooooooo coooooooooool !

  5. fuuko4869

    Oh I loved this review!! I’m gonna have to rewatch the video now (I only saw it briefly when publishing it). It was a serious review, the kind I like – but that horny joke totally cracked me up. HAH!! Btw what was with the Finding Nemo scene? :p

    I agree with people overanalysing symbolism, but it was nice to hear you talk about that. Also, that bling bling skull – I’ve seen it so many times now. I think it’s a Brohoho Most Popular Item.

    I’ll miss Martina next week, but I’ve always looked forward to seeing how you’ll make videos interesting in spite of the drawbacks. Like when you made a silent movie due to Martina’s voice loss. Or how you both wore sunglasses when you had red eye.

    – Yay for potted plants!!!

    – I love Spudgy!!! <3 <3 <3

    – Simon, you're such a big baby. How will you ever survive while Martina's away? :p

    PS. HAVE YOU SEEN MFBTY’S video??!!! :D It’s by Tasha and Tiger JK and Bizzy and it’s AH.MAY.ZEEEEENG

  6. fuuko4869

    Does that make you HORNY baby.


  7. This MV and song really AMAZING ><

  8. why are we still voting….didn’t jaejoong won already?? whats this S&M???

  9. Me watching the video: Hmm, this is okay, video looks a little random… gasp! 0_0 he’s got a snake!!!! ^-^
    And now I feel really stupid cause everybody’s giving these intelligent comments on the video and I’m fangirling about a snake -_-
    All joking aside, this video does have some deep meaning behind it, and I felt like the different visual elements complimented the song, instead of detracting from the message.

  10. I love the sound of this song… Nobleesi should use this as the opening if it ever becomes an anime! JJ HWATING

  11. I lurrrv how this sounds. Noblessi must use this as an opening if it becomes an anime. JJ!

  12. Amazing Video and Amazing Song

  13. yondaime1996

    I hope it gets reviewed >_<

  14. i can totally imagine simon doing the locked up in chain/bondage scene…lol
    good song though, different from the usual agyeo style

  15. All I can think is he sounds/ this video looks like Gackt…..


    (•ᴥ•) En cierto momento la cancion es muy potente eso me gusta pero siento un poco de tristeza por que muchos artistas tienen muchos dolores ocultos y siempre salen con una sonrisa no puede evitar pensar si cuando se muestran al publico estan
    sufriendo, solo puedo decir muchas gracias por mostrarnos su talento y gracias por sonreir siempre. At one point the song is very powerful but I like that I feel a little sad that many artists have many hidden pains and always leave with a smile you can not help but wonder if when displayed to the public are suffering, I can only say thank you very much for talent show and thanks for always smiling. (•ᴥ•)


    (^ᴗ^) Hola desde Nicaragua: me gusta mucho esta cancion, me encanto por los efectos visuales del video esta super, gracias a todo el equipo por su grandioso trabajo.(^ᴥ^) Hello from Nicaragua: I really like this song, I love the visual effects for this video super, thanks to all the team for their great work. (•ᴗ•) 감사합니다^^

  18. Guys when do Simon and Martina usually post the KMM ?? waiting :D
    ps. LOVE THE MV

  19. BIGBANGwild

    Is someone VIP here?I’m VIP but I also support Kim Jae Joong.

    • There are a lot of VIPs here, I’m one of them. And yes, I love this song too. Is good to see Jaejoong in this genre of music, it matches perfectly with his voice… and you can see that this is him expressing himself with a style that he likes rather than doing what someone else wants.

  20. Dear Martina and Simon and all of you guys, I love JYJ, but I think Jaejoong “MINE” MV is lack of originality. Before review this one, Please check these videos first : IRON and RUN BOY RUN The link videos that I post are videos from Woodkid, the music creator of Assasin’s Creed Game. Too bad, many scenes are almost the same. The felling is also almost the same. Wohoho.. What do you think??

    • For some reason you sound pressed that Jaejoong’s MINE MV is receiving so many praises

    • Someone else already brought up Woodkid’s Iron MV. Here is the same response I made to that person:

      It’s definitely true that the animals scenes (minus the snake) and the side running shot are very similar. But that’s it. Iron looks like a battlefield, while Jaejoong’s video is about breaking free. I don’t see any of that imagery in the Iron MV, or any sets that even faintly resemble the forest set or the church set. Also, I feel that the symbolic meanings behind the animals in JJ’s video are very apt and were specifically chosen for that reason alone – I don’t think the creators of his MV saw Iron’s and thought, “Oh, this would be cool to throw in.” The animals used in Mine were not randomly chosen. I can see that the way Mine’s MV makers chose to shoot the animal scenes were most likely taken from Iron’s MV, but as Chiakaiyuki pointed out, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

      Besides a few shots of the dog, the owl, and the side running shot with the soot, nothing else in Mine is even remotely similar to Iron. The feelings are also completely different to me.

      As for the Run Boy MV, there is absolutely nothing that is the same except for the flock of crows/ravens, and even that is different because Jaejoong runs into the flock, not away from it (which fits with the symbolic interpretation many people have ascribed to the flock of birds). I personally do not get any of the same feelings from this MV that I do from Mine.

      So, I can see the similarities between Iron and Mine in regards to the dog, owl, and side running shots, but there is so much more to Mine’s MV than those few shots that I don’t think the originality of the rest of the video should be ignored. I do not see any similarity between Mine and Run Boy. I honestly don’t understand how you could think those two are similar at all.

      In any case I was glad to discover a new band. ^^ I like the song Iron.

    • It’s hard for anything to be 100% original. In comparison to other kpop videos – there is more originality in this. Whereas most kpop videos are cliched or just funky rooms/lighting/clothing, & dancing.

      How could anything be 100% original? Even inventions are just “improving” things or combining different things together. We can’t really make something 100% original & know that no one else has ever done it before. There are too many people in the world that have all done various things. Something new & creative in the U.S. could be something that is old news in Japan.

      So I think you are reaching a bit far with your claims of plagiarism. I also wonder about your definition of the word “many.” Because I certainly didn’t see much of a resemblance especially for the second one.

      There are far better examples of plagiarism in kpop.

    • Hang Geng’s Wild Cursive is more of the same concept of Woodkid’s Iron than Jaejoong’s Mine. The similarity are just the owl and the dog…and maybe the running in slow mo. The feeling in Hang Geng’s Wild Cursive is almost alike to Woodkid’s Iron.

      • Running in slow motion was long before any of these videos. It’s certainly not something new so to link it specifically with something to claim plagiarism is certainly flawed. It’s been done in music videos, movies, & tv shows all over the world for likely decades.
        Besides CJES has done slow motion in running in previous videos “Ayyy Girl” & “In Heaven.”

        • Yeah. You’re right that’s why I said “maybe” because that idea popped in me XD

  21. Marina Olesh

    Im kind of nervous as to what Simon and Martina will say about the actual MV..

  22. OK, I am not Korean -American old lady here!!!!! (as a matter of fact I know about 9 words in korean and maybe 4 in japanese…etc) but every single song on this album needs no translation for me and I could care less what the actual words are to be completely honest. Once I have had my fill of them in their native language then and only then will I look for and english translation because that is how great this artist is.

    I cry on ‘All Alone’, “Healing For Myself’ can make me stop and listen no matter what, ‘Mine’ makes my SKIN crawl in a good damn way, ‘One Kiss’ is so sweet and tender, ‘You Fill Me Up’ was my least fav but stil oh so good. I love TVXQ, DBSK, Toshiniki, JYJ….whatever they want to be called doesn’t matter to me. I think ALL FIVE OF THEM are amazing so I have listened to all of them equally (and yes I watched their dramas, listened to their OST’s, and read their stage reviews).

    I would recommend watching Jeajoong’s MV for ‘Mine’ as that one video explains the frustrations that each one of them had to go through to be where they are now…that none of them gave up will always make me want to listen to any of them…that they each now can be who they want to be instead of what they are made to be has gained them my respect.

  23. Kim Hoang

    This rock persona is much more convincing than the R&B/dance pop persona.

  24. TheAshweeBee

    I pretty much adored everything about this…except the vampire part. I mean…really? Vampires? But everything else definitely makes up for that:)

    • You’re taking it too literally. The vampirism is symbolic of him returning to the music industry after a very, unnecessarily long hiatus which was a period of darkness for him during the lawsuit. In essence, he’s returned from the dead with new power to fight back. Every element in the video represents his struggle and all he’s had to endure over the years which makes it more meaningful and entertaining at the same time.

      • TheAshweeBee

        Yeah, I know, I understand Korean so I got that. It’s cool and all, and it’s impressive that they make it so deep, I’m just personally not too fond of the initial impact of the imagery. That’s it. The symbolism behind it all is still really amazing though, and everyone has different opinions about how it’s conveyed. It all boils down to perspective based on the individual. I still really like the video as a whole, though:)

  25. You’re foreeeveeer and eeeeveeer after tghe best in our hearts. Go jiji-chan <3 <3

  26. ryansgirl050400

    This song could definitely make it in the US. :D

  27. ryansgirl050400

    This song is Fin amazing!!! I love the darkness of the video. The snake was wicked cool. :D

  28. Next to the beatifull video, I really like the rock/metal feeling of this song and the rawness that you can hear in Jaejoongs voice .

  29. I do not fancy the song..but I looooove the video…i think its cool…the effects, the costume i just find it so creative and i think it matched the feel of the song..

  30. YAHHHOOOOO! Jaejoong is sure to win! Love all Cassies and Orions! :)

  31. Stephanie Moats

    Why does this remind me of batman?

  32. is like a mash of kpop and visual kei… awesome i loved it so much!!!! *w*

  33. mammon1115

    here to comment again! good luck!

  34. I loved this song – not what I expected, but so freaking amazing!

  35. Vote for this everyone!!
    Or else…. *Trying to sound intimidating*…..

    • Jeje, JJ won already!!!!

      • Really?! But I only noticed he was here recently… HOW DID EVERYONE VOTE SO FAST?

        • They put him in the kchart a few days ago but they did not have time to put him in the “updates” video of youtube. I was scared that people wouldn’t notice the Mv but i was completely wrong, within two days he jumped to 1st place. JJ (and JYJ) are very popular among nasties!!!

        • He actually got to 1st place in less than 24 hours.

        • Excellent, the JaeJoong effect!!!

        • will Martina review too? Or only Simon? I heard them talking about Martina’s loss, but I didn’t understand if she will review or leave sooner. REally sorry for her loss.

        • As far as I know, and that is not much more than you, Martina will be doing this Kpop Music Monday and will be leaving for Canada sometime in the next week. Simon will then be doing the videos all alone, and probably will be sad and lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely.

        • and you kept it as a secret, tzz, tzz (^__^). Wow, less than 24 h!

        • It wasn’t a secret. If you were here when the video was added you would know that it jumped to the top in less than 24 hours. o/

        • I was here, but I used a link that directed me here, instead of going om home page and aftr that, here. I commented, share, and everything^^. Thanks for yr answer anyway.

        • Ah sorry, I keep forgetting that some people only use the site like that. But I hope that you (and others) will someday give the rest of the website a chance and explore. Sometimes you can find really awesome new groups who never get any exposure when you sort the Kpop chart list by date. Those are usually songs that never see the light of day in the international market. Sometimes S&M highlight them on the indie chart, but often times they get little to no attention. During the EYKA nomination process many of the artsy farty and other categories of videos came from the videos that had never been promoted on Facebook or twitter by Simon and Martina.

          Do you watch the other non Kpop related videos? Or were you only here to vote for Jaejoong ( that is completely understandable if you were)

        • I watched most of the reviews and a lot of WANKs and FAPFAPs, TLDRs, but I reccon that I didn’t pay a lot of attention on Indie music (my bad). But I shall give it a try, I like so many types of music, so…why not?!
          I do follow them on Twitter and FB so I pretty much know when they release smth new. I even was lucky enough to be able to chat online with them on YT live last 3 times. Sorry for my English, not a native.
          And I did vote like a crey crey for JJ, they really need all the help they can get with all the ban thing happening. Plus, I really, really love, love, luuuuveeee the song (the album). I waited for Rock JJ for 4 years now, I knew he will do this as a solo, I just knew it. And boy, was I wright or what?!
          Sorry for my random, basted, I’m a fan (a Cassie) ^_^.

        • fuuko4869

          You should check out K-Indie, it’s awesome!!! :D

          For starters you can listen to my Best-Of-2012 playlist (which has a lot of K-Indie):

          And I agree, it’s sad that JYJ hasn’t been able to promote themselves in Korea. However, they’ve been able to keep producing great music on their own, and I find that really impressive :)

  36. Hope you’ll make a review for this MV!

  37. I would really like to hear S&M talking about krock in relation to this MV…the song/MV seems influenced by Jrock to me since I have knowledge of it…weirdly enough I have never been exposed to krock so I am not sure if it’s similar to Jrock or not…given that the song was composed by Kim Bada – a member of the Krock band; maybe the two genres aren’t so different after all.