Kim Jong Kook – Men Are All Like That

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  1. runningmanrox

    The song has a really deep meaning…:)

  2. i’ve been wondering, is my comment removed somehaow??

  3. what a great song!!but is not even in top 1o??!!

  4. Unfortunately this MV has dropped to 45 now :( Last bit of hope to remain in top 10 is all but lost.

  5. I rarely like Jongkook’s songs, but this one is just awesome..

  6. Man, I just love him so much. I have aspirations to be a kpop idol and I hope that I will meet him on Running Man one day. Plz cheer and pray for me <3

  7. I love this song
    ~Mods if i can post this if i cant then im sorry T.T~
    Its this song in piano version
    i love it…it never fails to make me cry…

  8. Just love this mv. It’s rare to find a mv which is so easy to understand. And the message is just so touching!!! Love the fact that Song Joong Ki didn’t accept any payment for being in this video!!!

  9. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    If you ignore the fact that there are two previously reviewed vids in the top 5 for some reason, then this in in the top five!

    Didn’t think this would do that well, glad it has.

  10. gooo kjk! forever supporting my running man peeps over young idols any day. on a side note, song joong ki is aging very well. looking good…

  11. The Commander!! :)

  12. Song Joong Ki…what a nice guy… BROHOHO BBBRRROHOHO

  13. KPOPfangirl1004

    Guys vote for this vid! Awesome mv coming from my bias!

  14. Ah cant vote anymore! Is it over?

  15. Sounds beautiful, but what the words means sucks XD. That girl needs to go listen to Miss A’s I don’t need a man, now.

  16. Was trying to sing this in the shower. Needless to say, my brothers were very confused when they heard me.

  17. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    I still don’t get how his teaser vid was of Men Also Feel Sad and this is the MV we end up w/ lol.

  18. Yay! We’ve moved up one spot from eight to seven! :D

  19. I want to see this reviewed so badly!

  20. babo Jinni

    this is what is so great about this MV: it takes ONE room, but it fills you with so much, just by simple panning and great acting, there is no real need to understand the lyrics, because the MV itself tells such a beautiful story. it is relatable not only to men but to everyone, because we all have been like that…take for example..the iphone’s, ipads, etc. It’s a simple MV with a widespread message, with a song that makes your eyes water..truly, glad that KJK is back =)

    • Well said, I love this song and MV a beautifully composed meaningful ballad is always lovely. I’d like this ballad to get reviewed because of its quality even if S &M don’t really like ballads :P Lets keep voting hard everyone! Its in 3rd place now so we can only try for the next KMM!!

  21. GOGOGO!
    Amasing mv, i think

    without any translation i’ve uderstood all conseptions

  22. the song is pretty great.also,we rarely see sparta soft,this is a good opportunity for those who didn’t see sparta soft side.80)<3<3

  23. i love this songggg!!!!!!

  24. Been listening to this on repeat while studying. So good!

  25. michiehaha87

    Such a beautiful song! This NEEDS to be voted up for review, I am not simply saying this ’cause this video has some very fine material :P, but the song is beautiful – There is no need for translation as the lyrics and the video make perfect sense and create such an awesome harmony, I dont think I’ve ever seen something like this in K-muzacs before. <3 The complement of the video and song just hit me like an icicle to the heart, such a beautiful song!

  26. I’m so conflicted ;A;
    There are so many mvs I want S&M to review because
    1) They’d have so much fun with it e.g. Ice Cream, Don’t Hate Me, etc
    2) Or there’s so much symbolism and apsfeoahfsjkfd to talk about e.g. KJK

    …So I’m commenting on this one because it’s lower down on the list :p
    Joongki!! Flawless acting ♥ Kim Jong Kook’s lovely voice ♥

  27. I wonder how many hidden messages Simon and Martina could tease out of this video…

  28. Beautiful song with a beautiful vid with beautiful editing <33333

  29. I seriously don’t even know korean but this song and music video made me cry. I felt like I knew what he was saying without evening knowing you know?! lol

  30. What a beautiful song and video!

  31. I love the videos when they have a story to tell :-)

  32. great music video!!
    it’s nice to see the running man cast togetherg joong ki in runnning man!
    i miss son

  33. At the end… I cried for her T.T

  34. I’m so happy Kim Jong Kook made a comeback!!

  35. I wish he made an mv for the song with gary and haha