Kim Jong Kook – Men Are All Like That

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  1. i hope this mv get reviewed:)

  2. Clara Lee

    so glad you guise reviewed KJK for kpop chart updates! :DDD puhhleaseeee review him and his awesome voice and the ever cute song joong ki’s role in the music video!

  3. this video should get reviewed just because of the repetitious set xD

  4. I love KJK’s voice. SJK did such a great job with the subtle acting in this, I was very impressed! Video made me teary eyed a bit.

  5. Dormouse Red

    pleeeaaasseee make this happen >.<

    I love this song and RM family with SJK and KJK <3

  7. This is honestly the best comeback for KJK

  8. The simplicity in the filming allows the message to come out loud and clear. The song and video really touched my heart~

  9. I’m so happy that KJK has a new song out – I do find the contrast a bit humorous though, between his image on Running Man and his beautiful ballads XD

  10. This is a really good video i dunno if he can win but ill vote for him anyway Figthing Kim Jong Kook Oppa !

  11. 김종국 형 fighting! How did you not know Jong Kook was a music artist…hello Turbo? haha, this link is for Martina and Simon

  12. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Where all the Running Man fans at?!

  13. I hope Simon & Martina will do a shoutout for this song as it is now in the top 10. Please!!!!!

  14. This song deserves to win..

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  15. Clara Lee

    EYK please review this! even though you guise are not fans of ballads :(

  16. I’m a Runner, so I will vote for him no matter what. Lets keep on voting guys…

  17. let us all, running man fans, vote this awesome song so that it will be reviewed by simon and martina~

  18. Running man love! Joong Ki and Sparta Kook <3

    • Just a little tip, it is usually a good idea to post comments that encourage conversation instead of comments like this which are supportive, yes, but don’t speak directly to the video or the artist. For example, It is great to see how the running man crew are collaborating in other areas as well. KJK’s video will attract all the Joong ki fans.


  19. Velvetblue Veille

    Hmm…after Haroro and Gwangvatar’s duet, now Spartakook and Brain Guy’s collab, next I’m waiting for Monday couple’s action in the next Leessang vid….XD

    *I’m watching u Gary~

  20. The story to this through only watching the video is so clear! i loved it so much and i love the running man bonding here <3

  21. Love this actor from Innocent Man.

  22. THAT ROOM ( ㅎ ___ㅎ)

    (Ukiss then TeenTop now him!?)

    but besides that I want this to win :D

  23. MidnightEkaki

    Very nice! I only remember this guy from a Strong Heart episode, but I like his voice. I love artistic MVs like this. However the title of the MV makes me lose hope for men lol…

    I hope this wins, however I’m still sad K.Will’s MV never made it to the top. These types of MVs rarely do…

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      RUNNING MAN!!! (That’s where both dudes are from)

      KJK was in Turbo which was famous Korean group back in the day and he’s a beast on Running Man. The main dude in the video is Song Joong Ki who is also from Running Man but he is an actor and in some movie called “Wolf Boy” or somethin that is doing extremely well

      I’m just hoping this video gets high enough that they have to mention it in their chart updates, because idt it can win.

  24. Christina Lee

    I hope he wins for next week’s Kpop Music Mondays! <3

    And Jongki is in the video! ^_^

  25. I have no idea who this guy is, but I can’t deny he has a pretty decent voice and I think that the MV was really well made with all the overlapping (?) scenes.

    Though the only thing that I didn’t like was how he twisted the words towards the end to “Women are all like that” instead of “Men are all like that.;

    And right after that the woman seems to join the ‘pile’ of broken toys, things he became disinterested in, a faded memory. As a critic I find it cool and interesting, as a girl I find it slightly insulting.

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      Kim Jong Kook is from Running Man and the main dude in the video originally was too.

      • I don’t know why the picture is like that!!! The link is for a MV of “All men are like that” with ENG + ROM + HAN!!! I posted it because I was talking about the lyrics and I though maybe not everyone has found the MV with the ENG subs so… >_<

        My computer has probably fallen in love with EH and wants to spread the Epik Nasty-ness. IDK.

  26. Maren

    Joong Ki and Sparta Kook! Kyaah!

  27. Wow, really beautifully shot and edited. I would like to look at the lyrics for this song as well to see how the lyrics and the video are linked. There is quite a bit going on in this video, some of it sad and poignant while some of it as a woman feels like sort of a justification for men to treat you horribly just because men are like that.

    Loving the Song Joong ki cameo. He is so adorable, can’t believe he’s old enough to be my oppa.

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      27? That’s how old he is.
      I can’t believe KJK is 36, dude is a beast in Running Man.

    • Having read the lyrics, it makes me upset, even though I like the song and the video. It’s like he’s justifying men tossing you aside like an old plaything that has lost its fascination, just because “men are all like that.” Jeez, if all men are like that I give up right now. It reminds me of the saying “Boys will be boys;” yeah right, like that’s some kind of get-out-of-jail-free card. Maybe this is the reason Kim Jong Kook still isn’t married XD

    • Hey there!! ^_^
      I agree with you. I love how the MV was shot and put together.
      Here’s the lyrics

      Knowing the lyrics I’m a little miffed by the ending shot. As a critic, I love the symbolism there, but as a girl, because he turns the lyrics around to be about/against the girl at the end, but then there she is with all his other old toys and they flicker and fade like a forgotten memory.
      I just don’t know why he added those couple lines. To me, it just seemed a little off or out of place like.

  28. Tenthumbs

    Really love this song! I don’t think Simon and Martina are fans of this genre, but I hope they’ll say something nice!!

  29. Really like this song!

  30. Tenthumbs

    I LOVE THIS SONG TOO MUCH. I don’t think Simon and Martina are fans of this genre, but I hope they’ll have something nice to say about this song if they review it!