Kim Sung Kyu – 60 Sec

  1. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy i am so happy the mv is reviewed


  3. LeeMiyoung

    come on inspirits let’s not others catch up! 6o seconds FIGHTING!

  4. come on inspirits lets not let other catch up! XD

  5. come on inspirits! Vote for this video. Let’s not let tvxq catch up LOL

  6. idferf this song was perfection …….. hell the whole album is
    this style of music is what i started off with before kpop so hearing it again feels more than amazing
    and sunggyu’s voice is so beautiful it kills me <333

  7. INSPIRIT POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Woolim’s music videos are ART!! Totally worth reviewing !!!!!!!

  9. It was so disappointing that Infinite’s videos were never reviewed since Paradise! PLZ VOTE FOR THIS SONG ITS AMAZING!!!!!!

    • millie102685

      It’s 5 AM on Monday in Seoul. This poll was closed at 11:59 PM on Saturday in Seoul… It’s done already. They are probably editing the video now.

  10. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev:)

  11. SBS!!! Why did you cut Sungkyu’s song???!!!!! *flipping table*

    • Nevermind! I just re-watched and I totally get it now. I can’t believe them! >.<

      • For a song that’s 3:40 long SBS cut nearly a quarter of it, this is just not right.. Anyway I clarified the reason I think this shouldn’t happen in my comments below here, have a look and tell me what you think if you’re interested =)

    • What happened? Do you mean when his mic turned off or something during the performance? Or did something else happen? I’m confused and anxious to understand why everyone’s so upset. :(

    • millie102685

      You don’t know how loudly I screamed when I saw this. I just got over it after seeing it hours ago.

      • I think there’s something I need to clarify.

        Some fans claim that it’s SBS’ fault, Sungkyu did nothing wrong.
        I believe SBS is the one making the change. If SBS didn’t tell him about that, then it’s SBS’s fault.
        But SBS should have told Sungkyu about the cut beforehand, he probably forgot that when singing. So as the singer and performer of the song, Sungkyu is at fault. I acknowledge that.
        The question is how long before the performance SBS informed him. If he’s informed not long before the performance then it’s a very unfair and ridiculous decision. Not only Sungkyu but SBS has to bear the responsibility.

        Putting that aside, what makes me getting real mad is that SBS cut the TITLE SONG (unlike Only Tears when Infinite came back with The Chaser) of an artist who just debuted and is only going to promote for 3 weeks. This is only his 2nd performance in Inkigayo. I got a little bit upset when Sungkyu sang only one song in his debut stages while other debuting soloist was able to perform two, but I got over it soon. It’s a different case now.

        Sungkyu apologized for his mistake but SBS has to be responsible for that as well, unless it’s Woollim’s and Sungkyu’s own decision to cut the song.

        • millie102685

          I doubt Sunggyu requested it being cut since the audio went down in the middle of a sentence and he had to adjust.
          Which he did awesomely, I might add.
          And I was a bit peeved when Yoseob debuted and I saw that he sang two songs… I was like, wow, that’s totally fair.
          But then again, I want him to rest so him singing one song only is fine as long as he finishes his last week and has some serious down time. Even if it’s only for a couple of days or so.
          I need him to rest. I can’t enjoy his performances when he looks so drained and exhausted. It hurts my heart.

        • Seriously, that’s a very lame cut of the song by SBS. And cutting 40 seconds (the entire second verse) from a song that’s 3:40 long, are you kidding me SBS?
          This is not the first time SBS getting Infinite into trouble. Recall 2011 Gayo Daejun. Hoya was accused for forgetting his lyrics while he in fact performed with a malfunctioned mic.
          I must give applaud to Sungkyu’s quick adjustment. But SBS, I think you need to do something with your music programs (though I still acknowledge that Inkigayo simply had the best cameramen for The Chaser).

          I assume you’re trying to say “that’s totally unfair.” I guess some might say it’s because Beast/Yoseop is more popular or is the senior or is more anticipated than Infinite/Sungkyu. I don’t want to argue too much on this issue. Fair or unfair, everyone can have his/her own opinion but no one (including me) is totally right. And since only Music Bank lets Yoseop perform 2 songs, I’m not sure if I’ve overreacted. Let’s see if Sungkyu get to perform 2 songs (as rumored) for his coming MCD debut.

          Tbh there’s no time for him to rest now. It’s December and that means they need to practice for their performances on Gayo Daejuns and possibly award ceremonies. I want him to rest too, but I saw that he has at least 3 radio programs this week, plus the 4 music programs and possibly even more variety shows to attend. Now I can only wish for the follow-up track, if there’s any, to be promoted in January or even February after he has a good rest.

        • millie102685

          Yes, B2ST may be more popular but I still felt shorted. But I’m selfish and I want him to rest. He looks like he’s being run ragged. :(

    • Black_winds

      yeah,wtf SBS:/ But our Gyu is true pro:*

  12. Morse5644

    now all we have to do is wait for the vid of S & M X3 ~ hmm.. i wonder what’s their Laptop wallpaper this time :)))
    maybe Yoseobie?? : ]

  13. Wooooow!! I can’t believe we are beating TVXQ!! The power of grandpagyu’s fans!!!!

  14. please review this song/mv. it’s absolutely amazing <3

  15. i really want to hear how Simon and Martina interpreted the video storyline…cause there was a few really good interpretations.
    i don’t know if anyone (i.e. Sunggyu) has explained what happens in the MV…cause i really want to know what is really going on. i know what he’s saying in the song, but still what the hell is going on?

  16. Please go over the story i’m sooo confuseddd

  17. millie102685

    I don’t know whether I should be a bit upset or laugh at the overly late Inspirits that are encouraging us 10 hours after the polls closed.
    Like, IDK where you guys have been for the past two weeks but we did it already. :/

    • Yes! Hahaha xD

    • SS501jjang

      THIS haha I guess it was only us who keep on voting like a bunch of idiots =)) Dont get me started on how desperate we were on creating topics that are relevant to this video =))

    • HAHA that’s why a new voter like me couldn’t imagine the tragedy of The Chaser. I mean I only see a few same people here this time lol

      • millie102685

        I didn’t comment frequently for The Chaser and I felt like we were unjustly losing and such so I kind of gave up.
        Now I know… now I know.

        • Sorry I don’t really get you.. So do you mean people generally gave up so The Chaser lost? Sorry…
          Anyway, Simon and Martina are scripting!!! Can I cry? lol

        • millie102685

          Yeah, we were voting but Simon & Martina were on vacation and every time the polls were about to close and we were in the lead, BOOM Junsu and Big Bang. Seriously, if you look through them you may see some major butthurt from me. Also, I didn’t know the stay on topic rules since no one tried to tell me and I don’t know if I was using disqus to see any replies that I have gotten. =__=

        • I see.. With our experience now I’m sure we can do better next time. We’ll never run out of topic when discussing Woollim’s MVs XD

        • millie102685

          Oh ho, I am now a veteran of the KMM war. I will fight in the next war with relevant comments and encouragement.
          There’s no stopping me now.
          Admins see this… they knew it would happen this way…

        • The next war is coming soon lol
          Nell’s new MV is now available

        • millie102685

          That video… ;__;

        • I’m not sure when the video will be put up to Kpop Chart. Please summon me if you don’t see me there =D

        • millie102685

          Sure thing. (^__^)b

  18. KEEP VOTING (: ugh I wish this was the case for The Chaser.

  19. Just going to leave a little celebratory vid now. Good job guys!

    Warning: Click at your own risk xD (just kidding it’s just Sunggyu eye-candy)

  20. jgklf;dsjadkss HE’S IN FIRST LETS DO THIS INSPIRITS!!

  21. I cannot express how much I want this song reviewed >3<

  22. Ely May

    I’m so scared because I see TVXQ getting closer to Sungkyu!!! :O Keep voting everyone!!! We can do it!!! ^_^

  23. Jimena Cazadey

    this is too perfect <33

  24. There’s no way I can describe my feeling when Sungkyu’s MV is confirmed to be reviewed for the next KMM! This is the first time I actively participate in the voting and it feels great that I did something for this MV to be reviewed.. Nell’s new song + a Kim Sung Kyu’s KMM are my best birthday presents *fangirl-ing*
    Inspirits, hopefully I can see you guys again when Sungkyu releases his rumored MV, or when Infinite-H and Infinite release theirs ^^

    • I’m sure Nell’s new song & MV are going to be pretty awesome as well. Let’s meet there again!!! XD

      • Black_winds

        i will vote for Nell oppars like my life was depending on it:D We will meet there for sure:3

        • Wondering if the moderators will be so sick of seeing the same batch of people again and again lol

      • Oh you’re right! I can see that they’re coming up with a plot-based MV so there must be a lot for us to talk about!
        I probably won’t be that active because my final exams are coming in 10 days, but I’ll pretty sure we’ll meet there ^^

  25. randarachel

    Sunggyu Fighting!!~~Sunggyu Fighting!!~~Sunggyu Fighting!!~~Sunggyu Fighting!!~~Sunggyu Fighting!!~~

  26. randarachel

    Sunggyu Fighting!!~~Sunggyu Fighting!!~~Sunggyu Fighting!!~~

  27. Black_winds

    yay!great job ya all :D This is my little plaster on The Chaser issue…

  28. Agata_paszcza

    If you could choose a non Kpop song for Sunggyu to perform what would it be? I was just listening to Linkin Park’s “Leave out all the rest” and I caught myself thinking what would it sound like sung by Gyu. (it’s all because of this page ;])

    • Black_winds

      He mentioned “Hysteria” by Muse few times…he said he used to perform it with his band…So i would LOVE to hear that,as it is song i really adore.And i think his voice is very fitting for Muse songs:)

      • Agata_paszcza

        OMG I listened to Hysteria as well (screencap to prove it) and had the same situation as with Linkin Park, but then I thought “no, it’s too much to ask for…”. I-ABSOLUTELY-LOVE-THIS-SONG. Can’t imagine the level of fangirling I would have reached if he ever performed this.

  29. crazymadsad

    yeeaahh~!!! congratulation everybody~!!! Good job ! ^^ I am really happy, and proud (both of sunggyu and you/us ;) hehe)

  30. Nina salinas

    i really like this song and for the most part the video, but what is going on did they have a relationship and she forgot or was it all in his head and when he gave her the ring she too could see what he saw and if that is the case why did he envision them breaking up….. that’s just silly…normally i have no issue interpreting even the most absurd video, but this one is making me tilt my head. i have not looked up the English lyrics to the songs maybe that will help to clear things up. Oh and L you were fantastic as always!!

  31. mintytarget

    Congratulations from a BANA~! ^^
    I’m happy as well, because Tried To Walk beat an EYK record. Most commented FTW!

    TKIR: What do you think S&M will make skits of in this MV?

    • I_U_I_U_I

      Hi, BANA here too! Congrats guys~ =D Our comments section is still down. I can’t help but feel disappointed but still, congrats!

    • millie102685

      Thanks. Is the comments section still down on Tried To Walk?

      • mintytarget

        Yeah. All of us BANAS commented using the disqus dashboard. That’s why the comments increased on the Tried to Walk page even though it was down (it still is).

        • millie102685

          Can you tell me how? Because I still want to help BANAs out. And I know that if I can help comment it might be appreciated.

        • I_U_I_U_I

          Thanks for offering to help, but its almost impossible already. We’re reaching our twentieth day soon. Its just our luck! =D Anyway some of us BANAs are now planning to crash the Baby good night page too, so join us if you will! XD

        • I’m not quite sure how the decay works but I’m willing to help. In fact I voted for Tried to Walk before Sungkyu’s MV came out. It’s a pity that the MV didn’t get to reviewed previously..

        • Same here, I was voting for Bilasa before Gyu’s MV came out. :3
          But tbh, I’m not sure if it can still make it to no. 1 again… Been there, done that. The Chaser kept on slipping down the charts once it spent its 4th week….

        • Yeah it’s really a sad case for Bilasa, now even TVXQ ranks higher than them T-T
          I want either Bilasa, Yoseob or Nell for next KMM…

        • millie102685

          I will fight for Nell. That’s what I want. DBSK’s video is boring and the song is… song-y.

        • I guess that’s also what I’m going to do, sorry Bilasa.. And I’m actually not a fan of Beast as well =p

          Nell on KMM will be daaaeeeeebak! I know The Day Before almost made it but didn’t, I think we should try real hard this time. I can see White Night’s great potential for a great KMM even though only the full MV is not released yet.. Btw, have we ever seen non-idols on KMM???

        • millie102685

          Non-idols… not really no. Not that I can think of. And Nell is just way too awesome to just get a blurb on the kpop charts update.

  32. SS501jjang

    Can we now spam the comment box? :D

  33. SS501jjang

    YAYAYAY! Dont disappoint me Simon and Martina. You make sure to review this MV! :D

  34. millie102685

    TKIR (because we should still be): Do you think Sunggyu’s hair is going to be messy or smooth for his next stage performance. (I’m sorry, I’m running out of ideas ;__;)

    • CroixJean

      I wonder who are we going to help out now come next week, lol. I’m thinking of helping B1A4, as they worked really hard too, though their page is still crashed.

      He looks better with the messy hair, by the way. I think that’s the style they should have gone for the MV. It would have made an even bigger contrast against the drama scenes, but also make the whole rock theme stand out further by having the singer appear more punk. I don’t know why they had it neat. Classy due to the set?

      • I would be glad to see B1A4 on KMM, I think that’s really a great song and I like it. But I’m also wondering if it’s still possible for them to stay on top of the Kpop Chart because obviously they will be highly affected by the decay.. If not B1A4, I wanna see Yoseop’s MV even though I’m not quite a fan of Beast. Hopefully it’s not TVXQ =(

        TKIR: I think smooth hair for the piano teaser is correct. They should probably make it messy when he’s singing with the band in the MV, that will bring out the whole rocker feel and also a different him with bigger contrast. Smooth hair for his individual scenes in 60 Sec is totally fine..

  35. Great story video! L did a great job acting in this.

  36. Yay Sunggyu! Please review this vid! I’d like to hear your thought about this.

  37. fuuko4869

    Congratulations guys, you won!!
    (said in telemarketer voice xD)

    Also, thank you for staying on topic for so long!! Thanks especially to all the people who tried to encourage others to make intelligent discussion about the video. It was very interesting to read, for me, and I’m hoping for you guys too.

    Looking forward to the review!!! :D

    • OMG what? really?! We WON? This is awesoooome! <3 <3 <3 I can wait till monday :3 *skippydance*

    • Barry Adams

      Just curious, every time I try to open B1A4’s Time to Walk video discussion page, I get a server error. It that because it reached a max of 9000 comments, or … or…what?

      Not that I was interested in that video mind you, just curious as to why I cannot see the discussion page for it anymore.

      Maybe all the spam comments broke the system?

      • fuuko4869

        Yea they kinda crashed the server by breaking the record for the highest number of comments on a page ^^;

        But no, hardly any of those comments were spam. They did a really good job of analysing the video and staying on topic :)

        • *smallvoice* is there somewhere we can bitch about not being able to comment? I would do it on the video…but…you can’t…yeah. XD

          I know, bad luck and all, family emergencies take precedence and I’m not pressed that they didn’t review us the week we won. But I was quite bummed that there was no way to vote/comment/etc in the final days, and if there had been we might have made a comeback. ㅜㅜ

          Grats to Sunggyu anywho. Here’s to a successful solo debut. ^^

        • fuuko4869

          *cough* *cough*

          I don’t like some of the things said on that site, which stems from a lot of misunderstanding, but it’s not bad to have a place where people can just get things off their chest. I check it every once in a while to see what people think of the site, and see if there’s anything we can do to improve it.

          As for B1A4’s situation, yea, it’s similar to that of EXO’s and Nu’ests’ and Infinite’s and TVXQ’s and all the other videos that weren’t reviewed because S&M were away. We’re trying to prepare something for all those groups that kinda missed out because of unavoidable circumstances, but yea it must’ve sucked big time. And as for the comments not working….. 6 000 points (the gap at the deadline) wasn’t really something that could be overcome with just comments, unfortunately. Although with the comments, the gap might’ve been a lot smaller? :)

          Lastly, I’m really impressed by Bana’s positive attitudes through this all, how politely you guys complain lol, and how you congratulate KSK at the end. Bravo!! If only all kpop fans were like this….. =3=

      • Blueberries

        Way to open it: google “b1a4 tried to walk eatyourkimchi”. Beside it there should be arrows: >>. Click it and then “open cache” or something similar in your own language; next to url. It opens page in it’s past time (for me 1. December 2012 01:19:33 right now) but you can comment, reply and stuff.

        We used this thing sometime in sites where comments where over 5000 and the pages taked hours to open but S&M fixed it and it has been working lot better. So I wonder what is the problem now.. maybe even more people have found their way to EYK’s comment sections?

        • Barry Adams

          Thanks. I also see that S&M tried to fix it, but it still won’t open for me on Chrome

  38. OH MY JESUS WE DID IT! YEAAAAAAAH~~~~~~ Don’t need relevant comments anymore so…… hehehe