Kim Sung Kyu – 60 Sec


  2. Such a beautiful voice, and song. Love the effortless high reaches in his voice. Honestly, I usually look for stuff for Simon and Martina to talk about in the review, but I really don’t see anything. It’s just a really sweet song, with a really sweet video. Sorry guise. I’ve been going through the other top 4 to give some ideas, and help a little, but I got nothing on this one. (This says a lot about my healthy opinion of myself, lol… or maybe it’s my subtle way of applying for a job with Simon and Martina when my family and I move to Seoul in April, wink wink.)

  3. Everyone, If you watch Sunggyu’s performance on MB on Nov. 30 IT SAYS HE’S NUMBER SIX ON CHARTS. And it was the same on M Countdown website :) Sunggyu got into the top 10!!! And everybody was saying his song failed on charts…. :D
    I’m so proud of Sunggyu, I’m glad his song is receiving more love~~~

    • The moment I listened to the pre-released Shine I knew the songs probably won’t kill the charts, and yeah he didn’t top them all but I think it’s nowhere close to fail.. I’m surprised to see his physical album sales though, that’s probably a good sign of how well the public think he’s doing in terms of music. The chance is perhaps low, but a win on music program will be a bonus and that will show how people appreciate not only popular but also good music =)

    • millie102685

      Who said that he was failing?
      Before the album came out there was a blog for another fandom that I won’t name that said that usually male soloists from idol groups don’t chart well unless they are from BB (it wasn’t a VIP blog though) and that Sunggyu was a non issue.
      So when I saw screen caps of topping charts above that group I felt a touch more smug than I should have.

      • Blueberries

        Well Korea is like wonderland of boy and girl bands. Generally groups are more famous than solo’s although there is some solos that have successed well. But I’m happy that he is doing well =)

      • There were comments on articles that Sunggyu wouldn’t and didn’t compare to Yoseob on charts -_-
        I didn’t know, so I thought Sunggyu wasn’t doing good on charts. Even Infinite said themselves on interviews it wasn’t doing that good on charts! But I guess I should’ve been patient in waiting…

        • millie102685

          Their are tiers in the kpop industry based on popularity and album and digital sales.
          I don’t remember where I read it but it basically said that Infinite was like on the third tier while B2ST, 2PM, 2AM etc was on the second. And groups like SJ, BB, DBSK etc were definitely on the top. And if a 3rd tier group went against a 2nd tier group they would lose. Same for 2nd against 1st.
          It doesn’t matter either way. I would rather have music that’s good for it’s musical quality rather than have an album that sells because an MV was flashy, trendy, and/or edgy. (I won’t name names :/)

        • Blueberries

          I have heard about that too before. But I think that those informations are working just for now.. there is no saying who will be popular next year etc. Either Suju or Big Bang weren’t popular when they debuted. Their fame came in second or third year as well sales.

        • True its impossible to predict who will become famous next year. But with the recent surge of kpop groups it’s becoming increasingly difficult for less popular groups to gain popularity. During DBSK’s early years there were only like 3 kpop groups total in Korea.. BEAST 2PM and Bigbang also debuted when there weren’t as much competition so it was easier to gain fans and recognition even if there weren’t immediately popular.. :/

        • millie102685

          True, and while I think that Infinite may have moved up a tier it doesn’t mean that those that are still popular have slacked off.

        • Blueberries

          Yea and also groups that are internationally successful and successful in Korea are little different sometimes. Busker Busker is great example for group that is famous in Korea but not internationally. I haven’t seen anyone to talk about them before at all but they still won rookie award in MAMA’s over B.A.P and EXO.

          I’m not that familiar with many groups but I’d say that Infinite is same level than B2ST, 2PM and 2AM. Maybe other in same level would be Shinee and MBLAQ.

        • millie102685

          In my biased opinion my favorites are of course on the top and groups that I really don’t care for are constantly being questioned as to why they are on that particular shelf. But without bias, I know that Infinite may not be as popular as those groups.

  4. I really hope that sunggyu wins!! :D


    I was going to go on about how he really showcased his own sound etc., but really, “THIS SONG AND MV ARE AWESOME” is all I need to be internet-yelling to everyone XD

  6. this song getting reviewed will mean alot… as the last infinite song they reviewed is like a thousand years ago.. and the chaser was such a heartache for us. and moreover this is for our leader gyu’s first solo ^^

  7. Morse5644

    1hr more X3
    waaaa!! Gyu’s MV will be reviewed righttttttttttt? x3

  8. ChocoPandaa

    I’m pretty confident that this will win ^^
    What’s your favorite song from the album Another Me?
    It’s hard to choose a favorite but if I had to choose then I’d either pick Shine or Only Tears (Acoustic ver.) lol

  9. I am so proud of us, We’re really close! I am going now, and when I wake up I hope to see that it’s won, but if for whatever reason it doesn’t, I’m still really glad we got to be in first place for so long. Even if he doesn’t get a review, he held first place for a really long time up against Bilasa and TVXQ, which isn’t an easy thing to do. So goodnight guys, I’ll be dreaming of victory tonight! ^.~

  10. Janelle Choo

    inspirits fighting!

  11. Yay there’s a chance this could get reviewed!

  12. Janelle Choo

    just keep on commenting/voting :D

  13. Black_winds

    I have to leave computer now…you people never stop voting,ok?So we can finallly enjoy some Inpinit:3

  14. Okay,(ALMOST THERE!!!!!) does anyone think Gyu will make songs like this? Do you think 60 Sec is a type of song that suits him? Or Do you think he will go a different direction in music(Like 41 days)?

    • I think this really suits him! Of course, maybe I just think that because I like these kinds of songs, and I’d obviously want to see him come out with songs that I like, but I think this song and his vocal range match perfectly. :)

  15. Woo! Almost there! I’m so excited

  16. Janelle Choo

    i seriously cannot wait for this to be revieweeed

  17. Janelle Choo


  18. Black_winds

    so far so good:) I made my father to watch this MV too…and he liked it.Both the music and the video.And that happens almost never,so i feel like i have to talk about it XD

  19. Marina Suju

    COME on COME ON!!! ONLY 3 HOURS LEFT!!! >——–<


  21. ChocoPandaa

    4 hours 30 minutes left and this is still topping the charts!! :D
    I can’t wait to hear the review.. I wanna know what they think the storyline’s about, because really, I keep getting confused with the many interpretations.. And definitely can’t wait to see the skits they do hahaha xD

  22. Janelle Choo


  23. almondcrunch

    omg this is #1 I didn’t expect it!^^ I can’t wait S&M review about the whole story. Hope you guys also talk about Sunggyu’s amazing album <3

  24. millie102685

    Here’s today’s Music Bank performance. I think this may be my favorite outfit and hairstyle. Oh, and look, the band’s back. YAY!!

  25. We’re doing well so far, lets hope we can hold it up for another 6-12 hours or however long it takes. ^^ I hope it wins, for Inspirits sake and my own cos I srsly love this song (and his entire mini-album) so much!! >u< FIGHTING~

  26. Sunggyu wanted a solo album so bad n now, he finally got it!!!so happy for him!!!

  27. LilGubber

    Hope This MV Wins ^_^

  28. vote vote vote :DDDDDD
    NOW AND I MEAN IT INSPIRITS. no pressure

  29. aw man….. I WANNA HEAR SIMON AND MARTINA’S explaination of the story line in this MV! XDDD

  30. InspirElement

    It’s number one guys! Way to go!!

  31. Bilasa’s page crashed again… So having tons and tons of comments can actually be a disadvantage. I remember it happened to The Chaser (with over 6K comments) as well but not as long (but frequent lol).

    TKIR: If 41 Days is really the follow-up track and is given an MV, do you think its story line would be possibly related with the story in 60 Sec?

    • Blueberries

      Pages used to crash lot more but they fixed it couple months ago so it’s odd that they crash now.

      TKIR: It’d make sense. : D

    • Unless it’s something like this: In 60 Sec we see Myungsoo and the girl dated in the past and broke up for unknown reason and they met each other again after some time. Maybe the reason is: she realized that he didn’t love her at all. Then we can have 41 Days talking about the part of story which is not shown in 60Sec.

      So the whole story (60 Sec + 41 Days) can be like this:
      Myungsoo dated the girl – But he didn’t love her (Then why did he date her? God knows =___=)
      They had some happy moments – He could do everything for her, but it’s not for love.
      He looked happy – He just pretended to love her very much.
      She looked happy – She didn’t know that at all.
      They broke up – Because she finally knew that he didn’t love her. She insisted to leave because she didn’t want someone who didn’t love her.
      He’s frustrated – He didn’t expect her to know the secret that he kept. He thought he could hide it from her forever.
      Someday he saw her again – He probably felt guilty. Then he wanna see how she lived after they separated.
      He observed her in the coffee shop – Opps she’s already married. That guy in the kitchen is her husband!
      He left the ring there and decided to leave – He cried because he’s happy for her (@___@)
      She finally saw him and cried – “Oh dear why is this jerk here?! I don’t want to see you again!”
      At last, he left…

      Okay that doesn’t really make any sense, I’m not a good scriptwriter OTL…

    • I don’t know, I don’t think the two make a lot of sense together. in 60 sec, they both seem to love each other very much, but in the end they didn’t work out–for reasons we don’t know– If the reason they didn’t work out was because the lead male never had feelings for the woman who loved him, then L probably wouldn’t have been so upset and emotional when they broke things off in this MV.
      HOWEVER. Maybe there could be a new girl infused into the story in 41 days. Though he has tried being with her, and though she loves L with all her heart, he can’t give his heart to her because he’s still in love with the 60seconds girl. If that makes sense. They could show this by giving him flashbacks to this music video or having this girl appear in it.

      • HAHAHA I just posted a whole bunch of craps then I see this.. Your version makes much more sense, I like it =D

        • Your version makes sense too! and that way, it can continue with the same girl, and they won’t have to hire a second actress ;)

        • I think I just turned a touching love story into a hilarious comedy..
          Anyway, though having the the MVs connected to each other is great, I wish they could have other actors if not Sungkyu. Myungsoo might be bashed for stealing the spotlight..

    • We keep paying attention to Bilasa, I’m just curious if there’s any chance to TVXQ to overtake us?

      TKIR: I prefer to have the MV talking about the story explained by Sungkyu. 41 Days is about how a guy seems to love his girl very much but in fact he doesn’t love her at all..
      I want a dark, cruel, creepy MV… lol

      • Agata_paszcza

        Yay for the dark MV!! It would suit 41 days perfectly. But still I think he should rest instead of promoting another song.

        • I think if they make a dark MV it’ll really stand out..

          One side of me (fangirl mode) hope that he can promote other great songs from the album. Another side of me (mother mode) hope that he can have a good rest >.<

      • Well ,we’re only paying attention to Bilasa because TVXQ hasn’t been able to overtake Bilasa :)
        TKIR: Hahaha, I’m not sure I would want a dark, cruel creepy MV… But on the other hand I’d think it’d be cool. I can’t wait either way!

        • I was worried if Bilasa’s points were close to ours and TVXQ could kill both of us at once lol
          TKIR: Yeah that will be very different from this MV.. I’m thinking about Sunny Hill’s Pray, but that’s way too creepy @___@ Or maybe something like Brown Eyed Girls’ Cleansing Cream..

    • I don’t think the story would really connect. in the story I think they really did love each other. And then broke up. 41 days is about a relationship that seemed perfect but ended up not have real feelings of love? I wonder if there will even be a storyline?

    • millie102685

      It could be a prequel to this song and that would be awesome. Because if this is about falling in love and falling out of love, that could be about right after the breakup and him not wanting to admit that it hurt him as much as it did.

      • I like this idea! But to be honest, I’d rather Sunggyu rest than perform a follow-up. He’s been looking tired and his vocals aren’t in great shape right now.

        • If he’s going to perform a follow-up, I wonder when will it be. Gayo Daejuns are around the corner, he’ll be real busy. He needs to rest..
          Am I the only one who feel kinda sad after watching this week’s Music Bank? I guess I shouldn’t but Sungkyu only get to perform one song for his debut stage and Yoseob had 2 this week =(

        • I was a little down as well. But perhaps it was Woollim’s choice not to make him have two performances since he’d just come back from his tour and they knew he’d be worn out.

        • Oh that’s possible too.. I can see that he’s not in his best condition though his performances were till impressive..

        • millie102685

          I need him to rest like I need the entire Infinite discography. He looks so tired recently that I just want to force him to lay in bed or a week while I feed him good food and pamper him. :(

      • That is brilliant! *O* It’s going to be like, finally finding the missing puzzle pieces in 60 Sec.

        Woollim, please hear our pleas~

        • millie102685

          Did you mean Trollim? Because if I know Trollim well enough they are going to make an MV of Only Tears. =__=;

        • I really really really hope that is not the case.
          Or Imma gather every Inspirit to flip a car with Lee boss in it. =_=

        • I’ll join you. Winter break is around the corner, I don’t mind getting an air ticket to Korea to flip a car with Trollee in it!

        • I sincerely hope that it won’t be Only Tears.. Any other song will do but not Only Tears. It’s a great song but I wish they keep it as a gift for Inspirits. Plus, the other songs are really worth to be promoted..

    • I think it would be really cool if the follow-up MV was related to this one! Or even if they just reused some elements so we’d have stuff to talk about when we try to vote it into a KMM. XD Kinda like how MBLAQ’s Y and This Is War have the same plane ticket at the end.

      • Haha right, gives us an advantage for next time. XD Not to mention it’s going to be awesome and angst-y.
        Oh I didn’t notice a plane ticket in Y! But I did notice that Joon is the possessive, bad guy with the gun in both, lol.

  32. …I still can’t get over with what “kyu zizi” means in French. Or so I’ve heard. XD

  33. I love this song & MV so much!!! Sunggyu & L are AMAZING!!! :D

  34. Celiciaaa~

    checked kpop charts to find kim sunggyu in first place! inspirits you guys rock!!~<3

    • I’m so happy that he’s going to get reviewed (though it says there are 4 hours left so we still can’t let our guard down!) If only S&M would review the rest of the songs in the album then it’d be perfect!

      • My timer says there are 11 hours left… and Google says it’s currently 1pm on Saturday in Korea. o-o Maybe the timer is glitchy.

        • This is exactly what I was thinking. O_O It’s 12pm here in our country which is 1pm in Korea… The voting should have been closed 2 hours earlier…. which means we are the victors!!! Lol that sounds Hunger Games-ish. XD

        • The voting closes at 11:59pm, not am, so it should be 11 hours. I’m not sure why it says 4 for you… But a few of the earlier comments also had the time wrong. Kinda strange, but I guess we can always keep talking about the video. :)

        • It’s 2:36 PM in South Korea, and the clock says 9 hours and 23 minutes left. So that means it’s 11:59am not pm.

        • It says 162 hours and 33 minutes now, OTL. It’s confusing. XD
          Yeah I guess we have to keep on talking~

  35. everytime i hear this song it bring me too tears. It really hits home.

  36. even after two weeks, i still am at a loss for words on how I truly feel about this MV and song… If you could rewind time two years and tell Sunggyu that this is what he’ll become, do you think he would believe you? There is just so much good… I wish I knew how to put all of my feelings into words… I’ll at least refrain for key smashing. That’s close, but… not what it is I have in mind. Simply put, you could say that I am so proud of him. This MV, song, and mini-album… they are masterpieces. I cannot wait for more in teh years to come.

    • “Whether I’m part of a dance group or a rock group, I was thinking that I wouldn’t be embarrassed whenever I would be doing music.

      He’s truly an inspiring person overall. ;~; A role model to those people who dreams of living their whole life doing music…

      • Gyu is so passionate in music and that’s one of the many many things I love about him! He’s such an inspirational person and this album truly is a masterpiece :) I look forward to what he and Infinite has to offer us in the future and hope that we have many many infinitely more years to come with our lovely 7 boys of Infinite (proud Inspirits right here) I hope this video will get reviewed!! Inspirits! Just a little bit longer!!

    • Yeah, I love this EVERYTHING. it was perfect. I don’t care if this isn’t ranking high on the charts, I’m proud of Gyu! I’m realllly looking forward to listening to Gyu’s music in the future :)