Kim Sung Kyu – I Need You

  1. this is the best song ever realy amazing <3 and he wrote it himself super awsome *_* check his 41days song it doesn't have a mv but the song is WOW realy meanigfull lyrics <3 i wonder from where he get his insperation

  2. I neeeed you to review this mv. i love the song, i love the mv, i love snuggleyu. i really want to know what you guys think about this mv. please simon and martina~~

  3. i really like this song. but what made me love this song is when sung kyu starts singing “i need you” in the background around 3:18 holy crap its just so good and he is so vocally talented and im really glad that he’s getting a chance to shine outside of infinite

  4. amaaziing song… so sad snsd gonna win.. this is so magical

  5. This is very lovely, definitely voting for this for KMM :)

  6. I’m glad infinite H is climbing the k-pop charts, but I’m still pulling for Sunggyu. ♥

  7. This definitely needs to be reviewed. There isn’t any dancing, barely any English, and the mv doesn’t have much going on so it may be difficult to review, but the song is fantastic.
    I actually like how simple the mv is anyways because these days, music videos have too much going on, doesn’t really relate to the song, and/or has a cheesy overused plot.
    This mv however matches the song well. I especially liked the ending, where you begin to see all the beautiful colors.
    I’m proud to be an Inspirit. I now have become a huge fan of SungKyu as a solo artistas well.

  8. vip <3 blackjacks

    i really love this sng i have fallen in love with the whole album and will for sure buy it

  9. Chelsie Galang

    Omg this is the most amazing and emotionoI ever it’s just so wonderful I might just cry every time I see snnggyu’s acting and singing it’s just so perfect!!

  10. Love Kim Sung Kyu because of his beautiful voice. You just can’t resist it but to listen the whole song over and over again.

  11. suncat333

    My favorite song from the album is Shine!

  12. I really don’t mind if this isn’t reviewed, but I really love the simplicity of the MV. And SUNGGYU, YOU IS SO GORGEOUS. I could snuggle you. LOL

  13. This has to be my second favorite song of Sunggyu’s. 41 Days being my favorite!

    • This is actually my favorite off of his solo album, but I was really surprised that it got a music video. When voting for 60 seconds, almost EVERYBODY was hoping to see 41 seconds get a music video because let’s face it, it’s a freaking awesome song and they could do so much with the story-line there. But regardless of having a tiny bias towards ‘I need you’ I’m glad they chose this one because it gave them the chance to create a video that was as simple as it was magnificent.

  14. DuchessRhea

    I’m amazed this is number three on the charts. I’ll be happy if we can get it to number 2, then it has a chance of winning in two weeks time. Because let’s be honest; I Got A Boy is going to win next week. But I’d be curious to see what S&M think about it. *totally did not just think of multiple different meanings for S&M*

    • LOL, I always think of the ooother S&M when typing S&M. but it’s so much easier than writing out Simon and Martina all the time,haha. Sometimes I just go with SnM, but then that reminds me of the candy… and we’re back to square one.

  15. GLAMcomeshere

    Boooring… she is pretti though… and he is.. I just don`t like slow songs… sorry xD

  16. Korona Karyuudo

    My heart is crying. I can’t handle how much I am feeling for this song and the simpleness of the video. I’m gonna go crazy if this doesn’t get a review wow.

    • GLAMcomeshere

      Um… WHAT does it mean?? Like the meaning of the song…. o-o

      • You can read the translated lyrics here:
        and then interpret how you will. I personally think it’s about a girl who makes him want to start over and become a better person, but she doesn’t know it. He “needs her” (I need you) to say goodbye to his past and he wants to begin his new life with her. Just my opinion. What do you think?

        • GLAMcomeshere

          Well, first I thought he needed him because he had been through some difficult things… but your right… it might more be your version…and thanks for the link…. ;)

        • That could be it too! maybe they went through difficult times together and he wants to take her out of that situation. Idk. That’s the cool part to these music videos and songs, they leave a lot open for our imaginations to decide ;)

        • SugerFace

          Well, he and her got throgh some pain ans SO, THEY didn`t need to make a boring song… it is just like… she doesn`t even sing… and she is the only one I like so… all you fans… pleas tell me… WHAT is he… those lyricks… I read them… and they have potential… but he hasn`t…. -_-

        • I respect your opinion, but I don’t understand why you’re here.
          You may not see his potential, but his fans do, which is why we are here. As fans, we can see that he is the leader of a very successful boy band, and was the leader to another band before. We know that music PROFESSIONALS at Woolim Ent. saw his potential and gave him the chance to go solo, which turned out to be a success. We can see that his album “Another me” is in the top 10 best selling albums on the Gaon chart as of today and going up..
          and from a personal perspective, I see someone who I find is extremely talented, and who is making songs not typical for K-pop artists. You may think the video or song is boring, but Sunggyu was not in charge of making the video, and this is only one of many songs that he sings.

        • GLAMcomeshere

          *her oops

  17. Sunggyu was never my favorite in Infinite. In fact, he was far from it. After his solo album, I’m touched by him. He’s still not my bias, but I rarely hear raw emotion in K-Pop songs. If a singer singing in a language I don’t understand can get through to my heart with their voice alone, that means something and they can count on my support, Ultimately, the emotion that came through to me in this song was loneliness. And after looking up the English translation, I was proven correct. The song speaks of everyone leaving, but one specific individual staying by your side. But when that one person leaves, you’re left alone in the dark with nothing to cling to and your every day life becoming a boring, monotonous routine. Throughout this comment I may divert to different subjects quite quickly so bear with me. As this is a song in a minor key, I’m more drawn to it. As much as I enjoy all the happy, joyous tracks of many artists out there, I’ve always favored sad songs more. To me, sad songs convey more emotion and, in my opinion, are easier to connect to on a personal level. Even though I’ll always be a VIP in the heart, very few of us can connect to G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind” as it speaks of riches and things many of us may never have or achieve. G-Dragon’s “Missing You” is something more fans can relate to. Enough about G-Dragon, this is Sunggyu’s moment to shine. About this music video in particular, I liked how the black and white accentuated the feeling of being alone, yet having so many people around you (A feeling I know well). The shaky camera movements made the video even more realistic to show that this isn’t an imaginary instance and to highlight the uncertainty of what to do next. A bit off topic, but I like how they have a female member of the band and how they show her often. It’s just that you don’t see that much of female roles in bands other than AOA. Closer to the end of the video, the world is bathed in color as the sun rises from the horizon. I think this is meant to show that eventually, you find a solution to your loneliness. Whether you find a friend, a lover, or just learn that being solo isn’t the worst thing in the world, you break out somehow. Actually, it can also be a universal message that no matter what problem you may be facing (In this case loneliness), you’ll eventually find a pathway leading away from it or confront it straight on and come out of it alive to tell the story. Another thing I forgot to mention was other than Sunggyu’s amazing vocals full of emotion, were his eyes. Eyes are said to be the gateway to a soul. I don’t know about everyone else, but Sunggyu’s eyes are something to be amazed by. If I muted the music video, I’d probably still be able to discern how alone and sad Sunggyu appears to feel in the video. Either Sunggyu conveys emotion extremely well, is an amazing actor (And should act the main role in a melodrama or something), or he has felt something like this before. Which causes me to think about what kind of things many idols have went through, but we don’t know about. Anyway…..I think I’m done with my little review thingy.

    • Morse5644

      aww, i was touched with your comment TT_TT this is so true :”< i love how you feel the song… ♥ ~ you're totally right.. i agree with you TT_TT

    • I wonder if anyone will actually bother to read that whole thing O_O

      • i did and it was great. i even muted the song to see if his eyes were as expressive as you claimed them to be…and they were :D thanks for writing the awesome review, who cares if its lengthy there are alot of things to be said

      • alezasol_2

        lol i read my mind hahaha

      • I read the whole thing, and I agree with every point made, as diver-y as it is.

      • Morse5644

        wow… so …. long…… wait i’ll read it xD

      • Wow. I just wrote a puny little paragraph as to what I thought this song was about, but then I read yours (all of it ;)) and now I feel a little silly. Your interpretation was marvelous. And I totally get what you mean about the ending, finding a solution to whatever issues you face. It was so obviously well put in the MV, yet you pointed it out to me, and probably quite a few others in such a pretty way.

        • I read your paragraph too XD and I agree that this song can be interpreted in many different ways, but different people have different views. I just happened to feel the emotion of loneliness more than the emotion of need.

      • love your review~♥ *_*

      • I did! (^_^) Very nice review!
        I liked how you mentioned Sunggyu’s eyes. I have to say that I didn’t initially notice the emotion in his eyes the first couple of times I watched the MV, but in the end it surprised me. Sometimes there seems to be an overwhelming number of comments (from other fans etc, not here) about how small his eyes are, but in actual fact he is more expressive with his eyes than other Kpop idols and some people I know.

  18. Based on lyrics, the sound of Gyu’s lovely voice, and/or the scenes in the MV,what is your favorite part of this song or music video?
    For me, I really like his high pitched moment in the chorus at around 1:11, it’s just…angelic.
    and I also really like the first verse after the first chorus, those lyrics are just really touching and I’m loving whoever wrote this song!!

  19. OK not hating but I really didn’t like 60 sec but I was really debating to give Kim Sung Kyu another chance by listening to this song…well I have to say I’m really glad I did cuz I absolutely LOVE this song way more then 60sec don’t know why but I do now I want to listen to it again!!! (^_^)

    • Props for honesty ♥
      I really loved 60 seconds, but I know what you mean. I have been playing and replaying this song way more than I did with 60 seconds, it’s just so pretty and the music video is great and lyrics are touching and…and…siggh. :3

  20. love this song sooo much~♥
    please, vote for this song c:

  21. I would really like to see this get a review. The last music video had so much Simon and Martina could talk about, that they didn’t talk too much about Snugglegyu himself or his debut. I think this MV allows more focus on that. So simple, yet so freaking wonderful. <3

  22. Sandeul Baro

    Im in looove with his voice!!!! I could listen to him for hours ^^

  23. This is amazing! I just love it! <3 I love GuyGuy's small eyes. He is so handsome. And I think SungGyu has also one of the best voices in K-pop.ㅋㅋㅋ Myungies face ,, so sweet guy. And this musicvideo is a bit sad. ㅠ.ㅠ Inspirits vote vote vote this song!

  24. I just love Sunggyu’s voice

  25. this song is just so good!!!!

  26. Really loving the female bassist~

    • I think that’s really awesome too! I’m hoping that after Sunggyu finishes promoting his debut album and goes back to leading Infinite, the female bassist as well as the rest of this completely epic band get to continue making music.

  27. everybody loves a beautiful man with a beautiful voice :)

  28. I just really really love Woollim

  29. Awesome song, awesome lyrics, catchy tune, I love EXID….

  30. too pretty not to be reviewed :)

  31. this is an awesome song and mv, love sunggyu.

  32. Vanecia Hazel

    I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG!!! :D I caught my sister humming it while washing dishes,that’s how often I’ve played it over and over again..

  33. boohh ~ i forgot to vote cuz i thought it was closed TT_TT heuheuheu

  34. OMG YAAAY!
    I know Martina isn’t a huge ballad fan, but how could one not love this?

  35. I’m confused when will the next music mondays be??

  36. THE MV REMINDS ME OF ADELE’S ‘Someone Like You’ SOOOOO MUCH!!!!But I love it!!it gives that sad feeling….then an AWESOME burst of COLOURSSSSSS XD

  37. I have to say I actually really liked this video. I know there wasn’t too much of a story, but it was very artistic…to use eyk’s words “artsy fartsy” and I liked that a lot about it. It was simple, but beautiful at the same time and I loved the contrast of the black and white at the beginning and the colorful ending. It could be that I also liked it because I love Sunggyu and I loved that the M/V focused on him and his passionate singing…he’s fun to watch :D Yeah I know it probably won’t be reviewed either, but maybe the artsiness of it could get it into an Indy playlist ;p lol or not, but even so…it has a Nell-like quality to it that I love and that I bet Sunggyu appreciated too considering they’re his role models.

  38. SS501jjang

    This needs to be reviewed. This time not the MV but the song itself. I was kinda disappointed when Simon and Martina only reviewed the MV of 60 Secs.

    • Same here. But in their defense, they were coming back from Canada and had a lot to deal with on their minds. This MV isnt nearly as busy or eventful as 60 seconds was, so other than it’s artsy simplicity, all there is left to discuss is Sungkyu and the beautiful song itself. :)