Kiss & Cry – Domino Game

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  1. Cecilia Avila
    Cecilia Avila

    Dance Practice video. Its so amazing, they are so clean and on point.

  2. Clover ZiHui Ooi
    Clover ZiHui Ooi

    one word. Awesome. is this a new group? i have never heard of them

  3. They’re amazing.

  4. Kealii Sanchez

    they are #5 ? :D i hope they can make it to #3 by friday so they can be reviewed!! if S&M are doing KMM next week

  5. Bethany Neeley

    While I’m really over this whole girl groups must be sexy trend, I really loved this song. I wish that dominoes were used in the video, but it’s actually a song I would listen to on a daily basis. I can’t believe this is a debut! I’m so excited to see where they’ll be going!

  6. StrawBerry

    That was a great debut song! I think it has a latin feel to it.. :)

  7. this song sounds so familiar, especially the chorus, can anybody think of a song that sounds like the chorus? something not Korean, but sung by a group (male or female), possibly from the 90s? this is driving me crazy, I can’t remember what it was

  8. Kealii Sanchez

    wow~ i can’t believe they are still up in the charts in No.6 ^.^ this is great! i love them!! their debut was the best so far!!!

  9. DirtyEyedGirl

    woahh…I was really expecting anything but this is really good.
    The song, the performance as a whole and the girls themselves. Like!
    With a higher-budget, this group is actually promising

  10. Juanita Aristizábal Ochoa

    The best debut in a while, strong and amazing group! <3

  11. Cassandra Bosquet
    Cassandra Bosquet

    1. Spectacular vocals and singing abilities
    2. Loved the fun Latin beat infused into this k-pop gem
    3. I’m excited to see how far this group goes because they have some serious talent
    I saw books, poker chips, a whip, and balloons. Never once was a domino seen in a song entitled Domino Game. I was all set for the symbolic use of domino pieces. Bummer!
    I liked the song times 100, nevertheless.

  12. Kiss&Cry hwaiting! ^^

  13. Kealii Sanchez

    i’m so addicted to this song<3 damn, their vocals are amazing, check out the LIVE it's AMAZING!!!

  14. Wow… like if I’d only randomly heard the song, I never would have guessed they were rookies!
    Solid vocals, and it seems like they’re all good dancers as well :)
    To be honest, it’s really refreshing to hear this type of music from a girl group.
    I’ll cross my fingers for them (^.^)

  15. This is a debut! Strong vocals, great stage presence & amazing song. I want nothing but success for Kiss&Cry

  16. These are really amazing. Singing and so pretty. I hope they don’t go unnoticed.

  17. This is a really nice debut. Not my favorite song ever but they have really strong vocals. I look forward to more from them!

  18. Jang Ddokjin

    Amazing vocals, amazing live performance and amazing moves! This is how you debut, new girl groups please take note ~ Forever supporting this girls! ♥

  19. [email protected]

    This is a solid group with great potential. I love their choreography and NO they are not too sexy. Give us a break :)

  20. Kealii Sanchez

    i love this group and song so much! & their vocals <3 damn!!! DIA my bias <3

  21. Alicia Griesbach

    Gosh dang this great, especially for a new group! Soyumi’s gaze is killing me and she’s a fantastic dancer~

  22. Yay! a high energy up tempo dance track!