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LED Apple – Let The Wind Blow

  1. I wish this band gains some recognition soon! They deserve it!

  2. This is the music in my head today!

  3. lo amoooo a kyuminnnn me encanta la cancion!!!!!!

  4. Come on LEDAs! This video is amazing and LED Apple needs more love! Lets get them to first! >:3 I’m really curious as to what Simon and Martina would say about LED Apple~

  5. I am still voting, sorry that I can’t comment much
    TKIR: The beginning of the video is my favorite part. :D

  6. I really like this video bunches. Their voices are soo sweet. I like the MV rather than live. I noticed that The live version was cut short .

  7. I really hope they review this one. I’m a huuuuge LEDA. LEDApple are one of my most favorite groups, but it makes me really sad that they’re so underrated. :(

  8. Since the release date for this song was my birthday, and the fact that I’m a huge LED Apple fan, it has a special place in my heart. I wish they could get more props for their work from international fans, but hey. At least they are still popular enough to make music. :)

  9. Since the release date for this song was my birthday, and the fact that I’m a huge LED Apple fan, it has a special place in my heart. I wish they could get more props for their work from international fans, but hey. At least they are still popular enough to make music. :)

  10. LEDApple~ >w< come on LEDAs! Let's get this to number 1!!!

  11. I just love the song. I wish they were more popular.

  12. i juss love this dance haha its funny and cute i juss love LEDApple

  13. i really want a review on this….it’s such a great song.

  14. I really love LED APPLE…. they are great! I dont know why they are not more successfull… would be great if they win….:)

  15. I’m so excited that I was able to get a signed CD of theirs! They’re amazing! And this video is definitely my favorite of theirs (although I absolutely loved the cutie boy look in Run To You). The lead vocal’s voice is 대박! And I love hearing his Australian accent! ;)

  16. This reminds me of another music video by Foster the People I think it was…

  17. I want to see what Simon and Martina (and Spudgy) think about this ^_^

  18. This MV has so much meaning and is really beautiful! <3 ^_^

  19. It would be nice to see this video reviewed , 1 I like always like to root for an underdog. 2 This video has a Sci-fi theme that’s a little dark. and 3 I’d like to hear S&M discuss the Dark Side of K-POP which I think this video’s about.

  20. COME ON ALL YOU PEOPLE ALL YOU PEOPLE WITH CHILDHOODS AND HAVE PLAYED LEGEND OF ZELDA! WHERE ART THOU VOTES???? (If no votes, I’ll do what any angry person online would do, caps lock you to death :)

  21. i do love the video ^_^ but i don’t understand it. i hope they’ll review this MV ^_^

  22. I love this so much! Did anyone else see the similarities between this song and Humanoids by TVXQ? ^_^

  23. OMG!!! <3 Hanbyul is looking so hott!!!~~~ Same goes for Kwangyeon <3

  24. i love LEDapple so much and i always have i juss wish that more people knew about them

  25. Don’t really wanna comment on this and ruin the ’69 comments’ ;)
    …but I will anyway cos yay LED Apple!! I love them so much!! There should definitely be more bands in the kpop industry…like, I know there are loads of indie bands but really I only know know of LED Apple and FT Island and…I do like FT Island and they’re really talented but their songs aren’t really my style…except I Wish I like that one^^
    ANYWAY back to LED Apple. It sucks how they’re not more appreciated, like UKISS never winning any awards its like WAE?!
    And I love LED Apple’s MVs, they always have a kinda sinister vibe to them, like Time Is Up with the creepy clockwork girl! I prefer Time Is Up and Run To You to Let The Wind Blow seeing as this one’s kinda depressing even if it is super beautiful but the MV’s awesome which makes up for it^^
    Anyways, gonna finish my ramble there. LED Apple hwaiting! I know it’s unlikely but I really hope this gets reviewed!

  26. LEDapple is awesome! I love this song and video!

  27. this is song is amazing! LEDApple has been through alot, and this was probably the best achievement they’ve ever mad in their career! Much love and support from the LEDAs! Our boys really need more recognition!!

  28. farisa

    I hope this gets voted for KMM or at least mentioned by eyk. LED Apple is a really amazing group and more people should know about them. :)

  29. How have I not heard their music before? :-o This song is awesome!

  30. I was never really a fan of this band, but since this song and Time is Up I seem to be coming around. LEDapple fighting!

  31. i love this song :3 i will forever love this MV, SO COOL~

  32. I’ve been humming this song all flippin’ day..

  33. I really like this song and video, and it would be really cool if Simon and Martina mentioned this in the kpop chart update or did a Music Monday. XD

  34. awesome song form this band..the first one that actually caught my attention….it’s brings something different and new to kpop…a fresh blow of wind :D

  35. I’m in love with this song right now~ 8D

  36. Vote for LED Apple Everyday!

  37. ok this was a great video. voting!

  38. Wahhhhhh this is so cool O.O I want a LedApple robot!! Wait…no….I want them all actually…. :D I can’t stop doing the dance! its addicting Lol!

    My fave LED Apple song by far.

  40. I wish they could make an exception and review this >< it's so awesome

  41. Hangul lyrics to help you sing along.

    maemi chakhan saram
    sojungh qeu saram
    pume areumyeon buesojilduet ganyeorin saram
    annyeongiran maleobsi ddeonaggabeoryottne
    heeojimiran saenggakjocha mothan nainde
    haneuldo seulpeunji naeryeo

    barama beleora OOO
    nae nimgyesingotkkaji
    aetage geurium inaemam jeonhaejidorog

    barama beleora OOO
    nae nim eodi ittneunji
    hyanggi chajeul su ittge, barrama buleorga

    michin deuti georireul ddu hemeigon hae
    geudge dalmeun geu dwitmoseube ddo butjabgon hae
    gateun haneularaee sandamyeon
    eonjesgan mamajigettji

    baraba buleora OOO
    nae nimgyesingotkkaji
    aetaga geuriun inaemam jeonhaejidorog

    barama buleora OOO
    nae nim eodi ittneunji
    hyanggi chajeul su ittge, barrama buleora

    ~call me back i bitsogeul nanneun bbareuge reoegero dalryeo, call me back ~
    ~nareul beoryeodugo gan you so bad~
    ~gunde wae maeil bam kkmsoge neuneun wae nafana wae~
    ~naruedo myeathbeonssig dolgo dola jjatgo jiocha~

    barama bulera OOO
    my love is pain
    nae nim eodi ittneunji
    hyanggi chajeul sittige ,barama bulera
    hyanggi chajeul sittige , baram bulera

  42. I can’t stop listening to the song recently! It has to be reviewed! xD

  43. Are they suppose to be cyborgs or androids?

  44. ~ wind, please blow oh oh oh ~
    ~ to the place where my dear is ~
    ~ so that my burning heart can be told ~

    ~ wind, please blow oh oh oh ~
    ~ where is me dear? ~
    ~ so that she can find me with my scent, wind blow ~

  45. I don’t know their names but the 2 guys are gorgeous. The video is interesting, I love the sci-fi and the darkness feel of the video. I think the stylist did a great job on their hair and clothing. Love How their clothing are semi- similar but still nothing a like.

    • Blueberries

      Two of them? You mean vocalist’s? They are band so there is 5 members. Vocalist’s are Hanbyul aka Jason and Kyumin. Hanbyul is blond one, he’s their main singer and he’s also fluent in english (raised in Australia). Kyumin is vocalist and maknae. Then there is Youngjun; citarist and leader, Kwangyeon who plays bass and Hyosuk; drummer.

      • yea i wasn’t sure this video doesn’t focus on the band members but i looked some of there older videos up and noticed they were part of the group, thank you for the names.

  46. I really love the dance. It doesn’t look to difficult to learn. It’s pretty original. They dance very fluidly and it matches the music beautifully.

  47. Love this video. I’m definitely a new fan!

  48. i hope they review this. I love LEDApple! <3

  49. I hope that LEDApple is at least mentioned in the next K-Pop Chart Update! I’m a huge LEDA, and I think that if Simon and Martina just talked about this song on the K-Pop Charts, LEDApple would get some new fans!

    LEDApple, fighting!

    • I saw them in Okinawa, My son thought they were amazing. They have so many types of music. I think I like this song the best. I have become a fan.


    it’s too bad they won’t get reviewed since their so underrated .-.

  51. Let’s get LED Apple on EYK!!

  52. I wish that more people would vote for this video. It is so good. I’ve seen this concept done before, but never like this.

  53. i loved it

  54. dancingpartytime

    I really wish this had more votes! Hopefully it’ll at least make it high enough to make it in the kpop chart update.

  55. You know I’m not really the biggest fan of LEDapple even some of my favorite are before this video like B1A4 and Sunggyu but this video was just awesome. The lyrics where just maah, but the vocals were really good and I LOVED the concept of the video! I hope they can review them. They deserve it :)

  56. AHHH so awesome love this song and video LED fighting!!

  57. i so love this! it feels like they’re showing us the ways of the music industry. they find people, train them until they act exactly how the companies want them to, then let them debut.

    i really hope more people will vote for this! if it could just get into kpop chart update again it would help so much to get more people to check ledapple out because there are still to many people out there who don’t even know they exist.

  58. This songs holds many meanings ~ and i love this ^^ i’m a bit sad to see this group so underrated …

  59. LEDapple ! Fighting!! <3

  60. Blueberries

    I was introduced to LedApple by Simon and Martina. They had Time is up on kpop chart update: . I liked song and decided to check more stuff from LedApple. I hope Led Apple could be this time too introduced at kpop chart update so they could have more exposure and maybe gain some new fans too :)

  61. I love this song so much. It’s really a shame that LEDapple doesn’t get more attention </3

  62. LEDapple was LITERALLY just made by the k-pop industry :D LOL!!!!…..can I buy one? 0.o

  63. ah this music video should get done

  64. I like the use of the flute/piccolo/pan flute, it reminds me of T-ara’s Day by Day

  65. Every time this song comes on my iPod, I get so sad that there aren’t more people who know about it. LEDApple is really unique to kpop with their band/dance combo, and while their songs tend to be so hit and miss with me, this is my favorite song of theirs to date (better than The Time’s Up by farrrr~). I hope more people take a listen.

  66. Blueberries

    Here is the sub for everyone who hadn’t seen it yet:

    The lyrics are nice although they don’t go that well with mv. The part: “Wind please blow to the place where my dear is” was little odd to me cause there is song in home country where is exatly same line just in my mother language. Just gave odd similarity there.

  67. I love LEDApple. I like the song, but I feel the dancing is a bit awkward when they do that fanning themselves bit when they sing the chorus. Yes, it makes sense with the lyrics, but it looks a bit funny. I like their other dance moves though. :3 I love LEDApple’s sci-fi songs. I always end up humming this without knowing. XD

    • Blueberries

      I didn’t like dance this time that much either. I love Time is Up’s, Sadness’ and Run to You dances from LedApple but this maybe was weakest.

  68. Finally!!!! I’m getting so led apple addicted haha. the song is great, it reminds me of Somebody met by chance.
    Kwangyeon looks great with that hat and Kyumins and jasons…I mean Hanbyuls hair is so great aefmökdjöhgkjendf

  69. I really like how laid back this song is in comparison with their last single. In addition, the video for “Run to You” was so upbeat, even silly, that it really emphasizes the differences between the two.

    Watching this video, I didn’t immediately have the feeling that it was a particularly dark theme. As it progressed, however, it ever-so-subtly started to exude this unsettling aura. By the end, I had a definite feeling of disquiet, and after a second watch I can quite confidently say that I *love* this video. It just very masterfully gets under your skin.

    I can really appreciate it when a group can pull off multiple concepts believably.

  70. Kyaaa I really like the song ~ it’s a lot softer than others that I’ve heard, but it still has the same feel, I think.

  71. Blueberries

    My take of the plot:

    Mv begins with mafia-looking guys walking into room and putting unconcious bodies to beds and wheelchairs. They are planning to turn these humans to powerful cyborgs who they are able to control with joysticks (0:32). So with guidance of their leader mafia guys make them cyborgs and then began to test how well they can perform…. as idol band. Mafia boss sits in chair and watches them perform first with help of his supportinates cause they’re too stiff to function on their own. He likes what he sees and turns cyborgs off.

    Later on cyborgs are still turned off in their room (1:40->). They slowly wake up their own and start to get up. In empty room they start to do the task given to the them- performing song- on their own. Boss who is suddenly visiting alone the lab hears sounds and he sees the cyborgs give amazing performance without any help at all. After their performance mafia boss nods proudly and is convinced that they are his masterpiece.

    …I just wonder what is he going to do with them?

    • haha omg milla’s so smart XD <3
      Strange MV lol ~ so much strangeness being released nowadays.

      • Blueberries

        It is just so weird.. I hope they could give some explanation why this man turns them to idol puppets. He’s so creepy!

        • I interpreted it as a comment on how a lot of kpop groups are seen as mass-marketed puppets for their labels, which is what I thought the whole robotic-creepy man-joystick thing was about. The part at the end where they’re performing on their own, but still robots, made me think that the point of the video was to remind fans that even though their idols may be the best people on the planet, they’re still doing a job to make money and projecting a public image that they’ve been told to display. It doesn’t mean that anything’s wrong with enjoying the music (I wouldn’t be here otherwise), but fans should be aware of how some idols personas’ might not be true-to-life.

    • he sees dollars signs, he’s molded them into perfect singing and dancing machines now he going to make them into the next great Idol group.

  72. unicornsgalaxy

    oooh a guy keeping a bunch of robot puppet idols in a room and takes them out to play! Yeah that’s not creepy at all *shakes head*, nope not at all!

    I love how even though they are a band they still have some choreography! I love the cute little hand fluttering motion.

  73. Is the guy at 0:18 the same one from Goodbye Baby?

  74. Loving the song and the MV concept. Wouldn’t hurt if I had some good looking robots(?) in my basement either kkk

  75. i loved the marionette/ android theme. i wonder how it will look live. I really liked this song.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I saw the comeback stage yesterday. It was pretty good and I am slightly jealous of the striped tights!

      • Blueberries

        Thanks for sharing! I liked live performance but those outfits are so weird.. Are they going for winter look now?

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I got the winter feel from the out fits too. I can’t decide if I like them or not!

        • vip <3 blackjacks

          i thought the outfits were adorably awesome i loved em

        • I think the outfits fits to the concept of MV too. Because MV is about puppets and idol group, it’s about how they can’t decide what they wear and it doesn’t matter how weird it looks, it’s just concept of new song, they just have to wear these clothes. It’s just my thoughs, I can’t be sure about it, but this is what I think.

    • I was thinking the same. I’m going to check out this weeks inkigayo see if they’ll be on to perform. Looks like not many people are supporting this video. I’m here all alone commenting :( On a side note what happened to the don’t hate me thread? did it get shut down?

  76. Yay LED Apple is back! Pretty sure I like this song mostly because of Hanbyul’s voice, but I don’t understand the MV at all. Are they robots?