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Lee Hi –

  1. I love Lee Hi !! I can¨t believe we are the same age, she is cute I wish a had a friend like that ! :/

  2. Another live performance. She is getting more comfortable on stage. Is it just me or is her smiling seeming genuine and not forced now. I love her outfit too, but isn’t she too short to be wearing that combo… What am I saying Bom is just as short as her and does it all the time too, it’s just that she has long legs.

    • I actually find her looking exceptionally slim in this outfit. The… Skirt? Flaps? Hmm.. Might give a slimmer / longer legs. But not as cute as exposing her legs lol. Bom actually looks gorgeous in pants! But she hardly do that.
      .. I wouldn’t come over if i didn’t see this on my dash… :D

      • I did that on purpose. I figured people who disqus stalked me would see it and comment. I did not want to off-topic post it. Plus I feel it is just right to keep it here if maybe sometime later a new fan reads this and wants to see how her live performances improved after the horrible acting in the video.

        I did not know how short Bom was at first. Because her legs are so amazingly long and she has a short torso, but Lee Hi is stocky and has the thighs ( which I like and hope she will keep). Honestly though I know she is dieting and getting fit, but I love her look right now. Not stick thin, but cute and girlish.

  3. Wow, her live performance has so much more life in it! Great job!

  4. her voice is amazing!! and I love the song…but seriously, she needs to work on her mv lip syncing skills…she seemed so…uncomfortable! other than the awkwardness of the video, I love her! like seriously!

  5. Can’t wait to see this KMM!! lol

  6. i am waiting for the music monday i keep refreshing my youtube waiting for it to come ah !!

  7. Love her outfits, too @_@

  8. Love her voice and this song!

  9. uhmm one of the outfit i didn’t like is the one with pink and green 2:06 on mv ,maybe its the hair or the dress but i found it a bit uhmm how do i say not good on her!! :D:D

  10. haha i was watching her live performance and in the end!! her hair was all over her face!!hahah i don’t know why i found it funny and cute :D and love that “never enough” on 1:02 of the mv :D

  11. she is adorable and cute!!

  12. its so chatchy

  13. i love her voice so much! Lee Hi fighting! XD

  14. I know you guys have already counted votes, but….I just watched her live version and it was sooo much better. She had more expression and movement than in the video. It was great! Her voice was just a smooth live, if not better! I can’t wait to see what Lee Hi does in the future.

    This is the interview part.
    I feel she’s way too perky. I don’t believe I’ve seen her this cheery. Now I’m crushed at the thought of her getting pressured from all the criticism from the MV.

    • Omg, ikr? Her voice is usually has a deep mellow calmness to it but it looks like YG gave her some energy drink so that she’s all chipper and trying to squeeze as many words as she can into a split second…. it’s so sad because I find her natural voice very soothing and chill and full of swag. She has THE perfect I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. :)

  16. wasn’t this the girl that’s from martina’s or simon’s school … or something??? someone confirm my doubts please x3

  17. HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN HER DEBUT STAGE ON INKIGAYO?!?! She amazing on stage! just wish she could pull out those facial expressions in the mv too

  18. As for the English of the song, we give a … well Simon , the ball is in your yard now :D

    Leehi’s inki perf. That baby totally rocked the stage! And there’s a little surprise which i find a nice touch :D

    • I really enjoyed that live performance. She definitely had a lot more pizazz and was more comfortable on stage. And no exposed pink bra. That costume made me slightly ajumma like and I wanted to tell her to button her shirt up.

    • Uh, Fastest costume change EVAR? xD surely that was edited yea?

      Well. I don’t think I’ve seen such impressive live singing on a Korean music show since Ailee’s Heaven. Not that I watch Korean music shows much :p

      But it was really well done. She seemed a lot more confident and expressive here, but boy oh boy, she had fantastic voice control. I prefer people belting out their lines over singing softly and relying on the mic – but she knew where to sing softly and where to put more emphasis, all without busting a gut. Yup yup this girl can SING. *nods*

      • I agree about the voice control. I was also are really impressed by it. But at the same time, she is known for her voice so in a way it is not surprising. I wish Bom had this level of vocal control still. Poor Bommie. Please, take care of your voice Lee Hayi, it is a precious instrument. Look how Adele suffered from vocal nodules and it affected her tour and she had to cancel dates so she could recover. Daesung also suffered from the vocal nodule issues pre- debut as well too. With power vocalists who tend to overtrain and strain their voices, these types of issues tend to happen. Lee Hayi needs to know -how- to protect her voice when she is practicing and performing or else she will end up in the same boat.

        • In kpopstar she said her vocal folds are twice as big as a normal girl. and that her throat is always ok even after shrieking and stuff. So that’s kind of cool. Poor dae got vocal nodules when bb just debut.. But he’s way awesome now! I know, they should do a duet! Omg!

      • Yeah. I didn’t wanna spoil the little surprise by saying it lolol this is pre re recorded this morning. At first i was bothered by her lion’s mane. But maybe they want to make a huge contrast from the first outfit . Her habit of ignoring hair in her face from kpopstar didn’t help the messy hair appearance lol. And i was shocked with the kwon twins… like why aren’t they in California?! Yg put that much importance in leehi’s debut.
        I know you don’t watch music shows much but usually yg artist performance change every week so that’s something to look forward to :D
        **I’m being stupid. I’m very sure i saw 1 of the kwon twins in LA 2 days ago. Now I’m just confused.

    • I just saw it. I knew it was going to be like that. I saw all the episodes of Kpop Star and she was always another person on stage when singing!

      Monster Ha Yi back in town.

      I didn’t like the second hair style either…

    • She was much more confident while performing live than in her MV. How does that work?
      I love her voice even more now.

      • She have an alter ego that switches on on stage :) but only when she’s comfortable. So she must’ve practiced a ton for this stage because of the dancing.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Oh she is such a little cutie!!!! I’m really impressed with her stage presence here and I see that her ‘dead’ arm has new life in it (seriously in the mv she barely moved her one arm…it looked like it was just hanging there dead!). Her voice is amazing (I love the soulful voices!).

    • wow thanks for the link!! loved her performance!
      I love how lee hai doesn’t look like she’s trying too hard.. she just sings lazily with her husky, sexy, perfect voice … it’s refreshing to find that type of confidence in a rookie , don’t you think? ^.^

  20. I love her voice!

  21. She reminds me of LOVI POE, like she’s a young version.


  23. She has absolutely no conviction, physically. Her voice is absolutely booming, but I could imagine them recording this music video and her just whispering her way through the lyrics. I’m really disappointed that this is #1 right now. At least in terms of making a funny, entertaining Music Monday, Hyuna or Epik High should win.

  24. Lee Hi is a talented and strong singer and very beautiful and her voice reminds me of Adele

  25. Great voice, cool video! :D

  26. have always been her fan:)

  27. Awesome voice and cool song, also it doesn’t hurt that she looks good.
    The lipsynching was pretty bad, though.

  28. I find her very expressive actually, and her expressions connects with the lyrics very closely. Though it’s obvious her moves are of an amateur. But then again yg never taught her dance. But since she wants to in the mv, she got it. That’s because she’s not getting debut as an idol.
    Hey when yg debuts her means she’s good to go.

  29. i like when she starts singing with no music and says “listen” with that sexy hot voice haha

  30. LOL plus compared to Virginia O’Brien. Lee Hi has emotions when sing….warning some will love this style of singing and some will love it

  31. idk if you guys know this but the thing i love about her is her deadpan face. some call it dark humor. but thats the first thing i noticed about her on Kpop Star. reminds me of Virginia O’Brien a famous singer AKA frozen face or Miss Ice Glacier. but that was her charm and Lee Hi has that charm. plus it just makes her smiles 1,000,000 times more special. and she stands out more.. and thats the #1 you want to do to make it big

  32. Cue awkward simon!

  33. She has an allure that can’t be taught. When she sings the look in her eyes and the little smile she gives all say how old am I really. Don’t change her.

  34. Despite being a very new and fresh artist I thought she did very well getting past the awkwardness, taking a few deep breaths, and getting comfortable with the new world she lives in. It’s hard especially in this world where everyone believes they are critics, realize that she is a musician not an actress. This was an exceptional music video.

  35. Maybe it’s just me, but I find her awkwardness cute. I really like the video and believe that she will eventually get more into the roles too. I think this is awesome. ^^

  36. I absolutely love her and am glad that kpop is having a little more diversity in their music. She has such a wonderful voice and is soo cute :)

  37. mihuru

    I really like this song! She has such a strong voice!

  38. She didn’t have that long of a time be train like all the other artist in YG so I can understand why she was a little stiff in the video but still love it and her voice is amazing.

  39. She needs to go back to training… you don’t just debut an idol who doesn’t know how to act in front of a camera. I wonder if she was awkward and quiet in Simon’s class as well.

    • I love her figure though. It’s real and natural and just what Kpop needs more of.

    • Well then 80% of all idols need to go back to training as well because you don’t just debut an idol who doesn’t know how to sing. Ans most idols really have poor vocals. I think the singing ability is more important than acting super sexy in front of the camera. And yes, Simon said she was very quiet.

      • Thanks for this. People just can’t find something to hate about her awesome singing (which is what matters as a singer). They need to hate on her “awkwardness” , which if you ask me is mostly due to the lip-syncing. Also this is a MV for a 16 yr old debuting for the first time. People need to wait until her LIVE performance before complaining. It’s ok if you hate on the MV, but why hate on her? if the voice and the song are good can’t you wait until you see her perform live before you tell her to go back to training? “Acting in front of a camera” is that all an idol needs to do? thanks for defending Hayi :)

  40. The song sounds good, her voice is perfect, but… why is her face so emotionless?

  41. This deserves to be reviewed more than BAP or Hyuna.

    • Don’t try and start fanwars with 4Nia or BABYz. Most BABYz are on cool terms with YG Stans. And more recently 4Nia (or rather HyunA biases) are cool with YG Stans as well. Just chill.

  42. I’m happy because Lee Hi won! And because we have a review of a girl in KMM again!

    I want to see Simon and what he has to say… and seeing him act just as awkward as Ha Yi! =P

  43. not sure of the time in korea right now, but i think she made it, yes? huzzah~! may i share my opinion with you all?

    beautiful! and she has that *something* behind her eyes, i can see her
    going far. i’m also glad she’s with YG! as simon’s student she will be
    held to a high standard of english by us nasties. but oh dear, she seems
    a bit nervous and awkward. she almost looks botox’d in the face! still,
    i’m sure it’s all uphill from here.

    can’t wait for KMM!

  44. ok, i’ve loved her since kpop star.. i was hoping that she’d win… she lost by 1 point only… and yeah it was a shock since everyone though that she will win, anyway she always had that image of an awkward or unopened person.. just search yt and you will see what i mean.. but she so cute and i love her and i hope you review her mv :3

    • Oh so, she didn’t won? How do you know?

    • Oh, you mean in Kpop Star! Actually, a lot of people in Korea knew JiMin was the one who was going to win… But this kinds of things happen a lot… the runner up ends having more success. I actually love them both… One of my favorite ‘special stages’ was Goodbye Baby with both of them.

  45. this is the first time i read mixed reviews in a kpop chart video. anyway, i like her second outfit, she looks cute. and the last one, because her hair is gorgeous! she’s so cute ^^ i can’t believe she won so last minute lol i’m happy!

  46. Don’t love the video, but I think her voice is more interesting than a lot of other KPop singers. I hope she’s around long enough to develop as an artist, as I think she’ll be a lot more interesting in five years.

  47. Lol yay for another week without boybands!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. She won? Wow.

    • Yeah mediocre song, awful vid.

      If I watch this MM it is only for stories.
      Two weeks in a row the song I liked least ended up winning…

      • I just find it meh, so I don’t have any opinions about it, just meh.
        Your plan was totally ruined, that sucks.

      • Darling, be happy… this are just polls… I’ve been there trying to make a group win and ending up losing. But I don’t go into the threads talking about how awful and bad I think the other artist and their song is… Don’t turn this site into other Kpop sites. People here tends to be cordial and congratulate others when they win because of their effort… even if that means you lost. I’ve done it many times in the past.

      • I have found that it doesn’t matter which KMM video S&M review, I like KMM cause they are funny. Of course there are some songs I’d rather see than others, but in the end I watch KMM for KMM, not for the group they’re reviewing.

  49. Oh and she won!!! Cool!!! can’t wait to know how much serious lee hayi was at school^^ kkkk

  50. I’m on the side of people who actually love her like that.

    And that’s the point^^ she got no training. So people saying she should need more training, or should have got more trained are kinda funny^^ (no offense)

    I mean we can’t blame Hayi when it’s YG who didn’t trained her on dancing and acting because he wanted her to keep this image of awkwardness and clumsyness^^ Lee hayi got a lot of love and support, but some people hate on her because of that, and it’s sad. She got so much talent that it’s sad she’s looked down because of her lazyness/awkwardness/expressionless.
    But i understand them if they feel uncomfortable, they’re so used to confident and perfect kpop idols.
    For me, it’s what make her stand out and be fresh and full of cuteness and charm^^. But each people got his own opinion^^

    • I agree with u.. yg already say that he want to keep her like that.. he dont want another artist who is trying to copy others artist… dont know why ppl are mad cuz she wasnt a trainer.. mmm are americans trainers before a debut? nop I dont think so who are those ppl to judge her ah? any way I really love here she got my completely attention and here voice is amazing YG and JYG CO were hypnotizes always with her voice she has a lot talent <3

    • i like her that way too, it’s cute. (i don’t know how much longer i can describe her as cute or adorable lol need new words) but anyway, she gives me like 4D vibes. Like she may be just a little out there, like she’s naturally awkward lol I saw the bts and it seemed that way to me. anyway, maybe in the next one she’ll be better and people will stop complaining.

  51. I honestly don’t think she was as awkward as everyone else said. She had her moments where it looked like she wanted to be anywhere but there, however on the whole I think it was a decent debut. Her voice and looks are on point, I think she just needs more training and time to really become an entertainer.

  52. Nothing propels a song as Simon expressing his discomfort with it :D

  53. Oh my Jesus… did she won? Can someone put us out of this darkness and tell us if she won?

  54. omg, she won? O___O please say yes omg asdfghjkl

  55. OMG WE DID IT!!!

  56. Woop woop no1 with 3 mins to go

  57. Wow, I really like her voice. And the setting of the video and the clothes and everything are really pretty.. but I had a bit of a hard time watching the video. She really looks, I don’t know, uncomfortable? Awkward? Stiff? But the thing that bothered me the most was her facial expression – the song is so good and she has such a nice voice, but the lip-syncing was off and she barely moved her facial muscles. Too bad. But I’m sure the next video will be better! Definitely gonna keep track of her progress and hope she will learn to convey her emotions in her future MVs and feel more confident!

    • YG debut her very quickly so hopefully she will gain more experience and improve. also it seems like her quirky characteristic is that she is awkward, so yg wanted to keep that for a bit. hopefully soon she gains some of that YG confidence because she has a lot of potential

    • It’s only been since watching eyk that I’ve notice how bad some of the lip syncing is in mvs not just yg but most of them. When they are is groups dancing the camera isn zoomed in so you cannot see itbut on the smaller groups and solo with the camera zoom it’s really noticeable.

      • Now that I think about it.. that might actually explain it. I only noticed the lyp-syncing was off in 2NE1′s I love You when they mentioned it here.

  58. heres one for all the girls: what do you think of her hair and makeup??

    • Her hair is great. And it goes with the different outfit she wears. Her make up too. Though her second make ( the one with the head skarf and denim jacket spots a lot of contouring. On her round cheeks. Maybe it’s to make her seems more tough.) Idk. But her brighter lipstick during the broadway stage is freaking cute too.. All in all I’m happy this video made it to kmm :D

    • Overall, I liked it buuuuuuuut the puffy style she has at some point on the video (when she walks out the moving panels) I don’t think it really fits her, she has a very round face and it just only enhances the roundness of her cheeks.
      The others look pretty on her, but I think that having a long bang on one side/a more layered haircut would give her face a bit more of an edge.
      And the makeup, I think it was well done, it makes her look a bit older but still natural and cute, I guess.

  59. love her voice !!! so jazzy ! =)

  60. what does everyone think of her outfits???

  61. wtf!! i leave for a few hours and we are second??!!

  62. Ew when did this get pushed back to second?! Please vote for Lee Hi~!

  63. I agree about the awkward…they should have had her moving more, it was just weird that everyone was dancing around her, it got better near the end though. It’s also because she’s so young and in the video she’s trying to be really sexy, I just don’t see her with that natural persona (yet)…she did her part well though she’s a really good singer!

  64. OMG. I love her voice. Can’t wait for more.

  65. agh when did this fall to 2nd again? and with just a few hours to go?

  66. LEE HI IS AWESOME! She’s just a little awkward in this video~ Give her a chance ;)

  67. n’aaw I really really want this for kpop music monday TT^TT I want to hear all the awkward stories and stuff…

  68. Lorenzo Garcia

    I can’t believe she was your STUDENT before, Simon! I really wanna hear your stories about her. :D

  69. omigah i really wanna hear simon talk about his ex student!!! you guys gotta review this!

  70. I really love this song and it really spoke to me the first time I heard it…

  71. I love her voice and it matches really well with the song. She’s been awkward ever since Kpop Star but if she overcomes it, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

  72. Her expressions seem a little awkward in her mv
    But her voice is her amazing! I bet when she debuts her vocals help her express well on the stage.
    really looking forward to it
    hopefully, she will win for kpop music monday c:

  73. i want simon and martina to review this so badly..her voice is just too good

  74. Ah such great voice for a 16 years old. Lee Hi, hwaiting! :)

  75. I think her voice is nice but I’m not too big on the song. Although, I’m gonna vote for this because I want to hear stories about her being Simon’s student and whatnot. Heh heh heh.

  76. Love this, her voice is killer!

  77. I am so glad this is in first for so many reasons.
    I want to see Simon being all awkward and everything.
    Her voice is SO amazing and she’s SO SO pretty.
    And I really don’t want S&M to say anything mean about BAP…//slapped

  78. I love this girl’s voice; she really sounds like a Korean Adele. That said, the video is so awkward. Does anyone know when she’s going to have her first live performance? I have a feeling she’d do much better just singing in front of a microphone with backup dancers behind her on the stage, at least until she gains some more exposure and gets more comfortable in front of the camera.

    • I think she already is pretty comfortable in front of the camera. I just don’t think all of this is “her style”. It’s not her natural behaviour or her natural facial expressions. They forced her to do the whole idol stuff which just doesn’t suit her. You should watch her performances from KPOPSTAR. She still looked awkward there but that’s because it’s her personality and her charm. She didn’t look awkward in an annoying or uncomfortable way. She’s just different :D

      • Ah, I haven’t ever watched KPOPSTAR. I’ll go check it out :)

        This MV, though, it’s like they tossed her out in front of the camera and
        told her, “Look coy! Now look sexy! Now fierce!” I guess it’s harder to
        find a good fit image-wise when you have a sixteen-year-old with such a
        soulful voice.

    • i don’t think she sounds like adele AT ALL. i rather compare her with amy winehouse :)

  79. i love her voice and the song!! please vote for this, i want to see her in music monday :)

  80. Apparently people are calling her alien now. Like welcome to the yg alien family. Lol (alien is a nick for Bom and top who is especially awkward and 4D)

  81. So when I read comment before about “former student,” I had no idea what it was referring to. Now, with the kpop chart update w/Simon about Lee Hi..I get it now. && my mind is blown!!! Lol!!! I totally want to hear some inside scoop about Lee Hi when she was a student!!! I adore her & the song is getting more & more addictive everyday. The video is growing on me too! I HOPE THIS MV WIN!!!

  82. I love Lee Hi and YG, this song is awesome, it rapidly grabs on me…come on, review this for next Kpop Music Monday

  83. I’m really looking forward to the rest of her career. Can anyone remember what awards she came runner up for? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that long ago either.

  84. I don’t care about her awkwardness! She will get over that. I’m absolutely addicted to this song and I can’t wait for the live performances!!! :) Hwaiting! I know she’ll go really far.

  85. wow great, #1 :) really didn’t think this was still possible this week. but i’m not sure what to think about the things simon said in the kpop chart update. it didn’t seem like he really wants to review this. is it just because it’s awkward because he knows her or because he doesn’t like the MV?

    • Yeah he said it might be awkward because… Well i can understand that because they only interact in class. But. He also said he have a lot! Of stories of hayi to share lol!

      • Well I don’t think he has a lot to say about her as a student. In their last video chat he said that when he saw her on KPOPSTAR he wasn’t even sure if she was his student because he barely knew most of his students. And that she always was very quiet. So yeah… But I still want them to review it ^^

  86. Yessssssss, she is on first place !!!

  87. I say one and two and three and …. Lee Hi’s still number one. I hope this keeps up so it gets reviewed :D And it’ll be a female artist again if she does yay!

  88. Hello random down voter who’s mission is apparently down voting every positive comment. Imma vote them back up! :D

    • I don’t get why people here do this. I mean it makes sense to do this in e.g. allkpop comments but here it’s just some random haters voting down ALL comments without reason. It’s not like these comments won’t count anymore if they’re downvoted XD

  89. Awesome song though she looks really awkward in the video. Love her voice :)

  90. I honestly loved Lee Hai since Kpop Star. She was very charismatic, with such a soulful voice and she had a very interesting character. This song is extremely good and she is just so talented. Though she is quite awkward, it is quite normal of a debut. I am really proud of her for having an awesome debut!

    I have a plead, that is, for people to please help vote for BAP. This is their last chance, and being pushed to second in the last 12 hours is just very sad. I will definitely work really hard to get this video voted for next week, but please please please help BAP for this music monday. Well anyway, thanks for those who took this time to read this comment :)

    • Good luck with that, I mean that. But, I honestly am glad this won because I wasn’t that interested in seeing the BAP review. And, for S&M’s sakes I’d rather not see it reviewed because of all the people who will get mad at what opinions they seem to have of the song. I know BAP is a good band and all, but, I think this song isn’t one that’s going to end well and with all the complaints already about them asking not to review it I think it will end ugly if it does get reviewed and they tear it to pieces… ^^;

      I think it’s nice that something new is getting to the top again. BAP has had the spotlight before with really good reviews but I’m really glad to see something else on top for once that normally wouldn’t make it over more popular groups. Especially because a lot of people vote for the group and not the video because they see it as a competition between their favorite bands and all the bands they don’t like/don’t care about. ^^; I’ve been guilty of it myself and had to back off a few times and realize that it wasn’t reaalllyyy that good of a video/song despite my love of the band. XD;

      • Thank you. Definitely, I totally understand. I am not quite sure how it
        would turn out if BAP’s stop it was to get reviewed, but for me I am just really curious about their take on the mv. I really love it and think it’s really entertaining. Therefore I will keep trying to get it reviewed! Anyway, good luck to you too. If this stays number one, I will definitely gladly watch the review. I wonder what stories Simon has about Lee Hai since she was his former student xD

    • What do you mean by last chance? It may be the last chance for THIS video, but simon and martina said they don’t really want to review it anyways, so you could just save your votes for their next song.
      And just saying being beaten in the last 12 hours isn’t that bad, I’ve voted for every nu’est song till now and they’ve been beaten in the last 15 minutes most of the time :(
      I’ll vote for b.a.p for sure if they come out with a song and video which is interesting and not as…weird in my opinion.

      TKIR: Do you people think she is to young to be an idol, because I do even though I really like her(I also think Zelo is a little too young)

      • I meant that Bap’s mv will be too old to stand a chance next week, so this is the last chance for it to get reviewed. Since Lee Hai’s video is much newer, it would still be able to withstand another week. Even though S&M said they didn’t want to review it, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep voting. We vote for what we like, not what they like.

        Aww, that is really sad. Actually we did bounce back to first place a few hours before the end, but then dropped a few minutes because the poll ended. I understand how you feel now, but yea, at least we tried.

        Anyhow, I respect your opinion and thank you, please help support bap next time around if you like the song :)

        Congrats for Lee Hai’s mv, seems like it will be reviewed this week. I will look forward to it!

    • Though LeeHi fans will appreciate your nice comment towards her, I must say that the winner for this KMM was already chosen, and LeeHi was first at the time the polls closed, so sorry.
      But you Babies have worked so hard!! you fought your way up to first even with Simon’s warning of a BAP review turning out into something not nice. You must feel proud of yourselves!!

      • It’s alright, at least we tried. Thank you :) I am really proud of all the babys for working so hard these two weeks.

        Also congrats on winning, I will definitely look forward to the review! Though I love BAP, I like LeeHi as well so I will watch it for sure.

  91. WOO FIRST PLACE!!! keep it up guys! this is the first time in weeks that the video i want reviewed gets to first

  92. Is she trying to be as awkward or trying too hard to have a bad boy(wut) GD style? DO NOT KNOW! Song is okay though.

  93. wow, it’s first place! i hope to keep it that way~ the mv is really colorful and fun, and her voice: my god! i also want simon to squirm talking about her heheheh

  94. I’ve always loved Lee Hi. But it doesn’t seem like she’ll beat BAP this week :( Let’s hope that there won’t be an intense competition next week.

    • :3 Look again. It’s on top right now… I really hope this makes it. D: I rally love her voice!

      • Isn’t it cool? Even though I’m commenting and voting i actually have no hope too. Lol

        • ;w; Well, the BAP video is exploding with disappointment right now that this is on top. However, it’s so close we’ll just have to see on Monday. XD; I’m sure these two will flip flop a few more times in the next couple of days anyway. We’ll just have to keep voting. <3

        • Actually, the deadline for KMM is midnight on Saturday, Korean time, which, by my calculations, is only about five and half hours from now. So this really is coming down to the wire.

  95. I do like the song, but not so much the video….It seems like she was just walking through. Her voice is amazing and I just wish she wasn’t so bland looking here. I think she will do well in the future as she gets more used to the camera. It is really exciting to think that you actually knew her!

  96. she has a very non kpop sound to her

  97. i actually don’t think she is awkward, maybe thats just her style

  98. Love the song, but……

    I think her rookieness really shows in this video. Her movements are really natural and awkward. Her dancing is ehhhhhh (I’d say 4 out of 10). I think she looks really cute, but she tries too hard to be bad ass (esp in the beginning of the video), to me, that just made her look more like a b*tch. They should have just went with a more cutesy image.

    song: (8/10)
    video: (3.5/10)

  99. shes just wow, she sings very well and the music(background and instruments ) are magnificent, you can even feel the emotion 0.0 over all its just extrordenery

  100. I really hope her debut song gets voted it it would be super super cool!
    I already want Simon to say something about the mispelling of Shorts in the video thing
    it says SHORST instead of SHORTS lol

  101. talking about a former student? thats going to be interesting. how often does that happen? I really want to see a music monday. tons of awkward moments i bet.

  102. The song is different kind of a sounds like Adele a little to me. She has a pretty good voice just in the video could barely tell she was suppose to be acting. Types the lyrics had some emotion to them she kinda just mouthed the words but with no emotion to her face really. Other than the awkwardness in the video the song and singing is good.

  103. I hope they do this for Kpop Music Mondays.

  104. wtf im voting lik crazy and the voting and the number showing the number stopped

  105. I want this video to be reviewed! It’s such a lovely song and the outfits are fantastic!

  106. Watch this video of Ha Yi trying to speak English! It’s too cute~ :D

  107. isaid no no no

  108. gahh it would be so cool if S&M get to interview Lee Hi! :DSimon could go, hey Lee Hi I was your english teacher. I wonder if Lee Hi will remember him. :D

  109. remember 2 major things (if you didn’t watch kpop star) she is young and she didn’t receive the years of training most other kpop singers get, she has had a few months. For her first video and song, excellent! So nice to hear a soulful voice she even covered a Mi Rae song (and rap).

  110. I love her voice sooo much and she is absolutely adorable I was so happy when she signed with YG

  111. um aren’t you not suppose tell about her personal life? but i still want to know

  112. I still can’t decide if I like her expression or not… one side of me thinks it’s just so boring and dull, but part of me thinks it makes her look super cool, like “I’m gonna do my thing and I really don’t care what other people think of me”. But not in the way most people try to do it when they get that in-your-face attitude, but she’s just chill, like “yeah, whatever”.

    I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. XD

  113. hope she gets reviewed!!!!

  114. come on! they even said they didn’t want to review BAP

  115. i wanna hear the stories!!!

  116. I really want to hear what “stories” Simon has to tell.
    C’mon guys~ vote vote vote!

  117. VOTED! wanna hear stories about the former student of Simon :D

  118. lee hi lee hi!

  119. Lee Hi! Already your fan, fighting!

  120. Simon and Martina, PLEASE review lee hi even if she doesn’t win! It would be so cool since you’ve actually know about this girl’s personality in real life! I mean, you have a HUGE insider’s scoop on a soon-to-be major kpop singer, and that doesn’t come by everyday! It would mean so much to her fans :)

  121. i REALLLLYYY rather S&M review this song rather than BAP. not that i dont love BAP. i want to hear the background info about her being a student :D

  122. Such a huge voice coming from such a small girl, it blew me away! =)

  123. XD LEE HI

  124. Simon must be proud… Lee Hi have the record of best debut being at number one spot five consecutive days… And the best soloist female debut this year in the charts… Sadly, she can’t be in the MAMA this year!

    • But she’ll dominate next year’s :D

      • Her album comes out on January, or something… I want it now if it’s anything like this song. This girl’s voice won me over since Kpop Star!

        • YG Entertainmnent recently made a statement saying, “Lee Hi’s first offline solo album will be released at the earliest in December and at the latest in January of next year. A lot of songs will be included on her first album, and we’re still working on it. It will have a strong soul sound to it, but we haven’t decided if it will be a mini album or a full length album.”

          I hope it’s December :D but considering yg. We might even get it in the middle of the year. Lol better late than nothing

  125. OMG i soooo want this to win! even though i really wanted to see simon’s natiness omg that sounded weird..anyways! i would really really really really really love to see simon’s reaction that his student is now a kpop superstar which is awesome :3

  126. Lee Hi is so cute! I love that she has normal body time instead of those scary skinny legs. The video’s atmosphere was great, the clothes ware awesome, the song got me and I’m in love with her voice. BUT this girl still needs some work. I’ve noticed – and lots of you guys in the comments did too – that she’s not totally comfort with the whole MV situation, having the same expression during all the video (which really bothered me) and looking stiff and awkward while dancing and singing although the song has a voice which is so powerful and free.

    I think she just needs some more time to get used to the industry. When she deliver some new still stuff I’ll definitely support her. Lee Hi Fighting!

  127. Not sure if we still have a chance for next week but I’ll keep voting. For me Lee Hayi is the best rookie this year :)

  128. Actually, as opposed to most people, her ‘stage presence’/’acting’ doesn’t bother me at all, it’s just the off lip-syncing. Haha I wonder if she’d look more emotional/into-it if they’d just recorded her singing in the studio :P

  129. It’d be interesting to hear what they have to say about LeeHI since Simon knows her personally from teaching her! (I assume it was Simon xD)

  130. Lee Hi.. Totally captivating..

  131. I, kind of, already have an idea of how S&M would review this video so idk if I really want it to win. I just want to know if they like the song.

  132. how does it feel simon to know you are responsible for the english pronunciation in the song?

  133. My favourite outfit is when she’s on the roof with the green overalls. Cuteness overload!
    The others are cute too
    What do you guys think

  134. Been grooving to this song while while working on homework.

  135. please please please reivew this!

  136. I’ve been waiting for this young lady to release something since the end of kpop star!!! I’ve missed you Lee Ha Yi!!!

    She’s still super adorable to me~

    I’ll forever be your fan darling!! love your voice!

  137. Something that bothered me since day one. Lol on macro.

  138. the part where she sang ‘neomuna apa’..its just gives me goosebumps :D love the song.

  139. did anyone notice at 0:48 the sign says “Haker at Work” What is a Haker???

  140. Come on Hi has to win!

  141. she seemed kinda stiff to me but other then that i loved it

  142. i REALLY want them to review this song <3!! ive been singing it and listening to it NON STOP

  143. she is so weird and awkward and omg I love her so much…also she is so cute and her body is just like mine…oh and her voice is just PHENOMENAL ♥ she has to win you guys!

  144. i love her voice!

  145. She has an amazing voice but she really needs to work on her acting. It is understandable as she is really new to the industry. She will be big once she gets comfortable with the cameras (though she seemed pretty relaxed in kpop stars, she had the attitude and confidence so why couldn’t we see that here I have no idea ^^)

  146. I already loved her in KPOPSTAR and.. well I love the song. Sure it’s not the BEST MV EVER but still.. very good. ♥

  147. YG Entertainmnent recently made a statement saying, “Lee Hi’s first offline solo album will be released at the earliest in December and at the latest in January of next year. A lot of songs will be included on her first album, and we’re still working on it. It will have a strong soul sound to it, but we haven’t decided if it will be a mini album or a full length album.”

    That’s cool. can’t wait. Make a twitter too!

  148. I can’t believe she was his student xD
    Her voice is good o:

  149. i love this song :)

  150. I really think this should be reviewed, not because she is your former student, but because this is a great debut and it is something different than what you typically review.

  151. i love her so much, how can she have so much soul when she sings ^^ Lee Hi for MM!!

  152. Everyone saying she’s so awkward… I don’t really get it. Maybe it’s because I know her since KPOPSTAR and there she was waaaaay more awkward. Please watch her video where she talked with TOP from Big Bang: watch?v=iXGHaiBBa3g
    THIS is what I call awkward XD

  153. Her voice is nice, but when I watch the MV, all I feel is emptiness. I cannot see the emotions, especially her expressions. Hope she can work on it, especially in live performances.

  154. “…i think im going going crazy ohhhh..” love it

  155. The awkward… I can’t take it!

  156. Ugh, I don’t know what makes me hate this MV (I like her vocals and the song wasn’t that bad). It feels a bit awkward yes, but what irks me is how her acting in this MV totally lacks power. The song is powerful and all, which contradicts her act.

    Also, lack of confidence I guess?

    • Hmm.. Have you watched the making? Maybe it’ll give you some idea how was she feeling. she does have a awkward and placid quality to her :)

  157. anyone getting used to the mv already..iam coz i simply love the mv and the song- don’t need to mention!! love it from the first day :D

  158. I really hope that you guys get to interview her. I think it would be fun and awesome to see how each of you has changed. off course you will still be her “teacher” and she will always be your “student” but it’s fun. I hope that you become great friends. Also everyone i think we need to vote this video up. I love B.A.P but let show Lee Hi support for her first debut. I think it would mean lot if she got a Review from Eatyourkimchi, and i think Martina and Simon would love to do this video even thought Ice Cream is video they want to do. (we could totally make this a girls month. Polish Sausage is Good but we need some Girl Power Baby.) Lee Hi this week Ice cream next week. We can do it girls stand up and band together. :)

    • Same here.. I love B.A.P but I don’t want them to tell me what I already know.. That this MV and Concept just sucks big time. ;_;
      I love Lee Hi and she’s great and yes. :3

  159. oh my god I’m soooo sorry when i said that boys are dancing to girl dances i never new they were girls!! sorry

  160. In at least three points in the MV, there is graffiti or posters with the words “Come on Let Me”
    Did anyone else notice these? Any theories on what they might mean? or be a reference too?

    • It would make more sense if it’s come on let me “go” hah but i also notice it’s near arrows? including the huge mickey mouse pointing hand on the wall. (adjunction to the barber shop) so they have similar meanings? The fact that engrish exists in this mv throws my thoughts a bit

  161. A friend of mine who is a singer in NY tweeted this about Lee Hi earlier:

    She’s got a great voice herself, so I take this as quite the compliment. I’ve showed her tons of asian singers and she didn’t like most of them. Lee Hi, nice work!! :p

  162. Does the font they use for Lee Hi’s name remind anyone else of the Coca-Cola font?

    • Lol it does. hmm.. It might be on purpose. At the start of the mv at the first corner, one of the shop says 1854? Cocacola start in late 1800′s hah it helps to date the mv i think.

  163. 0n 0:43 is funny cuz boys were dancing to girl dances

  164. Even though shes 15 shes my idol :D

  165. I would love for this cutie to win)

  166. I just wish she would have more facial expressions other than that I love it! Oh YG why u so flawless?

  167. I can’t even remember the last time a solo female idol was reviewed for Music Mondays. I was going to say that solo idols, male or female, are a rare sight, but then I remembered our magical GD always rocketing to number one.

    Personally, I really like this song. If it wasn’t k-pop it would be something I would expect to hear on the radio here in Canada. However, I think the video was a little ambitious for a rookie idol. I mean, all those sets, outfits, and dancing seems like over kill and you can see she was overwhelmed. I think she’ll warm up to the camera once she’s not given so much to deal with all at once. Good on her, bad on the part of the director.

    • We do need more soloist! Hah i guess she’s one of the youngest soloist right now. Baek ahyeon was older by a lil (she’ll be so popular) and jimin ends up in a duo. Another nice thing in yg, even though you’re in a group, you can still do solo stuff! Love!

  168. She has better figure than her backup dancers ;)

  169. Almost perfect English…. almost but not quite!

    • Anti intrusion precautions should be used. Obtain scissors and out lan cable observer all safety precauions (spelling mistake)
      Lol! This is pure engrish!

      • hahaha I thought it said “Obtain scissors and cut land cable”
        I would still like to know what a “Haker” is xD
        I love engrish, its beautiful hahaha

        @soluiz: I did read your flow post, but didn’t get a chance to reply, I’m re-reading it now. And I did check disqus lol and replied in DHM :) which you have probably seen now

  170. Almost perfect English…. almost but not quite!

  171. omo. You realize you officially have it in with YG now. YOU’VE FOUND YOUR WAY IN!!!

  172. This song is so good!!!!! Though she is quite awkward in the video, it’s okay since she just debuted. I will definitely vote for this, after I’m done voting for BAP xD

  173. she hypnotize me with her voice the day that Epik High released their song Its cold.. follow leehi since that day <3 Im so sad that EH coldnt win last week but she is amazing and need a review on eat your kimchi I know her MV wasnt perfect but her voice is perfect

  174. i am looking forward to the kmm this week.


  176. i think that this is a very good debut.. and yg did a good job showing off her soulful voice.. overall haha i think she is great!!

  177. I DONT CARE ABOUT THE LIPSINCING AND STUFF BUT ALL I KNOW IS THAT…. she is awesome and the only word i saw when i saw this video is SWAG!!!
    she got it and she knows it man >< hehe goooooo haiyi!!

  178. I would LOVE for S&M to review this MV. Not only is it not the typical thing one would expect coming from YG, but it’s also from a former student of Simon’s.


  180. I personally really like this song, but I’m not a fan of the video. The lip syncing was really weird and the dancing was awkward, but I suppose I’ll let her off the hook seeing that this is her first. I’m just really curious as to what Simon and Martina have to say about this one since Lee Hi was a former student of Simon. :P

  181. ummm…when ever she moves her arm…it’s just like…idunno like no will or power behind it. It just look all so awkward.


  183. Her vocal talent is incredible. :D I’m really enjoying this song, and finding that I really want to sing it at random times, but I don’t have it memorized well enough yet. xD
    She’s really pretty, too.

  184. you can see how awesome she is in the new behind the scenes videos

  185. hayihayihayihayihayihayi

  186. gooooo lee hgi

  187. i really think eatyourkimchi should review lee hi regardless of her chart ranking.. she could gain a lot of international popularity

  188. lee hi kpop music monday!

  189. I think she should loose some weight. And no, don’t kill me now. I definitely don’t want her to become really skinny or looking like she’s not eating at all. I’m not saying she’s fat too. [BTW for the record, I'm chubby myself and definitely don't have anything against that.]
    It’s just that she’s not fat or chubby, she just have baby-fats. It makes her look a lot more younger, shy and childish. Some of the comments tell it’s her charisma but I didn’t watch her anywhere else except on this MV and I don’t match at all her voice, the concept and how she’s looking. She reminds me of the dolls I had when I was younger – the one I was feeding, putting down to sleep, watching how they pooped etc.
    Her voice on the other hand is amazing and it’s pity she doesn’t get the best out of it.
    So my solution in this part is she just have to loose some weight (healthily of course) so she would appear more grown up and live up to her voice and the concept behind it. Idk, that’s my feeling about the whole thing, it was painfully awkward to watch it and I just wanted to shut the page down and just listen to the song and imagine someone else sings it.

    • Her tummy is pretty flat so… She doesn’t seem to need slimming down. But yes she does have that doll figure huh :) i like it that she’s growing with her fans, as in we can see her change because she’s soo young now. She’s 16 this year. Heh i also appreciate she looks her age here. But yeah, her voice and song sounds so mature

    • It doesn’t match up but it’s sort of something to remember her by. Doll face + big voice, y’know? She’ll probably mature a little later on but she’s just sooooo cute I don’t want that to go away haha.

    • What’s wrong with a 15-year old looking like a 15-year old? She’ll look old once she gets old.
      I’m glad she didn’t lose weight for her debut. She’s perfect the way she is. I want her to be a singer, a vocalist, an artist. Not a silly idol who’s only concerned about keeping their 43kg.

      It’s really sad how superficial so many people have become because of K-Pop.

      • There’s nothing wrong in looking your age. The wrong part comes when your song needs for you to look at least five ears older. So we can say the actual fault is YG’s because they gave her this song? Man, I’m even scared to go there -_-
        If she’s not an idol what is she doing there? I mean – she’s showing herself, dressed all colorfully and prettily, dancing, making faces, trying to look tough, etc. She’s not just a voice (now?, Idk if she was just a voice before and I don’t care).
        And I don’t want her to become super skinny. I just think this voice don’t go with baby-fat. I agree too skinny looks ugly most of the time, for example it pains me to watch figures like Kara’s Go Hara – she looks unhealthy.
        But appearance do matter. In this kind of genre you can get the best of your song if you have the looks, concept, appearence and etc. for it. That’s the job of the MV’s too. Just saying.

        • I still don’t get why she has to look older for that song. Yeah, she has a voice that sounds older but that’s life. Your appearance doesn’t always have to match your voice or even your personality. It’s like saying ugly people with beautiful voices are not allowed to sing because the voice doesn’t match their appearance!?

          She didn’t choose her outfit or the style of the MV. Of course it’s YG’s fault for making her do something that doesn’t fit her at all. They want to make an idol of her even though they know she doesn’t have the dancing and variety show skills for it. She only came this far because 1. she has a great and unique voice and 2. because she’s awkward and adorable. They should have used that because it’s what made her popular before her debut. People tend to forget that not all singers are idol stars.

          Btw I think this soulful voice goes very well with chubby. Look at Adele. She is (or was) also very chubby (much more than Lee Hayi) but it fits her voice and her songs very well.

  190. Beautiful voice but she definitely needs to find her confidence.

  191. her voice is so goood! the song is awesome, her outfits are adorable, and she’s adorable! this should get reviewed!

  192. Her voice is great!

  193. She is SOOO stiff that its making the mv incredibly lame , but her voice .. Damn !!

  194. martina taught her? wow I wonder if she remembers?

  195. I think Lee Hi can be given too much fault for being awkward ish. I keep watching the video and by the end I feel like she was more comfortable but with the beginning it just feels weird. honestly with her walking down the street like that and turning the corner causing her back to go to the camera, they could have told her to kinda walk backwards a few step( I thought this part was awkward because there wasn’t a face to the camera) and then with the other dancers that interaction she was still lipsyncing when the camera was far back instead of focused on her so it looks like she is just mumbling through it. And then at the end I felt like they could have done one or two more shots closer to her face.
    Yes she is knew and you can feel that but parts felt like she wasn’t directed very well. I know idols usually take initiative with that but with her being so knew I felt like they could’ve directed her more.

    OH!! And I like love love! her smile

  196. must win

  197. Mei

    I think she suffers a bit from TOP’s ‘let’s barely move our lips’ syndrome from Fantastic Baby,but I am 100% positive that she will vastly improve as she gets more comfortable and more experience. I really love her voice and I’m happy to see a different style of kpop idol :) That said…did anyone else think it was weird that you could see the long ponytails of the back-up dancers wearing the short colored wigs?

    • Oh i didn’t notice the back dancers pony tails. Lol i did wonder why they did a bad job of wearing the wig from the front because hair is peeking out. So they’re wearing it like hats? :D

  198. solui’z mini thoughts.

    the whole MV seemed to be a 1980′s film.
    with hi being the main actress who ironically acts as an actress (oh the cliche)
    hi came out of her angency (yg entertainment) lol

    outfit 1 looks young and spunky and also rebellious
    already singing about an ex who dont seem to get that they broke up. but she’s wavering with her cray feelings because the guy is not making things easy for her.
    this part is represented with the “guys” taunting her.
    throughout the whole part there are arrows that guides hi and she followed.
    though her heart wavered or even irritated, but she didn’t wander away from the direction she wants.

    outfit 2 looks tough with the scarf on head and denim jacket with jagged T
    goes with the lyrics of being tough pushing him away, going up the elevator as a sign of further leaving him below. so far with the way this guy acts, any girl would start looking down at him. overall actions (dancing?) more confident.
    reached the roof with lyrics game over game over.

    outfit 3 – looks independent with neat appearance and overall that looks uniform-like.
    hi is attended into sitting on a ‘throne’.which goes with the self praising lyrics.

    outfit 4 – looks loud with big hair and a short one piece,
    shows hi is moving forward to her dreams instead of being stuck emotionally with him at the same level.

    outfit 5! – totally glamorous with updo hair and star leather one piece.
    seems that hi is already at a hi place (punny) being a big star in a famous show and well known big time. her hard work further pays off by brushing the guy(dead weight) off. but after the shoobedowoopwoop part she felt her heart aches.
    reason 1: she might have happiness if they reconciled
    reason 2: she is still thinking of the guy after achieving success.
    reason 3: the grass is always greener on the other side
    (wait all these 3 reasons seems to be the same)

    outfit 6! – looks confident, and flirty with exposed bra and cat ears head piece.

    lots of smiling happening here. after hi exits the theater.
    because its truly “game over” and she’s ready for new love?

    anybody thoughts that like to be added? or subtracted?
    (im totally feeling this question will be ignored here….)

    • nop, totally loving your thoughts!! it seems really meaningful and seems true i meant i watched the mv after reading this and seems like it started to make thumbs up to you :D i been commenting about her dull emotions on start and cute in the end but i guess i never thought of that :D:D the best :D:D

    • So many things that I haven’t noticed! How many times did you watch the video? Amazing, well done!
      I never saw the arrows she follows or the connection to the acting/agency. And there is a guy in the last scene? hahaha I was focused on the back-up dancer who I keep seeing in YG videos (like Psy’s Gangnam style and Right now, and I think GD&TOP’s Don’t go home – I’m sure there is more, but my brain has blanked right now).
      I really liked your interpretation of the elevator and her going up being a sign of leaving him behind.

      Awesome post! love it

    • waahhh so cool :D tho Lee Hi’s a bit limited in the expression dept. it all goes together after all. I did not notice the guys only come out in the end haha.
      awesome interpretations!

    • waahhh so cool :D tho Lee Hi’s a bit limited in the expression dept. it all goes together after all. I did not notice the guys only come out in the end haha.
      awesome interpretations!

  199. lyrics courtesy of @kristinekwak

    C’mon now
    I said 1 2 3

    Stop mistakenly thinking that
    I’m still yours
    I’m different from the way I was in the past
    The flowers all bloomed
    With the sound of the morning
    But you still don’t understand, why

    I’m sick and tired of your hypocrisy
    Clumsy liar ooh can you please shut up now
    I think I’m going going crazy ooh
    I think I’m going going crazy ooh

    Don’t act miserably any longer
    Disappear far away
    no no Nananananana
    Don’t cry pathetically
    Forget it all forever no no

    Don’t worry about others, just mind your own business
    I don’t need your sympathy uh

    I said 1 and 2 and 3 4 ooh
    Time will settle everything
    1 and 2 and 3 4 ooh
    game over game over ooh
    game over

    A girl like me, wherever you go
    Even looking after washing your eyes, is rare
    Sometimes sexy, sometimes innocent
    Boys pass by crying, immaturely

    I’m sick and tired of your hypocrisy
    Clumsy liar ooh can you please shut up now
    I think I’m going going crazy ooh
    I think I’m going going crazy ooh

    Don’t act miserably any longer
    Disappear far away
    no no Nananananana
    Don’t cry pathetically
    Forget it all forever no no

    Don’t worry about others, just mind your own business
    I don’t need your sympathy uh

    I said 1 and 2 and 3 4 ooh
    Time will settle everything
    1 and 2 and 3 4 ooh
    game over game over ooh
    game over

    It hurts so bad
    I guess you’ve forgotten already
    Hey baby
    Please go away

    I said 1 and 2 and 3 4 ooh
    Time will settle everything
    1 and 2 and 3 4 ooh
    game over game over ooh
    game over

    1 and 2 and 3 4
    1 and 2 and 3 4
    1 and 2 and 3 4

    game over
    game over
    game over

  200. love her voice! but the mv was a little painfull to watch… im sure she’ll improve over time tho. Lee Hi fighting!

  201. Alright, this lil’ lady here has the same problem as Bom. They have powerful voices, and require a lot of effort to sing their lines. But when they film MVs, they don’t sing it, so it doesn’t show them exerting a realistic amount of effort. Just moving your lips ain’t gonna cut it girl!! You’re voice is clearly bellowing like anything, I need to see all the accessory muscles in your neck contract!!! URRGGGHH!! I’m sure if we saw the studio recording, they’d be a loooot more animated than this.

    I guess, considering the amount of times they have to film the same shots over and over, it would be unrealistic to expect the artist to sing the song with the same amount of gusto that they did in the studio, every single time – but. It would me nice. Just for me.

    I want to hear her live. She is AMAZING live.

    • ohhh… does bom looks like she’s singing live. lol
      but hi.. not so much. i think it’s a girls thing you kinow. appear more dainty and stuff. bom likes to appear dainty and feminine on camera… even though she’s a bit. not…aha. so hi watched and learned? lol . that and inexperience. or maybe she dont wanna appear all over exaggerated but end up under.
      or then again, it might seem weird and disconnected if she appears to be workin’ it with her usual killer expressions that looks aloof. it’ll be cool if she can balance both because i love her aloof expressions.

      cool note! hi is in inki this sunday! huuhaaa! (its weird just spelling her name as hi)

    • Yeah, I thought the same. Someone should teach her! Her debut is in Inkigayo (surprise!) This weekend! I’m dying to see her live!

  202. This song or Epic High should win this week. Both of them are awsome. Why BAP is still first? WTF?

  203. So I initially thought Lee Hi’s movements are weak and whatnot..but after watching it several times I’m kinda starting to get the awkward charm. She’s just super cuuuute

    • hahah awkward charm!! i guess iam getting it too coz i started to like the mv and yes she’s just so cute!! i watched bts of 1234 and she sure is super cute :D always smiling and laughing!!

  204. Is it just me or does Lee Hi enjoy winking? She does it in a few promo photos and in this music video…

  205. She is adorable, and this song is right up her alley! I think that her presence in the video will improve, exponentially, with time :-) and she will become more comfortable in working as a solo artist.

    Love her and love YG in general woop woop!

  206. V.I.Ps, BlackJacks, Lucky Se7en’s !!! lets all vote for Lee Hi and EPIK HIGH !!! we can do it !! i know how big all these fandoms are !!!

  207. LeehiTV! Do it YG! Ahh but is she not an idol now? How would her tv appearance (or lackof) be?

  208. I took a quote from the making footage. Yg had it subbed thank goodness. (why didn’t epik high’s get subbed? Must everything be so obvious that yg isn’t there?)

    Cameraman: what did YG tell you
    Hi: do what you want to do, don’t pretend to be, look cute


  209. Her English pronunciation is perfect

    Well of course, Simon was her English teacher.

  210. Her voice <3. It's soo Pixie Lott!!!!

    She seems too stiff in the video though, kinda put me off.

  211. I hope there are releases from SuPearls soon! I want to hear more from Lee Hi

  212. But this video was awkward at bits.

  213. Wow….I just listened to this song without the video, and can I just say, it’s amazing!!! Lol I think the first time I watched it, the awkwardness of the video kinda took away from my listening experience. And I’m not even talking about Lee Hi’s acting here – I like how natural she is – but more of the similarities to SNSD’s latest videos. So, I was too busy frowning at the video to actually pay attention to the song. I guess I was hoping for something like that blue video by JYP – what was the girl’s name? The song was I’m Back or something?

    Or maybe because the video just wasn’t what I expected from JYP.

    But now that I’ve heard the song on it’s own – well, I was head bobbing all along. It was good. And her voice oh gawd. It’s similar to Christina Aguilera and all ‘em jazzy ladies, but this is clearly Lee Hi’s voice. She’s one of a kind alright.

    • LeeHI is under YG though, isn’t she?
      Haha for me though, the video doesn’t detract from the listening experience. XD Ah her voice is so awesome…

    • I also just listened to it sans video. This girl has a. Great voice for a 16 year old and remind me of all the modern pop soul singers like Chiristina, Duffy and Adele. And as other have said, she looks like a little doll.

      It make me wonder, if they had done the video for ‘It’s Cold’ would it have come off better since she is so awkward and stiff in front of the camera. Actually she really reminds me of Bom in that video for Don’t Cry. Beautiful voice, no expression.

    • When i first saw the mv. Which is my first time listening the song too. I was like *jay why peeee* lol jyp have been doing this genre with wonder girls so often and the Broadway musical set does reminds of snsd… Paparazzi? I don’t remember Tyre name , that mv with pink gloves madonna homage. But. It’s a classic set. The vibe reminds me of the coyote movie ost sung by kylie minogue, moonlight something. (omg I’m so retarded with names!)

      • hahaha I feel like fuuko and soluiz are trolling us, but I can’t be sure.

        TKIR: I love the scene with the projection/video thing. Making it look like its moving but they are dancing on stationary platforms! Trippy~

        • Lol trippy~ the set is huge yes. So many of them too. I want to write about the flow of the scenes soons. Which i felt is a girl’s conflict heart looking at the guy after they broke up. The elevator scene is the start of”good feelings” to my favourite rooftop part (now i know why i say kylie minogue, the actress sang on the rooftop in the mv)

        • I’m so confused hahaha
          Is this the song you are talking about? from the Coyote Ugly soundtrack? I’m trying to think of a Kylie Minogue song but I just can’t figure it out lol

          I didn’t think about the transition to “good feelings” like you say with the elevator scene. I’d be interested to read about the flow between scenes! I never pay attention to things in MV, although after DHM I’m starting to actually look hahaha

          One thing I did notice in this video was that she seemed to be most confident (or at least more feisty) in the black neon lights scene and that dance is cool! lol

        • yes thats the song! oh it’s not by kylie minogue? aha? my bad lol i love that song. but i was young then. i dont even believe i understand the movie.
          another thing i notice. and im not even watching it in HD. i see scribblings of middle fingers, satans, fucks, symbols.. lol >_<

  214. The song and her voice are so refreshing. She’s sounds great and it’s like a breath of fresh air compared to what’s out right now. She’s so awkward and cute.

  215. This song and video… All sorts of wonderfulness.

  216. We are just too used to seeing these ideals of perfection in k-pop artists. I think her future holds lots of promise because the public can see her grow from VERY novice talent to a professional entertainer that we all know from YG and k-pop as whole.

  217. This is a top comment from YouTube.
    becuz YG said he doesn’t want her to be “perfect” the way idols are. he admitted that he didnt give her a single dance or performance lesson becuz he wanted her to be herself, and not to be seen as an idol with the perfect big smile, precise dance moves, and ultra clean personality. he wants her to be seen as an artist with her own style of singing and performance. ironically it has worked in her favour since she has easily become the most successful rookie this year in the digital charts.commented by basboosa 

    Ughh my feels~

    • Awesome comment, but wouldn’t it be too early to say that “she has easily become the most successful rookie this year in the digital charts”? But at least there are positive messages for her on YouTube as well!

      • True. It’s much too early for her to be the most successful rookie of the year. She don’t even have a physical yet. But she’s definitely the most successful rookie idol of the year digitally. Wait… I think she’s not an idol.. Lol nobody beat busker busker yet.

        • Out of curiosity, do you know how they determine/calculate it? I’m guessing digital sales, but she only has one song so far right? and a feature on Epik High’s song?

        • Erm.. You can check out This chart calculates all the digital sales from sites (melon, soribada, olleh etc) and others (ringtones etc) the first tab is weekly while the other tab is real time.
          it’s cold is holding surprising well. Way better than any other songs in the album, even though it’s released 10 days earlier. It’s still in top ten, dropping. 1234 went to the top and still there.. She’s close to getting pak quite a few times but sadly no. Lol.
          Busker on the other hand reached pak 3 times. Twice with their debut song and stayed there like glue. Overall even though busker’s physical sales is nada they earned a lot from digital alone.
          so.. Yeah… hi is no where near the top. At least yet.

        • ooo thank you! Time to brush up on hangul I think hahaha
          Sometimes I forget that the market in Korea is often completely different to the popularity we see as International fans, but then sometimes they can be very similar, as shown in the response to this song!

        • I like to think that the popularity taste that international fans and local Korea have in common are the fandoms. :) this is reflected in physical sales while casual listeners that’s not in a fandom (most people) downloads and those songs have strong staying power in the charts. Because the mass buy them periodically.. What i feel anyway.

        • That is a very good point! I didn’t take into consideration fandoms.
          I’m still getting used to the whole fandom mentality, names, colours, chants, craziness, saesangs etc.
          Speaking of which, I wonder if Lee Hi or SuPearls have a fan name yet…

        • hmm.. no i think. oysters? LOL
          anyway i still hope they dont use supearls.
          acts under YG have pretty nice names and all. even lee hi’s debut is witty. i still remember when she like went into one of the rooms to meet the judge. she introduced herself infront of YG as I’m Lee Hi..waves hand* lol.

        • Oysters? hahahaha oh damm, my housemates are looking at me weirdly because I just started laughing. Why didn’t that name occur to me? Makes sense, but sounds funny.

          Would it be weird to chance the name now though? Actually how did they get the name SuPeals, do you know?

        • Haha i actually don’t know. i remember jimin explaining it though lol pearl in Korean sounds very old fashioned. As a name. That itself is already very retro lol

  218. love love love,

  219. I think they need to treat her like a ballad singer and have OTHER people star in the videos. She can stand still in a dim room and sing.

  220. Her voice is so smokey…

  221. Love the song, would love to see Simon and Martina recreate the awkwardness…

  222. Omg there’s a photo shoot bts vid too
    The ending is too cute!

  223. CL looks great in this video!

  224. i love this song! omgaah.

  225. I haven’t figure out the story line lol. There is a guy holding a .. Script? in front of her near the ending that she brushed off like a diva

  226. they need to really work on her rhythm, I like the set especially with the dancers on the balcony.

    • Oh that’s very pretty. Like a broadway set! I like her on the rooftop. her attire there is the cutest. surprisingly curly big hair goes with her too. I think those hair goes well with people with big eyes.

  227. Who else thought of Feist’s 1234 when they saw the title of this song? I love both of them! :D

  228. I looooooooooove her voice. good song

  229. you can do it come on~

  230. it looks like she has lost a lot of weight! i hope papa yg isn’t being too strict on her diet because she is still young. i know that he puts a lot of pressure on Bom for her weight and told TOP to lose a lot of weight because he signed him.

    • Nahh.. Bom’s weight is still a roller coaster and she loves to be slim herself too. But hi did lost a lot of weight. She looks like those baby dolls figures >_< too cute

      • yeh but sometimes it looks like papa yg picks on her about it, but yeh i know its just a joke and no harm done. i just hate to think of the younger girls like Lee Hi and minzy being pressured about losing weight because they are still growing and are still so young

        • It’s ok. With minzy, she have high muscle density. especially for a girl if she were to starve, she body would loose the muscles first before the fats and might even change muscle into fats. Among the girls her body needs extra proper diet to maintain. It’s not easy for girls to have a ‘hard’ body lol.
          I’m sure since lee hi shares the same nutritionist and trainer as them. She’s in good hands. :) I’m also very curious with the rest of the supearls. Michelle is probably a sex bomb now lol

        • same! does anyone know when they are going to debut? i have heard about all the YG comebacks like 2ne1 and tayang in november and this and epik high earlier and even the new girl group next year. but when will supearls debut?

        • taeyang is said to be next year. girl group also next year. su pearls not sure, said to be this year though and 2ne1. but hi would be solo promoting first. gd spring next year too… daesung too. ok all these are very vague. we only know that their album is in the works or near completion coz they are mentioning it already.

        • I’m pretty sure taeyang is november?

        • Hmm? They said that in the taiwan presscon.

        • i got it form an article from allkpop. com . its a comment from yg

        • Oh. The taiwan presscon was.. just last week. When they were in taiwan alive tour. You can search it on YouTube. If you need trans and nobody sub it yet i can trans for you.
          Idk as usual nothing is confirmed. Even though it’s a message from yg. Or even bb themselves. Heh nothing new

        • wahh yg is probably tolling us all! telling us all different dates so we get confused then he will sneak up on us and BAM there it is!

        • Oh the art of trolling

      • But Bom loves corn too much? hahaha

  231. her voice is seriously amazing!

  232. i don’t think i loved a debut song as much as this since miss A

  233. She definitely has one of the best texture voices out there. She has a unique charm. She just needs a boost of confidence but she really did not have that long training like other singers and idols out there, so I think she did amazing for her first Music Video. Proud of her! Anticipating what she will become with more training and confidence. Time and practice is a miracle worker;)

  234. this MV has so much potential, but her acting is very bad. Awesome song though. I Love her vocals

  235. YG papa actually said that he debuted her early on purpose. Korean fans loved the fact that she had such a strong voice, but looked so akward/sleepy while she sang. ( I guess it’s the same effect on people like how everyone loves the fact that Chanyeol looks all cute but has a very deep voice) YG wanted to keep LeeHi’s akward feel for as long as possible.

  236. I still can’t get over the fact that she was Simon’s student! I love her voice! <3

  237. Such an amazing voice! So young and talented =’)

  238. Love her voice. Reminds me of a Korean Duffy. A refreshing change!

  239. I like the female backup dancers as male hoodlums, haha ^^

    It seems like she isn’t quite comfortable in front of the camera yet, but she’ll probably improve with time. I really like the colors and outfits in the video though. And her voice is fantastic!

  240. Anyone else think she sounds a little like Adele?

  241. she needs to get some more YG confidence!

  242. The lip singing is horrible. Why cant they do a better job? Shouldn’t this be easy?

  243. Very impressed ,her voice is so soulful! I’d love to hear how this song would sound with a gospel choir behind her. Yes her rhythm is a bit off but with that voice who cares?

  244. I’ve been playing this song all day long. It’s just so damn good!

  245. her voice is so fantastic but she seems so stiff…. i can’t wait to see her brake out of her shell some more

  246. yes shes has a beautiful voice, yes shes not the best dancer, performer but I think that says a lot compared to the trainees who have at least 2 plus years under their belt. I think her awkwardness is what makes her. lee ha yi was known as the sleepy/tired looking girl from kpop star with a soulful voice. But since I first heard her sing I just fell in love with the soul in her voice…something you don’t hear much from young girls in the korean music industry. I do admit she has a lot of learning and training to do but I believe papa YG wants her to stay herself as much as possible because it sets her apart from the rest. I am sooooo psyched to see her grow and make more music!!!!!
    A lot of people are bashing her about her performance and stage presence which I can some what understand but they shouldn’t judge her to quick because one day she will blow their minds with a performance and then they will say, “oh shes great! wow what an improvement! now I like her because she dances better and commands the stage” pfft!

    • Oh i couldn’t agree with you more! There’s tons of people criticising her awkwardness but it’s what makes lee hi.. I don’t think i can take it if she isn’t. That would be a hi shock for me ( i made a pun… Omg tablooo)

  247. Is it right to say that she has the cutest cheeks I have ever seen? I spent half of the video thinking “Gosh, I wanna pinch those”. They’re just so chubby!

  248. unicornsgalaxy

    “Summer Shorst” is playing at the theater? YG, did I just see you slip on the English?

  249. I really love her voice. It fits well with the the song. Can’t wait to hear more of her.

  250. Aww, she’s super cute and her voice is AMAZING. Definitely someone to keep an eye on.

  251. me encanta su actitud, porque dicen que es aburrida, me parece un encanto unico de ella, la hace diferente a las demas, yo la adoro!! go lee hi

  252. Leehi will be BIG… she and her amazing voice

  253. I feel like yes, the music video is awkward, but seriously which rookie debut mv isnt? ESPECIALLY since she’s doing this solo here! She doesn’t have members to bounce confidence off of… I think her voice is stunning and she will be more comfortable in front of the camera naturally. However — I do think that with this rich voice and deep vocals they shouldnt have followed the bright pop girly polka dots and stripes… I think she wouldve done well in more comfortable yet demanding clothes. It might even help with her camera-shyness!

  254. this is Martina (i think its hers at least) student :D

    • She was Simon’s student actually!

      • Cari! I was looking for you! I’m wondering if you know if YG were there in Harlem during epikhigh’s live. It would be sweet if he is :D

        • He wasn’t there that night unfortunately but the rest of YG was. Everyone that works there is really tight and it was so sweet to see^^

          TKIR I just can’t take the awkwardness of this video but the song has reeeeeeally grown on me!

        • I practically feed on the tightness they have.
          Tkir. I see yg in the making of this MV. Lol. I must be mental for loving the awkwardness in hi. She’s turning me into an uhmma fan.

  255. I really like her song, and voice. may be the only one, but I love what she wears! she’s adorably fresh, green! i bet she’ll get even better.

  256. Woohoo! Leehi’ll be pre record inki’s stage this Sunday! should be fine since it’s pre recorded.

  257. just debut but topping the charts and still #1. lee hi is loved <3

  258. ahh i hope those youtube mixing pros would mixed her voice with somebody else.. or yg dropped her album earlier. i didnt catch if its just a single or an album. or cmoe back with su pearls. was there any news with an inki comeback yet? sighs

  259. hi’s clothes are soo adorable! she looks like a child doll and the perfect unnirs dancing beside her is highlighting this more lol. i hope losing weight won’t interfere with her height. she’s still growing after all. she really is a star. killing me with her expressions

  260. haha if this set had been for bb or 21 poeple are gonna go crazyyy
    i see … satan scribblings? lol who designs these stuffs and what does it meannnn
    well i can guess that unlike the veterans leehi would have less to no say to the set or mv, she needs exp to start with anyway. it’s nice to see the yg dancers here. since they were absent from epik high’s mvs

  261. ohh and masta WUUUUU
    where had that guy gone? since 2008?
    anyway glad he’s back. having such a strong ‘gangsta’ image. im surprised he can write lyrics for hayi XD
    I heard he’s doing his album too.. wowowow expected to drop early next year! i hope

  262. another thing to spazz about. lydia and choice37!!! daebak!
    lydia so far had done i love you and dont cry with teddy. she made teddy’s songs more feminine.
    choice37 have songs thats very strong hip hop, gd’s OOAK, Epik’s get out of the way. they are epic! though i didnt expect their collab would give birth to something like this (i made it sound nasty T_T i blame donthateme thread) huuuhaaa!!

  263. Am I the only one who remember that Simon taught her? :D
    Love LEE HA YI and looking for her SuPerals debut~

  264. Wow already #2! So glad. I rooted for her while she was at KPOPSTAR and I hope she’ll be successful. She is so cute and awkward. And of course her voice is amazing!

  265. i’ve never seen such awkward MV before. BUT DAMN….that voice is GOLD. LOVE HER VOICE~

  266. Ok.

    I understand what people is saying about her awkwarness and, yes, the girl is shy… She is also only 16 and you can’t expect every 16 year old girl to be sexy and confident and to have an attitude to match. I personally love her and the way she is.

    There’s also the problem that her voice is beyond her years! A voice like hers is NOT to sibg about ‘the oppa I love’ and ‘Oh, I’m so cute’… So it is kind of hard to debut her when she’s so young. But, that being said, I understand why YG wants to strike while the iron is hot and she’s still known. At least, I’m in love with the song… Is kind of weird to hear a 16 year old singing songs like this… But hey, we had Yoyo singing when she was 13!

    I’m sure she’s going to grow and her confidence with her.

    • I just don’t understand why YG gave her that concept/style when it obviously doesn’t fit her (I don’t mean the song, only the outfits and the whole MV). I think a darker style would be better for her and less dancing or no dancing at all. Not every singer can be a idol star. I wish they could realize that.

      • I actually think the outfits fit her, but yeah, I think they could have done something different. But I still love it!

      • i actually liked it. because i can see her stiffness that is part of the lee hi that i like? lol i’ll probably get a shock if she suddenly do a hyuna.

        • Oh my God, please no! Lee Hi, in my eyes is a little girl… shy and cute, without needing to have all that aegyo!

      • I think the voice doesn’t match the clothes. Her voice is sultry and soulful so you want to see her wearing something more sexy and more adult to match the voice. But for a16 year old and the cute adorable face she has the clothes match her well.

      • My favorite part of the video is when she’s with the black dress and the dark stage… That should have been the concept for the whole video!

  267. love her voice and her cute awkwardness.

  268. I hope she gets a review, amazing voice and song <3

  269. the song gives me an amy winehouse vibe.. as for the MV i don’t get it at all haha

  270. was she really a student of the eyk people????

    • Yes, of Simon.

      • I hear that everywhere. But where did that information come from? Did EYK say that?

        If this gets reviewed I’m curious if they’d say something about her as a student. Btw her English pronunciation is pretty good. So Simon can be proud XD

        • Simon said it in their twitter account. He asked everyone to vote for his former student ans gave the link to the video. But we know it since her KpopStar days because he said it back then too. I think he left a comment in one of her videos from the competition.

        • wouldn’t it be sweet if s&m were to interview her? :D but i bet she’s so busy right now with her debut. i wonder how she’s like in class. the dreaming type XD

        • I just want to know if she has always been this shy or if it’s because of all the attention!

    • eyk people? lol you mean simon and martina xD

  271. she was born on Sept 1996. so young, isn’t she? i love her voice touching me deep down. she sings with her heart unlike her age. it’s ironic in a good way considering her age. the epic she said means ‘don’t worry about me and do your thing well. i don’t need your sympathy’

  272. Seriously, why no one vote her up, it’s Simon’s former student and not just that…she’s an excellent singer.

  273. i was wondering where she went… yay glad to see her with YG

  274. My favourite outfit on her is the green one piece! She looks extra cute in that!

  275. i hope this gets to be reviewed. that would be daebak!

  276. Oh my goodness… 3000+ votes in one day! I’m confident we can make her number one and get her reviewed!!! Keep it up people!!!

    Also, YG is a little aggressive lately!!! =P

  277. Well, looks like she paid attention in class. Her English is really good!
    her voice is lovely!

  278. I liked her voice a lot. The video was not my fav, but I hope this gets a review!

  279. I really like the song. It’s a nice change from regular K-Pop songs.
    The only thing is that I felt awkward watching Lee Hi. It seemed like she was too unnatural Like most rookies, they don’t really show it but in here she does…a lot. It was hard for me to watch almost. She basically stood around and awkward tried to do something with her hands.
    I really don’t get how the video matched with the song feel. It felt more like she should be singing in a bar or something like the Wonder Girls did in “Nobody.” Something old fashion like. It really didn’t look right seeing her walking through “New York” with such a slow flowing song.
    In my opinion I give it a 6 out of 10. Loved everything else but not the scenery or the awkward dancing and hand movements.

    • Well that awkwardness is what makes her unique xD You should watch her perfomances on KPOPSTAR. There she was waaay more awkward than in the MV lol (especially in the first episodes). But I think this concept/stye just doesn’t fit her. Hope they’ll try something different next time.

  280. I know that a lotta people don’t rlly like the vid but I just LOVED it!! The only thing i was dissapointed w/ was at the end of the vid when she didn’t do any dancing and looked uber awkward…

  281. I know some people consider this MV boring, but I really want a review of this video. So I hope people keep voting for it.

  282. daebak debut!hitting roofs and killing charts already

  283. Give her a break guys!! Its her 1st song!!! sure there’s room for improvement. but its really good for her 1st time

  284. impressed with her vocals, but still has a lot to improve on!!!!

  285. i love the song, but i can’t get over how lackluster the dancing was. With the song, i thought there might be a bit more emotional or powerful, or maybe even a simple dance, but it looks like she was just standing there, but i do really love the song, it has a lot of potential

  286. in that scene with the neon clothes, I think that if the camera wasn’t focused on her, we wouldn’t know that she was the singer.

  287. is it just me or is she really like TOP in Fantastic baby MV?
    both had strong songs but in the MVS they were absolutely stiff, powerless and emotionless….dont do anythign just try to look cool was probably the moto
    but…she was much worse…TOP can at least lip sync his part properly
    she cant even that…either her mouth opens too late or closes too soon….and those crossed eyes!!! aaaa!

  288. Nice song but the MV kills it. Emotionless stare aside her lip syncing is horrid! She needs to vocalize the lyrics when recording. You can tell she is just mouthing the words. . . . . sooo many missing syllables that are just ghosting out of her mouth. She’s a good vocal artist but she has no visual presence. Horrid lip syncing aside my eyes kept being drawn to the backup dancers too, whenever she wasn’t the only one in frame.

  289. Her face is so pretty, but so expressionless. Her expression while singing reminds me of JYP’s expression while singing. No, actually scratch that. JYP’s weird facial expression while singing is actually better than this stiff awkwardness.

  290. agree with others her voice is reallly good but she doesnt look very sure of herself yet. her sound reminds me of duffy. Im sure shell jgain more confidence and be awesome.

  291. What an amazing voice! My favourite outfits in the video are the green romper and the black dress with the gold starts. :3

  292. Love the voice and sound — contacts are creeping me out!

  293. I know Simon likes to go frame by frame looking for “engrish” on the videos but this time, to me, IS THE FIRST TIME I SAW SPANISH in the writing and are pretty good (excellent I would say) but the theme chosen hmmm it’s a bit hard (and extremely hard for korean standards) I guess that nobody cares because they barely speak english, so the spanish to the production team will be like korean to me. IDK but I suspect that was written by a chilean chap, because that random Viva Chile, maybe, maybe…

    Anyway, good song, good voice, bad acting, cheap video, but it’s all ok for a rookie

  294. The video is gorgeous to look at with the fashion, colors, sets, etc. Lee Hi’s voice sounds great and she is gorgeous, yet, she is so awkward. Didn’t the director notice it too, like the rest of us? Anyway, I can’t blame her. I probably would get as nervous and shy too. I can empathize with her.

  295. i know that voice anywhere :) iv been waiting LOL

  296. I really like her voice, a nice edge to it, she has the talent. As for the awkwardness, being a new artist that is a given, once she gets more comfortable and gains experience in the industry I believe she’ll go very far ^.^

  297. lee ha yi from kpop stars was your former student?!!

  298. bigbangfosho

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?! FORMER STUDENT?! I remember Simon mentioning that before, but I didn’t know it was her!! gosh, that is just so cool

  299. Her voice is AMAZING! If only her performance was as powerful as her voice if you know what i mean.

  300. Her voice makes me think of Adele…. But the video was kinda weird….

  301. I hope we’ll se more from her… SASSY!

  302. OH MY GOD HER VOICE. It’s so soulful :)

  303. She has a different style of swag different from the other singers and I just love it!! LeeHi Fighting!!

    and she so cute omg

    • this is very different from what I’m used to hearing from Korean singers. I really hope it will help her stand out from all the other debuts. A voice like that deserves to be heard.

  304. the clothes are so cute >_<

  305. One more thing I agree and disagree with alot of my fellow Kpop fans. I do think the song sounds older but so does her voice. Cutesy upbeat peppiness just doesnt go with her velvety sticky wonderful voice! She as VERY awkward in regards to body movements in the video but her facial expressions were on point and you can really just chalk the awkwardness to inexperience. As for the sexiness I don’t think it was that “overtly sexual” especially if you compare it to Hyuna’s Ice cream where she is spraying people down with a hose with white liquid coming out…lol….. I think that she will only get better from here and she is one of my all time favorite voices to listen too.

  306. Her expressions are like….Kristen Stewert.

  307. I knew I would love this song when they told me all who was involved! I have not bee dissapointed.

  308. Her voice is great! But like others said, he mv was very kpop clichey. And she is really lacking in the expression area. Like her facial expression are the same all the way through..I feel like if she gave some expression, this would boost up on the ratings…

  309. she does not move with a passion and confidence, that’s for sure. i’m confident that she will grow to be a great performer tho. her voice is great already, being only 16

  310. Umm,,,,.I kinda wish she would show some emotion…..or look like she kinda wants to be there….loved the song but not so much her…..i feel really bad for saying that….GAH!! I’m such a bad person….ㅠ-ㅠ

  311. unicornsgalaxy

    Oh I really like this song. It kind of gives me a combination between Adele and Amy Winehouse. That real kind of soul type of voice! I’m excited to see more from her! And she is sooo cute!

  312. Really REALLY great song, It gave me a motown feeling! She’s such a pretty girl. It was a bit awkward when watching the video because she looked a tad uncomfortable, and wasn’t moving around as much, but this can only mean improvement! I bet her next video will be even better! Lee Hi fighting!

  313. She’s from YG! That’s crazy considering how small the YG family is!

  314. Her voice is so amazing! Finally someone to rival Hyorin from SISTAR :D Great discovery by YG! I really like her style but she seems a little awkward around the camera..xD

  315. Like the voice and vibe of the song but dang she is stiff looking in the dance and while walking around… other than that nice…!

  316. Great voice <3 Better than most debut songs if you ask me ^__^ but she will need to improve her expressions, it was like her face was frozen solid…… well.. I hope she feels more comfortable with herself on camera moving forward because it could end up being a major problem =/

  317. Lee Hi hwaiting!!! It’s about time you kick some serious ass.

  318. I love her and this song! I find her facial expressions in the mv cute. :)

  319. i think i will love her live performance than this mv,, i meant i like the colorful mv but her lips are not really moving!! seems to bother me a lot!! kekek but loving the song!! been listenin to it for few hours!!!

  320. Love the clothes here! it’s screaming cute so loud yet classy retro to go with the song. It suits her kiddy figure. Though the bra exposing part is a bit… I mean it’s cute but not sexy. I guess that’s the goal anyway with it being hot pink and long sleeves cardigan. So cute!! She’s just as awkward in kpopstar too! Another super cute plus!! I always wanna carry her away when the 4d-ness comes out! Gaahhhh she was so stiff on the stairs x! Hahaha

  321. LOVE her voice an LOVE her style! Not everyone can be a diva like HyunA right ^^.

  322. now simon has some conections on YG… next thing we know… EYG doing an interview to BigBang or 2NE1! :D

  323. Did anyone else notice the Ryan Sharpay sign at 2:45? High School Musical <3

  324. I have such a huge crush on hayi! She is so cute with the itty bitty hands and doll face. Don’t ever grow up!! Obsessed*

  325. I love the song.. and the video was amazing.. the production was perfect! (not that i expected less from papa YG) .. but the only flaw .. and ik a lot of ppl have been saying it .. its her awkwardness… but i get that she’s new.. and she’s only been training for 4 months in YG… so its not like i expected it to be perfect.. and its something she’ll get better at… on the other hand.. YG went big for this video! i love love love it! very broadway!

  326. I loved her voice <3, old sould on young body, amazing, just amazing.

  327. Wow…as a YG vid, I’m really shocked that they let this be released. (And I’m a huge YGstan). She’s so emotionless. I feel like she’s sleepwalking through this whole video. Considering the standard that Papa YG holds his artists to, I’m surprised he allowed this video off the cutting floor. The song is great, her voice is soulful and flawless…but she really needs training in conveying emotion if she’s going to compete. I hope her live performance is more visually powerful.

  328. sassy! love it (talking about the sound). so unlike anything else in korea. i’m really liking the direction some artists are taking korea’s kpop scene. YG artists are definitely at the head of this movement!

    as for the mv…i’m not blown away.

  329. I wasn’t expecting this to be good, but it was super catchy. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  330. lee ha yi!!! shes from k-pop star! so glad their keeping her r&b/ soul vibe, but she’s so stiff in her movements! she will grow though!!!

  331. Her voice is amazing, but I agree with the commenters. She looks very stiff and uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because she’s new to the business, but she’ll need to get over it quickly if she wants to reel in more fans. Still, great voice.

  332. Her vocals are amazing, she’s absolutely beautiful, and her english is great (good job, guise). I just gotta agree with everyone else. She seems very stiff, unconfident, and uncomfortable. BUT since she has the talent (lots and lots of talent), I think she’ll be able to grow to her full potential soon enough. Can’t wait to see more from her!

  333. Her voice is really good, and the song as well, but I agree with most people; the video is just down right awkward.

  334. Love the song love the vocals, yes she might be a little awkward now but she has a bright future a head of her so just sit back and enjoy that sweet voice.

  335. i’ll overlook all the awkwardness for that great voice…. this girl’s got potential and we all know she’s not had formal years of training… like other rookies… wish this MV was shot with a different concept though – something like Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.. hmmm what say?

  336. I LOVE this song. Really. And her voice is amazing. Yes, she’s still a little awkward. But I’m going to wait until I see her live, because that’s when she really gives her all.

    Amazing young girl for sure. And I wish this gets reviewed because I want to see Simon reviewing his former student and hope he gives us stories of her before her appearance in KpopStar! =P

  337. waw her voice is AMAZING she has that Christina Aguilera vibe !!! totally loved her

  338. Lee Hayi made the best decision in choosing YG… i have a feeling she’ll do better than the winner Jimin..why did jyp put jimin in a duo anyway…

    about the video.

    this song is good.
    her voice is good and improved.
    but what’s lacking is her body movements and the attitude, the spice and spunk.
    her movements were lifeless and too soft where its suppose to be spunky with CL-like confidence. her movements makes me think she is still holding back.
    but she debuted already. i saw her in kpop star and she was like this up to know she hasn’t changed that thing about her.. she should let go and go all out and not hold back anymore.

  339. her voice is amazing

  340. She’s not the typical K-Pop star, but that’s why I think I like her ^_^ the only off putting thing is how he mouth seems to just not move O_O

  341. She’s good, but you can also see, she’s got no dance background. Her movements are still a little stiff. Though that’s something she can learn without any problems over time, as well as some of her facial expressions. :) I’m glad she finally came out. The song is powerful and enchanting. We’ll see where she’s going to be 2 years from now!

  342. Vocals: Incredible. I should have known she would have more up her sleeve being in YG, but she was so soft in It’s cold. Her voice was beautiful in It’s cold, but in this it is amazing. So much heart.

    Song: One of the reasons I love YGE artists. Nothing is off limits. They are known for their Hip Hop roots, but are not afraid to do more and try more, and this is so awesome. Her voice is so soulful and this song matches her down to the ground. It is absolutely refreshing to hear something like this in a pop/aegyo/ballad dominated market.

    MV: YG Spent a lot very clearly – and yes she is a bit stiff, but that is something I notice a lot from idol shows (x-factor/voice/et al no exception). She hasn’t had the years and years of training from pre-teen that whole bunches of KPop idols have had. She will loosen up and pick it all up eventually. There were some spots there where she really did get it, so it is all in there.

    Over all, I love it.

  343. I like this song so much!
    Besides, when she sings “Ohh..” I automatically add “You so nasty, ooh” xD

  344. her voice is amazing!
    but yes. the video. is. awkward.

  345. Stop being so harsh on her guys…Honestly I like it and as a rookie solo singer she is awesome.Yes she looks uncomfortable and passive,but i think the company totures her with diets and a lot of training,but i think the cool song and her singing abilities can cover it

  346. It’s a great song but she is still young. I think she will get better as she becomes more experienced.

  347. ahhh so love her voice and she’s pretty cute :D she just sorta look like she needs to warm up in front of the camera more. she’ll get better tho she’s in YG after all

  348. her voice is so mature that they really shouldn’t have dressed her so juvenile. Instead they made her look like every other girl group member….which is weird cause she’s a solo artist. she can’t dance…she literally is walking, arm movement, shimmy shimmy so some of the outfits are just ridiculous.

    her voice is amazing i just wish they would have styled her better.

  349. I really like it. She’s got an incredible voice, but the problem is, her syncing with her mouth doesn’t match the intensity and enunciation of the words. While the video is really simple, it’s definitely got a YG feel to it and it’s got a lot of attitude. How cool that she was your student! And look where she is now, all grown up!

  350. i dunno if i should call this a ‘strong’ debut. maybe.. an awkward debut haha? well it’s not exactly to my taste but it’s really charming and attractive.. (the song)

  351. Great voice!! Nice video & song too, overall, really good debut.
    However, coming from YG, probably not the best. Perhaps SuPearls will show a more unique style that will grab me, but her by herself is sort of average. I hope they’re not going to be like any other girl group, because I want to be able to say “I love all of YG’s artists” and not be lying.

  352. Her voice is very good but she look a bit constipated ….

  353. She seems a little camra shy, but her voice is so cool!

  354. I love her voice! The song is really classy, VOTE people, VOTE!

  355. Haha, I love it very much! :D How do you find her English ? kk I think you taught her well :p Wow, YGE… You may be proud! ;)

  356. Wow O.o now this is what I call classy sexy. Yeah I admit she’s a bit stiff but she’s got the attitude for this kind of song. Love her voice!

  357. She’s pretty awkward at first but I think she overcomes it in the second half of the video.
    It’s as if they didn’t give her any choreography. They should have given her more direction on how to move. love her voice & the song.

  358. she is so cute!

  359. Blueberries

    Hey hey… what’s up with facebook? How it’s counter can be higher than votes? This is odd. Maybe it’s glitch?

    TKIR: I like her voice.. but the mv was quite boring being YG’s.


    • I don’t know why but to me it gives me a total different impression like she could be more than that. I could be wrong. First thing that I thought when I saw her was Adele Adkins!

  361. great voice, her acting and lip syncing is hella awkward though. but, she has plenty of time to improve..

  362. Her voice is absolutely amazing! Plus it gives off a very upbeat Adele type vibe? I think the video didn’t do her much justice .. I reckon they should try a different style of video for her.

  363. how old is she..??? she looks like so young….

  364. Vocals are amazing. but her movements are so weak. She needs to be commanding and needs to be screaming her moves and expressions instead of whispering them, if that makes sense. She has potential but for this mv it was dead eyes and sloth-like movements. I want to hear more! but definitely see more once she is more comfortable.

  365. wow, her voice is amazing, and very pleasant to listen to. She seems a bit stiff in the mv, but that’s something that will probably improve with experience.

  366. my goodness this is a fantastic debut!

  367. Hermosa voz, pero no sabe actuar. parece que tiene sueño =/

    Beautiful voice, but she cannot act. It seems that she is sleepy =/

  368. Hot damn her voice is amazing and the song is great! The video’s just a bit lack lustre, but she’s new, so her first video’s not going to be drop dead amazing, she’s still got a long way to go. but she’s got talent, and gorgeous and something different, since her voice is so deep. So I hope she survives the rookie stage, ,really do hope that.

  369. Love her voice! Not the biggest fan of the MV, but its a good debut!
    Question: Does anyone know why she is debuting as Lee Hi, rather than Lee HaYi? I keep seeing 이하이 and reading Lee HaYi, but everything else says Lee Hi…

    • During Kpop Star, YG liked playing on her name: Hi, Lee Hayi! Hi = Hayi, pronunciation-wise, which I think is a rather weak pun, but either way I am and have been a big fan of hers ever since Kpop Star!

      • oh! makes sense. Thank you, that was the piece of information I was missing. I saw her sing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and loved it, but I wasn’t able to watch Kpop Star. I hope she does well

  370. Ohhh why did the uploader choose the part where hi wears a exposing pink bra as the thumbnail…
    I’ll just take it that the others are out of the question because there’s no hi in it =_=

  371. This is a song I would download and a video I would never watch again. Is she a native Korean? Her voice is very soulful…

  372. wait…i saw a lit sign that said “Ryan” and “Sharpay”…as in the characters from High School Musical?

  373. I agree with almost all the comments below, great voice, very awkward. But, i would listen to the song again without watching the video :)

  374. I really like her voice :D reminds me of Duffy and Adele.

  375. The Teddy Bear Doctor

    Some people are meant to be singers, not performers. Frankly there’s enough of the latter out there in kpop, I’m glad someone like her is debuting. Her voice is perfect. :))

  376. she is the one in kpop star right? the set looks like f(x)’s nuabo..

  377. her voice is awesome, nut i found myself looking at the background dancers more than her, i felt a strong sense of awkwardness, like she just wasn’t into it enough. Especially the dancing. The song is catchy, and her vocals are nice, but the awkwardness kinda drew me away from her.

  378. Wow her voice is amazing! The concepts before 2:19 didn’t seem to work for the song, even though they were cute. After 2:19, that classy nighttime look fit very well.

  379. It’s really awkward, but let’s hope that is just rookie freshness, fingers crossed that she grows confortable being in front of the camera

  380. I love her in the black starry suit the best. She suits sexy, but not flirty. She still needs to find her own style. Love her voice and the music suits her.

  381. Her voice is incredible for 16 was it? But the vid and lip-syncing are…off?

  382. You taught her very good English!

  383. did her face look that…barbie doll like when she was a student? good song but the voice with that face made the video reeeeally weird

  384. I really wanna hear s&m’s take on the whole mv! loved Lee Hi’s voice but she looked kinda weird in the mv, like awkward and tensed up.

  385. I saw her perform with a girl group. I forgot who.

  386. Love her voice! I was surprised such a powerful voice came out of this girl!! LOVE IT! <3

  387. Ah, so Lee Hi is Simon’s student that he talked about before. Coolio!



    i have the biggest and most embarrassing girl crush on her

  389. hapagirl

    I love her voice and the song. I just think she needs to grow with her confidence though as others have said, being her first video it makes sense why she looks awkward. I do want to hear more of her music though.

  390. Love YG don’t get me wrong but man you got to work on the audio syncing skill. Love this girl’s voice…very smilar to Adele’s.It’s obvious she’s still uncomfortable and awkward kinda reminds me of Park Bom, when she first debuted. Just give her time. :-D

  391. I love the awesome jazzy vibe of this song

  392. Love the song and the soul it has but she seems very stiff, and awkward. She looks more worried about getting the moves right than actually putting her own groove into it. It looks like she’s marking it instead of going all out. She also might be really nervous because it IS her first release and video. But also how her mouth is moving to the words seems a little off. It looks more like she’s talking to a friend than singing. Sometimes, though, I can’t even see her lips making much movement. I love her voice but I hope she becomes more comfortable with herself and less awkward/stiff throughout her career. And congratulations to her! :D

  393. OMG I loved her on Kpop star, Its so amazing that shes your former student lol

  394. Wow. I loved her voice! Now if only she wasn’t so awkward in front of camera, the video would’ve been great.

  395. she has a very Adele like sound to her. but she needs to practice on her lip syncing. and she looked awkward at some points but she has a beautiful voice ^^

  396. I loved her on Kpop star, and I love her here! Even in all of her awkwardness.

  397. well damn, I’m massively impressed with the song and her voice. Can’t wait to see her more comfortable in front of the camera because there are glimpses all throughout the vid of just how amazing she will be once she gains confidence, she has so much talent there.

  398. she looks like barom from d-unit. i wonder if they trained together when they were both under yg?? any way her voice is awesome

  399. The mv needs improvement, but it’s forgiven since she’s not very experienced. Love her voice and the song though. It’s very catchy!

  400. Beautiful voice and really talented ventriloquism also awesome clothes, I will steal her wardrobe.

  401. wow she doesn’t have the usual female pitched voice as most of the kpop female singers… i like her :D

  402. love the song but her acting and lip syncing needs mad improvement but cant judge too much cause its her first video….

  403. love the song.. she is still new to the business I guess so all I’m gonna say is she still has room to grow and learn about acting and presence on camera :)

  404. This is great. She looks like she is healthy and eats actual meals!

  405. I don’t think there is any problem with her dancing or the video concept. This song gives off that cool cat feel, which I like. Basically she doesn’t have to bust out with some wicked dance moves for her to look good. She’s got a great voice and her acting in the video isn’t bad either. :] I wonder if you, Simon or Martina, taught her all that great English! :] Hope she hits it big. She’s a keeper for sure.

  406. Isabel Ruby

    i’m assuming this is like a debut video right? because the lip syncing was terrible, but this girl’s vocals are AMAZING. i feel like i could potentially sing along with this too, since the range isn’t off in so high only dogs can hear it land. hope this gets some love on the kpop charts

    • I know. I usually don’t like songs sung by females, mostly because the pitch is so high up there I can’t even began to sing along. But this song, I could definitely sing to this.

  407. She’s got a great voice. But her stage presence is not so great. She definitely looks stiff throughout the video and it doesn’t seem like she’s actually singing. And is it just me or did those blue contacts make her look cross-eyed?

  408. FINALLY! :D I have been waiting for Lee HaYi’s debut for soooo long, girl doesnt disappoint man! im so glad she decided to join YG :) I love her voice, her little moves and the video as well :D and yes, her mouth is a bit stiff, but come on people, this is her first time! Lee Hi fighting!

  409. Her voice is really really good. But the concept didn’t really match the type of song or her voice. It looked like her voice was coming out of someone too young. Also, as others have said, it looks like she is really stiff. Hopefully she can improve as far as the acting goes. It looks like she is saying the words to the song with no movement or expression in her mouth. But I think she’ll get better at it over time. ^^

  410. anyone else read it as, “lee hee”?

  411. Also I hate blue contacts D: really fake looking :|

  412. A-MA-ZING Voice! It didn’t seem like the video really matched the feel of the song though, or maybe it was just that the lip sync didn’t seem like it could possibly be coming out of that sweet looking little girls mouth. I’m not sure.
    Anyway totally impressed with the quality of her voice, I hope they have big plans for her!!

  413. I like the song but I don’t think I like the video. The english sounds pretty good.

  414. Her English pronunciation is fantastic. Great job Simon! :)

  415. Her lip syncing doesn’t quite, seem like how her singing is… Does that make sense? Ha ha I mean like her video singing is really, monotone-ish and her actual singing is quite powerful… Her voice is quite nice I must say! Dancing—Stiff but first video! Will improve! :3

  416. I applaud Martina for her english pronunciation <3

  417. This young woman deserves so much better than this. Damn, people have got to respect the talent that is there rather than trying to repackage it into something else. *Stomps around* She’s got pipes, she does not need that baby girl whatever the hell you call it. Damn. Stomp, Damn. Stomp. Damn.

  418. I like the Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir influence in this one, vote up!

  419. NgocTranLe

    I think she should have trained for a little bit longer to get her confidence up but I think she’s going a really good job. ^^

  420. Her voice is terrific, the overall sound was GREAT!

    I agree, she’s definitely….stiff. Kind of emotionless, she looked like she wasn’t enjoying yourself, like when you try to get a little kid to act polite and smile when they’re annoyed or something, and…She just looked like she was…mad(?) and like she didn’t want to do the video.

    But, with a voice like that, she definitely has PLENTY of potential. She definitely just needs to go through the training, and she’ll be better. LOVE her voice, though! :)

    • well the lyrics were about a girl telling the boy who broke her heart to get out of her face and stop pretending to love her, so yes shes meant to look angry and cold lol

      but yea her lipsyncing was quite bad. YG should have made her sing while filming the MV cuz when she actually sings on stage, shes got more charisma and swagger than anyone can imagine.

  421. I absolutely love this song! Her husky soulful voice is just what I like. I agree she is kinda awkward but its understandable since she hasn’t trained for long. And I think its actually kind of charming :) I just love everything about the music video. The Broadway thing they have going on, the oufits, and the dancers! Love YG dancers ^^ <3

  422. I like the song, her voice is special! she looks adorably awkward ^^ wow she was one of simon’s or martina’s student? that’s cool!

  423. Love her voice!

  424. She has a nice voice but her appearance is not so eye catching not saying she is ugly or anything I mean like her facial and eye contact …sort of hard to explain but I’m sure there is someone on here who gets what I’m trying to say

  425. hope she could improve n be more confident in the future as she seems to be very uncomfortable in front of the camera as if she was actually forced to shoot this MV.

    BUT her voice is really awesome. totally singer material. will anticipated her future performance.

  426. I like her. I think her stage presence can use a bit of work because it’s not quite there yet, but I have A LOT of confidence that YG will do great things for her. Her sound is very cool, it reminds me of Grace Potter & the Nocturnals! :D

  427. absolutely LOVE her voice!!!! very Adele/Whitney Houston-ish. just don’t like the lip-synching….looks like she’s mumbling while to make the sound she would need to open her mouth more…..but otherwise!!!! LOVE SOOOO MUCH be proud!! her english is flawless! :D

  428. Wow, she has great vocals and is beautiful. Though she seems a little camera shy.. I think she will get used to it and not be so awkward through time. ^^

  429. Hee hee I knew Simon would be out promoting his ex-teacher status xD

    Well. This video, is um, different.

    It looked like a cross between SNSD’s Paparazzi and Titaese’ Twinkle.

    I’m actually glad at how awkward she looked, because just the other day she was your average high school student – so I’d be a little creeped out if she suddenly went all GD with her stage presence.

    I wasn’t a fan of her outfits – especially the green jumpsuit and that pink bra (?) Just my personal preference.

    The song did showcase her vocal skills to some extent, which was good, but I was expecting a little more…. maybe if she’d sung something like Younha’s Run?

    Hmm………..that’s my first thoughts anyway.

    I still prefer her in Epik High’s [It's Cold], even if she looked kinda white and furry. :p

    In short, the song was decent, the video was decent, her acting (?) was decent – but I had expected something a lot more soul-wrenching than this :(

  430. simon and martina, did lee ha yi fall asleep in your classes? she has that sleepy appeal lol

  431. I legitimantly love this song!!

  432. LOVE IT!!!
    she has such a powerful voice and beautiful!!!! :)

  433. She reminds me of Christina Aguilera- her vocal style and sass- but maybe that’s just me. I look forward to hearing more from her!

  434. I spotted Ryan and Sharpay! LOL!

  435. She’s with YG?? No wonder shes sounds so good. Great job girl! And she has a healthy size?! This is too much greatness. Thank you YG for not sucking. :D

  436. neeeeds to be reviewed

  437. Wasnt crazy about the MV, BUT I loved the song!!! Her voice is so strong yet so smooth sounding…loved it!

  438. I am really curious now. I want to know more! Former student, wow how that must feel. :) Looking forward to it!

  439. love the music video and song overall, plus she is really pretty in a non conventional kpop artist kind of way (doesn’t look like she will blow away with one gust of wind)

    but I must say this, her acting needs work. Just felt like she should have more passion, many of the background actors/dancers were more expressive. But hey, she is a debuting solo artist, and having everything down by your first release is quasi impossible, so I really don’t mind that much!

  440. Haha. lol. Did one of the signs say Ryan &Sharpay….like High School Musical. LMAO.

  441. She needs more confidence and she will do very well ^^ Her voice is so beautiful!

  442. Daaang…I wish I had her voice..It’s so nice and strong. Not only that, but she reach the low pitches..

  443. She looked kinda stiff and awkward at times.. plus the lip sync was kinda out of place at some points.. or she just didn’t show that much emotion :/ But her voice makes up for it! Love her singing :)

  444. I think her main issue is that she lacks charisma. She hasn’t learned the technique of looking /through/ the camera, rather than at it. YG should have trained her a little better in that regard. Her voice is absolutely stupendous though!

  445. Her voice is so strong & velvety

  446. Kikkinsky

    I love the song and her voice, but this concept isn’t doing her any justice at all. Whoever decided on it: You had ONE job…

  447. yea, she has no umph. looks like shes bored half the time.. :

  448. I’m not gunna be biased because she was your former student, and that I love you guys a lot. haha

    She has an amazing voice for sure, but…as for the MV, it’s too simple, and very typical of a usual Kpop mv. The sets were really similar too, which I’ve seen out of different kpop mv’s before.She’s also very stiff with her acting, especially the mouth, which bothered me a lot. almost like she was mumbling everything the whole time.

    But if she has the voice, she has the potential to grow and learn.

    Hope to see some big changes from her in the future. :]

    • I totally agree. She has an amazing voice but she needs to find her confidence. At the same time, I feel like she is trying to find a comfortable skin while dancing and singing so that makes it awkward. She does look stiff. As a former dancer, the first time I would perform, I would look stiff and feel that way because I had to find my comfort level and then bring in my own personality. The same thing for when I sing and perform, it’s awkward at first until I pour my soul into it and lose myself in the music or dance. I definitely see her having a positive future once she passes this stage of identity.

    • i agree but please keep in mind shes only 16 and has only been training for 4 months. she lacks any experience or knowledge of how this works.

      also if u have seen her performance on kpopstar u would know that her theme was how awkward she was off stage compared to how charismatic she became on stage!

      the judges used to call her “sleepy hayi” off stage due to her awkward persona, and “monster hayi” on stage becuz she changes to this girl with super charisma when shes is actually singing live.

      check out her Mercy and U-Go-Girl covers on youtube and u will get what i mean

  449. Lee Hi is so pretty! She isn’t stick thin like other girls in kpop and I LOVE IT :D Finally, some realism in body image <3
    Now onto the song/video:
    The song isn't my genre of preference but Lee Hi did really well vocally wise and I'm very impressed.
    But the video: I'm gonna have to reiterate the point that has been made already by saying that she felt very stiff and uncomfortable in the scenes. It was like watching a very pretty zombie walk from set to set. Hopefully, as she adjusts to being a performer, her stage presence will become more natural…
    Overall, great debut :D wouldn't expect anything less from YG, though ;)


  451. Woah, that’s amazing! Please try and see if you can interview her!

  452. This is a smooth sounding song, I just have a problem with her less than apparent gusto. Even for a jazzy song theres gotta be that little “umph”, and I don’t see that here. She’s very pretty though.

  453. Voice is amazing, but this sit and MV was just really boring to me. I love her voice though. I hope she goes somewhere with her music career. :D

  454. Her voice is amazing!! I wasn’t expecting the mature voice she has, I’m used to the high pitched female kpop singers, it’s an amazing surprise! Stiff dancing and lip syncing is something that’ll come with time and experience so I can’t wait to see more!!

  455. think you guys should just review her anyways as like a “former student special edition”

  456. I really liked the song and her voice, the only thing that bothered me a bit was her singing IN the video. Many times her lips didn’t move in time with the song or the i guess “emotion” of the song itself. But once she has that skill [lip syncing] down pat she will be Awesome!! GOOD Luck to her!!

  457. it’s cool… her face reminds me of one of those russian dolls…. and do you see those legs!!!!!!!!! omg! i want them!!!!

  458. I’m not too fond of her music video, but I love her voice. I like the song! ;-)

  459. I love YG for taking artists for their talents!
    I’m not saying she doesn’t have look, but it’s not your typical kpop idol and i’m more than ok with that.
    She has hips, legs, some roundness to her face, and the right attitude for life! and the english is good!

  460. Shout out to the random super tall girl in blue.

  461. I think if she sat down on a chair like Adele, then she would just do fine. ^_^

  462. Ryan and Sharpay light sign in the background xDD
    oh, High School Musical xDD lol

  463. Guys lets vote for her after Hyuna :)

  464. Its a nice song, i like it but i know Simon and Martina are going to talk about her mouth not matching certain parts of the song in the video. YG man good in English not in syncing audio with video

  465. You guys should just do a kpop music monday on her anyways regardless of whether she wins. She’s a FORMER STUDENT!

  466. Listen to that nice English pronunciation :) I’m crediting you!

  467. Lee Hayi was a student of yours?! that’s seriously amazing! I’ve always loved her voice on KBS kpop star…! I’m so happy she’s finally debut!

  468. love the song although she needs to learn to loosen up a little

  469. wow she’s your former student? for real?! that’s so awesome. i really like lee hi. she’s just so awkward but totally cute.

  470. Its a nice song, i like it but i know Simon and Martina are going to talk about her mouth not matching certain parts of the song in the video. YG man good in English not in syncing audio with video

  471. Her voice is sooooo pretty! So soulful! You did great teaching her english :D

  472. She doesn’t have much facial expression and neither does she seem too into dancing which is why the video seems a bit awkward and boring

  473. The dancing is a little stiff and awkward to watch but her voice, my gosh, it’s incredible and so soulful.

  474. Your former student? Wow. This is totally a “so K-pop idols are actual human beings” moment.

  475. finally an idol that isn’t super skinny.

  476. She really does have a cool voice :o

  477. Meh…

    • Hahahaha you’re not ok with anything if it doesn’t have OC on it or it doesn’t help your evil plots!! LOL.

      • Hey now I comment on all sorts of video no1 cares about or think are crap that I love. Like that Let’s Dance by that one chick, Lover Boy by BtoB, and Think by BIGSTAR. LOVED all of those songs and tried helping them but eventually got sick of talking to myself and wasting my time.

        • I know that!! but I was too busy on the other videos to notice.
          I loved Lover Boy (LOL) but the video was just meeeeeeeeh it was so like NU’ESTs Sandy I didn’t feel like voting for it >_>

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well considering I am not a fangirl it could have cared less for video but because I am digging song so much I’m kinda sorta trying to help it.

          I am one of the few people that comments on new videos. (Well ones that peak my interest enough to view them.) But almost all of the songs I like that aren’t from groups w/ incredibly large fanbases don’t get ANY attention. Oh well, I think I should get used to it if I’m going to be an OC/AS/Pledis fan…

        • Well, yeah. The thing is that many groups really don’t have that much of a large fanbase here in EYK, So them sometimes just being noticed is quite the achievement, and Lipstick getting so high on the charts when it was there, was even more amazing.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic