Lee Hi –

  1. I love Lee Hi !! I can¨t believe we are the same age, she is cute I wish a had a friend like that ! :/

  2. Another live performance. She is getting more comfortable on stage. Is it just me or is her smiling seeming genuine and not forced now. I love her outfit too, but isn’t she too short to be wearing that combo… What am I saying Bom is just as short as her and does it all the time too, it’s just that she has long legs.


    • I actually find her looking exceptionally slim in this outfit. The… Skirt? Flaps? Hmm.. Might give a slimmer / longer legs. But not as cute as exposing her legs lol. Bom actually looks gorgeous in pants! But she hardly do that.
      .. I wouldn’t come over if i didn’t see this on my dash… :D

      • I did that on purpose. I figured people who disqus stalked me would see it and comment. I did not want to off-topic post it. Plus I feel it is just right to keep it here if maybe sometime later a new fan reads this and wants to see how her live performances improved after the horrible acting in the video.

        I did not know how short Bom was at first. Because her legs are so amazingly long and she has a short torso, but Lee Hi is stocky and has the thighs ( which I like and hope she will keep). Honestly though I know she is dieting and getting fit, but I love her look right now. Not stick thin, but cute and girlish.

  3. Wow, her live performance has so much more life in it! Great job!


  4. divinvballdiva

    her voice is amazing!! and I love the song…but seriously, she needs to work on her mv lip syncing skills…she seemed so…uncomfortable! other than the awkwardness of the video, I love her! like seriously!

  5. Carolforlife

    Can’t wait to see this KMM!! lol

  6. i am waiting for the music monday i keep refreshing my youtube waiting for it to come ah !!

  7. Love her outfits, too @_@

  8. Love her voice and this song!

  9. uhmm one of the outfit i didn’t like is the one with pink and green 2:06 on mv ,maybe its the hair or the dress but i found it a bit uhmm how do i say not good on her!! :D:D

  10. haha i was watching her live performance and in the end!! her hair was all over her face!!hahah i don’t know why i found it funny and cute :D and love that “never enough” on 1:02 of the mv :D

  11. she is adorable and cute!!

  12. VIPlove4BB

    its so chatchy

  13. Zhira Kaos

    i love her voice so much! Lee Hi fighting! XD

  14. I know you guys have already counted votes, but….I just watched her live version and it was sooo much better. She had more expression and movement than in the video. It was great! Her voice was just a smooth live, if not better! I can’t wait to see what Lee Hi does in the future.

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvK8S6824ow&feature=youtube_gdata_player
    This is the interview part.
    I feel she’s way too perky. I don’t believe I’ve seen her this cheery. Now I’m crushed at the thought of her getting pressured from all the criticism from the MV.

    • Omg, ikr? Her voice is usually has a deep mellow calmness to it but it looks like YG gave her some energy drink so that she’s all chipper and trying to squeeze as many words as she can into a split second…. it’s so sad because I find her natural voice very soothing and chill and full of swag. She has THE perfect I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. :)

  16. wasn’t this the girl that’s from martina’s or simon’s school … or something??? someone confirm my doubts please x3

  17. HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN HER DEBUT STAGE ON INKIGAYO?!?! She amazing on stage! just wish she could pull out those facial expressions in the mv too

  18. As for the English of the song, we give a … well Simon , the ball is in your yard now :D

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbOQ2AP9kaA&feature=youtube_gdata_player
    Leehi’s inki perf. That baby totally rocked the stage! And there’s a little surprise which i find a nice touch :D

    • wow thanks for the link!! loved her performance!
      I love how lee hai doesn’t look like she’s trying too hard.. she just sings lazily with her husky, sexy, perfect voice … it’s refreshing to find that type of confidence in a rookie , don’t you think? ^.^

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Oh she is such a little cutie!!!! I’m really impressed with her stage presence here and I see that her ‘dead’ arm has new life in it (seriously in the mv she barely moved her one arm…it looked like it was just hanging there dead!). Her voice is amazing (I love the soulful voices!).

    • She was much more confident while performing live than in her MV. How does that work?
      I love her voice even more now.

      • She have an alter ego that switches on on stage :) but only when she’s comfortable. So she must’ve practiced a ton for this stage because of the dancing.

    • I just saw it. I knew it was going to be like that. I saw all the episodes of Kpop Star and she was always another person on stage when singing!

      Monster Ha Yi back in town.

      I didn’t like the second hair style either…

    • fuuko4869

      Uh, Fastest costume change EVAR? xD surely that was edited yea?

      Well. I don’t think I’ve seen such impressive live singing on a Korean music show since Ailee’s Heaven. Not that I watch Korean music shows much :p

      But it was really well done. She seemed a lot more confident and expressive here, but boy oh boy, she had fantastic voice control. I prefer people belting out their lines over singing softly and relying on the mic – but she knew where to sing softly and where to put more emphasis, all without busting a gut. Yup yup this girl can SING. *nods*

      • Yeah. I didn’t wanna spoil the little surprise by saying it lolol this is pre re recorded this morning. At first i was bothered by her lion’s mane. But maybe they want to make a huge contrast from the first outfit . Her habit of ignoring hair in her face from kpopstar didn’t help the messy hair appearance lol. And i was shocked with the kwon twins… like why aren’t they in California?! Yg put that much importance in leehi’s debut.
        I know you don’t watch music shows much but usually yg artist performance change every week so that’s something to look forward to :D
        **I’m being stupid. I’m very sure i saw 1 of the kwon twins in LA 2 days ago. Now I’m just confused.

      • I agree about the voice control. I was also are really impressed by it. But at the same time, she is known for her voice so in a way it is not surprising. I wish Bom had this level of vocal control still. Poor Bommie. Please, take care of your voice Lee Hayi, it is a precious instrument. Look how Adele suffered from vocal nodules and it affected her tour and she had to cancel dates so she could recover. Daesung also suffered from the vocal nodule issues pre- debut as well too. With power vocalists who tend to overtrain and strain their voices, these types of issues tend to happen. Lee Hayi needs to know -how- to protect her voice when she is practicing and performing or else she will end up in the same boat.

        • In kpopstar she said her vocal folds are twice as big as a normal girl. and that her throat is always ok even after shrieking and stuff. So that’s kind of cool. Poor dae got vocal nodules when bb just debut.. But he’s way awesome now! I know, they should do a duet! Omg!

    • I really enjoyed that live performance. She definitely had a lot more pizazz and was more comfortable on stage. And no exposed pink bra. That costume made me slightly ajumma like and I wanted to tell her to button her shirt up.

  20. I love her voice!

  21. She reminds me of LOVI POE, like she’s a young version.

  22. disqus_OmOADbAzmA


  23. She has absolutely no conviction, physically. Her voice is absolutely booming, but I could imagine them recording this music video and her just whispering her way through the lyrics. I’m really disappointed that this is #1 right now. At least in terms of making a funny, entertaining Music Monday, Hyuna or Epik High should win.

  24. Lee Hi is a talented and strong singer and very beautiful and her voice reminds me of Adele

  25. Great voice, cool video! :D

  26. have always been her fan:)

  27. Awesome voice and cool song, also it doesn’t hurt that she looks good.
    The lipsynching was pretty bad, though.

  28. I find her very expressive actually, and her expressions connects with the lyrics very closely. Though it’s obvious her moves are of an amateur. But then again yg never taught her dance. But since she wants to in the mv, she got it. That’s because she’s not getting debut as an idol.
    Hey when yg debuts her means she’s good to go.

  29. i like when she starts singing with no music and says “listen” with that sexy hot voice haha

  30. Guadalupe Arenas

    LOL plus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfG8zgPxyXQ compared to Virginia O’Brien. Lee Hi has emotions when sing….warning some will love this style of singing and some will love it

  31. Guadalupe Arenas

    idk if you guys know this but the thing i love about her is her deadpan face. some call it dark humor. but thats the first thing i noticed about her on Kpop Star. reminds me of Virginia O’Brien a famous singer AKA frozen face or Miss Ice Glacier. but that was her charm and Lee Hi has that charm. plus it just makes her smiles 1,000,000 times more special. and she stands out more.. and thats the #1 you want to do to make it big

  32. TheMochamonster

    Cue awkward simon!

  33. Kimberly Hall-Beck

    She has an allure that can’t be taught. When she sings the look in her eyes and the little smile she gives all say how old am I really. Don’t change her.

  34. Despite being a very new and fresh artist I thought she did very well getting past the awkwardness, taking a few deep breaths, and getting comfortable with the new world she lives in. It’s hard especially in this world where everyone believes they are critics, realize that she is a musician not an actress. This was an exceptional music video.

  35. Maybe it’s just me, but I find her awkwardness cute. I really like the video and believe that she will eventually get more into the roles too. I think this is awesome. ^^

  36. Seirra Ivana

    I absolutely love her and am glad that kpop is having a little more diversity in their music. She has such a wonderful voice and is soo cute :)

  37. mihuru

    I really like this song! She has such a strong voice!

  38. She didn’t have that long of a time be train like all the other artist in YG so I can understand why she was a little stiff in the video but still love it and her voice is amazing.

  39. She needs to go back to training… you don’t just debut an idol who doesn’t know how to act in front of a camera. I wonder if she was awkward and quiet in Simon’s class as well.

    • Well then 80% of all idols need to go back to training as well because you don’t just debut an idol who doesn’t know how to sing. Ans most idols really have poor vocals. I think the singing ability is more important than acting super sexy in front of the camera. And yes, Simon said she was very quiet.

      • Thanks for this. People just can’t find something to hate about her awesome singing (which is what matters as a singer). They need to hate on her “awkwardness” , which if you ask me is mostly due to the lip-syncing. Also this is a MV for a 16 yr old debuting for the first time. People need to wait until her LIVE performance before complaining. It’s ok if you hate on the MV, but why hate on her? if the voice and the song are good can’t you wait until you see her perform live before you tell her to go back to training? “Acting in front of a camera” is that all an idol needs to do? thanks for defending Hayi :)

    • I love her figure though. It’s real and natural and just what Kpop needs more of.