Lunafly – Clear Day Cloudy Day

  1. 宋佳音

    lunafly 加油

  2. MrsStephjr

    Simply beautiful vocals…..

  3. argh!!! come on we’ve got to get them back up there!!! this song is awesome! it’s beyond awesome! it deserves to be on top.

  4. I really love this group and I really want Simon and Martina to talk about them! So much love to LUNAFLY!!

  5. Oh man this song is so beautiful. I want them to get number 1 >> Lol where their variety shows at, their all so adorable D:

  6. never heard these guys before but OMG new love for suuuuuuuure!!

  7. lumierenoire

    //dies. Have you guys seen Lunafly singing “Jinglebells”? xD Seems like ate a /bit/ too much sugar.

  8. I love Lunafly so much :) This song introduced me to them and I listen to it everyday.

  9. i ended up buying four Lunafly songs on itunes. it took me awhile to find the Korean vs. the English songs. but i really love this band whether they are singing in Korean or English. the music isn’t overdone, and their voices blend so perfectly. I hope they continue like this. Looking forward to buying more of their songs!

  10. love all their songs! :D

  11. THEIR angelic voices are just soooo beautiful and touching they really deserve more support but unfortunately namaday’s fans just care about the look they don’t even care about the meaning of the song or of the lyrics

  12. Aries KiSi

    i really love them, the first time i’ve heard their song “Super Hero” i really thought that they are from the west…
    Yun has a very beautiful voice, he’s young but can express his feelings through singing :)

  13. I really liked. the song is very nice, soft and relaxing. their voices are very good. the video and the song are simple but still beautiful

    ah gusto mucho. la cancion es muy linda, suave y relajante. sus voces son muy buenas. y aunque el video y la cancion son bastante simples me parecen muy agradables

  14. I love the English and the Korean versions of their songs (the English is great cause I can actually sing around and not sound like I’m singing gibberish (my Korean pronunciation is terrible) I also just love them… they are seriously gaining on CNBlue for my favorite Kpop band.

    And I have to say it… I think Teo beats out Taemin for prettiest guy in K-pop (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, although Taemin biases… let the heckling begin ;) )

  15. They have the BEST voices and blend. Love this new group.

  16. I love this song and group! I totally wished they got more fans! They are so talented! <3 PLUS THEY HAVE ENGLISH SONGS!!!!!!

  17. unicornsgalaxy

    So is this the same song as Day by Day that’s on the charts too? Hmmm I like this one better. Am I language bias now? I swear their vocals and the overall sound seems better here than in the English version… o_O?? Now I feel like I am being language bias now!

    • I don’t know why, but I agree with you. I really prefer their Korean versions of their songs. I thought it would just be for Superhero/얼마나 좋을까 (How Nice it would be) because I was listening to How nice it would be first, but its the same for this release. I refer the Korean song more xD

  18. This is an amazing song!!! This is the first song I heard from Lunafly and they are soooooo underrated!!!!!!!

  19. i listened to their songs first before searching who the heck this soulful guys are.. OMG!! Lunafly.. please welcome me to your fandom.. i’m a big fan now!!! -flaling-

  20. iloveminhyun

    I love Lunafly. they’re so simple and you feel so peaceful when you listen to them. They’re so different then other Kpop groups nowadays, different in a good way. Lunafly hwaiting!

  21. SprinkleLover

    Lunafly’s the best. When I first saw them I fell in love~

  22. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    I thought Lunafly was two dudes and a chick….


  23. love the feel of the song <3

  24. lumierenoire

    -Flail- Lunafly’s back~ x3 love their voices. And the lyrics to this song are just so beautiful. I personally prefer the Korean version to this song, rather than the English one since I like the Korean lyrics more. It also seems to flow better. What are your opinions?

    I know Teo is often ragged on for having girly looks, so it just makes me smile when he sings with the lowest voice of the three.

    I also like how… normal these guys seem. On their YouTube channel, they’re seen singing on th street, at a cafe, etc. I’m also interested at the fact that they don’t perform on music programs.

    • etchasketch

      i know right! i love how they seem so down to earth and not like your normal flashy kpop idols. they kind of have a boy-next-door feeling to them. i also love how they’re establishing their musical talent before going on any variety or music programs. to be honest, i kind of dont want them to go on any of those type of shows. i like lunafly the way they are right now

    • I really love them. They have more of a chill coffee-house kind of sound, and their english versions of their songs aren’t exact translations, but different spins on the korean version (ex: How Nice It Would Be/Super Hero). While they say “You got that something I need” in Seeing You or Missing You, You Got That Something I Need seems like a continuation from Seeing You or Missong You. :)

      I haven’t heard the english version of this though ><

      It's a beautiful song~

    • I don’t care about their looks so much as their gorgeous voices, and I also prefer the Korean version, but I love the English as well!
      And really, Teo’s “girly looks?” Please look at nearly every k-pop idol, what percent doesn’t look girly at some point in time? My favorite is Daesung’s “smell” :3 but OMG I WAS SO HAPPY HE SANG SO MUCH MORE IN THIS ONE THAN IN 얼마나 좋을까/SUPER HERO
      This song had the same sort of feeling and it made me super happy ^^

      • lumierenoire

        Ah, I’m not one of those people that thinks he looks girly; I just meant that I’ve seen people say that. o -o In all honesty, he looks nice rocking the long hair. Although I do occasionally wonder how he’d look with short hair… o 3o

        • I cannot find the English version of this song to save my soul… where are you finding that? I do love this song though… I love how easily the group transitions between languages.

        • lumierenoire

          It’s on their Youtube channel. It’s titled “Day by Day.” ^^

        • I realize the music is the same/similar… but if you look at the translations they’re actually two different songs, cause I thought they were the same song as well. That happens with Superhero too. It sounds similar to another song but if you look at the translation of the Korean totally different meaning from what the sing in English.

        • lumierenoire

          I know, hence me mentioning in my original post about how I liked the Korean lyrics more because of their meaning. I think my favorite part in that version was about the ocean.

        • I know… the Korean lyrics are so much… well deeper. I have trouble classifying them as the same song because of it.

    • iloveminhyun

      The Korean version is much nicer-sounding! But it’s cool how all of their songs have an English version as well. I hope that means they get more exposure!
      And I just looked up the lyrics. omg, they’re beautiful!

      When I look at the ocean, sometimes I get afraid

      Though everyone says that it’s beautiful

      I get afraid because it seems like I got so much smaller

      When the waves come, I take a step backwards

      The ocean is too deep, the ocean is too wide <3

    • I think the Korean version of this song does flow better, but I love their English versions of their songs as well.

      Personally I have nothing against Teo, my favorite members of groups tend to be the girliest looking ones anyway.

      And I agree. They seem much more…relatable to than other groups in a way?

  25. I really like their music ^^ I’ve listened to them since they’ve debuted and still, they’re my favorite rookie group this year ><

  26. Lunafly is awesome! Listen to Superhero as well!

  27. This group really surprised me since i wasn’t expecting much :) This was the first song I heard from them so I’m excited to see their future work.