MBLAQ – Smoky Girl

  1. Wow its been over a month , yet we are still 5th on this chart even though we have already been reviewed! amazing all the competitors when this song came out just disappeared ( henry-trap, sistar-give it to me) …yet we still remain ..A+ fandom truly amazing , smallest yet greatest

  2. Dara Barajas

    Wish to be their smoky girl!!! I have no words to describe this amazing guys!

  3. Edelstein

    Ya revisaron MBLAQ, ahora deberían hacer Trap, No more dream, Give it to me y First Love ;)

  4. Bettziitha JoOsii

    MBLAQ! *__* Amoo suu musica en su totalidad!!

  5. Why is MBLAQ second on the KPop-Charts, despite having 6’000 more votes :(? *slight panic here*
    Does that mean that you won’t be reviewing them? It would be a real shame, since I was very much looking forward to your review to this particular song. It’s, in my opinioin, the best song that has come out so far. Eh, we’ll see. No matter what review you guise do, it’ll be great :).

    But PLEASE review “Smoky Girl” ;D! *spudgydogeyes*

  6. love this song!

  7. Dreamer ♥‿♥ Aplus

    i loveeeeeeeeee Seungho ,G.o .Joon , cheondung ,Mir <3 MBLAQ i wanna be A+ forever

  8. Dreamer ♥‿♥ Aplus

    MBLAQ yes yes the best of the kpop

  9. Nasiha Ocasio

    waiting patiently for KMM this week!!! (well not really patiently, but I am very excited and hopeful) MBLAQ can get so many new fans if this is reviewed! I found exo what is love through KMM and I am forever grateful. Let’s hope some soon to be A+ have similar experience with Smoky Girl!

  10. Rocio Anabel

    GO MBLAQ!!!!!

  11. Kristel Nguyen

    kpop music monday with mblaq !

  12. I’m here again to leave a comment,gyus please when are you planing on reviewing this MV TT.TT

  13. Jessi Ponce

    She she was smoky girl


    Fighting MBLAQ ¡¡¡

  14. 앨리스

    voted for MBLAQ! ^__^ it would great to watch the review :)

  15. Kika Penne

    To review or not to review MBLAQ. That’s the question. (Please do review it!) :)

  16. Padtai Hataichanok

    ░░▓▓░░░░░░░▓▓░▓▓░░░░░▓░▓▓░░░░░░▓▓░░░░▓▓░ ░▓▓░░░░░▓▓░░░░

  17. KevinwooBiasUkiss

    I love this song so much… *__*

  18. thisisjustforfunval

    With each performance of Smoky Girl MBLAQ is slowly but surely slaying me with their handsome manly adorableness. Especially Seungho, I swear it’s like he’s glowing, nah RADIATING in yesterday’s Music Core stage. Here it is if you have seen it: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x115j2h#.UcagPj76Mfk

    May be it’s the new burgundy suits. It’s an honestly great dance to watch.

    • Val, I’ve found the missing white chess pieces! A-Prince has been hoarding them, haha.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Woohoo! The first annual Kpop Chess Showdown 2013 can finally commence!

        • Hm, I think we should keep an eye out and see what other groups show up with the white chess pieces. Methinks A-Prince needs to distribute some of those pieces to the other groups that are secretly allied with the White Side. Well, either that or they’re moving to a new dorm and need to decorate, a la Stop Girl.

          Completely different topic, but did you see this tweet G.O made?

          To which my response is, “Pfft, that’s one good-looking pumpkin.”

        • thisisjustforfunval

          A-Prince has definitely been hoarding all the white chess pieces. Maybe if they will be using them to decorate a new dorm they’ll find they take up to much space and start spreading them around to other artists in need of white chess piece decor. I feel like I want to go an a kpop treasure hunt and find what other videos chess pieces have been used in.

          And G.O. is always a relavent topic ^_^ I’d seen his tweet but had no clue what it said. Now that I know, I’d like to know where this pumpkin patch is so I can have a handsome G.O. all my own!

        • Hey, I was catching up on all the MBLAQ stuff I missed last month, and I found something I think you’ll definitely want to see (if you haven’t already). They went on the show Beatles Code 2, and G.O gave a short solo performance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fjr-d6Oie8M
          All I can say is that it’s beautiful and I had shivers running up and down my spine right from the beginning. I only wish it had been longer.

          One other thing: you probably already know since you follow me on Disqus, but I’m one of the Epik Nasties that helped out with the EYKA nominations last year. Point is, several of us hang out on the old Epik High threads (since there isn’t a forum), chatting about kpop, kdramas, or anything else that happens to come up. If you’d ever like to stop by and comment over there, please feel free. ^_^ We’re currently on this thread: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpop-awards/epik-high-dont-hate-me

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Deep sigh of my heart skipping a beat. Thank you for the G.O. video. If I saw it before I must have been rendered comatose because there’s no other way I’d forgotten that I’d seen it. I’d seen the clips of Seungho pretending to play the piano. Anyway thank you, he’s voice is so amazing and I’m just speechless. I can still hear his voice resonating in my ears. Okay I’m finding myself staring off into the distance glossy eyed thinking of G.O. singing. I should continue on before I do go absorbed in my own little G.O. world.

          Thank you very much for the invite. I’d seen you commented there but didn’t know you were one of THEE Epik Nasties that helped with the nominations last year. I will definitely go check it out and comment there. EYK is for the most part my kpop community. Even though I have a Korean friend we mostly talk about dramas and hot actors since she really isn’t into the music unless it’s an OST. So it’s been wonderful to have the EYK site to come to and talk music, plus other various things Korea and non-Korea related topics.

          I’m going to watch G.O. again, I’m not 100% sure I’ll make it out alive this next time XD

    • They cut the performance short. =/

    • Nasiha Ocasio

      I totally agree. he was just overflowing with charisma at that performance, made me alittle weak in the knees. @_@

      • thisisjustforfunval

        He’s killing me, I’m not sure how much more I can take. With his sparkling eyes, infectious smile, smooth hips movements, and just how stunningly charismatic he is. I’ve surely caught Seungho fever and I do not believe that there is a cure.

        • Nope, definitely no cure. I’ve had it for over a year now. It just gets worse, lol.

          I’m surprised all of us Seungho-biased A+ haven’t keeled over from his charms by now. Oh wait, we have – it’s just that we keep picking ourselves up off the floor in order to keep supporting the group. :P

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Today I’ve overloaded on Seungho vid clips and at one point wasn’t sure if I was breathing or not. I even thought maybe I should take a long break, like a month long or something, from Seungho. My love for him grew too strong too fast and I thought it’s silly to smile so girl in love over this amazing Korean man I’d never meet. Then the fangirl in me slapped that irrational blabbering fool up and forged on ahead allowing the Seungho fever to completely over take me.

          Edit: Oh my gourd! I didn’t see the pics you attached till right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you^^!!!! I mean seriously, how can his eyes sparkle so vibrantly all the time?!

        • Nasiha Ocasio

          i was hoping there was a cure, because i definitely have it bad. Seungho didn’t often take center stage before, but I feel like he is much more in front this comeback, smoother and sexier than ever, and I couldn’t be happier.

        • Nasiha Ocasio

          What is really funny about this performance is he is purposely smiling more. Apparently he got a lot of comments that he was too serious on stage. LOL its so funny. Watch it here.


        • thisisjustforfunval

          Thank you for that link. I’d seen a video of that earlier but had no clue what he was saying, so I just stared at him lovingly XD

          You could tell that he was intentionally smiling to much. To me at one point it looks like he’s trying not to laugh from doing it too much. Even though I love his smile, I’d prefer his honest serious face for the performances. It’s this wonderful treat when Seungho’s face cracks a smile especially one that leads to that infectious laugh. But I am glad he was showing fans that he does consider their input and tried it out for them ^^

        • Nasiha Ocasio

          She gives translation in the comments.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          I saw them after I watched it :) It really helped because I wanted to know what he said to Mir and why he was laughing at Mir’s response. Now I need to see Mir’s face lol

  19. Norma Rodriguez

    Why didn’t they review this MV if they won last week?! Do we have to keep voting or they’re still reviewing it this week anyway? D:

    • They couldn’t film KMM because Martina was sick. We don’t know if they’ll review “Smoky Girl” MV since the rule changed. They’ll pick one of the top 3 MVs on the chart that they want to review.


  21. Rocio Anabel

    Please, vote for MBLAQ!!!!!! GO, A+!!!!

  22. This needs to be shared! All of MBLAQ doing freestyle rap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raXPCffp64c
    Joon: “What? What? What?! WHAAA~~~!” *transforms into rocker Joon*
    lol, that’s a “ballad beat”? Haha. G.O: “I can’t rap like this! Just let me sing. Give me a different beat!”

    • happyamber

      Yes omg really loved their freestyle rap! I was impressed by Joon’s rapping skills haha. (Reminds me of when he rapped for bibimbap song in hello baby xD) He sld try rapping in some of their future MBLAQ songs <3 I also like GO's. My first time hearing him do it haha =)

    • I enjoyed all their radio shows actually, wish someone sub it for us,
      I want to know what they were talking about, cause I was laughing with them
      even though I didn’t understand a word

      • happyamber

        Me too! I really love watching their radio shows cuz i get them see them interact amongst themselves and do dorky stuff when singing their songs on radio. xD Can’t wait for all the eng subbd ver of them on radio shows! =)

    • yeahhh !!! that was AWESOME, I thought that I was the only one amazed by their rapping skills

    • thisisjustforfunval

      G.O.’s too hilarious especially when he just passes it on to Mir. I have no clue what they are saying but their voices are so smooth. I’d listen to all of them rap any day. And WHOA! Joon! His rap super impressed me. His rap voice was like melting butter.

      I wanted to watch this and other videos earlier but my internet’s being a jerk and not working well this past week *tears -___- I should say it hasn’t been working at all between 10am and 10pm.

      • I’d actually never heard Joon rap before. He surprised me the most (in a good way). Right on with the melting butter description. Speaking of the vocal line rapping… I don’t want to make your Seungho induced fever worse, lol, but did you know that he performed Mir’s rap live several times when Mir was recovering from surgery and couldn’t perform it himself? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYeOy73bdzI

        No internet at all from 10 am to 10 pm? I’m sorry. And I thought I had it bad because I usually don’t have internet from 7 pm to 10 pm.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          One day soon I’m going to slip into a Seungho induced coma you know this right? Him rapping is pushing me a little closer to that edge. Now I have stay stuck in my head. It’s a little odd how I never realized how much I really do like MBLAQ songs till now. I mean liked them but I realize now how much I do. Back to Seungho, I’m sure you’ve seen the pics and videos of Seungho munching on some chewy treat at their fan meeting. Well those clips are completely driving me insane. I’m losing my mind to Seungho fever, even his chipmunk cheek chewing is hot. Today I’m loving this pic of him munching away and his reaction after Joon pinches him. Lucky Joon haha.


    • roripoppu

      They’re so amazing! Wow, Joon, I heard him rap before, but this was just wow. And I finally heard byunghee rap!
      Freestyling seems hard.

  23. roripoppu

    Oh Byunghee don’t apologize to us! T___T
    Idea for S&M: “I’m not uptight/sensitive/a perfectionist/self-conscious, I’m an A+!” Hahaha idk.

    • He doesn’t need to apologize to us at all! MBLAQ’s music is already great; the thing is, it’s just not typical idol fare (thankfully). Seriously, if MBLAQ ever started popping out trendy cookie-cutter kpop songs just to win over the Korean music charts, I’d be devastated. They know this album is against the current idol trend. If their only
      goal was to target the charts they could have come back with a more “chart friendly” style of music, but they chose not to.Their music is mature and I admire them
      more for that. I hope they never feel pressured to compromise their musical integrity just for commercial success. That would disappoint me a million times more than a lack of wins on music shows. In A+ hearts, MBLAQ is #1 already. And isn’t that what really matters?

  24. ninjasgorawr

    I literally gasped when I saw this was second. It’s not fair since MBLAQ won last week and maintain at first place until now :((
    Let’s hope Simon and Martina would pick this~

  25. aaaw… Mblaq Oppa saranghae….

  26. Omhg I can’t belie this , .. It’s not fair . Tbh m we already won last week .. Just because Henry beats us now doesn’t that mblaq shouldn’t still get the review , there is nothing in your the page about honor you guys choose to review like this

  27. Miranie Aplus

    Did we win or lost ?

    We want this review so badly
    Martina please do one for SMOKY GIRL !!!!!!!!!

    • Not sure yet. The site shows Henry in first, and MBLAQ in second, but the site has a slight lag in updating the votes, shares, and comments. However, there is a moderator’s page that the mods look at at midnight that is always up to date. That page would show who is actually number 1 and number 2. But in any case, even if we are number 2, we still have a chance of getting chosen since S&M can now pick any of the MVs in the top three to review. I guess we’ll see on Monday.

      • Miranie Aplus

        Ohhh really ? Hope what you say is true, please Martina, confirm it !!!!!!!!

        Really we fought like crazy, we can’t lose now ><
        Thanks for your reply, it really calms me, i was going mad this afternoon ^^

  28. Arleta Berus

    MBLAQ they are the best ♥ !!!!


  30. Ka Kee Hong

    I love this song so much! Definitely on repeat ^^

  31. well the last comment before the voting close, I’ve been waiting for more than 2 weeks, HOPE THAT IT WILL BE REVIEWED

  32. I want to learn the choreo to this. especially when they go into the chorus

  33. oneofaplus

    i was totally addicted to this song. never get bored and keep playing this song over n over again..

  34. this is such a good song. At first listen its whatever but the second time….I was addicted lol I love how they glide on the choreo too. really hot.

  35. Nusrat Jahan

    I really want it to get reviewed! ^^

  36. roripoppu

    While others may say that the MV has BROHOHO moments with 2NE1’s Ugly, I say it reminds me of MBLAQ’s Y. The dark lights and neon colors ? And the club lounge scene they also had ? Atleast Joon doesn’t have a gun anymore XD

    • its def a lot like Y.

      • But without the Power Ranger outfits. ;)

        • LOL I forgot about that

        • roripoppu

          hahaha I thought they were biker outfits XD

        • Okay, that works too. XD
          There is a picture of MBLAQ dressed up as Power Rangers, though. It’s floating around on the internet somewhere.

        • roripoppu

          Oh yes I’ve seen that picture! They said that it used to be how they introduced themselves. Hahah so that they wouldn’t be forgotten.

        • Oh, I don’t think anybody has forgotten it. XD lol, they’re such lovable dorks. Sometimes I watch so much of their funny shows that I forget for a while that they’re not actually comedians, they’re talented singers and dancers.

        • roripoppu

          Seriously, they’re like variety kings. They really really need a new show this year!

          Hahah they could be comedians, and I would still love them ^ ^

          This one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lt6Nrk2hcdc

        • Is this coincidence or what? I just came across a new Sexy Beat era photo of MBLAQ doing their Power Ranger introduction (once again for All The Kpop if the tumblr tag is correct).

        • roripoppu

          I saw that too! Hahaha oh no power rangers are back. They look really handsome in those suits.
          I can’t wait for that episode ^o^

        • I’ve got all my appendages crossed that they’ll have a new show lined up later this year.

          I practically fell off my chair watching that clip. The way Seungho just crumples to the ground in utter mortification… XD

          I found the Power Rangers picture! Here, I attached it, along with some others. You’ll have to refresh the page to see them, I think.

        • roripoppu

          O gosh our crazy village idiots >.<
          Watch the whole episode of that show; it's freakin hilarious (it's called All The Kpop). Oh and Mir is an MC there a lot.

    • Except this time the girl wasn’t cheating on Joon. :P
      And honestly I don’t think of 2NE1’s Ugly at all when I watch Smoky Girl, regardless of the paint.

  37. Angelica Marie Casal

    I mean seriously… they HAVE to have noticed how hard we worked for it to have stayed in the top spot for that long, right??;)

    • Nasiha Ocasio

      Hi! I think I saw you on MV page in YT. ^_^ I notice that they don’t choose MV because of how hard fans worked, all the fandoms work really hard. The look at top 3 and pick the one that will be most interesting/fun review. They also like to choose female groups and other underrepresented ones.

  38. Angelica Marie Casal

    MBLAQ Fighting!!!!!=))

  39. Nusrat Jahan

    Mblaaaq <3 have to win!