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MFBTY – Sweet Dream

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  1. how the heck does the voting system even work? it was 4th last week and now it’s 50th???? does it go by votes per week or what?

  2. Siwon just shared this on Twitter, maybe it will get the attention it deserves!

  3. wow this song just went downhill it almost made top 3 to be reviewed now it’s in 50th place all of a sudden I feel like giving up this mv review and stop voting…I don’t want to but with all these new releases I think it will stand a chance anymore!!! Boo! :(

  4. how did this song fall so far back behind when i have been voting it for so many days?!

    • The older a song is the quicker it falls. This song didnt really start to take off til week 3 and once it fell off the top 10 page people I think just weren’t bothered to look for it :(

  5. this song needs to be reviewed
    sometimes indie songs should get reviewed too

  6. Damnit why are more people not Voting?!

  7. I have a new favorite Korean group!

  8. I will vote but I am praying since they might not do a music Monday this coming one that this will make it next week or they will do a special review to go with their interview

  9. I can’t wait for this interview!!!!!!!!!

  10. This song is simply epic and original. The rap part mixed with the melody is perfect! Nothing was too over done and the visuals were great!! Ppl, vote for this song!!! Top three would be perfect, that way Simon and Martina can chose it for review if they wanted to!!

  11. shouldn’t we try to get this reviewed since they’ll be doing an interview with them?? :/

  12. The flaw in the vote system makes you want to stop voting, but don’t keep it up encourage your friends and family. Get your hamsters and cats. Go to the library and vote from all those computers. Despite the timeline it’s still very possible to get a review.

  13. This song isn’t generic kpop at all. It has a level of depth too that a lot of mvs don’t have. I know that BAP fans are going to take over the charts presently, but I would love to see this reviewed.

  14. I’m sad that this dropped in the ranks even more. I was hoping this had a chance of being in the top 3 after sistar got reviewed..

  15. It’s about time to see him from Drunken Tiger to pop back up. Miss the Drunken Tiger days. Good stuff.

  16. Okay, we have another week to push this to the top, even though a Music Monday isn’t guaranteed. LETZ DOO DIS!

  17. I am a bit more than slightly annoyed.
    Keep up the Voting, commenting and Tweeting!

  18. I liked this song in the first 10 secs and then the video is out of this world (allpunintended). This NEEDS to get reviewed!

  19. review this video! it is sooo good and MFBTY is just too badass not to be reviewed!

  20. loooooove it !!!!! please vote

    this is way too epic to not get reviews come onnnn

  22. I love MFBTY!! This neeeeeds to be reviewed!!!

  23. i love everything about this video… i love the song. its freaking AMAZING!!!!!

    • We need to keep voting for this if it doesn’t make it this week!!

      • “Did you read Natz explanation on the top of the page? If a video is up for more than 25 days, the votes won’t be counted :(.” This happened when I was voting for C.N.BLUE. PS: on the 13th this week it will be of “old age”

        • It’s really a shame that it won’t get a KMM. There were so much to talk about in this video and song. And it would’ve being epic, since it’s not kpop! Sorry for not coming here to comment to help you guys more, but I voted everyday :(.
          Btw, answering your question on the other thread… Nope, I don’t go to any social websites. I’m trying to avoid it because it might consume much of my time, and I need to study for exams _ _. But I’m following you on disqus, so we’ll keep contact :).

        • It’s ok… even if you had commented we still would have been many points behind – . – Thanks for the help! :)
          : / ok …. Gambatte kudasai!/do your best!
          P.S: maybe in the near future you’ll upload your piano playing on yt :D *hoping > . . <

        • Thanks :). I’ll let you know if I post it ^^.

        • Please do! Thank you!

  24. I love the song + video. Really hope this gets reviewed. I’m a bit tired of only seeing idol groups getting reviewed.

  25. its so different and absolutely awesome–incredible!!
    it has to be reviewed!!

  26. Amazing, it’s in the 4th place after all this time! If only it could climb up some more and get into the top tree.

  27. please review !!! :D

  28. this is an awesome song and its fun

  29. Did they even end up reviewing ice cream? that is another that ended up missing out. and come on! Hyuna!

  30. this song and video is just epic, those graphics are just amazing and the song is really good and the beat is something you can dance too. i showed this video to unkpop fans they instantly loved the song and the video must be reviewed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. What the hell? Why did I-H move that far up? WTH!


  33. Please review this video!!!!! MFBTY will be in the studio too for an interview…would be awesome to have their song reviewed too :0

  34. I really hope that this song is reviewed! It’s a great song, great video and now that Simon & Martina are going to interview them, I would love to hear their thoughts on their review!

  35. This is amazing! We need to make it more popular! We must give everyone a chance to see it. Then it’ll surely become a hit! So vote, tweet and like on fb like crazy! Show it to your “not-interested-in-k-pop” friends too! I’m sure they’ll like it!

  36. Well in preparation for our own EYK interview you can watch the one that soompi just released from the MIDEM press conference in Cannes.
    Apparently Tiger thinks TOP is a handsome man and has to stop himself from falling in love with him, Bom is Tasha’s boo ( I already knew that) and in Tiger’s opinion Tasha and Jordan are the future of Korean Hip hop and Jordan is the best at everything( somehow not a surprise)

  37. I’ve been voting on this everyday since day one and I’ve watched it start to drop (which by S&M’s voting system pretty much means it’s done for) and then start to climb again hard! I think we accomplished a lot this week and will have to go double hard next week to make it. If we do get it to top 3 I don’t think they can deny our hard work keeping it up this long.

  38. I really want this to be reviewed. That would be awesome so everybody hang in there and keep voting! We can do this together! :D


  40. OMG! They’re going to interview MFBTY!!!!!!!!!
    I am so excited – maybe we’ll be told a little of what teh video means? xD

  41. I have never wanted a video reviewed for KMM so much before. Tiger JK’s even voting, MFBTY wants this too~

    • scroll up, read, and then come back….

      • I’ve been voting for this vid since the first day it dropped, I even enlisted my siblings to vote every day. I’m hoping that with the new top 3 rule and the announcement that Simon and Martina will interview them (which is AMAZING NEWS, btw) there is still a good chance it will happen. ᕙ(⇀‸↼)ᕗ

        • We’re 300 points behind 3rd place. sorry… this is actually my double fail. first CNBLUE . now MFBTY. yeah…

        • It might not have gotten to the top 3 this week, but still not impossible. With more exposure and more people getting interested people will still vote and comment even if the odds suck. We’ve got to work with crazy fans who will vote up their favorite groups just so they’ll win but then complain because they don’t like what S&M will say about the video when they already know S&M don’t like the groups’ music (HUGE pet peeve of mine *ahem*).

        • “it’s a vicious circle of hate” (Simon)

  42. Oh ….look at that …we’ve got 30 minutes left and MFBTY are still on 4th place… Some fans we are …

  43. I just checked amazon and soribada and this is what I got from soribada: “Due to licensing restrictions, following
    tracks are currently unavailable in your country.” NOOOOOOOO I wanted to add this song to my PLAYLIST MOOOOODE! Anyway, please please please let the algorithm bump this up, it has more votes than the next highest one so.. yeah.

  44. So this time I’ll really be pissed off!! We’re sooo close! so close! (it’s not like what happened with CNBLUE …we got on 9th place over night *sobs*) Too much idleness going on… *sigh*

  45. My sweet dream is bumping this up to 3rd place and S&M driving a car bed.

  46. I really want this to be reviewed….T^T

  47. Oh come on ‘moof your booty’ and comment!! This is all you can do?? A good question could rise up a lot of votes (1 comment = 1 vote )!!

  48. Remember to come up with really good questions for MFBTY.

  49. Ok. So I found the meaning behind 3:00 in the video. It says “Jaguatirica” and it’s actually a mammal, in danger of disappearance, that looks somewhat like a tiger. The video has got some new meanings to it: survival in the music industry, how the industry affects the artist and how will the artist’s behaviour act after being tossed and turned. Will he be the same? Thoughts?

    • Really interesting thought. I didn’t really know that about the giant cat. Thanks for telling!

      • No problem! :) Thank you for reading! So what do you think? Are you up for my questions? :))

        • Ohgawd. Those questions are opening another blackhole for me. I took a philosophy class in high school and anytime I get a question with no real answer, I always confuse myself and get a headache….-_-
          But to attempt to answer your question, I don’t know whether or not he will stay the same. There are different variables in life that makes it unpredictable. It makes is hard to say whether he’ll change for the better or worse, or not change at all. I think that the meaning behind the title ‘Sweet Dream’ is the fact that there are many possibilities in dreams and you don’t know what’s real or fake, truth or lies.

        • I actually heard that Tiger JK (Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy) wanted for the song to be called “Sweet Dreams” (don’t know the reason behind not keeping the “s”) so the message for me would be: even if the world causes us to stumble and sometimes change our first path (and it does that all the time) and feel like we can’t get up we still have dreams. And as long as we can dream we can hope for something better. So basically MFBTY saying “Sweet Dreams” is like saying: “See you after the bumpy ride is over”..
          I also think that everybody changes after the interaction with the world… but there’s still our “essence” and that’s what we need to preserve for us to be the “same”… Remember who you were and what got you to move on… something like that :)

    • We got a professor of video interpretation over here!

  50. can’t wait for their interview! >_<

  51. we gotta vote this in!!!

  52. oh, we have less than 3 hours to vote >_<""!! guys let's try to push this MV in the top3! maybe it'll have a chance to get reviewed! it'd be awesome if this get reviewd before the interview x3

  53. this song NEEDS to be on KMM!!!

  54. guys did you hear the news about Eat Your Kimchi’s interviewing MFBTY?! this’s so cool > w <
    now go leave your questions~

  55. OMG they’re doing an interview!! we should really vote them in now!!!

  56. come on let’s vote for MFBTY!!

  57. 3 MORE HOURS!!! LET’S DO THIS!!!

  58. Scroll up! do you guys see what it says??!! O.O

  59. Wow! Awesome MV, and a cool track too.

  60. I’m glad I gave this MV a chance. Great, catchy song

  61. THEY’RE GONNA BE INTERVIEWED BY S&M!!! OMG! So awesome on so many levels!!!

  62. Since there is an interview around the corner, I suggest we bring this video to the top 3 before midnight Korean time.

  63. Please Simon and Martina!! I know,it’s February,but this is already the song of the year!! ^-^

  64. Has someone seen this collab? It’s another collab between Yoon Mi Rae, Bizzy and Yoon Mi Rae :) What do you think? (via @youtube )

  65. This is so cool~ :’D This is a reference to Baumgartners jump, isn’t it? :’DD

  66. gah so exciting EYK is going to interview them! Hopefully this gets bumped up to 3rd then Simon and Martina could pick it for KMM and then there will be an explosion of awesome!

  67. I love it so much! never though I’ll see a kpop mv as cool as this *___*
    and to know that the couple in the video are a real couple <3


  69. Love this! Hope this gets reviewed SOOOOOOOO hard. Yoon Mi Rae is my Beyonce (NOT comparing the two – I love Beyonce. I am just saying that I fangirl so hard for her the way a lot of other girls fangirl hard for Beyonce – HORD).

  70. This really great song! We need to get it to the top 3, so Simon and Martina will review it! Keep voting!

  71. Love this song it is on repeat~

  72. THIS HAS TO WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. I’m feel extremely anxiously as the clock is ticking down and this video is still in 4th place, You can do it MFBTY!!! You’ve survived for two weeks already! Let the 3rd be your week!

  74. i can’t help but think of the line simon says in the indie playlist about this MV’s awesome effects and big budget and how they can’t afford those effect…….it had me picturing meemers in place of the tiger in an eatyourkimchi recreation of this mv…lol I hope this MV gets reviewed! can’t wait to see what simon and martina would do with this in a KMM!

  75. Here’s an interview with Tiger JK and Tasha, interview they did for “kbsworld” :)

  76. OMG I really want this to be reviewed so much to say so little time I LISTEN TO THIS EVERYDAY! It is that good!!!


  78. soooooo close to the top three! come on people …vote vote vote! lets get this song in the running to be reviewed :D

  79. We’re almost there guys!! Just a bit and we’re climbing the third place! Anyone care to help ourselves out with some video related questions?

  80. Some people (including I) aren’t familiar with Bizzy’s music/videos so I thought I should bring some light especially since we’re going to hear a lot from MFBTY(hope so) in the future :) P.S: this isn’t the authentic link (avoiding the “o” word – . -’) so if someone knows it …ping me to replace it… (via @youtube )

  81. I really want this to be reviewed

  82. I love this song and I think that this song and MV is different from other songs :)
    TKIR: Witch part of the video is your favorite? Mine is when the Tiger came in and the rap parts! :D

  83. Tiger JK has some complex dreams! Did anyone see what was written on his pants? “dangerous” “kill” “ressurection” and what happened to the rest of his pants? did the tiger eat from them?

  84. This should be reviewed. No question.

  85. yes i love this song so much !

  86. I really love this song! I hope it gets reviewed ;ww;

  87. This video won’t get in the top three in time if people don’t work together… What is your favorite part of the video/song?

  88. w00ts! Top 4 already! Get 1 more rank up and there’s a possibility of reviewing this!

  89. this video is so badass!

  90. I hope that if this gets into the #3 spot, Simon and Martina will review it! Please~

  91. If we just get this to third place I’m sure it’ll get reviewed. There’s no way simon and martina will not pick this song when given the chance.

  92. 25 more hours!!! Let’s do it!!!

  93. So we have points in every field except for the likes on Facebook. …we either need 400 more likes on Facebook or 400 more votes or comments…after so many changes of this voting System its stil lacking…MFBTY CREW WAKE UP! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

  94. this video is SOOOOO CLOSE to making 3rd place grrr…. but there’s only 1 day left until the polls are closed for the week and I have a feeling MFTBY MV won’t survive another week with all the new music about to be released!!! OH! Man I really hope this MV makes it to the top 3 at least 3rd place!!!

  95. Hope this song will hit the top 3 before voting closes ! i wonder what you guys think about the music video and the song ^^

  96. This is my jam ! x)

  97. Sorry EYK but I think its kinda unfair that sharing the video in FB and Google+ gets 4 points while sharing on Twitter only gets one. Come it deserves 2 points…either way if this makes it into the top 3 I would appreciate it a lot if you would review it! Please dont make all my efforts on promoting this video be in vain!

  98. Martina, Simon if you’ll happen to interview MFBTY you will realize that the Jungle Entertainment is a wonderful family. If you dont review this you will wish you had!

  99. 엠프비티와이 장!!!! :)

  100. Dang it why isnt this still not in top 3?

  101. I love how this song ACTUALLY HAS FLOW, rather than being randomly over the place (unlike some songs that are so popular rn *cough*). I love Tasha’s voice, it really brings that extra something to the song. I hope this gets reviewed for KMM! One more spot people!! Sooo close! :D

  102. 안녕하세요! 저는 eat your kimchi 를 너누 사랑해요!!! Please if this makes it into the Top3 review it ♥

  103. FirstNameLastName

    This song is pure awesomeness!

  104. So I took the initiative of searching the English translation of the lyrics and here it is :

    “We are meant to be another time another life
    Possibly, probably you would be mine
    Can you get away, get away, can you get away
    I wanna go go where you are(x3)

    Hold the glass up on top of the head, everybody come on
    Two together rather than one, go over the tough mountain
    Go over the tough mountain and walk across the sea
    Humming, mumbling, spell the charm charm charm
    Da da dance to the forbidden love song
    The morning sun hides shyly when it sees us
    (An obvious result like I see the future)
    Already I steal your heart on our first date
    An obvious result like the movie watching backwards
    A dizzy ending tingle tingle tingle tingle (electrify ya!)
    Encircled by fragrant aroma
    You are flying giving me a ride, you hold the end of this night
    We sink softly along the light we follow
    Beside the clouds (inhale, exhale)

    We are meant to be another time another life
    Possibly, probably you would be mine
    Can you get away, get away, can you get away
    I wanna go go where you are(x3)

    Now move I am stretching
    As I enter it’s a start of the adventure
    I am going and the direction is toward you
    Yes let’s not hide it now, it’s annoying
    Tweak the truth, make 1 to 2
    Let’s fly away be like super heroes
    Let our secret be secret, an everlasting secret
    I think it’s fun to bury it and go

    You run away across the sea, you run away and I catch you again
    I fly with my arms open and raised
    I got your back like you got my back
    For you get it get it do not talk about the past
    Straight ahead straight is continued
    Give me give me give me some more
    Gather here leaving the hard burden at home

    What goes around I might come back around
    We call it Karma, karma I don’t mean to harm you (x2)

    Beomttibeom open your arms, do the humpty hump (x3)

    Can you get away, get away, can you get away
    I wanna go go where you are”

    (via )

    The translation isn’t 100% accurate though. Not even the website could handle their awesomeness XD.

    I noticed that the rapping parts coincide with the nightmare(supposedly?) while the pop-ish parts soothes the sleeping person and helps him sleep sound…

    What do you think the moral of this song is? I think it’s *cues in flamboyant voice* about the love that cannot be. The dreamer dreams about a certain someone that would become his lover in the future, even though that person doesn’t exist in real life. Other thoughts?

  105. Art in every way. This needs to be reviewed.

  106. This need to be reviewed.


  108. So this only has to make it to the top 3 for a chance to be reviewed, right?

    • Yup!! Btw have you seen Jungle Entertainment’s latest tweets???!! :D :D

      • Oh! That’s so awesome :D Can’t wait to see what happens.

      • Omgosh ((((((((>.) *wait* why don’t they use phones? that’s a lot more professional! :)) *badum badum* P.S: you’re back to being a mod again = . =…surprisingly I think you’re a different person here and a different person on twitter XD

        • I think they use emails because they tend to be easier to keep track of, if you want to go back and check on anything. I’ve often had conversations with people which end in, “Ok, can you email me the details of this conversation later?” :p
          And maybe they’re worried about the language barrier?

          ….well my twitter is more personal….and I’m allowed to whinge there….whereas here I’m supposed to be all professional… =3=

        • Supposed to be is the operative word there.

          I had this awesome image of them visiting the Nasty Studio and bringing Jordan and having him play In the sticker both and with all the awesome stuff they have in the studio.

          Who am I kidding? What i really want is to see Jordan and Tiger playing their fart game. !!!

        • Cyber_3

          “fart game”???!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT???????????????!!!!!!

        • When Tiger and Tasha were on their way home from Cannes he tweeted about it. It was lolarious. Tiger’s twitter is usually pretty funny.

      • OMG!!!! Just saw the tweet! Make it happen Simon and Martina!!!

      • Cyber_3

        ZOMG! Thanks for the link! Man, it would be so awesome if this song won >_<…….

        Cyber_3 – pictures some all out fight between this Karma Tiger and the Freedom Tiger from Itaewon – LOL!

        • Cyber_3

          It’s obvious who would win but……….awesome!

          Cyber_3 – see, I gave you the idea, now you can’t resist – MWAHAHAHAHAA!


  110. i really like this song… been listening to it a lot these past few days. The video was interesting too~~

  111. vote vote vote oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah haha just being random ok ill stop … must get to top three

  112. hope this makes it to the top three

  113. If you support EYK, I will support you… That’s how this work, symbiosis and stuff…

  114. I really hope this gets reviewed!!

  115. Its 2 am here in Germany and all I can think of is how awesome it woukd be if MFBTY nakes it into KMM

  116. Almost there!! Just 3rd place guys!!


  118. I love this song!

  119. What part of the video you find funniest/scary? I like it when they nod their heads all together. :D and scary… when the tiger breaks loose :s…

  120. Martina and Simon should totally parody the scene where tge tiger eats a steak fron JK’s tummy by Spudgy eating something from Simon’s tummy! Come on that would be epic and we all wanna see that♥

  121. I will love you forever if you choose to review MFBTY

  122. i reallyyyyy want this to get reviewed ㅠㅠ

  123. Row, row, row your vote gently down the stream! Merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream xD Sweet Dream ♥

  124. MFBTY makes me so happy. I even cried when I watched the video for the first time. I also participated in a fan project for the first time which included sending a short clip of myself…I never had the confidence to do so before but I wanted to be part of it so bad that I just did it. Im glad and proud thatvI can see myself in the fanart video the MFBTY unnies uploaded :)

  125. My favorite scene is when MFBTY are having a blast of care ride but then the xamera switches abd you realize they are sitting on a ved!!!! Awesome!!!!

  126. Love this song! This song i feel would and should be played in america, The song along with the beat are great.!

  127. In the name of Stacy this has to be reviewed!!!! x)

  128. I’m tired of the typical kpop groups. I love this! It’s so unique and amazing! I’ve always listened to these amazing artist and now that they have made an amazing song together, my life is complete xD


  130. BizzyTigerYoonMirae! BizzyTigerYoonMirae! BizzyTigerYoonMirae! Tasha and JK are so made for each other (*_*) Bizzy is the most loyal sidekick in this world, the best! I know that so many people dont understand this video because its filled with tons of inside shot outs to the unnie crew! I wonder how Martina and Simon understand the video. .. xD

  131. A way over Gangnam Style. No offense to Psy but his song is not good for the korean/eastasian reputation. The western world just received a invitation to make fun of asians. But MFBTY is the best example to show what Korean music has in store. Eat your kimchi please if this makes it into the top 3, review it . This would be a great help to introduce MFBTY to the international audience. Love from Germany ♥


  133. Hey guys! Look what I found! An awesome article about MFBTY! :D Btw how is our fandom called? hmm…. “The Betters”? XDD


  135. Cyber_3

    The video for this just freaks me right out – I am torn between awesome and creepy. Once you listen to it a few times, the rap seems to fit better, even perfectly. I have this song on constant replay on my phone when I walk ’cause it reminds me of my husband away on business (I WANT TO BE WHERE WHERE YOU ARE! (right now >_<)). I would love to see as a KMM, been voting it and CN Blue alternatively….guess I should focus more…….9_9………..

  136. I think I have a new favorite Korean group…

  137. Don’t quite like the video (especially the “rip-open” part) but I like the song! :) Yoon Mi-rae’s voice is so soothing! :D Btw. the title says “Sweet Dream” but DT seems to be struggling there…

  138. We should get to the top 3 so S&M can pick it!!!!

  139. This song is so insanely beautiful! And the video is… well.. different XD Id love to hear what Simon and Martina have to say about that weird, glowing space tiger!

  140. This is one of the few songs that I loved the first time hearing it! Hope it gets reviewed :D

  141. Hey guys did you see how Tiger JK himself tweeted this link? :D He’s always been a big supporter of the Eyk kpop charts :D

  142. I think it’s FREAKING AWESOME people are still voting for this song… I can’t wait till it reaches the top 3 then maybe Simon and Martina might consider reviewing this music video!!! And I’ll be happy cuz it finally got reviewed haha!!! (^_^)

  143. i’ve spent a good amount of time listening to this song and that bizzytigeryoonmirae. both songs are great. this song Sweet Dream appeals to the fast tempo pace i’m used to in the Kpop genre, and I just love how the rapping sounds. and then Yoon Mirae’s vocals in the chorus just make me stay with the song. seriuosly I would love for this song to be reviewed. I don’t really understand the symbolism in this vid if any. But that line about karma is great. ok gonna keep watching this video

  144. I love how Tiger JK is being “eaten” by a robot tiger!~ RAWR! lol :D OMG!!!! I’m excited! I just love love them!!!~

  145. This song is awesome. AWESOME.

  146. i don’t usually listen to this type of songs but this is awesome. stucked in my head for weeks!

  147. This song is so WICKED!

  148. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW THIS IS JUST SO FREAKING AWESOMEEEE!!!! Guys, seriously, this has to be reviewed!!!! I can’t way to see what S&M are gonna say about this! this is so american pop in a good way!! And the video is also something I would expect from an top american artist! I loooved it! This could seriously appeal to the world muasic industry…

  149. cmon guys, we just have to get this into the top 3 and there’s a good chance this gets reviewed!

  150. i need a review (/ ^ ^ )/ i need a review (^ ^) lets not give up people :)

  151. MFBTY fams forever ! Thank you. Happy in Wondaland~

  152. whoa! that was COOL~

  153. omg this video is really awesome! i hope it’ll be reviewd next week *_*

  154. Noooooo >.< What is this, so weird! But weird is ok…. sometimes. The reason why I don`t like this video is because it is fucking scary!!! Poor dude O_O (But he is ugly)

  155. Oh my goodness guys! We’ve started climbing again on the charts! Yay so happy!!! Let’s try get it to top 3 and maybe it will have a chance to be reviewed.

  156. I really really want you to review this song…it is just plain awesome…

  157. Wow!! so good to see this here, this must be a first an Indie playlist as a possible KMM!! This song is pretty cool definitely different so I’m voting and sharing FTW!! I’m not actually that familiar with their stuff but I’ll probably check them out now.

  158. This is such a beautiful song and I am so glad I found out about it

  159. The electro tiger was legit! Wow! That took my breath away. This should be at the top. I am very interested in what Simon and Martina have to say about the special effects and such. :)

  160. this absolutely needs to be reviewed…..the music is absolutely addictive and the MV is just freaking crazy!

  161. This song is amazing and so is the video! Keep voting MFBTY to the top you guys!

  162. [email protected]

    Another great song left unreviewed :’(

  163. This song is so awesome!!!

  164. This video is doing amazingly well!! It’s already in the top 5 (well… without JaeJoong’s video in the way, that is XD), but we cannot give up yet!!

  165. ¡ vídeo y canción espectaculares!, lastima que no sea elegida para el KMM :(:( estaria bueno escuchar que piensan de una canción así, como paso con the grasshopper song

  166. Heard this on the indie playlist… it!!!!!!

  167. i freaking love this combination :D love the artists, their songs and this collaboration. and their name plus simon’s version of it lol :p i’ve got my friends hooked on it now hehe

  168. So, I have never heard off this song before. Video freaks me out!!1 Girl is beautiful. And yeah, there is a tiger! Love the tiger. :D Sorry, I like some wierd vidoes, but not this kind of video. But song is ok, more then ok actually. Poor man in the bed? Do they try to kill him?? Evil woman? Fine by me, I DON`T like him. Just like the woman alittle.

  169. This song is KICK ASS!!! :D

  170. This is one of the best videos Iv’e seen in a looooooooong time.

  171. I’d really like to see a ‘making of’ video of this MV… Tiger acting on teh bed was quite good, I thought

  172. AHHH! So many good Korean songs unfortunately don’t have the chance to be reviewed for Music Mondays, but this would be one of the biggest shames of all if it was not reviewed!!! >_< They're not idols, but they're real artists. It's one of those songs where even if you don't particularly engage with their style, you can really appreciate them for being true artists :)

  173. Anybody have any theories as to why they want the tiger to eat Tiger?

  174. I love this song sooo much! I want to see what creative KMM would result from this awesome song and MV!

  175. This song + video is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!

  176. This video fell behind. NOOOOOOOO!!!

  177. It’s already at 6th place, we might get a chance this gets reviewed, or maybe that people will notice it, like it, fall in love with it and vote as well. lol

  178. There are so many artists I’d love to see these guys collaborate with… :)

  179. Come on guys, this must be reviewed!!!

    Such an amazing song/video, let’s make this on top !

  180. I love how they included their son’s name in the song – awesome!

  181. Just letting those of you who don’t watch the Indie Playlists that this past Sunday’s Indie Playlist included MFBTY’s Sweet Dreams. So if you want to hear some of Simon’s opinions about this song/ video, go watch the indie Playlist.

  182. ooh, MFBTY did a showcase at MIDEM in Cannes, France this past weekend. AKP did am article on it. Tasha’s got short red hair now and I like it.

  183. I completely loved this song! It’s completely different from the other ones Simon and Martina already reviewed. I’d love to see a Music Monday of this!

  184. OMG I WOULD LOVE IT IF THIS MUSIC VIDEO WAS REVIEWED!!! Love you other Kpop bands…but seriously…GOLD MINE!!!

  185. You guys really need to review this!

  186. This song is awesome. And these are amazing rappers. Tasha is just like badass all over. <3

  187. S&M needs to just say FU to the voter and review this song. This song is so awesome and the MV is so freakin incredible. Yet we’re gonna see another typical kpop song review..

  188. this is just flawless, Tasha is my hero

  189. It would be great if this song got reviewed instead of an ordinary Kpop song! I’m all for Kpop, don’t get me wrong, but it would be good if something else got reviewed now and then, and this song is FREAKING IMMENSE!!!

  190. Hmm, if commenting gives it another point… perhaps I should spam the page with comments to move them up? :P

  191. This Song need to be reviewed The song is Just Awsome <3

  192. I can’t even fathom how awesome a review/skit S&M could make for this video! It really needs to get on KMM

  193. I’m happy to see this moving up on the chart.

  194. C’mon people this needs to get reviewed !! Wouldn’t it be nice if this is the first non K-pop video to get reviewed by them ?!

  195. This song needs a review!!

  196. I didn’t know this would be considered Kpop, because these 3 are hugely famous in K-hiphop…

    • Pretty much any Korean music video that is actually a proper video ( not a bts or an OST video) that is released on Youtube can be added to the charts. Pop just means popular and encompasses a lot of genres. We’ve had Hip hop, R&B, Rock, Electronic and Jazz videos added to the charts before. Unfortunately most of them never get that popular or noticed.

  197. this need to be on eat your kimichi.. Please vote now

  198. That tiger scares me to death every single time! When they put that meatloaf on that man’s chest I just have to watch through my fingers…

  199. Don’t let this song and mv be underrated!

  200. Wow, why did I not watch this mv earlier? I’d meant to listen to it earler, but I kept putting it off.

    But OMG, it’s really amazing. It’s nice seeing an actual female rapper for a change. No offense, but girl groups can’t rap.
    Tasha’s voice is beautiful in here. It’s awesome seeing Tiger JK again. I don’t follow Bizzy, but it’s nice hearing from him again since the last time I’d listen to him…which was when he collaborated with Epik High ages ago. lol.

    What a great video! MFBTY is a fresh change, and it’s nice to hear other talented musicians. Amazing song, great expansion of both lyrical and hip- hop coordination. THIS SONG FLOWS PERFECTLY! I never heard about MFBTY because I’ve only been listening to K-Music for less than a year, and I usually listened to the generic pop boy/girl groups. I LOVE this track! And I’m happy that Simon and Martina uploaded this song, I’m looking forward to more of MFBTY music, and definitely supporting these talented musicians. Thanks!

  202. it’s a bit sad to see that this video wasn’t included in the KPop Charts Updated, but we’re better fans than the other groups have so we’ll just keep voting so that MFBTY gets the review they deserve, right!?

  203. Oh and what does the acronym stand for?

  204. Wow I’ve heard of them before but it’s the first time I’ve listened to their music. And the video is awesome sauce. Love that robot tiger thing. Ah they’re so cool :D hope this gets higher! On a sidenote..their name font is like MBLAQ’s one hehe :D

  205. Really nice video! Poor tigerjk, his acting was really physical!!!

  206. Why is this perfection not #1 on the KMM chart? ;___;
    Would love to have S♥M review this lengthily…

  207. I wonder if we can get this MV to the top so that it get a review.

  208. oh wow… the video is quite amazing. The rap parts of the song annoyed me, but that’s just my personal preference. They have very good English in any case.
    the tiger was beautiful *-*

  209. We’re slowing going up. If we keep this up, who knows. It might get reviewed (:

  210. This video was perfection.

  211. I want Yoo MiRae’s dresses in this video!!! So pretty!

  212. i want this review asap…but how do we do it??? ottoke??!!

  213. I can’t get enough of this song.. on another note I really want to hear how Simon will say this acronym. It should at least be in Kpop Charts Update this week!

  214. Please review this one.

  215. This NEEDS to be reviewed!! :0 For a change, this video+song is based on PURE talent! – these type of videos and artists should be given a chance. This song is pure gold! <3 Lets get voting people, I support change! XD. Or it could even make it to the indie playlist or something? or a video interview!! :0

  216. vote!

  217. I really want to see Simon and Martina recreate that car scene. Go video!! Go!!!

  218. I have no idea what actually happened in the video, regarding the plot at least. I think I like it though. :D

  219. Go, video, go! You broke past the second page!

    This needs to be reviewed. I really want to hear Simon’s opinion on it knowing his hip-hop love. And this song in general is six different kinds of awesome. And the music video is awesome~

    Go, sweet dream, go!

  220. I AGREEE, never listened to any of the artists in this song before, but I LOVE IT

  221. Ugh! Why can’t this be higher?? I love all those other songs, but I would really love to know what Simon and Martina think about this video and song. :( I for one think it’s freaking BEAST and one of the best song for the beginning of the year~

    • If you share on G+ or Facebook, it’s 4 points, comments and twitter are 1 point, voting is one point… So, spam with comments, I suppose! That might push it up :)

  222. i love this song so much everything about this group is awesome

  223. Really hope this song gets reviewed-more people need to hear this eargasm

  224. Hoping this song will get reviewed. Definitely best song so far in 2013

  225. This is an amazing video, it shows both an artistic side of the artists and a very real side that is rare. They deserve lots of love and admiration!

  226. This great MV and fabulous song NEED to be reviewed! Let’s vote people!

  227. Wow, that was… o.o that was odd. And yet… I’m still interested…
    I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. I’ll have to give another listen…

  228. One of the best collaborations I’ve heard since I started listening to korean music. Would love to see this reviewed!

  229. I would love it if they would review this. I would love it soooo much if they reviewed this.

  230. I need a explaintion on why this song is not on the top 10. are they just not looking at the other songs. cause i listen to all 50 songs and pick my top 5 and vote everyday..

    • Most people do not use the chart in the way that you use it. Some of them seriously only vote when they know their bias is on the chart and pay little to no attention to anyone else. Some people only check what is in the top ten or on the first page. Some people only click on the links that Simon and Martina may share on Facebook and twitter. they tend to only do that for big releases. And others only vote for things that show up on the Kpop chart updates on Friday/Saturday.

      I have been trying to encourage people to use the sort by date option on the Kpop charts so they can see when new songs are added and listen to them. This way you can hear more interesting and diverse types of Korean music. But not everyone is interested in branching out.

      Also Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae and Bizzy are not idols. they are more popular than most rappers in Korea but they don’t have the massive fangirl/ boy following that boybands ( and girl groups) have. S alas, there aren’t enough people voting for it.

      • I used to watch every single video that was added to the KPop charts, but now that I work I only check the first page from time to time. Sure, if I checked all videos I would have noticed this one earlier and voted for it more, but I just don’t have the time! TKIR it has an Old Boy feel to it, with the sequestration/IV/hallucinations stuff. That would be an awesome review.

        • Yes, you have to have time to check it, that is true. I of course have to check all the videos since it is a part of my duties. It can get a little overwhelming and to tell the truth, sometimes I only watch a short part of some videos, especially if the music is not my sort of thing.

      • Is there anyway to have the chart automatically set to sort by date? I think that would encourage more people to look a bit more

      • what a sad truth lol its ok i still enjoy the mondays.

    • Cyber_3

      I couldn’t possibly watch all the videos, I just don’t have that kind of time. Also, maybe I am biased because the first time I ever looked at the charts to vote – NOTHING, seriously NOTHING on the front page interested me in the least and I’m still bitter about not getting that 20 minutes back. Heh. Now I just look at the front page and if there is something new I look at it…..If there is nothing new, I might go to the second page if I am bored. I also now watch the kpop chart and indie updates which gives me 3-6 new songs to ponder. I’ve never fangirled over any musical group in my life so this is my system: if I like the song and the video has potential for funny skits, I’ll usually vote for what’s closest to the top to try to push it up higher. If I really like a song (like in this case), and it’s on the front page, I’ll keep voting for it until it falls off. You have to admit, this is one of the most unusual videos to hit the front page in a long while…..

      Cyber_3 – seriously, if there is a time-degrade formula, it’s awful steep……..

  231. Can someone be soooo KIND to explain the video???? cause I have NO CLUE AT ALL.

    • Uhm… I don’t really get much but it could be about the love that cannot be. The dreamer dreams about a certain someone that would become his lover in the future, even though that person doesn’t exist in real life. but I’m confused… not 100% sure. Plus the video carries a lot of symbolism (I’m pretty sure the meat part is supposed to mean something…).

      I noticed that the rapping parts coincide with the nightmare(supposedly?) while the pop-ish parts soothes the sleeping person and helps him sleep sound… so basically a nightmare is a life without the person you love and a sweet dream is where someone rejoices in her/his presence. Could the releasing from the shackles mean “peace of mind” and/or “strength to go on”?

  232. Who would have thought that I would like rap. But the sound + the video is just amazing good – magnificent work.

  233. i came back to see if this song was first.

  234. Aah this needs more votes. It’s an awesome song with an epic music video. The rap part starting at 34 seconds caught me off guard when I first watched the video and ended up being one of my favorite parts in the song.

  235. woooow am amazed so woooooooow no words to discribe it

  236. THIS SONG KICKS ASS!!!!!!!! Holy cow. I can’t get enough of it!

  237. Fact 89 – car license number SG137IU
    It said so on the pants in the beginning.


  239. I think I’m in love. A little bit.
    I’ve been meaning to finally check them out for a while and never did. I think the time has come. Any recommendations?

  240. I’v heard of tasha and Tiger but never listened to them before… BUT omggggggg this song srsly is soooo awesome. I know it wont get reviewed but why does it have so low views… This needs to have 1million views like now

  241. I was wondering whether this would be considered Indie or k-pop ^^ LOOVE the MV, song is good, but a little too American-mainstream-sounding for me. Similar to stuff I’m forced to listen to at the gym… But anyway, I love these guys, King and Queen of k-hip hop are back! :D

    • There is definitely an american feel to it, but we can see various kpop elements too (besides the language). I totally get what you mean but I think it a really good mix of 2 genres like a perfect combination.

      • Yeah its a good song, I like it more than most American mainstream stuff don’t get me wrong :) Its just not my favorite sound ^^ Plus their rapping & lyrics are amazing, that probably what I love most about it

  242. This easily one of the most badass video of the year

  243. Besides being an amazing song, this video has soooooooooo much symbolism, amazing affects and just random insanity! It was made for a kpop music monday!!!!!

    • Do you know what that crazy metal tiger means? Does it mean anything? I’m not familiar with any of the artists, so do parts of it mean something special to them?

      • This is just my opinion, so I don’t know if this is what they intended or not. But Tiger JK is being eaten by a Tiger. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they chose a tiger. It’s like he is being eaten by his own image, perhaps symbolic of being your own worst enemy and/or the image or stage character of Tiger JK overpowering the real man. Also, even though he is supposed to be dreaming, he is connected to medical equipment and then later you see him flailing in the bed with those things shooting out of his body. In real life Tiger JK suffers from myelitis, which can cause loss of motor function, and to hear him talk about it, it sounds painful and awful. I have to think that the medical imagery and his loss of control in the video is somewhat related to both his medical condition and some of the emotional struggles he’s gone through in recent years.

        • Thanks!

        • Cyber_3

          The personal tiger-tiger connections do help to clarify the meaning of some scenes in the video but……I don’t know, I more got the impression that the guy on the bed was in a coma (perhaps from a car accident?) and that these three apparitions were trying to wake him up, or change his karma so that he would wake up. In some cases, they use machinery, shock therapy, torture, in other cases try to follow/find him in his dreams, they use the otherworldly karma tiger to try to take away the bad karma (it rips something out and throws it away), all sort of classic fairy tale things to do to get people who are lost back. The three agents seem a bit like an angel, a devil, and jesus (impartial kindness?). Anyone else see this kind of thing?

          Cyber_3 – nice cone for breaking the sound barrier on the way back to earth…………

  244. This definitely needs to be reviewed! MFBTY for life! This is what real passion and music is about!

  245. This was amazing!! Omg come on guys We have to get this reviewed. So amazing this MV!!!!! I fell in love after only 1 listen!!!

  246. Love this song i hope it wins but B.A.P is still standing in the way of that

  247. unicornsgalaxy

    This video is so full of awesomeness! But, then again I like the dark and out of the ordinary.

    Is the chorus sampled from something? I feel like it’s similar to something I’ve heard before. Not the words so much but more the melody of it… I feel like maybe in the early 90′s?

    • I have a feeling it sounds very…American, for the lack of a better description. I thought it was Flo Rida when Tiger started rapping. It could easily be a Top 40 song in Australia or some other US-dominated music scene.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        I felt that it sounded American too…but more club American than what you would hear daily on the radio.

        The chorus really reminds me of something and I think it’s like right on the tip of my tongue but I can’t place it. …meh…oh well, it might come to me, it might not.

        • It reminds me of Far East Movement featuring Cover Drive’s ‘ Turn Up the Love’. I know Tasha has worked with F.E.M before.

          Sorry but Bajan pride means that I must digress and share about Cover Drive. They are a four piece caripop Barbadian Band made up of Amanda ( vocals aka the Rihanna look alike), T-Ray( the drummer), Jamal ( Bassist) and Barry ( guitar and dreadlocks). They are really a UK based and signed though and this song is the only one of theirs that is available in the US since technically they aren’t signed to a US contract yet. The kids are pretty sweet and cool. They just finished up a months long visit back home doing a school tour and performing at a New Year’s concert at our Prime Minister’s residence. They started out by having youtube shows, one called ‘ Weekend Lime’ and the other called ‘ Fedora Sessions’ which are acoustic cover sessions. I’ve been following them for years now because they are seriously Bajan ( unlike Rihanna who is more Americanized) and just plain goofy kids.

          This is their youtube channel:
          Some of their videos:

        • Cyber_3

          Wow! …and I checked Far East Movement and thought (at least their recent stuff – LMFAO and daBeebs in the same song – LOL!) was very awesome, then I got to Cover Drive (yeah! I see where you get your avatar! or is there more meaning?) and they are even more awesssssssooooommmme! Thanks for the intro.

          Cyber_3 – lives within spitting distance of daBeebs hometown and well……if you thought he was overplayed elsewhere……….9_9

        • Yey! Someone actually clicked on the Cover Drive Link. Their name is actually a cricket term so their fans are called CD fielders ( another cricket term) and they are dorky to the max. I am pretty proud of them because they still are very family oriented. I appreciate that after all the Rihanna drama. Alas, she is the one who represents our country on the international market. I like her, I just wish that people would stop using her to make generalizations about my country.

          And yep, that’s where the avatar comes from.

  248. Yay! New music from Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae (: While I’m wishing for this to be reviewed, I might as well throw in a wish for an studio interview, too!

  249. Love Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae- probably won’t get reviewed but maybe it’ll show up on the indie playlist sometime :)

  250. This seriously needs to be reviewed. I normally don’t like rapping, but this is an exception (:

  251. ah, all of you know this has no chance to be reviewed on KMM. Might as well just go ahead and request it on the indie playlist.

    The video was very strange, extremely strange. I’m not much into rap, but I liked the vocals of the song.

    • I actually found this on the idie playlist! if there’s enough interest then I suppose there’s still a chance that it can get voted for next week, or at least up to the top 3, it’s worth a try I suppose! :D

  252. amazing song!!!

  253. omg I wish this would be reviewed but I have a feeling it will never happen… but by reviewing this we’d let people know about Tiger JK, Tasha and Bizzy and like… advertise them

  254. This is so sick. I like the other song too- I never request anything with a video, but if this doesn’t get in for KMM I might have to ask for it on the Indie playlist. Its been forever since Tiger and Tasha have released anything and this song is dope. The rapping is on point (of course) and the production of the track is amazing. PLUS the video is interesting and visually exciting enough to get a detailed review. I can imagine the sketch with Meemers as the robot tiger now…

  255. OMG, this MV is just so. epic.

    EYK seriously needs to review it… even if it’s not really “k-pop” and more “hip-hop”, it’s just too amazing!!
    I really hope that people will vote this in, because it has both musical AND visual quality.

    Motha F*ckin’ Bizzy Tiger YoonMiRae! That’s MFBTY for you =D

    • i hope it gets reviewed! its times like this I wish that they not only had a kpop music monday, but maybe a indie music tuesday… give other genre/variety of artists a chance to be reviewed. if only we could somehow clone simon and martina, so that one set would work, while the other set would rest. imagine all the different segments they could get done! lol

  256. LOVE THE CHORUS AND THE RAP! the kings and queens are back!

  257. This song blew my mind the first time I heard it, not to mention, I CAN UNDERSTAND THE ENGLISH. Seriously, this needs to be reviewed.

  258. OMG, this is what i’m waiting for, this is totally needs to be reviewed :)

    Simon and Martina need to review something “different” for a change on not just the generic/fangirl kpop. This song is an absolute beast !

    • 100% agree….tired of the same old biases…lets get some perspectives and introductions to other talented muscians/kpop stars/rappers.

    • It’s not that Simon and Martina get to choose. They give us the choice and unfortunately most of the people prefer the “generic”. They have said before that they have had to pass up on some awesome music because it is not up to them. I AGREE WHOLE-HEARTEDLY this would be on awesome video to review. SO LET’S GET THEM TO THE TOP!

      • though if they implement their new ‘top three’ rule, and this made it into the top 3, they might pick this… :0

        • I know! I’m really excited right now because this is #4 on the charts. Just one more spot and we have a chance!

        • I’m glad they decided to go with that top three rule! I really love these three(T is my idol) so I hope they make it^^

        • Yes, it’s a great idea as it gives them a bit more freedom (the only thing is we might have to defend them if hardcore fans get upset :P)

        • Well honestly there have been plenty of times I’ve been upset with the reviews, and I don’t think I’m alone.
          Plenty of times they’ve matched up with the ones Simon(more obvious when it was him XD) and Martina didn’t want to do.
          ie, I didn’t care for some of the ones they also said they didn’t like that were reviewed >_>
          So this is cooler… and we won’t have mvs that are just dances winning… Dancing is cool and all, but it doesn’t make the best KMM
          I really wish an indie song would make it ㅠㅠ

        • I don’t think I’ve ever really been upset with the reviews, because even when S&M had a reason to dislike a song, or aspects of the song/video, I usually found myself conceding that it was a valid point they made – as well as this, I keep in mind that it’s their opinion that they are sharing with the world.
          I think it’s important to take a step back from the video and to acknowledge they are not bashing the song or video, but making skits about aspects of the videos they found odd or annoying (which is really awesome – if I were to show it to my non-kpop friends, with the funny association of the S&M’s skits, I think my friends would be more open to giving a kpop MV a chance, rather than laughing at it’s ‘stupidity’ or finding it ‘weird’, and not giving it another thought)…
          Whew! Bit of a rant :P Sorry, I just always keep in mind they don’t do it out of malice.
          Well, it can be tough for indie to succeed in general, let alone on a kPop chart, which is why they have their great indie playlists :)

        • I’m not saying I was upset with the reviews, rather I was upset certain videos were reviewed… it kinda lowered how much I enjoyed those weeks’ KKMs
          I get the whole thing were some people would get mad though… I’m not a big fan of super junior, but I can imagine being a fan and being really upset that their whole videos for SuJu are about the box rooms(though it really is hilarious…)
          An yeah that’s how I got some of my friends to try kpop out… now one of my friends thinks GD and TOP are cool, but she doesn’t listen to kpop

        • Ah, I understand what you mean :D

          Well, I do like SuJu, but I laughed at all the points S&M made :D
          I think of it as kinda poking fun at a person in a manner similar to how one would poke fun at a family member or fun
          That’s awesome about your friend! So far, I’ve only convinced my sister (and now she’s more into it than I am!)

        • “I’ve only convinced my sister” I actually didn’t need to convince mine. She once saw me listening to Nam Soo Rim “Drive me to the moon” and since then she kept listening to it non-stop XD oh and T-ara’s “Day by Day”. She’s 8 btw :))

        • Aww, that’s so awesome! Well, with my sis (16), it was a little more difficult as we’ve really crappy internet, and she might have wanted to focuse her internet-time on something else, but instead she fell in love with kpop :) and kdramas – hurrah! XD
          It’s great when you have some one to fangirl with in real life, no?

        • Eh… fangirl not really. She’s in her own world :))

        • er, well, still someone to share videos with :)

        • What do you think the meaning behind the fact that Tiger JK is released from his shackles? does it have one? (I believe so ) P.S: I love “Skip Beat” too :)

        • I don’t know… He’s being eaten by a big mechanical tiger (to contrast with the human Tiger JK?), and is in severe fits of pain (reference to the fact he suffers from myelitis? as the place explodes around him – maybe the shackles represent how limited he is due to myelitis? There’s so much going on in the video, and I don’t really know a whole pile about Tiger, Yoon Mae Ri or Bizzy and don’t know if it references anything in their lives. It could be interpreted in many ways, I think :)

          xD Skip Beat is awesome

        • Yeah. You did a great job writing all that. It’s over though… It’s past KST midnight… voting is closed…

        • Damn.. still, they’re going to interview MFBTY! xD it makes up for it

        • yeah… atm my fistpumping energy that I had when I started voting blew off = . = …

        • lol, I know what you mean – we were so close! But, still, I’m just excited for the sticker booth with MFBTY :) heh

        • I think I need some time to get over it….

        • Aww… *hugs*

        • It’s ok… – . – ….

        • do you wanna be friends on twitter?

        • Sure (though I don’t use it much) I’m @3saH

        • wait they are? how did i miss that announcement?
          is it still open to questions?

        • I completely agree!! I actually made my friends and family watch their reviews and now they actually got into Kpop. They always ask me when they’re favorite artist are releasing a song. MFBTY’s Sweet Dream is one of them and I want it to be reviewed!

        • xD That is so awesome! I showed my mom one as well (Sunggyu’s 60 seconds, I think) and she did think it was a good video (but unfortunately she hasn’t gotten into kpop.. oh well).

        • biggest thing i find is this. i am a fan of a lot of the stuff that Simon and Martina don’t like. But i don’t take there opinions to heart. personally i think people need to stop taking what they say to heart. Not everyone in this world likes everything the same. I understand the hardcore fans. But if they review Nu’est and didn’t like Ren i wouldn’t freak out.. I would be a little hurt because i love him but i wouldn’t freak out like all the haters out there. Seriousally you hater’s your Idols aren’t Gods there not perfect why do hold them so high. When you say something it’s okie but when others say something it’s not okie. Get a hold of yourselves and come back down to earth and realize not everyone shares the same opinion as you. Just think there is one less person to be in love with your idol and one less person who is thinking of marrying them. haters should some what be happy in away not just always angry.

          Thats my Rant sorry lol

        • Yes, that’s the attitude people should have! some people are a little too fanatical, and this sometimes doesn’t allow them to see the funny side of things. (I don’t know about you, but I like it when they poke fun at the singers I like – it’s kind of a reminder that they are human, and it makes me feel a little closer to the EYK community (cuz it’s an inside joke, etc)).

        • i agree with you i don’t mind if they poke fun at the singers. it really does show how human they are

        • Unfortunately they won’t stop… but thanks for your rant…

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  263. poodle

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