MFBTY – Sweet Dream

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  1. how the heck does the voting system even work? it was 4th last week and now it’s 50th???? does it go by votes per week or what?

  2. Siwon just shared this on Twitter, maybe it will get the attention it deserves!

  3. wow this song just went downhill it almost made top 3 to be reviewed now it’s in 50th place all of a sudden I feel like giving up this mv review and stop voting…I don’t want to but with all these new releases I think it will stand a chance anymore!!! Boo! :(

  4. how did this song fall so far back behind when i have been voting it for so many days?!

    • The older a song is the quicker it falls. This song didnt really start to take off til week 3 and once it fell off the top 10 page people I think just weren’t bothered to look for it :(

  5. this song needs to be reviewed
    sometimes indie songs should get reviewed too

  6. Damnit why are more people not Voting?!

  7. I have a new favorite Korean group!

  8. I will vote but I am praying since they might not do a music Monday this coming one that this will make it next week or they will do a special review to go with their interview

  9. I can’t wait for this interview!!!!!!!!!

  10. This song is simply epic and original. The rap part mixed with the melody is perfect! Nothing was too over done and the visuals were great!! Ppl, vote for this song!!! Top three would be perfect, that way Simon and Martina can chose it for review if they wanted to!!

  11. shouldn’t we try to get this reviewed since they’ll be doing an interview with them?? :/

  12. The flaw in the vote system makes you want to stop voting, but don’t keep it up encourage your friends and family. Get your hamsters and cats. Go to the library and vote from all those computers. Despite the timeline it’s still very possible to get a review.

  13. Jennifer Park

    This song isn’t generic kpop at all. It has a level of depth too that a lot of mvs don’t have. I know that BAP fans are going to take over the charts presently, but I would love to see this reviewed.

  14. I’m sad that this dropped in the ranks even more. I was hoping this had a chance of being in the top 3 after sistar got reviewed..

  15. It’s about time to see him from Drunken Tiger to pop back up. Miss the Drunken Tiger days. Good stuff.

  16. examplesample

    Okay, we have another week to push this to the top, even though a Music Monday isn’t guaranteed. LETZ DOO DIS!

  17. I am a bit more than slightly annoyed.
    Keep up the Voting, commenting and Tweeting!

  18. I liked this song in the first 10 secs and then the video is out of this world (allpunintended). This NEEDS to get reviewed!

  19. review this video! it is sooo good and MFBTY is just too badass not to be reviewed!

  20. loooooove it !!!!! please vote

    this is way too epic to not get reviews come onnnn

  22. I love MFBTY!! This neeeeeds to be reviewed!!!

  23. i love everything about this video… i love the song. its freaking AMAZING!!!!!

    • We need to keep voting for this if it doesn’t make it this week!!

      • kpopfan123

        “Did you read Natz explanation on the top of the page? If a video is up for more than 25 days, the votes won’t be counted :(.” This happened when I was voting for C.N.BLUE. PS: on the 13th this week it will be of “old age”

        • It’s really a shame that it won’t get a KMM. There were so much to talk about in this video and song. And it would’ve being epic, since it’s not kpop! Sorry for not coming here to comment to help you guys more, but I voted everyday :(.
          Btw, answering your question on the other thread… Nope, I don’t go to any social websites. I’m trying to avoid it because it might consume much of my time, and I need to study for exams _ _. But I’m following you on disqus, so we’ll keep contact :).

        • kpopfan123

          It’s ok… even if you had commented we still would have been many points behind – . – Thanks for the help! :)
          : / ok …. Gambatte kudasai!/do your best!
          P.S: maybe in the near future you’ll upload your piano playing on yt :D *hoping > . . <

        • Thanks :). I’ll let you know if I post it ^^.

        • kpopfan123

          Please do! Thank you!

  24. I love the song + video. Really hope this gets reviewed. I’m a bit tired of only seeing idol groups getting reviewed.

  25. its so different and absolutely awesome–incredible!!
    it has to be reviewed!!

  26. Amazing, it’s in the 4th place after all this time! If only it could climb up some more and get into the top tree.

  27. please review !!! :D

  28. sometimesIread

    this is an awesome song and its fun

  29. Did they even end up reviewing ice cream? that is another that ended up missing out. and come on! Hyuna!

  30. this song and video is just epic, those graphics are just amazing and the song is really good and the beat is something you can dance too. i showed this video to unkpop fans they instantly loved the song and the video must be reviewed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. What the hell? Why did I-H move that far up? WTH!

  32. michiehaha87


  33. Please review this video!!!!! MFBTY will be in the studio too for an interview…would be awesome to have their song reviewed too :0

  34. I really hope that this song is reviewed! It’s a great song, great video and now that Simon & Martina are going to interview them, I would love to hear their thoughts on their review!

  35. Naomiisama

    This is amazing! We need to make it more popular! We must give everyone a chance to see it. Then it’ll surely become a hit! So vote, tweet and like on fb like crazy! Show it to your “not-interested-in-k-pop” friends too! I’m sure they’ll like it!

  36. Well in preparation for our own EYK interview you can watch the one that soompi just released from the MIDEM press conference in Cannes.
    Apparently Tiger thinks TOP is a handsome man and has to stop himself from falling in love with him, Bom is Tasha’s boo ( I already knew that) and in Tiger’s opinion Tasha and Jordan are the future of Korean Hip hop and Jordan is the best at everything( somehow not a surprise)

  37. I’ve been voting on this everyday since day one and I’ve watched it start to drop (which by S&M’s voting system pretty much means it’s done for) and then start to climb again hard! I think we accomplished a lot this week and will have to go double hard next week to make it. If we do get it to top 3 I don’t think they can deny our hard work keeping it up this long.