M.I.B – Nod Along!

  1. This song is a patchworky song but it all fits together really well? Kinda like a puzzle. It’s really good, and although I just heard of MIB recently I really love their work! I know they probably arent popular enough to win but I wish they’d get reviewed.

  2. Can you guys at least talk about them in the Kpop Charts Update? This group is amazing and this song and their album is so freaking catchy!

  3. ana_niclole2012

    I really love the kinda of opposing tones. The really soft sort of ballad feel part, then the harsh sounding rap. Never heard of this group before this song, but I’m glad I found them.

  4. I’ll be honest, I didn’t like it all that much.

  5. Afshan from Ontario, Canada

    how has this song not been reviewed yet?! It’s so frustrating to see it
    stuck in between 13th and 14th place for the last few weeks !

    Come on MIB fans, we can vote more than just once you know!

  6. YAY!!!!! They’re back! And they’re awesome! I hope the other nasties watch this mv and love the song. Now I’m going to go send this to my friend; I had converted her to loving MFBTY so I think she’ll like this too. ^^

  7. I’ve been obsessed with this song ever since I’ve heard it like 2 days ago.. I really really REALLY hope Simon and Martina will do a video on it..

  8. M.I.B. is an AMAZING group. they’re COMPLETLY underrated. IDK why considering how popular Hip hop is in SK. I wish to see more groups like M.I.B. I mean like really,how can you not love a group like them? Let vote Busters!~ <3

  9. I seriously love the chorus of this song, Kangnam’s vocals and even the rap, everything about it is so catchy!

  10. Love MIB, and I really love this song as well as their whole mini-album! I’m glad they’re moving forward with their music like this :)

  11. mangamaani

    I loved Cream’s, Sims’ and 5zic’s parts, but Kang Nam’s didn’t kinda fit in the song. It’s just my opinion, don’t be angry. (not hating on him) I really like this song and it’s one of my favorites at the moment. The video was kinda confusing, since it seemed to start with some sorta plot, but then came all the different settings and cars, angels and random vitamin pills, so it’s not really clear to me what was the message of this video…(although I love the effects in the rap parts)

    But I often wonder how awkward do the idols feel while filming such weird videos and what was the scriptwriter even thinking while the planning of the video. (is it so hard to come up with a logical story, a good artsy-fartsy video or just a funny or simple music video, although then we wouldn’t have any funny Music Mondays, but I think they should fire the scriptwriter) But back to the filming set…is the director giving them orders, like: now take one of these weird (vitamin) pills, now walk between the police cars and lay on the ground like you’re dead, now shoot other drivers with your hand (I liked that part, though), but yeah I would feel at least a bit awkward doing these things without a good reason, since at least I don’t see a clear plot. (sorry for the rant, I’m not talking just about this video and I don’t even hate these odd videos, but I’m just always wondering….)

  12. Such an underrated group with so much talent! I wish they would get recognized more!

  13. I wish a great song like this could get reviewed *sigh* M.I.B. are so great! And I love that Tiger JK has had such a hand in producing this album.

  14. lumierenoire

    Well Yoon Mi Rae is featured in their song “Hello Goodbye” in their album, so…

  15. HuntingCorals

    I really am glad to see these boys back. They deserve it! I missed them alot and their music style is great. Cream’s synthesized voice was a bit of a WOAH but he sounds GREAT live so it really doesn’t matter that much to me. I just am glad that they’re new songs are all just amazing. They also were able to bled their rap really well into the song which is a big plus on KPOP the only bands that do it well in my opinion are Block B, BAP and MIB but who knows~

  16. TaliBanani

    We need more votes!!!!

  17. I LOVE LOVE LOVE M.I.B! They deserve to win! Come on, Busters!! <33

  18. M.I.B definitely deserves to be #1! So sad that they are so underrated. tsk tsk tsk, people..THEY’RE AWESOME! WHY CAN’T YOU SEE?! lol

    • HelloNOmercy

      I read on the internet that Jungle ent. spent 1.700.000 dollars to promote them and now when i see the result im very sad about them because they are still underrated :/

  19. MIB is back, YES! I’m so happy with their new mini-album, not that I wasn’t with their last music. With Falling Flower as my favorite song of theirs I’m really liking the new songs they’ve made, as many remind me of that song^^

  20. This song is amazing (: It sucks how they don’t have a huge fan base..It won’t make me stop loving them though <33

  21. Ellen (alatariel)

    This song is so good! Even if I think that they used autotune a little bit too much. Those guys can sing! The MV is also so awesome, their acting skills in the beginning is so good! I was just öike “Woah!” When I first watched it. :D

  22. TaliBanani

    I hope Simon and Martina can clarify what this video plot is about! Love the song and of course M.I.B ♥

  23. BabygotBAP

    This song is absolutely mind blowing, it deserves so much more recognition! Perhaps if you guys reviewed them they will get a little more recognition. And they deserve it so much!

  24. TurnUptheAC

    Glad to see M.I.B back!!! These guys are seriously underrated and have had some bad luck. I really like the song, well blended raps and melodies (a little less autotune would have been nice) but I feel a little mixed on the MV…parts i loved and other parts I felt overwhelmed. It had everything an MV could throw in minus a hot chick.