Miryo – Dirty

  1. masseffect88

    Well that was an interesting video to watch :)

  2.  This so deserves a review, i mean.. come on it’s got everything you could possibly want.

  3. Carolina Torrez

    i love this! its so funny”

  4. Peewee Newman

    HAHAHA I love this video! its so funny!!

  5. I love this song. The MV is so funny and the song great in the morning to start my day :D

  6. whoamI_170

    why on kpop chart Dirty is #5? this MV lost 2000 votes????

  7. Simon loves Miryo!! I konw that! kkkk~…

  8. I really wanna see this on music monday!!! I really wanna know what you guys have to say about this :) It’d be hilarious!

  9. Maddie Snyder

    even though i don’t like rap, i actually liked this song. the video on the other hand was a little weird

  10. love the song and the video. the video’s so funny! it would be a great review.

  11. aoihanaakai

    I hope that this week it will make it on the top of the charts.Or the next week.

  12. I will vote until this finally gets a Music Monday! This video is so review-worthy!

  13. come onnnnn this vid has simonandmartina written all over it!!!!

  14. omg ahha XD this would be funny to do !^^

  15. Why did this drop to 5th place??

  16. fanservice

    This needs to be reviewed! 

  17. How did all our votes die? D:

  18. I think that it’s a great mv and song. Vote! ^^

  19. whoamI_170

    hey Simon why Dirty just get 2000 vote? , yesterday It get 4000? Please fix itttttttttttttt

  20. Imthebessssssst

    ??? What the hell why this MV just have 2126 vote? I remember yesterday nearly 4000 vote? OMG …

  21. I’m gonna keep commenting until this happens!!!!!

  22. I wish this would get 1st place and get reviewed! 

  23. :/ why did this drop to 2nd place? 

  24. Winter_Rose

    i have nothing against exo but this video would be soooo much more entertaining to review :( how did exo get ahead so fast?!?!!? 

  25. I want EXO to win for next Monday (because the song is awesome and Simon really, really wants to review it), but I def. want this song reviewed. It’s pretty awesome!

  26. PLEEAAASE EXO can wait but you HAVE to review this!!!!!


  28. this has to be the best mv for a while since sunny hill’s grasshoppers
    i want to hear your interpretation 


  30. Please Please Please review this 

  31. Midori Carneiro

    we have to vote moreeeee >.< i love this <3

  32. ELTs ~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE !!!!!!!! T_T 

  33. Spark Zhang

    what just happened?  !!

  34. Anonymous

    What happened?! :( We were number one! VOTE! 

  35. please~~~~~~ review this this is too interesting :)

  36. Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeee

  37. Miryo will get a kpop music monday’s review!

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