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Miryo – Dirty

  1. masseffect88

    Well that was an interesting video to watch :)

  2.  This so deserves a review, i mean.. come on it’s got everything you could possibly want.

  3. Carolina Torrez

    i love this! its so funny”

  4. Peewee Newman

    HAHAHA I love this video! its so funny!!

  5. I love this song. The MV is so funny and the song great in the morning to start my day :D

  6. whoamI_170

    why on kpop chart Dirty is #5? this MV lost 2000 votes????

  7. Simon loves Miryo!! I konw that! kkkk~…

  8. I really wanna see this on music monday!!! I really wanna know what you guys have to say about this :) It’d be hilarious!

  9. Maddie Snyder

    even though i don’t like rap, i actually liked this song. the video on the other hand was a little weird

  10. love the song and the video. the video’s so funny! it would be a great review.

  11. aoihanaakai

    I hope that this week it will make it on the top of the charts.Or the next week.

  12. I will vote until this finally gets a Music Monday! This video is so review-worthy!

  13. come onnnnn this vid has simonandmartina written all over it!!!!

  14. omg ahha XD this would be funny to do !^^

  15. fanservice

    This needs to be reviewed! 

  16. I think that it’s a great mv and song. Vote! ^^

  17. whoamI_170

    hey Simon why Dirty just get 2000 vote? , yesterday It get 4000? Please fix itttttttttttttt

  18. Imthebessssssst

    ??? What the hell why this MV just have 2126 vote? I remember yesterday nearly 4000 vote? OMG …

  19. I’m gonna keep commenting until this happens!!!!!

  20. I wish this would get 1st place and get reviewed! 

  21. :/ why did this drop to 2nd place? 

  22. Winter_Rose

    i have nothing against exo but this video would be soooo much more entertaining to review :( how did exo get ahead so fast?!?!!? 

  23. I want EXO to win for next Monday (because the song is awesome and Simon really, really wants to review it), but I def. want this song reviewed. It’s pretty awesome!

  24. PLEEAAASE EXO can wait but you HAVE to review this!!!!!


  26. this has to be the best mv for a while since sunny hill’s grasshoppers
    i want to hear your interpretation 


  28. Midori Carneiro

    we have to vote moreeeee >.< i love this <3

  29. ELTs ~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE !!!!!!!! T_T 

  30. Spark Zhang

    what just happened?  !!

  31. Anonymous

    What happened?! :( We were number one! VOTE! 

  32. please~~~~~~ review this this is too interesting :)

  33. Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeee

  34. Miryo will get a kpop music monday’s review!

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  36. Anonymous

    Dang, I don’t think this will get a music monday. Especially with Miss A and Big Bang comebacks coming. Exo’s is just a hodge podge of teaser videos put together, Miryo’s is much more interesting.

  37. I think this would be a much better review than Exo.

  38. I wonder what they have to say about the guy removing the girl’s bra with her blouse still on. XD

  39. This has to win this week. C’mon.

  40. I’ve done everything possible, so PLEASE make it to number 1 this week

  41. Spark Zhang

    after 2 weeks…… finally 1st place…

    but JP’s new song has been released just few days ago…

    ahhhh  annoying ! 

  42. Anonymous

    ??? Untill now they still dont review this MV ? What happen if JP come up and Dirty 2nd?

  43. Anonymous

    Please keep voting for Miryo :)

  44. Anonymous

    YAY!!!! I hope Miryo stays at number one! :D

  45. yes! Miryo has to stay number 1! :D I want you to review this so badly!!

  46. bjornanilsson

    I really liked both the song and the MV for this. Hope this gets reviewed next monday!

  47. Alex Song

    I really love this song!!

    Please do it more KMM!!

  48. I totally want SimonandMartina to break down this MV for me. I know there’s some other meaning behind it besides stereotype of nurses and doctors.

    • YEAH there definitely is!!
      I have my very own theory of semi-blind love and stuff…
      I want Simon&Martina to review this too!!
      And maybe recreate some of its vurry funny scenes *cough*spanking of the bulk men*cough* xD

  49. capuchino_nguy3n_22

    She’s the first pop artist in a while that I actually listened and enjoyed her whole album, not just the title song like other groups. GO MIRYO!!

    • Anonymous

      I think the song I love you i love you ft sunny it okey and orther songs in album is … Bullshit, if sunny dont ft with Miryo I dont know who listen hall album, too much auto tune

  50. Anonymous

    Miryo: “I have participated in producing this album, so the album concept, composing the songs, album jacket styling, music video, and even the choreography was done by me. Also if you listen to the album, there may be a few people that were disappointed since the songs weren’t more of a hip-hop style. However, each of the songs have a different style such as a fast beat and a soft tune, and the reason for that is because I’ve been into those types of songs lately.” cr. 4-everlastings – snjeung

  51. Anonymous

    “OH MY GOD. I was having GOOSEBUMPS! I never thought I was thinking of SOMETHING CREEPY, like kind of Sixth Sense- and when that eye popping sound came and. . . BANG! This is definitely EPIC. ♥”

  52. Anonymous

    “This was actually a really good MV and theme! And the post-bridge/end was nice…it’s actually not so obnoxious and unreasonable as when other artist do it, because it’s understandable. It became totally like Miryo :) I love how throughout this, though, it’s like she’s just telling us a story as she raps.”

  53. Anonymous

    I love you!!!!!!

  54. Anonymous

    lmfaooooooo i cracked up at the end when everyone jus falls to the floor. xD and they made us think this would be creepy

  55. Anonymous

    “you know what, what the o0o”!!

  56. Anonymous

    Damn I love this song and MV please review it

  57. Anonymous

    Please keep voting for Miryo

  58. does anyone else hear a little bit of nicki minaj in this song? at the namja part with the buff models? i kinda like it!

  59. Anonymous

    I want to see Dirty on KMM ~~

  60. i feel like this would give u guys so much to talk about..

  61. I really like this song, Miryo is an awesome rapper, the MV is absolutely crazy and hilarious, and I want you guys to talk about that. :)

  62. It’s just so hilarious!!!I love the song.Miryo knows how to rap unlike some Girls…

  63. Anonymous

    Locked at number 3! 

  64. Simon and Martina I love youuuuuuuuu

  65. I AM GOING TO COMMENT ‘TIL I DIE!!! ok no.

  66. lskjdfhkasdhfsldkj my tummy aches (?

    • LOOOOL nice spamming there.. but yeah.. my tummy aches too, cuz there are too many butterflies battling it out… they luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv my Miryo’s Dirty!!!!!!!!
      *okays.. too cheesy… runs away*

  67. so mad that she didnt make kpop mondays. she deserved it BUT BBlock took it.. mad as hell!!

  68. Eliza Carter

    Even if this video isn’t reviewed, let an award be formed in it’s honour. 
    We must dub it the “Biggest Troll of the Year” award. And for once, I totally loved being trolled. Congratulations Miryo on an excellent solo album! Wonderful rapping: girl is a trained MC. ^_^ Love the duet with Narsha~! 

  69. Anonymous

    I Love you~Miryo~ Love your album

  70. Anonymous

    I really want to see you guys talk about this song. Miryo is the best rapper ever!!!!! 

  71. Anonymous

    This video is cool and I hope this video gets reviewed for Music Mondays because there is so much stuff that you guys could talk about in this video.

  72. Now that Teen Top is definitely out of the picture ( a fact that makes me sad), I’m going to root for Miryo! Hope EYK gets to review this one next week!

  73. i really hope i can see this on EYK ):

  74.  i really hope they go far! I’ll be supporting them all the way.

  75. She’s so good at what she does! P.L.U.SSSSS, she’s vurry vurry cute as well!!
    Check out her greetings to international fans here (in English, so lovelyyyyyy):

  76. This video is very special, so I think it deserves to be reviewed.
    I hope there enough people not just always voting for the boy groups.

  77. the mv is so much fan and really meaningful as well, i’m expecting a great music if this makes it! :D

  78. This video is so amusing!!! Let’s keep voting so I can see them make a review on it! =)

  79. Jonah Murillo

    this vid just screams kpopmusicmondays review! come on!!!

  80. Anonymous

    Vote everyone! I really hope this one wins! VOTE! :)

  81. Anonymous

    Dr. and Nurses are all about fun and stuffs. They never really care
    about the patients. I think that pretty much what the MV is about :-s

  82. She’s so beautiful, and perfect.

  83. I really love the details in her eye make up, she looks so bad ass. I can’t stop watching the video.

  84. Anonymous

    “I love how Miryo’s like 30 years old but can still make the cutest yet derpiest faces and still play it off cool! BEG FTW! Also…is it wrong that I was cracking up when everything was burning up and people were falling? No? …Alrighty then”

  85. Rebecca Le

    This song is so awesome, and I’d love to see how you guys would review it :D!

  86. The video is awesome this has to be reviewed!! :D


  88. Sarah Park

    I like how this video shows Miryo’s other side.

  89. irritablevowel

    Good thing this wasn’t shown on the Superbowl, or we’d have to hear about Miryo’s “obscene gesture” for days on end.  

  90. amanda.gillis

    At first I was kinda disgusted by this video but once the body builders came out I found it hilarious. 

  91. Anonymous

    The nurse looks like Park Bom The BF looks like Onew And the sister or friend looks like Sohee xD

  92. Anonymous

    (Translated by snjeung) Miryo “I really feel like I became an adult
    since I have to be responsible for everything now. But I’m happy. I’ve
    always wanted to do ‘my music’, so I’m happy that my dream has come
    “Through Brown Eyed Girls, I was able to earn lots of money and
    popularity, however there was always a big, empty hole in my heart that
    was never filled. It was my thirst for wanting to do music that I’ve
    always wanted to do. I spent the days and years saying to myself, “Okay,
    I’ll do it someday for sure” but now, I’m finally able to have my
    dreams come true. Haha.”

    She continued, “During the beginning of my album
    preparations, I was happy just knowing that I was able to do everything
    my way. But once the album was nearing the last stages of completion, I
    gradually began to feel burdened and pressured.”
    “I kept repeating to myself, that I need to do well this time in order for me to continue to do what I want.”
    (Translated by snjeung)

  93. Anonymous

    anyone see the middle finger?~~~cool miryo~

  94. Anonymous

    I was expecting something more dark & more hiphop but I really like
    this style too!! Miryo I’m so glad that you finally got your solo

  95. Anonymous

    Go Dirty! Go Miryo!

  96. Anonymous

    WOW for the director who made the teaser =.=”
    I thought this is a horror MV … but he tricked me well done =.=”
    Good job =.=”
    But the MV is so hillarious <3 Freaking cool~
    And wow for the girl that not undressing but could take off her bra =.="


  97. Anonymous

     HAHA ! I love how her room is on fire, but she’s not trying to get out of it

  98. Hope that she wins the countdow on Thurs, btw why didn’t she perform on Imkigayo???

  99. This album of Miryo Aka JoHoney is really really awsome!!
    I lovin’ it!!
    Everybody show & share for everybody!!

  100. I really wanna see you guys talk about this video. Since it’s very creative… and interesting… I wanna know what you think!

  101. I bloody love this video!
    its my favorite video this year so far!!

  102. Anonymous

    this is REALLY…FUNNY..BAHAHAHA!!. did you see the guys face BAHAHAH

  103. Anonymous

     I love this so much..

  104. Anonymous

    Kinda wanna see Simon and Martina review this video or FT Island’s “Severely.” I’m pretty sure they’ll keep us laughing by what they’ll have to say behind either one. So I’ll continue voting for this video and FT Island’s.

  105. Anonymous

    Keep voting for DIRTY

  106. Anonymous


  107. This whole album is amazing u_u <3 Miryo is boss :3

  108. Hope I get to see you guys review this awesome mv next music monday :{D

  109. sakura ayori

    i totally wanna see this video commented by you guys!!

  110. Please vote for Miryo unnie. Her mini album is super fricking amazing.

  111. Jonah Murillo

    please review thiss!!!

  112. MV so funny . Miryo unnie so funny ^^

  113. Nathania Sudjono

    I honestly feel surprised with Miryo single..and surprised in a good way :). I hope she will do a follow up promotion..perhaps with Party Rock or Leggo. My favorite tracks from her solo album :)

    • NAINAOOOOO’s come here to support our JOHONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^ㅡ^ /
      OMG don’t get me started on Leggo!! Yesterday, I was feeling a bit karaoke-y and I started belting out the “GOING DOWN” part….. (at 3am) …… yeah… I almost got myself banned from the internets and PC for a LIFETIME! *good times*

    • Jonah Murillo

       your first sentence…i thought you were talking about how you’re suprised that miryo is still single kekeke

  114. the song and MV are so fun…really appreciate Miryo hardwork on her 1st solo :)

  115. not dissapointed at all. next to tasha she is the best

  116. Anonymous

    What’s the point of taking off the bra without taking off the dress and
    they’re not even having sex! and how did he do that exactly? I wanna
    learn from him..teach me hyung!

  117. Anonymous

    this lyric of dirty is her true story, poor her

  118. Anonymous

    I seriously love her pink sweater, and today I bought 2 pink shirts :)

  119. Anonymous

    when 2:38 came up i was like I SHOULD OF LISTENED TO SIMON AND MARTINA!!!

  120. The song is kewl. Video is …. uh … interesting. Not your traditional k-pop.

  121. Anonymous

    Miryo i really like the video and the song

  122. sel_dem27

    do miryo!!!! please!!! please!!! please!! please!!! =] =] =] =] =] 

  123. I love this video! Please review it :)

  124.  She’s in a coma? I thought she was just paralyzed from the waist down or something. Otherwise how could she have stabbed her cheating boyfriend in the butt?

  125. … *le sigh* I get so sad when people are warring in the comments. While I do agree that if you dislike a certain artist you should leave their fans alone, I don’t feel the whole ’2NE1/CL is  (insert negative comment here)’ is necessary. I happen to enjoy both artists, and it makes me sad to see people fight. :’(

  126. Anonymous

    Hehe I ordered Miryo + Narsha + Gain ‘s album ;) free ship

  127. LOVE LOVE LOVE it ! ! 
    (here are english subtitles, too
    LOVE YOUZE GUYS ! ! ! !

  128. I LOVE this song…but the mv really confuses me….can’t wait till simon and martina break it down :P

  129. Vanessa Ras

    This is one of my fav. vids

  130. finally~ miryo’s solo debut!!! i love her rapping! the video is certainly interesting~XD

  131. I SAY JO!
    You say *HONEY*!
    JO ~  ★゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜☆゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜

  132. Anonymous

    The video is more interesting and unique than the others

  133. Anonymous

    Good morning everybody hope you guys have a nice day:) keep voting for Miryo

  134. Her facial expressions are priceless ^o^-

    • Yeah.. 1st, the *blink blink* with an added sound effect xD
      Then, the smile she gives to her “friend” (aka the one her bf cheats on her with) when she applies lipstick on her..
      Then when she’s shocked/sad/angry/mad/fuming mad/or even glad when she did her little “revenge” ^ㅡ^ ….. I LOVED her *teehee* expression xD

  135. Anonymous

    Dang! Miryo’s song beat so many MVs but the one from Block B….I just want this to get review soooooo muchhhhh!

  136. Oh shisus they have to review this. for the love of God PLEASE REVIEW THIS. lolol. that would be amazing xD

  137. Can’t stop laugh!!! LOL~~~~ =]]]]
    Miryo “oppa” is so good. :x
    I really really want to see you review it!!!!

  138.  at 1rst, I thought I didn’t like it because it wasn’t anywhere near what I expected. But when I got over the slight shock, I realized I like it x)

  139. I love Miryo! I hope she gets in the charts!

  140. Sounds like super bass XD Lol. But Miryo, FTW!! ♥

  141. This made me laugh so much! Great song xD

  142. Anonymous


    “I don’t care any more…”

    “You know why???”

    “WHAT THE FU–!!!” <<<< kekekekekeke

  143. Anonymous

    wow today when I came home I saw my youngest sister, who is 8 year old watched Dirty, I said : “Hey this MV not for your age! ” but she didt want it, she really like Dirty :(, she took my Ipod and listened Miryo’s album untill now

    • Your little sister REALLY knows her music! LOL
      Yeah, I showed my sis the MV too…. *she doesn’t know any Korean, nor she knows/likes/cares about KPOP*…. but she liked it ^ㅡ^
      I’ll brainwash her with more Miryo AWESOMENESS soon *teehee*

      • Anonymous

        Haha she often watch my youtube history and you know what she watch Sixth sense more than me althouth she dont understand any word, oh no she thought Gain sing bitch bitch and she became Gain ‘s anti fan hahaha she call Narsha is cute kitty LOL

  144. I know Brown Eyed Girls is making a comeback next month. With the comeback, I really want to see Miryo stop being so underrated. People give CL so much attention and hype just because her stylists can dress her crazy and she can auto-tune her raps. I’m sorry for comparing and putting CL down (I still love her), but this is what I really think.
    Miryo is a straight up rapper. She doesn’t rap just to try to sound badass, she raps and she means it. CL raps what’s given to her and then auto-tunes it.
    Miryo is just as pretty (if not prettier) and I feel like if she just 1-uped her wardrobe, she could make a name for herself.
    I myself love her more than any other female rapper and I know that there are a lot of people who need to get a taste of a real female rapper. I’ll be rooting for Miryo and hopefully she’ll be able to shed a light more people. Nothing but respect for her. ^^,

  145. i would really love to see you guys reviewing this video.. ahh i wonder what would Martina think of the muscled men kekeke

  146. Anonymous

    I LOVE MIRYO this MV is really fun and frwsh and i love the dark jokes!!

  147. Anonymous

    i thought it was going to a scary mv but its freaking HILARIOUS (: love you miryo <3

  148. Keith Beck

    Great song, would love to see your review of the video

  149. Anonymous

    Miryo’s album really good, I love Dirty and revevger so much

  150. Anonymous

    Dear MIRYO’S FANS first time I listened dirty I thought it’s teenager dream, the beat really similar, and the intro totally same marry the night, that why I hate this song, I know every hospital like that but … still think it’s copy cat LOL

  151. Despite being trolled by the teasers, I still love the video and hope you guys can review it soon ^_^ 

  152. Spark Zhang


  153. Spark Zhang


  154. Spark Zhang

    marina i know you love her too so do 2 kpop mondays this weekend plz! ~~~

  155. Anonymous

    MIRYO UNNIE!! Queen of the K-Pop rappers! 

  156. crazy song.. im so proud of Miryo!!!!

  157. Anonymous

    Awesome, been waiting for some solo work from Miryo for a while!

  158. Anonymous

    MIRYO should win this week or next week, you have SOOOO MUCH to talk about, & the comedy material you could make from this would be PURE GOLD x’D ♥

  159. This video is soooo funny! *-*  it defnitly needs to be reviewed!

  160. This MV DEFINITELY needs to be reviewed!! Miryo writes awesome raps, now she’s showing us another side of her *the cute but still badass side* and the MV is refreshing in a way that it doesn’t bore you AT ALL!
    And, oh.. the song got banned already on some stations. To them I say *or better yet show them* the 3:37 minute mark on the MV….

  161. anything from nega network is always the best =)

  162. OMG! I love her so much. She is really something special. This MV was amazing and funny. I wish this will get reviewed. :) MIRYO <3

  163. Anonymous


  164. To the haters of Miryo, here’s for you :))))

  165. Anonymous

    I think she have same style with 2ne1 but 2ne1 do better than her. the MV’s really bullshit dont have any meaning like last Nega’s mv, dislike ,CL can do more than that

  166. Samantha Morrow

    WOW. Just….wow. Catchy music, wacky video with a dark ending and a lot of fun along the way. I would love for this video to get more exposure, and Simon and Martina would do it justice!

  167. I love this song and MV so much ^^ Myrio unnie so funny :))  hope simon and martina reviews this. ^^

  168. Anonymous

    The MV and music seem fun, but the whole point of this MV
    id dark as fuck. Different from what 2ne1 would put out, the MV have
    hidden meaning if you look at it closely.
    For example: at the end the hospital burn down, so how the girl Miryo will survive. In her vengence, she kill herself.
    Just my opinion though, good MV ovarall.2ne1 is the Best, CL can do better than her

  169. Andrea Norona

    i love the video! miryo is so funny! i hope simon and martina reviews this. spread the news guys. 

    i always thought BEG members are amazing. They’re the only girl group whose every member can go solo. :3

  170. What an interesting video. I’m with Ness–I’d really like to hear Martina and Simon’s thoughts on this.

  171. So totally want to hear what Simon and Martina have to say about this!

  172. irritablevowel

    Does anyone else think the first few seconds of this song sound a bit like Spoon’s “Don’t You Evah”  (Not a criticism!  I just noticed it has a similar rhythm.)

  173. Anonymous

    CRAZY AMAZING! I love this song, and the concept for this video is quirky and unique. It’s something totally new, not a recycled idea like I’m used to seeing in kpop videos.
    All the members of Brown Eyed Girls continue to blow me away with each song they release, as a group or individually.
    I’ve been surprised by this release and how very good it is. Miryo, you’ve gone up my list of awesome kpop stars to stand near the top.

  174. finally I found something better ^^

  175. omg omg omg I love this song! the mv is creative and fun, and huge points for Miryo’s acting! :D

  176. Oiiyo Moo

    omg… This went up 2 places in the 2 hours that I was gone! >.< Let's go for the top! Go Miryo<3

  177. I love this! I knew 미료 누나 would not disappoint!! :D

  178. just read the translation the song itself is really funny… u guys should really review this..

  179. OMG!!! I think this might be banned by the MOGEF!!!  Well I have to admit I’m totally into FT. Island song but this one is refreshing so i will love to see what Martina and Simon says about it.

  180. Anonymous

    This is so entertaining and awesome!

  181. Oiiyo Moo

    Come on Everlastings :3

  182. Niives Slovenia

    best mv ever

  183. Please do a review for this song !!!!!!

  184. I Love this MV~! 

    This Mv As Awesome As  Martina and Simon~!Please do an awesome video too~! ^_^

  185. Dirty is funny, and the rest of the songs are just as good.. really like the one with sunny too..

  186. I just showed my non-kpop fan sister this MV and she totally liked the song and mv *well, she sorta wishes she didn’t have to read some subtitles to get the meaning of the song though LOL tsk tsk sis~* I love this song and the MV is funny and a metaphor for failed relationships when you can sense everything wrong that’s going on around you *girl in coma* but you don’t do anything about it. Well.. FIGHTING MIRYO!!! FIGHTING SIMON&MARTINA!! ♥

  187. Well, it’s NOT what I expected from it. The horror feel the teaser had seemed more interesting imo. The MV was sort of disappointing for me. But the song is golden. Ugh, her entire mini album is so good. c:

  188. best music video i have seen so far!!!!!  :D

  189. miryo this album really awsome
    i really like this style

    (from Taiwan)

  190. WOW.
    To be honest, I really don’t like the sound of this album. I was kind of hoping for a sassy rap style from like sixth sense. But they said they were going to show a different side of Miryo so I should have expect a really popish/cute kind of  album XD 

    This music video is so AMAZING. She is so adorable,funny, and such an amazing rapper. I’m in love with this video <3 

    miryooooooo <3 

  191. Spark Zhang

    Plz plz Martina and Simon do this video!!! 

  192. Spark Zhang

    This is definitely a good one, both the music and the mv are epic! BEG Hwaiting!

  193. Keiki Negi

    This song is really catchy! love the MV!

  194. This is such an awesome song! And funny MV XD Hope you guys review it ><

  195. I hope this wins :>  I can’t wait for you guys to review it!

  196. Anonymous

    miryo !!!!!!!!  this is soooo hot and cute ;)

  197. Please review Miryo’s new song! Her mv is so different!

  198. So badass Miryo  xDD  Now looking for Eng sub to understand what she’s singing about.

  199. Anonymous

    It’s soooooo unexpected! I thought I’m gonna jizz my pants watching her MV but it turned out to be sooooo funny and cute!

    However, I still can’t use to the “What the eff” part. I might like it more if she say like “eff you”, or something similar instead (though I’m not a songwriter, I shouldnt really complain about this :P). But still loveeeeeeee this song and MV though! Miryo is sooo cute xD

  200. I’m really hoping this wins! I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about it! =)

  201. <3 not my favorite track off the album, but cute MV nonetheless. love the contrasting colors in the different sets :D

  202. SPAMMING ‘VOTE’ BUTTON NAO.  You too, Simon and Martina ;)

  203. Bluesh Fai

    This MV is so funny,,, the teaser and the actual MV is a bit different tbh :P

  204. Ha ha, so in love with this MV :)) It surprises me every second =)) Love it love it!!! Waiting for her comeback performance!! :x

  205. Miryo is the best =)) fully enjoy the MV and the teasers also

  206. Anonymous

    I didn’t notice Sunny?  I thought she was going to be in this?

  207. yeah yeah,It’s her.Miryo aka Johoney.Daebakkk.AWESOME.She’s best in the Kpop .Rapper is the best.Love you

  208. JaneeIvorie

    Miryo is cray cray!

  209. This has to win, it’s so original and entertaining and the best omg

  210. Anonymous

    I love everyone’s obliviousness towards Miryo and her adorable facial expressions xD
    This was definitely different from the nightmare-inducing teasers…

  211. Anonymous

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