My Name – Hello and Goodbye

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  1. smileey1991

    ^^ my name so talent vote vote

  2. smileey1991

    This video is so amazing!!!!

  3. marry_kim

    i really love this song..

  4. I’m pretty sure Simon and Martina will get a lot of jokes from this video

  5. thisisjustforfunval

    :-/ The link to YouTube doesn’t seem to be working. However I searched My Name and really liked this song. 

  6. I feel that Simon and Martina would be proud that the guns were actually used to kill someone and not just for the coolness effect. 

  7. Wah~~ Im so glad they’re back!

  8. mls

    waaaaaait a moment. did i see that right? he gets shot in the end and doesn’t die?! what amazing superpower! 

  9. Love this song. I didn’t like it at first, but it really grows on you. But I still like Message best. You got a Messagji oh ooo whoa oh.  :D

  10. Sharon Park

    this video was SO GOOD and it had such a nice, coherent storyline until the fight scene D: LOOK AT ALL THAT BLOOD ON THE FLOOR. CGI I TELL U. and how the heck does gunwoo get shot and not react at all?? ah well….i <3 myname anyways…:3

  11. NaToTheWak

    Does puching guys with a flowers bouquet work?

  12. C’mon guys, let’s get one of the most talented new-ish groups on KPOP Music Mondays!! :) They deserve the publicity!!

    not cause their hot ;)
    its cause they have nice vocal abilities and also dancing skills

  14. Wah. They’re too underrated, BUT AN AWESOME GROUP

  15. Let’s get MYNAME on EYK!! They deserve it, they’re far too underrated in my opinion. They’re way too talented to go unnoticed!

  16. This video is so amazing!!!! I love the fight scene and then the vocals afterwards are killerrrr ^^

  17. I really like them thanks to ,, Message”, but this song and MV are so different..I like them even more now^^ Oh, and I love fighting scene (and gunshots!).

  18. fuuko4869

    There is no video linked/embedded. Tried this?