Nell – The Day Before

  1. song jae rim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wish this song could have been reviewed! I really would have loved to here what they thought about this video, and the song is amazing! Its been a while since a song or a video has made me tear up like this did.

  3. Omg thank you for introducing me to Nell, it’s the best korean music I’ve heard so far.They’re just amazing! They are constantly on repeat on my playlist :3

  4. strawberriixo

    I REALLLY want this song on Kpop Music Monday.
    It is such a beautiful song.

  5.  I love this song. It’s one of those songs that I usually don’t get
    hooked on immediately, but it slowly grows on me. No matter how many
    years that pass by, this song will never get old.

  6. Beautiful song. Also, I could not have thought of a better pairing than Lee Minki and Song Jaerim! I totally ship those two now. ㅋㅋ

  7. adrianna lee

    I loved this video <3

  8. I can’t use the “promote on twitter” button for some reason =(

  9. The 1-4 spots (U-kiss, Girls Day, B.A.P., Sunny HIll) are just terrible right now. Lets get some votes for Nell, because those other songs are hyped for absolutely no reason. 

  10. love this song and the music video!!! ^^ so happy nell came out with a new album

  11. JAYparkBirthday

    Beautiful song

  12. Literati Tempo

    I’d really love to see them recreate this MV. I think it’s interesting and really analyzable(?). But I think BAP and infinite are coming back this week.

  13. Rachel Bautista

    Love this video! I’m wishing for a miracle that no major artist releases a music video in the next 2 weeks.

  14. I hope this video get enough votes and Simon&Martina will rewiew it^^
    Let’s add a little bit indie in Music Mondays^^

  15. Rachel Bautista

    Girls Day and Sunny Hill are favorites of mine, but I would really love for this video to be #1 on EYK’s Kpop chart so Nell could receive the exposure they deserve.

  16. olivialoveskpop

    waaaahhhhh why does the cute guy have to die?! I’m not the saying the other one isn’t, trust me he is, but why does one have to die?! D,:

  17. I love Nell, been a fan for years. Especially love the song Tokyo.

  18. Shirley S.

    Thank you Simon and Martina for making me fall in love with the song. It didn’t sound as resonating first time around, but when I heard it again while on playlist mode, my heart stopped and I was like, “WHO SANG THIS?” and realized I was at risk of deprecating a gem. Hope this song climbs up to Music Monday. 

  19. It’s such a good song!!! And such a sad MV!!! I got a lot of my non-k-pop loving friends to really like this song. I WAN’T IT TO WIN! I can’t wait to hear what Simon and Martina have to say about it!

  20. Sarah_Darley

    I hope this song will get reviewed. It’s such a great song, but it’s a little confusing too.

  21. Like Girl’s Day says Oh! My God! It finally reached 3rd place. But I am still sad because I don’t think it will get the love it needs next week to overcome Sunny Hill….

  22. i don’t even know why I like this so much, i can watch it over and over…

  23. SeventeenToInfinity

    I’m still hoping that this will be able to reviewed for Music Monday! This video and song is definitely going to remain as one of my favourites of 2012 *u*

  24. I really want this to be viewed because Nell is such a great group and I think a review would only help them get the exposure that their music deserves out of Korea. :)

  25. a beautiful song, and an awesome video :D

  26. There is a really great review of the whole album (Slip Away) at seoulbeats if anyone is interested. Guhhhsdjfasdlfja this album/song/video is just so extra amazing

  27. Oh, it would be so much more fun to watch a review from this beautiful, emotional song then from another song… :)

  28. OMG, it’s in second place!! People, start voting!!

  29. I really hope Simon and Martina get a chance to review this. It’s a really beautiful video.

  30. It’s such a breathtakingly beautiful piece of art, from the song to the MV and the huge emotional impact it has. It’s definitely not every day that you come across something so well made, so I do think that it needs to be seen by much more people. I’m really looking forward to the possible review of this, especially wondering how S&M will be able to pull off a serious KMM. 

  31. Makes me sad to see a video with substance isn’t at the top of the chart this week.

  32. Oh please review this song. It’s really beautiful! We barely see any Indie or other types of artist on the review so it would be a change to see Nell being the first. 

  33. rockinmangos

    This is really good <3 I can't wait to see them review it.

  34. Let’s vote forever. Nell needs to win, they deserve it. 

  35. whoa nell is first?! i feel like that might change though…esp after kpopchart update

  36. kpopfan123

    Wow…Nell’s on second place! go Nell! :D