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Nell – The Day Before

  1. song jae rim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wish this song could have been reviewed! I really would have loved to here what they thought about this video, and the song is amazing! Its been a while since a song or a video has made me tear up like this did.

  3. Omg thank you for introducing me to Nell, it’s the best korean music I’ve heard so far.They’re just amazing! They are constantly on repeat on my playlist :3

  4. I REALLLY want this song on Kpop Music Monday.
    It is such a beautiful song.

  5.  I love this song. It’s one of those songs that I usually don’t get
    hooked on immediately, but it slowly grows on me. No matter how many
    years that pass by, this song will never get old.

  6. Beautiful song. Also, I could not have thought of a better pairing than Lee Minki and Song Jaerim! I totally ship those two now. ㅋㅋ

  7. I loved this video <3

  8. I can’t use the “promote on twitter” button for some reason =(

  9. The 1-4 spots (U-kiss, Girls Day, B.A.P., Sunny HIll) are just terrible right now. Lets get some votes for Nell, because those other songs are hyped for absolutely no reason. 

  10. love this song and the music video!!! ^^ so happy nell came out with a new album

  11. Beautiful song

  12. I’d really love to see them recreate this MV. I think it’s interesting and really analyzable(?). But I think BAP and infinite are coming back this week.

  13. Love this video! I’m wishing for a miracle that no major artist releases a music video in the next 2 weeks.

  14. I hope this video get enough votes and Simon&Martina will rewiew it^^
    Let’s add a little bit indie in Music Mondays^^

  15. Girls Day and Sunny Hill are favorites of mine, but I would really love for this video to be #1 on EYK’s Kpop chart so Nell could receive the exposure they deserve.

  16. waaaahhhhh why does the cute guy have to die?! I’m not the saying the other one isn’t, trust me he is, but why does one have to die?! D,:

  17. I love Nell, been a fan for years. Especially love the song Tokyo.

  18. Thank you Simon and Martina for making me fall in love with the song. It didn’t sound as resonating first time around, but when I heard it again while on playlist mode, my heart stopped and I was like, “WHO SANG THIS?” and realized I was at risk of deprecating a gem. Hope this song climbs up to Music Monday. 

  19. It’s such a good song!!! And such a sad MV!!! I got a lot of my non-k-pop loving friends to really like this song. I WAN’T IT TO WIN! I can’t wait to hear what Simon and Martina have to say about it!

  20. I hope this song will get reviewed. It’s such a great song, but it’s a little confusing too.

  21. Like Girl’s Day says Oh! My God! It finally reached 3rd place. But I am still sad because I don’t think it will get the love it needs next week to overcome Sunny Hill….

  22. i don’t even know why I like this so much, i can watch it over and over…

  23. I’m still hoping that this will be able to reviewed for Music Monday! This video and song is definitely going to remain as one of my favourites of 2012 *u*

  24. I really want this to be viewed because Nell is such a great group and I think a review would only help them get the exposure that their music deserves out of Korea. :)

  25. a beautiful song, and an awesome video :D

  26. There is a really great review of the whole album (Slip Away) at seoulbeats if anyone is interested. Guhhhsdjfasdlfja this album/song/video is just so extra amazing

  27. Oh, it would be so much more fun to watch a review from this beautiful, emotional song then from another song… :)

  28. OMG, it’s in second place!! People, start voting!!

  29. I really hope Simon and Martina get a chance to review this. It’s a really beautiful video.

  30. It’s such a breathtakingly beautiful piece of art, from the song to the MV and the huge emotional impact it has. It’s definitely not every day that you come across something so well made, so I do think that it needs to be seen by much more people. I’m really looking forward to the possible review of this, especially wondering how S&M will be able to pull off a serious KMM. 

  31. Makes me sad to see a video with substance isn’t at the top of the chart this week.

  32. Oh please review this song. It’s really beautiful! We barely see any Indie or other types of artist on the review so it would be a change to see Nell being the first. 

  33. This is really good <3 I can't wait to see them review it.

  34. Let’s vote forever. Nell needs to win, they deserve it. 

  35. whoa nell is first?! i feel like that might change though…esp after kpopchart update

  36. kpopfan123

    Wow…Nell’s on second place! go Nell! :D 

  37. After next week, 1st place shall be ours :)

  38. NELL is too amazing <3 

  39. i really hope that this song will be able to be on MM. it’s so beautiful and the cinematography of this mv is just amazing, i want this to be on MM so more people can be aware of Nell’s amazing talent and the beauty of this mv.

  40. I think Lee Min Ki is becoming the Sean Bean of Korea :P

  41. This is such a beautiful music video and song! There are quite a few ways to interpret this mv, and I would love to hear what Simon and Martina have to say. Hope it gets to number 1! :D

  42. I hope this makes it. No offense but i think this song is much better than Sister’s alone 

  43. I never actually thought Nell would make it to #3 on EYK’s Kpop Chart! Hurray!!

  44. I am guessing that the actors in the video are not the singers? I’ve never listened to Nell before so I wouldn’t know.
    Anyways could somebody tell me who the actors are?

  45. The woolliment youtube page has teaser versions of “The Day Before” and I’m even more confused about what is actually happening in the mv. From what I understand the man with the camera is reflecting on the death of his friend. In the final mv we are seeing a memory playing out in the present. Or perhaps our poor camera guy who is grieving for his friend has become delusional and imagines his friend is alive again, only to see him die once more. Dundun dun.

  46. Please review this. It’s so amazingly emotional and heartbreaking. The video goes so well, complimenting it.

  47. not that generic girls day song!

  48. i keep on trying to vote this video up

  49. Why isn’t the rank going up!!?? I bought it and everything!

  50. I think perhaps some people are hesitating voting for this song (myself included, though I ended up voting anyway) because part of the charm of MM is that S&M can totally love a song while still poking fun.  This song would definitely change that format because of how serious the subject matter is.  It’s really unfortunate because this is arguably one of the best songs that has come out on the kpop charts recently.  I hope that this song is doing well on the kpop charts in the “real world,” even if it doesn’t make it to MM here.  It deserves some recognition!

  51. Such a great song and a beautiful MV, I really wish you get to review this!

  52. I showed this video to someone I know who dislikes listening to music that is in a language they cannot understand but they simply love this song!

  53. This is such a beautiful song. AND an amazing MV. Really would love to see what Simon and Martina would have to say about it.

  54. I hope this song makes it for MM, it’s just so beautiful and sad. I really had to cry when I saw it for the first time ;_;

  55. This is my first time watching this not understanding the lyrics at all, but @ 3:00 I started to cry. It made me wonder “why?” I hadn’t even seen the whole video yetits hard to find songs like this now and days
    the music is so powerful.
    ( i needed those tears to come out) :’) 

  56. This song made me cry…Beautiful lyrics, vocal and video.

  57. What I love about this video is how it says so much and conveys so much feeling without really saying anything (but I guess that’s what the song is for lol). The video not only goes with the meaning of the song, but it enhances it soo much. They really complement each other, and I feel like the experience is almost incomplete if you listen to the song without the video or vice versa. The acting is absolutely amazing~ Lee Minki and Song Jaerim are just so perfect for this… ;;
    I really hope Sistar and Shinhwa stans will take it easy so that you guys can review this.
    The beauty of this song and video is really undeniable~ It really deserves to be on MM

  58. This song is better than a lot of the other new kpop songs out right now. I would loovvee to see this on MM. <3

  59. This song needs way more attention! I hope Simon and Martina will be able to review this song… .!!!!; o;

  60. I am so happy that this video has made it to 4th place. It is so epic that it deserves it. Let everyone cry together! XP

  61. This needs to be reviewed >:o

  62. I hope this gets reviewed, I want to see Martina spazz over Lee Minki again, and maybe they’ll make up the dialogue for the two guys :o

  63. please win please win please win….

  64.  i hope this gets reviewed !!

  65. AW YEAH!!!! my LEGIT K rock band is back after 4 years. I enjoyed this song and MV so much.  (YAY FOR LEE MINKI LOL) 

    Nell is one of those old school and relevant bands. I love em so much.

  66. An amazing video for music monday. Really want it to reach #1.

  67. I love, love, LOVE this song!

  68. This is the first Kpop music video I have obsessively watched and voted for. I really want to hear what Simon and Martina have to say about it.  Please Please Please make it to #1!

  69. I think it’s really cool they made an MV with a homosexual story. The video and song are so nice, I hope this could get reviewed or at least watched by many more people. I only wish I could read what they’re saying on their lips…

  70. God that has to be the saddest thing I ever watched! This is the first kpop song that has ever made me cry. I hope Simon and Martina review it!

  71. this is the way to get your artsy mom into k-pop :P

  72. please vote this up people. Its stuck number 2 

  73. Hopefully it gets to be reviewed because this song is pretty unique

  74. It has been so long since i actually teared at the end of a video. It’s so beautiful!! So many emotions…


  76. This is a beautiful composed song along with an amazing produced music video. They actually go perfectly well with each other. On top of that the actors are really great too. 

  77. I don’t know if S&M can make a MM with this MV. MM is always a cheerful and fun review. Should they try to squeeze humor out of this? lol that would be a madness. or they can go for a serious one, but that would be awkward.

  78. Man… what else can I do to get this video on KMM T^T Done everything I can for now… Though it probably won’t make it this week… :/

  79. I’d rather see this be reviewed rather than 4minutes Volume Up…

  80. This song is beautiful. Please review it.

  81. I love this and Volume Up and I know 4MINUTE’s is gonna win so hopefully next week it’ll get reviewed >w<

    Love this so much <33

  82.  this mv is sooooo interesting, so i think it deserves to be reviewed. also, i’m really interested to see how s&m will review it. it’s so sad.

  83. I also hope this gets to first place so Simon and Martina can review it!!!!
    at first i was kind of shocked by the video but then I was thinking about it and I don’t know any Korean and I toooootally want to hear you guys’ opinion about it! It would be so awesome! This is totally different from several of the popular kpop videos you two review!! It would be so awesome for a change!!! So awesome indeed!!

  84. This is a really beautiful song and I’m glad after all this time, Nell is finally getting some recognition!

  85. I know it won’t but I really wish this would be win Music Mondays…it’s gorgeous

  86. such…a pretty song and video…………..i am just speechless

  87. for sure the best song song on the chart this week

  88. This is honestly one of the most artsy videos I’ve seen in Korea. Just the angles and close ups and flowers and everything is beautiful. I was moved to tears by the beauty of this song/video. I REAALLYY hope Simon and Martina review this song. ♥

  89. i hope this is reviiewed on music mondays!!

  90. I hope this will be reviewed so badly. 

  91. This song and mv is so beautiful. I love Nell. They are always so amazing. I hope this get reviewed.

  92. :’((((((((((( came back to say that this became my all time favourite music video. legit.
    i can’t stop watching it. deserves the video of the year. i swear.
    :’))))))) brb watching this ad infinitum

  93. This is probally the saddest song i have ever heard. So touching and beautiful.

  94. This is such a gorgeous song and MV. The whole album is pretty much flawless, too, I don’t even know how it took me so long to listen to Nell (I’ve been listening to their music for just a couple of months, honestly), but I hope that since Simon and Martina talked about this some more people will check them out and fall in love just like me.

    Beautiful, beautiful single. I’d love to see this in Music Mondays <3

  95. i never heard about them but whaaa they are so talented and the video is so perfect matching the song , i totally love them

  96. Whether or not this gets reviewed or not, what I really want is for more people to recognize a GOOD QUALITY song. 
    I’m the kind of person that loves music with good lyrics and all of Nell’s songs melts my heart. The songs nowadays have too much cliche english and random jibberish… (Sad to say that those are the kind of songs that are on the top ranking in music chart atm…hm…)
    Been waiting for their comeback and hope more people gets the chance to listen to this song and take a break from the….upbeat hook songs.

    • I consider songs with cliché English and random jibberish to have a different objective than songs like Nell’s have ;) They are just for different people and/or moments.

      But yeah, I hope a lot more people learn about this song and this band too :D

  97. This is just beautiful. I don’t think that I have ever cried from k-pop video and I really hope that people will vote for this and it will be reviewed because it is something different and I think the review would be amazing.

  98. I want this for MM.

  99. I showed this video to a friend who doesn’t like kpop at all, but wooooh, she liked this one!

  100. A GOOD video with a GOOD storyline needs to be reviewed. Those are the most fun to watch being reviewed! “This is a review of another dance video!” And so saaaaad this video was to watch!

  101. For those of you who are interested in this song/band, you ought to look up all of their other CDs. They’ve been around since 2001, so you have a lot of research to do. They also cover some popular English songs :)

    (CD names: [before they were signed] Reflection of (2001), Speechless (2001),  [after they were signed] Let it Rain (2003), Walk Through Me (2004), Healing Process (2006, 2-discs), Let’s Take a Walk (2007), Separation Anxiety (2008), The Trace (2008 EP Album), Slip Away (2012)

  102. This is a beautiful and poignant MV and song.  I can’t express how such an uncomplicated scene could be so complex!   I can’t get enough of it even though it breaks my heart every time.   Here’s to hoping for a MM review *crosses fingers*.

  103. After watching this video for the millionth time… I really wish I knew how to lip read. And was it just me or did I see a glimpse of english on the piece of paper Lee Minki’s character is writing on.

  104. such a beautiful song, it needs to be reviewed by you guys!!!

  105. It’s sad enough to watch your friend die… ): It’s so beautiful, it must get reviewed. 

  106. This made me cry. I want this to be reviewed.

  107. I would really love for this song to be on Music Mondays! The song AND the music video are beautiful. I’ve been listening to this song since it came out!

  108. I do hope that this vid gets review. I think it’s a beautiful song and video. I would love to hear what Simon and Martina have to say about this song. It’s really meaningful.

  109. amazingsonghellothereletmerambleaboutyou.
    i don’t understand any of the lyrics, but i can still feel how *sad* it is. that’s how good this song is, and i’ve had it on repeat ever since it came out. i don’t completely understand the mv either, though all the different interpretations are both touching and upsetting.

  110. Ahhhh so sad D:

  111. Oh I hope this gets in 1 place! I so want to hear what Simon and Martina say about this MV. I cried! Its such a beautiful MV. Im not even a Nell fan.. well I wasn’t, but now I am!

  112. I’m not too sure if this would be a great song to review, its a little slow and not a lot is really happening. But its crazy how sad and depressing the video is…I can’t really speak for the lyrics, seeing as I can’t understand them. But both Lee Min Ki and Nell portray the emotions insanely well. I’m curious to see what others think is happing. When I first started watching I thought it was a gay couple that had sat down for breakfast, but Lee Min-Ki’s character had died and Nell was remembering…but that made no since at all lol then I thought Nell was interviewing a author of a book, who ended up being insanely depressed, and resorted to alcohol to cope with life. I don’t know though. 

  113. This song is incredibly beautiful. I’m also in love with the way it was shot. Wish there was a chance of it being reviewed.

  114. I really want to see this on music Monday; its a really beautiful song/video brought me to tears.

  115.  It’s a beautiful song… I cried at the end though… I had to come vote for it… so moving and sorry :: reaches for a kleenex::

  116. very good song and mv!!

  117. beautifuly done! guys let’s vote as much as we can for this. I really want to see their take on this beautiful and artistic music video :)

  118. please please.. review this song!

  119. I don’t think this will make it, but I really loved the music video and the song so much! Very simple but heartbreaking

  120. I got literally hooked to this video. 

    Hopefully this gets reviewed, so far the most beautiful video I’ve seen in awhile.Along with the lyrics and song.. oh lord please vote for this!

  121. Omg, I usually don’t like slow songs but omg, this one… <3333 I totally love it. I even cried at the end of the video O_O Now I can't stop replaying it… <3

  122. This song is beautiful :’)

  123. I usually stay far far away from sad stories but why can’t I stop watching Nell’s new music video. Why???? ::cries:: This music video is incredibly moving. Please review this for Kpop MM!

  124. I wanted either Volume Up or Alone to be reviewed but after I watched this. I will most deff be voting for this a lot. This is worthy of a review <3

  125. This song is beautiful :)

  126. I really wanna see this for MM. Waaay better than Volume Up and Alone. They’re good songs and all, but this video deserves it. It’s such a beautiful song and video.

  127. I really do hope you can review this for music monday or another show one day, more in depth. It has a strong and powerful mv with a lot of meaning to it. You can interpret it in so many ways. This is a great example of really good music, which can move you and is well thought out. 
    Thank you Martina and Simon for getting us to know it. I hope more ppl will find this and like it!

  128. The mv is so touching I wanted to cry T.T 

  129. ;__; I really hope you guise get to review this song. 
    It’s such a beautiful song, I first heard it from a friend who showed me the video with the english translations and explained to me what it was about. God, I sobbed throughout the video once I watched it knowing what was going on. ;______; Nggghh I hope lots of people vote for it, it really is beautiful. 

  130. this is such a good and meaningful song it deserves to be reviewed

  131. This needs to be on Music Monday. Seriously.


  133. thanks for letting me know this song, its really … ah.. okay, i gonna put my sunglasses on now

  134. kpopfan123

    this song has my vote! :X

  135. Sad mv. Curious what they’re saying :P.

  136. If we’re being realistic, this song will not make it into Music Mondays.
    Soooo… Simon and Martina and Spudgy, please please please talk about Nell in the K-Crunch Cocktail! Pretty please with Spudgy on top.

  137. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, even though it probably won’t make it to Kpop Music Monday. I was genuinely moved. After watching the video I realised how intense watching the video and hearing this song was ! I didn’t know this band nor these actors, so again, let me thank you for letting me discover things of such beauty.

  138. This is one amazingly beautiful song. I’m really hoping this will be reviewed. I doubt it will win, though…

  139. it’s really sad but beutiful. i really love it!!!!


  141. i hope this makes it to mm, i doubt it though
    /is hoping for a miracle 

  142. I love this song and the video is just perfectly sad to go with the lyrics ;A; 

  143. i know it’s a long shot, but i’d love to see this on MM for something different

  144. I hope Simon and Martina will review this song… because it’s such an amazing song!!
    As I close my eyes and listens to it, my heart just melts from the sadness of the music and it just rushes in me and I don’t even know what they’re saying.. well, the singer is good at conveying the emotions through his voice.
    Eventhough the song has many big competitors such has 4minute’s Volume Up, Sistar’s Alone and other upbeat songs out there… I really hope something soothing as this song may be reviewed. ^^ and hopefully I’ll understand the music video more.
    so I hope that lots and lots of people will vote for this song :)

  145. This is a beautiful song and the MV is stunning. I wish more people knew about them.

  146. the video and the song is epic! I’m sure Simon and Martina would love to review this. :)

  147. I suppose that it might not make the most interesting Music Monday, but I do think that this is a really beautiful song and music video. And I am curious as to what your interpretation would be of it because I frankly, did not really understand it xD I’ve read some reasonable explanations in the comments of the video, but I’m still a little “eh” about them :’D 

  148. Yes please! Nell for Music Monday! 

  149. Ohhhhh please!!!! I want this reviewed so bad!!!!!

    Although, I’m not sure how S&M will make it funny. The video is so sad :(

  150. i really wanna know you guys’ thoughts on this video. i know martina doesnt like ballads but the video. omg. there HAS to be so MUCH to talk about since ur both English majors! :D

  151. this song deserves to be in the music monday, is totally awesome, captures all  the melancholy in his heart

  152. this song is so melancholic and the video captures the heart of the song very well. T_T

  153. Yesterday Nell’s album was released.. A lot of people on my Timeline were so excited and my whole TL was crazy.. so I decided to check out Nell’s music video and the song is amazing! It literally blew me away, and since then it has been on repeat..  
    The Day Before is such a beautiful song.. I still have to listen to the rest of the album lol <3

  154. I missed them so much!

  155. Nell is back! But I’m lost, I was told there was a perfectly good explanation for this video, but I’m beginning to doubt it. It was a beautiful video, plus Lee Min Ki is stunning. Great quality and pretty song….but I’m too confused to enjoy it properly. It doesn’t help that there is already such a huge language barrier issue. I really hope this wins so you guys can do a Proper explanation of it. I’ll admit, it might make for a boring MM but it would really be helpful.

  156. They are back finally ^_^

  157. Woohoo artsy fartsy video!!! xD
    Is that Batoost’s pencil?
    Is that a book? Literacy 4 LYFE!!!
    Ooh that egg looks yummy!!!
    Why can’t I hear what they’re saying?
    Umm…..are they going out?
    Did he just get rejected?
    Ah that’s right, what’s the camera for?
    Wait did he just disappear????!!! A GHOST???!!! AN EXO MEMBER???!!! WHAAAAA….

    ………………………I think I need to watch that again.

    • i think they were lovers and the one pretty guy killed himself and the other pretty guy is reliving the memory of the first guy through the recording so they are represented together in time and space, except they are actually not in the same time and space. maybe?

    • I think the meaning is like this : 
      Minki committed suicide and left a video as a suicide note. His friend gets the video and decides to reenact the death by setting up the camera as Minki did. He places himself in that scene by sitting across from him. He’s listening to the video and is either imagining the possible conversation he would have had with Minki, or replying to what Minki’s saying. He’s trying to come to terms with Minki’s death and wishes he could’ve done more. His face when Minki drinks the poison is heartbreaking.

  158. totally!!! <3 but i can imagine what you're gonna say about this video.. LOL YOU.MUST.DO.IT! i will make my monday! 

  159. The song is really nice..and the video… wow! It’s strong.. really! I was watching it like..ok..they’re talking..ok..what’s going on here…? and BUM! And I was like: Noooo! He didn’t!! D; And I stayed breathless for few moments..^^’
    Strong.Definitely worth doing it in Music Mondays! :)

  160. Finally… this band means so much to me T_T hopefully I can buy the cd on my last day in Korea~

  161. finally they are BACK! been waiting so long for my favorite band!