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Nell – White Night

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  1. This is truly review material, besides… Nell is too awesome to pass up *_*

  2. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL MV AND SONG <333 I can't stop listening to it ^^

  3. I wish this would be reviewed..

  4. This vid better be reviewed cuz I wanna see a indie band reviewed and this is like an awesome song/mv… (y)

  5. Nell, the less known side of Korean music ^^Jjjang

  6. -tries to manually shove this music video up above the others- darn, it’s not working!

  7. I really like the actress’s expressions. The MV is a bit confusing though, why is she so devastated and why is everything in a time loop?

    • Blueberries

      I suggest that you watch it with subs. ^^ Briefly: The mv’s and song mirrors hard times that person goes through after end of long time relationship.

      In mv’s own story the woman was married with that frozen man. There was divorce or death that seperated woman from her loved one and she is devasted cause she still have feelings for him. She can’t breath (oxygen masks), her mind is becoming dull of pain (empty look) and all memories of their time together are paining her.

      For the time loop thing: Humans often think and worry about same things over and over again. She can’t just get pass of their break up and this is why she keeps suffering.

      These are only my thoughts of mv though. It’s really symbolic mv so there has been different theorys.

  8. i really hope this song will be reviewed ! :)

  9. I’m so much in love with this song *__* and this mv is soo sad and beautiful

  10. This is so beautiful; the video (as expected of Woolim) and the music (as expected from Nell). I might -slightly- prefer the MV to The Day Before but ah, it’s Nell, any argument is invalid! Now to vote so that this can be reviewed…

  11. Sincerenly hope Nell make’s it to 1st place. Beautiful video.

  12. I love this MV sooo much, but I don’t understand it :(

  13. I’m really such a new Nell fan, admittedly drawn in to investigate with Sunggyu’s (Snuggle You’s) “Shine” and his fanboying tweets. So I started combing through most of their discography. Nell writes beautiful songs (both music and lyrics) and makes great MVs too apparently.~ And wow the English proficiency present with Nell! I really like the Slip Away album and am quickly warming up to Holding on to Gravity. White night did not disappoint me.

    And to just stomp all over my serious fan-feels: Is that Mr Brohoho’s brick room?

  14. Such an awesomely emotional video. Nell brings the saddest and nicest sounding emotional songs. TT_TT

  15. Blueberries

    Douple posting, sorry mods ^ ^’

    After repeating mv couple times (it’s addicting and i freaking love the song, okay..) I have started wondering why the woman is needing oxygen that much. Like there must be cold cause there is ice everywhere and even the guy is frozen up but she doesn’t seem to be feeling it. And when she saw the guy she just rushed onto him just to search more oxygen. That was really weird to me cause if I saw guy frozen up like him I’d rush to see if he’s alive and if I could help him anyway possible. It’s even weirder when you see flashbacks… why doesn’t she show any affection to him? If they were in love just before this nightmare happening she should go nuts trying to bring his loved one back to life or if they were verge of breakup there’d be some looks of anger or sadness at least. But there is nothing, the body is like air to her. Only things that catched her attention was the oxygen and then the ring. She even snatched the oxygen bottle away from him so carelesly that his finger broke. Eww.

    I think this might be cause she has already lived that scene so she isn’t that intrested about it anymore. Deep inside she knows that her loved one has died and she knows that if she don’t get the oxygen she’ll die too. After seeing the ring and remembering their time together she feels the pain again which was the thing that send her to this ruthless world in the begin with. The pain paralyzes her and she loses her will to fight for survival anymore and so she dies again. Circle repeats.

  16. Blueberries

    I don’t know why she was in that aparment with his frozen husband repeating same heartbreaking scene over and over but the mv was really beatiful and I loved the song. This Nell.. I guess he’s solo artist? He has nice voice here anyway :)

  17. Sadly the majority of die hard and biased fans of idol groups don’t give a thought for these song

  18. This is such an interesting MV. I know it’ll be a great review. I hope it gets reviewed, it’s sad that The Day Before made it to the top 3 before falling behind. I hope it doesn’t happen to this one!

  19. There’s something about this song that just captures you and the way the mv is presented just makes you want to rewatch it trying to decipher the meaning behind it all. I really hope this song will get a proper review!

    Ps has an indie song ever been reviewed for kpop mondays?

  20. Amazing! Did anyone watch the 2012 Melon Music Awards?
    Nell’s performance was stunning! <3
    They performed White Night + Cliff Parade

  21. OMG! This song is amazing!!! I hadn’t heard of this group before… and I listened… and OMG! Like I need another possible bias/band obsession! But it was awesome and I’m hook and this will now be playing on my ipod on repeat and holy cow we need to put this up at number one!

    and I’m done spazing now

  22. This song is sooooooooooo epic !! *O* Nell is an amazing group ! Hope they get first place !

  23. Gosh, I’d be amazing if this MV could make it for MM…
    There’s a lot to talk about, so much symbolism in it >.<
    It's such a shame there isn't an special MM for indie songs 'cos competing against kpop MVs usually is pretty tough, specially for the fact that a lot of people doesn't vote for the most interesting MV but for their favorite idol's xD

  24. Love this song and I love Nell! I hope this makes it.

  25. Honeslty, this is one of the best MVs out there and it should really get reviewed. Nell deserve to be reviewed.

  26. well that was depressing and painful… Very nice and artistic though, pretty song. Not quite sure about the meaning behind it…

  27. the whole breathing and frozen set makes me thing of B2ST’s 숨 or is that just me?

  28. I can’t describe how much I loved this song!!!!!!!

  29. I thought it doesn’t count as kpop since they already talk about this video at K-Crunch Indie (yeah, really short) and when this MV released i couldn’t find it in Kcharts lol

    As always, Nell’s songs are beautiful and the MV sdjhfgkjsdhgakjhdgkjfahsd can’t type it properly. even i still prefer The Day Before one.

  30. I would be so happy if Nell actually got into Kpop Music Monday

  31. Is it me or are they using the same corridor/room thingy that was in the part of caffiene by Yesop Yang. The scene where the girl was giving him the heart, and the room where this girl wakes up………

  32. This MV is so crazy good I wish more people would vote for it >.<

  33. This video so deserves a review ^^ It’s so beautiful and Id love to see what Simon and Martina have to say about it. It’s just so well done!!! *evil ring theory anticipation*

  34. PEeeoople vote for NELL! They are amazing!!

  35. it would be the happiest day of my life if Nell would get reviewed! they so deserve it~!

  36. I absolutely love the song (not to mention the album art and the rest of the songs, something about Coin Seller made me really tear up ;_____;). The more Nell songs I hear and discover the more I love the wonderful music they create. ;~;

    The MV’s really beautiful and meaningful (was a tiny bit creeped out though lol), I hope it gets the chance to be reviewed! If it doesn’t make it then maybe someone can request it on K-Crunch Indie? :)

  37. This isn’t kpop but I love it soooo much

  38. Nell never disappoints! What a gorgeous song and music video! Love the new EP as well :)

  39. Nell! This is really one of the best MVs out there. The broken finger still gives me the creeps… More ppl should vote for it!

    • I’ve watched the mv 3 times now and still have no idea where exactly that finger came from!

      • it fell out of the guy’s hand when the woman moved him to grab the air mask thingie :3
        i was thinking it was the woman’s finger since it showed that flashback of her husband(?) putting it on her finger. perhaps after she died(?) the guy accidentally broke her finger off or something and just held it in his hand as he died? I have no idea really…

  40. I love the song and the MV. But the finger creeps me out.
    And i couldn’t help but imagine that it was Isildur that cut his finger off… sorry, I’m a Lord of the Rings fanatic. A creepy ring and decapitated fingers are always associated with Lord of the Rings for me XD

  41. You know, I havent listened to that many Nell songs before (enough to know that I like them very much) and I really do wish that this would get a review. The video is meaningful and beautifully done…of course nobody expected anything otherwise from Woolim xD I think Im going to go find my twitter password just so I can tweet this, something I really dont usually do since its been so long since I used it ;A;

    I don’t honestly know what the video is about yet though. I figured that there could be some sort of discussion started with it? Any thoughts? I get that there’s the woman and she can’t breathe, and obviously her lover died. So, what do you guys think is the cause of it all?

    • Hmm… I guess the woman’s suffering from a heartbreak and she’s not able to let go of their memories (so the gas mask is how she holds onto them through)? The MV sure is deep and can be interpreted in many ways and I’d love to hear S&M’s version (evil ring theory for sure xD).

      • It’s about a woman who realize but not accepting her relationship with her boyfriend has ended. She tried to go back to their sweet memories. That’s why she can’t admit their relationship freezed. She do it over and over again.

        • So, she keeps finding both him and her dead and frozen, so she keeps dying(?) again and again? I was really confused about what was going on. Obviously, she lost her love in some way or fashion. I just didn’t expect for her to see herself on the ground. Then she was laying on the ground everywhere and I was like o_O? I like the concept that her relationship is dead and frozen now, but she can’t give it up, so she thrives on the memories to keep herself going and alive.

        • Ah I see. I really like the idea that she’s holding onto her memories with the gas mask and its the only way she can keep them. Then I guess that would make it to where as the oxygen in the tanks runs out, she could be slowly coming to terms with what has happened between them. I still don’t quite understand what is happening when she sees herself in the ending of the video though. That’s what threw me off with the plotline in the end.

        • Tomo Willoughby

          perhaps everything being frozen is like the woman acknowledging that the relationship is DEAD or is OVER, but the freezing is her being stuck or frozen in that part after a relationship where you can’t believe it’s really over. Like you KNOW it’s over, but you refuse to actually come to terms with it being over. Perhaps this is shown in the part of the song “I can’t get over you.”

          as to the part when she sees herself again in the ending… well… at 2:02, she had taken more oxygen, trying to hold in the memories. But the ending is two minutes later, so the oxygen is wearing off, forcing her to finally SEE HERSELF DEAD and come to terms with the relationship being over.

          what’s weird is at 4:15, when she’s lying next to herself, both of them dead. So maybe when we see her wake up in the other room, it’s like a loop all over again. Maybe it’s like I said, that part after a relationship ends when you keep holding on to memories… and then at some point you start coming to terms… and then starting to forget, but then sometimes people fall back into the loop of holding on and coming to terms… uggghhhh I donno… SO DEEP!!!

        • Haha yeah that’s where I start to lose it too… NELL WHY ARE YOUR VIDEOS SO PROFOUND. I hope we can get to see what Simon adn martina have to say about it. This could call for a rather interesting skit. Pus more people would be exposed to the continually gorgeous music that is Nell. They deserve a review ^^

        • Blueberries

          I think there is so many dead “hers” around cause the story is repeating over and over again from his awakening to her current self dying. The time doesn’t go back (so dead bodies don’t disappear) and her story from awakening to dying wasn’t illusion or dream. It’s just that she can’t fully die cause her memories or regret will keep her sorrowful soul trapped in this everlasting circle so she just keeps reborning.

          First I though when she saw herself that her real body was dead and she was just a ghost or her soul (idk what’s difference) cause that’s more used one but when I saw that there was more dead bodies of her I thought immediatly that she will reborn on that scene again.

          One of my favorite anime’s had really similar scene where story kept repeating and main character kept multiplying, so it’s intresting to see similar thing in mv (atlhough the story is really different).

  42. this song is awesome!! mv is so beautiful<3

  43. Yesss,this is the perfect example of a MV that should be on MM all the time…because there are actually things you can think about and talk about…I wish one day we will be able to vote up Nell to the first place.

  44. oh my god, that with the finger was just creepy. & she will have to relive this night over & over again?! (that’s how i understood it)…what a nightmare!!! but the mv is beautifully made…& Nell’s voice is just heavenly…^^

  45. Just realised that this video reminds me of B2ST’s Soom/Breathe. With the snow/ice, the girl being unable to breathe and the gas masks. But they are very different videos and two very different songs, but I like them both.

  46. This is one of those videos that I think the skits for would be awesome

  47. This song is beautiful and so is the music video. It’s heartbreaking to see the woman collapse and die after seeing her lover motionless on the ground.

  48. I love Nell! Their songs are always so good! Oh btw the evil ring is passed from Infinite to Nell lol

  49. This would be a really interesting video to review. I only wish more people knew of Nell so that they could vote :/

  50. Naturally I watched this video right after I saw S&M’s bit about evil rings on this week’s KMM, lol.

    It’s a beautiful song and MV. Whoever played the female’s role is a good actress; she managed to make me connect emotionally with her in only 4 minutes.

    • Hahaha I thought about the evil ring too, and both Infinite and Nell are under Woollim lol
      Anyway the actress is Lim Soo Jung, probably best known for her role in I’m Sorry, I Love You =)

  51. Wow! This is the first song I’ve heard from Nell and I’m loving it.
    The MV is beautiful, albeit a little sad. I’m going to be singing “nan niga pillyohae/I need you” over and over <3

  52. Hello, anybody here?