Nine Muses – Dolls

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  1. Son las mejores♥ LAS AMO! FIGTHING!!! NINE MUSES *º*


  3. Simon! Martina! Please review this song…This group is so underrated and they deserve the attention from kpop fans :) Nine Muses is the AWESOME group ever!! I’m sure you will never regret to review this song :D

  4. I always feel bad when I’m new to old kpop groups… I found out that Nine Muses’ older songs are really awesome BUT I wasn’t there at the time to support them TT^TT and now that I am supporting them, I really hope that this gets reviewed!!!

    9MUSES fighting!!!

  5. the best girl in the histoire of kpop

  6. nine muses is sexy girl group i love them all

  7. This song really got me into Nine Muses. It would be mega awesome if this actually got reviewed BUT as of now it’s in ninth place (lol coincident?) Eunji<3 Love her rap^^

  8. I like this song its retro but modern which is rare in a song

  9. I really like the song, but the video is not really my thing…too much staring at the camera, & too doll-like. but then again, that’s what the song is about, so they did good work. hmmmm

  10. This is a great song! Really wishing for there to be a review of it. It’ll make more people know about Nine Muses.

  11. Yes! It’s finally in the top ten! Gonna be voting hard on this for the next week! I’d like to see what they have to say about all of it, I still think the video is lack luster, but the song is fantastic and the dance grew on me! Can’t stop listening to this a Disturbance this week!

  12. ice071521

    These girls definitely deserve more love and attention. I’m a recently converted Nine Muses fan, and from the short time I’ve “known” them, they have greatly exceeded my expectations. They are very talented and beautiful.:)

  13. Love this song and Nine Muses since Figaro. I hope they get more recognition.

  14. Eduardo m.

    yes! this song is awesome

  15. MoonRidder

    gorgeous just plain gorgeous

  16. I actually first heard this song live at inkigayo when waiting to see another group! They were amazing live and I love this song.

  17. Aww I’m glad S&M like NM

  18. the rap part was really nice :D

  19. Cyber_3

    Sweet! While I did not really like “Ticket”, I just loooooooooooved “Figaro” and this song is much more like that one (for the bits that I liked). Perhaps it’s my female bias but I honestly think that it would take nothing away from this video if they hadn’t gone “there” with the groin grab…..even just an inch or two away………to me it just cheapens all the cute/elegant shots.

    I would love to vote for this video but, next week (although I guess I am voting with my comment). This week I’m still pumping MFBTY’s Sweet Dream against all hope, especially since it looks like there’s an eyk interview with them in the works…..

    Cyber_3 – apparently when I blinked short haircuts are “out” now?

  20. Nine Muses is BACK!!! Wooooot!!
    I love this group. I think they are probably the second most underrated girl group out there (after SPICA). I love their distinctive style of music, and I love their image. I think it’s very distinct from GG- the only thing they really have in common is the fact that both groups have 9 members (give or take). While News is still my favourite Nine Muses song, this one was amazing! So many things I loved in this song and video, and it all worked together so well. Let’s get these girls to the top FINALLY!!

  21. Why is Nine Muses so underrated? they are so fricking awesome. and this song is AMAZING!!! even their past songs were great! they need more recognition! i think they deserve to get reviewed. It a awesome, sexy beautiful fun concept. The MV is great. especially how they seperate them like, 4 are black and 5 are white with a story behind it. and it was one of the best comebacks yet^^ i really loved it!!! they need to get out their and be recognized for their great songs and all! Nine Muses <3

  22. aww why isn’t this song placed higher? I really like it! sounds classy :D I really like Eunji rapping here. a LOT

  23. NINE MUSES aMUSE me! Alright! :D I would say this is the ONLY fave girl group of mine. they actually CONCENTRATE on singing as well rather than just dancing and stuff. they’re SINGERS after all unlike some girl groups =_=

  24. This group deserves the attention in k-pop world :)

  25. they are GORGEOUS! i love all of their discography and their mature sound just gets better with each release. sweetune definitely like them a lot because they always do their best pieces for them [sorry kara, i love you, but sometimes your girliness makes me cringe]. it is indeed a pity that they’re not more popular.

  26. Nine Muses is a really good group, I wish they could be more popular. =)

  27. SugarBabyG6

    We can not win… but i am still fighting ^^

  28. I really don’t get all the comparisons to SNSD. Other than being 9 beautiful women, the styles of the 2 groups are totally different. Nine Muses definitely projects a more mature image. I really am digging this song and the video is really good with the black & white concept.

  29. Man this song is underrated!!

  30. Fun song, very tall and pretty girls! But this video and dance kind of sucked :/ I’m voting for it because the song is cool, but it’s not really KMM worthy.

    • Cyber_3

      Yes, I really like the song but this is definitely a “Hello Beautiful Bubble Love” music video……….still makes me LOL every time.

    • I get what you mean…even I don;t really like vids where the girls are acting all cutesy etc(they probably did that coz korean people like those kind of girl groups more) but obviously they have a mature style compared to other girl groups and besides that, the song is amazing!

      • I can see that they have a mature sound, hopefully the rest of their songs are similar sounding, this is the first one I bothered to listen to, but I definitely wish I had started listening to them earlier! They’re sound is not what I was expecting at all!

  31. There’s gotta be a way to get more ppl to take a look at these girls. They are ridiculously underrated & it makes me sad for them. Even so, I’ll always cheer them on. They improve so much with each comeback

  32. NINE MUSES IS BACK!!!!!!

  33. I can’t see how they are copying SNSD??? SNSD are not the
    only girls who can dress all cutie and pretty… and The Nine Muses all have
    amazing strong voices and are showing themselves not SNSD…(please don’t get the
    wrong idea I’m not the best when it comes to writing my thoughts..)

  34. i love this comeback! it’s so great! and Nine Muses never fails to amuse me!!! i love Nine Muses! Come on Mines and others!! LETS VOTE FOR THEM TO GET REVIEWED!!!!

  35. I just had knee surgery last week & when I watched them perform on the weekly shows I unconsciously tried to do the butt rolling dance part…I almost hurt myself. I can’t wait til I’m well enough to learn this dance & do it along to the mv!

  36. This place needs more comments. Nine Muses is so underrated & if they are reviewed they could be introduced to more people who may usually only keep up with the bigger groups

  37. Nine Muses Is The Best Band , I Love You Nine Muses , Always Do The Best & Stay Happy 4 Ever !!
    ~ Sera – Hyuna – Lee Sam – Erin – Eunji – Sunga – Kyungri – Hyemi – Minha ~ I Love You My Dolls ^^

  38. I’d love to see this mv reviewed