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Nine Muses – Wild

  1. i need this to be reviewed

  2. Sexy time! ^____^ kekeke~

  3. i actually want them to review this song not coz its better,lolz i just know that the music monday by simon would be hilereous

  4. Is that opening part sampled from something? It sounds familiar. Maybe something 80s? Someone help me out?

  5. Okay wait at 1:33-1:35 the rose turns black once it reaches her…crotch region. Then 2:45-2:47 it turns back to red when she moves it away.
    What is the symbolism happening there? o.0

  6. So much mouth touching AND hanging open at the same time. 9Muses you should probably get that checked out.
    Also rubbing that gun all over yourself seems like a really bad idea.

  7. I really want this to get voted in so we can see Simon reenacting the mv. Complete with rose and short shorts.

  8. Simon and Martina would do such a funny MM on this! It’s hands down my favourite Nine Muses song, and the video’s amazing *____*

  9. They deserve so much recognition for this song!!!

  10. Those gems on their lips though are decidedly unsexy though. I wouldn’t enjoy kissing that so any cool aesthetic effect is kind of ruined by the impracticality. Not that I would ever be in a position to kiss any of them…=(

  11. Sera <3 Leesem <3 Nine Muses <3

  12. I too want to see what funky scenarios Simon and Martina come up with. I know Simon already talked about the Pervert shirt in his blog post, but can you please do it briefly in the video?

    n yes simon, “oooooooooooh it’s so nasty” ;)

  14. Loving the lesbian undertones.

  15. I really want to see Simon and Martina say “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ It’s so Nastyyyyyyyyyyyy~” xD Please review this song and video!!!! It’s fun to talk about this group since 9 Muses is the tallest girl group in Kpop ^_^ Proud to be MINE!!!! :D

  16. I would love if you finally review a Nine Muses song!

    • Agreed. It’s so unfortunate that they talk about how much they love Ticket all the time but never actually got to review it.

  17. Please people don’t be like this. I’m a fangirl as well i have my own Oppas and continously would vote for them. But if they already had a KMM recently i’d vote for a video which deserves to be there, and there is a lot to talk about

    And please never think this is slutty… this is sexy they are not the same!

    This is just so mazing and also can’t stop listening to the song. This made me listen to all their songs, and i just love them.

    Hyuna baby <3

  18. It’s a great song. Not my favorite of theirs but they seem to be getting more positive attention than before. Nine Muses fighting!

  19. The more I listen to this song, the more I love the rap sections. Those parts are SO ON FIRE.

  20. Nine Muses ♥♥♥

  21. I love how they introduce kink imagery in a subtle way that portrays it as beautiful. Nastiness does not have to be literally nasty!

  22. great song i enjoyed a lot, a now can’t stop listen to it over and over again jeje

  23. Oh hey it’s in the top ten now. *upvotes*

  24. Oh, I like this song! The use of color is pretty cool too. But I personally was a little disturbed by the video. I’m not a fan of girl on girl groping, same complaint with last year’s 4Minute Volume Up video. Outside of that I do appreciate that they’re going for a confident, classy sexy, more like the pinup look, which is soo much better than the trampy porn variety. I’m just not that much of a fan of sexy concept. Meh. Outside of that, great job 9Muses!

  25. Ohh, I Like this song. The use of color in the music video is pretty cool too. But maybe it’s because I’m female, but I’m just a little disturbed by the music video. I appreciate that they’re confident and “classy” sexy, at least it’s not the porny variety, it’s more the pinup variety. I’m just not a huge fan of girl on girl groping. Same deal with 4Minute’s Volume Up from last year…minor quibble. But outside of that awesome job.

  26. Woah, NM you girls no I mean ladies are something else, I think Simon and Martina could have fun with this just from the props alone. I mean who runs a razor blade across their lips like that? Is that lipstick really blood from said razor blade? And what’s with k-pop idols rubbing dangerous objects across their faces awkwardly? What if that gun had went off while she was doing so? Good song interesting dance, and I had to do a double take when I saw the one in the middle wearing the jersey shirt that read pervert, I was like are my eyes deceiving me?

  27. keep voting xD…at least for Simon & Martina talk a bit of this MV in their Kpop charts update…xDD

  28. Wow, that was… too nasty to not be in the top 3!
    Seriously, the lyrics… coupled with that video!

  29. Fantastic song! I like how Nine Muses have been able to maintain and evolve their image without stumbling. They are still classy and sexy, and their music has kept a strong electro-pop feel throughout their releases. Wild *sounds* like a Nine Muses song. Not many groups can claim that kind of consistency.

  30. Hottest video of the year, right here. *drools* These girls have got it. And it’s such a great-sounding song too. Not just pretty pictures and sexy dancing, but a great piece of music. That makes me happy. I love 9Muses’s style and flavour so much., *_*

  31. One of these days NM will win a music monday lol

  32. A strong comeback. I love it! <3

  33. Ugh lets try get this in the top 10 so people can know more about nine muses! These girls put in so much work so lets do our part :D

  34. Nine Muses had improved greatly with this comeback song. Even though the lyrics are good and suggestive, they didn’t go to that extent of vulgarity. They remained their classy image as idols. It’s very addictive and awesome to listen to. Nine Muses continue to grow greatly even if they had a rough start. It shows that they are really popular and loved by many. Nine Muses fighting~ <3

  35. I love how they managed to remain classy despite the sexiness of the video. I guess the b&w tones it down. I was nervous about the MV when the teasers came out, but they managed to keep it sexy classy. ♥
    Forever loving the synchronization. And Sweetune is forever a musical genius.

    Can I have Ninefinite collab, please? Pretty please? OH PLEEEEASE ♥

  36. i LOVE IT A LOT <3 They are so beautiful and sexy as always!!! The song is just so awesome! i like it more that Dolls !! but Dolls is still good too! Wild is just BETTER ^.^

  37. Let’s vote and comment

  38. love this song :D so proud to be a part of MINE

  39. i want them to review this song but i am not that expecting anymore since we have big groups coming back… OTL

    9muses saranghae!

  40. oh man that razor blade on her lips!! (TxT)

  41. Nine Muses are so sexy on stage & dorky offstage

  42. Oh nice shirt! *looks closer* wait it says pervert 17.

  43. wow, pretty strong song for 9 muses. I like it.

  44. Aww~ I was hoping for Simon and Martina to talk about this nastyyy video on the K-pop Charts Update :(
    I guess better luck next time… btw awesome comeback performance on Music Core! (^o^)/

  45. Absolutely in love with this song. In love with this video. In love with the style. In love with Kyungri. One thing I do wish, though, is that Sam had the same fierceness in the MV as she has been having on the stage performances. She looks super sweet here but I wanted her to be more in-your-face.

  46. this song is their best song yet i hope they get recognized

  47. very classy and sexy music video. and omg the song is amazing *_*

  48. its amazinggg :DDDD

  49. pls win <3
    it's awesome i swearrr

  50. This has it all.. classy-sexiness, whip, girl-on-girl action, rose-on-body, and GLITTER!!! All while remaining not to be slutty. Not to mention that (almost) everything in black-and-red is HAWT!

  51. This comeback and song is amazing! Not sure if its up S&M’s alley but I’m totally digging this song! Better then the recent girl group songs released, and I adore those groups. But everything about this song works and oh god, they are even higher then 2pm on the charts!! Hopefully S&M talk about them in the weekly updates!

  52. great song – beautiful, sexy, cute, dancing. perfect! Sung-ah with rose – wow! Power song!!
    Powerful rapping

  53. yanagiba yusuke22

    who watched today’s perf?? it was bcome better n better than b4…. some1 here said that they r the female version of infinite…n coincidentally today they wear outfit like infinite wear while they promote be mine long time ago… (the exposed back outfit)…. :)

  54. wow, it’s like kpop is an excuse to make porn with good music. ok, it was done sexy without being raunchy. i love it! like the lips at the end. aughhhhhhhh

  55. LOVE this video, 9muses is my favorite newish group, they have great songs and a classy, incredibly sexy image, I hope they reach a lot of success ^^

  56. This is hands down the NASTIEST music video of 2013! XD
    However, at the same time it is really REALLY well done. It is sexy but not raunchy and not gratuitously over-sexed for the most part, the girls stay classy throughout. The red and white with the punches of red looks fantastic and I especially love the lipstick shots, the colour scheme adds a really visceral edge to the video and is beautifully done.

    Most of all I especially love that 9Muses have actually grown since their last music video, unlike most other girl groups this year who seem to have regressed in their ages. They are sexy and confidant, you can totally tell that these girls were all models, and it is great to see that in a kpop music video.
    On top of all that their dancing and vocals are on point so all in all, great job to 9Muses and great job to their company for managing their image so well.


    BUGS #1
    NAVER #3
    OLLEH #3
    DAUM #62
    MELON #8
    MONKEY3 #19
    MNET #20

  58. Did anyone else notice that Sera’s jersey at the end says PERVERT? lol it’s random enough but the fact that she speaks English & wore it makes it even more awkward lol

  59. I loveee this new MV of Nine Muses, please keep comenting and voting for them =)

  60. Amazing comeback, sexiness done right.

  61. amazing!

  62. While this concept isn’t usually my thing, despite the fact that I think it’s over the top sexy, I really love the video, it is really pretty~ And I love this song so much. I always am consistently loving Sweetune’s songs, really love him with Nine Muses. And holy Eunji is so gorgeous.

  63. i love this song!, they improve a lot, flawless as always!!!


  65. Wow this mv is just so hot! And I loved the song!!! Have it on replay, hope nine muses gets reviewed ^^

  66. Soooooooo I just looked up the English lyrics and…
    “It feels like you’re getting wet, it feels like you’re slowly spreading”


    • I wonder if that’s possibly a mistranslation or misinterpretation of the lyrics? In the official video on LOENENT’s channel ( the English lyrics don’t have that line specifically. Something some what similar is said around 1:45 though: “You’re slowly soaking into me. This feeling that slowly, getting soaked is our secret”.

      It’s basically just as sexual as the first line, but I thought I would share the LOENENT’s version here so people could check out the official English translation, according to LOENENT. :P

      • Oh my. I think I like the second translation better. It’s less sexual. I get the feeling that it’s about you feeling like you’re one with the person you love. You know,…like having one soul?…..

        You know what? Forget thatI ever mentioned anything! I can see I’m losing this virtual argument.

  67. OMG!!!!
    I really loved this one!
    they need to reviewed at M.M.! =D

  68. I love how well done all of this is – Nine Muses stated they wanted to learn from Lee Hyori and hone their powerful, sexy image, and I think they’ve done that well. These ladies are classy, and the images in the video, while erotic, never cross the line into raunchy or inappropriate (living up to that 19+ rating though – wow). I also love how the dance moves mimic the piano at the end, and what the song talks about – the possessive heat of love; like when they seem to pump their chests at the beginning of the chorus and they sing “You are the only outlet in my heart.”

    Plus they totally rocked their MCD stage. Well done, ladies. :)
    (I’d love to see how crazy Simon gets with this. XD Who would he mimic? Sera’s rope? The fondling between Eunji and Hyemi/Sera? Hyuna’s chain? Sunga’s rose? Oh the nasty possibilities~)

    • maybe he will mimic all the action !! like, how Hyemi and Sera girl-on-girl action. Maybe he will wear “Sungri, i want to kiss you” wig and then do that on Martina xD

  69. Wow I hope they get to review this and I hope that nine muses do well in general! :D

  70. yanagiba yusuke22

    is it only me think that sam should be rapping n eunji sing any part in this song?

    • well it seems that eunji was discovered to be good at rapping so she was given a part in dolls…then maybe because it was really good they gave her a rapping part in wild? well i dunno but i think eunji is quite good at rapping, looking from an unbiased point of view. but yeah i feel sam should be given some rap lines too. there are probably others who feel the same way u do^^

      • yanagiba yusuke22

        what i see from ‘news’ era…sam is a strong rapper…but since dolss, wild, she’s not rapping anymore… missed sam rapping

    • Its probably because sam is a better singer then eunji so eunji is given what shes strong in, if you do economics its comparative advantage theory :P

    • ehm, Sam is trained at singing an Eunji trained at rapping since their break from Ticket (that’s why the break is long, other than make Sungah’s experience). So, that’s why they are practiced in these two songs. Hope she can rap at their next song, though.

  71. Every thing was good when watching this video… Until I looked at my own body.


  72. Sooooo… Ummm… That’s some interesting fashion going on yeah…?

    lol Pervert jersey.

    • I was so stunned and mesmerised while watching the mv until I realised what Sera was wearing and cracked up XD

      • The crap all over their lips was just freaky to me…
        (Who’s Sera? The one with the hat? lol)

        Edit: Nevermind the jersey wearer, was looking at reply on disqus as opposed to eyk.
        That hat looks like an old person’s lamp tho.

        • Hamtaro Kekeke

          …? ok i didn’t entirely understand your edit but i assume you know who i was referring to now? so yeah lol Sera is the pervert jersey wearer XD and yeah the lips are kinda freaky lol…
          old person’s lamp? hmm…u mean the stuff hanging down? it looks like someone just stuck some fancy stuff (lamp, or u know those stuff hanging from ur shoulders? ur an afterschool fan right? so the costuming in bang!) on the brim of a cap to make it look cool :/

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I was (and am most of the time) on disqus, the site that this commenting format thingy is from. It’ll show me when some1 replies to me or if ppl I have followed reply. It’s a lot less annoying than checking all the time on EYK.
          But yeah I figured it out but was on my phone so couldn’t do a strikethrough.

          Oh geez you had to turn it into Bang’s shoulder pads… I don’t rly think it looks cool though lol. Man Google is failing me but I know a couple older ppl w/ lamps that have strings going down like that all the way around.

          The lips I think took away from the video more than they added lol.
          I need to just listen to song w/o vid, I think it sounded kinda catchy but can’t remember any of it.


  74. yanagiba yusuke22

    their ‘exposed’ body seem exagerate in this vid…if this gonna review for KMM, mayb S&M will make fun with that kind of thing like ‘hair flipping’ in sistar19 KMM b4…

    • Well it was labelled as a 19+ mv…

      • yanagiba yusuke22

        hi…we meet again….i saw u in every girl group mv in the chart… nasties will be nasty if this mv in top 3… but it will b hard since large boy groups cb lately…sadly girl group fan was defeat so bad by bor group fans

        • Hamtaro Kekeke

          haha yeah, i’m so biased towards girl groups~ i see u around a lot too :D this mv is super nastyyy but i doubt this will get reviewed…or will it??? boy groups almost always crush girl groups on the eyk chart :(

        • yanagiba yusuke22
          yanagiba yusuke22

          hahhahah… i see mny girl group that potentially be review n more interesting to be in KMM didnt hv any chance to be review…that’s make me sad… but thankful for S&M reviewed t-ara n4 last week…even i want them to review more abt that vid…

        • Hamtaro Kekeke

          TT^TT yeah… again with the girl group crushing…i was so happy to see t-ara n4 get reviewed! but me too, i was kinda disappointed with the KMM… even though they explained the meaning behind the song, S&M could have said…more??? ok maybe it’s just a few people who aren’t entirely satisfied with the review, but hey, t-ara n4 got a KMM which means they can’t be crushed by their scandal alone and that’s what counts right? :DDD
          oh and back to nine muses, to keep it on topic, it’s so wild~! so nasty~! so sexay~! so awesome~!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I think May is supposed to be loaded with pretty big name artists so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

          Think AfterSchool is finally coming back the end of this month.

        • if this wins, half the review will just be Simon posing with red lipstick in slow panning shots

        • yanagiba yusuke22
          yanagiba yusuke22

          it will be epic if simon use push up…heheheheh…with the mouth hanging open… mayb mr. brohoho will appear too?

        • lol Mr brohoho XD XD i didn’t understand your comment until i looked again in the MV and saw the brick-fashioned house XD

  75. Loving the monochrome and red of the video.
    I know these girls are models too, but WOW! Impressive!

  76. I always saw Nine Muses as the female Infinite

  77. I love the use of monochrome and the emphasis on the red. The video was really sexy. And the lips omg.
    I think this video and song in general. I think Nine Muses is one of those groups that have insanely catchy songs yet are totally underrated. Sad.

    • Yeah…they are so talented but underrated unfortunately…but they are gaining popularity! The fan chants have grown louder! :DDD

  78. - Someone blew up Mr. Brohoho’s brick wall!! D:
    - So. Much. Lingerie. O.O
    - I’d like to see them eat with that bling2 on their lips
    - Nice hat. It seems Aussie fashion is finally catching on? :D