Nine Muses – Wild

  1. i need this to be reviewed

  2. 2NE1Klara

    Sexy time! ^____^ kekeke~

  3. i actually want them to review this song not coz its better,lolz i just know that the music monday by simon would be hilereous

  4. brinaethegiraffe

    Is that opening part sampled from something? It sounds familiar. Maybe something 80s? Someone help me out?

  5. brinaethegiraffe

    Okay wait at 1:33-1:35 the rose turns black once it reaches her…crotch region. Then 2:45-2:47 it turns back to red when she moves it away.
    What is the symbolism happening there? o.0

  6. brinaethegiraffe

    So much mouth touching AND hanging open at the same time. 9Muses you should probably get that checked out.
    Also rubbing that gun all over yourself seems like a really bad idea.

  7. brinaethegiraffe

    I really want this to get voted in so we can see Simon reenacting the mv. Complete with rose and short shorts.

  8. Simon and Martina would do such a funny MM on this! It’s hands down my favourite Nine Muses song, and the video’s amazing *____*

  9. They deserve so much recognition for this song!!!

  10. brinaethegiraffe

    Those gems on their lips though are decidedly unsexy though. I wouldn’t enjoy kissing that so any cool aesthetic effect is kind of ruined by the impracticality. Not that I would ever be in a position to kiss any of them…=(

  11. superduperamazin

    Sera <3 Leesem <3 Nine Muses <3

  12. I too want to see what funky scenarios Simon and Martina come up with. I know Simon already talked about the Pervert shirt in his blog post, but can you please do it briefly in the video?

    n yes simon, “oooooooooooh it’s so nasty” ;)

  14. brinaethegiraffe

    Loving the lesbian undertones.

  15. I really want to see Simon and Martina say “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ It’s so Nastyyyyyyyyyyyy~” xD Please review this song and video!!!! It’s fun to talk about this group since 9 Muses is the tallest girl group in Kpop ^_^ Proud to be MINE!!!! :D

  16. I would love if you finally review a Nine Muses song!

  17. Please people don’t be like this. I’m a fangirl as well i have my own Oppas and continously would vote for them. But if they already had a KMM recently i’d vote for a video which deserves to be there, and there is a lot to talk about

    And please never think this is slutty… this is sexy they are not the same!

    This is just so mazing and also can’t stop listening to the song. This made me listen to all their songs, and i just love them.

    Hyuna baby <3

  18. lostinsubtitle

    It’s a great song. Not my favorite of theirs but they seem to be getting more positive attention than before. Nine Muses fighting!

  19. The more I listen to this song, the more I love the rap sections. Those parts are SO ON FIRE.

  20. Nine Muses ♥♥♥

  21. MimeTroupe

    I love how they introduce kink imagery in a subtle way that portrays it as beautiful. Nastiness does not have to be literally nasty!

  22. Tyler Kaneda

    great song i enjoyed a lot, a now can’t stop listen to it over and over again jeje

  23. Oh hey it’s in the top ten now. *upvotes*

  24. Oh, I like this song! The use of color is pretty cool too. But I personally was a little disturbed by the video. I’m not a fan of girl on girl groping, same complaint with last year’s 4Minute Volume Up video. Outside of that I do appreciate that they’re going for a confident, classy sexy, more like the pinup look, which is soo much better than the trampy porn variety. I’m just not that much of a fan of sexy concept. Meh. Outside of that, great job 9Muses!

  25. Ohh, I Like this song. The use of color in the music video is pretty cool too. But maybe it’s because I’m female, but I’m just a little disturbed by the music video. I appreciate that they’re confident and “classy” sexy, at least it’s not the porny variety, it’s more the pinup variety. I’m just not a huge fan of girl on girl groping. Same deal with 4Minute’s Volume Up from last year…minor quibble. But outside of that awesome job.

  26. Woah, NM you girls no I mean ladies are something else, I think Simon and Martina could have fun with this just from the props alone. I mean who runs a razor blade across their lips like that? Is that lipstick really blood from said razor blade? And what’s with k-pop idols rubbing dangerous objects across their faces awkwardly? What if that gun had went off while she was doing so? Good song interesting dance, and I had to do a double take when I saw the one in the middle wearing the jersey shirt that read pervert, I was like are my eyes deceiving me?

  27. keep voting xD…at least for Simon & Martina talk a bit of this MV in their Kpop charts update…xDD

  28. Wow, that was… too nasty to not be in the top 3!
    Seriously, the lyrics… coupled with that video!

  29. Fantastic song! I like how Nine Muses have been able to maintain and evolve their image without stumbling. They are still classy and sexy, and their music has kept a strong electro-pop feel throughout their releases. Wild *sounds* like a Nine Muses song. Not many groups can claim that kind of consistency.

  30. Hottest video of the year, right here. *drools* These girls have got it. And it’s such a great-sounding song too. Not just pretty pictures and sexy dancing, but a great piece of music. That makes me happy. I love 9Muses’s style and flavour so much., *_*

  31. One of these days NM will win a music monday lol

  32. A strong comeback. I love it! <3

  33. Ugh lets try get this in the top 10 so people can know more about nine muses! These girls put in so much work so lets do our part :D

  34. Nine Muses had improved greatly with this comeback song. Even though the lyrics are good and suggestive, they didn’t go to that extent of vulgarity. They remained their classy image as idols. It’s very addictive and awesome to listen to. Nine Muses continue to grow greatly even if they had a rough start. It shows that they are really popular and loved by many. Nine Muses fighting~ <3

  35. 남우현

    I love how they managed to remain classy despite the sexiness of the video. I guess the b&w tones it down. I was nervous about the MV when the teasers came out, but they managed to keep it sexy classy. ♥
    Forever loving the synchronization. And Sweetune is forever a musical genius.

    Can I have Ninefinite collab, please? Pretty please? OH PLEEEEASE ♥

  36. i LOVE IT A LOT <3 They are so beautiful and sexy as always!!! The song is just so awesome! i like it more that Dolls !! but Dolls is still good too! Wild is just BETTER ^.^