Nu’est – Action

  1. L.O./.Es Please vote for NU’EST on daum!!!>..<

  2. Ahhh! I really want this song to be reviewed, it’s so awesome and the dance/video/english are all epic!!! :D

  3. it’s been a while since anyone comment here…:)))

  4. What happened to them in the charts??? O.o I don’t see them anymore! D:

  5. Can L.O.V.E do it? Can WE do it?? defeat SUJU?? We’ll see…
    L.O.V.E FIGHTING!!!m/ xD

  6. fuuko4869

    Hey Cannie, do you think you could vote for Nu’est’s new song? I think they might actually have a chance this time…fingers crossed >_<

  7. Action~ I finally learned the whole song! ^o^

  8. I’m not a nu’est fan. But this song rocks. And i like Ren’s chainmail, it makes him look like a medieval prince. (sorry for the english, i’m from argentina)

    • fuuko4869

      Hey, do you think you could vote for Nu’est again? Regardless of what you think about [Not Over you]. They’ve never been reviewed, and need all the help they can get :)

  9. Aing~~♥
    Sangilchukkahamnida Optimus Prince!!! ^^
    you’re my ideal prince!♥

  10. Anyone knows how did we go from 1st page to the 4th one in one day?

    • fuuko4869

      I noticed you’re voting for Tasty now, which is great – but could you spare a vote or two for Nu’est as well? Going up against Suju isn’t easy :S

    • fuuko4869

      No seriously, scroll down, I’ve explained it a few times. :)
      After 4 weeks, all videos get taken out of the voting, you can still vote and stuff, but it doesn’t count anymore (maybe we should make it so people can’t vote. Less confusing. Hmm.)
      Anyway yea it stops getting ranked by votes and it just gets listed by date. Usually videos slip down slowly, but because you guys held it up for so long, once it hit the 4 week mark, the drop was more drastic. It happened to Infinite and Bilasa as well, and basically any other video that was old, unreviewed, but with a significant number of votes.

  11. iloveminhyun


  12. so……………………….. why are we in 37th place ?! WE HAVE THE MOST VOTES AND HAVE NOT BEEN REVIEWED WHAT.

  13. Sad it didn’t get reviewed. It was so close too T^T

  14. When will Sandy out?
    But we need to promote Action first…^^~

  15. Everyone, let’s meet again in the ‘Sandy’ MV voting! We have to promise ourselves we are going to work even harder! >_<

  16. I heard the more we comment the better??:)))
    I don’t wanna spam instead share some heartfelt thought about our boys…^^~

  17. aigoo!! we need to promote Action more>_<
    let's vote for NU'EST on other pages and introduce our friends as well^^~
    I believe we can make it!!

  18. keri o'rourke

    I really want this to be review. We were so close now we are suddenly 37th place… :C

  19. JennyHung

    how did this fall to 37th… i was flipping through the pages and i couldnt even find this video ): why isnt this reviewed yet D:

  20. How the hell did Action drop from 4th to 37th place??? oO Nooooo, I want you guys to review Nu’est T_T I wanna know what Martina thinks about Ren O:)

  21. how’d we get down to 37th overnight? O_O

  22. I really love NU’EST. Please, love and support NU’EST

  23. how come their down the 37th place with over 43000 votes?!

  24. NU’EST hwaiting!!>.<
    should we continue voting?? and comment?? and share too??:))
    guess we just have to do our best til Sandy come out:D

  25. Totally hoping to see S&M do a review on this one. I’m sure it’ll be rife with teasing and I can already guess some of what they will/might say, but I don’t care. XD
    Love this song, love Nu’Est’s style, and I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future!

  26. how did it drop so low in so short a time? I don’t get it. Feels a bit like we go cheated on this one. I really want to see this and I got a bunch of my friends on facebook to vote for it even the ones who have no care for kpop and it was all for nothing. that kind of sucks. I have never tried to get a cretin son on here before i have never had to and this time i tried so hard and it was for nothing :(

    • fuuko4869

      Hi Brittany, if you scroll down a bit you’ll understand why :)
      Nu’est was very unlucky this time round, and with Face as well, but the charts work the same way for all videos. The older a video is, the less its value, and when it hits 4 weeks, it’s taken off the charts (well, it’s still on the charts, but it’s ranked by date instead of by votes).
      Thus, because a video’s value steadily decreases over the 4 weeks, usually it would slowly drop off the charts, and people don’t notice when it gets taken out of the game. But because you guys voted so hard, it managed to balance out the decay and keep it at no.3ish the whole time, and made a massive jump when it was removed. That’s really impressive. At least now we know how hardcore and dedicated LO/Es are :)
      Sorry if that wasn’t clear enough. Feel free to ask me if there’s anything else you don’t understand :)

      • Blueberries

        Thank you for clarifying it more. I was wondering why it was so huge fall cause I thought it’d slowly fall down. So competition is on for 4 weeks for every video and after that it’s out of game. Next time we should try our best to win within 4 weeks :)

  27. and there we are ranked 37th!!!!@_@
    we need to be more active!
    and don’t forget to vote on either!(a credible page of Kr)
    NU’EST dabaek! NU’EST hwaiting!

  28. clare dehn

    i dont understand how nu’est is now 37th

  29. Blueberries

    Everyone you should watch this: It’s subbed clip from radio show where 4 rookie groups were including Nu’est of course. There’s also part 1 put Nu’est don’t appear in it so i linked only part two. First in this clip there’s vocal battle. Nu’est’s interview part starts 07:05. It’s really funny so you should watch it!

    Credits for subber and uploader: kpopobsessed.

    • iloveminhyun

      omo, that’s adorable! awww, Pledis family is so cute <3 ARON's rapping. OMG. this just made me go into ultimate fangirl mode! Thanks for sharing!

  30. iloveminhyun

    So I just scrolled through the charts. We’re 37th! I don’t know about you, but I actually found that a little funny! I guess Nu’est reached the ‘4-week’ mark and so the logarithmic system did what it needs to and pulled us down.
    But I’m actually quite happy. Usually, videos get pulled down the charts gradually. They don’t just drop from 4th to 37th in an instant. You know what that implies LO/Es? That we did an awesome job and that prevented us from falling! I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished here. We showed Simon and Martina and the Nastys our strength and warned them to beware of Nu’est because their fandom is STRONG and united and we stand our ground through thick and thin.
    I’m proud to be a part of this fandom and I’m so happy with what we’ve accomplished. I made a lot of friends, and had really interesting conversations with you all. We really are an awesome bunch! Anyways, well now that war has ended and we didn’t win but we still had a good time. Can’t wait to talk to you all again when Sandy is released! <3
    Saranghae NASTY LO/Es! <3

    • Liliana Kim

      At least we stayed in the top 3 for so long… hoping for new mv soon

      Nu'est Hwaiting!

    • Blueberries

      Wait what? How can that be! So low in so short time. Lol.. Ah sad somehow. I’d like to be in here just little bit longer.. Now it seems unnecessary cause I don’t think people would come anymore. Well anyways, we did great job and should be proud of ourselves. At least we did our best and were in top for a month!

      Yeah I’ll also see everyone in Sandy’s mv comment section if sky doesn’t fall off XD. It was nice to talk with you guys cause you’re awesome. And I’m not trying to be corny but I have never felt that I’m part in fandom more than with being L.O./.E:s here. You guys made me love Nu’est more if that is even possible!

      Anyways, See you ;))

  31. So sad when I came here and didn’t find NU’EST at the front page, but even so, I searched them up and still voted for them. But wow, all the way to the 30-something spot? I don’t care, still voting…

    • iloveminhyun

      yeah, I wonder what happened. I think it’s a glitch or something because we can’t drop from 4th to like 30th so fast! Simon and Martina, please fix this!

      • fuuko4869

        Sup, it’s not a glitch, it’s just how the charts work. After 4 weeks, it stops getting ranked by votes and gets listed by date instead. But seeing how big the jump was just shows how strongly you guys were resisting the system….pretty impressive actually.

        • iloveminhyun

          Yeah, I noticed. Oh well ^^ until next time. Hope you had fun ‘censoring’ our conversations here! :) And thank you for all the hard work!

  32. Nhuyen Tran

    never stop voting for nu’est please!!!

  33. Renita Julistia

    Gah….I finally can sign up at Naver. It took me a while, but I can make it >.<
    The problem now is, I don't know where to vote. I already opened the voting page, but since all written in korean, it's really confusing.
    If only Naver written in English, I believe Nuest will get more votes.
    Can somebody help me??

  34. Blueberries

    We’re 4th now… How can we be dropping this fast! There’s no hope for 4 weeks old videos.. Well, at least we saw how this site works. When Sandy comes out we need to try within two first weeks or it’s goner :)

  35. hi! Do you know that they’ve already started voting for the 2012 Best Rookies? It’s on Naver, so if any of you have time, please create an account and vote there, i tried but i couldn’t, so please help, we’ve been trying so hard, but our final target is 2012 Best Rookies, so LET’S VOTE, L.O./.ES <3 Thank you :)

    • Okay I’ve voted. Do you know if I can vote more than once? I don’t understand korean so lots of it is confusing… >.<

    • Blueberries

      I hope someone would clearify how you can vote XD. Huh korean sites is so hard. Why can’t they be more international friendly and do a english option?

      • yeah, haha, i really want to vote but i can’t, i nearly successed in creating an account and then there was some prob. here’s the link of a blog:
        it has the link to vote (scroll to the bottom of the page to vote) and an instruction link. :) Good luck, i failed though :(
        Nu’est is now 3rd place with only 19% of votes, 2nd: exo, 1st: B.A.P: 47% :(

  36. amazing MV ^^ I love dance break of this MV . It makes me remember ” angry birds ” shot XD ! VOTE for 5 babies ^^

  37. Oh, I wish NU’EST would get back to the top.

    Come on LO/E ‘s, they deserve to win, yeah? c:

  38. I’m starting to get pissed off.
    I never thought i’d say that i actually hate their rating system now.
    Nu’est is kickign ass with votes, but because its so old it’s not gunna get reviewed OTL;;

    • Blueberries

      I don’t like the system much either. I get it that videos that are newer are more fresh and better to review but BoA doesn’t have anything put votes (no shares, no tweets, no comments). To me it seems that BoA:s fans aren’t that passionate about getting it first. I mean.. I think almost all Nu’est voters come here, vote, share and twiit and then start to talking about mv and Nu’est. It’d be better if votes counted less cause it’s so easy to vote. Try to share with G+, that’s one hell of challenge! XD

      And no, I’m not trying to say that Nu’est should be one first. Action is old video so can’t be first. Nu’est and BoA are just examples.. there’s also B.A.P which got over 7000 comments (disqus was crashed alltime cause it can’t handle so much in on page) and over 5000 facebook shares. I just think that if votes were only 1 point then video’s where fans are commitment and have discussion are reviewed more often.

      • fuuko4869

        Hmm. I agree that BoA fans aren’t as passionate about getting first, but she does have a lot of fans, being a kpop legend and all. But I’m actually surprised that she’s made it this far.
        One IP address can only vote once per 24 hours. That’s why it’s worth 2 points, as opposed to comments and tweets which are spammable.
        Google+ and Facebook can only contribute once, ever, which is why it is given a whole 4 points.
        We already went over this when we were testing out the beta function, and felt the distribution was pretty fair.
        But if you have any other input into how we can make the charts better, shoot away :)

        From my observation, the current system reflects who the most people want reviewed – not so much who has the most passionate fans. But occasionally, if they do a loooot of recruiting, a group with few but dedicated fans can make it (eg BAP). It pleases the majority this way. Can you see the logic here?

        • jakemanroe

          I really wish the system can allow for exceptions and reward fans for their dedication & hard work. I’m not a Nu’est fan but I really admire the fandom for putting in so much heart & hard work to get their MVs reviewed. This is going to be the 2nd time Nu’est’s MV doesn’t get pick. It’s really demoralising : (

        • Blueberries

          So groups with biggest fanbases have best shot… Somehow sad but understable. Maybe it’s just me but what I love about this voting system is commenting and connecting with other fans so I hope there’ll be something that engourages for it more. But anyway, this system is pretty good compared to many other and mod’s are also great cause in many sites there’s nothing but spam in commenting section :)

        • fuuko4869

          Thanks for slipping in a compliment there :p
          This whole website is constantly undergoing upgrades, and they (S&M) are actually taking much of your feedback into consideration. So if you have realistic and constructive tips to improve things (and not just butthurt reactions on your group’s loss), it’s very much appreciated. Seriously :)
          About the fanbases, yea, I guess large fanbases do have the best shot. But not fans overall – more like the fanbase on EYK (eg, Soshi has a massive fanbase, but because The Boys’ review wasn’t great, not many of them vote on EYK). I suppose it depends on what the Nasties like the best? After all, S&M want to cater to their viewers, so they want to review what most of their viewers want to see.
          BAP winning last week was a classic example of a video that had few voters but strong dedication and very encouraging commenting. I didn’t think it was possible, but they managed to beat the system. However, because only a small percentage of Nasties wanted to see that video reviewed, it meant that a larger percentage of EYK viewers were disappointed. I guess that’s why the charts are designed to make it difficult for a video with few fans to win.

          On a side note, I also think it’s a shame that Nu’est has never been reviewed. I really don’t know what else to say – you guys were very unlucky. With the amount of votes both videos have, you could have easily won if it had been released at a different time.

          I feel like I’m rambling now….
          Anyway, Blueberries, I actually appreciate what you said about changing the allocation of points for comments, votes, etc. If you could come up with similar concrete suggestions, it would be great.
          Personally, I want a system where crazily interesting videos from random artists will get reviewed. Such as, say, Seo In Young’s Oh My Gosh.
          But if that happened, think of all the fangirls who will disappointed that their Oppas didn’t get reviewed? Too many to count. So I suppose it’s for the greater good that my favourite video isn’t reviewed :(

        • iloveminhyun

          I’ve got a few suggestions! To be honest, although I think this chart is very fair, I feel it is missing something. When you open the K-pop Charts, you see this quote: “The more you participate the better your song will do.” But the thing is, there is only so much we can do to participate. I think there needs be something else to this chart that a Nasty can contribute to limitlessly to show how much we want a video reviewed. I know that’s meant to be ‘commenting’ but in reality, we ARE limited in commenting and because commenting is worth so little, it doesn’t really have an effect. At first I was thinking something along the lines of a Nasty paying actual money to get points (it would make Simon and Martina RICH I tell you XD) and so if someone really wanted small debut group reviewed, they could theoretically get there by paying some money. But then I realized that would sort of go against the point of these Kpop charts and Simon and Martina will get a lot of hate and that wouldn’t be very nice. 0_o
          The thing is, I think the Nastys can basically predict what MV will win because it will usually be the one with the bigger fanbase. I really want something extra added to these charts that takes into consideration the ‘dedication’ of the fans so that smaller groups have a chance. So what I’m saying is this: I want something that would give a group like let’s say Led Apple a chance against a group like Big Bang. You see what I mean?
          I don’t know what this ‘something’ could be, but it must be something that I can contribute to limitlessly you know.
          I guess my suggestion isn’t ‘concrete’ lol but I just wanted to get it out there :)

        • fuuko4869

          Thank you :)

        • Blueberries

          Yeah nasty’s isn’t always quite same than whole fanbase. I think that most of international fans like to hang out there and not so many asian (at least korean, japanese and chinese) fans cause they’re used to countless fanpages of kpop and written in their own language too.

          Nu’est really has the baddest timing XD. We always almost make it but then someone newer (Psy, B.A.P and now Beast) cames and takes the jackpot. So near but never quite there. Now it’s seems that Teen Top has ideal timing. It’s second with very low scores cause Nu’est and BoA are too old. And it hasn’t got any big competetion but maybe F.cuz (what haven’t been that popular) coming up.

          I hope that S&M would make timing count little less. Right now it’s too easy for newer songs to get up older ones that got thousands of points. I think that’d serve fans more cause newer videos can always compete next week when some older really good and loved ones can’t when they have lots one or two fierce battles. For example, some videos need 50k votes when others just 7k to get into KMM.

    • The system just tries to keep the reviews as fresh as possible.
      Currently though, Nu’est is about as close to a tie as one could get with BoA, a video that is half as old as Nu’est.
      Nu’est fans are really holding their own on these charts. Mad impressive.

    • fuuko4869

      Just an observation, noone has actually complained about the voting system until they start losing.

      ……..*runs away*