NU’EST – Face

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  2. Best song Ever I haven’t heard this from kpop in awhile I love all of the members with their charms
    This song is a music monday MUST!!!!!!

  3. Iván Isa

    Nu’est the best rockie this year! espero q reciban vario premios

  4. Please review ‘Face’ by Nu’est! To me they are the best rookie year with an awesome debut song that speaks loads about what their group is about! They style is totally amazing and fresh. As much as I’d like you to review ‘Action’, I think critiquing their very first song seems to be a much better ‘start’ to future reviews if they ever came up with an uber hit, which I’m sure they will! Thanks:)

  5. iloveminhyun

    First commenter in 2 months lol~ This song would have made for an amazing KMM. It’s so sad that it didn’t make it.
    Even though its been months, and even though I’ve listened to it on repeat non-stop since like forever, it NEVER gets old. Literally, never. I can’t bring myself to get tired of it. I think this is the only song in history that I have never ever ever got tired of. My favorite song in all of Kpop. Heck, not just all of Kpop, my fav song of all time. period.

    • fuuko4869

      Oh, so you’ve never heard of Epik High? *rubs hands with glee* :D

      • iloveminhyun

        lol how did you even see this post?
        honestly, I don’t know much about Epik High~ give me a song to listen to that could live up to ‘Face’ XD I’ll give them a shot :)

        • fuuko4869

          HEEHEEHEE I see all the comments on this website in one place :p

          Btw I was just trying to find an excuse to spread the Epik High love, lol. Face is really good, I actually have it in my car. Reminds me of the Vengaboys.

          Here’s a playlist of the best Epik High songs of all time – including all their English songs, and all the songs that have English subs (Epik High is all about the lyrics, yo!)

        • iloveminhyun

          So i actually went through the playlist one by one and I’m like on the 42nd video XD and lemme say I’m really liking them. The MVs: NO DANCING IN BOXES. there was not a single MV like that, and I appreciated that! there were some weird MVs that i didn’t get, but thats probably cuz i’m stupid and don’t get the symbolism XD
          My favorite: I really like One, song and video.
          I also really love Run. Run is the only Epik High song that I had listened to before this playlist (along with Tablo singles), and I’ve always liked it.
          I loved the MV for ‘Fan’ too. I liked all of the crime MVs actually. I wish there were more MVs like that nowadays.
          And I really loved listening to the English rapping. Over. Orchestras Spotlights Turntables. Rocksteady. Excuses omg so much poetry XD wow… wow. I’m like blown away. no wonder Tablo graduated from Stanford XD My favorite was Lesson One. Man, that was deep.
          Okay, so I’m talking about EpikHigh in the comment section for Face. So TKIR: One of the main reasons I like Face and why I like Nu’est in general is because of the depth of the lyrics. And there’s no denying that Epik High’s got depth down. I think in terms of depth and lyrics, Epik High does better than Nu’est, I’m not lying. XD In terms of melody though, I like Nu’est more but only because Epik High is really big on rap and I’m not a huge fan of rap XD
          Anyways, I think this is irrelevant, so feel free to delete XD Let me finish the playlist now. 37 more. *wipes sweat from brow*

        • fuuko4869

          Wow. Like seriously, WOW. I’ve been sharing this playlist all over the place, but you’re the first person who’s gotten so far through it (that I know of >_<) Thank you so much!!!

          I also love that all their MVs are incredibly original, but in defense of the idols who do dance in boxes – I'm pretty sure Epik High suck at dancing (well, they're not kpop idols after all) which is why they can’t do ‘dancing in boxes’ :pAnd thus they have to come up with more interesting videos!! Hahahaha!!!
          [One] was the first Epik High song I ever heard. And I fell in love instantly. But my favourite song is “Happy Birthday to Me” – as you can hear me talk about in this video :p
          I’m so glad you like them :) I used to be an anti-kpop fan until I was introduced to Big Bang by a guy friend of mine; then I was a exclusive YG stan until I got introduced to Epik High by another guy friend of mine. By then I realised I was being silly by stubbornly refusing to listen to potentially good music just because of their race/company/gender/looks/etc. That’s why I can be so accepting of other kpop artists now – like Nu’est (TKIR!!)

          Speaking of irrelevant conversations, S&M were thinking of making a forum so Nasties can chat about whatever without worrying about the strict rules of the Kpop Charts. Would you be interested in helping with this? Because S&M were asking me if I knew some potential moderators, and I suggested you, among others ^^;

        • iloveminhyun

          haha it’s no problem XD it’s kpop so I’m having fun going through these songs and being all critical. It’s cool how you actually bothered to make a playlist with 79 videos just to spread Epik High love! True High Skooler right here :)
          14 more and I’ll be done with the playlist!
          But, OMG, Lesson Two. I love, love, love the lyrics. I honestly almost cried when I was reading the translation. It’s so relatable to what’s happening to my country of origin (Syria) and it like pierced my heart. It’s like a perfect reflection :,( ^that song just magnified my respect for Epik High. I don’t think I’ve ever been so touched by any song my entire life^ *now excuse me while I blow my nose.* oh god I need to show this to my parents. They might finally like a K-pop group!
          I also really liked Ignition, White Night and Fool. And I think I’m going to buy ‘Fourth Album Remapping the Human Soul’now :)
          Are you Lalita? omo you’ve moved a lot! That’s such a sweet message. I watched the entire thing and it’s amazing to see what all these people have experienced and how Epik High has influenced them. Btw, right now, I feel like every single kpop band I have ever listened to is so superficial as I’ve only been Epik Highing for the past two days lol~ (TKIR) Nu’est now seems so small in comparison. Not because they aren’t as good, but because they never tackle issues like religion and war and politics…
          Well on my my way to becoming a High Skooler now, thank you very much. First step: need to learn their names. Should be easy :) just need to finish the playlist now~

          And omg, I am flattered! Of course I’d be interested in moderating an eatyourkimchi forum! when’s this going to happen?

        • fuuko4869

          I think they’ll be adding forums when they finish coding the new website. From what they tell me, it sounds really cool!! >_< And I'm glad you're enthusiastic, I'll pass it on :)

          I'm really excited that you're enjoying Epik High! It's a different genre, being heavily rooted in hip-hop and rap, so it isn't everyone's cup of tea (kinda like how Martina doesn't like ballads, and I don't like jazz). But if the music is to your liking, then you can enjoy the awesome lyrics – which indeed are really amazing. In fact the only reason I'd consider learning Korean is to appreciate their lyrics more – apparently they're famous for pioneering the use of rhymes and poetry in hip hop, or something, and yet I can't understand it T_T

          You're from Syria?! I knew you were from the Middle East, but Syria….whoa you must have it tough girl :(
          This is why we need a forum! So many interesting Nasties!!

          And yes I'm Lalita Andersen. That video was so touching eh. I guess it's cos Epik High music relates to people's negative experiences, which is what people tend to remember more strongly.

          TKIR – it's true that Epik High's lyrics are a lot deeper than most pop songs. But they're different genres, and I don't think they can be compared. It's like how you like different songs depending on your mood. When I'm sad, I listen to soppy ballads. When I'm contemplating the meaning of life, I listen to political rap (as opposed to bragging rap, which you get a lot in the US). When I'm feeling happy, I listen to pop. When I want to stay awake or want to move around, I listen to dance tracks. And when I'm in a rage, I listen to rock or metal.

          Thus, Epik High is awesome, but too much isn't good for you. It'll make you all sad. You need to balance it out by listening to stuff by Nu'est, which will make you feel happy and peppy again ^^b

        • iloveminhyun

          Well, for me, rapping and hip hop isn’t my cup if tea, which is why I can’t get addicted to the melody of Epik High but I am totally 100% into the lyrics~ the fact I don’t understand Korean and stll think their lyrics are good says something. Native Koreans must be like doubly impressed XD
          Oh no I don’t live in Syria, but I am Syrian :) Me and my family are too chicken to go back there and rebel hehe ^^’ I live in Qatar, which is also the Middle East. :)
          Lalita is such a pretty name btw XD
          TKIR: I can’t wait for Sandy. I need to feel peppy and happy again after spending like two full days on nothing but Epik High lol ~

        • fuuko4869

          Oh Qatar!! That’s where they’re gonna have the air-conditioned World Cup! lol just thought I’d mention that.

        • iloveminhyun

          I finished the playlist! Just wanted to comment on the song ‘Barbeque.’ That was an overload of cuteness right there lol!
          Btw, you should add the recent Tablo songs to the playlist, the ones from his album with a tiger in the cover (Fever’s End?)~
          Anyways, I enjoyed the playlist, thank you for spending the time to make it!

        • fuuko4869

          I made you a Tablo playlist :p

          lol tkir, you should make a playlist of subbed Nu’est videos? Since you said the lyrics are good. I’m curious now :)
          Btw, did you hear S&M are on vacation from KMM for 2-3 weeks? When is Sandy coming out LOL

        • iloveminhyun

          a tablo playlist? I checked your channel and it wasn’t there XD link it to me please. I have the Fever’s End album so I know all of the songs in it, but I’d like to see the playlist XD
          hmm, I think I’ll do the Nu’est playlist. I mean Nu’est has only come up with like 6 songs so far XD should be easy. I’ll send it to you when I’m done :)
          yeah, I heard that. Pledis is trolling us and not telling us the release date. They said they finished filming like over a week ago. All the LO/Es have been patiently waiting and expressing our utter anticipation through skype and our fb group. Still waiting patiently, and hoping it would be postponed another week so it has a chance of making it this time XD

        • iloveminhyun

          gomawaa <3 theres more tablo solos than I thought XD

          here's my Nu'est playlist :)

          and I showed my dad Lesson One and Lesson Two and he said: "this is the type of music you should be buying, not all of those girly boy bands you keep listening to." :P haha my parents approve of Epik High XD

        • fuuko4869

          You know what’s interesting, a while ago there was a poll on facebook by the biggest Asian-Australian TV channel, asking ‘Which Asian artist would you like to see live?’ and I noticed, without me even telling him about it, my dad had answered ‘Tablo’ xD I was surprised he even answered Facebook polls, and when I asked him why, he said “I like his songs. He writes good lyrics.” You see!! The fathers know best!! ^o^b

          ROFL, that Nu’est playlist – I cracked up when Mordney appeared xD don’t think I can take it seriously after that…… :p

        • iloveminhyun

          haha~ I love it when parents participate in our kpop interests XD
          lol yeah Mordney :P he will forever haunt kpop.

        • fuuko4869

          Hey, since you’re one of the most passionate LO/Es on EYK, I need your advice.

          Nu’est’s new MV, Sandy, is umm. Not really a proper MV. But if you can come up with a reason why we should put it up, maybe we can convince S&M to publish it.
          Here’s a bunch of videos that were never published because they weren’t ‘proper MVs':
          BAP – Crash

          Super Junior – Superman

          SNSD – Mr. Taxi (Korean version)

          Miss A – Love Alone ( I love this song :D)

          Is there anything about Sandy that you think would make it deserve being included when those videos weren’t? If you can come up with something convincing enough, the fans of those other groups might not be so upset. Because we need to be fair, you see. Especially to Babys who wanted to vote for Crash. ^^b

        • iloveminhyun

          I actually sort of expected that it wouldn’t be included in the charts. But now that you’ve given m a chance to say why it should be included, here I go.. *deep breath*

          As for Super Junior, Miss A, and SNSD, they differ from Nu’est because it seems like the footage was not meant for an MV. It was a live show rather than a music video. Sandy, on the other hand isn’t live and all the footage taken was taken specifically in order to make this music video.

          As for BAP, I don’t think I should speak because I don’t know. But I **assume** the same thing, the footage taken was not intended for a music video. There was backstage footage from the ‘No Mercy’ set, and I don’t think (I may be wrong) that they were thinking while they were filming ‘No Mercy’ : ‘hey let’s film some backstage footage so that in the future, it can be a video to a track in our future album.’ I also assume so because ‘Crash’ is about falling in love, and the footage for Crash have nothing to do with the lyrics. Sandy is about a girl, and there were five girls (one for each!) in the MV, so it does correlate. I’m not saying that to suggest that Sandy is better (it’s not XD), I’m saying that to bring about the point that Crash’s footage were not intended for the song ‘Crash.’ Was I clear enough? ^^’

          As for Sandy: The girls in this MV are the Sandys, and they applied via the Nu’est fancafe in order to be featured in this MV. So basically, everyone knew they were making a music video while they were filming. The other ‘improper MVs’ seemed like they weren’t intended for an MV, and were basically an assortment of footage collected and randomly inserted to the track of the song.

          Honestly though, I’ve talked to a lot of LO/Es, and all agree that Sandy isn’t our favorite, so it won’t be devastating for us if it wasn’t included on the charts. But still, we do want it there because we want to talk to all the Nasty LO/Es again. Even if it is put on the charts, I don’t think it will be able to make it with Block B and BAP coming back. So we just want it to be there not for the sake of winning, but for the sake of talking to each other. And unlike with the last 3 Nu’est MVs, we’re not particularly ‘passionate’ about getting this reviewed. We want Nu’est’s first EYK review to be positive and Sandy isn’t a very simon-and-martina-like song and the MV was not all that impressive (unless you’re a fangirl ^^). So I leave it to Simon and Martina to decide. We want it to be included, but if it isn’t we won’t throw a tantrum. I rest my case and I trust simon and martina to make the fair decision, whatever it may be :)

          ^If Simon and Martina do see this, they should know I love them a lot^
          Done. *wipes sweat from brow*

        • fuuko4869

          Wonderful! :) I’ve passed it on. I actually think all MVs should be included no matter how good or bad they are – just for sharing purposes, not necessarily to win. But it does save a lot of potential disappointment if it isn’t included.

          Okay now excuse me while I watch Psy perform live on AUSTRALIAN TELEVISION xD

        • iloveminhyun

          naww. Oh well… until next time XD
          What happened with PSY’s audience??

        • fuuko4869

          Oh just typical aussies, too lazy to do anything besides clap at the end. There’s this idea that it’s not cool to be too passionate about anything, y’know? The audience on Sunrise this morning was much better – although most of them were just filming the whole thing on their phones, and only danced/jumped/sang along after Psy demanded them to for the umpteenth time :p

          What’s funny is that the host said ‘he’s never seen the crowd this bouncy before’. So usually they’re like what? Zombies? =_= (I don’t usually watch TV so I’d have no idea)

          In other news, Epik High’s tracklist is out!! :D :D :D

        • iloveminhyun

          lol ^^ I love aussies :P
          You should go to one of these lives and get the crowd moving!
          What’s the tracklist called?
          Right now, I’m spazzing over BlockB. (adjdfkdsfjkejfe)@$&^

        • Why was the audience not good? They did not respond to him?

        • iloveminhyun

          give me a minute as I write a well-structured and convincing plea. *takes a deep breath*

        • bball4224

          Womp, womp, womp…

          Is that because they aren’t like actually singing the song in the vid?

        • fuuko4869

          Well, that’s one reason. But it’s not definitive, because what about story MVs, where the singer is acting the whole time? Or when they hire people to act in their MV, and they might not appear in it themselves? I don’t think T-ara sang in their drama MVs, did they?

          If I were to define it, I’d say a proper MV is ‘a video that was filmed with the sole purpose of being a music video for a particular song’. As opposed to, ‘Oh the fans want an MV, let’s pick a song, gather some random footage of them and put it together’. Even a fan could do that.

          In that respect, even Ku Hye Jung’s 4 minutes of making faces at the camera would still be an MV – just with a really, really boring producer.

        • Jamie Davis

          Thank You For Breathing is my fav from Tablo. (Dear TV is pretty awesome too).

          NU’EST’s songs are mainly like anti-bullying I think (watched Eng subs but idr totally). And since I asked the same thing about Sandy I guess I could answer it for you, she said they finished the video she knows but they still haven’t let anything out about when it’s coming.

          (I b creepin)

        • fuuko4869

          I originally had all the Tablo songs in it too, and also all the ‘featuring’ songs – an Epik High member in other songs – but it just made the playlist way too long. And I only meant the playlist to introdue EH’s old works for those who might only know Tablo. But thanks for the suggestion – I’ll think about making one for Tablo and the others too :)

        • iloveminhyun

          hahaha! Nice, you’ve heard that. :P
          And yeah, this country is literally a desert and so it would be a disaster if it weren’t air-conditioned lol.

  6. From what I understand, this has a great message in it. I’d love to see what Simon and Martina have to say about it! Although the song is less known, please give ita shot!

  7. Just watched this today and I love it….. must get it reviewed!

  8. how did this get from 21 to 74?!

  9. The best group of K pop in 2012. Finally, we found a song that related to social life matters. Love the song and the dance. Can’t stop listen to this song!!! 

  10. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    I’m sooo scared that Nu’est’s new video won’t get reviewed! T-ara, 2ne1, Sistar, all will be a formidable foe :(

  11. We’re only on page 3 of the Kpop Charts! Keep voting!!

  12. pls review this song cuz its freakingly awesome!!!! ><

  13. YAY! We are moving up! From 26 to 23!! Keep voting

    LOΛEs! ^^

  14. This song just HAS to be reviewed. I don’t think we have to vote and stuff. Simon and Martina, I know you want to review this song. Do it, I dare you.

  15. i love this song and i think that it should be reviewed.

  16. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    Nu’est’s new song is coming out mid-July! We’re going against Suju and 2ne1 :(
    WE MUST AVENGE THEM and get this song reviewed!
    See you all there! <3

  17. I love this song!

  18. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    i know this wont get reviewed, but I’m still voting :P

  19. I’m in love with this kpop band.

  20. totally loving this song!! i really really want it to be reviewed!!

  21. I absolutely, positively, LOVE this group.<3 Please review them.:) Lol, I will love you forever if you do.:) Not tht I dont already love you guys, but you know… forever is a long time^^* <3

  22. Nu’est for da win!! :DDD
    Guise…umm…please help vote for them….thank you! <3

  23. Leina Grace

    C’mon Nu-est!!!

  24. simona1966

    I really hope that it can be reviewed soon :)

  25. if they took out the reviewed videos we would probably be higher on the list

  26. Michelle Fu

    Not gonna stop voting! This needs to be reviewed! :D

  27. The song is awesome and the dance is awesome. Do the song. (FYI: Ik the dance)

  28. Hurry and do Nu’est already I’m getting a little impatient now……….sorry for my rudeness :)

  29. Wow it moved up a spot from yesterday! :)

  30. how high would this mv climb if all the reviewed ones start to drop?