Nu’est – Hello

  1. Choi Rin Kết Choi Ren

    very very good!!!!! Sharanghaeyo!!!!

  2. hahha hihi

    They are not in the top 100 anymore.. please keep trying.. I really want this song to be revealed!

  3. Jung Rian
    Jung Rian

    I thought Hello was out of the running since we leaved the top 10, I thought the mv was already pushed out of the chart, like it totally disapeared … But hey, no ! Still here at 90th place. NU’EST is not dead x) If we don’t get any KMM of any NU’EST song, I guess S&M will have to support the gosts of every Nasty Love who fought for it !

  4. vote more for Nu’EST

  5. frozen ink

    Amateurs built the ark, Professionals built the titanic. ☮

  6. i love nu’est….i like album the moment

  7. I particularly love this MV. I saw it a million times. My sister said why I played and played that song all the time? I just said that I was addicted to it. Specially Ren. I love his eyes. He puts so much emotion in it. And you can feel how he is feeling. He is my bias.

  8. I particularly love this MV. I saw it a million times. My sister said why I played and played that song all the time? I just said that I was addicted to it. Specially Ren. I love his eyes. He puts so much emotion in it. And you can feel how he is feeling. He is my bias.

  9. tootisehunnybun

    Nu’est should really get reviewed, with the amount of views on eatyourkimichi I’d bet they’d get more fans. NU’EST deserves more credits and recognition than their getting; they have such talent’s that other kpop groups don’t have. I really think they should be put out more. Just my opinion ~

  10. I am so disappointed that this video isn’t higher on the charts. I realize this is a fairly old song for this Kpop chart; yet I would love to see the Stawskis review this. All the Nu’est fans out there should vote, share
    and comment on “Hello” to get it higher on the chart. This is still one of my favorite songs. Period.

    • Jung Rian
      Jung Rian

      Unfortunately, it’s too late to try to vote for Hello, even if everyone here love it ^w^ But NU’EST is making a comeback in a few weeks, so we’ll shure be voting for the next song 24/7 ;D

  11. Nu’est need to get a review everyone!!
    NU’EST FIGHTING!! keke ^ ^

  12. kissme here to help!!! i voted, fb, google plus’d, tweeted and comment.hope you guys can gt into the top 3 :) nu’est fighting!!!

  13. This disappeared… but I will keep voting… I really wanted this video to get reviewed. So sad right now.

  14. can we still vote for this video?

  15. Every time I listen to this song, I start crying. :3 It’s just too beautiful! ;)

  16. disqus_ZZF1zxoSo6

    It has disappeared from the chart??I would love this to be reviewed!

  17. they disappeared completely…ouch..T_T better luck next time

  18. This disappeared off the charts… completely .-. *clicks through the pages*

  19. =’= the girl in MV is so stupid. if I can be her, I will change very thing for Ren

    *sorry my English is bad ^^~*

  20. Why can’t EYK review ONE Nu’est MV?

  21. Jung Rian
    Jung Rian

    OK ㄴㅇㅅㅌs, we failed for this time. But see you at NU’EST’s next mv ok ? Don’t loose hope ! I love you ♥

  22. why is this mv not reviewed yet?TO LO/Es and to everyone else who liked this video continue on voting this great song :)
    the concept was played smoothly on this song. It didn’t fail to give that cold and alone feeling xDD

  23. kpopfan123

    I need some explaining to be made. It’s 22:49 pm in Korea….so why has the voting closed?

  24. kpopfan123

    I have a slight defective strategy of getting on third place… convince Teen Top fans to stop voting :s…but then wouldn’t another group take Teen Top’s place? don’t know…

    • Sorry. It is actually too late for poor N’uest’s Hello video. As of midnight tonight KST they will have been on the charts for 25 days and will fall off the current charts. I am so sorry LO/ES.

      Edit: alas it is already off the charts. :-(

  25. Jung Rian
    Jung Rian

    It looks so quiet there … :(

  26. I feel bad for you Nu’est fans = Always missing out because of some reason or other >< So here's my vote :)

  27. I so wanted them to review this. Now it isn’t even on the top three. :C

  28. iloveminhyun

    WE’RE STILL ALIVE /breaks into Big Bang’s Still Alive dramatically/

  29. haha. . now I really remember. Nu’est has a totally girl look alike :) the one with the golden yellow hair :) keke~ they’re great, really :)
    I hope you guys work hard all the way. Since they’re only rookies, entering charts are one step ahead of the others :) Feel blessed :) Fighting Nu’est fans :) U-kiss was also like that, so don’t loose hope. ok? :)

  30. hmmm. . I remember them :) I remember how i was liking this song :) so they are Nu’est :) a real new.

    though I’m a KISSME, I appreciate this song. :) Nu’est fans FIGHTING!!! :) you can do it. I voted, I hope it helped somehow.

  31. i dont know if we could have a chance next time either it just make me sader every time :c next time i will try harder~~ we should never give up on Nu’est because Hello it’s a good song, Face was amazing too this doest mean nu’est it’s bad, i know they are one of the most interesting rookie bands~~!! fighting nu’est! :D

  32. mm…. estoy algo triste porque ya bajamos y por otro lado no me deberia de importar, porque yo se que nu’est es mejor que todos jejeje yo los seguire apoyando a pesar de todo, L.O.V.E forever ♥

  33. Well I don’t get how another Nu’est release can go by and it doesn’t get reviewed, even when it was in the top 3…I mean…its kinda unfair right? I’m a shawol but I think SHINee could have stood another week, when NU’EST topped the KPOP charts for longer, I mean…idk it just seems, unfair :c Now they’re falling down, another song/MV that won’t get reviewed again, meaning no more coverage of NU’EST again.

    • Blueberries

      Cause we never were in top that long it’s actually quite okay for me this time. With Not Over You it was so sad when we thought we had won first again Super Junior but chart doesn’t update in real time to us so actually ELfs beat us 6 minutes before deadline and then after that Junsu won over us in ten minutes before deadline in next week! That was quite devastating, to believe u won and then suddenly you didn’t XDD



  36. Kissme here to help!