Nu’est – Not Over You

  1. Jagrati Bansal

    I LOVE NU’EST!!!!!!11

  2. anybody know the link to the kpop charts for Nu’est Sandy….I can’t find it anywhere

  3. Please vote for Nu’est!<3 they are such an amazing band, I love them!

  4. I really think you should review at least one of NU’est’s songs. They’re soooooo good! They’re awesome, how could you not review them? çç

  5. Totally in love with this group; they’ve made me unfaithful to my previous biases >-<
    But I love them, wish for the best, and hope they'll finally be reviewed! ^^

  6. I really hope this gets reviewed! As a LOㅅE, it makes me sad that Face and Action haven’t been reviewed :(

  7. Great song. Really hope it gets reviewed.

  8. I don’t see this on the K-Pop Charts! D: What happened?!

    • Velvetblue Veille

      It means this video is too old to be reviewed. Let’s vote, comment, and share again once Nu’est releases their new MV in the future. ^^

  9. spiralyte

    ELF here voting for NU’EST.. I really hope you guys get a review, although currently I’m putting all my votes into BoA. If any of you would like to help, it’d be greatly appreciated!

    I’ll be splitting my votes between NU’EST and BoA-unnie! Fighting!

  10. wOw, so the story ends here, yes we had lovely time.

    seriously, this was like watching a drama. ㅠㅠ b

  11. 35th place?? So we’re getting to old again ^^
    I had a lovely time with you guys in the top 5.
    May I see you again for the next mv ^^

  12. I wanna see them review this so badly. >.<

  13. Wonder if we can get Nuest at 2nd again before getting kicked out, but currently place three and two are still in their 1-2 week. =/

  14. Up to 4th? That’s right LOΛE’s, we’ll go out with a bang!

  15. Nu’est must win this time!!

  16. I want to share another story about me and my ren-hating friend.
    So yesterday i was at a bubble tea shop with her and they have a tv full of kpop mvs including action and face. Somehow another friend of mine managed to convince one of the workers to play action for us and my friend started to complain about how gay Ren is. At some point it annoyed me too much (and for the fact that my mood was down already) I kind of bitched at her that just because he has long hair and a better eyeliner than her it doesn’t particular mean he’s gay and gay isn’t a word to describe a look and she should stop bashing not just my favorite band but also my ultimate bias because I never say something bad about cro(her favorite singer) even though I don’t like his music. First she was a bit in shock about my outburst and than she said she meant to say he is female looking because of his hair(color) but a justin bieber haircut in another color would totally suit him. That’s when my other friends said “well have you never seen Ren with brown hair?” and so I had the mission to send her a picture of pre debut Ren which ended up being 4 pictures.

    • since when is calling someone gay bashing? it’s not an insult and you should not act like it is ;)

      • I don’t think gay is an insult but people use it like it is one and that’s what I hate. I have no problem with people saying someone looks like a girl even if I don’t think so, but using the word gay instead in a complaining way sounds like an insult to me and that shouldn’t be. I just want her to not use gay in a context like this, if she thinks he’s female looking she should say girly, flowerboy, metrosexual or whatever but not gay. Gay isn’t a word to describe the look of a person.

        • yeah that’s what I was trying to say. glad you feel the same way. i think your friend probably understands that now :)

    • iloveminhyun

      I disagree with your friend. I think he is much much hotter with the blonde hair lol :)

    • Or tell her that he looks exactly like Tao from EXO with his hair short and dark. ;D

  17. iloveminhyun

    lol it’s so cute how we’re still sixth now even though only 5% of our votes still count. Anyways can’t wait to wipe the floor in these charts in Nu’est’s next MV :) See you next time LO/Es. It was fun while it lasted!

  18. Viktoria Wallbäck

    Aaaw. it’s finally dropped. try harder next time. Fighting!

  19. vote!^^ the mv is still on first page, wOww!!

  20. fuuko4869

    Nu’est’s video is currently 24 days old. :( Maybe this graph will help explain:

  21. Hareem Siddiqi
    Hareem Siddiqi

    WOW! even though we’re didn’t get to be number one, we’ve been number two for the past three weeks!!….or is it two? anyways, that is just damn amazing

  22. 사랑 해 뉴이스트! hwaiting!

  23. i am a proud BABY and Big Bang fan and i saw this mv and i had been listened very much, so i voted and will vote for them everyday…i hope this video gets a review ..and last but not least its amazing the suport they getting after 3 weeks and still standing in the kpop charts…

  24. vamos vamos! ya es hora de NU’EST!!! :S

    • Los siento pero este mv no va a tener un music mondays. 28 dias son demasiado viejo para ganar. Pero tal vez vamos a ganar con la próxima canción. (Mi español no es el mejor lo siento :/)

  25. LOL. They’re still on the #2 after all this weeks? LOL. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

  26. i just want everybody to know that I come to this video everyday to VOTE! I dont care what anybody says im not giving up! GO L.O./.Es and Nu’est fighting! I know I am not alone otherwise this little rookie group will not be in 2nd place. getting beat only by the Cassies, VIPs and ELFs (like the biggest fan groups for male artist out there!). Considering GD, SuperJunior and Junsu have been in KPOP for 6 years or more, it makes me proud that our little Nu’est can be so strong and not even a year old yet! Who’s with me! NU’EST FIGHTING Forever! (until the video drops off the charts like the MOD said lol)

  27. LuluThePurpleAlien

    @ around 2:15 … does anyone else think rens shorts are a bit too *ahem* .. revealing?

    i swear i’m not a perv

  28. GO GO GO GO L.O./.E FANS.
    Just comment once a day to avoid banning.
    NOW DO IT.

  29. Fans of NU’EST and EYK. Please like this unofficial fanpage, so that we can speak with each other, make friends, and plan/organize for the next time NU’EST are in the Eat Your Kimchi charts.

    Mod, feel free to delete this if it’s breaking any rules. We just want more people to become fans, to spread the LOΛE of Simon and Martina as well as our favorite group. :)

  30. Viktoria Wallbäck

    How many has this been 2nd?

  31. builtbymachines

    Though I am a L.O./.E, I still can’t understand this… WHY is NU’EST still so high up on the charts? o.O

    • Blueberries

      Nu’est is filming Sandy this weekend and it’s going to be out pretty soon. Could you come here to disqus and vote with fellow L.O./.E:s? :D Also, could you check this fanpage out: We did it for people here rooting for EYK and Nu’est both so that we could have meeting place in between mv’s too.

    • iloveminhyun

      because Nu’est is awesome hehe!
      lol it’s because although like 80% of our points are gone, we still have more votes than Kara, which I think is amazing. So it’s because both Nu’est AND the LO/Es are awesome! :)

  32. I still don’t get this voting thing -.-” Why Nu’est is second? ><

    • fuuko4869

      It’s old. The points for videos decay as they get older. In 3 more days, this video will drop off the charts altogether (you’ll probably find it at around page 4).
      Be prepared.

  33. iloveminhyun

    Story time! (I like sharing my nuest stories on eatyourkimchi hehe)

    So yesterday, I ran into a Korean girl and naturally, I tried to bond
    with her by talking about kpop. I told her my fav band was Nuest and she
    then told me that she didn’t like them too much (:O). I asked her what
    she doesnt like about them. She told me:

    1) Ren looks way too much like a girl and it makes her uncomfortable.

    2) The lyrics to Face make no sense at all, they’re just cool words randomly inserted for effect.

    3) She hated Action because of the dubstep.

    4) She doesn’t like the message they’re trying to send, which she thinks
    is something along the lines of ‘defy society and do what you want.’
    She thinks they’re encouraging rebellion.

    5) She says she believes Pledis copied the song Face from a swedish song Fejs.

    So this is how I responded to her (but kindly):

    1) Ren looking like a girl is significant because he’s trying to send
    the message of ‘hey, don’t be bothered by the way people think of you.
    be yourself’ Ren personifies that.

    2) The lyrics of Face make all the sense in the world! About standing up
    for yourself against bullying, reaching out for the ‘jackpot’ which is
    individuality and don’t care about what society thinks of you, don’t
    worry about everyone ‘liking your status’ and I basically explained it
    to her (she was speechless hehe ^^)

    3) I agreed with her, but I said that I wouldn’t really hate the entire song because of it.

    4) I completely disagreed with her and told her that Nu’est message
    isn’t ‘go defy your elders’ rather ‘embrace your individuality’. And I
    used quotes from Action to prove that point.

    5) I showed her that the composer for Face was in fact Swedish and that
    he was the same composer for ‘Fejs’ and that he basically changed up his
    original composition (and made it 1000 times better, if I may say so

    After my very very very long discussion with her, she was swayed. (she
    especially liked the Ren explanation, she thought that was clever, and
    decided to make Ren her bias although she strongly disliked him in the
    beginning lol). She now likes Nu’est. She hadn’t seen Not Over You, so I
    showed it to her, and she actually said she liked it and she said she
    was especially attracted to JR. She commented on the mismatched
    lyrics/video and whatnot, but she loved the song.

    So yeah, she’s set. She’s well on her way to becoming a LO/E hehe.

    Nu’est’s next MV should seal the deal :) ~I hope~

    See, it’s easy to spread the LO/E! <3

  34. Thitipha Wuntha

    สู้ ๆๆ น่ะค่ะ เป็นกำลังใจให้ค่ะ <3<3

  35. Thitipha Wuntha

    สู้ ๆๆ น่ะค่ะ เป็นกำลังใจให้ !!

  36. Where are all these votes coming from?! Why weren’t you guys here during our most crucial time against Super Junior and Junsu, when we were #1 for a good amount of time?! D:

    Lol jk, I still love you guys since we’re all L.O./.E.’s :P But seriously, it’d be awesome to see all these voters voting at the same time, instead of pouring in during the 3rd-4th weeks that Nu’est is on the charts! You guys are amazing, 10,000+ votes in a week?! Let’s do the same for Nu’est’s next MV, ok? Let’s all band at the same time and push Nu’est to #1 with so many votes in such a short amount of time that even bad timing won’t be able to kick Nu’est down to #2 (for the fourth time, the good Lord forbid!)

    I LOVE YOU, L.O./.E’s!! This comment was in no way intended to be rude or disrespectful! Just trying to get the word out that this MV is quite old already (so we won’t win b/c our votes are cut by a LOT) and that we should vote for the next MV as soon as it’s out on the charts, during the first 2 weeks when it’s the most crucial! Anything after 3 weeks is really difficult to get to #1. So yeah. I have faith in us and Nu’est! :)

    • It’s only a little bit sad that GD’s new MV came outTT___TT I really like GD and NU’EST, but now I really want us LO/ES to win!! I’ve been voting my heart out these past weeks on this video… I’m sorry GD. You just can’t win this time. Please!!

    • iloveminhyun

      Yes guys, please come and vote during the very first few days next time! :) I’m happy this is still getting votes though lol!
      LO/Es I love you. Can’t wait to re-unite next time!

  37. I will vote until this gets in. I saw them when they visted Sydney (briefly) and feel it’s the least I should do. Potatoes to your decay algorithms.

    visit this link and vote for FACE – NU’EST , please