Nu’est – Sleep Talking

  1. Love Nu'est

    They must be in the first place because they and Simin and cute and their songs is very impressive

  2. Vanesa Gamarra Zeña


  3. Briza Mc Smile

    This sais that the song was already reviewed but i haven’t seen that vid. I haven’t seen it on eyk on you tube or anything ://

  4. Agiza

    Where is review? I can’t find ((

  5. 베키 베차 (BeckieBetcha)

    It says it’s been reviewed but I can’t find the video ANYWHERE?! D: It says it’s “unavailable,” what is going on? HALP ME.

  6. MissMaple

    am i the only one that CANT see the vid?i wasnt slepping for 24h waiting to nuest, neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    atlist the curs IS TAKIN BRUHOOOOOOOOOOOO ~hem~

    • fuuko4869

      I’m not sure why the video isn’t appearing. I tried putting up the LOEN version, it’s not working either. Hmm. Might need to fiddle a little more. Sorry.

  7. builtbymachines

    Okay, I probably say this every time NU’EST makes a comeback, but I’m just going to say it again: this is the best song/music video NU’EST has ever come out with~

  8. ImArnoldSchwarzenegger

    Reviewed? When?

  9. the mv was deleted???

  10. JINA L.O./.E 뉴이스트

    Why I can not vote for NU’EST although still time?

  11. Maya

    Well, I hope Nu’est will be reviewd next week

  12. Gio vo tinh

    #뉴이스트# LOVE LOVE

  13. jamie vang

    So in the end they’re all some sort of sleeping prone patients? Or something like that. Very quriky. Ren is VERY pretty though. Also did anyone else notice that in the last scene with the flower fighting the background setting also appeared in Infinite H’s special girl? Just pointing that out :D

  14. Why is ren so pretty xD

  15. Honestly, these guys need their OWN GIRL, not 5 of them crushing on the same girl -,-

  16. Mintyㄴㅇㅅㅌ

    Coming here at least once a day…. Voting with different computers… Sharing them through my different fb accounts and twitter…


  17. so great. love NU5

  18. NU’EST daebak

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  20. JOZY

    daebak ! NU’EST

  21. let’s do this guys

  22. Chúa Bảo Ko Yêu

    wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaa nuest gighting

  23. whats up with these 2012 rookies? they are too damn good. If it isnt Vixx with an epic comeback, its Bilasa with an awesome concept and now Nu’est? All I have to say is thank goodness they are not completely promoting at the same time or it would be hell on me

  24. Joan Añasco ★ 조안

    Still voting till it says ‘reviewed’ in the video ^^ But I read their blog so. . . yeah~

  25. Minyeon Love Nu'est Nhìu

    Muốn cho chúng nó có cái cup TT^TT L.O./.Es ah Fighting!!!

  26. tramquynh1031

    sleep talking that tuyet voi!
    Nu’est fighting!!!11

  27. Guys! Simon and Martina reviewed this song for Kpop Music Mondays! Sadly, they were too exhausted to make a video about it, but they did make a full length text post about it on tumblr if you wanted to read it: tr. eatyourkimchi. com/ post/59408633054/ hey-guise-you-might-be-wonderi­ng-where-kpop

  28. Guys Ren has an Adam’s apple….that means he’s a guy….but an extremely pretty guy who puts most girls to shame…

  29. Mintyㄴㅇㅅㅌ

    If we can keep it in until next week, is there any chance for NU’EST to get a video review? Even if the video is a short one, it’s better than NO VIDEO REVIEW….. orrrrrr a video with Simon dressing like Ren >:)

  30. CeceAvila

    Hey, so although I really love Nu’est I never really get into the whole fan groups thing, ever. I usually at least know what a groups fan group is called. Is Nu’est’s group called LOVE? They usually have to do with the K-group’s image or name right? How did LOVE come out of Nu’est.

    Just curious!

  31. 13teddies13

    Hmm, it is disappointing that there is no KMM this week, but hopefully if we keep it in, it will be reviewed next? Even though they did talk about it a bit on their tumblr? *sigh* Oh well, I am glad that SM explained the reasons. There isn’t much worse than no video on a channel you like, that is normally regular.

  32. ShadowAngelD

    Yeah guys! So, they did a blog review on their tumblr because there’s a lot, and I mean a LOT, happening right now and they were too tired to script it. Personally, I think the curse is somewhat hilarious, at least on the EYK charts, as we have been once again bested by The Curse and . But I’m very glad that Simon and Martina have acknowledged Nu’est and the hard work of LOVE’s to get them on the charts by taking the time to type out the review, so unless they don’t want me to, I’ll quote the post here. The beginning part is them explaining what’s going on in life and all of that crazy stuff, but for the sake of the review, I’ve skipped ahead to when they talk about Nu’est!

    “….That’s right all you L.O.Λ.Es, you sky rocketed them into 1st place on the KpopCharts and we were finally going to review them and break the curse! However, I’m actually glad this isn’t the first review we’re doing on them because while I liked “Face” and “Action,” this music video for “Sleep Talking” just wasn’t my style, just like how “Not Over You” was also not my style. I feel like it would have super sucked for us to have finally reviewed NU’EST just to talk about how much we didn’t like this video, right guise? Guise? *scared*
    Truthfully the only reason I don’t like it is because I dislike overacting in ANY Kpop video. SHINee’s “Hello”, T-ara’s “Yayaya”, Infinite’s “Man In Love” just to name a few, suffer from this overacting that Korean dramas seem to love. For some bizarre reason, B1A4 aka BILASA CONQUEROR OF KITTIES AND DEVOURERS OF TEENAGE GIRLS HEARTS have managed to bypass that for us…I think because they are crazy? We love crazy. *Spudgy gives crazy eyes*
    Anyhoo, the song itself wasn’t bad, it was much more pop-like than their other songs which were a lot more serious sounding. The chorus is very catchy, and it was a super colourful music video with an interesting concept that I wasn’t bored watching. The changing sets were vibrant and Ren’s set especially was a very nifty artsy concept what with all the text furniture. I wanted to know what was going to happen at the end of the video BUT it was a disappointing ending with them just flailing around in bed as the woman just walks past them smirking. What?! Why!
    First off lady, you look like you’re way too old for them. I don’t know if she is, buutttt……she doesn’t look their age. Just saying.
    Secondly, why were you creeping in their dreams dressed like someone desperate to get married?
    Thridly, why WERE you creeping in their dreams?
    Fourthly, NU’EST why are you sleeping in full clothing, hats, shoes, and all? I doubt L.O.Λ.Es would protest seeing you guys in just boxer shorts and/or silk pajamas and/or just boxer shorts (haha) snuggling stuffed toy penguins.
    Fifthly, can you say fifthly?
    Sixthly…feels weird to say…the amount of violent pillow kicking and punching that occurred in the final scene did not match the amount of gentle violence we saw in their dreams state. Dream state: bop you on the head with some flowers and shove each other. Sleep state: knee you in the crotch and bi*atch slap each other.
    I was seriously hoping to find out that some psycho-nurse was injecting them with sleeping meds or that they were secretly being kept as pets by a crazy fangirl…illa..who was injecting them with crazy drugs to keep them in a state of semi-rest. *narrows eyes at Fangurilla* Maybe I shouldn’t give that crazy girl any ideas.
    Besides the ending, the dance for this video was actually really cool. That whole, linked together to form a kpop-man-bed was super funky and felt like a move break dancers might do. Whoa that sentence sounded really lame. Let’s read it again in a mom voice. “It felt like a move break dancers might do. Nifty!” Ugh. Point is, I liked the dance.
    Final comment, Ren is seriously staring to out pretty many girls in the Kpop scene and I dare say he has taken the award for prettiest looking kpop idol I have ever seen knocking out Taemin (not to be mistaken as TaeMAN) and Jaejoong (aka Hero). I wait for the day we can call him RenMen and make him a song too. RENMEEEEEEN, RENMEEEEN!
    And one more thing: since this week is going to be a bit of a clusterduck for us, with Leigh leaving on Tuesday and my getting my tattoo done on Wednesday, our schedule is going to be a bit thrown off, but we do have some other small videos as well as a special announcement happening soon :D”

    And that’s it! I hope S&M stay healthy and have lots of fun at all of the events. Remember LOVE’s, don’t give up hope! We will Break The Curse someday!

  33. come on guys keep voting for nu’est they deserve it

  34. Helena Dai

    Hey Guys, S+M were too tired to make a video so they posted a blog review on their tumblr about this! The curse is not broken yet, but at least we were able to hear their thoughts about Nu’est/Sleep Talking! But yeah, just sharing the news so people who didn’t know won’t be upset when we don’t get a KMM next Monday :)

  35. Vanessa Salas

    NU’EST debe ganar!!

  36. Jennifer Guimarães

    Confesso que desejo ver NU’ESt levar seu primeiro prêmio.