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Nu’est – Sleep Talking

  1. They must be in the first place because they and Simin and cute and their songs is very impressive


  3. This sais that the song was already reviewed but i haven’t seen that vid. I haven’t seen it on eyk on you tube or anything ://

  4. Agiza

    Where is review? I can’t find ((

  5. 베키 베차 (BeckieBetcha)

    It says it’s been reviewed but I can’t find the video ANYWHERE?! D: It says it’s “unavailable,” what is going on? HALP ME.

  6. am i the only one that CANT see the vid?i wasnt slepping for 24h waiting to nuest, neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    atlist the curs IS TAKIN BRUHOOOOOOOOOOOO ~hem~

    • I’m not sure why the video isn’t appearing. I tried putting up the LOEN version, it’s not working either. Hmm. Might need to fiddle a little more. Sorry.

  7. Okay, I probably say this every time NU’EST makes a comeback, but I’m just going to say it again: this is the best song/music video NU’EST has ever come out with~

  8. ImArnoldSchwarzenegger

    Reviewed? When?

  9. the mv was deleted???

  10. JINA L.O./.E 뉴이스트

    Why I can not vote for NU’EST although still time?

  11. Maya

    Well, I hope Nu’est will be reviewd next week

  12. #뉴이스트# LOVE LOVE

  13. So in the end they’re all some sort of sleeping prone patients? Or something like that. Very quriky. Ren is VERY pretty though. Also did anyone else notice that in the last scene with the flower fighting the background setting also appeared in Infinite H’s special girl? Just pointing that out :D

  14. Why is ren so pretty xD

  15. Honestly, these guys need their OWN GIRL, not 5 of them crushing on the same girl -,-

  16. Coming here at least once a day…. Voting with different computers… Sharing them through my different fb accounts and twitter…


  17. so great. love NU5

  18. NU’EST daebak

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  20. JOZY

    daebak ! NU’EST

  21. let’s do this guys

  22. wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaa nuest gighting

  23. whats up with these 2012 rookies? they are too damn good. If it isnt Vixx with an epic comeback, its Bilasa with an awesome concept and now Nu’est? All I have to say is thank goodness they are not completely promoting at the same time or it would be hell on me

  24. Joan Añasco ★ 조안

    Still voting till it says ‘reviewed’ in the video ^^ But I read their blog so. . . yeah~

  25. Minyeon Love Nu'est Nhìu

    Muốn cho chúng nó có cái cup TT^TT L.O./.Es ah Fighting!!!

  26. sleep talking that tuyet voi!
    Nu’est fighting!!!11

  27. Guys! Simon and Martina reviewed this song for Kpop Music Mondays! Sadly, they were too exhausted to make a video about it, but they did make a full length text post about it on tumblr if you wanted to read it: tr. eatyourkimchi. com/ post/59408633054/ hey-guise-you-might-be-wonderi­ng-where-kpop

  28. Guys Ren has an Adam’s apple….that means he’s a guy….but an extremely pretty guy who puts most girls to shame…

  29. If we can keep it in until next week, is there any chance for NU’EST to get a video review? Even if the video is a short one, it’s better than NO VIDEO REVIEW….. orrrrrr a video with Simon dressing like Ren >:)

  30. CeceAvila

    Hey, so although I really love Nu’est I never really get into the whole fan groups thing, ever. I usually at least know what a groups fan group is called. Is Nu’est’s group called LOVE? They usually have to do with the K-group’s image or name right? How did LOVE come out of Nu’est.

    Just curious!

  31. Hmm, it is disappointing that there is no KMM this week, but hopefully if we keep it in, it will be reviewed next? Even though they did talk about it a bit on their tumblr? *sigh* Oh well, I am glad that SM explained the reasons. There isn’t much worse than no video on a channel you like, that is normally regular.

  32. Yeah guys! So, they did a blog review on their tumblr because there’s a lot, and I mean a LOT, happening right now and they were too tired to script it. Personally, I think the curse is somewhat hilarious, at least on the EYK charts, as we have been once again bested by The Curse and . But I’m very glad that Simon and Martina have acknowledged Nu’est and the hard work of LOVE’s to get them on the charts by taking the time to type out the review, so unless they don’t want me to, I’ll quote the post here. The beginning part is them explaining what’s going on in life and all of that crazy stuff, but for the sake of the review, I’ve skipped ahead to when they talk about Nu’est!

    “….That’s right all you L.O.Λ.Es, you sky rocketed them into 1st place on the KpopCharts and we were finally going to review them and break the curse! However, I’m actually glad this isn’t the first review we’re doing on them because while I liked “Face” and “Action,” this music video for “Sleep Talking” just wasn’t my style, just like how “Not Over You” was also not my style. I feel like it would have super sucked for us to have finally reviewed NU’EST just to talk about how much we didn’t like this video, right guise? Guise? *scared*
    Truthfully the only reason I don’t like it is because I dislike overacting in ANY Kpop video. SHINee’s “Hello”, T-ara’s “Yayaya”, Infinite’s “Man In Love” just to name a few, suffer from this overacting that Korean dramas seem to love. For some bizarre reason, B1A4 aka BILASA CONQUEROR OF KITTIES AND DEVOURERS OF TEENAGE GIRLS HEARTS have managed to bypass that for us…I think because they are crazy? We love crazy. *Spudgy gives crazy eyes*
    Anyhoo, the song itself wasn’t bad, it was much more pop-like than their other songs which were a lot more serious sounding. The chorus is very catchy, and it was a super colourful music video with an interesting concept that I wasn’t bored watching. The changing sets were vibrant and Ren’s set especially was a very nifty artsy concept what with all the text furniture. I wanted to know what was going to happen at the end of the video BUT it was a disappointing ending with them just flailing around in bed as the woman just walks past them smirking. What?! Why!
    First off lady, you look like you’re way too old for them. I don’t know if she is, buutttt……she doesn’t look their age. Just saying.
    Secondly, why were you creeping in their dreams dressed like someone desperate to get married?
    Thridly, why WERE you creeping in their dreams?
    Fourthly, NU’EST why are you sleeping in full clothing, hats, shoes, and all? I doubt L.O.Λ.Es would protest seeing you guys in just boxer shorts and/or silk pajamas and/or just boxer shorts (haha) snuggling stuffed toy penguins.
    Fifthly, can you say fifthly?
    Sixthly…feels weird to say…the amount of violent pillow kicking and punching that occurred in the final scene did not match the amount of gentle violence we saw in their dreams state. Dream state: bop you on the head with some flowers and shove each other. Sleep state: knee you in the crotch and bi*atch slap each other.
    I was seriously hoping to find out that some psycho-nurse was injecting them with sleeping meds or that they were secretly being kept as pets by a crazy fangirl…illa..who was injecting them with crazy drugs to keep them in a state of semi-rest. *narrows eyes at Fangurilla* Maybe I shouldn’t give that crazy girl any ideas.
    Besides the ending, the dance for this video was actually really cool. That whole, linked together to form a kpop-man-bed was super funky and felt like a move break dancers might do. Whoa that sentence sounded really lame. Let’s read it again in a mom voice. “It felt like a move break dancers might do. Nifty!” Ugh. Point is, I liked the dance.
    Final comment, Ren is seriously staring to out pretty many girls in the Kpop scene and I dare say he has taken the award for prettiest looking kpop idol I have ever seen knocking out Taemin (not to be mistaken as TaeMAN) and Jaejoong (aka Hero). I wait for the day we can call him RenMen and make him a song too. RENMEEEEEEN, RENMEEEEN!
    And one more thing: since this week is going to be a bit of a clusterduck for us, with Leigh leaving on Tuesday and my getting my tattoo done on Wednesday, our schedule is going to be a bit thrown off, but we do have some other small videos as well as a special announcement happening soon :D”

    And that’s it! I hope S&M stay healthy and have lots of fun at all of the events. Remember LOVE’s, don’t give up hope! We will Break The Curse someday!

  33. come on guys keep voting for nu’est they deserve it

  34. Hey Guys, S+M were too tired to make a video so they posted a blog review on their tumblr about this! The curse is not broken yet, but at least we were able to hear their thoughts about Nu’est/Sleep Talking! But yeah, just sharing the news so people who didn’t know won’t be upset when we don’t get a KMM next Monday :)

  35. NU’EST debe ganar!!

  36. Confesso que desejo ver NU’ESt levar seu primeiro prêmio.

  37. RODERICK 뉴이스트

    sleep talking is so addictive!! I love NU’EST

  38. RODERICK 뉴이스트

    thwy’re so perfect and this song is amazing!!! I love it ♥ NU’EST ♥

  39. Why didn’t they call this song “Come back”?


  41. Btw could it be that Minhyun is wearing the pants Ren wore in not over you (the one with the dots)?

  42. NU’EST

  43. Go, NU’EST, GO! You keep getting better!!

  44. Kriss Aliisson Tryhane

    Loooos Amoo~ *¬* algún dia los vere en vivo:3

  45. i hope nu’est will win

  46. After watching all NU’EST’s MVs (again and again XD), I found Pledis really worked a lot in their MVs. Every tiny bit of tools in the MV seems to have some special meaning…… is it ony me who found it haha

  47. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee review them:DDDD I’ve been waiting for their review since their debut!!!
    Sleep Talking No.1 ^__^

  48. FIGHTING #뉴이스트

  49. nu’est no 1 ! please keep it up!

  50. nu’est fighting! we can do it!

  51. i love nu’’est fighting

  52. Ren is more beautiful than the girl in MV =)))))))

  53. Nu’est is back on doublekicksle track! Nu’est 5ting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Nu’est fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. good luck boys

  56. LOVEs we can do it… The song is awesome

  57. simon and martina HAVE to review this song ,DO YOU HEAR ME ,DO ITTTTT ~!!! they didn’t review any of there songs,DID YOU FORGOT …..ABOUT THEW COURSE?!?!!?!?!?!??!?neeeeeeeeeeeee

  58. 베키 베차 (BeckieBetcha)

    Yes!! Yes! We can do this LOㅅE’s!!! :D Keep Nu’est in 1st place!! Fighting!

  59. why does the number of comments decrease ? i am wondering ….because i rememebered that it had 680 comments the day before


  61. NU’EST ♥ ♥ ♥

  62. #뉴이스트 – #잠꼬대 ♥

  63. When I showed my sister the teaser for this (she’s not into kpop but she know nu’est cause I love them) she said Ren looks more manly than he ever did before :D I’m just happy he has his nails done again

  64. NU’EST <3

  65. JOZY


  66. The first time I watched it, I couldn’t really pay attention to the song or anything else in the video, Ren’s hair and style got me really distracted. I mean, he looks too much like a girl here. I like it, but it can also be a little disturbing.

    Well, as for the second time, I found it to be a pretty good song, definitely not my Nu’est favorite though. But the video is awesome! It’s funny and has a nice concept. A review of it would come out great!
    And, if we can’t get one this week, let’s keep it on the top 3 for next week! We have to do it this time #BreakTheCurse

  67. I really hope this gets reviewed. It’s just so good.

  68. Nu’est is back *–*/ Ren <3 He is… OMG Just Ren <3 I love him!!

  69. Interesting.

    Henry’s new video over 900,000 views so far. 8th place on the EYK chart.

    Nu’est’s new video over 200,000 views so far. 1st place on the EKY chart.

    • Yeah, funny isn’t it. popularity on youtube and popularity on the Kpop charts don’t always correlate at all. Also some fans just simply don’t vote on EYK so a really popular song may never get reviewed because their fanbase doesn’t really want an EYK review of it.

      • And good thing that EYK doesnt count views for points. Give luv for rookie~ <33

        • Blueberries

          I remember that some point there was talk that they might start but it’d quite much ruin chances of any less popular group so it’s lot better this way :)

  70. NU’EST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 ♥

  71. NU’ET is first on the chart?!! No way, it can’t be! Wait… *puts glasses on* OH MY F****** GOD!!!!!

  72. NU’EST !

  73. nu’est is the best♥ i love nu’est

  74. I just really hope that if Simon and Martina choose to review this, they pronounce the name of the band properly… T-T

  75. Wh-what is this??????? NU’EST MADE IT TO #1 AND KICKED B.A.P OUT OF THE TOP 3?! What is this phenomenon????? (Even though I love B.A.P, too), it’s pretty awesome. :) Besides, if S&M were going to review Badman, they would probably do it by this week. :D

  76. Really, this clip is in NU’EST members are so cute, they were very effort to complete this MV. They deserve first class.

  77. Nuest no 1

  78. yah yah hwaiting , loves . let our boys be shining thanks to this music video

  79. i love tihs song !!! ♥_♥ NU’EST

  80. fighting everybody, please make this music video have a big difference from the others before

  81. Nu’est no 1 !!!!!!
    fighting!!!!! I love you so much!!!!!!

  82. I love this MV. They are so cute ♥♥♥
    Jongie is pretty ^^

    뉴이스트 Nu’est Hwaiting!

  83. NU’EST♥

  84. NU’est so young and talent. I think they can do it :D

    They try their best on this comeback so please vote for them ^^ We LOVE you, NU’est ^^


  86. Tôm Móm Quốc Dân

    NUEST NUEST NUEST NUEST NUEST I LO/E U :************* <3 <3

  87. Nu’est 5ting

  88. ~ ráng mà no.1 thôi nào ‘__’

  89. I hope you will win >.<

  90. Nu’est 5ting!!!!!!!!!

  91. Bùi Tố Kiều Trang

    Support Nu’est!!! <3

  92. Bùi Tố Kiều Trang

    i <3 sleep talking

  93. Bùi Tố Kiều Trang

    NU’EST!!! <3 <3 <3

  94. Bùi Tố Kiều Trang

    <3 <3 <3

  95. Tôm Móm Quốc Dân

    NUEST #SleepTalking ^______^

  96. Tôm Móm Quốc Dân

    NUEST fighting <3 #SleepTalking YOLO!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Jung Rian

    LOVEs, we’re first ! With this fighting spirit, I feel like we can stay in first place forever *-* #BreakTheCurse

  98. wonderful!!!! <3

  99. I was like super surprised to see them in first place. – But I am happy even though this is not really my favorite song or style of music, like in my opinion something very important is missing.

    • Jung Rian

      What is missing ? :o

      • I really don’t know. I just can’t pinpoint it. It is just that the song can’t really convince me. But let me try…

        I think it is a little to much electronics and because of that a clean sound is missing most of the time. – Like; It starts great but then for example from 0:32 to ~ 0:45 and during parts of the refrain it just sounds as if everything was thrown in together. it is just too much of this electronics-noise-disco-I-don’t-know-what-it-is-actually-called and because of this it sounds rather “there is annoying noise in the background or the recording is of bad quality” … So yeah, I think a change between “clean sound” and “noisy-disco-whatever” is missing. – Though I think this is up to ones personal taste and maybe depends on where you listen to it. I think via Headphones and not on full volume are kind of the worst ways to listen to it – but with a good amount of volume, in an actual Disco for example, it should sound better, I think. – But I listen to my music with Headphones and I am really sensitive to those “electronic beat noises”

        • Jung Rian

          Aha I got what you mean ^^ The chorus is not my favorite part either, but I think if you listen to it in a quiet place with a computer or something else that gives a better quality sound, you will like it better. I had the opposite feeling for Hello, it was too calm and quiet for me, but the more I listend to it, the more I liked it. So I think you should listen to it a little bit more and maybe you’ll like it better ;)

        • It is all quiet here in my room with my computer ;) It is really the method to make a sound that bothers me. – And I’ll see if I like it better in the future. The chorus is pretty catchy after all ^^

        • Persephone Basilissa

          So, I may be mistaken because I’m an ajumma and not altogether up on current music trends, but I think that may be a dubstep sub-bass you’re hearing. In fact, it’s one of my favorite parts of the song — in that it helps keep it from being too squeaky clean and aegyo, ties the style back to their “Face” and “Action” days.

        • It could be that it is this. – Though I liked Face and Action way better… the balance was better. – Here it is just too much… Again; just in my opinion and as I said; I think this is very much personal preference.

  100. Great to see NU’EST at the top. Let’s keep voting to keep them there till the deadline for the review next week. We can do it LO/ES : )

  101. This is your chance to finally review Nu’est ! ! Pleaseeee I’ve been waiting for you to review them

  102. LO/Es! Now we have to continue voting so that the other band will not succeed in passing us! Don’t forget that TeenTop will have a comeback Monday! We have to vote!n_n

  103. Ren rapped!!!!!!! Oh my god he really did what he promised L.O./.E. However i was expecting he dyed his hair back to its original colour. Anyway, #뉴이스트 fighting!!!!!

  104. >w< NU'EST!!!!!! first review!!! <3

  105. ลิมิตอีกล้ะ เพลีย!

    you are so pretty and handsom

  106. ลิมิตอีกล้ะ เพลีย!

    love love love love love!!!!!


  108. nu’est fighting <3

  109. Look, guise. NU’EST’s heart. Support, support! Hope this give us strength.

  110. I love NU’EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3 I love NU'EST <3

  111. @NUESTNEWS The boys are back, I’m so proud of them #잠꼬대

  112. @NUESTNEWS I hope they will win, love Nuest so much #뉴이스트

  113. OMG YESS NU’EST IS NUMBER ONE! I got so excited when I came to check how nu’est was doing and saw them at number one. Hope nothing happens and S&M will get to review them this time!

  114. Paola Gastelu Espinal

    LOS AMO GUYS!!!! NU’EST greeting from PERU <3

    • Hi! I love it when K-Pop artists have so many fans from all over the world and specially when they’re hispanic because I’m hispanic too. Quien es tu miembro favorito de NU’EST?

      • Bernarduchis Calvillo

        ¡Hola! ¡México presente! :D No tengo Bias, no puedo escoger a uno solamente :P Los amo a todos por igual <3

        • VIPSHAWOL08

          Hola :D Haha si todos son bien talentosos. Y del vido, que pensastes? Que parte te gusto? A mi me gusto cuando Minhyun comenzo a jalar a los otros y pelear con ellos. Fue muy chistoso cuando lo presentaron a ellos peliando mientra estaban durmiendo.

        • Bernarduchis Calvillo

          Me encanta cuando todos están acostados unos sobre otros y levantan los brazos cuando suena la alarma… se ve increíble!! Me encantó el video y la canción… todos esos ritmos juntos se escuchan muuuuuuy bien.

        • LOVEs mexicanas que bien… Yo si tengo bias pero todos son tan lindos y talentosos

    • Puerto Rico presente! quein es tu favorito miembro? Yo No an pensado much en esto, ah mi todo los miembros so especial.

  115. CeceAvila

    I am so happy that Nu’est finally had their comeback! I absolutely fell in love with them when they debut. I was seriously blown away and was super sad that we didn’t have more from them to watch and listen to. I totally love this MV and song. The MV is fun to watch and all the boys are handsome and good looking in their own way.

    I am definitely liking the sound of the song. Its got that thing when there are many different sounds to it but they all frlow together quite nicely. I especially like the sound of it starting at 0:32.

  116. Tuyệt vời

  117. i like this :*

  118. I Beg you guys please review this the finally made it to number 1. this is the first time they made it to number 1 they have always been number 2 and then screwed over please please

    • They’ve been #1 before, but always fall down to #2 by the time the week’s voting ends. This week, they slipped into third place by the time voting ended for this Monday’s KMM, but hopefully we’ll be able to maintain their spot until the next week!

  119. NU’EST IS NUMBER ONE . . . O.O WHAT?!? Omg when I saw this, this really made me happy!! NU’EST is number one TT.TT I really REALLY hope they get reviewed now. Though in all honesty, I think reviewing their others videos (Face & Action) would had been better because of their messages and Aron’s perfect English. I really like the song, it’s catchy, but the video is… I know people are getting pissed or whatever over the comparisons, but when I first watched it, I thought “Dream Girl” and “Hello” by SHINee. I love SHINee and I love NU’EST, but you have to admit that there’s some similarities between them. Though I’m not saying that they completely ripped them off either. But either way, I seriously want for the first time ever for NU’EST (or any Pledis artist for the matter) to get reviewed. This is amazing L.O./.E.s, this is AMAZING! Let’s keep this up. And if S&M does review them (Oh please, oh please!) I also hope they give some insight about their opinions of their others videos.

    • Unfortunately, it just barely managed to slip into third place when voting ended, so we don’t know if S+M will pick them ^^ I REALLY HOPE THEY DO, THOUGH T___T And I really hope they also mention some of their previous songs, especially FACE (actually I wouldn’t mind if that’s the only song they reference), since we were so close the last four times.

      • Really? I didn’t know. We’re always SO CLOSE and it just breaks my heart to think we were THAT close once again, but nothing actually happening. Are we really that cursed? I’m just hoping for the better for this Monday. It’s going to be so nerve-wracking, I just know it. And if they don’t review NU’EST, we just got to keep on trying.Stay number 1 for the whole week!

    • Nu’est MV is nothing like dream girl, the MV and the song are talking about how there being haunted by this woman and they can only express there feelings when they are sleeping because they talk in there sleep. the only thing that simiallar is that there is a bed in dream girl. the rooms in dream girl don’t really make any scene there more abstract when as the rooms in Sleep talking actually resemble something, each room is each members state of mind and nightmare. JR is lost in a maze. Aron is in a room full of doors with endless possiblty, Baekho is in the room there all in but he is getting chased around, Ren is in a room full of words that resemble all the furnature, then Minhyun has the street when he sees all the other members going crazy because there fighting over the girl. then right at the end the woman there going crazy over walks in to check on them. There actually in some sort of hostpial where they are being monatered the woman because they actually have all gone crazy and there doing tests on there sleep.

      • Hmm I wasn’t necessarily saying the whole MV was like “Dream Girl” but I get what you’re saying. Honestly, the bed thing didn’t even came to me as a similarity with “Dream Girl” or at least when I first watched it lol What reminded me about “Dream Girl” was the part where JR was in the maze. I think it was the camera work that made it somehow similar? I don’t really know how to explain it. But that’s just for me. I don’t know for others how it could be similar, but I think since I had seen that same camera work recently in “Dream Girl” it made me think of it.

  120. I love Sleep Talking!

    • me too, I really like you profile picture, very cute. So why do you like Sleep Talking so much? I like How they are all dreaming about that girl and all their cute actions sleeping walking while following her. Which member do you like the most? and what do you think about Ren’s epic smile in this video?

      • I thought it was so cute and funny when Minhyun got mad and started fighting with the other members. And then the scene shifted to them doing those actions on bed. Haha, when Minhyun was knee kicking the pillow . . . My most favorite member is JR~ I love his smile so much and when he was in the middle with the others bending backwards. I think that part of the choreography seemed really cool, but also hard. Who is your favorite member?

        • My favorite is actually every single one of them, lol. I also like the dance part around 1:04 – 1:07 is especially adorable. I also like Aron’s mask it’s pretty cool I think it’s Aron wearing the Mask. When Beakho was being chased by the chainsaw and When JR runs into the wall are all pretty funny.

        • VIPSHAWOL08

          Haha they’re like waking up so cutely. I also love how the back up dancers actually set out to be that mini table thing. But then Aron jumping on them . . . I wonder if it hurts? lol

        • He probably doesn’t weigh too much but still guys even when they appear to be small are pretty solid I’m guessing it had to hurt at least a little. I thought that was pretty creative and looked pretty cool.

        • VIPSHAWOL08

          Yeah, their whole choreography was really good, in my opinion. Hey, have you heard their whole album yet? I really like “Please Don’t” by them. I think that’s my favorite song in the album, followed by “Sleep Talking”

        • no I haven’t yet. I haven’t purchased the album. I always feel like I’m missing out on some great songs. I love the dance part around 1:05 thru 1:07 i think that move is extremely adorable.

        • VIPSHAWOL08

          Just curious, but do you own any of their albums? I only have one: Action. Oh, and also, you can hear the songs on youtube too even though you haven’t purchased the album so you don’t feel like you’re “missing out” :) And haha you already told me about that dance part ^^ But yeah, it’s really cute.

        • lol lost count on who I was talking too. Nah I haven’t been able not form not wanting to or not being a huge fan just haven’t been able too. Before this song My Favorite song/mv was Face followed by Hello

        • VIPSHAWOL08

          In my opinion, “Face” is so far the best song by NU’EST. Like I still haven’t liked a song by them more than I love “Face”

        • I agree it really does have a great message and it was so surprising to see a rookie Kpop group come out with such a strong and important message on a subject too many people have turned a blind eye too for way to long.

        • I have heard cases of when even the teachers ignores it even if it’s happening right in front of them. For a debut song, I think NU’EST did amazing. That is also why I want S&M to also give in a little of their opinion of NU’EST’s past songs if they get to review them.

        • yea I’m aware of the struggles to have Nu’est reviewed. Also think we’ve all have seen that happen in our schools at some time or other when teachers know whats going on and all they say is, ok everyone be quite or get in your class room. I think teachers just want to fit in with their student just as much as students want to fit in with other students. Really just in everyday life it’s easier to walk away then stop and defend someone being bullied I really think it takes a brave person. And most of us just want to get thru our day without any trouble. I never been like this I’ve always stood up to bullies of all types and seen people take a blind eye too many times.

        • Blueberries

          Yup and NU’EST had this scene in face that was about teacher ignoring bullying: he was just teaching while boy got thrown around and kicked. Face was just so great and it talked about real life situations, it’s quite shame that it didn’t get more popular.

        • Oh yeah! I remember that scene. He even had a mask on. It’s true, I don’t think it was that popular in Korea, but international wise, I think it kinda was. Their video on youtube has over 20 million views, and I think that’s pretty amazing for rookies.

        • Blueberries

          It’s most watched debut mv in youtube if I’m right :D Yea it was popular internationally but not so in Korea.

        • Blueberries

          Sometimes I pity background dancers, they are often chairs or stands XD

  121. I love Baekho

  122. I love Aron

  123. I love Minhuyn

  124. I love Ren

  125. I love Nu’est.

    • Bernarduchis Calvillo

      Dear Moon lover, I’m pretty sure this comments count as SPAM so they’re going to get delated and do not count as points. Why don’t you tell us WHY do you love NU’EST instead? :)

  126. <3

  127. This isn’t my fav Nu’est comeback… but in any case I’m happy my boys are back and hope they get reviewed this time :)

  128. Bernarduchis Calvillo

    UGH! Ok, so I KNOW there’s a comment about this already, but I’m really mad right now. I don’t mind people saying that this looks a little like Shinee’s dream girl. But I just found a comment on Youtube almost literally saying NU’EST copied EVERYTHING to Shinee ON PURPOSE. So, plagarism. I know shouldn’t care because it’s not true, but I can’t help myself. Especially because the person who wrote it didn’t seem like a Shinee’s over attached fan.

    • There are idiots in every fandom, even in our Nu’est fandom :) Don’t worry, that person will probably get mauled to death now by both L.O./.Es and Shawols (Jk, they’re probably dealing with the comment in a mature fashion hehe). I hope S+M won’t have the same thoughts though. It’d be nice to have a Dream Girl as a caparison at the end, where S+M asks which video does the concept better :)

    • maybe the dream sequence is similar with the upside down shots and the fact they are dreaming. But the song is totally different and in my opinion and Sleep walking is a much better song then Dream Girl. I haven’t been too moved from any of Shinee songs since their Epik Album Lucifer. Also Nu’est fashion in this video actually looks like clothes that are wearable I’d love to have and own all their clothes even as a girl. Very cute and cool.

    • Blueberries

      Idea of this mv is just so old that it can’t be taken as copying at all. Meeting your love in your dreams so used in many different medias. Clothes are similar, really colorful and over-the-top.. but that’s really popular style in kpop, not something that only Dream Girl had had. That’s quite stupid to say that NU’EST just copied whole thing when there so much differences too.

  129. Sorry I missed the voting, but I’m so glad Nu’est is on the TOP of the charts. I really think this might be my favorite Nu’est song and video it’s seems to have a really cute story and the song is very fun. One of those song that just make you happy listening to.

    • It shot up really quickly! O_O Let’s keep voting in the following days, though, just to keep them at #1! :) Remember how we always get knocked down to second place at the last minute? I hope it doesn’t happen again ._. Teen Top’s supposed to be coming back on Monday.

      • What do you think about all this talk about Sleep Talking being compared to Dream Girl?

        • I’m not a big fan of SHINee so I never actually watched Dream Girl HAHA 8D But a lot of people say it’s not as confusing as Dream Girl so I’ll take that ;) I don’t mind if a couple MVs have similar elements- you can only take creativity and originality so far before it borders something similar.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          In my opinion I can see where people see a comparison to Dream Girl in that the room rotates and dreams, but then it can be said that Dream Girl is comparable to Dora Dora.

          Each one, in my opinion, took inspiration from its predecessor and then created something different and more interesting each time.

          Dora Dora was fun but you could see some of the flaws in trying to place them all in the same room. Dream Girl did great with bouncing and rolling them around the rooms individually. Sleep Talking really utilized two rooms well with upside down sets and well placed props to give the feel of rotation when honestly the only thin rotating is the camera :)

          Now to those crying that they are the same video need to go get their eyes checked and jump off the biased pedestal lol

          Edit: After watching all the videos again, I realize their rooms are all stationary. Oh camera angles do such wonderful things.

  130. It might sound look a little like Shinee’s Dream Girl and and I guess the Dream sequence like in Shinee but the song I way better even the story is more interesting. I really love Shinee but to me since Lucifer came out their songs just haven’t quit been entertaining enough for me. This song is fun and the video is really cute and adorable.Good Luck to guys I hope you can win. What I said wasn’t a diss on Shinee I only brought them up because I’ve noticed the comparisons stated by others.

  131. HOLY CRAP NU’EST IS NUMBER ONE?!?! when did this happen??

  132. nu’est is back

  133. this indeed reminded me of shinee with Dream Girl and Hello combined BUT! I REALLY LOVE NU’EST AND LETS GET THEM REVIEWED BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT!

  134. get this mv reviewed as soon as possible

  135. amazing !!!!

  136. fighting.. cant be defeated …

  137. There is no excuse for Simon and Martina to not review this! no travels,no sickness,and the MV is in top 3! besides,it’s kinda funny too!

  138. Love this mv.
    Love the ‘upside-down’ concept.
    and Ren… he is more beautiful than me. it’s okay :”’

  139. Bùi Tố Kiều Trang

    <3 <3 <3 Nu'est 5ting!

  140. Bùi Tố Kiều Trang

    i <3 nU'EST!!!

  141. i love nu’est

  142. Bùi Tố Kiều Trang

    Beautiful song!!! <3 <3 <3

  143. NU’EST Hwaiting!!^^

  144. Wow, Nu’est on the #1 Place now !!

    • No way, really? But there’s such a huge gap between 2NE1′s points and Nu’est’s points, even taking into consideration the decay. My screen still says they’re 2nd, but if they’re really 1st, then YAYYYYYY!!! I don’t think we’ve ever been first for more than a few days, let’s keep this up! >_<

    • Blueberries

      Oh wow! But why now when the voting is already closed for this week? Aish, we always get into top but drop just before deadline to second.. this has to be curse really T_T

      • We don’t need to be on the #1 place to get reviewed. we only need to be on the Top #3

        • Blueberries

          Yea I’m glad about that rule :) We always do good but never in top in right time. Now just fingers crossed and lets hope S&M likes the song and mv and gives chance for lovely NU’EST.

    • I’m very happy that this video made it to #1. Let’s try to keep it there just in case, right?

  145. Wait….. Aron pronounced it “new-east”
    …That’s news to me.

  146. Like this music vedio from NU”EST!!!!

  147. i love them :*

  148. Kamilias here !!
    The choreography in this song is so unique~ I also watched Face & Action MV. They’re good. i should’ve follow them earlier T_T

  149. JOZY


  150. Let’s get Nu’est to finally get reviewed!! And maybe even hear their opinions on other songs Nu’est has done as well!!

  151. Lucero Isabel Herrera Grados

    NU’EST Daebak Daebak !!

  152. Lucero Isabel Herrera Grados


  153. 뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥.. (。♥‿♥。)

  154. NU’EST!!! ♥

  155. I really like this new style, I wish they would do more concepts like this :) When it comes to both music and visuals. Anyway I hope they get reviewed, 2NE1 and B.A.P already had a few KMMs about them :o

  156. NU’EST JJANG!^^


  158. I wonder if this time we can finally get nu’est reviewed.
    I love the song and mv!
    nu’est jjang!

  159. Teen Top will have a comeback this Monday! Although I truly love them,this time I’ll vote as many times I can Nu’Est!! FIGHTING!!

  160. I created a Twitter purely for the sake of helping Nu’est win a KMM, and apparently it got inactivated due to me spamming all the EYK links on there LOL. Oops.

    • I think I laughed at this more than I should have lol

      • Haha I didn’t even know they had a policy like that. What’s it to them if I share links? It’s not like it’s hurting anyone >_>

    • Really? I guess if all you are doing is posting EYK links then they would get suspicious and shut it down. But at the same time I know lots of accounts that post links all the time. Maybe you can try to get another twitter? Also don’t forget that only one tweet per day actually counts for each video

      • Hehe yeah I think I tweeted an EYK link every day and then didn’t post anything else for months at a time so they probably shut me down for both inactivation and spamming 8D That’s ok! If I do create another one, it’ll probably be shut down due to inactivation anyway :P Thanks for the reminder!

  161. AHHHHHHHH! You guys see After School’s new MV?!


  162. how can we help them win the champion show ? loves fighting

  163. Pause exactly at 1:59 by the way to see a hip tattoo on Minhyun. o.o

  164. please pleaseee!!! ;;;;;;;;;

  165. So this chick kidnapped Nu’est oppas and locked them in a room after putting them in a medically induced coma, when this happened the boys started to have Stockholm Syndrome and loved her. We gotta go save them guys! D:

    Jk really but still that does fit really well XD

  166. Well this is an interesting video… I think I have to watch it twice to actually get it….one second.

  167. NU’EST must win!!!! They deserve it the most! (with VIXX and BIGSTAR) and when the two others didn’t get this popularity, NU’EST should get popular! <3

  168. Wow guys, we climbed up to 2nd place overnight! I was looking at the third place/fourth place and didn’t see Nu’est and I was like, “Wait what? How did MBLAQ gather that many votes despite the aging?” Then I noticed. Haha keep up the great work, Guys! We climb faster with each comeback, that means there are more fans! Yay :D

    • Jung Rian

      Thanks to this eyk curse, we’re getting stronger. Now let’s wait and see if S&M wants to review it or not :D

      • Blueberries

        I don’t think we have ever got so up this fast :D

        • Jung Rian

          The power of never giving up :D

        • ikr! I was so surprised when I came here today. I automatically scrolled down and got confused when they weren’t there only to scroll back up and see them second :D

      • YES. I actually really hope they’ll talk about FACE a little, if they do review this MV. Face still stands out to me as having one of the best messages (lyrics and visuals) I’ve heard in Kpop :)

        • Jung Rian

          Yes that’s true ! Can’t it be a NU’EST KMM instead of a Sleep Talking KMM ? There would be much more things to say ^^

        • Blueberries

          Although Sleep Talk is great, I think that Face is much more unique and has more to talk about, so I’d like if they even mentioned their previous stuff :) But just having KMM for NU’EST would be nice enough, we have waited so long and tried so hard :D

  169. NU’EST Sleep Talking

  170. they might skip reviewing 2ne1 cuz they get reviewed frequently right?
    that means we do have a chance right???

    • Noooope they love reviewing groups they love even if they have reviewed said group multiple times, even though they say they want to review more girl/new groups. But that’s ok, we’ll just have to work extra hard! :)

      • Blueberries

        2NE1′s mv is really.. well more like backstage video of them than mv. It’s funny but maybe not best for review? I have still my hopes up for NU’EST in this one :) Maybe we will have pleasant suprise in monday :D

        • Hm yeah but I can never tell what their tastes are anymore haha. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

  171. we are 2nd PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If we dont make it this time, im gonna be so mad. Ive been waiting since Face!!!!!!!!

    • FACE, one of the most deserved reviews that got snatched away at the last second :’( I still think they could have announced the winner that week, if they had time to tweet about Exo’s MAMA being up. Oh well, I think the fandom has already analyzed the crap out of it instead. Let’s hope for the best this time!

  172. NU’EST hwaitting, L.O./.E hwaitting. Aron đã nói nếu lần comeback này không được No.1 Aron sẽ khóc đó. Không muốn thấy nước mắt của anh thì cố gắng vote nhé!

  173. Bernarduchis Calvillo

    I find it strange that everytime a “big” group is on the K-Pop charts, they have many many MANY votes, but just a few commnets! I think is kinda sad! I love comments the most! It’s here when I can talk to my fandom family! :) BTW, I love how they are “sleeping in the cealing”, it looks awesome!

    • Yeah, it’s like the fans don’t care about discussing the MV as much as it just… winning for the sake of winning. Oh well. Haha yeah that part was so cool! I also liked their little spasm at the end, very funky.

  174. they are very good, it’s diferent and funny

  175. Bernarduchis Calvillo

    2NE1 and B.A.P. didn’t get reviewed last week, and S&M said something about them beeing reviewed quite a lot. And since I woke up to find this in second (It was an AWESOME feeling) I’m hoping they choose it! If not, it’ll be quite… bad xD Still, we can always try next week!

  176. The video is amazing, and Ren & Bakho makes this one irresistible

  177. I am MORE then sure Simon and Martina wil not review NU’EST instead 2NE1 or BAP :DD But it’s feels good to be 2nd :D

    • Blueberries

      Well I think there is high chance that they’ll. 2NE1 and B.A.P has both have mv reviewed quite recently (Falling in Love and Hurricane) and NU’EST hasn’t been reviewed ever so let’s wait and see what happens :)

      • But Exo was reviewed recently too with Wolf and they opted for a short review of Growl (since there’s not that much to say) instead of Vixx, who had the same concept with the whole one take thing, but they did more by singing backwards for the MV as well. I really do think S+M will most likely choose their fav group, rather than the one with most potential.

        Butttt whatever, I’ll just hope for the best on Monday and get back to my life outside of the Nu’est’s EYK curse lol.

    • Tbh, as much as I hate it, I think you’re right. Oh well, we worked til second and that is a small victory in itself I think seeing as how small a fandom we are in comparison to others.
      BAP and 2NE1 are really good too so Monday will be alright either way.

      • we did a pretty good job because this mv is only out since 2 days :D
        and if it wont get reviewed LO/E (and me too) wont come here again to vote for them to be (maybe) reviewed next time. Why? Not because we are “mad” or anything but we rather concentrate on bigger korean music shows. :)

    • lol I feel a bit sad that we are always ‘the second’. >.>

  178. yah at the second position now….have your try and let them be at the first loves :)

  179. Amoooo… NU’EST! Força na peruca.

  180. OMG No.2!!!! Thank God!!!!! Now please S&M please review it!!

  181. Omg we are in second already! LO/ES I’m so proud of you guys.

  182. Yesss! I really hope they review Nu’est now they are 2nd! :D
    I do wish people would stop comparing it to Dream Girl, I’ve seen alot of that on Youtube. They may be about dreaming about a girl, but the video is not really anything like Dream Girl. Dream Girl hasn’t got a story. Whilst I like DG, I love this video more, because it’s adorable, quirky, I love Ren’s room, and they are just so cute fighting with flowers over one girl XD

    • Blueberries

      Yea the idea is same but overall they are quite different. And seeing your future love in your dreams is really old as idea, there is this myth in my country that if you put ten different flowers below your pillow in Midsummer day’s night you will see your future husband in your dreams. So I wouldn’t say that NU’EST copied the idea from Shinee at all :)

  183. i think Simon & Martina will review 2ne1′s MV first, then hopefully this MV for the next week. i’m also hoping they going to review KARA & Sunmi too T_T

  184. Playgirlz here supporting nuest

  185. vote vote vote !!!!!

  186. L.O./.E this MV so much =)))

  187. tbh i’m not part of the fandom but among all the videos who are in the top3 i think this is the one who has the most potential as a kmm ^^ and yes after all this time of fighting maybe nu’est will finally get reviewed for the first time hey hey.

  188. [email protected]

    very good! i love NU’EST! and I love this song

  189. ลิมิตอีกล้ะ เพลีย!


  190. KAMILIA Here Supporting Nu’est <3 <3 Minhyun is really cute, JR's rap is good, but it isn't great. Ren is pretty as usual & Baekho's voice is amazing <3 Aron isn't a great rapper but his rap is not really bad

    • Blueberries

      Thanks for coming to support Nu’est ^^

      About the rappers, well I agree that rap isn’t NU’EST’s strongest point, but as idol rappers JR and Aron do well in my opinion. And personally I adore Aron’s english rap, he’s really good in that, writing his own (great) lyrics and stuff. JR has his own distinctive style, for some songs it fits better than some and it seems like people are quite divided about it: they like his rapping style or not like it at all.

      • I Like his english pronounciation, it’s sexy. kkk~ but his rap in korean is no no no. just my opinion~

      • Kynoon

        In the beginning when I first found Nu’est I was really unsure of what I thought about JRs rapp and voice as well. But somehow his parts always ends up being the most intriguing parts of their songs for me^^.

        • Blueberries

          I love how he has really distinctive style, I always recognize his parts in the songs first (when listening without mv). Some songs I absolutely love his parts like in Face and suprisingly in Not Over You but in other like Hello I don’t think they sit well with rest of the song :)

        • Kynoon

          I liked it in Hello as well, I just thought it made for a nice kind of ‘interruption’ for the rest of the song :)

        • Blueberries

          Well yea I liked it but it was interruption in the song that I didn’t like XD

    • To be honest, aron’s rap really sucks. They put them in the group because they need an english speaker. But i still love aron, he’s really cute & his singing skill isn’t that bad. Anyway Nu’est Fighting !!!

      • He was actually scouted for his singing abilities/gentle voice, but they make him rap instead haha, like Amber from F(x). I’d like to hear him sing more!

        • Aminah Henne

          why does that happen? i love both aron and amber so it’s okay though ;)

        • I’m not really sure either :( Minhyun was supposed to be a rapper, but I guess they liked his singing voice better and put Aron as a rapper instead? Pledis seems to be the only company who tries to use coherent English lyrics in their songs so maybe they changed Aron’s role for that reason? Plus Aron writes his own raps, so that helps :)

        • Aminah Henne

          whoa whoa whoa. wait up. minhyun was supposed to be a rapper?!? mind. blown. but i guess that would make sense. maybe with amber, aron, and even henry, they were going for the correct pronunciation.

    • I actually really liked Aron’s rap in this MV lol
      I found it to be very fun and kept the whole beat of the song up. JR’s voice is very well suited to this song and it was nice to hear his tone throughout.

      Thank you for the support!

    • Thank you for coming & supporting Nu’est.
      i agree that aron’s rap sucks but he’s cute & he’s my bias xD
      Aron’s singing ability is good though

  191. Minyeon Love Nu'est Nhìu

    Please make them no 1 TT^TT

  192. :3 it’s amazing !!! :3 i <3 Nu'est

  193. Minhyun so cute

  194. so CUTE!! so HOT!! NU’EST always!~

  195. Jung Rian

    The mv was released around 2 days ago, and we’re already in the top three. We’re getting stronger and efficient LOVEs ♥

    • Blueberries

      Oh wow we have chance for this week now then, yay! And almost just before the deadline goes, this is awesome! Maybe NU’EST will now be reviewed #Breakthecurse

      • please pleaseeee break the curse with this one

      • Jung Rian

        I hope, let’s break the curse !
        Oh gosh, as I’m writting, we’re second place now. Simon, Martina, do you feel our power ! We’re not gonna loose !!! xD

        • Blueberries

          Omg! Our chances are getting higher and higher! First place, beware we are coming to take you!
          TKIR: I wonder if S&M like this style of NU’EST and I they will say about the mv.. I don’t think it’s too cutesy in their opinion, since it’s just mostly funny and really colorful :D

        • Jung Rian

          Yeah it’s more funny or creepy than cute. I hope they’ll like it. But I’m sure they both saw like us a SHINee/Bilasa/Boyfriend style, I’m sure they’ll talk about it (if they review the song, since now we’re not sure to have a KMM on mondays but just a kpop related thing, so if they want to talk about something different … our chance of kmm is dead T.T). Btw, I’m wondering how would be this kmm if they review it, what kind of comment, jokes, note for the english. 2 hours remaining time and then we have to wait and see :O

        • Blueberries

          I’m little sad that Aron didn’t have great english rap here since those are just awesome :D Maybe they will talk about NU’EST’s different dreams and how Baekho’s one is nightmare XD Also outfits since those are just crazy in some parts!

        • Jung Rian

          I miss Aron’s english rap parts too, it was the only good english we could find in the songs. There we just have an awkward “NU’EST is back, on a Double_Kick track, make some noise”. This is ridiculous compared to the awesome rap he made for us in Face and Action ! So disapointed :O

        • Blueberries

          I’m quite sure that he didn’t write his own parts this time :< It just lacks content unlike his previous english rap parts.

        • Jung Rian

          Yes that’s true, that’s sad, but maybe Pledis wanted him to stop english lyrics because they target the korean market. Well … I don’t know.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          How about the intro? Did JR and Aron really write their own lyrics for that song?

        • I know – poor Baekho, being the only one that got a bad dream! Haha, the other’s were all more funky a la Alice in Wonderland type scenes and then Baekho gets chased with a chain saw? x_x

          And way to go ㄴㅇㅅㅌ s!!! We made it into second – here’s hoping our hard work pays off!

    • Well there are a ton of non-NU’EST fans here to “break the curse”.
      If this gets reviewed I wouldn’t be surprised if far less ppl showed up next time around.

      Edit: There are also a lot of spam comments in here that helped a bit, if those were removed it wouldn’t have been as quickly, possibly the mods are slightly turning a blind eye to help it win.

      • Jung Rian

        Spam comments ? Hum it’s not fair to do it but well … Thanks to all the non NU’EST fans ♥.♥ But I feel like we shouldn’t stop commenting and voting ! I feel like the next kmm is not gonna be for us. Is it only my own feeling ?

      • I think the mods were a bit behind in cleaning up the spam, I saw a lot of spam on another video as well. But yes, hopefully the curse will finally be broken this time :/ I think a lot of non-Nu’est fans are here as well because of the quirky video and KMM potential, rather than just helping Nu’est get a review for the sake of finally being reviewed. Nonetheless, everyone appreciates all the help!

        • Yea sorry, 2 of us have capped internet, and 1 is busy marking exams. But I’ll be tidying up stuff when I have time :) In the meantime, there is always the ‘Flag’ function – makes things a lot easier for us :D Hahaha but only if it’s really spammy or abusive comments ofc.

        • I have cleaned up the page mostly. Once the cats away the nice will play and all that.

        • No worries at all, we know you mods have lives outside the Internet :) Thanks for all your hard work! I just said that b/c I didn’t think the mods would be unprofessional enough to turn a blind eye to spam just to help a video win.

        • Lol. Exactly. The fact is that there are 6 (if you include S&M and Cari) of us and still sometimes our real life stuff all gets in the way at the same time.

          I am however looking to see if Nu’est can indeed break the curse, but I am not invested in it. To tell the truth even with my bias group I actually have no real need to have them reviewed. What I really like is the conversation and community that is spawned on EYK when fans get together to talk ( and not spam) about their bias groups.

          Take Nu’est. Lo/es have been some of the most resilient of fan groups despite never getting a review. I hope that even if this video is not reviewed that it continues because I think the most important thing is actually enjoying the discussion of the video.

  196. Our boys are hard-working. We always support you NU’EST <3. Fighting!!!

  197. ██▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒██████▒▒███████▒▒█████████

  198. ♥♥♥

  199. Bom Dia L.O.V.E s vamos ao topo!!!! Com Sleep Talking…


  201. Nu’est so cool

  202. Puc Sari's♥ ☜*~*

    NU’EST <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. I think Nu’est always has a lot of really interesting dances! I really like all the sleeping themed dances. I love seeing it performed live especially that part where they lie on each other and JR is in the middle. Super fun. For some reason I was waiting for an awkward dub step break in the middle (I kinda really love that sort of sound now). This song is really catchy though and I seriously hope they can finally get revealed! They really deserve the recognition. Nuest and LO/Es Fighting! (I only ever comment when nu’est releases an mv)

    • Yeah! Everything for Nu’est is a must!! Hehe XD Their dance is indeed awesome. It’s gna be a tough one for whoever doing the dance cover. ^_^ The comment sections actually have seemed a bit quiet meanwhile there is not enough time left. But Nu’est finally gets the 3rd rank in kpopcharts. Yippie!! Hopefully we can mantain this position till the next 5 hours. LO/Es Fighting!!!

  204. Hi everyone, 1st time commenting here : ) I been following NU’EST since their debut last year. I really like their FACE MV and am so happy that it has ver 20 million views to date. Actually, I like all their MVs so far and I hope they will get a EYK review for this one. It’s been so l-o-n-g overdue.

  205. Sleep Talking. I love this Video. Daebak. I just say: Best song

  206. Thương Thân Thiện

    nu’est is no.1

  207. Puc Sari's♥ ☜*~*


  208. Puc Sari's♥ ☜*~*

    NU’EST ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  209. Joan Añasco ★ 조안

    Want this to be reviewed. just . . . just want it to be reviewed so much! ><
    This MV is soo much fun. The choreo is just great and the concept is good.

  210. This MV is sooo different compared to their old ones. It’s so.. colorfull and somehow just amazing. xD

  211. ลิมิตอีกล้ะ เพลีย!

    loveeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuu :)

  212. Sleep talking is no1

  213. make it view increase and vote for them on melon , m countdown

  214. NU’EST is not like SHINee , just stop with this bullshit -_________- .. NU’EST is NU’EST and yeah , like it or not … NU’EST time <3


  216. Nu’est no 1 ! i love nu’est <3

  217. since vixx is now basically officially out of the running for a kmm (which makes me one sad panda) i hope nu’est gets one. if not this monday, the next. i will definitely try my best to get them to the top 3!

    • I actually know how you feel, I myself and a lot of Playgirlz voted for After School’s “First Love” like crazy to keep them in the top 3 in 3 weeks, still no MM for my girl (which makes me another sad panda)

      btw although I’m not a VIXX fan I’m still really impressed with the video ^^

      • oh jeez! that was like for b1a4 too. it’s tough (in it’s own way) to keep being so active for groups with less fans on here. oh well. i’m going to have some hope that nu’est will get the kmm! let’s go! :D

  218. Tuyệt vời :3


  220. Minyeon Love Nu'est Nhìu

    I love this MV so much, Love NU’EST Hope them no1

  221. 9 hours left and this is still at no.4 >.< gosh I'd be glad if someone just jump in and have a fanwar with me just to increase the the point lol

    • Bernarduchis Calvillo

      IKR? *Sigh* We’re still so left behind… we had too little time to vote, and the comments section hasn’t been pretty active anyways. This monday won’t be our monday AGAIN T_T

      • It’s so depressing, I’m trying my best to give a shout out on Facebook so that everyone can come here and vote but lots of them come to spam because they didn’t read the instruction carefully, while others just don’t speak English T__T

        How about this: I think the other songs from the album are actually better than this one. There, someone just please jump in and argue with me about that pleaseeee!!

        • Bernarduchis Calvillo

          I think they are all great! I love how they use different rythms and “genres”! When I was hearing Beautiful Ghost for the first time, I got this Sherlock feeling at the intro, but then I didn’t any more… it was crazy xD

        • Đức Địch

          Gosh the start really scared me to death with that door sound haha, for a second I thought someone was behind my back XD

  222. This is such a great video and song with tons of potential for KMM I hope it makes it! We have such little time left. I want to see them talk about all the different ‘rooms’ and the fashion. Also the dance!

  223. nu’est fighting

  224. ลิมิตอีกล้ะ เพลีย!

    I want to see nu’est with pyjamas

  225. ลิมิตอีกล้ะ เพลีย!

    nu’est fighting!!!!

  226. 뉴이스트 COMEBACK


  227. This is seriously my favorite Kpop M/V in a LONG time. . . it may be one of the best of all time, haha. There’s just so much to it! Simon and Martina would have so much to talk about. I notice something new each time I watch. It helps that the song is also awesome. Here’s hoping we can get it into top 3!

  228. NU’EST♥ son lo maximo chicos! los amo :3

  229. hay quá :* mình sẽ ủng hộ nhiều :3

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  231. Vamos Nu’est debe ganar!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  232. Nu’EST Hwating!
    I hope they are winner :)
    L.O./.E Hwating!
    Love you

  233. THISSSSS. Let me take JR’s part only please…..

  234. nu’est es el mejor en todo el mundo y todas y cada una de sus cancines, los amo y son especiales :3

  235. NU’EST is BACK♥

  236. Bernarduchis Calvillo

    We’ll need a miracle if we want to beat MBLAQ tonight T_T Still, we can try! Let’s start a conversation!
    Sleep Talking vs. Hello! :)

    • Alright! Do you like Sleep talking or Hello more? :)

      • I think this is a tough question. Image-wise I feel like Sleep Talking may be a step back from Hello – as in they seemed more mature in Hello, which was fitting coming from Face and Action.

        On the other hand, I really really like that they aren’t afraid to expand to new “genres” and that they still do it so well! So… I’m going to be lame and say that it’s a tie, haha. I like them both, but for different reasons.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          LOL you really no help…..hahaha XDD

        • Bernarduchis Calvillo

          I should say that I like Sleep Talking a bit more than Hello. Even if I love Hello now, Sleep Talking is more… energetic. I fell like dancing when I hear it. And I think that even if Hello gave them a “mature” kind of look, they’re still my age, so this style suits them a little bit better!

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Sleep Talking is good if only I had known how to edit or even erase the snoring sound.. Or perhaps Nu’est can release the instrumental or acapella ver of it. The snoring sound, err, just NO. lol

        • Bernarduchis Calvillo

          I don’t mind it, actually .___. Since it’s a “Sleep” song it sounds “fitting”… I don’t like the Zoombie-like “Oh” tought xD

    • hello always makes me so sad! the worst is when it’s nu’est’s hello and then right after b1a4′s tried to walk. i’m always like “let me go into my car and cry now” haha but i love it. i also really dig sleep talking since it is a more upbeat sounding song that makes you want to dance. it’s a tough choice….

    • Blueberries

      Hello for me, the scenery, fashion, plotline, song.. sorry but I just like Hello really much XD Sleep Talking is great but I don’t often like mv’s this style so much: it’s too cute for me and they just wear the bizarrest things! The song is good though and the mv surely has lot of intresting things for KMM though.

    • They’re both really good in their own sense so it’s a little hard. I think I’d go with Hello just because I liked the snowy MV and the suit and ties better. Sleep Talking is extremely fun and catchy though C:

  237. NU’EST fighting!!!!!

  238. please please please review nu’est sleep talking u have never reviewed them before

  239. NU’EST^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  240. Kids in Latin America we will begin to collect, why here is already late at night. We spent the responsibility for L.O. / .E s Asia and Oceania. Good evening we’ll take NU’EST the top.

  241. nu’est

  242. Minyeon Love Nu'est Nhìu

    L.O./.Es ah~ Make some noiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  243. vote for them on m-countdown , too

  244. Chânngắn Saophải Xoắn

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • bạn ơi đừng spam nhé ^^ cố gắng comment bằng một câu hoàn chỉnh (tiếng Việt cũng đc ko sao) chứ đừng spam bị hạ điểm đấy ^^






  246. yêu nu’est nhiều nhiều!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^

  247. nu’est is back!!! mv Sleep talking. I love nu’est

  248. ♥ 사랑해뉴이스트 ♥ 사랑해 잠꼬대 ♥사랑해 REN ♥

  249. Minyeon Love Nu'est Nhìu

    Love this MV so much, L.O./.Es FIGHTING!!!

  250. Minyeon Love Nu'est Nhìu

    Cmt nhiều vào V-L.O./.Es ưi :3 :3

  251. unicornsgalaxy

    Well I was going to go through and give my reactions on the video, but I’m pretty sure about halfway through it, I had a bit of a meltdown cause there’s so much going on. Here are my thoughts that stood out and I can remember:

    -What is that awful noise? (at the beginning)
    -Oh there’s a bed on the ceiling…why’s there a bed on the ceiling?
    -Oh wait, it’s on the ground…Whoa they’re sleeping on the ceiling!

    - Ren looks less feminine this time! Cool
    - Whoa look at that move! Impressive! (in regards to when each member is using the other member’s knees for support as they lay back in a circle)
    - Ren is really pretty (guess he went back to being a little feminine looking)
    - Ok, nope Ren is really looking less feminine in this but he’s still pretty!

    There were some other thoughts about the other members (like “Oh Pink hair!”)

    About the song, I started off liking it, the mid way I was thinking it’s just alright, then near the end I was back more towards the liking it…I’ll just have to listen to it again to make the decision!

    Anyway, let’s hope the EYK curse is broken this time around!

  252. Nu’est is the best

  253. I love nues

  254. Tbh, I have a serious issue about the snoring part, I dislike it as much as I hate ‘awoo’ in Wolf. *hit the skip button* But the dance, especially the one like shuffling, is my favorite. _< He always has different hairstyle in every comeback. I think in the mean time, I'll lose count of how many hairstyles he ever had. Still, I prefer the one in Hello. And I enjoyed his rap (Or singing like rapping?) Woah, he looked cool doing that! ^_^ Btw, Ren's room is like the colorful ver of Primary in ? (Yup. That's really the song title. Dont ask me why.) At first,, he was like playing basketball but why he ended in playing football instead. Bwahaha XDD

    Note: It's been a long time, and seemed that everyone has forgotten but I'm still curious to know what S&M meant by having something special related to NU'EST back on March before their trip to SG. I've been waiting and waiting but there has been no news (or Was it?). If NU'EST is chosen to have their first KMM ever this week, hopefully S&M will also clarify it.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      Dude! I’m so glad someone else remembers that. I was thinking about it today and kept thinking, I wonder what it was they said and with whom they said it. Will we ever see this special mention of Nu’est. I hope so.

    • I thought they said it would be in the final video and we’d know it when we saw it.
      I saw a NU’EST poster on one of the walls during their… (brainfart) thingy where you do a simply task complicatedly w/ a bunch of contracptions activating eachother.

      But if that’s what it really was then that’s pretty lame lol.

      • Kielley Bade

        I was wondering that, too. I was like “surely that can’t be what they meant…” but I’m afraid that’s all since it’s all that’s come out. :(

      • I thought they were gna having an interview with Nu’est in SG or something like that since they would be going there. But there’s been no news since then. :/
        Really? There was Nu’est poster? Link? I forgot. lol

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          lol Idr and idr where in the vid it was either. But I remember seeing it cause I was like “Ummmmmm”.

          There have been no interviews for quite awhile, wish they’d set up some.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Yeah, it’s been a while. Wonder who’s the next one. But not sure, if it’s Nu’est.

          I’m curious about something. Was that vid along with the post that said, “they’ve something special related to Nu’est on March”. Or in a different post?

      • thisisjustforfunval

        The Rube Goldberg machine, because they couldn’t give it a catchier name. lol

        Gosh, I really hope that wasn’t it, because that would have been super lame. Don’t remember seeing their poster on their but it passed by all the posters, signs and cd’s so quickly you really couldn’t catch everything.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Thank you~! I had watched the video twice before but never finding the posters.

          There were two Nu’est posters I could spot on. Both were from K-Rush. But no Cd.

    • I asked the exact same question on the Nasty Love FB page haha. Apparently it was what NANAandLIZZYfanatic said though- just some Nu’est things in one of the rooms they were staying at in Japan. Yeah, not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed :X

      • WUT?? Ah…arasseo then. Nu’est is indeed pretty popular in Japan. They’ll be having another concert there too this November~

  255. I’m 35 and I’m L.O. / . with great pride and pleasure because NU’EST are one of the few groups that success does not “rose head” and they give value to fans by showing it in various ways, NU ‘EST respects the fans. therefore they deserve my eternal love.


  257. Nu’est is amazing <3 LOVE these boys

  258. Estou viciada em Sleep Talking.

  259. I’m not a fan of this song. I liked Yobeoseyo way better (because of the r&b feel to it probably haha). BUT there are always songs on their albums that I do like! Has anyone heard Yeppeo (can’t type hangul on my computer sorry)? Love that song! :)

  260. L.O./.E.S FIGHTING!!! <3 #BreakTheCurse

  261. Itari

    I love this song and the choreography.Really hope this gets reviewed.

  262. I love the song, and baekho looks amazing.

  263. I really really really LOVE this mv and song! It’s the first song from nu’est I’ve listened to, (or has caught my attention, not really sure) and I’m pretty new to k-pop. This is actually my first comment, but i thought this mv was worth it! I’m SO hoping that Simon and Martina will review it. Though I’m still a bit confused about Ren; am I a lesbian, for thinking he’s hot? I’m not even twelve, but 22. Haha jk :D nu’est <3

    • Haha Ren’s actually pretty masculine. Watch some videos and you’ll see his personality is far from feminine :P Also, welcome to the fandom! You should check out their debut song, FACE, and their other main tracks (Action, Hello), as well as Not Over You, and Sandy. They’re really good too ^^

  264. Maya

    We will break the curse this time!!!

  265. Nu’est…. in… colors? -head explodes-

  266. This NEED to be reviewed because MinHyun’s shirt

  267. I realllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want this to be reviewed! I really like the song, but most of all the MV has SOOOO much to talk about~!

  268. LOVEs, please keep voting GO GO ^O^

  269. saranghae NU’EST <3

  270. I love their new concept!
    Nu’est Hwaiting!!

  271. NU’EST It’s Back!!!!! Our wonderful boys Fighting NU’EST

  272. Kielley Bade

    T.T Ya’ll need to stop spamming… it’s not helping. At all… And it’s only going to come back and bite us…

    • Blueberries

      Also if there is too many comments (over 8000, can be achieved only with spamming crazily) this page will break and none can comment or see any comments anymore, that happened VIXX’s page last time :< So please people let's talk about NU'EST and not spam!

      TKIR: I love JR's different hats and his curly hair in some scenes.

      • Kielley Bade

        We can break the page? ._. Hopefully if we break it, it will because we’re awesome Nasty LO/Es, not because of the spam…

        • Blueberries

          Yea if we comment too much. Though would it be kind of cool, write comments (not spam but actual ones) so much that the page just can’t handle it XD Well I guess we won’t get just that far: I haven’t seen any other page breaking than that VIXX’s page and old off-topic pages.

        • We broke Nu’est’s page from actual, well thought-out and meaningful comments for Not Over You :) I believe BAP also had their page broken from actual comments, not spam.

        • Blueberries

          Yea, it can get laggy if there is 5-6k comments but disqus is stronger now I think and when it reaches it’s limit the whole page is useless XD But yup we got NU’EST’s page to broke with actual comments, quite proud of that heh ;)

        • Kielley Bade
          Kielley Bade

          We should make that our goal! >=O I WILL BE HERE. Despite my crazy work/school schedule as of now, I will support our boys however I can. <3 Including recruiting new LO/Es… even if I can't make her a Nasty LO/E… :(

  273. great song and mv!



  276. so cool~~~~~~~~

  277. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for their live performance of this, the choreography in this is incredible!!!! :D

  278. awww!!! amo a nu´est son lo mejor de mi vida!! los amoooo!!! REN, JR, ARON, MINHYUN Y BAEKHO los amo a todos por igual!!!

  279. ██▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒██████▒▒███████▒▒█████████

  280. gosh, so little time left :( just hope that the song will get to top 3 T.T Please Simon and Martina review this please :((

  281. NU’EST are just amazing! I love them so much! It is do funny to see them in that mv! :D

  282. Love you gyus!!! NU’EST daebak!

  283. OMG I’m loving this… I don’t care what anyone thinks, I love Ren’s hair band. lol… and Baekho’s pink hair .. so sexy..

  284. Where’s Layanneee? :X
    Hehe I found them lifting up their shirts for a tease amusing. That’s not going to work on this noona, Guys, you’re way too young >_<

    • She was taking a break for a while. Look on my profile, you’ll find her. Btw, your acc, heh? :)
      I wonder what her thought about Minnie’s half cut t-shirt at the back or whatever it is called. :p

      • OH haha, yeah because she’s such a hardcore LOVE, I always see she’s one of the first commentators here! Glad to know she’s ok. Heehee no, no new account- just my FB as usual. YAY glad to see you again! Let’s camp out here FOR THE FIFTH TIME AND FINALLY BREAK THE CURSE D:

        I laughed really hard when I first saw Minnie’s shirt… it’s just so… LOLOLOL I can’t, it’s too funny :’D

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Alright, let’s camp out LO/Es!! We’ve provided some tea and cookies here! ^_^

          Hahaha..I think he can easily catch a cold especially if he’s wearing it in a room where AC is turning on or if it’s windy outside. That outfit wont be in my wardrobe for sure. ckckk

  285. Please leave a comment here (not spamming) and keep sharing this on FB, Twit, G+ to help NU’EST reach top 3 ^^ <3

  286. L.O./.E.S fighting! Maybe we can get S&M to review them this time #BreakTheCurse

  287. This HAS to get to #1 It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. i love NU’EST♥

  289. i love everything *-* NU’EST awesome!♥

  290. very good!!!!!!!!!!!!! NU’EST no.1 5ting <3

  291. please! please! This would be great! I love this video, the idea of the dream world being about chasing the real girl- they were so adorable too! I only wish Ren had more solo. :/

  292. come on L.O.V.E we need to make this reach the top 3!!!! We’re already at No.4!!!!

  293. yah yah more comments, loves and make its view increase

  294. The mystic fantasy concept are so interesting.. Suit them well.. Hoping that this song will go on top.. Nu’est has it all but why they’re always left behind.. As for me, I will always be their LOVE.. Nu’est hwaiting!

  295. ██▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒██████▒▒███████▒▒█████████

  296. Estou viciada em Sleep Talking!!!!

  297. I love this MV. :x

  298. I love minhyun’s voice in this song…it melt my heart

  299. ★[ˈdʒesɪkə]★

    NU’EST totally deserves to be reviewed this time. I mean, the song is so new and catchy. They worked hard too. Come on guise~ Let’s break this curse!


  301. everyone getting their hair some sort of pink recently! (or red) but i’m so happy for a nu’est comeback! i was waiting for these babies to return :D i liked the video a lot and the falling asleep while standing dance is addicting!

  302. OMG , it’s so good , keep fighting you guys , we love you , L.O./.E love you >w<

  303. would love to see nuest finally get an MV reviewed. my fingers are crossed! definitely time to break the curse…..

  304. oppa!!!!!! I proud of you!!!!!!!!
    sleep talking!!!! <3 <3 <3 it's very wonderful!!!!!! <3

  305. NU’EST fighting

  306. <3 NU'EST

  307. Nu’est fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  308. Nu’est <3 <3 <3 <3 VOTE TODAY <3 <3 <3

  309. Blueberries

    Sleep Talking’s and Dream Girl’s idea could be same but aren’t they just both copying this? XD:

    So idea of meeting your future love in your dream isn’t that new and has been used in many times in different contexts :)

  310. I hope there’s a reviewed for this XD

  311. Please I beg, i will get on my knee’s and beg. People vote. this is by far the best mv by them i am so happy for this Ren is so hot. I want to know what Simon and Martina think. OMFG i love this. so much

  312. Kielley Bade

    Dunno if you guys have seen this, but I was grinning the whole time. Although is it just me, or does Aron look particularly tired? o3o

    • i’m in the midst of watching this right now. i’m freaking out the whole time! haha they are too precious

      • Kielley Bade

        aren’t they? But is it just me or does Aron seem… tired?

        • Aminah Henne

          a lot of people were saying that! at points, he did seem more tired than the rest. maybe this comeback is just taking it’s toll a little early for him. hopefully he gets more rest :D

        • Kielley Bade
          Kielley Bade

          :( I wonder if he maybe has a lot going on, too. I mean, I’m sure he’s studying Korean and stuff still, too, although obviously his Korean is tons tons better. And maybe trying to work on being able to STAY in Korea or… something. Y’know? He probably has more going on than the others is my guess. But he definitely needs rest. I hope to see him as hyper and goofy as his usual self soon!

        • Aminah Henne

          he has improved a lot. yeah that’s my guess that he just has more stuff to do than the rest for now. let’s hope he comes back to being goofy again soon!

        • Kielley Bade
          Kielley Bade

          Agreed, I was a little worried about him since he wasn’t as bouncy as usual :(

    • Hey, y’know how many LO/Es attended their showcase?
      JR was bboying!! U DUNNO HOW LONG I’D WAITED FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!! *cries*
      #Mianh,,, fangirling explodes ヽ(;▽;)ノ

  313. Stephanie Dubuque

    Wow I am seriously impressed with this song and mv love the concept and how all the members tie in! Nu’est is an awesome group and I seriously hope this song gets top 3 so Simon and Martina can finally review them! Plus that shirt with the cut out lower back I was like whaaa? and then I was like oh my, show some more please!

  314. As a Pledis stan I’ll make sure I’ll get my revenge when you guise didn’t review After School “First Love” and make sure to break the curse!!! NU’EST fighting!!!!!

  315. Such heavy snoring can only attributed to either a deviated septum or inflamed muscles of the throat from screaming in fear as they are chased all over by Fangurilla and her posse….either way Nu’est should probably get that checked out.

    Cute song….not the typical Nu’est vibe that I’m used to, but I’ll embrace it because they are back.

    But hands down my favorite part was at the end where the fantasy girl/sleep study expert comes in. She sees the crazy commotion going on, picks up a pillow, and just leaves probably to go have coffee or something. You can just hear the “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” emitting from her thoughts. Classic way of girls reacting to boys’ shenanigans.

    • Blueberries

      Actually they have quite much cute stuff going on too. Not Over You, Sandy and this from mv’s, it makes three. And then Introduce me to your noona from songs, that’s just full of cutesy!
      I wonder if they are thinking of keeping this image or going back to “urban eletro songs” like Face and Action. I’d prefer sth like Face since I’m more into badass stuff although I still like Sleep Talking too.

      • Agreed. Face was the song that actually pulled me into their fandom. I used the song and music video in a lesson that I did on bullying with my students last year. So songs like Face, Action, I’m Sorry, and Nu/Establish/Style/Tempo have that urban vibe like you pointed out and draw me in. Sleep Talking is good, too. I just have to embrace that oppas must have cutesy sides to balance their bad boy vibes as well.

      • I think it speaks more to their talent as a group that they can pull off so many different styles and still do it so well! Some groups try and switch things up from their debut image (coughhistorycough) and don’t pull it off at all in my opinion. This didn’t feel like a stretch for any of the members (poor Baekho getting chased with a chainsaw O.O), just something different. And a good kind of different, too!

        • Blueberries

          Yup, Nu’est’s just pulls off badass and cutesy image both so well without being akward at all. It’s really impressive.

      • I know.I’m missing FACE era. But Face didnt do well in Korea although it’s so popular among International fans. Anyway, FACE hit 20 mil just before the day of their comeback! YAY!!!! :DD

        • Blueberries

          Yea it’s such shame that Korea doesn’t often like songs like Face, they are more into cute stuff what I have seen :< But at least they have most watched debut mv in youtube alltime, that's really cool :D

        • Velvetblue Veille

          That’s why I think Pledis is currently experimenting which genre sells well for Nu’est. I hope Nu’est can do well in Korea this time so that we, International fans can see more of them in the future.

  316. NU’EST!!!!!! Loving the song and the mv is so cute and creative!

  317. you know, i’m getting some pretty nostalgic feels from this MV/song. maybe I just desperately miss debut-days Nu’est, and this is… somewhat of a similar vibe. but I’m really intrigued. The song also kind of has that “it’s one song, but kind of feels like two mashed together” feel, but then again not really??? This song is just so… different? I don’t know guys, but I like it.

  318. This would be a PERFECT video for Eat Your Kimchi to review!!!! I JUST WANT THEM TO REVIEW NU’EST!!!

  319. Nu’est Hwaiiting!! I really hope they get reviewed this time :)

  320. I really hope that S&M review this song because we need to #BreakTheCurse for them!
    Lol. I actually love this song better than Hello because this is more Nu’est-y(?)
    BUT~ I found it hilarious it that they were fighting each other with flowers for the girl and the “random plot twist” that the end xD

    • Kielley Bade

      I totally agree. It feels more like their… usual feel? Like, it’s got a good, semi-tough feel to it in parts, and then in other parts it’s very upbeat and poppy and cutesy. So I feel like it has both sides of NU’EST to it.

    • I loved Hello as well, but I don’t think it did well so they probably won’t do another single like it anytime soon. I guess I’ll have to start buying whole albums.

  321. Minyeon Love Nu'est Nhìu

    L.O./.Es Fighting!!!!

  322. NU’EST realmente merece ganar, se esforzarón mucho por este comeback y además es perfecto el mv y todo, ah.

  323. 뉴이스트 hwaiting!! <3

  324. nu’est…. nu’est

  325. it’s a beautiful song :* support for NU’EST

  326. ██▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒██████▒▒███████▒▒█████████

  327. vote for them , loves

  328. Chânngắn Saophải Xoắn


  329. …..*…ηυ’єѕт…*

    • Bernarduchis Calvillo

      I’m pretty Sure this comments count as SPAM, and they get erased. So please, if you want your comments to gain point, say something about the song or MV!

  330. 뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..뉴이스트..♥..ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ..♥..
    (◠‿◠) (◡‿◡) (◕‿◕) (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ (◕‿-)

  331. NU’EST deserve it <3 They do their best in this new song ! :D and it's fantastic!

  332. Come on!!! just once pls ;;

  333. I love this Mv *-*

  334. thisisjustforfunval

    Personally I really love Ren’s room the most. I love that everything is spelled out instead of actually being there. And Baekho, I can understand why that room gives him nightmares considering that woman is experimenting on them in there. However, had I fallen out of bed that hard, you can bet it would have woken me up. Or I would have broken something, my luck.

    • Ren’s room was my favorite as well! Loved the word objects. Baekho’s room was so drastically different from everyone else’s room. Poor baby.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        At least he gets out of that room and joins them all for a flower battle over the girl in a well light street way.

        • Blueberries

          I just wonder why he falled in love with this girl since the girl was quite creepy in his room and tried to kill him (it was the girl with chainsaw I think?).

        • thisisjustforfunval

          I’m not sure, they really never show who is after him with the chainsaw. She shows up only in the mirror, kind of like a ghost. But it could have been her. Maybe he thinks she saved him and falls in love with him lol. But then again she seems to be controlling their dreams so she could easily have just made him forget the nightmare and try for her heart with all the other guys.

          This girl is pretty twisted now that I think about it lol

    • Kyoko Souen 早園恭子

      Ok Ren’s room! I love love love Ren’s room. I thought the idea was so cool. I really like the way they set it all up. And poor Baekho and his nightmare. I don’t get why they did that but I still like the song and video a lot.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Me either, but maybe since it’s about dream states, a nightmare had to be included and who better to fight it off and defend it than muscular Baekho ^_^

        • Kyoko Souen 早園恭子

          OMG! Yes, no better member for that. I mean his teaser video when the first came out was showing his muscular manliness. And that would make sense why they had it. It was interesting to say the least that they included it.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Baekho’s teaser is always the one I remember the most. Probably because of the martial arts he’s doing. Yeah…that’s the only reason ^^

        • I remember his teaser because of Mordney Present.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          That would be one of the other reasons I remember it. I remember Simon being upset that Mordney wasn’t present for the MV.

        • Kyoko Souen 早園恭子

          Well for me it’s his and Ren only cuz Ren’s is like Korean Lady Gaga and my friends think that’s hilarious. So I’ve shown it to a ton of them. Cuz I referred to him as that once and no one got it so I showed them the teaser.

    • Kielley Bade

      I love Ren’s room, too. I think it’s so… witty? Clever? IDK, but I love the idea. And it’s even better that he’s trying to interact with the things. The best part is him trying to kick the ball. XD

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Him interacting with everything made that room even more my favorite. Especially when he is looking into the mirror and as you said trying to kick the ball. :)

        • Kielley Bade
          Kielley Bade

          And Ren’s just too damn cute in the first place. I mean, seriously. IDK how it’s even possible.
          Although he reminds me of a Key in training, or a young Key. XD Just cause they’re both kinda divas.

        • SheriCherry

          It was a ball? I tried to read what it said and thought it said ‘Tab’ XD

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Yup ^_^ I took a screen shot that shows the whole room. The only you can’t see well is the on above the desk. But I think it says computer, since there’s a scene with him pretending to be typing.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Let’s trying attaching the picture again.

        • that room is Amazing xD! ahahhaha

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Well, he can play word games and improve his English then. ㅋㅋㅋ

        • THAT IS SO COOL! The words are where the objects are supposed to be, wow. I didn’t notice that the first couple of times. Ugh I love this MV so much.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          That room is wonderful. I honestly want to at least make a bookcase like that in my room.

  335. So perfect. The vocal harmony and choreography too is a beauty and charisma that only seeing and being carried away to understand. Congratulations NU’EST excelled. Here rooting for them because they are one of the few groups who remember that whatever they are, they are the fans.

  336. All members were just so cute dressed in all those colours! It impossible to chose a fav member from this band!:-)

  337. I absolutely love this song! The wait was definitely worth it! Hope they’ll win..If not now,then the next week!

  338. I love the MV, it’s so funny~ NU’EST Fighting c:

  339. NU’EST IS BACK!!!!

  340. When I first heard this song I had mixed feeling since I really liked the chorus but was still unsure how I felt about the verses. But now that I listen to it a few more times, I actually really like it :D

  341. They’ve gotten cuter >.< (Ren…brb dying)
    The song's so catchy and poor Baekho with the chainsaw :D
    Nu'est time show time KMM time please~

  342. Please please PLEAAAASSEEE review this video!!!! >o<
    I love Nu'EST and they have never gotten the chance to be reviewed…..#breakthecurse

  343. I absolutely love this song and I was super excited for their comeback! Simon and Martina has never reviewed nu’est before so I really want them to have a chance and get reviewed for once!

  344. When I first saw this MV I wasn’t sure if I like it or not, but the song got stuck in my head so I rewatched it a few times, and I’m glad I did. It feels like Shinee’s dream girl meats Bilasa’s what’s happening, still that doesn’t mean it’s bad, I loved those so I can’t help but love this one as well. The dance matches the whole ‘sleeping’ theme so well, It’s especially creative. Their clothes on the other hand… :S hm, well… but still these whole overly colorful, rather bizarre outfits somehow manage to add a little extra to streghten the theme.

    So congrats NU’EST and Jailbait Entertainment -or what’s their name- you did it! It is a great comeback, well: at least definitely better than “Yeoboseyo?” -.-

    • Blueberries

      Lol jailbait entertainment XD It’s Pledis. But yea.. when Seventeen debuts it’s going to be really jailbait ent XD
      Idk I still like Yeoboseyo better, I’m still little mixed about this. Not my fav mv or song from NU’EST but it’s still good.

      • Kielley Bade

        Wasn’t Seventeen supposed to debut in the beginning of the year? ._. Like, whatever happened to them anyway? I feel like they just went like, poof.

        • Blueberries

          I’m not sure cause I haven’t followed them. I guess their debut got postponed since I haven’t hear anything about disbandment or sth like that.

      • ah seventeen, I wonder when will they debut with their 13-year-old maknae… We should make a proposition to Pledis to change their name :D
        About Yeoboseyo… hm I liked the song, I just didn’t really get the MV… it was a bit, well… awkward for my tase, but the dance was awesome, especially when Ren’s in front and he is wearing a cape like something, that’s just beautiful… But back to this MV, I like how the dance compliments the lyrics so well, there is that movement when they are “support” their head with their hand, It’s almost like me in the train, when I’m about to fall asleep.

        • Blueberries

          For me it’s one of most beatiful mv’s I have seen, the scenery is just so pretty and I loved that they did something so wintery during winter :D

          Sleep Talking is great and really funny too, the dance is just spot on :D But it’s maybe little too colorful and cutesy for me, it reminds me of Shinee’s (recent) and Bilasa’s stuff and I don’t follow neither of them so it’s really different than that I’m used of watching :)

  345. i love their showcase it was so awesome and they sang this live <3

  346. The song is really good…

  347. i love the fact that they have a chainsaw in their video i think it’s a first XD do other kpop grups have chainsaws in their videos?

  348. Yessssss Nu’est is back <3
    Hopefully their song will actually get reviewed this time….

  349. While I was hoping for something more similar to Face or Action, this is a good song, and the video is really FUN. I mean, the end of the video made me think they were in a mental hospital (probably just me xD) but, the entire idea is really fun, and I really like it. Hopefully us L.O.V.E’s can get this to the top of the charts and hopefully get it reviewed – we’ll finally beat our curse, right?!

    • Jung Rian

      We have the same thoughts on the mv :) And you’re not alone thinking they’re in a mental hospital, this is exactly what I thought at the end too ! *high five* Let’s work hard to make it to the top and let the boys be proud of us (even if they will never know all the work we’re putting into these eyk charts x3)

  350. Jung Rian

    I was expecting from NU’EST a Face-like song, this is what I wanted to see at first. But then, this comeback is really not bad ! Yes I saw some SHINee/Bilasa/cute/flowerboy stuff, but it still looks good on them. I was awkward watching it, but now I like it because it’s cool, catchy, funny, colorfull and a bit stupid as well. I only listend to it once and the chorus got stucked in my head. And the dance is pretty creative. Damn you NU’EST ! Every concept seems to suit you ! Now I hope this song is gonna reach the top on every charts (especially EYK’s one, will we get a chance to get it reviewed ? Hope so !)
    NU’EST Fighting !

    • Kielley Bade

      I love that everything somehow seems to suit them. Like, at first I’m like “eh, this isn’t them, though…” and then I watch it a few times or something and I’m like “Yes it is. This is perfectly them.” They just pull off EVERYTHING I feel like. XD

    • Plus Boyfriend’s Boyfriend (without flower, but album instead). :)
      I was afraid if I would dislike Sleep Talking MV entirely. You know, the teaser was in a box. I was thinking it’d be another bling-bling dancing theme in another box concept. But thank God, it’s not. Although I hate listening to the very first part (the snoring sound), but the rest are okay I think. And their dance, the part when Aron was on the ‘human table’, and also when the other four members except JR was forming it, really WOW!!! I remembered doing this in my PE class, and it’s like a pain in the as* bending yourself like that. -.-

      • Jung Rian

        I was afraid to dislike it too, not for the box mv but for the whole concept. I like the part with the snoring, it’s funny ! :D If my boyfriend snore like that, I’m ok with it x) (It will never be as loud as my father >.< *out*) The figure you talk about are cool as well. It's original. For Aron's part, I see better a bed than a table, it goes better with the concept. And the figure where they bend on each other ..! Wow. If it's that hard as you say, I don't know how they do O.O

        And I forgot to say how much I love Ren strange colorfull dreadlocks ♥

        • Velvetblue Veille

          I have no complain about Ren’s hairstyle this time. :) I think it suits him well and so do the other members. They didnt have ‘exaggerating hair’ more like normal one. Strangely, I was worried thinking there was no changing for Minhyun;s hairstyle at all. Although I like his normal look, but that doesnt seem like what a celebrity would do. lol Kpop artist usually does something unusual to his hair or even radical sometimes. *cough*YGartist*cough* So happy after I saw his disheveled hair, he looked even better and hawt~ ㅋㅋㅋ

          So, there are two things (bed and table) they form by bending themselves or actually there is only one since the beginning, that is ‘human bed’. O: Coz you know we can sleep and stand on it as well..

        • Jung Rian

          You’re right, Minhyun’s hair is sadly not changing. He looks a bit like a school student. But the others didn’t change as well. There is nothing really original in their haircut (especcially compared to our dear GD by example ^^) Pledis should invest x)
          For the bed/table, let’s see if the group name it. I saw they filmed a Let’s Dance for Loen, if they present tis figure, they’ll certainly give a name.

  351. Even though i’m still not used to the hippi-bling bling clothes i love EVERYTHING else in it.
    I actually love more then FACE…? :O (hm not sure yet haha)
    Can we talk about Ren rapping oh my god :D So cute but still so…fierce?:D Haha. Aron and JR rap part seriously killed me.
    And the choreo looks very hard but still so good. (best choreo i’ve seen in my life)
    GO NU’EST ♥
    Oh and please stop comparing NU’EST with SHINee. Yes both is a dream concept but that’s it, get over it!

  352. Kielley Bade

    Anyone else surprised, though, that Aron’s raps weren’t just in English this time? I was pretty shocked. @_@

    • Blueberries

      I kind of miss his english rap, it’s one part of NU’EST songs that I always like but he raps as well in korean too.

      • Kielley Bade

        I miss the English as well, but at the same time I’m proud of him to be rapping in Korean, too, since I remember when he couldn’t speak Korean too well ^^ So I like to think of it as a show that his Korean’s gotten much much better!

        BTW: Hello ^^ I remember seeing you for Hello.

        • Blueberries

          Yea it must be hard for him and what I have heard korean isn’t easy language to rap either.

      • Jung Rian

        I miss it too, it was the only part I was almost able to understand. There is still the “NU’EST is back … Make some noise” part, but not enough >.< At least it means Aron improved enough in korean to be able to rap in this language. And the korean fans will like it better (since their first target it Korea).

        • Blueberries

          Well yea it was nice to understand sth without looking lyrics and I loved how he wrote them himself (I wonder if he writes his korean raps) and usually his rap parts were really great and intresting, not just acting tough. I especially loved his rap in Action.

        • Jung Rian

          He has his own style, that was good, I miss it. But I’ll check the lyrics, maybe we’ll find it again. If he wrote his rap parts, then he’s really the big boss x) I like how him and JR are highlighted in this song :D

    • i miss the rap so much! it was the only part of the song that i could understand! i mean maybe since he is getting better at korean they have less english in the songs

  353. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they review Nu’est this time. I have been waiting for a long time for them to review Nu’est but it hasn’t happened before ;-; GO NU’EST! GO L.O.V.E!

  354. I just realized that “table” they’re standing on at the beginning of the video isn’t an actual table… but rather, composed of four backup dancers O_O Aw they have to be stepped on, poor dudes. At least Nu’est is light :)

    • Kielley Bade

      XD Except the one standing on them is Aron and he seems to be the second largest member after Baekho… If it was Ren standing on them, though, they probably wouldn’t even notice >_>

    • thisisjustforfunval

      That scene and the scene at 1:18 make me really want to see the live performances. Must know if they perform it live that way.

      • Hi!!! I’m sensing that you’ve been slowly converting into a LO/E? Or am I wrong? hehe XDD
        Yup!! They really did it like that. It was fascinating really!! Here are the links: ^^
        Seep Talking
        Beautiful Ghost
        Btw,, have you seen their showcase? This is the shortest one, if you have some more extra time, I’ll provide the longest one (> one hour) ^^

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Hi!! Thank you for the awesome live performances. Especially the one from the show case since it is HQ. I love that they really do that move live! Gosh I can imagine how long it took to nail that move.

          I have been supporting Nu’est since they debuted with Face. I’ve liked, even own, all the songs that they have promoted and am here always helping LO/E’s get them an EYK review.

          I’m slightly embarrassed to say why I haven’t become a full LO/E. ^^

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Woaaa,, mianhaeyo,, I didnt know it coz I recognized you’re from Uncommitted thread. =.=”

          Haha, never mind. Everything takes time, really. Thank you for supporting them. Hope that this time we can get the first KMM evarrr. Yeah, break the curse!
          Anyway, the longest ver.. ^^

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Lol that’s okay. I’ve tended to be quiet on most Nu’est threads till this one. Well no, I was really there for the Not Over You thread, but otherwise I tend to support in the shadows. This was because I never watched the videos more than once so I couldn’t say much outside of the song.

          The reason. Baekho.

          I’m a noona fan, and when they debuted I fell for Baekho not knowing he was literally jailbait. Since my attraction to him refused to fade, and still hasn’t gone anywhere, I made a decision to support their music only. It might seem silly but for me it’s embarrassing that I didn’t recognize how young he was. If it wasn’t for all that, I’d probably be a full LO/E lol.

          Thank you for the longer version :) I’ll watch it later when I have a chance. This is my first time really seeing their live performances, so thank you ^^

        • Kielley Bade
          Kielley Bade

          I’m pretty sure they’re all 18 now, actually. They were only 17 when they debuted, but it’s been a year, so I think all but Ren are 18 now… Well, and Aron’s 20 I think.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Lol I think you are correct. Which is why I’ve been able to feel more comfortable watching Sleep Talking. Still wish Baekho was at least in his 20′s though ^^

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I’m chuckling at this.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Had a feeling you would be getting some amusement out of this lol. The pains of a 30 something noona, thanks Baekho. XD

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Omo. I’m not sure about what I feel. lol Most of LO/Es I know are noona fan, even me myself. At first I thought they were like 2 or 3 years younger than me. lol But, but…when I found out their profile…. ;;;A;;;

          Actually before converting to LO/E, I was wandering aimlessly in Kpop world because I had no group to support. I used to have one. But then, their unchangeable mvs (even till today) and a certain lyric had ticked me off. So for one and a half year, I was just like..okay, I liked this song and that song, but not LOVED a group until…… I found out Nu’est. That just made my day! Finally I have someone to support and give my love for and the most important thing is a reason to stay in Kpop.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          I’m so glad you can understand my pain. Now imagine this, I’m a 30 something year old noona. So it really was a kick in the gut for me.

          Super lad you found Nu’est and they gave you a reason to stay with kpop. Sometimes it’s hard to find that right group that is worthy of your support and love It is honestly a lot of work and Nu’est is worthy of that devotion. I’m sure you could probably teach me lots about them.

          For meI was lucky to find a group from the beginning, and then I found out they weren’t even promoting together anymore. D’oh! So had to find another one. Now I have 5 :)

          Honestly I still can’t get pasted that fold down alarm clock dance they do.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          It’s all because of FACE. The first time I saw it….DANG!!! I knew this was the group that I’d been waiting for!

          Nu’est brought me completely new vision. Since, the group I used to support has been well established and big already, I was thinking, “Oh, they have many fans, it doesnt matter if they lose one fan. They still win anyway.” But Nu’est isnt like that. They are new and I feel like I want to protect them whatsoever. lol Watching them grown up and become big someday, I feel like a proud eomma for them. :D

          That must be hard knowing the group you support arent together anymore. I’m glad for you for passing through all of this. :)

          Hopefully, Nu’est wont be like that. *Pledisboss, I’m looking at you*

          Before watching the MV, I was thinking what kind of equipment NU’EST would use for this comeback since they always have one. XD Mask and the dance are really astonishing!

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Pledis seems to be doing a pretty decent job in coming up with interesting concepts for Nu’est. At first this bright colorful concept threw me off a little bit but the more I’ve seen it and heard the song (together & separately) I see that they pull off a cuter image pretty well.

          Also I love that Secret is their sister group :)

          BTW, I share Baekho’s nightmare. In haunted houses the chainsaw is the only part that ever really scares me. So if I were to have the nightmare Baekho is having I would probably run out of my house in my sleep screaming and then when I wake up I’d never want to sleep again XD

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Ahaha..I was completely like you before. When watching it at first, I thought, WUT?? Was this the same group that did Face or not?? But then the nanananananananana part got stuck in my head somehow. So I decide to watch the vid without song. And I think this can be a scary mv if the song was changed. lol

          Secret is under TSent not Pledis. After School/Orange Caramel is Nu’est’s sister group. Baekho even appeared in AS’ mv, Play Ur Love ^^

          For me, I’ll never ever run out of my house coz it’s the safest place. Umm, to be precise, my bedroom is the safest in the entire of the world. XDD If I got that kinda dream, I’d probably will hide myself under blanket and make sure that the lamp is on, the door/window have been locked, and the last one, get my phone with me. X’D

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Ahhh, I was so sleepy I wrote the wrong group :( Thank you for correcting me. I need to learn to stop typing when I’m sleepy lol.

          That nanananananana part is very catching. The part of the song that go stuck in my head is the part that sounds like they are saying “Go Back, Go Back” but is really “Gobaek” which pretty the exact same sound know that I think about it.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic


        • That’s so funny! I had the same situation with Baekho. I’m only in my very early it’s not too significant but I honestly though he was the oldest member. So when I found out how young he was it was a bit of a shock and I was a bit embarrassed. I still became a ㄴㅇㅅ ㅌ though. Ahhhh being a noona fan is a new experience for me.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          When I found Nu’est, just like you, I honestly thought he was the oldest member. At that I thought he was at least right at 20 years old. I was in shock for the whole night when I found out his age. I almost give in a became a full fledged jailbait noona (cause I really don’t like the phrase pedo noona) when Beakho dyed his hair dark.

          I’ve accepted and embraced the fact that I’m a noona fan, lol I just refuse(d) to be a noona who likes jailbait XD

        • LOLOL Minhyun’s wearing the cutout shirt in the liver performance! YESSS this is gold, this is fantastic. I also love that he “tatooed” L.O./.E on his stomach, and shows it when he flips up his shirt.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Actually all of the members tattooed LO/E on their stomaches. hehe <33

  355. I’m not a nu’est fan in particular, but this is such a fun video! one that doesn’t take itself too seriously, finally someone realised 5 guys + 1 girl = fighting (or sharing but this is kpop :P), cool sets, so many funny/surprising details, dancing that helps tell the story of the video, five gorgeous boys and a catchy song, well done nu’est!

    • Jung Rian

      Hey but you’re right ! Usually many boys over one girls, it makes nothing. They all go with the girl like everything’s normal. But here they fight. Finaly we got a normal reaction in a kpop mv x) I didn’t see that but you highlighted it well ;D

    • Kielley Bade

      They fought over one girl in the Hello video, too ^^

  356. OMG! This Mv is awesome, i totally love it!
    It’s time for a review of Nu’est, please, we need it!

  357. This song was a grower for me. At first listen I was okay with it, but didn’t love it. After a few more, I’m really liking it. At this rate, it’ll be a favourite in no time. ;)

  358. I wish S&M would review this because the music video is so unique!! The Nu’est curse…TT Every time L.O.V.Es want Nu’est to get reviewed something comes up.TT Let’s get them up to #1 guise!! It is kind of cutesy so I don’t personally know how they’ll take that but the video has so much to review!! And in my opinion, the song is super catchy!! And the table dance thing!! I think this would be a fun video to review!

  359. Nu’est are you taking fashion tips from Bilasa? please don’t….(and now K. Will’s song is stuck in my head)…anyways, I love how they use their bodies as platforms for the dance…JR are you riding a bike? XD …Hollow mask!! XD just had to get this out of my system…….I don’t like Ren’s beaded headband…though, it makes him look manlier (we can see his face without his beautiful hair obstructing our view)….overall, I like that Nu’est is trying something different from their usual style…ie. no dubstep, seemingly easy dance steps (seemingly is key, after all) , the song is great…it already managed to get stuck in my head….so I hope that we can get this vid into the top 3 spots so S&M consider reviewing Nu’est and the dreaded KMM curse is broken…

    • I still don’t know how i feel about the beads yet. I like how colorful they are and strangely don’t feel feminine when he wears them. Let me watch it one more time; *Back* I like the way his hair is styled with the beads and the cool affect it gives when he dances, I think I might like them…a lot O_O

  360. Love this song and video ^_^ Though is it just me or did they hire Mr. Brohoho for the dream ave production? Could have swore I have seen that setup somewhere else…love it anyway :D

  361. KissJadeMeNastieHenry

    Love it! I saw Mr.Brohoho here before (Shinee Hello, and Infinite H Special Girl) but I love the song, and it’s a funny video! Let’s get them in the top 3 people!!

  362. Kynoon

    This is the first time I actually find the courage to leave a comment. But as a hardcore L.O./.E and Pledis-fan I feel like it’s time(I’m kind of shy) ;) I LOVE the MV^^ I thought the song was great from the first time I heard it, but for each time I listen to it I like it even more :D

    • Kielley Bade

      We’re all nice around here, though <3

    • don’t worry we will not bite lol
      lets be friends!!!!!
      all L.O./.E.’s are welcome!

      • Kynoon

        Thanks^^ I’m actually considering buying two of their album now. I bought the autographed one from soompi but I apparantly will to get it here for a long time, so I’m probably going to end up buying one with a poster too from YesAsia ^^’ I have never been that much fan of any band/artist before.

    • What’s not to love about this MV ? 5 loveable handsome boys, a catchy song, no snakes, spiders or eagles around… I feel like a very proud mom right now

    • Well, now that we’ve roped you in, heehee – what was your favorite part of the MV?

      Mine is probably the Weird Word Room for Ren’s dream – the “ball” on the floor was almost too much!

      • Kynoon

        I think it is the choreography part where they “sleep” on eachother, but I loved that part too^^ Actually I loved everything (Maybe beside the head thing Ren was wearing in his dream ;) ). I had to pause the video to find out what the word was with the “ball” thing:)

        • I see a lot of people that aren’t liking his… hat? head band? hat band? But for me, it’s just a part of Ren’s style and fits the video concept pretty well. Hey, at least it’s a hat and not real fake dreads! (Can something be real fake…. nevermind, haha.)

        • The head thing was kind of weird, very gdragon (which i aprove), but it was perfect for him. With a face like that, he could be wearing a watermelon hat and it would be fine.

        • Jane Patterson

          I was really excited when they started performing this on shows, because seeing the full choreography without interruption is really awesome:
          (That’s M Countdown, they opened with Beautiful Ghost, which I actually like better than sleep talking)

        • Kynoon

          Me too^^ I watched the showcase on Loenent where they performed a full version of Beautiful Ghost. It is such a great song :) I kind of wished they were going to promote it as a follow up track with its own MV though ^^’ Beautiful Ghost and Sleep Talking is taking turns being the song I have stuck in my head. It switches each time I listen to the other one:)

  363. We have 48 hrs. We can do this! #breakthecurse

  364. L.O./.ES FIGHTING!

  365. #BreakTheCurse

  366. Blueberries

    Wouldn’t it be cute if they were in some scenes in their pyjamas, like in the scenes where they are in their beds? Sleeping in pyjamas would makes more sense too than in full-clothes and with their shoes XD

    • Bernarduchis Calvillo

      I have two guesses about that:
      1.- They’re so afraid of something happening in the middle of the night, that they sleep full-clothed to run away as fast as possible if that’s the case.
      2.- They were so drunk the night before that they just arrived to their beds and sleep with their party-clothes on xD

    • i think that would be totally cute!!!!
      like having them dancing around in their PJ’s!!!
      but wouldn’t it be awkward to meet the girl in your dreams wearing your PJ’s?
      like showing up to her house in your night clothes?
      i would rather go to bed dressed to impress!!! lol

    • It reminded me of BTOB – 2nd Confession PJ then. And If I’m not mistaken there was pillow fight as well..

  367. Bernarduchis Calvillo

    I think Baekho’s hair looks like sweet and sexy cotton candy .___. BTW, Pink color! *Martina Aproves .__.b* Am I the only one who wonders why Aron has the key that appeared in JR’s hand? o.O

  368. Blueberries

    Everyone else seemed to have happy dream but Baekho was chased after knife in his dream and then he saw the girl but she looked like ghost XD

    • HAHA reminds me of saesangs. Actually, now that you mention it, that’s a little disturbing… O.O But then he goes and gives flowers to her in real life anyway. EXCEPT IT’S NOT REAL LIFE B/C THEY’RE STILL ASLEEP. Inception? Dreamception? Same thing?

      • Blueberries

        Omg it does XD Creepy sasaeng who watches him when he sleeps and tries to kidnap him when he wakes up..

        I think everything in video is dream, not scenes where they are sleeping in beds but every scene where they are “awake”.

        • Yeah, I agree. Hence, dreamception! Also you’re totally right about the PJs- they would have been an adorable touch to the MV as well C:

  369. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    NU’EST is back againnn hi guys haha
    Let’s make our boys to be no.1!!!!
    Pleaseee review themmm (I remember I typed this loads of times in their past music videos lol)
    I love this music video so much and there are lots of stuffs to talk about!
    The special room which Ren was in there… Cute MinHyun holding flowers… The funny dance…. JR’s rap….. The colourful clothes….. Beautiful Ren…. Sleeping NU’EST….. loads and loads of things to talk!
    Although some LOVEs were upset about ‘THE THING which happened longgg time ago’, but pleaseee vote!!!
    Everyone’s vote is important. Not only for us, but also for NU’EST!!!

  370. OMG THERE’S SO MUCH STUFF GOING ON! I don’t have much time so I’ll just point out a few things I liked:
    -THE COLORS. Holy crap, this is their first colorful MV! Not only are there bright colors in the visible spectrum, there are also fluorescent/glow in the dark colors! I love the whole psychedelic color palette. Their previous MVs have all been centered around one or two colors (Face- hot pink/black, Action- metallic silver/white/blue hues, Hello- monochromatic/blue hues), so this is a welcome change.
    -That laying down square lap dance (that sounded kind of wrong, sorry). That takes skills and trust, yo!
    -Dream state vs reality
    -Errbody’s hurr- is Nu’est the only boyband that doesn’t have a crazy/different hairdo for each comeback? I mean, yeah they’re different, but not noticeably so. Just some dye and curls, nothing drastic. Oh gosh Minhyun’s “bed head” is absolutely gorgeous.
    -Minhyun’s coral pink lipstick color. DANG. Where can I get that color? Seriously, it’s so pretty and bright!
    -That little fight with the bouquets was funny.
    -Ren’s hat-bead-fringe… THING… O_O Not sure how I feel about that yet lol.
    -Baekho’s wearing a tiger shirt- I see what you did there 8D
    -THE SET WAS SO COOL!! All those rooms, man. I wonder if they’re supposed to represent each member?
    -That little mini spasm at the end…
    -Everybody’s sleeping with sneakers on
    -Finally, THE SONG! It’s a very catchy song, I loved it! I really liked how Ren rapped (can I call it rapping?) a little bit in this song, was sad Aron didn’t rap his awesome English lyrics as usual, but that’s ok. Variety is the spice of life! Oh and no dubstep! I really liked their vocals in this one. Although there were no solo lines, everyone’s voices harmonizing together was a really great touch. As usual, Baekho’s belting out all them high notes. I was really pleased to hear Minhyun display his angelic voice again- took me back to the good ol’ teaser days.

    • Blueberries

      I didn’t notice Minhyun’s lipstick XD They are all looking great in this mv.. no matter how crazy stuff they wear in some scenes :))

    • I loved the fight bit and the way Aron decided to redirect the attention by pointing in the distance lol

    • As always,, I loveeeeeeeeeeee reading your thorough post Helena. You’re totally a good observant! :)) *hugs* I didnt pay attention that the boys were sleeping by wearing their sneakers on. lol
      DREAMCEPTION!!! Yeah! That concludes all~ ^^

      • Awww *hugs back* Thank you!! I love your observations too! Haha yeah there’s so much stuff going on, I can watch it 20 more times and still not be able to watch everything!

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Haha their mv is not only full of color but also stuffs too. Perhaps Nu’est know that LO/Es like to dig out their MVs more and more. hahaha

          Btw, JR’s cap has ‘New York’ in the inside part. But I couldnt read what’s what on his red cap.

    • Minhyun’s debut teaser was awesomeeeeeee!!!!! love his angelic voice <3

    • There was just one thing I didn’t agree with – I didn’t think of the mv as a dream in a dream in a dream…
      I saw it as everyone in a coma in a mental hospital, just having one long dream. You know how when you dream sometimes you jump from one scenario to the next? That’s what I think it is. Does anyone else think this? Or am I completely wrong? lol

      I thought their thrashing around in their beds at the end as they fought each other in their dreams was really cute as well<3 Fight Ren!!! xD

      btw: I read your analysis on Hello by Nu'est and I really love how you mentioned that Ren's clothes changed from white to black, to show that his 'innocence' had been lost. I wouldn't had noticed it otherwise!!! :) :)

  371. This MV was quite original! Me gusta! :D hahaha. I love how NU’EST always matches the choreography with the MV and the story they’re telling in the song. At least for this and for Face, but I think they did that for most of their MVs till now. For once the MV isn’t irrelevant!

  372. Blueberries

    Live showcase for NU’EST’s new comeback:
    It’s ongoing now so if click fastly if you see this! :D

  373. Kielley Bade

    What was your favorite dance move btw? I think that part where they bend back and lay on each other’s knees is freaking incredible. Like. WOAH.

    • Blueberries

      I loved most that dance move too, it’s really cool and memorable.

    • I really like the whole falling asleep thing that they do, it’s really easy to do and cute!

    • Definitely the falling on knees part. It takes precision and trust to get that right, as well as lots of glute and thigh muscles. Then they follow it up by matching their waving arms to the sounds of an alarm, with JR in the middle “waking up”- MAN THAT WAS SO COOL.

      Also, the MV cuts this part out, but did they actually get up from that position in one movement? If so, DANG I’m super impressed.

    • Jung Rian

      Yeah you’re totally right ! It was creative and well found. And it’s not that easy to do O.O Good job !

    • For no other reason besides the fact that I like to see shirtless Nu’est, I like when they pulled up their shirts. But I aso liked that scene you like too :3

    • Their shuffling dance @2:45? coz it reminded me of their performance in Japan, one of my favorite scenes~ <33

  374. Kielley Bade

    <3 So happy! Time to camp and chat and enjoy the fellow LO/E's company. <3 I love the song, and the sound, even if it's a lil like Dream Girl that's fiiiiine. Cause it definitely holds its own. ^^

    • I don’t really see (or rather hear) its resemblance to Dream Girl, I thought people were just saying that because of the MV and it’s upside down stuff and all but it’s not the first time that’s been done.
      For me, I really like JR’s voice in this, he suits is well whereas sometimes I find that his tone doesn’t really fit.

      • Kielley Bade

        Mmm, for me it more has to do with the theme than the sound or anything I guess, since it’s been pretty recent that SHINee came out with Dream Girl.
        I do like this one tons better, though. Not just cause I’m totally NU’EST biased, but because I love the video. It’s hilarious and adorable and smart all at once to me. But SHINee’s Dream Girl video just gives me a headache @_@

    • I wonder which part is like Dream Girl? Really I dunno coz I think Shinee’s Hello is more appropriate.

  375. NEW NU’EST! Love it :D

  376. I really love NU’EST new song ^^ I’m very sure that they will win at show case today :) I’m very happy when i watch this song ♥ I laugh a lot when i watch it :3 NU’EST FIghting ! NU’EST Fighting !! ♥♥♥ They are the best •

  377. LOVEs let’s make our boys 1st !!

  378. I’m loving this video so much and it has so much for S&M to review! The room Ren is in where there are words instead of the actual objects? Them actually fighting over the girl? The whole dream world vs. real world? And the dance had some really cool moments. And the outfits are crazy colorful. Sure it’s kinda cutesy but I like cutesy and I don’t think it’s overly so. I really really really hope Nu’est is finally reviewed for a KMM! Come on guys we can do it!

    • 베키 베차 (BeckieBetcha)

      Yes!! I was really hoping Nu’est’s debut would be reviewed (probably their best MV/song and message so far), but I think this newer one may be able to climb the charts, either for this week or next week. There’s always hope. Fighting!! ^^

      • I’m not even a Nu’est fan, but I loved the hell out of this song and video! Definitely their best since ‘Face.’ Deserves a review!

    • The Weird Word Room (as I’ve dubbed it, haha) was super creative! I actually had to pause it to try and see what Ren was trying to do with the flat square on the floor… oh, it’s a “ball”, well that just doesn’t work LOL. Also, has anyone else noticed a “flash your stomach muscles” trend in videos lately? BTS did it in their debut video and now Nu’est… (not that I’m complaining!)

      • In the live performance, when Minhyun flashes his stomach, there’s L.O./.E written there. IT’S SO CUTE.

        • So, THAT’S what that was – haha. I didn’t catch it and hadn’t thought to go back to look. Talk about dedicated fan service! :3

        • Haha I wouldn’t have caught it either, but the cameraman zoomed in on that moment/on his stomach so it was like, “BAM IN YOUR FACE, LOOK HOW MUCH NU’EST LOVES THEIR FANS.” :3

        • The best part of the showcase was after one of the songs.. Ren’s artfully messy hair was actually messy and a stylist ran out to pin up ONE stray lock. Haha, can’t be messier than it’s supposed to be.

        • LOL seriously?! AWW Ren always has to be perfect <3 I need to go check out their showcase~

        • Hahaha, yup! Everyone else is all sweaty and their hair is sticking to their foreheads and the stylists are like “Noooooooo Ren!!!”, heehee.

        • Jung Rian

          What what what ? Wich performance was it ?? Gotta see it !!!!! *fangirling*

        • I think it was the first live performance, during their showcase! :) If you Youtube it, it’s the first result that pops up. It was glorious moment *v*

        • Jung Rian

          It seems that he didn’t do it only once, cuz I searched and I saw it on a live performance for M! Countdown too. Oh and, on the showcase, it’s written on Baekho’s stomach too, maybe everyone wrote it *w*

        • yup I saw that then felt like a perv cos thats the only reason I watched the live performance…just to see if the stomach flash would be on camera or blurred out

    • Agiza

      somebody, say me, where is review? i’m crying…((

  379. Love the MV! It’s super colorful!
    Nu’est has to get reviewed this time

  380. we have a lot of work to do, guys!
    Get voting!

    First discussion –
    1. Whose outfits do you like the best?

    • I am LOVING Minhyun’s back-less shirt its super hot but I think overall I liked Aron’s outfits the best… his where the most normal lol
      (I’m mad that they are wearing shoes in bed)

      • Is it wrong that I thoroughly enjoyed Ren’s beaded/stringed (?) hat dealio??? Hahaha. Overall I’d go with Aron or Baekho though. Hard choice though I generally love the outfit choices in Nu’est videos.

        • chadaria ellis

          I liked that hat thingy. But I would NEVER be able to wear that. Lol
          And I’m in love with all of Baekho’s (and JR’s) pants in this MV , I need to buy some lol

    • Blueberries

      Well this time their wardrobe made many wtf moments to me, I’m not just that into extremely colorful things and they just had so much going on with their outfits XD

      But I liked some things here and there. Aron’s black-gold jacket with jewels. Baekho’s white shirt that had tiger in it and his white “wife-beater” too. JR’s different hats. Maybe as whole outfit I liked Baekho’s most since he had most simple outfits I think :)

    • Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of their wardrobe for this comeback but because the MV was light and very colorful the outfits seemed to blend in and look great. On their comeback stage was where the reality of their clothes hit me lol but for songs like this I think clothes like that suit it best xD

  381. It’s like SHINee’s Dream Girl was combined with B1A4′s Beautiful Target O_O…
    Not that that’s a bad thing…

    • Haha that’s exactly what I was thinking! Especially the part with the bouquets and everyone shoving each other out of the way lol.

  382. I love Nu´est ♥ they have to win this time

  383. Maldito Ren hermoso, que le pasa? Porqué es tan bello?

  384. I love the song, plz explain me the video

  385. Nu’est is back! It’s like a rainbow exploded on Elm Street. I hope they finally get reviewed ^_^

  386. Yes it’s a SHINee-Hello-like-barf-inducing-cutie-boy-concept, but hey!! Nu’est is back!! And you should vote for them!! Yay!! :D

    • thisisjustforfunval

      You forget with a twist of Bilasa ^^
      Honestly this video would be a lot of fun for S&M to review. Especially the fact the guys are actually fighting each other for the girl…with flowers but still. lol

    • Really??? This isn’t a cute concept at all to me >_>Also, the dance is just great, the sleeping part @1:18 into the alarm clock thing, is just badass and hilarious.

    • lol well it makes sense that they would go for this image… Nu’est are teenagers and B1A4 is one of the most popular groups with Korean teenagers right now. Going for a similar image is just smart marketing.