OK PUNK! – Not The End

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  1. Hendri Liebenberg

    not punk more like hard rock these guys are too tight too profesional punk sounds as punk is all thrashy and trashy , really enjoyed this would like to hear more from OK PUNK

  2. Maddie Snyder

    i really liked this song (^v^)

  3. Yay OK PUNK! Although they have like zero chance of winning I’m still happy they made the list!

  4. Guitars? Drums? Like it. It’s not particularly great, but it sure is different. 
    How are they being promoted? They won’t get a spot on Music Core, I’m guessing. Sigh….

  5. Cinnamon_Cappel

    Oh I like! I like! Had me doing the head nod right along with it. This did remind me of Bleach the anime (yes I watch anime), however I learned of a lot of good bands through anime, so I guess that is not a bad thing.