Orange Caramel – Dashing Through The Snow In High Heels

  1. How did this video drop so much… :(

  2. Good 2 weeks of promotion for Orange Caramel. and NU’EST! I’m happy for them!

  3. GLAMcomeshere

    How did they come up with the tittle of the song… genius!….even though they don`t mention that sentense in the song in english as I hear…. xD

  4. One of a Kind


  5. Orange Caramel and Nu’est, I liked it, really. :)

  6. This is so cute it gave me diabetes<3

  7. I keep fangirling over the JRen parts in this video!!!
    So cute!!

  8. I love this video, but it kinda of weirded me out how the boys and girls never seem to make eye contact with each other the whole time. THE COOTIES, THEY FEAR THEM.

  9. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Hope we can at least still be high enough to get on update… :/

  10. The video is pretty random. They take all of the ageyo from the air and there’s nothing left of it for other groups… : <
    Orange Carmel, fighting!

  11. voting becuase i just really want to see nu’est somewhere, anywhere near KMM and the song was cute

  12. the little JREN moment in this so so cute~!

  13. Tucker Drew

    Dancing Dashing and Getting? For K-pop update?

  14. Nu’es NEEDS to be reviewed

  15. Misleading title, but better than SNSD in my opinion?

  16. I really want to see NU’EST and Orange Caramel on KMM! ;A;

  17. Lee Dahyun

    Can we still hoping for this to at least got number 1 after SNSD?

  18. orangestrawberry

    Orange Carmel & Nu’est sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  19. Victoria Wilson

    Please let this win!! ^_^

  20. PSH this totally has my vote, it’s like I’m voting in two bands at the same time,plus it isn’t some Duffy rip-off.

  21. harusameiro

    I JUST NOW realized that Nu’est is in this MV too. I’ve been ignoring it on the chart for over a week, and NOW I find out?! D;
    It’d be interesting to see Simon and Martina’s take on this MV, which doesn’t have a plot or dance, just cute people being adorkable. It’s the kind of thing I would’ve loved to see more of in Nu’est’s Not Over You MV.
    I’m mostly just glad that this has both girls and boys in it–something really rare in K-pop, even thought it makes songs and MV’s so much more awesome. I hope they do more collaborations in the future too, since they’re under the same label! :D

  22. builtbymachines

    I can’t deal with Aron’s cuteness. It’s driving me insane.

  23. This has been my soundtrack for aaaaaaalll the Holidays :P♥ It’s such a fresh and cute song. And the MV is really cute too.♥ All those plushies ouo /iwhishiwasoneofthem/
    Pledis is truly the beautiful people club. :3

  24. iloveminhyun

    Are Simon and Martina doing a KMM for next week? If so, then this might have a chance.
    Anyways, TKIR…
    NU’EST won the koreaupdates award for best rookie! yayayay! happy me!

  25. I hope this MV can be reviewed! The song is pretty catchy and orange caramel deserves a review after missing the opportunity with lipstick :c
    Also there is some awesome stuff to talk about in this MV:P
    Good luck Orange Caramel!

  26. I wanna see more of them :) where’s the high heels? haha… :) gonna vote for this one ;) i like the tune :)

  27. LO/Es let’s get this reviewed !! This time we must win

  28. Perfect.
    And i described everything. ~ *o*

  29. Guys we should really keep voting for this song!! It would be great it if could be reviewed since the video is so cute and OC is a great group. SNSD just released a new song, and it’ll probably be reviewed on the 31st, unless we keep voting for these three lovely ladies who deserve a bit more recognition!!!!

  30. Oh my freakin broccoli. Why can Nu’est never win? Don’t you think they would be sad if they saw this too? They are NEVER first. They’re always seconds on KMM, they keep getting 3rd in rookie awards nominations…. Don’t you think they deserve to win something?????????????? VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!11

  31. Whut…whut…WHUT IS THIS ADORABLENESS? The first time I saw this video on youtube the title was in Korean so I didn’t realize that this on the charts was the same song. Ren with that penguin man… *^*

    LO/Es we need to get this reviewed. First step, a song feat. NU’EST and then (FINALLY) a NU’EST song

  32. *shrug* this just makes me smile <3 :-D