Voting for Music Monday closes at 11:59pm Saturday (Korean time)

Orange Caramel – Lipstick

  1. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Well so much for that…
    Hey! You three or four Epik Nasties that have me followed were supposed to follow me over here! lol

  2. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Here? Yeah probably not happenin lol but worth a shot, especially since it has less than 500 comments.

  3. Maculinea

    This deserves to get reviewed!

  4. bball4224

    Holy crap! All of OC’s songs sound so much better through an ipod as opposed to a computer and PS3 through a tv! So many dif lil things I couldn’t even really pick out in the background before.

  5. The Song is awesome, the lyrics are funny and so is the video.
    I’d really like to see a review of that one.

  6. bball4224

    “The title track, “Lipstick”, was a commercial success having managed to
    stay in the top 10 of various Korean online music stores such as MelOn,
    Mnet and Olleh for over three weeks as well as reaching #1 on many music
    charts real-time ranking after a few hours of being released. It also
    managed to stay in the Top 10 singles on the Gaon Chart and Korea K-Pop Hot 100 for three weeks. To date, the title track has been downloaded 846,783 times according to the Gaon Download Chart.
    The album itself charted well, peaking at #3 on the Gaon Weekly Album
    Chart, #9 on the Gaon Monthly Album Chart and it also charted on Japan’s
    Oricon Weekly Album chart at #92, selling 2,187 copies.”

    Still glad it got #2 on U.S. K-Pop charts.

  7. bball4224

    OC is on here quite a bit, quite low each time but still.

  8. bball4224

    My “top 30 K-Pop songs” playlist.
    This songs and quite a few of OC’s songs are in it.

  9. why is this song so low on the list now!!!!

  10. Jamie Davis


    :’( Charts finally updated and I had to search the depths and go to #50 to find this. I didn’t even get to relish the moment of it being #2.

  11. ORANGE CARAMEL~ <3 My, my, they would've been reviewed by now if I voted earlier

  12. I really want Simon and martina to review this song!

  13. Tessa M.

    OMFG guys we definitely have to vote for this. Simon LOVES this song, the least we can do is to help bring it above TVXQ and have him review something he really wants to review!!!

    • Jamie Davis

      A) TVXQ is demolishing us in points.
      B) This video is older than TVXQ’s so our points are actually less than it shows.
      C) This is our last week and Simon and Martina are on vacation for three weeks, so even if we did somehow get ahead, it isn’t happening unfortunately. :/

  14. ……………………………….

  15. Rebecca

    C’mon Orange Caramel! Fight fight fight! :D

  16. Jamie Davis

    So this is actually in 2nd, WOOT!

  17. :O!!!! almost there! if we keep this up, we might have a chance!

  18. Has anyone noticed the vote count hasn’t changed in days?

  19. all i want to say is that this would probably be one of the funniest Music Mondays to ever happen, besides what is love, sherlock, gangnam style, etc.

  20. Jamie Davis

    The chart hasn’t changed for a week, that’s why.

    • ohh really? is that because simon and martina are away??

      • Jamie Davis

        idk, it’s weird because if you search the charts by date then the stats are updated. By rank everything is out of whack, like it doesn’t even show Crayon is already reviewed.

        • fuuko4869

          Hey man, I’ve noticed you’ve complained about the charts not updating about 50x now. What can I do to convince you that everything is fine?

        • fuuko4869

          Hey man I’ve contacted passed on your sentiments to S&M, hopefully it’ll be fixed soon. Sorry for the delay (technically I shouldn’t be here -_-;)

        • Natz

          Tsk tsk tsk. Shouldn’t you be studying? * look of dissaproval* ( we miss you but I want you to do well. Med exams are nothing to sneeze at.)

        • bball4224

          This is weird, my comments on “She Said Move On” were merged but yet there are quite a few on here and all of the ones on Shanghai Romance didn’t merge… 0_0

  21. I’m not a big fan of orange caramel but I really liked this video and song!

  22. Rebecca

    Pleeeeaaase win!!! TT_TT

  23. Please please please let this be chosen :D I really want to see a review of this amazing song.

  24. minnyjee

    The MV is so funny :)

  25. They look like the Powerpuff Girls near 2:41 ^^

  26. This song and video is just so fun and Orange Caramel-ish! I love it, and I really wish you could review it! That would be totally awesome!

  27. Rebecca

    SImon and Martina, this would be such an awesome video to review! I’m not giving up until this makes it! I want to see Martina doing the cute twirly dance! :D

  28. Simon and Martina, what about a MusicMonday for underdogs once in a while?? Many great songs and great MVs like this ones have no chance against big names. Such is the case of Orange caramel & Nuest. Don´t take me wrong I absolutely love GDragon, is one of my favourite artists. I also like TVXQ-duo but not-so-famous-groups have no chance to win against artists wiith massive fandoms…

  29. spiralyte

    I love OC and I love “Lipstick” and I love their cute twirly dance in the live and I really wish this could get reviewed, but you know what? I won’t give up!

    One day, girls. One. Day. OMO!

  30. VividlyLivid

    We still have a chance! :) We probably won’t win for next week since TVXQ is number 1, but that means that after Catch Me is reviewed, this video has a strong chance if we get enough votes :)

    • Jamie Davis

      No the points gets decreased the older the video is and also Simon and Martina will be on vacation for a few weeks so next week and the week after aren’t getting reviewed.

    • Nova_REMIX

      With Ga In, Jewelry, and Epik High making their comebacks, I’m not so sure. Besides, “Lipstick” has been here at this spot on the charts for a while, this is their last week to win, and they probably won’t due that due to the fact that Cassies and VIPs are voting for TVXQ. :( Maybe next time though.

  31. OMG! O.O Their cuteness is over 9000!! seriously I love this girls the video and the music :).. not in this video but the descripcion on the video uploaded by loen music it says “They have the cuteness that gives happiness to the people who are watching them” what means i think if you are ugly you can’t give just kidding :P

  32. i really hope this gets reviewed, but it’s probs not gonna happen now… but we can always try!!!! :3 it would be a great review, they could have so much fun with it lmao x)

  33. Jamie Davis

    Vote for song included in Japanese Lipstick singe release.
    I’m torn because Milkshake is my fav from the album but yet I kind of want A~ing to win to hear how different it is w/ them being older.

  34. pumpkin_spice

    i love this song’s funky italiano disco sound :D

  35. this video totally deserves a review at least it has a plot -0-

  36. i dont think anyone asked this… Who’s your guises favorite Orange Caramel member?

    • Jamie Davis

      Glad you also wanted this to win but I’ll repeat myself again.

      A) This video is nowhere near Catch Me or Crayon in points because this video is two weeks old so it actually has about 1/2 the points it shows.
      B) Crayon already won for this week, it’s past the deadline.
      C) Simon and Martina are going to be in Mexico for three weeks so next weeks video (after Crayon) will not even get a review.

      So might as well save your energy and prepare for the next vid from an artist you are excited about.

      Or you can vote for this because it’s so hilariously bad.

      • minnyjee

        You don’t have to repeat yourself. I KNOW. But I would like to keep voting because I don’t want to give up because there’s “no chance”. I am going to keep voting because I love this song and video and there’s always a chance that it’ll be reviewed. If not, I can vote for my next favorite artist next time.

        • Jamie Davis

          I want it to win too but there IS NOT a chance. It will pass the deadline (about four weeks then they no longer receive points) while S&M are still on vacation. I mean go ahead and still vote/comment/etc. I still am too but don’t expect it to have even a remote possibility of getting reviewed because you’re only going to be let down…

        • minnyjee

          It doesn’t matter to me though… But thanks for the advice

  37. minnyjee

    Hopefully the fans will keep voting!

  38. if this gets reviewed it’s going to be soooo funny

  39. One Kpop Nation here.
    Guys, let’s vote for Orange Caramel.
    They HAVE to win period.
    And we have a chance.
    We can do it!

    • Jamie Davis

      No, Crayon won this week and next week is our last week. Our points have been deducted so much (for being an older vid) that we have no chance. Also I guess S&M will be on vacation for three weeks so even if it did win it wouldn’t get reviewed.


  40. I want this so much for music mondays TT_TT

  41. Jamie Davis

    Apparently S&M will be gone for three weeks after this week so no sense in trying anymore guys lol cause even if we did pull off a miracle to win next week, it wouldn’t get reviewed. Better luck next time…

    (please make a MV for Milkshake!)

  42. duckbutt909

    this video is so cute!

  43. This song is so cool!!! Esta canción es genial!!!!

  44. What’s your favorite Orange Caramel Dance?

  45. i loved Crayon and Catch Me, but Lipstick is just as good and has PLENTY to talk about for Music Monday, i don’t think they’ve ever been reviewed have they? this song is so addictive and amazing.

  46. minnyjee

    Hope this gets reviewed!!!!!

  47. Arielol

    I’d love to see this on Music Monday, but having to compete with TVXQ and GD? Oh man.

  48. Jamie Davis

    lol see the video hasn’t even gotten 20 more shares since I stopped, idt it has even gotten 10. So I guess if I had gotten it to win it wouldn’t have been fair because it’d be mainly because of one person.

    @iloveminhyun:disqus You said NU’EST has a new MV coming next week?

    • iloveminhyun

      hey sorry, I just saw this XD
      Pledis hasn’t set a date yet, so no one is sure exactly when the MV is to be released. But I know they finished filming it, that’s all :)
      Anyways, Because S&M aren’t doing a KMM for 3 weeks, it probably won’t have a chance, unfortunately. Unless it comes out late, we’ll see
      TKIR: My Orange Caramel album arrived today and I must say that I LOVE the cover. They’re so cute :) I havent opened it yet, so I can’t comment on the songs yet lol XD

      • Jamie Davis

        The album is massive! lol
        I kind of want to buy it especially since I found it for like $17.50 w/ tax already included online, but seeing as I’m still quite fresh to K-Pop it seems weird… lol
        You doing an unboxing? If so be sure to share it, I’ll give you a thumbs up lol.

        • iloveminhyun

          Yeah, it is quite expensive XD but it’s Pledis and I’m a Pledis stan so I bought it to show my support. I don’t usually buy girl group CDs, but this was a special case :)
          I’ll be sure to buy the Son Danbi album when she comes back next month too XD
          So you’re new to Kpop? How long have you been into it? Did it suck you into the big black hole that is addiction yet? :P

        • Jamie Davis

          I thought $17.50 was pretty good lol, most online are over $20 when u add in tax. I think the reason this one’s so much cheaper is I guess it’s some K-Pop store in the U.S. so tax isn’t bad at all.

          Yeah just got into it maybe a month ago.
          Watched Gangnam Style quite awhile ago and died laughing, then randomly one night I was like “Ah w/e let’s check some of this out”. And pretty much I’ve been listening to it since.
          Already got like 60 songs on my comp. Also been listenin to K-Pop radio online.

          After School was who I listened to 1st so they’re one of my favs, but OC I prefer quite a bit more.

          Big Bang, SHINee, Beast, NU’EST, Outsider, Tablo, F(x), U-Kiss, and B1A4 so far are the groups I like multiple songs by. (Besides OC and AF obviously). Probably in that order too…
          B1A4 I find obnoxious parts in all their songs I hear and I don’t even really think I like them that much but every freakin chorus gets stuck in my head and is too catchy!!!

        • iloveminhyun

          Nice! XD
          Ahh, so you’re one of the Gangnam newbies (that’s what I call Kpop fans after Gangnam Style XD)~
          I first listened to K-pop three years ago, but I only really, really got into it like 5 months ago.
          omo, B1A4 is amazing! I know what you mean by obnoxious but addictive at the same time. It’s like B1A4′s thing. They intoxicate you with the addicting choruses even though their songs are meaningless and stupid. They’re a drug! XD But B1A4, as people, they’re really the most silly and most dorky kpop group in kpop and you’ll learn to love them despite the obnoxious songs XD
          My favorites are Nu’est, B1A4 and TVXQ (all 5). Girl groups, I like Sistar, EvoL and AfterSchool/Orange Caramel. :)
          Ok, TKIR: I think it’s cool how Orange Caramel can pull of the aegyo image and still make Simon and Martina love them XD Simon and Martina usually dislike bubble gum pop, and so the fact that they like them despite the genre says something lol

        • Jamie Davis

          I mean I want to like B1A4 but they always have cheesy talking at the beginning, the main rapper’s voice is kind of annoying, and the taller dude w/ glasses just makes me laugh cause he looks too dorky to be in K-Pop.

          Like Baby Goodnight, the chorus is soooo catchy and I enjoy it quite a bit but the intro talking and the same dude rapping (think he’s leader…? idk) kills the song for me lol.

        • iloveminhyun

          Cheesiness and dorkiness is like B1A4′s thing! And CNU, the dorky guy, is like my B1A4 bias now although I thought he was ugly in the beginning lol. He’ll get to you, don’t worry XD You’ll gradually learn to love them :P
          The leader is jinyoung, who isn’t the rapper. :)
          I don’t know about the rapping, i can’t. For B1A4, I love all the members so much. I actually watch their reality shows and that makes me fall harder and harder for them all~ give it time, you’ll get over whatever it was that makes you dislike them XD
          Anyways, keeping it relevant: I’d like to see an OC and Bilasa collab lol XD

        • Jamie Davis

          You ever watch “Playgirlz School”? It’s on YT w/ Eng subs. It’s like a show of AS they did in 2010. I already kind of had (ok not kind of) crushes on Nana and Lizzy but once you get to see their humor and more of their personalities it was amplified lol.

          The blonde one from Bilasa is who I’m talkin bout, he has like a obnoxious overly dorky voice, like almost sounds like his voice is constantly cracking or somethin lol idk how to describe it.
          Well the dorky lookin dude I think might be the higher vocals sometimes so he’s not bad or anything, just doesn’t seem to look the typical part lol.

        • iloveminhyun

          I will watch that right away! And I know that Nana and Lizzy are really awesome people personality-wise and that AS in general are awesome people. I’ve seen a lot interviews with them :)
          Sorry, I must ask this and excuse the rudeness, but are you a girl or a dude? Your name can be both so I don’t know what to think hehe ^^’
          The blonde one is called Baro. He’s a dork too XD and yeah, his voice in Baby Goodnight in particular was quite obnoxious, but I think he meant it that way because they were being play-boys and hanging with girls and cheating on their partners. :) They’re making a comeback this month I believe. Look forward to it!

        • Jamie Davis

          I’m a dude lol, yeah I think generally females are spelled Jaime and males Jamie but I’ve seen a few instances of both switched so w/e.
          My real name is James just have always went by Jamie.

          Yeah it’s older so Bekah and Kahi are still in it and E-Young and Kaeun aren’t (might have butchered some names there). Also you might have to switch YT channels a few times for dif episodes. But yeah most of them are pretty funny and you get to see them do some random funny things.
          B1A4 is making a comeback this month? Or AS? Cause I know AS is but I think ur talkin bout B1A4 still… lol idk

        • iloveminhyun

          I think AS is in November? (I may be wrong) And yeah, I was talking about B1A4 :) there are some awesome comebacks to look forward to :)
          haha I had assumed you were a girl while I was talking to you before, so excuse my fangirling over B1A4 and Nu’est ^^’

        • Jamie Davis

          No now that u said it ur right, I got ahead of myself lol

          Egh I knew u were a chick so idc lol and it wasn’t that bad.

          Probably would have helped it I had been my public w/ my slight obsessions w/ Nana/Lizzy lol.
          Maybe someday I’ll be cool and make an actual name for here and get a pic lol.

          >_> I wonder if any1 else thinks I’m a chick…?

          (speaking of me being male, that’s why I said it would seem weird if I bought OC’s album lol)

        • Natz

          I sort of knew you were a guy. I don’t know why but I always had that impression and actually I find that most guys really like Orange Caramel. I have no idea why, because I am not a guy. So don’t feel bad.

        • Jamie Davis

          They’re just so… idk CUTE AND ADORABLE!!!

          They’re songs are catchy, their music vids are entertaining, I have the hots for Nana and Lizzy, and they were practically the 1st K-Pop artist I discovered, but yet I still can’t put myself to buying their album. Smh I found it for only $17 w/ tax already included but part of it is probably because I’m so new to K-Pop, I just feel…. idk, deviant lol.

        • Natz

          What is it with guys and falling for the cute act? Wait a minute, I fall for the cute act every day with the tiny kids I teach… So maybe I can understand it.

        • Jamie Davis

          They just do it so well! lol

        • AudreyKoopman

          Just randomly scrolling through and reading comments and…I thought you were a girl…
          But, its mainly because I know quite a few girls named Jamie, spelled that way and everything, and most guys I know named James use either James, Jim, or Jimmy.

        • Natz

          Awesome! A Gangnam baby. I actually was not too sure how many of them really existed. Most of my friends who already knew I was into Kpop, after Gangnam style still did not show any interest in it. But then again I do have a few that I have somehow gotten addicted to k dramas. Yey me! It is all a part of a diabolical plan to get more real life friends to talk about Kpop with. You also seem to like the some of the same groups I do, with the exception of some more stuff by the Movement people, se7en, Rain, 2ne1, Brown Eyed Girls and Sunny Hill.

        • Jamie Davis

          2NE1 I didn’t like at all at first because they were pretty big and their songs didn’t seem to… idk, attract me.

          But I am kind of obsessed w/ I Love You by them right now, and I’ve heard a few other ones that are kind of catchy but still not enough for me to consider myself a fan of them.

        • Natz

          Hah! I first heard 2ne1 and BigBang when they debuted with lollipop. So they were not big at all and it was a fun and danceable song that I made fun of. Then, I started watching 2ne1 TV this year and fell in love with ‘ I don’t care’, ‘ Lonely’, ‘ Ugly’, and ‘ I am the Best’. I also fell hard for Bom and her oddball personality and Dara’s sweetness. So I can take some of their more autotuned mess sometimes. Especially if I am in a clubby kind of mood. I see them as the Asian spice girls so I think they appeal more to girls. They aren’t the most vocally talented or best performers ever but I get this sense of sincerity from them. Probably because of 2ne1 TV. It was hard not to like them and the rest of the YG family after that. Even YG himself seemed more interesting.

        • Jamie Davis

          I like IDC also but yeah that’s totally a chick song lol.

          Yeah I don’t like Big Bang’s older stuff for the most part, or even G-D’s.

        • Natz

          I pretty much love big bang’s old style because I grew up on R&B but I appreciate that they have grown and have tried new things too. I like some of the stuff from heartbreaker and all of the GDTOP collabs.

  49. Jamie Davis

    @fuuko4869:disqus random question but idk where else to ask.

    Do Japanese singles by K-Pop artists get put on here?
    I mean they aren’t in Korean so I’d understand if not, but they are from K-Pop artists so I’d understand if they were…

    • fuuko4869

      No, they’re not. They used to, but I’m glad they stopped, because it got complicated after a while, as people would vote for both the Korean version AND the Japanese version; plus it would make the competition twice as hard for small groups that don’t promote in Japan.
      But S&M say it’s because the songs don’t get played in Korea, and thus isn’t really relevant to the Korean music scene.

      • Jamie Davis

        Yeah all of that makes sense, just curious.

        How do y’all keep up w/ what artists are releasing music vids when? Besides obviously following every1 on FB or stuff like that.

        I guess I could just go here but unless the artist is already getting support or I scroll all the pages I wouldn’t even know.

        • fuuko4869

          We just publish what the fans submit :) See on the right there’s a [Post A Video] link? ^^b

        • Jamie Davis

          Yeah well you probably get notifications of when some1 uploads a vid. I click on the “By Date” tab and it just refreshes the chart practically lol, nothing changes.

          Wait nvrm apparently the answer is…

          Google Chrome. Why no love for Mozilla?!

        • fuuko4869

          I know. I prefer Firefox because it handles media a lot better than Chrome, but EYK is geared towards Chrome, so now I use both at once -_-
          Hopefully the website redesign will have that fixed.

        • Jamie Davis

          When’s that spose 2 happen?

        • fuuko4869

          You mean the website redesign? It’s almost done, the developer is currently coding it. I don’t know how long that takes, but I’m hoping before the next KMM *fingers crossed*

  50. Jamie Davis

    Just wanted to say thank you to all of you that tried to get this video on top. I’ve come to the realization that it is nearly impossible so don’t expect the FB shares to keep rapidly climbing like they have been because I surrender for now. At least we put up a fight and got in 3rd.

    Honestly I kind of cheated to get this video in 3rd place to begin with but hopefully someday we can get OC or at least some Pledis artist on top! Also bball4224 is me too lol. (So much plotting and scheming to get points for naught, I can’t be the only one who uses my shady tactics tho!)

    • bball4224

      And I’m so cool I liked almost all of my comments I made on each profile lol smh.

      Makes it quicker to share when you have two browsers doing it. Keep switching right after you send instead of waiting for it to send.

      But back on topic, I saw the Lipstick album on Ebay for like $17 or $18 on Ebay (including tax even) and I want to buy it but it seems weird… lol

      • fuuko4869

        Yea I noticed that. Because, uh, you have the same IP address.
        Btw why don’t you buy it on YesAsia? it’s $17 there too, and the link should be under the video…

        • Jamie Davis

          I think I clicked it once and it wasn’t loading and then I nvr tried it again lol.

          OK yeah it worked this time but that looks like it’s $17 before tax. I found one on ebay $19 after tax and another was $17 or $18 (idr totally).

  51. HEY GUYS! what is your guises Favorite Dance to dance to from the Orange Caramel songs?

    • bball4224

      lol idk about that but if we can get ahead of TVXQ then we can most certainly win next week!

      We just need consistent support, right now it’s just a few people here and there for the most part.

  52. Jamie Davis

    So what is everyone’s favorite Orange Caramel song?

    Mine is Shanghai Romance, I think Milkshake might be 2nd tho, but honestly I like almost all of their songs.

    • Velvetblue Veille

      Bangkok city for me. I like the beat and also the hairstyle. So orange~ish. ^^

      • bball4224

        Hahaha! The hairstyles killed that vid for me! I like the song tho.
        I love Shanghai’s MV, mainly just because of the facial expressions Nana and Lizzy make in it.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Definitely. Their expressions are totally worth it. And also the dance. I like that in Shanghai romance mv I can feel the Shanghai feeling but not in Bangkok city. I get blank which one in the video explained about Bangkok. =.=

        • bball4224

          Yeah they always have cute little dances too. Nothing too extravagant or hard but def amusing.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          And that’s awesome because Pledis can pull off two different images for the same person both as an After School and Orange caramel members. ^_^

        • bball4224

          You sure it isn’t the members that can pull it off? lol :P

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Hehe yeah. Both OC and Pledis can pull it off. lol XD

        • bball4224

          Why do I have to like the underdogs? lol
          Of course the K-Pop artist I discover first (well besides Psy for Gangnam Style) is AS, and the one I like the most is OC. Also really like NU’EST, then I find out they’re all same company and it’s pretty small compared to the others lol.

          Why couldn’t my favorite group be crazy popular?! lol

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Oh my, I’m laughing at myself while reading ur comment. lol All of my top Kpop artists now are underdogs.
          For me, I like Nu’est, OC & HV (both r tie), and then AS. Although I discovered AS one year ago or so, I never really digged into them. But since I love Nu’est so much I try listening to their siblings’ songs. And I like it. ^^Tbh, I was a diehard fan from one of the biggest Kpop artists for years. But since their songs have same melody to me and all the comeback videos just have been being done in the oddly lit rooms in these two years. Huffft. I could’t handle it anymore. I know that they’re really good dancers. But I feel bored. Rather than watching the mvs, I prefer just listen to the songs or watch the dance cover/practice. That’s more worth it.It’s actually funny to find out that actually the group itself is in the one of the BIGGEST record label companies in Korea but they can’t even afford for a better MV while other Kpop group WANTS to have better video so badly but they hardly can afford it. Sounds illogical yet true.

        • bball4224

          I just got into K-Pop a few weeks ago.

          I also like Big Bang, SHINee, Beast, Tablo, Outsider, and f(x) but only know a few songs by each of them lol. Been listenin to K-Pop radio online.
          Obviously Big Bang is popular, it seems like SHINee is too, idk bout Beast or f(x) but I can tell that Tablo and Outsider aren’t really either so… yeah. Still feelin groups out tho not totally sure how much I actually like some artists or if it’s just a song or two I like instead.

          Actually the few songs I’ve heard of U-Kiss are decent too.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Yup. U-Kiss is my top favorite along with Nu’est and they are an underdog too. Having many International fans, but sadly not Koreans. In Korea, it’s just a battle of popularity and not based on the talent. So I do appreciate Japanese citizens for recognizing their talents wholeheartedly. *I bow down for you Japanese KissMes. ^^

          Have u listened to their new song Stop Girl and others like 0330, Neverland, and Tick Tack? Those are nice songs. :D
          I like those Kpop groups u already mentioned before, but just some of their songs that I really like. Beast and F(x) are quite popular too but not as much as Big Bang and Shinee. And Tablo (I love his song ft Taeyang, Tomorrow, so much) will do comeback in his group, Epik High, soon. Ask Fuuko for further info about him. ^^ What type of song do u like? I’ll help u to know Kpop more. :D

        • bball4224

          Of course I’ve heard Stop Girl considering it was blackmailed into winning last week! lol I was mad and didn’t want to like them but I actually did like the song lol XD

          I know Neverland has came on the radio station I listen to and I think I kind of liked it but I don’t actually remember what it sound like lol.
          I like Tomorrow but I like Thank You for Breathing more (Dear TV is pretty intense too lol), yeah I’ve been WIKIng the ppl I like so I saw he’s in Epik High and they’re coming back. Haven’t listened to them yet tho, excited for their new stuff tho. Outsider hasn’t had an album in years lol but the dude raps so fast it’s ridiculous. Big Bang just oozes coolness but I don’t rly like any of their songs from before 2011 lol. Pretty much all the songs I like from them are from the Still Alive album I think. SHINee actually has like great voices and harmonies. Beast I only know Beautiful Night, Midnight, and Fiction but I really like all of them and F(x) idk rly honestly but I like them. I don’t rly like other female groups so far besides OC and AS but F(x) is kind of cool sounding. Super Junior is the most overrated tho IMO. I had heard of them beforehand but so far I only like two of their songs and really can’t stand the rest of them I’ve heard.

          I really don’t know what I like yet lol, still just listenin to the radio and then whenever I like the sound of a song lookin it up in English to see what the lyrics actually are lol.

        • fuuko4869

          You haven’t listened to them yet??!!! After I sent you that specially-made Epik High playlist???!! Do you realise how good this playlist is? Even Icarus Walks, the biggest EH fanclub, retweeted it from me *proud*

          Epik High debuted in 2003, with 2 MCs (Tablo and Mithra Jin) and 1 DJ (Tukutz). They’re parte of ‘The Movement’, which is a bunch of rappers trying to improve the hip-hop scene in Korea.
          They were originally under Woolim Ent (Infinite’s company), then they set up their independent label for a while, until they went on a hiatus fro 3 years due to Mithra and Tukutz joining the army, and Tablo’s depression after the Tajinyo case. Very messy stuff.
          But since Tablo’s wife and YG helped Tablo get back up on his feet again, the whole grou is now signed to YG and is releasing their next album on October 19th. (^o^)/

          Btw, Icarus Walks made a video for their comeback recently, and Tablo was super touched, he said “Our fans make my grown ass heart cry” xD
          Here’s the video:

          Anything else you want to know about Epik High? xD

        • Jamie Davis

          Yeah I read about the Tablo drama, that’s why I like Dear TV by him. Yeah I saw they were doing their military time but were having their comeback next month. Even tho I’m new I’ve been trying to keep up lol. Lol also was readin bout the Jay Park drama, and all of Big Bang’s messes.
          I thought u had sent me a vid or somethin but I forgot to check it out. Isn’t Outsider and Gary from Running Man in that “Movement” idr seems like both of them had it mentioned on their wiki’s.


        • Velvetblue Veille

          Haha. Glad that u like it. ^^ U-Kiss fans (me too) only want to help U-Kiss to get more exposure and recognition for them as U-Kiss NEVER wins any award since their debut in Korea for four years. I dunno what’s wrong with Korean citizens. =.= I like most of U-Kiss songs. They never fail to amaze me with their great songs and lovable personalities. The melody of their songs has special attraction to me that I always enjoy listening. The songs always make my day. :D When listening to upbeat songs like Te Amo, Amazing, Miracle, and On the Floor, I can be very happy and cheer up. On the other hand, listening to their mellow songs like 0330 , Someday, A Shared Dream, and The Word that Hurts Me, can make me very sad. I can feel what they wanna say through their songs. It seems that their songs have connection to me. And the members are friendly and down to earth. I love how they interact with fans, KissMes. And they are always hardworking and motivated although the result is never good for these long time. But U-Kiss never makes me down instead they keep better and better everyday. So, we hope that this time they’ll finally able to get that. Hopefully. >_<

          Agree with u. Still Alive album is great. My favorite songs beside that are Love Song, Koe wo Kikasete and Majimak Insa. For Beast, I like listening to the songs before Midnight album like Bad Girl, Mystery and Soom. lol I dun like their new style. They changed drastically.

          After listening to a couple songs of AS, I like DIVA and Shampoo more. While watching Shampoo, it's like watching a Japanese drama. I love how the light was directed. So beautiful. ^_^
          What ur favorite songs of AS so far?

        • Jamie Davis

          lol Shampoo is my fav from After School. I like almost all of their songs that have MVs. I like Into the Night Sky (Think that’s real title, it’s slightly dif depending on vid u watch lol) from their Red sub-unit. Dilly Dally is really cool too (Japanese release).

          Yeah the new stuff from Beast is all I know so yeah. Maybe if I knew their songs b4hand I’d not like the new ones as much for changing but since idk their old stuff I like their newer songs.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Funny how much I’ve changed since then artist-wise.

        • another Pledis group that is popular is, Hello Venus!

        • bball4224

          Yeah heard of them but haven’t heard anything by them yet lol

    • Prince Mello

      Idk D;. Just here to vote!

    • Catherine

      mine is also shanghai romance! why? because i can sing all of the chorus, even though i does not speak korean. i also love aing, but it’s much trickier to learn.

      • bball4224

        lol I was like completely obsessed w/ that vid the first couple days I got into K-Pop. So I kind of know most of the song (well of course not the actual Korean but yeah you know what I’m sayin lol)

    • Aing is the best ^.^ ! love aing !!! i actualyl like them ALL… Shanghai romance, Magic Girl, Bangkok City, & Funny Hunny! funny hunny is so great, like the drums part, or the drum sound effects they add, really like it!

    • iloveminhyun

      Shanghai Romance because it’s catchy, but mainly because of the Shanghai boy in the MV ~ *ahem*myname*ahem*
      No, but I really do love the song XD

    • My favorite is Aing ^^
      I sing allong to this song so much.
      I also enjoy Shanghai romace a lot and Funny Honey (and let me add Milkshake to the list because I just listened to it the first time and I LOVE IT!)^^
      I’m being more and more obsessed with Pledis bands every day.
      I actually never really liked girlgroups, but now I LOVE Orange Caramel, Hello Venus, After school and Son dambi.

      • Jamie Davis

        Yeah it’s funny because I got into OC and AS 1st when I came to K-Pop and I can’t rly stand any of the other girl groups. (Well not rly can’t stand it’s just from what I’ve been hearing none of them interest me, except F(x) I like a couple of their songs…)

        If Milkshake gets a music vid I’m going all out for it because that song is my fav from album (well of the songs that are new).

  53. bball4224

    They must deduct a lot of points each week because how much we are whooping them in votes and FB shares I’d think we’d be ahead by now.

    C’mon everybody keep sharing! This song and video deserves to be on top. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE ORANGE CARAMEL?!

    • Jamie Davis

      @fuuko4869:disqus Do you know how much is deducted each week? Is it like a quarter of the points each week or what? I’d like to know if I’m wasting my time here or if there’s actually still a chance.

      • fuuko4869

        Yes, I know how much is deducted each.
        Yes, it is something like a quarter of the points each week.
        And yes….I think you’re wasting your time :(

        • Jamie Davis

          Womp womp womp…

          If only I had tried Google Chrome earlier! Now I waste three days all for naught… Well I guess I got us ahead of Poison finally, I can act like that made it worth it… (Ah who am I kiddin!)

        • bball4224

          So we’re actually at about half of the points? Well if we were the same then I think we’d be ahead of Catch Me but yeah if we’re at like half of that actually then screw it we aren’t anywhere near them lol.

          And I abandon this and it will have minimal change I bet lol. It only had 600 shares or so three days ago then I went crazy w/ it and I think others joined in and got it where it is now. I’m honestly like 2,000 of those FB shares tho! lol Also quite a few of the tweets (and comments ovbiously).

          Oh well I tried to at least put up a fight but to no avail, hopefully they’ll do a MV to Milkshake or AS does one to a great song, then I’LL BE READY!!!

        • fuuko4869

          Thank you ^^b And yes, it’s about half, and will only go down as the time passes :(

          You know what, what impresses me about fans isn’t how dedicated they are to get their favourite artist to the top, but their resilience and ability to bounce back up with a positive attitude even after losing. I don’t often see that, but when I do, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So good on ya man :)

          *cough*btw….thanks for picking up on that bug. We’re desperately trying to fix it now. >_<

        • bball4224

          Hahaha my 2,000 messages to myself bug?

          Well there goes all my master plans and methods into getting a vid I want to win in the future. If only that post hadn’t showed up in here! lol MY SCHEMING IS OVER!!! lol

          Yeah np honestly in the mornings the other vids stall for the most part that’s how I passed Catch Me and Poison by so much.

        • fuuko4869

          SHHHHHHH don’t talk so loudly!! xD

          Hahahaha yea but you do realise I can see all the comments even after they’re deleted or marked as spam…..and yea, you can’t delete it yourself :p

          I know. I was like….I shouldn’t tell anyone…and just use it for Epik High when they come out….but….it would be a catastrophe if it leaked out, so I asked S&M to fix it. :p

        • bball4224

          Yeah I went to a profile and it said “message” so I clicked it and typed, idk why that brings it here lol. And then instead of being smart and editing it I panicked and clicked delete.

        • Jamie Davis


  54. cookiespace

    their game faces are hilarious

    • suzu4381

      Listen up OC and PLEDIS fans looking at all comments here OC has a chance to get reviewed next week after GD…. We should do a vote exchange with the TVXQ peeps!! I’ve left a message on their comments near the top all of you who agree can you please like it? I really think we have a chance after GD we just have to vote like cray cray this week and promise the TVXQ crew to vote for them the week following. WE CAN DO IT!! I love OC and Nu’est one of them needs to get a review!!! Plus I’m dying to see a skit from S&M for this one :D
      Fuuko can you support this one?? Thanks!

      • fuuko4869

        I like supporting the underdogs, but I don’t like encouraging people to waste their time when I know it’s impossible. This video is too old, and the points are decreasing everyday.

        That said, I really do like this video, and I won’t stop you from discussing it if you want to – you could even make your own review? xD

        But yea. I don’t think it will ever get reviewed. :(

        • suzu4381

          Really?? That sucks :( I thought that a final vote boost might get them there seeing as they’re main competitor is TVXQ it was worth a try! I take it that you only have a chance in the first two weeks of being in the charts?

        • fuuko4869

          Yea pretty much. There have been rare cases of people winning in the 2nd week, like BAP and B2ST, but they needed triple the votes you have now. And you’re up against GD and TVQX…impossiburu. :(

          Hey, but at least you’re in 3rd place? I’ve been seeing a lot more comments on this page since it reached 3rd, which means more people are checking it out :D
          And it’s definitely worth checking out :D

        • Jamie Davis

          I still honestly think it’s possible but I refuse to do everything myself. Because it’d be almost a 24/7 job.

        • suzu4381

          Yeah it’s possible only if TVXQ fans want to vote OC this time but no point if S&M are away for 3 weeks :( I didn’t realise that bit. Looks like GD for a 3rd time!

      • Jamie Davis

        Well I’m good for a few points lol, but unless the TVXQ ppl agree we
        have no chance and I give up. I didn’t do more than 10 shares today and
        there wasn’t much that changed. It seems like when I’m not going crazy
        then nothing much changes.

  55. It seems like no one asked this yet: what are your favourite moments in the video?
    I don’t know why, but 1:30 always cracks me up :) And I love the oh mo oh mo dance!

  56. Andhika Putra

    Hope this song get reviewed :)

  57. Please keep comments relevant to the artists/mv/song, or else the moderator will delete them. >.>; I really like this MV; the song is catchy and the mv is cute and funny. The sight of the male table tennis instructor with a frilly white shirt gave me a good laugh.

    • bball4224

      We already have a minuscule amount of comments compared to all the other vids in the top five… -_-

      I’ve tried to start a couple on-topic convos and no1 wants to participate so w/e.

  58. Jamie Davis

    I wish I knew if this was even close to passing Catch Me. I mean it seems like we should be pretty close now but idk how much the points have decreased for us after a couple weeks.

    • bball4224

      We have to be close. Unless the points get deducted quite a bit after a couple weeks then I actually think we could pass it. We’re ahead in votes and FB shares by quite a bit. They have a pretty big lead in comments and tweets but those are only 1 pt.

      We shall see but it seems like it’s possible.

  59. bball4224

    Random fact: For those that haven’t already heard it, I guess the numbers on their orange jerseys are their birth month plus their birth day. IDK who’s is exactly when but for example January 1st would be 1+1 so the # would be 2.

  60. Please review this.
    This song and MV never fails to lift up my mood

  61. I wish this gets reviewed too!!!

  62. hironyx

    i usually dont like cutesy groups, but this video is hilarious! it deserves to be on KMM

  63. Óscar Amigo Martínez

    Nice video

  64. Kim Lily

    Yes. This must be reviewed.

  65. iloveminhyun

    Yay, we’re third! We probably won’t win, but at least we made it to the top three, right? Guys, Nu’est is coming out with another video with one week and it will be called ‘Sandy,’ can all the playgirlz/boyz help us out and spare us a few votes? :) Pledis family, hwaiting! <3

    • Jamie Davis

      Next week it appears? Well next week is Lipstick’s last week so if we can get all the NU’EST fans to help this win next week then I’ll try and help the following week.

    • pending

      Totally; I love Nu’est, and I’ve been pulling for them to get a KMM for ages!

    • Velvetblue Veille

      It’s a sad fact that NO Pledis group has ever got any review from S&M until now. I guess all Pledis fandoms out there do not really care in voting here OR we are just SMALL in numbers. :( But I think we can survive if all Pledis fans unite. That’s worth of a shot.
      TKIR: I thought we’d never be in the top three. But finally! Great achievement for OC. ^^

      • iloveminhyun

        Right? I mean I want GD’s Crayon to be reviewed and I am in love with ‘Catch Me,’ but i’ve still been voting for Orange Caramel because I love Pledis and I want Pledis to get reviewed one day. I wish we can get the Pledis fans to unite, but it seems like that’ll be hard. Pledis fans, we must come together! I mean there are a lot of the LO/Es and a lot of Playgirlz and if we unite we’ll be unstoppable!
        TKIR: yeah, I was so happy! I’m like yay! Every Pledis song ever made has been able to get to the the top3 (literally, every single one), but because it’s against big names, it loses. I think Pledis does this on purpose lol. Pledisboss, you need to be smarter with your timing!

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Don’t forget Playboyz too. :)
          Will we finally break this EYK curse in the end? Pledisboss, wait for us! lol XD

        • I def agree. It really is such a shame about the way Pledis promotes the groups. I know one day Pledis Artist will be top again like in the BOY era from After School. Playgirlz/Playboyz for the win!

      • Jamie Davis

        We’re honestly only in 3rd because I broke the system lol, we would still be behind Poison.

        But yeah hopefully they do one for Milkshake or hopefully AS’s comeback is great because I’ll be ready! Because I was late on this vid and its points are already at like half for being on two weeks it has no chance. I didn’t know you had to use Chrome to FB share so that’s my bad.

        I’ll help NU’EST too but if their song isn’t like crazy good then I probably will slack a little (but me slacking on here is still more help than most ppl lol)

        • Velvetblue Veille

          That’s not only the case I think. Because I know that many of us are still voting it but are just being silent readers knowing who our rivals are and just slightly hope that we can win.

          When Flashback was voted too, not many Playboyz/Playgirlz came to vote. So, if next time we can get a bigger supporters, that’ll be more helpful.

          I’ll wait for ur support. LO/Es (Nu’est fans) will really appreciate any help. ^^

        • Jamie Davis

          Well honestly there were only about 600 FB shares four days ago, then I started sharing and figured out a way to do it really quick w/ spamming ppl, that’s how we got so many so fast. I’m honestly over 2,000 of the FB shares. I’m also probably like 100 of the tweets.

          Oh well, I tried. I just wish I had known I had to use Chrome earlier then I could have used my shady tactics and actually done something w/ them instead of using them when it was pointless and then accidentally revealing all of my tactics lol so now they’re going to try and fix it so you can’t do what I did. Well at least I got us ahead of Secret I guess because we were behind them by quite a bit even.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          @google-19346d157c54a23d472fcd1af98c1ff7:disqus Thanks for ur “hard” work. Since S&M won’t do reviews for the next three weeks, I guess we just create our own mini KMM then. XD
          Have u seen this one? ^^

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Idk if I ever saw this reply b4, what was vid? lol

    • suzu4381

      Yay! It’s third it’s in with a chance! I’m voting like Crayon to get in next week :) TVXQ can wait people have to keep up the votes we can do it! My fave bits in the vid are when that guy beats the hit dude and the battle from the girls XD

  66. Easily the best video on the charts! I hope it gets reviewed, if not this monday then the next c:

  67. I hope this badass cute pingpong-ing gets reviewed! :) their facial expressions are sooo cute and I love their hairstyles and shoes! Go Orange Caramel! :)

  68. I’m so proud of my babies for getting to number 3, maybe next time! If only you weren’t born girls :c

  69. strawberrycube

    I wish this gets reviewed too!!! This video deserves it

  70. bball4224

    Soooo guess I’ll try and start some convo here. Who’s your favorite member? I honestly think Nana and Lizzy are both beautiful and hilarious but I think Nana has my vote.
    What about y’all?

  71. Jamie Davis

    If you have a Facebook then “share” the video but type in YOUR name. I’ve sent myself almost 1,000. I’m honestly the main reason it passed Secret. Me and some1 were sharing it like crazy last night but today it has mainly just been me. If we get some more people doing it we can pass TVXQ. I don’t want to pubically state my methods because others might see them and use them on their vids.

  72. Catherine

    i came home to find lipstick at #3! huzzah!

    now, i LOVE gd and tvxq both, but they’ve been reviewed so many times! can we get some pity votes here?

    • Jamie Davis

      Yeah I’m trying to get it ahead of TVXQ so we can win next week because G-Dragon is untouchable and next week is the final week b4 this can no longer get any more points.

      • Catherine

        i’m with you! FIGHTING! i don’t care how lame it feels, i’m just gonna keep posting!

        i was wandering through the archives and watched backstage at inkigayo. and, *sexysexy* stars aside, lizzy was super nice! so, um… moar votez plz.

        • Jamie Davis

          Is that the vid where she said she remembered them from Running Man? lol fuuko just posted that in a reply to me earlier. Def was cool of her.

          FB shares are my main focus because those are more points but my ADHD kicks in and I get bored and start commenting or doing other things lol.

        • bball4224

          OK Let’s do this!

      • what’s the time limit for voting for videos? i’m still voting! i’ve been wanting this to be reviewed since it came out. gd is pretty much guaranteed this coming monday’s unless there’s a miracle, but we need to all rally up to get it to the #1 spot for the week after :3 *fighting*

        • fuuko4869

          You’ve still got 2 more weeks :)
          Btw, if you want to comment, try to keep it related to the song/video/artist, ‘k? ^^b

  73. Lee Dahyun

    Its hard cuz cassies are a lot and I love both songs. But I agree, this mv is more amazing beacuse of the unique outfits, dance and storyline!

  74. i just hop that this vid stays on the chart for 2 weeks. after g0dragon and TVXQ, it’s ORACARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jamie Davis

      I think the following week will be the last week for this vid. That’s why I’m hoping we can beat TVXQ for next week. G-D is too far ahead but if we can get a major lead then we can have next week. Apparently four weeks is the limit and then you can’t add anymore points.

  75. I don’t know why but I hated Gee Gee by SNSD… but i love this song…

  76. Jamie Davis

    Orange Caramel deserves a win! Pledis hasn’t had a winning video ever have they? Also if this video can’t be the one that does then idt they really have a chance to ever win because this video is amazing. :/
    (Even Simon and Martina agree!)

  77. bball4224

    WE PASSED POISON!!! Now everyone please continue supporting this vid so that we can pass TVXQ. The following week is our only and last chance, so we need to secure a lead over it this week .

  78. I can’t believe how low the comments that are on this video. I loved the story line and even the outfits especially ….the sneakers. ^-^ Chat it up people!

  79. bball4224

    Man I need to start just leaving stupid pointless comments like “<3" and "Yay" that are on other vids.
    Sheesh no wonder they are raping us in comments.

    • Jamie Davis

      tis pretty ridiculous

    • Catherine

      O_o the comments count too?! why didn’t i know that?! deep discussion about the hidden symbolism in the video starts NOW!
      ummm. their crazy ping pong skills represent their ability to… um… be really really aegyo?

      • Jamie Davis

        Yeah they’re only one point but still this vid is quite lacking in the comments department.

        Anyone figure out if the bride at the end is a dude or not? I’ve heard multiple ppl say they think it looks like a dude but some others were actually saying IT IS a dude. lol

        • Catherine

          really?! why would it be a dude, when pretty girl models are so available? (if she is a girlie, i feel bad that we’re all calling her a man!) i did notice that she’s about a foot taller than the OC girls, but that’s not very surprising.

        • Jamie Davis

          Yeah I didn’t think it was a dude but ppl were saying it like they actually knew lol, idk. Would add to the humor a little bit if it is a dude.

      • bball4224

        lol There’s a little picture at the top of the page when ur on the rankings that shows what gives you what for points. FB sharing and G+ sharing are 4pts. Voting is 2pts. Commenting and tweeting is 1pt.

    • fuuko4869

      Mind telling me which videos have those stupid pointless comments? ^^
      Because I’m pretty sure I deleted them all.

      • bball4224

        It was on Catch Me. You might have deleted them, they were pretty knew when I posted the comment.

        • fuuko4869

          Yup, I found the one ‘<3' comment and the one 'YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY' comment. Deleted them. You're welcome. lol ^^b

          Basically, we encourage commenting, so long as you keep it related to the song/video/artist. Have fun!! ^^b

        • bball4224

          Yeah I wasn’t commenting much at first and then I saw the comments on there and I was like screw that! lol
          I still haven’t quite figured out how to talk about the vid w/o it being cheesy and blatantly obvious it’s just a comment for a point lol.

          Some1 needs to tell them TVXQ fans to calm down, they have plenty of time to win after G-D and OC. OC is out of time next week and Simon and Martina said they wanted to review the vid but knew it wouldn’t happen (this line has been thrown around about 10x now). So we need to prove them wrong and let Pedis have its 1st vid win, because if THIS vid can’t win then idt any of theirs ever will.

        • fuuko4869

          Telling Cassies to calm down is like telling ELFs to stop voting.

          I hate to break it to you, but S&M have always had favourites in the Kpop Charts, but they almost never win. Only exception was Psy…and I guess UKiss. However, it’s not entirely impossible for OC to win. If they do, I will give you cake :p

          Keeping the comment related to the video isn’t easy. It isn’t supposed to be easy – otherwise we’d have spammers galore. How about you check out the top comments on GD’s page?

          I’ve said all I want to say about this video. It’s funny, the song is catchy, I like OC. The costumes with massive bows are really unique too, I haven’t really seen anything like that before.

        • bball4224

          Yeah I didn’t even get on here until Lipstick was already on the chart and I didn’t rly know what I was doing.
          I actually just dove into K-Pop a few weeks ago and After School was the 1st group I listened to a song of (well Gangnam was actually but that was quite awhile beforehand) but OC instantly became my favorite. I’ve been listening to K-Pop radio online and stuff so I’ve experienced quite a bit in just those few weeks but OC is still my fav so I’m tryin to get them to win, but I think it’s a lost cause. We got them above Secret which was hard enough but I think that’s all he closer we’re getting (or 2nd once Crayon is gone).

        • fuuko4869

          Oooh new fan huh? Welcome to this crazy community. If you ever feel overwhelmed, feel free to drop by here at EYK and I will provide free counselling (hah!).
          Well OC is pretty cool. Have you seen Funny Hunny or Shanghai Love? Also, Lizzy from OC is buddies with Simon and Martina after being on Running Man together. You can see them here:

          When it comes to girl groups, SNSD and 2NE1 are pretty big (I prefer 2NE1), but I personally like Sunny Hill and Brown Eyed Girls. They consistently release good songs and videos, and that’s all I could ask for.

          But if you’re new to Korean music in general, I would suggest Epik High. They’re not k-POP, more like k-RAP or k-HIPHOP, but they are perhaps the best artists in Korea. Ever.

        • bball4224

          Yeah I’ve listened to almost all of OCs songs lol. Shanghai Romance is my fav. Honestly part of the reason might be because I might have tiny crushes on Nana and Lizzy (but I didn’t just say that). Actually because of me seeing that Lizzy was a member of the show Running Man I decided to check it out and LOVE IT! I’ve watched quite a few of the episodes even without Lizzy. Love the cast and am going to hate seeing Gary leave.

          Girl groups besides OC and AF I’m honestly not really into too much yet. I do like a few f(x) songs tho.

          And Epik High, haven’t checked them out yet but I know Tablo is from there and I really like him. His raps are positive or are pretty deep, good stuff.
          Big Bang, SHINee, Beast, Outsider, and NU’EST are the other artists that I like multiple songs from so far. There are plenty of other artists I like a song from so far but still getting into it and listening online to see if I really like songs by the artists or if it was just one song.

  80. i feel cool knowing that i have those adiddas teddy bear colorful sneakers that they’re wearing !!!

  81. Jamie Davis

    Does anyone know if there is a limit as to how many weeks a vid can be on here w/o winning? I want to keep trying as long as possible but just wondering.

    • Jamie Davis

      Hopefully we get another week because Crayon is a lock for this week.

    • Jamie Davis

      Or do they start lowering it after a certain time?
      Anybody know these things? @fuuko4869:disqus?

      • fuuko4869

        Oh the points start decreasing after a week, and stays on for almost 4 weeks. It’ll still be on the charts after that, but it’s out of the competition and the votes are nullified. OC still has about 2 weeks to go. ^^b

        • Jamie Davis

          Cool, thanks! So FT. Island won 1st week Lipstick appeared on here, then U-Kiss, this week is gonna be G-D (AGAIN), so then the following week will be our last chance then? Is there any popular artists releasing anything next week that will be heavy competition for 1st?

          Wish I had thought of trying Google Chrome or asked earlier so I could have gotten it more points those 1st couple weeks.

  82. *SIGH* This would be an interesting review! Imagine the skit Simon and Martina would do (and Meemers photobombing)….

  83. wooo lipstick is holding on! I wish this gets reviewed too

    • Jamie Davis

      Is there like a limit on how long a vid can be on here w/o winning?
      Cause if not then Imma try and get this on top as long as I can! lol

    • bball4224

      Continue to vote/comment/share!
      We are catching up to catch me, we can’t beat Crayon but if we can secure a large enough lead over Catch Me then there is still next week! (Pretty sure next week is our last chance though.)

  84. bball4224


  85. Catherine

    oh, how i want s&m to review orange caramel! do their fans have a name? hunnies, maybe? well get voting, hunnies!

  86. Jamie Davis

    So for some reason I haven’t been able to share on FB. I’ve done all the others but when I highlight that there is nothing to click on for me. I click on the FB logo and nothing happens… :/

  87. Jamie Davis

    If people actually start sharing the video then it has a chance!!!

    (Small one but still)

  88. Jamie Davis

    Yeah they both said they’d love to review this video but knew it wouldn’t happen. I’d love to prove them wrong but it isn’t happening when there isn’t jack for shares.

  89. Kellie Rowley

    Waaah! I want this video reviewed! >o<

  90. Jamie Davis

    And it just continues to go down… :/

  91. this is the perfect video to be reviewed for music monday. there is just so much to talk about. its just so quirky and strange. its so wrong its right

  92. Simon and martina please review this videoㅠㅠㅠㅠ you know you want to!!
    this video deserves a review from you guys!!

  93. Gennadiy

    I cannot get this song out of my head! I think Simon and Martina should definitely review it. Who knows, maybe it’ll get to #1 on its own.

    • Jamie Davis

      Help get it points. We can’t win this week but if we can sneak into 2nd then we can secure next week. If we pass Secret then it shouldn’t be too much more to pass TVXQ because it has far less votes.

  94. Maritzelle Castillon

    i really want simon and martina to review this video i fell in love with this song and the video is so cute and playful!!! just think of the possibilities of them reviewing this video :) it would be wonderful!!!

  95. Lee Dahyun

    Unique, should I say that weird but cute? It’s so like Orange Caramel that you can’t see in any other sub unit.

  96. I really want to hear what their opinion on this song

  97. Paige Kosa

    I’ve never even liked Orange Caramel, granted I’ve only listened to one song by them, but even I think this is a pretty cute video and song. It’s so catchy, and it keeps getting stuck in my head.

  98. I would love to see S & M’s take of this video ^_^

  99. Ishani Vashi

    This song is totally aweesome!!

  100. I really enjoyed this song, some times I realize that I am humming it :D

  101. minnyjee

    Needs to be reviewed!!!!

  102. lovelyjubley

    i really do hope we’ll have a Music Monday with Orange Caramel ^^

  103. imyourOPPA

    i cant beleave we only have 200 comments :/

  104. imyourOPPA

    i LOVE this song! its amazing:)!

  105. Tang Sai King

    milkshake,superwoman,lipstick,clara and more daebak Orange Caramel!!

  106. Jamie Davis

    Wow… The amount of shares is ridiculous for Stop Girl, especially considering the vid only has 150,000 views lol.
    C’MON PPL START SHARING AND COMMENTING! (and continue voting obviously…)

  107. Jamie Davis

    Need some more shares!!!

  108. I think simon and martina should do 1 day a week/month to do their choice of kpop video and review it ^_^ and this should definitely be on that list

  109. this song is soo catchy orange caramel is the only cutesy group I like lmao HWAITING ORANGE CARAMEL! :D

  110. Lizzy is SO CUTEEE and of course hilarious ^^

  111. I believe that Simon want they win too

  112. who is that lady in the wedding dress? she is kinda tall!!

  113. Tang Sai King

    Omo Omo really catchy chorus XD.

  114. Ishani Vashi

    So cute I love it!! :)

  115. The more I watch ‘Lipstick’ the more I love it! I always thought Orange Caramel was pretty cool but now I think they are TOTALLY AMAZING!!! :)

  116. Michikohime

    Really, their songs always find a way to get stuck in your head.

  117. I’m REALLY hoping this one gets reviewed, though, really bad timing (against GDs releases) so probably not :( I’ve been totally been addicted to this song all week!

  118. I love Orange Caramel, they are so amazing and their songs have such original vibe which I’m addicted to. They don’t try so hard to be cute or sexy. They are my favourite kpop girl group :)

  119. I like Orange Caramel more then After School these days. BEST SUB-GROUP IN K-POP.

  120. meagain

    omg there shoes are so cool, with the teddy bears or something on it

  121. The video producer is a genius. Love this mv and song. I want to see it on a Kpop music monday!

  122. spiralyte

    Is anyone else dying so hard to see Simon’s imitation of Raina in the Taemin wig? (I say Raina because she’s brunette and the Taemin wig would just match perfectly.) Just imagine the duo he and Martina could make. EPIC BRIDAL QUEEN SCENE REENACTMENT! <3

  123. Jamie Davis

    Nana and Lizzy are so beautiful…

  124. Ishani Vashi

    I can confidently say that this NEEDS to be on the next Music Monday….
    just saying :)

  125. epic win man! XD loved the scene when they got back at the guy that made their man’s flowers wilt. classic

  126. Kellie Rowley

    Haha! I love this video! I want you guys to review it!!!

  127. I just want to say, that this mv is totally orange caramel

  128. I hope this gets reviewed. Usually I’m not really into MVs with a lot of aegyo but Orange Caramel’s “Lipstick” MV has so much humor in it and the song itself is quite catchy.

  129. I really really want this video to be reviewed! It’s definitely fun to watch.

  130. Ishani Vashi

    This is definitely one of the greatest music videos ever!! And a great song too! Too catchy :D

  131. since t-ara lost, i must vote orange caramel!

  132. Okay so, GD’s back again so we have no hope. But I’ll still keep listening to this song over and over and loving it!

  133. please review OC regardless if they win or lose!

  134. janel alarn

    is this the first week or the second week that orange caramel has been on the chart ????

  135. ninjakitty

    I’m not usually a fan of Orange Caramel but this song is growing on me and I gotta say, this MV is hilarious and brilliant,

  136. how do we promote on facebook to get points..? I such a noob ._.

  137. vote for this plzzz i would love to see them review it :D

  138. sammarcuspang

    Guys pease keep voting please ! i really want our girls to win.

  139. This song is so catchy and the video is cool! I love that dance at “omo omo”!! Fits the groove so well haha. I love how Orange Caramel is so different/”weird” and get to play with all these themes and styles in their outfits. I love the orange sports outfits, not a big fan of the black pants with bow tops, but I like how they have crazy outfits in general. The slow motion table tennis is very cool!

  140. Howellicious

    just LOOOOOOOVE IT i love after school and orange caramel… they are the original 3 girl sub unit ♥ FIGHTING!!!

  141. spiralyte

    The bride in the wedding dress at the end = just LOL.

    How is three-on-one in ping pong ever fair? Gotta love K-Pop. <3

  142. This video… I want it reviewed soooo bad. It was epic, and I am now an Orange Caramel fan. I wonder when the idol group guys will cover the dance dressed up in the big bow outfits ^_^

  143. I like this song very much,very catchy & the concept is Awesome!! Really hope they got review..The rest of the Pledis family fans please help to vote them too =)

  144. Pledis family!!
    I actually haven’t seen the MV yet (gotta go soon) but knowing OC, their MV’s never fail to disappoint. I was laughing my head off when Shanghai Romance came out. If you guys haven’t seen it yet, go do it now! Then come back to vote! It’s super hilarious and catchy and fun and full of epicness. I can’t wait to see this MV when I get back :D

  145. I can’t stop listening to this song XD LOVE IT!!!

  146. Damn guess this video didn’t make it. I so wanted to see S&M play ping pong. I love FT Island but this video would have had so much more for S&M to talk about.

  147. This video is so much fun and has so much charm. I reeeeeeeeally hope this gets reviewed. Nana FIGHTING!!

  148. I really want this MV to be reviewed, and then GD release a new MV –

  149. Almost as good as Gangnam Style… love this vid!

  150. This vid is just hilarious! I love it so much!
    vote, vote, vote *-*

  151. I love this video so much, and the dance is so catchy!! MUUUSST LEARN or die

  152. cute song, cute dance, cute video and cute outifts! Orange Caramel hwaiting! :D
    They are like one of the only girl groups(to be precise, sub-unit ;p) that I actually like ^___^
    female kpopper here xPP

  153. Come on girls! Number 4, keep voting guys we can do this! This video has pushed OC into my number 2 slot! That’s pretty impressive!

  154. If Ping Pong was at all like this in real life, I definitely would watch it.

  155. Still not high enough, this song is like drugs – only orange flavoured drugs. So don’t call the police, please.

  156. This video is actually doing really well. :D

  157. Kellie Rowley

    Haha this was so funny! I hope it wins!!!

  158. XiaoXian16

    The MV is hilarious and so fun to watch. But I’m kinda confused.
    What is the connection between Lipstick and Ping pong?

    • They just happen to be Ping Pong girls who wear lipstick! Are you saying girls who play ping pong can’t wear lipstick? They already did a Club Girl concept for their “Bangkok City” MV and Cute Girl concept for their “Magic Girl” MV and Fairy tale concept for their “아잉♡” MV and were Pilots for their “Shanghai Romance” MV and not to mention many other concepts they did in After School. They have to be unique and not copy past concepts or concepts by other girl groups! :-)

  159. Me and my 8 yr old sister LOVE this song! My sister especially likes it cuz her fave color is orange. So she and I have been singing this EVERYWHERE!!!

  160. felicity henderson

    oh gosh.. how i yearn to be one of these girls… T_T

  161. Simon kinda gave up about this getting reviewed,that’s why he talked a lot in the kpop chart update…but let’s show him we can do anything!

  162. I am so addicted to this song. It needs to be reviewed.

  163. Adelle Lykes

    This video needs to be reviewed NOW!!!!


  165. xoussef

    I wonder if the numbers on their dresses mean anything or just random…

  166. They never disappoint when it comes to their MVs! Always fun to watch and the music is very catchy. I actually like this sub unit WAY better than the group as a whole, as a matter of fact, I dislike After School, and now that Kahi is out well. BOOO.

  167. kllrnohj

    Song is so catchy, and I love the crazy outfits they have.

  168. Bethany Wilson

    I loved this!! I want this to get reviewed cause it’s so awesome!

  169. EYK has never done an Orange Caramel review. Let’s change that please!

  170. fatemah

    “Oh oh OMO~”

    This video and this song = FABULOSITY. <3

  171. TheAnonGit

    I wish I was as good at ping pong as OC.

  172. Why are more people not voting for this song? It is easily one of the best songs/videos this week!

  173. I love this song OMGGG omo omo xD wish i could do the dance too. how do you do that with your legs LOL

  174. I’m excited because this video is getting closer to number one! XD So close! If it doesn’t win this week and should definitely be reviewed someday. XD

  175. Ilko lab

    Oh it’s so much fun! Queen’s here!
    The dark-hair girl’s voice is so cute!

  176. LOL! I love this song and video. I think it deserves to be reviewed fo sho.

  177. lmao this video makes me laugh everytime I LIKE IT :D

  178. Oh my gosh! haha orange caramel always has some of the quirkiest and funniest videos! i really like them lol

  179. Sleepy Glimmer

    I LOVE this sooo much. After Lipstick I wachted all of thier videos and now it’s my favourite girls band. Video is amazing! I want their clothes from final… I’m Primadonna and I love “I wish”, but Oranges (<3) are not so popular and KMM could help them. <3

  180. They need to be reviewed, they never get to the top T_T
    I love them, and Nana’s b-day was this week!!!!!
    It would be a great gift ;-)

    Love you guys! Kisses from Brazil ^.^

  181. I really like the video… but I can’t say the same about this song. I can’t watch twice with this song. It’s fun, but probably it didn’t grown in me yet.

  182. T-ara can’t win anymore which is a HUGE shame, so i want OC to win now cos they are incredible in every way.

  183. ok i give up on t ara !! this needs to win sometime! but with gd coming out soon I’m doubtful

  184. This song has now been stuck in my head for the past 2 days :3 Omo Omo ~

  185. superrobina

    I totally aproove of this video and song :D

  186. love their debut full-album a lot. Milk Shake is probably my favorite song on it. I hope they will promote it in the future as well as it has the potential of a big hit ^^

  187. God I’m so pressed that this video won’t get voted in for music monday… with the battle being between ft island and t-ara now and the new G-D video about to come out this video will be too old to have a chance in 2 weeks *sigh* BUT THIS WOULD BE SO GREAT FOR KPOP MUSIC MONDAY, GOSH… The dreamy ping pong dude just flying through the air while playing… the guy who wins against him and just laughs at him(probably because of dreamy dudes ridiculous prince~y shirt lets be real here)… the girls battling that tall princess who I actually thought was a dude when I first saw the teaser to this… *sigh* Also this is one of the few musicvideos uploaded by the artists company that’s still viewable in my country so big props for that, lol.

    • GiWercia

      Please don’t complain about Tiara or FT Island. They don’t review it often. It’s suks when song of GD, Big Bang and SuJu are review! Don’t get me wrong I still like their song but they already have a lot of reviews. This week was full of awsome songs to review, like Oragne Calmer, UV, Secret, BtoB.

      • JenniferSakraida

        Yeah, I like G-Dragon’s new songs and videos, but WTF YG?! Can’t you pace yourself with releasing videos!? I don’t like having so many KMMs in a row just on one artist. Plus, I don’t like his Crayon video nearly as much as his others.

  188. Alana Eliasmith

    If this won… EPIC KMM MATERIAL!!!!

  189. I love this song so much, it needs to be reviewed !! “Oh oh OMO” is stuck in my head <3

  190. This song and video… So amazing~

  191. Love that this video is different from the conventional mv’s which really suits OC’s style!!

  192. orange carmel really is amazing! so different to after school!

  193. Not going to lie. I never paid Orange Caramel any attention and thought ‘ew girly girly stuff’. But this is why I watch EYK to come out of my comfort zone and try things I usually would frown at…BUT!

    THIS VIDEO IS FUNNY and the song is catchy. I also like the walk to the side dance that they do when they wear the leotard and Big Bows. It grew on me, so I voted. XD

    • JenniferSakraida

      Same here. I don’t really like Orange Caramel much, except for their more funny stuff. I liked Funny Honey, and this video. I think it is nice to have a kpop group that isn’t 100% “Ooooo! Look how pretty I am. I’m so cute/hot!” And they did the humor well. Girl’s Day was a little TOO “hey guys! We are making a joke!” about their videos. Lipstick keeps a “straight face” that there is a magic world with ping pong gods.

  194. Come on orange caramel! Nobody cares about the biggest bullies T-ara anymore, let’s do this!

  195. love!!! very catchy song, and i so wanna learn that dance!!

  196. both the song and video are flawless, really ♥

  197. I’m gonna cry if this doesn’t get reviewed.

  198. Wow, the fashion in this video is amazing. It’s so colourful and out there. Kind of reminds me of a few Japanese videos?

  199. Really funny video, and such serious ping pong playing!

  200. spiralyte

    This video and this song = FABULOSITY. <3

    Martina, I can see you singing "Oh oh OMO~" and twirling around your new home, which you can totally do now that you have the space! It just screams perfection! I sincerely hope this gets reviewed!!

  201. suzu4381

    wow awesome video! deserves to win the charts!!! too many good songs and vids being released tho…somehow I think this gem will be overshadowed :(

  202. they actually want to review this! lets vote it so they can review one of their fav gig groups

  203. lol i freaking LOVE this video omg the beat the eyebrows the dance is cute and catchy <3 orange caramel is always so good

  204. ShiningNancee

    I’m so happy for Orange Caramel! They were the group the got me into Kpop and they are my favorite girl group. Keep voting ^~^

  205. guise, Martina and Simon loooove this video!! they looove it!!! let’s voteeee!!!

  206. Marta_Loves_Spudgy

    Too bad music monday cant have Poison Orange Lipstick, I Wish.

  207. Tirahmisu

    *sobs* I hope this wins someday … it needs to win. IT’S SO PERFECT!!

  208. Orange Caramel definitely should win! They are just so good at being cute, sexy and funky w/out taking any of them too far!

  209. Surprisingly addictive. Maybe I should’ve given these girls more of a chance before

  210. Super cute video and I would love for Simon and Martina to review this. And I know that they really want to . XD

  211. love this!! i agree with simon. why isn’t this higher up?!

  212. I love when they avenge him! And the bow outfits!

  213. this has made my life complete … the cutest album ever!!!

  214. OMG I Love Orange Caramel so much in act… it’s the ONLY girl group I like ^^ I hope they wish this week


  216. Orange Caramel is unique!!! Vote for them. S&M want them on KMM too!!!! Vote for Orange Caramel.

  217. I’ve never been a fan of Orange Caramel, but this video and song is so much fun. I absolutely loved it.

    It has that silly quirkiness that made me like Psy and his videos and music. I hope this gets voted in. It’s that good.

  218. Orange Caramel are the best. They may never be review, but their videos are so fun to watch!

  219. kehroro

    This has got to making it to KPOP MM !!

  220. I love Orange Caramel, and I LOVE this song! It’s literally been on repeat ever since the video came out! OC always has the catchiest songs, with the cutest dances. Also, their videos are always entertaining! They are one of my favorite groups as well.:)

  221. I LOVE this song and the video is awesome. Hope it gets voted up. :D

  222. lita0591

    i prefer this cutie and funny MV rather than sexy vulgar uncomfortable to watch -_- *no offense to other group*
    hope u will review this S&M!! :D

  223. I cannot get enough of this song and video….I’ve been showing everyone.

  224. Do Orange caramel fans have an other fan name than After school? Because they should be called Sweeties ^^

  225. i hope they make a MV for “Milkshake” too , can’t get enough of their sweetness (^.^)

  226. You don’t like this kind of concept for an MV? Think again ;)
    Orange Caramel does it brilliantly~

  227. this was actually very entertaining!!

  228. seutyle

    I love how it’s like an epic ping pong battle to determine who gets the guy, the angelic woman or the three cute girls.
    Plus the song is really freakin catchy.
    The bow outfits though, where it’s just like a body suit with a big bow on it… What’s up with that xD

  229. How is Secret Poison already higher than this, I mean I know they’re both good songs – but for me – this video has beaten Gangnam Style enjoyment wise! THE PING PONG QUEEN WILL GET YOU.

  230. Kathleen Donahue

    This needs more votes. I Love this song and video so much! <3

  231. saiking79

    Happy Birthday Dear Nana Daebak and Fighting Orange Caramel!!

  232. I really hope that “Lipstick” will make it, I mean just imagine the things Simon and Martine would say make you giggle already ^^

  233. Velvetblue Veille

    A LO/E here supports Orange Caramel. After opening Kpopchart page today, I’ve seen a shiny thumbnail full of orange which stands out the most out of other dark thumbnails out there. And it happens to be Orange Caramel with their fun MV and groovy song. I like the melody and this song is really suitable for spending my leisure time. :D Plus, I love Lizzy can finally show off her bubbly expression AGAIN after refraining it during Flashback promotion. ^^

    Note: The man wearing green t-shirt is really look alike with a football player from my country. I was confused for a while why did he suddenly change into a table tennis player. LOL

  234. immaperson

    i thought this concept was a bit bizarre at first, but very catchy song!


  236. fuuko4869

    There’s a song called “Eyeliner”? Who sang it? :O

  237. Orange Caramel is quickly becoming one of my favorite girl groups! I really want them or Secret to be reviewed!

  238. thisisjustforfunval

    Orange Caramel’s videos are perfectly cheesetastic, and I mean that in the most loving way. They are one of the few girl groups I like and honestly entertain me without being annoying.

  239. Jamie Davis

    I just recently got into K-Pop and so far Orange Caramel is my favorite by a long shot.

  240. icebunnies19

    Simon and Martina loves this video!
    They should promote in EYK just like Sexy Love

  241. Personally I find 2:25 hilarious, and I love the general jaunty slapstick funtimes.

  242. Olivia Curry

    so so so so good!

  243. It would be so wonderful if they reviewed it!!! it’s so perfect!

  244. JenniferSakraida

    I wasn’t an Orange Caramel fan at first (like at all, loved the image, never liked any of the songs) but I gotta say they are REALLY kicking butt! I love their songs since Shanghai Romance!

  245. crazymadsad

    i don’t know them actually but this mv is so… idk, refreshing from what we see. i love it ^^ it’s sad ’cause it won’t probably get enough votes and reviewed but i wish it was !

  246. NaToTheWak

    I can’t stand aegyo… Except Girls Day’s and Orange Caramel’s. I WANT DIS FOR MUSIC MONDAYS!

  247. BaekSeungJoFan!

    Orange Caramel have some really really catchy songs and i love it
    lol this MV was funny and the dance was sooo cool,love the beat and their outfits plus what the video was about!:) it was cool

  248. I want to see this MV reviewed, I love Orange Caramel and this song is amazing!

  249. TheAnonGit

    Simon and Martina are always talking about how much they like OC, so I really want them to be able to review this MV.

  250. SI306090

    Lizzy makes some awesome faces in this MV.

  251. Hildibjørg Didriksen

    I’ve had this song on replay for two days now :D It’s an awesome song :D:D

  252. C’mon,we can do it! Simon and Martina said that the MV deserved more views..that means they love it and they want to talk about it! :DD

  253. So glad they finally get a full album ^^

  254. Orange Caramel can kick any other 3 girl sub unit’s butt!

  255. CandyHeart

    this needs to be reviewed!!!! SO AWESOME

  256. Eternal Playgirl

    Simon and Martina! You must review this video! I can already imagine how ridiculously hilarious it will be! Please… -whimpers like a wounded animal, wondering if you’ll hear our cries- (do you guys even read these comments T___T)

  257. I think this video has a Japanese feeling… visually speaking… luv it!

  258. When I saw the teaser photos I didn’t know what to think of their comeback. But I LOVE IT! The video is so cool and the song reminds me of Te amo by u-kiss in a cuter way. I simply love it.

  259. Orange Caramel fun music ,sweet girl and always the best

  260. They are so cute and have sweet voices.I love them,let’s vote more!!!!

  261. Eternal Playgirl

    Loved every second of this MV. It was cute, funny, and quirky; very OC :) Every minute of anticipation waiting for this comeback was totally worth it! Now…if only Pledis can finally get a review from EYK =/ ah well, I’ll cross my fingers on this one (and vote like crazy).

    • Jamie Davis

      I’m starting to think it’s a lost cause. We are ahead of catch me by quite a bit in votes and FB shares and yet they are still ahead of us in the rankings. I wish I could tell if we were actually close or not so I could stop wasting my time if we have no chance.

      I think it’s too little too late (if only I had known that I had to use Google Chrome earlier I could have done so much more so much sooner). :/

  262. I swear I highly anticipated this comeback, and I gotta tell you, I’m not dissapointed at all.

    The MV is so funny, I keep linking it around to my friends. I want it to be reviewed by EatYourKimchi because, if I recall correctly, After School has never been there on a regular show, but rather randomly.

    Please, show love to the girls!

  263. I love these guys so much it hurts. I’m usually not about the cutesy image and all my favorite girl groups tend to lean more to the fierce side of things than the cute. But Orange Caramel defies all logic and has just infected my brain and gnawed on it like pink butterfly zombies with rainbows coming out of their rotting flesh. I want them to be loved.

  264. COME ON!!! THEY LOOK LIKE THE POWERPUFF GIRLS WHEN THEY’RE DANCING WITH THE BOWS!!!! And I’m pretty sure the dance would go great with the Sherlock and Swan Walk Dance. L3

  265. simmix1

    Fantastic effort from Pleidis – OC delivers the best eastern European influenced Eurovision song contest song outside the ESC :-) There’s that sax again and the song drops into your head like a ton of bricks from the 6th floor…or something like that. Great video, fun outfits and the dance…I’ll take OC instead of AS any day. Love this.

  266. I love Orange Caramel concepts, they are always fresh and funny n.n

  267. this video is so well made and entertaining, loved all the outfits and the small room with only the table tennis works pretty well imo

  268. As usual I was distracted by the video and forgot to pay attention to the music. I always enjoy Orange Caramel they have fun cute songs and just the funnest videos. I know how I am painting my nails today. What inspiration they bring to my wardrobe? Where is my square dance skirt?

  269. haha @ the ping pong queen! i cant wait to see their live performances!

  270. Rahmat Republic

    so entertaining…vote for Orange Caramel


  272. Simon and Martina, you guys have to review this – I cannot get enough of it! THE QUEEN OF PING PONG IS WATCHING YOU.

  273. Orange Caramel is on the way guy. funny MV, cute concept. I’d like watching this MV rather than the dark, sad MV. This MV have made my day

  274. let’s vote guise!! i’m really curious about what thay gonna say about this video!! lol :D

  275. You should vote people,because after this MV,you won’t see Table Tennis the same way again xD

  276. iloveminhyun

    yay, Pledis! I love how conrtasting Orange Caramel is to AfterSchool! it’s like orange caramel is 100% aegyo and AfterSchool is 100% sexy.
    Honestly, I prefer the aegyo. The song is cute, but I actually liked the video a lot better. I thought the dancing while playing the tennis was soooo cute and incredibly well done. And no one can deny the outfits were really cute as well.
    It’s smart how they’re called orange caramel and are wearing orange :)
    Pledis, hwaiting!

  277. This is my favorite K-Pop MV out of this week’s releases (BtoB, Secret, Baek Ah Yeon, etc.).

  278. Love this song, it kind of reminds me of the Cantina bar song in Star Wars for some strange reason.

  279. fuuko4869

    I think I can confidently say by now that Orange Caramel is one of my favourite kpop groups. All of their songs have been catchy at the least, and their MVs have all been incredibly entertaining.

    A few cool points:- SUPER ORANGE eyebrows!! Hah reminds me of TOP’s red eyebrows
    - When she was playing with her back to the table. AS IF MAN
    - When she just stood there with 6 arms blocking everything, lol
    - Super slow-mo posing scenes, with shoujo-esque roses and all
    - Did you see the score at the end??!! xD
    - It actually has good story progression, reminds me a bit of Dragon Ball (HOW??!!) with all its tournaments.
    - What does Lipstick have anything to do with it??? =_=

    Wait a sec…I’m sensing a trend here….Shampoo….Cleansing Cream….Lipstick…..WHAT’S NEXT??!! o.O