Orange Caramel – Lipstick

  1. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Well so much for that…
    Hey! You three or four Epik Nasties that have me followed were supposed to follow me over here! lol

  2. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Here? Yeah probably not happenin lol but worth a shot, especially since it has less than 500 comments.

  3. i love orange caramel

  4. Maculinea

    This deserves to get reviewed!

  5. bball4224

    Holy crap! All of OC’s songs sound so much better through an ipod as opposed to a computer and PS3 through a tv! So many dif lil things I couldn’t even really pick out in the background before.

  6. The Song is awesome, the lyrics are funny and so is the video.
    I’d really like to see a review of that one.

  7. bball4224

    “The title track, “Lipstick”, was a commercial success having managed to
    stay in the top 10 of various Korean online music stores such as MelOn,
    Mnet and Olleh for over three weeks as well as reaching #1 on many music
    charts real-time ranking after a few hours of being released. It also
    managed to stay in the Top 10 singles on the Gaon Chart and Korea K-Pop Hot 100 for three weeks. To date, the title track has been downloaded 846,783 times according to the Gaon Download Chart.
    The album itself charted well, peaking at #3 on the Gaon Weekly Album
    Chart, #9 on the Gaon Monthly Album Chart and it also charted on Japan’s
    Oricon Weekly Album chart at #92, selling 2,187 copies.”

    Still glad it got #2 on U.S. K-Pop charts.

  8. bball4224

    OC is on here quite a bit, quite low each time but still.

  9. bball4224

    My “top 30 K-Pop songs” playlist.
    This songs and quite a few of OC’s songs are in it.

  10. why is this song so low on the list now!!!!

  11. Jamie Davis


    :'( Charts finally updated and I had to search the depths and go to #50 to find this. I didn’t even get to relish the moment of it being #2.

  12. ORANGE CARAMEL~ <3 My, my, they would've been reviewed by now if I voted earlier

  13. I really want Simon and martina to review this song!

  14. OMFG guys we definitely have to vote for this. Simon LOVES this song, the least we can do is to help bring it above TVXQ and have him review something he really wants to review!!!

    • Jamie Davis

      A) TVXQ is demolishing us in points.
      B) This video is older than TVXQ’s so our points are actually less than it shows.
      C) This is our last week and Simon and Martina are on vacation for three weeks, so even if we did somehow get ahead, it isn’t happening unfortunately. :/

  15. ……………………………….

  16. C’mon Orange Caramel! Fight fight fight! :D

  17. Jamie Davis

    So this is actually in 2nd, WOOT!

  18. :O!!!! almost there! if we keep this up, we might have a chance!

  19. Has anyone noticed the vote count hasn’t changed in days?

  20. all i want to say is that this would probably be one of the funniest Music Mondays to ever happen, besides what is love, sherlock, gangnam style, etc.

  21. Jamie Davis

    The chart hasn’t changed for a week, that’s why.

    • ohh really? is that because simon and martina are away??

      • Jamie Davis

        idk, it’s weird because if you search the charts by date then the stats are updated. By rank everything is out of whack, like it doesn’t even show Crayon is already reviewed.

        • fuuko4869

          Hey man I’ve contacted passed on your sentiments to S&M, hopefully it’ll be fixed soon. Sorry for the delay (technically I shouldn’t be here -_-;)

        • Tsk tsk tsk. Shouldn’t you be studying? * look of dissaproval* ( we miss you but I want you to do well. Med exams are nothing to sneeze at.)

        • bball4224

          This is weird, my comments on “She Said Move On” were merged but yet there are quite a few on here and all of the ones on Shanghai Romance didn’t merge… 0_0

        • fuuko4869

          Hey man, I’ve noticed you’ve complained about the charts not updating about 50x now. What can I do to convince you that everything is fine?

  22. I’m not a big fan of orange caramel but I really liked this video and song!

  23. Pleeeeaaase win!!! TT_TT

  24. Please please please let this be chosen :D I really want to see a review of this amazing song.

  25. The MV is so funny :)

  26. They look like the Powerpuff Girls near 2:41 ^^

  27. This song and video is just so fun and Orange Caramel-ish! I love it, and I really wish you could review it! That would be totally awesome!

  28. SImon and Martina, this would be such an awesome video to review! I’m not giving up until this makes it! I want to see Martina doing the cute twirly dance! :D

  29. Simon and Martina, what about a MusicMonday for underdogs once in a while?? Many great songs and great MVs like this ones have no chance against big names. Such is the case of Orange caramel & Nuest. Don´t take me wrong I absolutely love GDragon, is one of my favourite artists. I also like TVXQ-duo but not-so-famous-groups have no chance to win against artists wiith massive fandoms…

    • I was thinking the same thing! It would be so wonderful if they could do a video featuring “the great losers” of the month… something like they do “how to dance KPOP style” for each year. That way the supporters of the videos that didn’t win won’t be as sore as they are now cause they’ll know that their favourite video might be made fun of at the end of the month! :) I hope that, with the new studio, S&M will be able to do that… and much more! I wonder what they think about that… or maybe that would take all the fun and fierce competition out of this chart? The winner takes it all! What do you think guise?

    • or maybe review the top two each week ^^

    • I’m thinking of editting some fan-made KMM to send to S&M while they’re gone for a month (So no KMM)
      Check it out here

    • That’s sort of why S&M started doing the KMM Update videos, so that the smaller bands would get noticed.
      But I agree, its such a shame that some artists get lost in the shuffle (seriously, Nu’est has the WORST timing, always)
      I know there are a lot of changes coming up for EYK that will (hopefully) give S&M more time for new projects, so maybe there is hope for the not-GDragon groups!

    • Jamie Davis

      Or slightly tweak the voting system so that lesser known artist get more points than massive ones do. (Just a slight dif, nothing ridiculous where it ends up always being lower artists winning, but something that is incredibly minor but gives us a glimmer of hope that we actually have a chance.)
      But that would probably be a lot of work and will probably never happen, so oh well we’ll just keep tryin and hopefully someday a Pledis artist can get a win. :/

    • they should so do that

  30. spiralyte

    I love OC and I love “Lipstick” and I love their cute twirly dance in the live and I really wish this could get reviewed, but you know what? I won’t give up!

    One day, girls. One. Day. OMO!

  31. VividlyLivid

    We still have a chance! :) We probably won’t win for next week since TVXQ is number 1, but that means that after Catch Me is reviewed, this video has a strong chance if we get enough votes :)

    • Nova_REMIX

      With Ga In, Jewelry, and Epik High making their comebacks, I’m not so sure. Besides, “Lipstick” has been here at this spot on the charts for a while, this is their last week to win, and they probably won’t due that due to the fact that Cassies and VIPs are voting for TVXQ. :( Maybe next time though.

    • Jamie Davis

      No the points gets decreased the older the video is and also Simon and Martina will be on vacation for a few weeks so next week and the week after aren’t getting reviewed.

  32. OMG! O.O Their cuteness is over 9000!! seriously I love this girls the video and the music :).. not in this video but the descripcion on the video uploaded by loen music it says “They have the cuteness that gives happiness to the people who are watching them” what means i think if you are ugly you can’t give just kidding :P

  33. i really hope this gets reviewed, but it’s probs not gonna happen now… but we can always try!!!! :3 it would be a great review, they could have so much fun with it lmao x)

  34. Jamie Davis

    Vote for song included in Japanese Lipstick singe release.
    I’m torn because Milkshake is my fav from the album but yet I kind of want A~ing to win to hear how different it is w/ them being older.

  35. pumpkin_spice

    i love this song’s funky italiano disco sound :D