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Park Jung Min – Beautiful

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  1. I love him sooo much

  2. Park Jung Min Saranghae <3 <3 Beautiful is the best !!

  3. triple s fighting 4 jung min oppa~

  4. Park Jung Min n.n♥ Park Jung Min n.n♥ Park Jung Min n.n♥ Park Jung Min
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    yalda from iran

  5. Park Jung Min n.n♥ Park Jung Min n.n♥ Park Jung Min n.n♥ Park Jung Min
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  6. Jung Min is very beautiful, love all his solo songs, and albums, midnight theatre is awesome, love ALL the tracks.

  7. Jung Min – did you have a wonderful christmas? Hope you have spent quality time with your family and Jom Rye. Hope 2013 is going to be a wonderful, safe, healthy and prosperous good year for you and your family. Happy holidays.

  8. Minnies – lets work harder to love and support Park Jung Min

  9. dont understand why the numbers dont change often, but will still vote PJM Beautiful,

  10. Jung Min fighting, beautiful is really beautiful, and Jung Min you are very beautiful, inside, and outside.

  11. Jung Min, I love both Beautiful, and all the Romeo songs, and in particular [Midnight Theatre] is so good. Love all the songs, and “No Turning Back” is the best, so far.

  12. Jung Min, I love Beautiful very much, its full of fun, and I love listening to the song, watching you dance. Fighting

  13. park jung min opppppppa i love u ..u are the best

  14. triple S plz

  15. I really love Park Jung Min a lot , and he is forever so under-rated. Park Jung Min is such a beautiful and charming multi talented artist. Jung Min always tries his very best to communicate with his fans through his amazing music. Jung Min, I am here, loving and supporting you forever.

  16. its not easy, but we will do our best, to love and support Park Jung Min

  17. I love beautiful Park Jung Min, super talented artist. Jung Min wish you all the best for 2013.

  18. Jung Min ah, why are you so beautiful?

  19. Everything about Park Jung Min is beautiful, very beautiful, please vote our beautiful Park Jung Min

  20. AHH i love Park Jung Min! SS501 for life <3.

  21. Been listening to Midnight Theatre, all the tracks are awesome, love the mini musical that Jung Min did in Tokoy, so charismatic. Jung Min, love you a lot. I am not forgetting Beautiful, which is such a happy party song.

  22. Love Beautiful, love the song, love the dance, PJM is so beautiful, love his vocal, love his looks, love his personality, love him as an overall artist/actor.

  23. Park Jung Min is so beautiful, love this song and dance so much, very happy song.

  24. Beautiful fighting, Park Jung Min fighting

  25. Midnight Theatre is so good, all the tracks are excellent, so is Beautiful cd. Jung Min, fighting. Please rest a lot when all the activities and promo are done. You need to rest, you have been working TOO hard. Merry X’mas to you and your lovely family, including Jom Rye.

  26. fighting Jung Min, you are so beautiful, also, Midnight Theatre is super good.

  27. Beautiful is good, love the song, the band sound, love the dance, love Jung Min’s vocal, love the way PJM dances, so cute. Its such a happy song, love it. Please vote PJM

  28. Love Beautiful a lot, such a happy song.

  29. This is so good, please vote park Jung Min

  30. I am loving Park Jung Min more, his songs, all of his solo songs are just awesome. Beautiful is excellent

  31. Midnight Theatre fighting, Beautiful fighting, Romeo fighting

  32. I am loving Park Jung Min more, love Beautiful, Love Romeo GMYH, love Romeo TTN, Love Romeo Midnight Theatre

  33. Jung Min is so beautiful, love him so much

  34. Please love this adorable guy

  35. Get the Midnight Theatre songs on itunes, released now.

  36. Jung Min is currently in Tokyo, promoting his 1st regular album [Midnight Theatre], videos and photos indicate its an amazing album. Please love and support PJM, Beautiful is really excellent, love the band sound, love the dance, love JM’s vocal, its a very lively party song. Jung Min also shows his talents in producing music. Please love and support this awesome guy.

  37. In Jung Min’s latest interviews, Jung Min said he had gone through a very long period of “hiatus” and he knew “fans are leaving him due to the long wait….” This is so heart breaking. I love Park Jung Min, not only because of his beautiful looks, its because of his very adorable personality, never gives up, even under the most trying circumstances, his very unique and sexy vocal, his multi talents in singing, acting, now, producing, lyric writing, etc. Jung Min wants us to love his music, and love him as an actor, lets do what Jung Min wants us to do. JM also wants us to be healthy. Jung Min, we are here for you, love and support you FOREVER. Dont worry, we wont leave you.

  38. Jung Min is really beautiful, I can see he has put in a lot in this single, love his vocal, love the acoustic version as well, and not forgetting “Tender”. Please love and support Jung Min more, PJM is very much under-rated, his multi talents need to be recognised more.

  39. Park jung min needs all our love and support, he is super talented and his music is great!!

  40. Why doesn’t this video get a review~! He has tons of votes!

  41. beautiful is such a perfect party song, good for this time of the year. Also love the other tracks like Tender, and Beautiful acoustic and instru. Love them all, this is a very good comeback cd. Jung Min – you have learned how to produce, now you can really choose whatever you love to do, and work towards achieving your dreams. Nothing to bind you anymore (I hope)

  42. Love Park Jung Min, Love Beautiful, a song filled with love and joy.

  43. No matter what, will love and support Park Jung Min, I wish you would have a wonderful Dec 18 and Dec 19 concerts/events. Please take care, I hope its not too cold in Tokyo. Jung Min fighting ~~~~~ Happy Holidays.

  44. Park Jung Min – love Beautiful, love Romeo, Midnight Theatre to be released on 19 Dec 2012 – Daebak

  45. after reading JM’s joynews interview, I am saddened. JM has to go through so much hassel and hardship, but intead of giving up, Jung Min chose to upgrade himself in all aspect and is more determined to follow through his dreams. This is what made me love Park Jung Min so much. Jung Min – you are beautiful You are talented, you are such an awesome person, you may not be the most popular artist now, but I am confident you will be much more popular from now on. I love all your solo songs. Its time you are reaping rewards from your very hard work.

  46. the song is great and it should be number 1.

  47. I love Park Jung Min, love his vocal, love his looks, love his personality. Park Jung Min is an awesome artist/entertainer. Please purchase his 1st regular full album [Midnight Theatre] to be released on 19 Dec 2012, and also available on itunes, in 118 countries, except Japan, on the same day, worldwide. Please love and support this wonderful guy. Thanks.

  48. Jung Min fighting, we are here to love and support you. We try our best, we have no regrets.

  49. Dont understand, but its a fact that Jung Min’s fan base is small. We are trying our very best to promote this awesome guy, so talented, works so hard, and so dedicated to music. Jung Min I love you.

  50. Jung Min is so beautiful and sweet.

  51. Park Jung Min’s beautiful is so good, listen to it everyday, love PJM’s live performances. Love PJM

  52. Love JUNG MIN’s live performance of BEAUTIFUL

  53. Please support Park Jung Min, this song is so good. Really very pleasant song, good for parties

  54. Jung Min fighting – great success with [midnight theatre], to be released on itunes to 118 countries (except Japan) on 19 Dec 2012, album release on same day. I love Beautiful, and also love all Romeo Songs. All excellent songs, and fully show cased Jung Min’s excellent and deep vocal. Minnies please get ready for more from Park Jung Min.

  55. I really enjoy “Beautiful” a lot, I will do my best to love and support Park Jung Min forever.

  56. Jung Min is adorable, this MV has so much fun and we travel with Jung Min from one era to another. I love this.

  57. calling on all Minnies and Triple S, Beautiful is an excellent single, a great comeback single from Park Jung Min – Please vote Jung Min everyday

  58. Park Jung Min is such a talented artist, love his vocal, love his dancing as well. Love Beautiful

  59. Jung Min’s Beautiful is super good, filled with fun. Love the song very much, love the mv.

  60. Jung Min, fighting. Will love and support you forever.

  61. PJM, love this so much. Dream about you ………………think about you………………….this song rings in my head.

  62. Beautiful is great. I hope this gets to number 1.

  63. Park Jung Min’s comeback single Beautiful” is great, love the theme, love the song, and also love the way Jung Min dances

  64. lets try our best to make this number 1, that’s Minnie’s wish, more people to listen to his music and his music tops charts.

  65. I love PJM vocal, love this song so much, full of fun, also love the dance. PJM is so beautiful.

  66. I wish we have more votes here, so Beautiful can be reviewed.

  67. Jung Min, love Beautiful, its a beautiful comeback. Fighting.

  68. I enjoy watching this video a lot, so much fun. An excellent party song, and with the band sound, this is great. Love Beautiful, love Park Jung Min.

  69. Beautiful song, beautiful person, love PJM vocal, love his image, love the way he dances, so funny.

  70. Please love and support Park Jungh Min a lot. He is so beautiful and adorable.

  71. My PJM Beautiful cds and posters have arrived yesterday, love them so much. Its a very pleasant song, full of fun. Park Jung Min fighting. You are always the best.

  72. I cant believe this – Beautiful is not getting the kind of recognition that I expect. Jung Min’s musical talents and excellent unique vocal is not something you find easily in kpop world. He strives to better himself in every aspect. PJM needs encouragement, meaning, good rankings everywhere. Jung Min – you are the best. No matter what, you are number 1, in our hearts. Jung Min fighting.

  73. Love PJM so much, Jung Min is beautiful, please vote PJM everyday, thanks.

  74. PJM is the best. Love Park Jung Min, please vote PJM

  75. Park Jung Min is so beautiful, this deserves much recognition. Please vote PJM

  76. I feel really sad that it seems like this won’t get reviewed :(

  77. I really love Jung Min ‘s korean comeback single, “Beautiful” is really cute, and addictive. Love it very much. Makes me really happy. Park Jung Min is really beautiful. Please vote PJM.

  78. I am so happy that I love Park Jung Min cos he is really beautiful. Please vote PJM Beautiful

  79. I really love this song, and the MV, its full of fun, love to listen to Park Jung Min, and to watch him dance, so cute, and so sexy. Please vote PJM.

  80. Only Our MiNi^^ Let’s “Supporting Jung Min” ^_^

  81. we are always supporting you jungmin ^^
    keep voting for our jungmin <3

  82. Jung Min, I love your vocal, love your music, I really hope your music and your talents could be recognised. You are the best. I will certainly vote for you, everyday. Love “beautiful” – such a beautiful comeback

  83. Park Jung Min is adorable, love Beautiful so much, it rings in my head. Dream about yu ……think about you……….cos you are so beautiful !

  84. really good song, please vote PJM

  85. Jung Min – love your “Beautiful”

  86. this is beautiful, if you love to be beautiful, please vote PJM here.

  87. love Park Jung Min, please vote, thanks.

  88. TRIPLE S and Minnies, please vote PJM. This is good, Beautiful is super good. Please vote. Thanks.

  89. omg! sexy charisma is backk! <3

  90. Park Jung Min – you are the best, love you and Beautiful, so MUCH

  91. Jung Min ah, love beautiful, love you

  92. Jung Min fighting – this is so good

  93. I really love this , Park Jung Min brings us so much fun in “Beautiful”, this is a great comeback. Please vote PJM

  94. lets continue to love and support Park Jung Min, vote PJM please.

  95. I think this song should be number 1 in every chart.

  96. Jung Min fighting – you are the best.

  97. lets increase views and keep voting.

  98. The dancing…lol so much! I have to vote for this because it’s so fun and the beat is catchy. I love all the choices though :D

  99. love love love this song especially the acoustic version.

  100. Jung Min ah, you are beautiful, love the song very much, fighting.

  101. Jung Min – love you a lot, love Beautiful a lot – fighting . The song rings in my head, day and night. Think about you ….dream about you…………..cos you are so beautiful

  102. omg, I miss ss501 sooo much.

    and I really love this song.

    PJM, love u sexy charisma.

  103. Park Jung Min – I love Beautifu, so light hearted, so happy. I love it.

  104. Park Jung Min is so gifted – love Beautiful. Please get this reviewed.

    • It most likely will not get reviewed for KMM now since it has been on the charts for a few weeks (songs automatically drop down the charts when they hit day 25). The good thing is that Beautiful is nominated for Best Potential KMM in the EYK Awards, just in case you didn’t know :) You can head over to that page and vote for Beautiful there as well.

  105. Loving the guy with red glasses, when they are dancing the night fever dance, hehe the way jumps and shakes his shoulders, just reminded me of Ross from FRIENDS. hehe funny song.

  106. Jung Min, got my”Beautiful” cd, all tracks are great. Love it, love the MV, ADORABLE.

  107. I love Park Jung Min’s Beautiful. Daebak

  108. Our Park Jung Min! Congratulations on your first produced album! Will support you all the way! ^ ___ ^

  109. I really wish I could see this music video reviewed – it’s got such a ‘good feelings’ kind of vibe ^^

  110. This video is so fun and silly, I think Simon and Martina would really have a good time if they reviewed it, but unfortunately there are a lot of newer more popular artists out right now.

  111. please vote PJM here, and Mnet open for voting again, please vote, PJM is no. 36

  112. We almost did it :(

  113. Minnie fighting – Beautiful is really very beautiful ~~~~~~~~

  114. keep on voting!

  115. Unfortunately, I don’t foresee this video making it to KMM but could it please get a mention in the Update? I would lie to know what you guise think go the song and video :D

  116. I love PJM, such an amazing musician – so talented, love how PJM walks us through the different times.

  117. I love Park Jung Min’s Beautiful – really amazing comeback single. Love the song, love the dance, love everything about PJM

  118. I was really surprised at how well the mv and song were put together. Who knew all those styles could work together to create a song that still sounds unified?

  119. Im sad cause now TVXQ is back and im sure they r gonna get reviewed Buuuuu Not fair, im tired of the same ppl getting reviews buuu anyway im still gonna vote for jung min

  120. the song is wonderful and he is amazing

  121. ooh… I don’t think this man could look bad doing anything… JUNGMIN!! give that man a carrot!

  122. I love Beautiful, this is a beautiful comeback for Park Jung Min. Love the song, love the MV, LOVE the concept.

  123. I hope this gets reviewed.

  124. I love this songgg lol n the dances are hilarious!! i love the disco scene :D whenever I see this video it makes me smile/laugh ^^

  125. sex carisma PARK JUNG MIN saranghe

  126. ammm… omo!! beautifull oppa <3 i love you PARK JUNG MIN !!!!! :) BEAUTIFUL BEATIFULL BEAUTIFULL """"""""""""

  127. Beautiful is a great song and this is an amazing MV. Fans need to vote and support him.

  128. Lo amo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. We have to vote for Jung Min oppa to support him y give him a gift for Christmas that he can be the number one !!!! Fighting !!!!

  130. Dream about you …….(PJM) ..think about you (PJM) – LOVE the song, love the MV, LOVE the dance, love the liviness of the mv, the entire mv is filled with fun and happiness. JM covers so many genres in one song, Jung Min – you have done very well, this is a perfect comeback

  131. I love beautiful, especially the live shows, Jung Min is able to walk us through different times, and the way he connects from one era to another is cute. Jung Min ‘s beautiful is really very beautiful. Jung Min loves challenges and is able to really transform from idol to “musician”, with unlimited talents. Jung Min – you are beautiful. You can do much more, really impressed with your ideas and concepts, and the lyrics are beautiful and very addictive. Also impressed with your much improved english pronunciation. Jung Min, I am proud of you, very much.

    • and omg last day i was watching the mnet comeback stage and the fanchats WOW DEABAK!!!! forever proud of my Triple S family, and he is doing soo good at national album sales he is 3rd place, sure he is not doing good at digital but its ok ss501 has never been good at digital

  132. Jung Min – you brought so much happiness to us with ‘Beautiful” – love ya

  133. Jung Min – loving you so much, love Beautful ~~~~~ fighting

  134. Jung Min – Beautiful is really beautiful, love it so much

  135. Jung Min – Beautiful really makes me very happy. Thanks JM

  136. SO i guess we didnt make it for this week :( ppl please keep voting and spread the word we always get to top 5 of this charts but never on top

  137. PPL please spread the word make ur friends vote for this we only have 7 hurs if we want to get this reviewed we need more votes otherwise is gonna be harder for next week

  138. I think that he look like Adam Lambert in a few shots from the bar scene. Does anybody else see it?

  139. plss if you see this comment then vote for jung min !!! <3 saranghae

  140. Oh Jung Min, you’re so nasty!!!

  141. Jung Min – this is a very beautiful comeback, love it, so much fun. I hope this gets reviewed soon. Fighting

  142. I love watching “Beautiful”, its so much fun. Park Jung Min fighting

  143. Minnie – beuatiful is doing well. Fighting. I love Beautiful

  144. Jung Min beautiful fighting

  145. JUNE MIN is super beautiful

  146. vote for him!

  147. We can make it for when S&M come back~ >< Though is sad what happened to Martina's Grandpa…uhm…:c

  148. I really wish Jung Min’s beautiful can be reviewed, its so good.

  149. I love this very much, also love the live shows, Jung Min is so good singing live, also love the acoustic version and the dance version. Excellent comeback stage Jung Min – fighting

  150. Hi Minnies – this is a very glamourous comeback for Park Jung Min and is an excellent song and dance, lets vote for PJM here. Thanks.

  151. This song is very addictive, keeps ringing in my head – everyway I see you work it beautiful ……think about you …….dream about you ……….cos you are so beautiful ….”

  152. fighting Minnie ~~~~~~~ love beautiful, love PJM

  153. Minnie – the more I listen, the more I love ‘Beautiful” – this is so addictive – love this.

  154. This song is very good. I can’t stop listening^^ Jung Min is a perfect singer. Fighting!!!

    Keep supporting, everybody!

  155. Everytime I see you.. you’re more beautiful!!!! Lol!! Fighting!!!

  156. Lo amo!! Park Jung Min gracias por tenernos en cuenta!!! México

  157. This so much deserves to be voted for ><"
    Let's take it to the top D:

  158. His voice is so deep and soothing!

  159. PLEASE make this to the top I really want it reviewed…OH I just love his SMILE :D

  160. I adore this MV. JM is so creative to think of the whole concept for the MV himself.

  161. girls lets spread the voice lets make it .. jung min needs this mv to get reviewed so tell everybody about it

  162. Beautiful is amazing – please review soon ~~~~~~~

  163. Triple s and Minnies, please keep voting for Park Jung Min, this is a great comeback – Love it so much, “everyway I see it beautiful,……think about you………….dream about you ……………………….cos you are beautiful …………..” Jung Min is so talented. Please vote and vote

  164. Love Beautiful – Love Park Jung Min – this is an excellent song and dance, I hope this gets reviewed, soon.

  165. Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful Park Jung Min ~~~~ Beautiful

  166. I love Beautiful, I love Park Jung Min ~~~~

  167. Jung Min fans would be so happy if you put Beautiful into your kpop chart updates. Just raising a little awareness internationally for SS501 members would make us really happy!

    We were really appreciative back when you brought Kyu Jong’s yesterday up in your K-Krunch and we would super appreciate it if you did it again!

  168. Isn’t this already a record? Park Jung Min got the highest in ranking in this kpop charts of all SS501 Members

  169. thisisjustforfunval

    It’s so wonderful seeing Jungminnie have a Korean comeback finally :D

  170. so happy to see him back :) Triple S fighting!

  171. Minnie Minnie – daebak – this is a great comeback~~

  172. When I saw this for the first time, I thought awwwww that’s typical SS501 Park Jung Min =)

  173. you will my Sun forever :x

  174. Fighting! You’re the best^^ I will support to you until the end
    My favourite is from 0:00 to 4:02, keke
    I love this song so much

  175. oppaaaaaaaaa… I love you forever^^

  176. i really wanty this MV to get reviewed, not just cause im a triple S but because this MV ois soo different and fresh.. and it really matches jungmin personality

  177. This is such a fun video! I didn’t like the song at first, but as I kept watching and listening I just fell in love. Such a great song/marvelous vid.


  179. Vote for this song people!!! It such an awsome beautiful song yet sad…

  180. Park Jung Min eres el mejor!! Argentina fans Support you 4 ever!!!

  181. Lol, this video was so flippin funny! I had an ear to ear smile & danced the whole time while watching! I agree S&M could do a ton w/ this video.

  182. awesome MV. JM sure knows how to entertain us. :)

  183. His voice is awesome… I love Him

  184. This song is great, it lingers in my head, …think about you…………dream about you……….this is exactly what I want to do …..think about you (PJM)…………..dream about you (PJM)………………… Just love Beautiful

  185. Park Jung Min fighting – Beautiful is excellent ~~~

  186. Minni fighting! My fellow Triple S, please vote for this song.
    I want to see what Simon and Martina have in store for this song plus the MV lol it’s a funky song and really catchy :D
    Once a Triple S, Always a Triple S.

  187. Hwaiting Green Peas! Let’s get him recognized at least on the kpopcharts updates!

  188. oppa, fighting^^

  189. OMG! That is an awesome video. The music was amazing and so danceable (Is that even a word? Meh, it is now)! I loved the time traveling aspect of the story and the vocals were awesome. My favorite part thought was the dancing (especially the disco :-) ) It was so smooth and seemed effortless!

  190. PJM’s butt dance FTW!!! hahaha xD
    He’s so funny here

  191. The disco sequences… XD What a fun song and video!

  192. the song is wonderful, the choreography is great and his voice is awesome!!

  193. This video is so much fun to watch. love it!

  194. Please review this! Vote vote!!!

  195. I miss our MAL, this would be a funny music monday cos I can see that Simon would like this MV cos its SO NASTYYY XD

  196. PARK JUNG MIN OPPA YOU ARE THE BEST..!!!! PERU is waiting for you..!! nive MV..! so handsome..!

  197. I wish I had a fb account to post it… 4 points!!

  198. Fighting, we waited 22 months to return PJM! I believe you)

  199. 오빠 정말 로미오과 같이… 사랑합니다!! 오빠 파이팅!

  200. Ha ha~ That is our SEXY CHARISMA!!! I am sure he had a great time when filming this music video! JungMin! Whaiting!!!! Triple S will stand by u!! Triple S!! Let’s share this to anyone and show the world how BEAUTIFUL is JungMin!!

  201. 정민 오빠 파이팅!! 우리 정 말 파이팅!! :D

  202. I think we have a shot people! Let’s keep votingggggg. Then finally, one of our dear SS501 will be reviewed!

  203. Such a fun song! Totally love the sets in this MV, my favourite is definitely the 70s.

  204. Wow it’s already on third place! Yay!

  205. park jung min is the best! Beautiful! hwaiting oppa!

  206. park jung min Fighting You’re the best <3 <3

  207. king of asia

    love ya for ever


  208. I will Keep on voting for him till he’ll reach no.1!! ♥

    Just like I see Jessie doing ;D

  209. Our Mal ah…fighting with your album…TripleSs always support you

  210. I love how fitting everything is for him. Haha! Love the song. Completely stuck in my head. x3

  211. LOVE this song, DISCO is amazing!! love all of it!!

  212. glamourous comeback – love it.

  213. I really love this a lot. It is so much fun to travel through time with Jung Min. Love his very playful expressions, and at times, so sexy, his dancing is SO GOOD NOW. Jung Min has put a lot into this song and MV, I love the black and white image, love the burgundy image, also love the opening image; the whistling adds lightheartedness to the song. Jung Min brought life into this song and MV. This is a very glamourous comeback, Jung Min fighting -

  214. Park Jung Min forever! Entirely new concepts but 100% him! Woot! <3

  215. Love this, Park Jung Min is gorgeous

  216. Such classy sexiness! … Or should I say, Nastiness?

  217. yayy I’m so happy PJM is 4th ^^
    I’m totally gonna learn this dance, it looks so fun lol

  218. Words cannot describe the sexy that is Park Jung Min!!!! I have never seen male ass shots in k-pop but I sure appreciated it! Thank you PJM it was live changing. Also, was he singing about himself the entire time? ;) so conceited! lol

  219. I love that his personality really shows in all his music videos.

  220. I love this MV looks fun and Park Jung Min is so Hot in white pants hehe

  221. We are like..number 3~!! JungMin y u so beautiful ><"

  222. wait wait wait……. this isn’t park jung min compared to alone xD


  224. Jungminnie <3 Love this dude!

  225. Plenty of new dance moves to add to the list, like the Bum Slap.

  226. Really hope this will be reviewed u__u Triple S fighting!

  227. Every way I see you work it beautiful
    Every way I see you work it beautiful
    really beautiful song

    Jung min fighting

  228. Every way I see you work it beautiful
    Every way I see you work it beautiful

    really beautiful song

    Jung min fighting

  229. I love this song so much, glad you’re back Jung Min :DD

  230. Jung Min Fighting!!! Triple S …Y.E.S WE CAN ! ^___^

  231. I hope he gets reviewed!! Vote everyone!!!

  232. Live broadcast of 121117 MBC, ep.334 @ 15:00, i.e. in about 2 hours. I am not going to bed and want to wait for the live broadcast

  233. We are already on the Top 10~!! keep it up ><"

  234. PARK JUNG MIN!!!!! … that said all…

  235. I like that his songs are all so different.

  236. I love Park Jung MIn’s latest video – so much fun!!! Really hope to see it reviewed!!!

  237. As a Triple S I have to support :D. I love this song! So catchy, so fun, just so much charm. So happy Park Jungmin oppa is back!

  238. such a cute MV hope it gets reviewed…

  239. unicornsgalaxy

    Oh now how cute is he! And this video! I love that it was like we were time traveling through his dance. I’m thinking I saw the ’40 (maybe early 50′s) with the gangster suit, then the late 50′s (maybe early 60′s?) with the black and white set with the band, then there were the 70′s DISCO, and to round it all off we went into the future (or maybe the 80′s? the shades threw me).

    Not so sure I like the song, probably one of those ones that will grow on me, but I give it an A++ for the video alone!

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      • His Romeo image has very short hair on the sides, long bands. Beautiful is a bit shorter

        • Velvetblue Veille

          But I’m deeply in love with his long hair. >< That's why he can take over HyunJoong's position. Oh wellz…

        • To be honest, I love Jung Min with long wavy hair, preferably non-black, any other colours are great. PJM is so beautiful, JM is able to give us a diff vibe with each and every new image. He seldom wears his hair short like like, showing his ears. But he never stops challenging himself with new images. Love him a lot, no matter what.

        • yeah, i love his long wavy hair the most. preferally during the LLT or Dejavu promo.

        • I love PJM Love Ya image most. LLT and Deja Vu are also very good. PJM Love Ya is just amazingly beautiful and very very sexy

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    Gosh how I miss SS501 times, everything was so different back then but I’m glad kpop is getting more exposure..

    Tbh I was hoping for something more Not alone or Give me your heart, I’m not disappointed tho. It’s nice seeing PJM goofy side again <3

    • I’m kinda new. About a year and a half. But I love getting into ‘old’ groups when they’re presented to me. Newer stuff is just more accessible..and they had weird hair a few years ago. I’ve rediscovered ss501 and Jungmin in particular. He’s funny and elegant and lots of things. Plus all the stuff I don’t know yet. I know I really love, felt, not alone in a very serious way different to most kpop. He’s really an artist.

      • Let me love you <3 Seriously you should check SS501 out they are amazing, along with Jungmin, Heo YoungSaeng and Kim Hyung Jun had the best solo projects^_^
        And Shinhwa too, because I'm biased lolol Shinhwa broadcast, their variety show is amazing…I recommend OwO
        Btw I was referring more to the new generation of kpop fans, like the really young ones, mostly of them only care about the newer groups :( …they make me feel like a granny XD

        • Viktoria Wallbäck

          I’ve seen most of Shinhwa broadcast and other random shows they’ve been on. They’re hilarious. Now, there’s so many new groups I have no clue. (I like B.A.P. They’re cute.) But everyone’s so young and don’t really know what to do either.
          I’ve recently realized that I’ve actually gotten used to hearing several ss501 songs without knowing it. When actively listening I find I already know them. And hearing “This is Mordney present” had me giggling quite awhile.

          P.S. I love Jungmins dancing

        • I always try to give new groups a chance, so far this year I only liked BtoB and a little bit Nu’est XD A-Jax reminded me too much of SS501 that it hurts…I can’t like them I don’t even know why lol
          I like Hello Venus, Glam and Ulala Session too, they’re good ^^

          TKIR: I like the black and white part of the mv the best lol PJM’s dance is so cute <3

    • I’m really new to K-Pop, as I only discovered it in January, but I *love* SS501. I’m kind of an equal-opportunity K-Pop lover. I love a lot of newer groups, but I still love a lot of older, short-lived, or never really popular groups. I have over 100 different artists in my K-Pop folder, and I’m always on the lookout for new(or old!) stuff to listen to. Do you have any particular suggestions, other than Shinhwa and SS501?

      TKIR: I think I’m in love with this video. As much as I love “Not Alone”, I’m glad that he’s not doing something along those lines again. It’s good to see him doing something less serious and more fun. It makes me think of the lighthearted feeling of SS’s video of “A Song Calling for You”.

      • I recommend Kim Hyung Jun’s Oh Ah, Sorry I’m Sorry
        Heo Young Saeng Crying and Let it go

        along with PJM the best solos of SS501
        Other artists, Brian Joo, SE7EN, 8Eight, December..they aren’t idols tho
        and if you like rock check out Nell last album Slip Away ^_^
        TKIR: Jungmin’s butt dance is the best XD

        • Brigid_AnDarrach

          Oooh, I love “Crying”. I also have a couple of Brian Joo and Nell albums, but while I’ve been meaning to, I’ve never gotten around to listening to any SE7EN. Thank you for the suggestions!

          TKIR: I know, right? He had me laughing out loud to this video. Especially the disco scenes with his exceptionally dorky backup dancers. Also, in the bar scenes he looks remarkably like what I would think mixing Seungri and Taeyang from BIGBANG together into one person would look like. Just an odd thought that had occurred to me.

        • I’m glad you like Nell ^_^ and I highly recommend SE7EN, anything from him, both his korean and japanese stuff are amazing..If you like R&B, soft ballads, pop he’s the man lol
          TKIR: I kinda disliked the bar scene in the teaser, but in the actual mv it’s good and he looks so cool ^^
          PS.Disco dance+Jungmin= Total win
          PSS. Seungri+ Taeyang, lol I never thought about that lol

        • When I saw the teaser I was thinking “oh no, what’s that”, but now I really like it!

        • I love the butt dance too! xD

      • You should also try “candy” from H.O.T it’s a really fun song
        GOD “to my mother”
        and more recently No min woo “can i love you”

      • how far back do you wanna go??? one of my favorite was Fly to the Sky. after they broke up, I continue to listen to Brian Joo. His songs are amazing, especially the ballads. FT Island is also a good group. Hongki’s voice is awesome.

    • JM love changes and challenging himself each time he releases an album. it’s always a new image, a song in a different genre, etc. i love how he can do ballads as well as he does rock and pop. he’s so versatile.

      • PJM is keeping me so busy, I still have to digest all his Romeo songs, they are amazing, with PJM’s voice a little rough and very very mesmerizing, and “Beautiful” is just the other side of Park Jung Min, playful, full of fun and so beautiful and cute. I love them all. Jung Min gives us a different vibe with each and every image. I certainly agree, Jung Min can do ballads, and rock and pop, and he does it so well, his vocal is so beautiful

    • Well, there is just so much kpop for new fans to backtrack on, so it’s understandable. I mean even now, I continuously find new groups and get so excited only to realize the song I found by them is like 4 years old

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