Park Jung Min – Beautiful

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  1. Jung Min is currently in Tokyo, promoting his 1st regular album [Midnight Theatre], videos and photos indicate its an amazing album. Please love and support PJM, Beautiful is really excellent, love the band sound, love the dance, love JM’s vocal, its a very lively party song. Jung Min also shows his talents in producing music. Please love and support this awesome guy.

  2. In Jung Min’s latest interviews, Jung Min said he had gone through a very long period of “hiatus” and he knew “fans are leaving him due to the long wait….” This is so heart breaking. I love Park Jung Min, not only because of his beautiful looks, its because of his very adorable personality, never gives up, even under the most trying circumstances, his very unique and sexy vocal, his multi talents in singing, acting, now, producing, lyric writing, etc. Jung Min wants us to love his music, and love him as an actor, lets do what Jung Min wants us to do. JM also wants us to be healthy. Jung Min, we are here for you, love and support you FOREVER. Dont worry, we wont leave you.

  3. Jung Min is really beautiful, I can see he has put in a lot in this single, love his vocal, love the acoustic version as well, and not forgetting “Tender”. Please love and support Jung Min more, PJM is very much under-rated, his multi talents need to be recognised more.

  4. yesenia carolina

    Park jung min needs all our love and support, he is super talented and his music is great!!

  5. Why doesn’t this video get a review~! He has tons of votes!

  6. beautiful is such a perfect party song, good for this time of the year. Also love the other tracks like Tender, and Beautiful acoustic and instru. Love them all, this is a very good comeback cd. Jung Min – you have learned how to produce, now you can really choose whatever you love to do, and work towards achieving your dreams. Nothing to bind you anymore (I hope)

  7. Love Park Jung Min, Love Beautiful, a song filled with love and joy.

  8. No matter what, will love and support Park Jung Min, I wish you would have a wonderful Dec 18 and Dec 19 concerts/events. Please take care, I hope its not too cold in Tokyo. Jung Min fighting ~~~~~ Happy Holidays.

  9. Park Jung Min – love Beautiful, love Romeo, Midnight Theatre to be released on 19 Dec 2012 – Daebak

  10. after reading JM’s joynews interview, I am saddened. JM has to go through so much hassel and hardship, but intead of giving up, Jung Min chose to upgrade himself in all aspect and is more determined to follow through his dreams. This is what made me love Park Jung Min so much. Jung Min – you are beautiful You are talented, you are such an awesome person, you may not be the most popular artist now, but I am confident you will be much more popular from now on. I love all your solo songs. Its time you are reaping rewards from your very hard work.

  11. yesenia carolina

    the song is great and it should be number 1.

  12. I love Park Jung Min, love his vocal, love his looks, love his personality. Park Jung Min is an awesome artist/entertainer. Please purchase his 1st regular full album [Midnight Theatre] to be released on 19 Dec 2012, and also available on itunes, in 118 countries, except Japan, on the same day, worldwide. Please love and support this wonderful guy. Thanks.

  13. Jung Min fighting, we are here to love and support you. We try our best, we have no regrets.

  14. Dont understand, but its a fact that Jung Min’s fan base is small. We are trying our very best to promote this awesome guy, so talented, works so hard, and so dedicated to music. Jung Min I love you.

  15. Jung Min is so beautiful and sweet.

  16. Park Jung Min’s beautiful is so good, listen to it everyday, love PJM’s live performances. Love PJM

  17. Love JUNG MIN’s live performance of BEAUTIFUL

  18. Please support Park Jung Min, this song is so good. Really very pleasant song, good for parties

  19. Jung Min fighting – great success with [midnight theatre], to be released on itunes to 118 countries (except Japan) on 19 Dec 2012, album release on same day. I love Beautiful, and also love all Romeo Songs. All excellent songs, and fully show cased Jung Min’s excellent and deep vocal. Minnies please get ready for more from Park Jung Min.

  20. I really enjoy “Beautiful” a lot, I will do my best to love and support Park Jung Min forever.

  21. Jung Min is adorable, this MV has so much fun and we travel with Jung Min from one era to another. I love this.

  22. calling on all Minnies and Triple S, Beautiful is an excellent single, a great comeback single from Park Jung Min – Please vote Jung Min everyday

  23. Park Jung Min is such a talented artist, love his vocal, love his dancing as well. Love Beautiful

  24. Jung Min’s Beautiful is super good, filled with fun. Love the song very much, love the mv.

  25. Jung Min, fighting. Will love and support you forever.

  26. PJM, love this so much. Dream about you ………………think about you………………….this song rings in my head.

  27. Beautiful is great. I hope this gets to number 1.

  28. Park Jung Min’s comeback single Beautiful” is great, love the theme, love the song, and also love the way Jung Min dances

  29. lets try our best to make this number 1, that’s Minnie’s wish, more people to listen to his music and his music tops charts.

  30. I love PJM vocal, love this song so much, full of fun, also love the dance. PJM is so beautiful.

  31. I wish we have more votes here, so Beautiful can be reviewed.

  32. Jung Min, love Beautiful, its a beautiful comeback. Fighting.

  33. I enjoy watching this video a lot, so much fun. An excellent party song, and with the band sound, this is great. Love Beautiful, love Park Jung Min.

  34. Beautiful song, beautiful person, love PJM vocal, love his image, love the way he dances, so funny.

  35. Please love and support Park Jungh Min a lot. He is so beautiful and adorable.

  36. My PJM Beautiful cds and posters have arrived yesterday, love them so much. Its a very pleasant song, full of fun. Park Jung Min fighting. You are always the best.

  37. I cant believe this – Beautiful is not getting the kind of recognition that I expect. Jung Min’s musical talents and excellent unique vocal is not something you find easily in kpop world. He strives to better himself in every aspect. PJM needs encouragement, meaning, good rankings everywhere. Jung Min – you are the best. No matter what, you are number 1, in our hearts. Jung Min fighting.

  38. Love PJM so much, Jung Min is beautiful, please vote PJM everyday, thanks.

  39. PJM is the best. Love Park Jung Min, please vote PJM