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Phantom – Burning

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  1. Time to accept the fact that this song will never make it to music mondays T_T

  2. I am so sad that this video isn’t ranked higher on the Kpop charts. I was hoping this video would make it to Music Mondays. I love Phantom ^^

  3. In fact, I just don’t want that G-Dragon win. I mean, i really like him and his music, but there’re so many videos about him ! It will be great if a new group was in K-Pop Music Mondays :)

  4. I’m SO in love with this song *o* !

  5. I absolutely LOVE this song and their other songs!

  6. VOTE VOTE VOTE!needs to be reviewed!

  7. This song had my heart burning with phantom feels! B) /shot

  8. So I’ll admit that this song is nowhere on par with their other works. Afterall Holein Your Face was simply refreshing and 19 song was just so different from what I’ve been hearing This song is missing that element that those songs had that made them stand out. Yes this song has a pop-ish quality to it but it’s still a good song and has that Phantom quality that I like.


  10. This song is really good… <3 Hope you will review this <3 <3

  11. i must say had this song not been on the front of the kpop charts lastweek i would never of heard of phantom or burning but i’m so glad it was because since i hear this song i’ve been addicted to it, i feel its so beautiful and i love it, i am definately looking forward to when they release more songs, their other songs were great aswell

  12. This is an amazing song! Phantom needs to be reviewed!!!

  13. I totally love this song and Phantom’s new (and first ever?) album!!! It is a little pop-ish but not too much and their vocals are still awesome! Can’t wait till they make an MV for their other songs!!! :D

  14. I keep reading how fans are disappointed with the song lol , and this is my first Phantom Song and I LOVE IT , my favorite song in a while <3 so I'm guessing other songs are even more EPIC !!

  15. I still wanna see what Simon and Martina thinks though ):

  16. I absolutely LOVE this song!!! It reminds me of the music I used to listen to before I got into KPop. I have played this song over a hundred times. I just love it sooooo much!

  17. THIS MY FAVORITE SONG IN A WHILE , SO I REALLY HOPE IT GETs REVIEWED tho that’s kinda of impossible because of GD :( That fine I love GD 

  18. I was really surprised at how much of an ear worm this song is. I was hesitating because there are soo many “rookie” groups out there already with more getting ready to debut. I also think that you guys could really have fun with this video!  Is it bad that I now watch videos anticipating how you will talk about it? This one looks fun and I like the whole fireman idea. The looks on their faces when the girls left made me laugh.

  19. Phantom is such a talented group. I don”t consider them rookies because I”ve been listening to them since Hole in Your Face and 19 Song. I absolutely love Phanto. I think they bring something to the K-pop scene that some groups don’t bring (note I said some not all xD). Anyways they’re like a breath of fresh air to me, what with all the glitz and glamour that moost k-pop groups are known for Phantom leaves that to the wayside to focus on the music itself. Yes, Burning is more of a pop quality song that isn’t exactly ip to par to the indie sound of their earlier works but I reallyddo feel that they are the beginning of a new type of k-pop. Or maybe I’m just over analyzing things xD I don’t know >.< but what I do know is that I love this song and it deserves to be on Kpop Music Mondays! There. I said it. My venting is complete and I feel as if a large load was taken off my back xD

  20. i love this song so much! i fell in love with it from the first time i heard it

  21. I want this soooo badly to get #1!! Such a great song!

  22. Trying my hardest not to spam the comments in an attempt to get this song to number one xD

  23. I really do love this song. Must. Get. Song. Reviewed.

  24. Ely May

    Let’s keep voting!!!! We can do it! :D

  25. I’ve loved this band for a while and although I’m not as crazy about this song as I am about their pre-debut stuff, it’d be awesome if it got reviewed.

  26. I love this song :) Aside from the weird music video plot, the song and lyrics is pretty awesome :D


  28. LOL well then. I liked this song because it wasn’t a song that other rookie groups debuted with. There’s no pretty boy music with flower boy dancing. No bright fake smiles and faces splattered with obvious eyeliner.
    I simply adore this group and their music. Their other songs, such as Hole in Your Face, are amazing as well. ^_^ Hope PHANTOM get noticed and get reviewed!!

  29.  This song is so addicting, I just had to buy there album. :)

  30. i really want to know what s&m will say about their ways of fire extinguishing -_-

  31. i’m burninig dawn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥ so awsome

  32. What’s up with this comment thread? Nobody’s commented for almost a whole day.

    I don’t think this has a chance of making it to #1, BUT if we keep it on the front page, at least more people have a better chance of seeing it, and Phantom should have more fans and people who will vote for them by the time their next MV comes out. The only reason I bothered watching this MV was because it was on the front page–before that, I’d never even heard of Phantom. Keep commenting and voting, guys, at least to keep this on the front page!

    • You’ve never heard of Phantom?! Simon and Martina talked about them before, in their K-Crunch Indie:
      Phantom’s other song is also in the kpop charts, and I absolutely love it:
      When I saw this song, I was actually disappointed, because it didn’t have the indie-ish quality that made me love their previous songs so much.

      •  I’ve been too engrossed in groups like Nu’est, Infinite, and U-kiss to know anything about indie groups… Dx  I hardly have spare time as it is, how am I going to handle liking Phantom too??

        Just watched Hole in Your Face, and wow. That is one chilling MV, it’s a pity it never got a Music Monday. Songs like that deserve a second, even third look.

        And now I just realized that Hold in Your Face has a fire extinguisher in it, and now they release a song about fire called Burning? Ironic. I wonder if it’ll be a recurring theme in their MV’s…

  33. lolz I kinda hope this is reviewed for music monday, because I think martina and simon will have sooooo many funny things to say :)
    I also love how literal the song is.. “I am burning down” *girls start dancing ..”no seriously girls I am burning!!” haha.

  34. I hope no one got burned while filming this MV. I’ve heard of other k-pop idols getting injured/burnt when they work with fire, even if it looks safe. :(

  35. What does a girl have to do to get this song to number one?!

    Vote? Comment?

    Challenge accepted!

  36. Seriously, I really want this song to be reviewed.

  37. This AWESOME song needs to be reviewed..

  38. Тази песен трябва да отиде на първо място(This song must go to the first place<3)! PHANTOM FIGHTING! Simon and Martina – поздрави от България!(Greetings from Bulgaria) <3 :D 

  39. Wow they can really sing and rap

  40. Ely May

    This neeed to be reviewed!!! ASAP! :D


  42. Go Phantom! Really unique video. Hope this makes it!

  43. I will keep on voting for them 8) <3

  44. O.O their English was soooo great! Did they live in America? To be honest it’s the first time I heard of this group but I will definitely look them up after listening to this amazing song <3

    But there is one thing that bothers me, did those girls use alcohol to try and put out the fire? Now I may not be an expert but alcohol + fire = not a great idea (if there ever was a real fire, boy, I sure wouldn't want to be around them).

  45. I just watched this video for the first time and it was so awesomely nonsensical that I really hope Simon and Martina get a chance to review it. I doubt it will make it up to the top but I think they’d really have a fun time with it.

  46. phantom Hwaiting~

  47. Seriously didn’t think these guys are technically rookies. Man I heard and love “Hole in Your Face” and the “19 Song” forever ago.

  48. I absolutely love this song. I think its been stuck in my head for at least 4 days now. I also love their other stuff. This group has a lot of promise!

  49. Omg, I just discovered this group! I LOVE them. They are seriously incredible, Hole In My Face is just- there are no words. And this, I love this. So, so much. <33333

    I can't believe Hanhae is in this group! Former Block B trainee Hanhae!!! I've been waiting for him to debut for aaaaaages, I loved him in It's Not Over and Billionaire on Zico's mixtape. His voice is just hnnnggggghhhhh. I've been waiting so long for this day! And holy cow, Sanchez is incredible too. Waaaah~

    • WHAT HANHAE IS A FORMER BLOCK B TRAINEE? (girl, you like BlockB too? i swear, you and I: LONG LOST TWINS) I friggin ADORE BlockB. They amaze me. but seriously, I had no idea about Hanhae! ok, now I have officially become a fan of this group and I can’t wait until their album gets here!
      And yes, Hole in Your Face, that song, there are no words. I swear, it has become like one of my fav kpop songs of all time right now. And the video. Oh lord, the symbolism. I can’t even… sorry, I really have no words. This group has got to be my fav rookie group along with Nu’est.
      speaking of Nu’est~ the comment section is down right, but I found a way to get into it!
      2) Open the CACHED version of that page.
      3) Comment away.
      ^^sorry, this isn’t relevant. Just wanted to get it out there because no one can open the page^^ *runs away from fuuko* PLEASE DONT BAN ME :/

      • Yeah man! Do u wanna be- BLOCK B!!!~ They’re my rookie group from 2011 <333 (along with B1A4 of course- hip hop and cute/dorky is such a delicious combination~). But yeah! Hanhae used to be with them, and he's in some of the songs on Zico's mixtape, like I mentioned above. Seriously, go look up It's Not Over and their cover of Billionaire with English subs, he's soooo good (and Zico too, and in it's not over they also have a few others… I think Kyung and U-Kwon and Mino?) It's Not Over is one of my favorite songs of all time, I was addicted to it for months on end and I still love it every time I hear it!

        Yes. Hole In Your Face, I love it! It's so sweetly psychotic, lol. It took me like half the song to really get it… I was like "your face must be hurting and acquiring a hole right now….. hmm…… oh. OHHHHHHHH. That's kinda effed up. ._." But I love it, in the same way I love Infinite's Paradise for being so messed up, with him singing about paradise when it's hell, or Going Crazy by Secret's Jieun and B.A.P's BYG, because it's so creepy and stalkerish and amazing all at once. Hole In Your Face is that kind of love. <33333

        Ooooh, thanks! I've had practically no internetz time this week, what with school starting up and the fact that I just started my new job. So I can't comment very often, but that's very helpful so thank you!~

        • iloveminhyun

          I actually have 3 rookies that I really, really, really loved from 2011: B1A4, BlockB & I liked Boyfriend too (but only their debut MV; the others were nyaa). Yes, I’ve listened to It’s Not Over and Billionaire (I’m a HUGE BBC) :P Hanhae really does have an amazing voice! It’s so cool when a group finally debuts, and then you learn that’s you’ve listened to them before and you’re like :O
          I can’t wait until BlockB’s comeback. I miss them terribly. Stupid netizens; they destroyed them :’(
          LOL ‘sweetly psychotic’. I actually really liked psychotic songs. they tend to be, I dno, very very very provocative. I loved it, it really tugs at my heartstrings whenever I hear it. Their vocals are totally awesome as well. I wish them all the best. PHANATIC here!

  50. wahhh so good!


  51. So catchy. every since this came out its been stuck in my head! 

  52. Yay I’m happy this made it to the first page! :) too bad it probably won’t make it though. Simon and Martina should totally create a segment for videos that have no chance~ *sigh*

    • Omg, you’re here too! We really ARE meant to be bffs!!! xD This group is amazing, I wish I knew them sooner because I am loving them. <33333

      • omo I FINALLY found someone with the same taste as me! I wonder what other groups do you like? I’m starting to think we’re like long lost twins or something ;P
        TKIR: yes, I’m loving this song! I decided to buy their album now because I’ve been listening to this song a lot ^^

        • I listened to all the songs last night, they’re really good. I really like 어딘데~ And Homeground. And ICE. Not to mention Hole In Your Head and the 19 song and Seaweed Soup! Basically, loving their music so far. <3 You can't go wrong with the album!

          Woot! Um, I like a lot of groups. Let's do like three at a time, yeah? =D I'll say 3 and then you can say 3 and we'll go like that. Otherwise you'd get about 20 groups right now. xD So, my top 3- DBSK, SHINee, and Beast. <333 How about you?

        • iloveminhyun

          omg Hole in You Face was amazing! I haven’t listened to all of the song yet, I’ll just wait for the album. After hearing Hole In Your Face and Burning, I felt like I liked them enough to order that album. Can’t wait to hear the rest!
          Haha well my top 3 are Nu’est, B1A4 and DBSK. <3 Not a huge fan of SHINee, but I like B2ST :)

        • Take your time! Hopefully it’ll be that much sweeter when your album arrives. There are so many albums I want but can’t afford. Phantom’s album is now among them. OTL Do you have a favorite member of Phantom yet? Just curious. =)

          Yay! Of course you know I like Nu’est. And I’m a Bana too!~ They are really just too cute, I swear. Besides Nu’est and now Phantom, I really like B.A.P and Exo from this year. And I know a lot of people don’t like him, but I’m head over heels in love with Kai. xD

        • iloveminhyun

          aww :/ Well I buy whatever album I want so I feel a bit spoiled ^^’ I like collecting them. :)
          As for my fav member, I’m really liking Hanhae because of his vocals and he’s totally good-looking as well. So I think he’d become my bias, but I have to look up the other members before I make my final decision :) wbu?
          I liked BAP a lot too. And also EXO (EXO=hotness, they’re all friggin good-looking, EVERY single one of them :/) My EXO bias is Luhan, but Kai comes in a close second!
          But honestly, as rookie groups, I prefer the groups of B1A4, Boyfriend and BlockB in 2011 over the groups of Nu’est, EXO and BAP in 2012. So generally, I’m more fond of the 2011 rookies lol.
          okay our conversation seems to have gone a teeny tiny bit off topic XD TKIR: Did you like the MV? I thought it was a bit too plain. I mean, I love the song, but the MV wasn’t too amazing. I loved Hole in Your Face MV. I mean, it’s such a deep MV, it reminded me of Nu’est’s Face XD

  53. well…i really hope this song will be reviewed sometime! the boys are really talented and the song is really awesome~!

  54. hole in your face..that uncensored MV should be reviewed 

  55. this needs more votes ..such an amazing song :x

  56. Phantom – Burning!!! Yeah!!! :) :) :)

  57. Love this song!!! :) :) :)

  58. this song is just so catchy!

  59. In my books Phantom is officially the best debut of 2012!! (yes this is their “official” debut, even if they had great singles before ;) )

  60. Sanchez. 1:51-1:54. AMAZING! Unfortunately I can’t hear it clearly here, but I can fangirling over this part in live performance video XD And Hanhae, can rap and sing really well. Plus Kiggen~! Ah I really love Phantom! *^____^*

  61. I’m looking forward to them so much. Amazing group! I hope they release a video for seaweed soup.

  62. Holy crow this song is awesome. Their voices are stunning and everything just worked <3 ((and I've found a new bias in Sanchez :P))
    Could it please get an honorable mention on the Kpop chart updates?

  63. This song just has to be reviewed! Show Phantom some love!

  64. i really want this to get reviewed :D

  65. This song is awesome !

  66. this is freaking AMAZING. I love it!!

  67. This song is so catchy! I especially found it entertaining when the chick decided to extinguish the fire by throwing alcohol on it. Smart. :P

  68. I just really love their vocals and this song all put together. Amazing. Seriously.

  69. I love this song soo much! I really hope we can get more vote for it :/

  70. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY. Phantom officially debuts! It’s a bit mainstream, but if you listen to their album preview video, you get samples of all the other tracks on their release, none of which sound as pop as this. So I guess this is just lead single because it’s mainstream and to garner attention, but they’re still doing their thing. (Or at least I certainly hope so – can’t tell for sure until I actually get my hands on the album and give it a listen).

    ANYWAY. The song is still good. MV could be better, but the fire is so pretty. Also, Sanchez’s voice. is. the sex. homg.

  71. This song just has to be reviewed! So Phantom some love!

  72. Glad to see these guys finally debuted with their own album. Can’t wait to hear all of it :) , Burning hasn’t disappointed at all.

  73. This is such a great song! It has all the great elements of Korean music, or rather just the MUSIC WORLD IN GENERAL!, put into one <3 Love PHANTOM <3 

  74. This song Blew. My. Mind.

  75. The degree of talent that they have… Is just incredible….
    (Pun intended) 

  76. Love this song <3 

  77. Yay, it’s finally added to the charts! I hope Simon and Martina at least talk about this MV in the KPopCharts Update! 

  78. Even if this doesn’t get reviewed, Simon & Martina, please share with us what you guys think of this song. I wanna know~ ^,^ *grabs a bag of popcorn* This song is amazing, I love these guys. :D

  79. I have heard this song several times without watching the video, I have just liked the song that much to not care about the video. Now that i watched the video I am more like WTF? That fireman has a bit of a raunchy face going on there while playing with his hose……okay I will stop there I am sure there are young people here. BTW I am confused is this the same Phantom with Hold in Your Face, a very cool song. Yes I know songs, just not all the many faces of Kpop.

    • I think they’re the same people, since I got it from the same YouTube channel. Apparently this is their ‘official debut’ or something (if you trust YT comments).
      I loved Hole in Your Face and The 19 Song, so while this song isn’t that bad, I don’t find it anywhere near the epicness of those previous songs. A bit disappointing.
      Not to mention the MV is, uh, not really worth my time.

  80. These sexy beasts definitely deserve a Music Monday AND their music is perfect as well <3 

  81. Omg this song is amazing <3

  82. this HAS to get reviewed! GO GO GO Phanatics! :D

  83. this song is really daebak. Sanchez oooh your voice <3 

  84. it’s just too awesome <3  this should definitely be reviewed :X

  85. Love this song. Their voices are like omg heaven. I wish there was more part for Kiggen though :( STILL!! AMAZING SONG!!!

  86. Finally they’re here! And with an awesome song!

  87. I was blown away by the vocals. Freakin amazing song!

  88. i hope simon and martina love this song as much as i do (^.^)

  89. Hopefully this can get reviewed and give these talented guys some more attention. 

  90. Pouring soju on a fire? What a great idea!!! =_=

    Phantoms image here is kinda….different? After the 19 song and Hole In Your Face, this song seems so pop-ish in comparison :S

    • After School Red poured GAS on a fire, do you remember? ^^ And BAP sprayed deodorant in the middle of a fire… KPop idols are terrible examples for kids ^^ Anyways, the worst idea in this MV is probably staying right in front of the fire hose nozzles, which, in real life, have a totally different effect than a light shower!

    •  lol the plot is a bit weird and confusing XD

      Yep. I’m a bit dissapointed about this song. But if you listen to Homeground or Phantom City, you will know the true Phantom ^^

  91. I’d die if they review this MV. The song is amazing!!