Phantom – Burning

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  1. Time to accept the fact that this song will never make it to music mondays T_T

  2. Keikari_Haiku

    I am so sad that this video isn’t ranked higher on the Kpop charts. I was hoping this video would make it to Music Mondays. I love Phantom ^^

  3. Mathilde Mendes

    In fact, I just don’t want that G-Dragon win. I mean, i really like him and his music, but there’re so many videos about him ! It will be great if a new group was in K-Pop Music Mondays :)

  4. Mathilde Mendes

    I’m SO in love with this song *o* !

  5. I absolutely LOVE this song and their other songs!

  6. VOTE VOTE VOTE!needs to be reviewed!

  7. This song had my heart burning with phantom feels! B) /shot

  8. Keikari_Haiku

    So I’ll admit that this song is nowhere on par with their other works. Afterall Holein Your Face was simply refreshing and 19 song was just so different from what I’ve been hearing This song is missing that element that those songs had that made them stand out. Yes this song has a pop-ish quality to it but it’s still a good song and has that Phantom quality that I like.

  9. This song is really good… <3 Hope you will review this <3 <3

  10. i must say had this song not been on the front of the kpop charts lastweek i would never of heard of phantom or burning but i’m so glad it was because since i hear this song i’ve been addicted to it, i feel its so beautiful and i love it, i am definately looking forward to when they release more songs, their other songs were great aswell

  11. This is an amazing song! Phantom needs to be reviewed!!!

  12. I totally love this song and Phantom’s new (and first ever?) album!!! It is a little pop-ish but not too much and their vocals are still awesome! Can’t wait till they make an MV for their other songs!!! :D

  13. I keep reading how fans are disappointed with the song lol , and this is my first Phantom Song and I LOVE IT , my favorite song in a while <3 so I'm guessing other songs are even more EPIC !!

  14. I still wanna see what Simon and Martina thinks though ):

  15. MaximumRide1303

    I absolutely LOVE this song!!! It reminds me of the music I used to listen to before I got into KPop. I have played this song over a hundred times. I just love it sooooo much!

  16. THIS MY FAVORITE SONG IN A WHILE , SO I REALLY HOPE IT GETs REVIEWED tho that’s kinda of impossible because of GD :( That fine I love GD 

  17. I was really surprised at how much of an ear worm this song is. I was hesitating because there are soo many “rookie” groups out there already with more getting ready to debut. I also think that you guys could really have fun with this video!  Is it bad that I now watch videos anticipating how you will talk about it? This one looks fun and I like the whole fireman idea. The looks on their faces when the girls left made me laugh.

  18. Keikari_Haiku

    Phantom is such a talented group. I don”t consider them rookies because I”ve been listening to them since Hole in Your Face and 19 Song. I absolutely love Phanto. I think they bring something to the K-pop scene that some groups don’t bring (note I said some not all xD). Anyways they’re like a breath of fresh air to me, what with all the glitz and glamour that moost k-pop groups are known for Phantom leaves that to the wayside to focus on the music itself. Yes, Burning is more of a pop quality song that isn’t exactly ip to par to the indie sound of their earlier works but I reallyddo feel that they are the beginning of a new type of k-pop. Or maybe I’m just over analyzing things xD I don’t know >.< but what I do know is that I love this song and it deserves to be on Kpop Music Mondays! There. I said it. My venting is complete and I feel as if a large load was taken off my back xD

  19. i love this song so much! i fell in love with it from the first time i heard it

  20. Stephanie Chin

    I want this soooo badly to get #1!! Such a great song!

  21. Keikari_Haiku

    Trying my hardest not to spam the comments in an attempt to get this song to number one xD

  22. Keikari_Haiku

    I really do love this song. Must. Get. Song. Reviewed.

  23. Ely May

    Let’s keep voting!!!! We can do it! :D

  24. I’ve loved this band for a while and although I’m not as crazy about this song as I am about their pre-debut stuff, it’d be awesome if it got reviewed.

  25. Cindy Bach

    I love this song :) Aside from the weird music video plot, the song and lyrics is pretty awesome :D


  27. LOL well then. I liked this song because it wasn’t a song that other rookie groups debuted with. There’s no pretty boy music with flower boy dancing. No bright fake smiles and faces splattered with obvious eyeliner.
    I simply adore this group and their music. Their other songs, such as Hole in Your Face, are amazing as well. ^_^ Hope PHANTOM get noticed and get reviewed!!

  28.  This song is so addicting, I just had to buy there album. :)

  29. i really want to know what s&m will say about their ways of fire extinguishing -_-

  30. i’m burninig dawn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥ so awsome

  31. What’s up with this comment thread? Nobody’s commented for almost a whole day.

    I don’t think this has a chance of making it to #1, BUT if we keep it on the front page, at least more people have a better chance of seeing it, and Phantom should have more fans and people who will vote for them by the time their next MV comes out. The only reason I bothered watching this MV was because it was on the front page–before that, I’d never even heard of Phantom. Keep commenting and voting, guys, at least to keep this on the front page!

    • fuuko4869

      You’ve never heard of Phantom?! Simon and Martina talked about them before, in their K-Crunch Indie:
      Phantom’s other song is also in the kpop charts, and I absolutely love it:
      When I saw this song, I was actually disappointed, because it didn’t have the indie-ish quality that made me love their previous songs so much.

      •  I’ve been too engrossed in groups like Nu’est, Infinite, and U-kiss to know anything about indie groups… Dx  I hardly have spare time as it is, how am I going to handle liking Phantom too??

        Just watched Hole in Your Face, and wow. That is one chilling MV, it’s a pity it never got a Music Monday. Songs like that deserve a second, even third look.

        And now I just realized that Hold in Your Face has a fire extinguisher in it, and now they release a song about fire called Burning? Ironic. I wonder if it’ll be a recurring theme in their MV’s…

  32. Christina L

    lolz I kinda hope this is reviewed for music monday, because I think martina and simon will have sooooo many funny things to say :)
    I also love how literal the song is.. “I am burning down” *girls start dancing ..”no seriously girls I am burning!!” haha.

  33. I hope no one got burned while filming this MV. I’ve heard of other k-pop idols getting injured/burnt when they work with fire, even if it looks safe. :(

  34. Keikari_Haiku

    What does a girl have to do to get this song to number one?!

    Vote? Comment?

    Challenge accepted!

  35. Keikari_Haiku

    Seriously, I really want this song to be reviewed.

  36. This AWESOME song needs to be reviewed..

  37. Тази песен трябва да отиде на първо място(This song must go to the first place<3)! PHANTOM FIGHTING! Simon and Martina – поздрави от България!(Greetings from Bulgaria) <3 :D 

  38. Wow they can really sing and rap