Rain – 30Sexy

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  1. Just Rain could pick this perfect song tittle for his coming back image. He went to the army when he was 20s and discharged when he already 30s. In that blank time Korean music industry already fill up with new comers, the youngster. So with this song he want to show that he is still exist with his experience, with his ages. He doesnt need to sell his body movement or shirtless to take the fans attention like what youngsters doing, because his fans are there for him as how he is.
    Rain with his genius music sense always doing everything by him self. Song writer, sing, dance and choreography as if want to show to all the princess that the king is back :D

  2. Lol, im going to be 30sexy soon and im gunna play this song all day on my birthday.

  3. Ah, come on!! Why is Rain only on 4th place now -__- Ah I see a new group did their debut…and Simon & Martina sadly didn’t do a review…I really hoped they would do one at last this week, so my recent 2 favourite songs in these KPOP charts would be reviewed.

  4. divineartofmusic1 .

    the best thing that kpop need nowdays,, something different from always the same mostly sm songs and artists,,, rain is making a trademark comeback, and with this he is saying I m here, I m staying and I will make you dance and sing with rain,,,, bravo rain, bravo

  5. divineartofmusic1 .

    great song, great performance, rain is back!

  6. am i the only one who heard him say dirty sexy ? he was all “cause i’m dirty baby” i was literally laughing my soul out xD i really like the song and mv !

  7. Aminah Henne

    thank goodness rain is back. i like both songs that he came out with so if either get reviewed i would be happy. #rainism #raineffect

  8. i dunno why i keep watching this mv. its basically just rain dancing to a catchy song. like TVXQs mv looked so much more promising but i watched it 2 timed and got tired of it. and i didn’t even know rain i just like his dancing and the music is so catchy. still i want rather LA song to get reviewed.

  9. I can’t stop listening! Plus, I’m turning 32 this week. My boyfriend already calls me sexy like, every half hour, so I guess now I (also) claim this as my theme song. haha

  10. This song gets into your system and it goes on auto-play so easily. I find myself humming it all the time.

  11. Can’t stop playing 30sexy in my head. hihih

  12. Only Rain can make these simple moves this sexy. what more if showed his abs!! :))

  13. Maalik Story

    I think we need this type style of music in k-pop the others are all old school shit we need more of rain and jay park group bring new music I need more of that 2014

  14. claree-sahh

    Im just like crying cause Im so glad that new kpop fans who didn’t know him before now know him, and that he gained many fans after his MAMA performance. i was actually hoping to hear something like it’sraining cause that’s still my all time favourite rain concept but the beat of this song is So addictive and i find myself doing the hand thrusting face move with the sexist face i can manage whenever something really awesome happened to me. ^^

  15. Odette R. Santos

    RAIN the KING^^ we love #RAINEffect #30SEXY #LASong

  16. Odette R. Santos

    I LOVE Only RAIN^^ #30SEXY #LASong #RAINEffect^^

  17. RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

  18. Cloud Imanf

    Oppa Fighting!!! & Kumawo

  19. e_e everyone’s forgetting HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND.

  20. Sumeragi Subaru

    I love the way he moves.
    When he was younger, I laughed really hard at his attempts to act sexy. He looked like such a poser.)) But now I actually can feel it. Feels nice.)

  21. RAIN IS BACK WOOP WOOP! Still dirty, I mean thirty and sexy.

  22. Lida Filippowa

    Rain – the best! Fighting!

  23. Odette R. Santos

    I love ONLY RAIN^^ #RAINEffect #30SEXY #LASong

  24. I’m so excited that this video is at number 2 :) I really want Simon and Martina to be able to review this video

  25. Odette R. Santos

    Feels like dancing^^ Loving #30SEXY..#RAINEffect^#LASong,..RAINthe BEST^^

  26. Alejandra Farro Chavez

    Oppa es el mejor !!!! RainEffect !!

  27. finally a second song i like by Rain… i only like two songs by him and this song is number 2

  28. Rain ♥ #30SEXY #RainEffect ♥

  29. Rain Effect ~ 정지훈

    The Best

  30. I have known about Rain for about 3 years now, but this is my first time watching his comeback, when I had the chance to listen his music for the first time, I couldn’t help but became a cloud (Rain´s fans). He is such an amazing artist, so I was so excited for his comeback, waiting for so long,the expectation was increasing, so the day finally came and I’m so happy about the final result, 30sexy is Rain, all about sexyness but also all about be classy. A man full of charming, that I can’t take my eyes from him, 30sexy from the beginning to the end is all about that magnetic aura of Rain. I love it!

  31. Love the smoothness and calmness of this song

  32. Rain Effect ~ 정지훈

    Rain is Back ~ The Best

  33. Wonderful … rain

  34. Odette R. Santos

    SOLID RAIN for Life^^ #30SEXY #LASong #RAIN Effect

  35. Odette R. Santos

    RAIN..the BEST^#RAINEffect^^ #30SEXY #LASong

  36. This song is perfect to boost up people’s self-esteem.

  37. I’m so happy and proud for Rain! He’s gotten lot more handsome, his comeback is beyond nonchalant, has an Hollywood upcoming movie that’s coming out soon, and he has girlfriend who totally supports him. Keep up the good work Rain!!!

  38. This video needs to get more likes.

  39. I can’t get over how amazing this choreography is! Rain you overdid yourself. Great job.